by Zephyr

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Continues from

Part Three

Tina sure had some wild adventures. Probably why she was always smiling when she got home. One time they were nearing a large coastal city and it was about 3 PM, if they kept going all that would happen would be them getting stuck in rush hour traffic. The load didn't have to be delivered until 9 PM so they decided to take two and a half hours parked at a truck stop instead of the traffic.

Shack said he'd review the books while they waited. Tina smiled and assured him that she would give him a blow job for each error he found. He smiled and she laughed what he said to that. It wasn't as if she wouldn't do that if he just asked but don't make that promise he said - he might want one some time this weekend. But still it was a challenge. She ducked back into the sleeper and he watched curiously as she stripped naked then put a bikini on before covering it with the t-shirt and pants she had been wearing before. Grabbing her beach towel, she announced she was climbing on top of the trailer and was going to work on her tan. She smiled seductively at him and asked him if he'd like to join her for a little while. He politely declined.

She tossed her head toward the handcuffs on the desk and asked if she promised to wear jewelry, would it change his mind? He still said no, that might lead to some strange looks about the tan lines that would cause. She shrugged and said she didn't care, and besides it wouldn't be the first time she had those particular tan lines. This got raised eyebrows from him but he said he really needed to look over the books, maybe afterward. She looked disappointed for a second then smiled and kissed him as she slid past him and out the passenger side door heading for the ladder on the back of the trailer.

Shack thought about it, she could probably get away with it with little trouble. The roof of the trailers were plenty sturdy enough, they both could be on top with no problem, and relatively flat sheet metal. There was a few things on the top, mostly just tie-down points if the trailer needed up to be lifted with a crane, the structure was on the inside. They were on the far side of the truck stop from the freeway and out near the edge, no one from the freeway would see her and nobody up close could see from the ground what was on top of trailers unless they were on top of one themselves. Sunbathing on top of a trailer wasn't very common but it wasn't unheard of either.

Tina looked around as she grabbed the ladder at the back of the trailer. It was about 3 PM and the sun was still up high in the sky. It was warm bordering on hot. They were still more in the desert more than the city.

Beyond the edge of the pavement was desert for as far as the eye could see. They were in the middle of the row, with several trucks filling up the ten or twelve slots in the row. She looked around and seeing nobody grabbed the ladder rung and climbed to the top.

It was flat and a little warm on top of the trailer. She had a nice view of the tops of the other trucks and the air conditioning unit on top of the truck stop but was happy to confirm that nobody could see her once she was lying down.

She picked a spot just short of the middle. At the center line of the trailer was a row of 5 central tie-down points so the trailer could be lifted with a crane. For a moment she regretted not bringing the handcuffs. But off came the pants and shirt and shoes and she stretched out and closed her eyes, enjoying the heat of the sun on her skin, the gentle desert breeze, and the low hum of diesel motors and occasional voices in the area around her

She had spent the first 10 minutes on front and back and really wished Shack would have joined her up here. Being out in the sun and so close to naked was freeing and making her wet and wish for something to do with all that lubrication. She was getting hornier by the minute at the thought of getting Shack up here and grumpily decided that if he didn't show up in another ten minutes she'd take matters into her own hands. She was ready now, but wanted to wait just a little longer.

When she heard a rapping on the side of the truck below her, and Shack's voice calling. "Hey Tina!"

She crawled over to the side of the trailer and looked down at him on the ground. "Yeah, baby?"

"I am having a hard time concentrating on the books while I know you're up here. I need your help."

"Ok..." She called down, unsure but with her suspicions. "Find something in the books?"

"Not yet. Still looking."

"How can I help? Do I come down, she thought, or do you come up? I would be completely happy to help you with your concentration.”

"Throw down all your clothes."

Dead silence for about ten seconds from her. "Say that again?"

"Throw down all your clothes. Go naked. I'm not that big a fan of tan lines anyway."

She looked down at him while she reached over for her shirt, shorts and shoes, which did happen to be within reach. She tossed them down to him with an exasperated sigh. "Walter Hartnell, you are a pervert."

"Is that a problem?" He asked coyly as she shrugged out of the bottoms and in sight of him reached back and untied the top.

"No, but it is a preference." She looked at the two small pieces of clothing in her hand, all she had left. She still had the beach towel, but the trailer top was hot and she had to have that underneath her. She looked down at him, her last two pieces of clothing in her hand over the edge above him and they both knew it. All she had to do was open her hand...

"Shack, these last two pieces come at a price." He sort of grunted like "ok".

"First off, you gotta bring them up here to me, no way in hell I am climbing down the back and running to the tractor naked."

He nodded yes. "Done. Anything else?"

"Tonight, when we stop you eat me out until I explode."

That got a broad smile from him. "You ask a lot, missy, but I guess I just have to agree to your terms." She opened her hand and her bikini fell from her hand into his.

He looked up. "Thank you. I need you to do one more thing." He began. She looked down with a pretty strong suspicion that was confirmed as he tossed up two sets of handcuffs.

"I'll think about it, but it's just a little too public. But if you came up here I probably couldn't stop you."

She saw him think about it for a second then she thought "Oh shit" as he started for the back of the trailer. With a squeal of delight she lay back down on the blanket, legs open seductively as she heard him top the ladder.

She felt the shadow on her face and opened her eyes to see him standing over her. Yup, she confirmed as a full tingle broke out between her legs, nope, won't be helping yourself after all.

He didn't say a word and neither did she as one set of handcuffs was applied to her wrists and then the other was locked around the chain connecting the two on her wrists and to the center tie down. Excellent, she thought, now take off those clothes and let's take care of both of our problems.

But he didn't. He ran a finger down her slit, making her shiver but not enough to do anything else. He noted the wetness there. He leaned down and spent a minute or two licking and gently chewing on each nipple, then spent a few minutes lying full on top of her, kissing her deeply. It was nice, Tina agreed to herself, but let's get around to the real stuff.

But he stood up, adjusting his shirt, preparing to leave. "Hey, what are you doing? Get back down here."

"Nah, I just needed a little R and R so I could concentrate on the books." Big wicked smile. He knew exactly what she wanted. "But I'm good now, you can go back to tanning and I'll go finish up the books."

"Don't you dare you sonofabitch." She began.

"Sure, come with me and I'll take care of you in the rig."

She glared at him. Her hands were cuffed over her head so there was no way that was going to happen. He gave the nearest foot a little shake and then climbed down the ladder and was gone. Tina was pissed, sure she could still suntan, she could roll over and cross her arms, but since she wasn't a contortionist there was no way she could do anything to bring herself off now!

And dammit, she had to admit he knew her way too well for her own good. She was twice as horny as she was before, being handcuffed naked and vulnerable somewhere in near public. She started squeezing her legs hoping she could trigger things but all it did was make things worse until in intense frustration she quit. She rolled over onto her stomach to keep from getting sunburned on her front, tried for a few minutes to work the beach towel up between her legs, but that didn't work either, so she just lay there alternating front and back. Stewing in more ways than one.

Finally, after far too frustrating long, she heard him climbing the ladder again. She rolled over on her back but was so frustrated she almost couldn't talk. All she managed was a strangled croaking whisper: "Fuck me, dammit!"

He did. His clothes were off in a second, but before he lay on top of her he pressed a water bottle to her lips and let her take a long drink. And then fuck her he did.

She came like thunder on the fourth stroke. He lay still on top of her until she subsided five gasping minutes later then resumed until she felt him spasming inside her.

Another time he had her fly up to Rapid City to join him. He had a run down through Colorado and could get her home afterward. The main stop intrigued her: Cheyenne Mountain.

Shack took her to the headquarters for the trucking company he worked for, Shrewsbury Trucking. She looked good, jeans, western boots, a nice work shirt, wanting to make a good first impression. They were picking up his rig and hitting the road from there. John Shrewsbury was a large man: Shack’s size but old enough to be his father. He had a trace of an Italian look about him along with the weathered look of someone who had himself driven a metal steed across the concrete trails for years. Surprisingly strong handshake.

John introduced Tina to his wife, Carla. Jack was the front man and the CEO while Carla ran the office and handled the books with help from someone named Julie. John apologized, Julie had to run out on an errand and hopefully would be back in time to meet her. Tina heard something off about the apology, it seemed like there was something more there but Tina quickly let it go and otherwise felt very welcome. The place felt home, not a cold business, but when she got back into the office it was working and functional but from their desks Carla (and Julie) did look a bit overrun. The company had 16 units, most who were all over creation at any one time hauling freight and finishing contracts.

John pulled Shack off for a second, leaving Tina and Carla alone in the office. Carla was still fit, long brown hair that turned brownish blonde a little from the roots. Tina put that more to sunshine than chemicals from a bottle. The years were starting to catch up with her a little but Tina could barely see that.

“I’ve just got to say, thank you for all the times you’ve done Shack’s books.” Carla started out. Tina, as Shack had requested, started to protest but Carla brushed it off. “No, don’t bother. Shack is an excellent driver, always gets his loads on time, pretty much never has problems, but his books...” She shook her head. “It’d take Julie and me two days to get them straight. Then after one run he comes in and hands us his books and they are perfect. And legible too. And his signatures were the only thing that was actually his handwriting.” She laughed. “It was wonderful. Julie and I went out on a mother-daughter lunch instead. So if he is, tell Shack not to worry about it. He’s still signing it, so everything is proper. And thank you.”

Tina smiled back, disarmed, which was not a normal occurrence for her. “It was the least I could do for him since he was showing me the road. I’m an accountant so it was easy.”

Carla gestured somewhat disparagingly across the overloaded office. “If you ever want some more work…” She smiled. “I know you live down south, but heck, as of today you’re on the payroll you know.”

This in fact was true. Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station was inactive but it was still a military base. One of the things they needed from here was paperwork listing Tina as Shack’s backup driver or the gate guards would make her wait outside the base while Shack went in and out. It was clear, Tina didn’t have the training to drive the rig, so she wasn’t to do that for insurance reasons, but with the paperwork she could stay with Shack and the rig and see the site.

“Yes, thank you very much for that.” Tina confirmed. “I’m very much looking forward to it.”

Shack and John came back into the room, whatever they were doing concluded. John found a folder on the desk, asked Tina to sign two papers on it which she recognized as employment papers. After that was completed he gave her a broad smile and a handshake, welcomed her to the company. He handed her a small packet with credentials in it and wished them both a good trip.

They grabbed their bags and stowed them in the sleeper. Shack chatted with Tony, the company mechanic, who assured him the rig had a clean bill of health. They climbed in and with a purr that changed to a roar Shack eased his most expensive tool into motion.

There was no trailer on the rig right now, one was being offloaded from a train here in Rapid City and it needed to go to Denver. As the rig rolled out the yard Tina saw that a dark blue compact car had just parked in front. Out of the car emerged a young woman, Tina and Shack’s age, long blondish brown hair, jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes, decent figure. She looked a lot like a younger version of Carla and it hit Tina who she was. Their eyes locked from fifty feet away as the truck rolled by and it looked to Tina that a small, sad smile, a little painful crossed Julie Shrewsbury’s face as Julie saw Tina in the cab. And then they were past, out the gate, and Julie was gone. Tina looked over. Shack had seen it all.

The next five miles was uncomfortable silence. Then Tina broke the silence. “Shack: Who is she? And don’t play games with me.”

Shack took a deep breath, let it out slowly. “Yes, that was Julie, John and Carla’s daughter. And yes, once upon a time she and I had a pretty serious relationship. When we first met I told you it had been a year since I had spent any time with anyone? It was with her.

“I was afraid of this, but you two were going to run into one another sooner or later. We broke up and have let each other go. I know I can’t prove a negative but we’ve been just friends and employees of the same company ever since. I still wanted the job and me being consensually kinky isn’t grounds for a firing.”

“You slept with her?”

Shack shot her a pained look, but saw the one of steel on her face. “Yeah. Lots. Of course.”

“And John and Carla let you?”

“They figured she was an adult and they figured if anything had gone wrong I’d do the proper thing, which I would. And John didn’t need to warn me to treat her right. I’ve known her since she was eight.”

“So what happened?”

“Well, you know, it’s me. The sort of things I like to do. One day she just said no, she couldn’t do that anymore and ran.”

That silenced Tina. She knew she was trusting, too trusting, and too many times what she thought were going well had blew up in her face for it. But Shack had been good to her, from day one up until this morning.

She thought it through. She lived almost a thousand miles away from his apartment. If he had someone here there was no way he’d go through all the time and trouble he went through to get to and spend time with her. Even with the things she was willing and happy to do.

And she had to admit the sexual side gave every indication that he was faithful. A man cums harder, longer, faster the first time when he hasn’t in a long time and he always did. She tried to think of a time that he hadn’t been hungry for that each time he came to see her, or didn’t cum the first time like someone who hadn’t cum with a woman for a week or two and she couldn’t think of any. She relaxed and smiled at him.

“OK. I believe you. Next subject, please.” He gave a sigh of relief.

And besides, Tina thought, she wanted Shack and she was female too. If Julie turned out to be a threat then Tina would just find a way to completely erase Julie Shrewsbury from his mind.

They picked up the load and headed south. Still a little uncomfortable, Tina had changed into a pair of barely-legal daisy dukes and a tight tank top. She had tennis shoes at her feet she could slip on but stayed barefoot and kept her feet on the dashboard as much as possible to remind him she was barefoot and of her long thin legs. It was still a little tense but it was going away. By the time they rolled over the Colorado border it was behind them.

Shack explained that John was former military and had gotten the contract for delivery of foodstuffs and paper goods for the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. It really wasn’t much, get a trailer from Denver, drive it down the freeway then up the winding road to Cheyenne, drop that one off, grab the empty or partially filled on that was there, then take it to the Army base just down the road. Then they were to pick up a load in Colorado Springs that needed to go to El Paso. He could drop her off at home on the way to L.A. from there. A cakewalk, really.

Tina had seen the outside, the tunnel from the “Stargate” series and lots of movies but of course had never been there in real life. Shack told her about it on the way down. It wasn’t used much anymore like it was fifty years ago, technology and the world had made the site pretty much obsolete and most of the world-watching that had once been centered there was done from other, more modern places. They’d get to see the outside of the facility and the famous tunnel, but they were just running to the main support complex on the surface near the entrance and then back out, they weren’t going to get to go inside the mountain. He said he’d actually been in there once: it was interesting but not really impressive any more.

Shack told her that there was a short period right near the year 2000 when all the tracking had been moved elsewhere and a few public tours had been given. His family had been part of one of them, back before he lost his parents. The arch was the entryway to a long tunnel that eventually curved backward to form a long “U”. At the bottom of the “U” was the massive steel door you sometimes saw in TV and movies, a second similar door, then the complex itself beyond. It was kind of old, it had been built in the 1950s, and everything in there was on giant springs so the structures could withstand the shakings if Russia or someone else back in the day had tried to bomb the place. There actually was a second access tunnel on the south side of the mountain, but their tour guide had noted that people found around it were in for long, painful and expensive government questioning for their presence there. As far as Shack knew the inside-of-the-mountain had just been mothballed just in case it was ever needed again. Everything he had seen the six or seven times he had dropped loads there seemed to say that, but of course you never knew.

They dropped the load in Denver and had spent the night there; they weren’t scheduled to pick up the Cheyenne Mountain load until 9 AM the next morning. They found a truck stop and spent the night in the sleeper as they often did. Shack didn’t ask for anything and Tina didn’t volunteer; she passed it off as the final dregs of the tension with Julie. But she woke up to a morning glory and decided to take advantage of it, slowly going up and down on him. After a few minutes he reached over and cuffed her hands behind her nude body, which was fine with her. And after long enough he had hit his limit and she found herself on the mattress, on her stomach with the big pillow under her waist, him plunging hard into a wet tunnel that he needed no headlights to navigate.

She came with a fit and a start, surprisingly hard for even her, and he waited while she came down, then she grunted, the best she could do at the moment, and he finished with a groan of his own. They cleaned up, dressed, her back into the shorts and tank top, they went in for breakfast then hit the road.

The actual drive was quick, only about an hour and a half. Tina was just drinking in the snow-capped mountains and the trees and the clear, cold air (once they were out of Denver). Soon enough they reached Norad Road and were steadily climbing toward the mountain approaching in the distance. It surprised Tina how close people had built houses to the Complex. Sure, there was a buffer area around the base, but Tina wouldn’t want to be living within 50 miles of the place if there was ever a danger of someone wanting to drop a nuke on the site. Today it was safe, but tomorrow…

They rolled up to the gate. As expected the faultlessly dressed and rather cute MP wanted to see both of their papers and Shack’s driving certificates, all of which were in a binder Shack handed to them. They were expected, so after a few minutes of review as they waited outside as the truck and trailer were inspected (Tina could tell she was a real hit in those shorts and tank top) the gate was raised and they were waved through.

The road wound further up until they rounded a hairpin and they were there. The mountainside was before them, the tunnel she had seen from all the shows looked a little bigger than it did on TV but otherwise the same. They drove past it to a huge parking lot and the buildings that formed the surface part of the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station. Shack backed the trailer up to a spot beside another trailer; the empty one Shack said they were taking with them. They got out of the tractor to help the people on the ground put the stabilizer down on the trailer they were leaving, then the same people helped them get the other trailer hooked up. Tina wasn’t much help but she did serve as a distraction for the ones who weren’t busy. She didn’t mind much, she was used to being gawked at and it was inevitable in what she was wearing, she just hoped Shack was enjoying it. Soon they were hooked up to the new trailer to his satisfaction, back in the rig, and the tunnel and Cheyenne Mountain was falling away behind them. She looked to the north end of the mountain range where Pike’s Peak could be seen, snow-capped and silent, as the dotted lines on the road flashed by them.

They were out the gate and had dropped off the empty trailer at Fort Carson as they were supposed to, much easier getting in and out of there, then to the north end of town where a load waited to be hauled to El Paso.

They made good time. The run to El Paso was straight down the same freeway but a third of the load needed to go to a town about three hours off the interstate. It was early afternoon when they pulled off the freeway on the connecting road that would take them to that first delivery.

“Tina?” Shack asked, a little tentatively. Things had been normal, but a quiet kind of normal, ever since they left the trucking yard. “Remember you riding back behind the cab? I’ve got a slight change on that and I’d like to try it. Would you be willing?”

Actually if she had been able to answer honestly, she would have told him no. She wasn’t against the thought, another time she likely would have happily said yes. But that little green voice came back to her, the look in Julie’s eyes as she rode out of the trucking yard with what once had been hers. Tina had thought with her head and not her past and determined it was nothing to worry about, hadn’t she? She’d slept naked next to him last night, rang his doorbell when they woke up. But she was self-aware enough to know it really still wasn’t over. Julie wouldn’t let Shack near her with simple handcuffs. But how would a woman with those restrictions compare to a woman who would let Shack do whatever he currently had in mind? And she was that woman. She wanted Shack, and would go a hell of a long way to please him. On one level she knew it was stupid; they were fine and he was who he said he was. On another level she just didn’t know. She looked over at Shack, he waiting hopefully, clueless as to the flow inside of her. She shot him a smile and told him yes. She asked him just what he wanted to do and it turned out to be pretty much the same thing as the last time, an hour with her back behind the tractor while they drove. She said ok and that she was changing into her bikini as she disappeared back into the sleeper section and her gear.

Shack had pulled the truck off into a large, empty turnaround area for trucks and positioned the back of the cab so it could not be seen from the freeway or the road. He had shut the diesel off, a peculiar thing since she knew it was normally better for it to just run at idle for such a short period of time but whatever. Soon she was standing on the framing behind the cab. She noticed one curious change, there was a small hole, maybe an inch in diameter, that had been drilled directly underneath where she would be tied. He started with the rope but before he started to tie her she stopped him. “One thing first.” She pulled his shorts down and gave him five minutes of the best blowjob she could muster. He was already hard, it didn’t take much and it didn’t take the whole five minutes. Then she stopped and nodded and after he got over it he commenced to tie her tightly to the sides and frame as he had before.

Once she was secure hands and feet he kissed her back for a moment and while they kissed she felt his hands at the ties to her top and her bottoms. By the time he broke the kiss they were both in his pocket. He checked the glasses and the headset then reached into a storage compartment in the frame and drew out what immediately she thought to be another tire testing stick. But this one...

This one had a pin, maybe about an inch around and four inches long, protruding out of one end. And the other… the other had a dildo firmly mounted to that end. Oh damn.

Her fear turned out to be correct. The pin at the bottom was inserted into the new hole underneath her and then a telescoping section allowed him to run the dildo up and firmly into her. This was going to be a problem. It was up in her too far to fall out of her. She gulped, this ride was going to be way more interesting than the first. He stopped to give her one more kiss and probably a chance to freak out but all she did was return the kiss. If he wanted to do this, she’d survive it. It was more than she had bargained for but she was stronger than that. She’d prove it... to who? To him? To herself? And who knows where it would take her.

Shack, seeing that Tina wasn’t demanding release, kissed her again tenderly and climbed down. She heard him climb into the rig, then the rustle as he donned his own headset.

“You ok, darling?” He asked.

And she snapped. Tina herself later said she didn’t know what hit her: Maybe a determination to show Shack hat what he had with her could never be matched by anyone else. Maybe it was just the wild impulses she sometimes gave in to. “Yes. I’m fine. But I want one promise from you before we go.”


“That you will not, no matter what I say or do, will not let me go before the hour is up. Understood?”

“Are you sure about that? Things are a little different this time.”

“Promise me. No matter what. Promise!”

“Ok. Done.”

“Damn straight. Now get us moving.”

Shack started the engine and Tina immediately knew she was in trouble. She remembered the first time this had happened wishing for a way to bring the vibrations up to be usefulness. Shack and his tire stick at the end of the ride had thrown her into an orgasm in only a few minutes. Now nearly the same thing was set upon her, would be there for a full hour, and she had just made the only person who could stop it early promise not to do anything. Yeah, it was going to be a fun hour, especially once she started to orgasm the first time and could do nothing to turn the vibrations off. But she was determined to manage.

The truck bounced a little across the dirt and back on to the two-lane highway. The vibrations were there, were driving her higher and higher but she could fight it. It was a distraction and if (hell, when) she got to an orgasm it would be a problem, but it was just a very pleasant buzz in the background right now. Every once in a while when the truck went over a rough spot and bounced She found herself giving a gasp or an “oh” as the stick shifted position inside her, but otherwise it was bearable.

They talked as they drove. It was more or less normal talk except for every once in a while Tina trailing off into silence or just umm-like noises. Then it progressed to “oh”s and “ah”s. Then they hit a particularly rough stretch of road and it drove Tina, who was getting close anyways, over the edge. A long drawn out yowl turned to a gasped “I’m coming!” and then just making noises. The rough part passed but the damage to Tina’s composure had been done. The first orgasm swept over her an the vibrations didn’t cease, driving her higher as it crested, then it turned to pain as her body ebbed. She lost it, she was no longer standing, just hanging by the many loops around her wrists, out of it in delirium, the pipe continuing to vibrate her without mercy.

And she felt things start to build toward another orgasm. She had heard about this but had never experienced it. She was still gone, just hanging in the ropes. Shack could hear her heavy breathing and although he hated it per his promise did not stop. And left her hanging there helpless, almost in subspace, the wind blowing around her naked body and causing her hair to fly wildly, the warm desert sun on her body. She was sort of out of it, aware of her surroundings, aware of the orgasm building again in her body, unable to do anything about any of it. Just hang there and be driven mad by the cruel vibrations she couldn’t control.

The second orgasm washed over her, she got a little louder but otherwise gave no sign or any words. The pain came, a bit worse this time and then the buildup started again. Somewhere in the wilderness where Tina was wandering she considered whether a person could lose their sanity if they went through an hour of this. It was like standing in a pit while a storm raged overhead. Outside the pit, the wind blew around her naked body and the pipe continued to drive her toward yet another orgasm. But in the pit she was safe from the wind, safe from the feelings, aware of them all happening to her outside but yet safe and quiet here. It was interesting.

After he heard her third orgasm hit and pass and then nothing more from her he decided he had waited enough. He eased the rig off to the side of the road. It was a little bit of a risk, he couldn’t position things so Tina could not be seen as cars passed but damn few cars were even on the road with him and they were all doing at least seventy. Even if they had been doing two miles an hour he was stopping to check on her.

Tina felt the vibrations cease and the world she was in dissolved. She was back in her body tied in back of the cab and a flood of sensations hit her like a brick to the head. Her wrists and shoulders were aching from hanging in the ropes. Her crotch burned as the orgasm that had been building faded away. She felt hot. Her hair was just everywhere, including in her face, ugh. And she was tired, washed out from three large orgasms in a row. She heard the cab door shut as Shack climbed down and she felt a little miffed, why did Shack shut the engine down? He knew perfectly well that wasn’t good for diesels.

She heard him climb up to her and found the strength to stand up again, even though it took two tries to get her legs under her. She felt her lips part and water being slowly poured into her mouth which was good. In fact she was pretty thirsty. She couldn’t see it, only hear it, because she hadn’t bothered to open her eyes. She did so to see Shack’s worried face searching hers.

“Has it already been an hour? You weren’t supposed to stop until the hour.”

“You stopped talking after the first orgasm, and we’re at the thirty minute point. I didn’t promise not to stop, I only promised not to let you go and I haven’t. I was always going to stop at the halfway point and check on you.”

The water was taking effect, she was coming back. “Kiss me!” She implored. He obliged, a warm, wanting kiss, tongue and heart in it. The touch of another human after the ordeal felt wonderful.

“Touch me now, everywhere.” She whispered, wanting more. He fed her some more water and then ran his hands all over her body, hair to toes. It felt divine, and it helped bring her fully back into the here and now. By the time he finished his light all-body massage she was tired but back in her body.

He finished the massage with his hands cupping her face, kissing her again. “Ready to come inside?”

“No, no, no. I said an hour and I meant it.” The competitive part of her rebelled at the thought. No, she was well on her way to making one hell of a point with him and for damn sure she wasn’t going to screw it up half way.

She could tell that he had in no way expected that answer. He looked at her strangely. She continued: “And don’t ask to take the stick out either. I said I was going to do an hour of this and I will. I’ll be fine. Just get back in the cab and start the clock running again.”

“You won’t be fine.”

“I’ll make it. I’m going to do it for the full time and not one second less and you aren’t going to stop me, understand?”

She could see on his face that he didn’t agree but there was nothing about it he didn’t understand. He fed her the rest of the bottle which she drank it down greedily. He waited for a change of heart that was not coming and after a few long seconds he gave up. He kissed her one more time, which she eagerly accepted. She knew she looked like hell: Naked, sweaty, dust-caked streaks all over her lean body, hair everywhere, tired and barely better than hanging limply in the bondage she had let herself be placed in. The last thirty minutes had done this to her and she was demanding thirty more. Yeah, she looked like hell, but it was an unimaginably sexy hell.

Just as he was starting to climb down she stopped him. “I’m stronger than you know and I want to make you happy. Remember me like this.”

Shack just took one last long look at her, drinking her in then smiled and blew her a kiss. As if he could ever forget her. He’d have to stop thinking about her first.

It was a lot like the last half hour. She handled it a bit better knowing what to expect and several parts of her body were sore from what she had already been through. She felt her body steadily responding and when she was getting close and starting to lose her ability to concentrate she told Shack she loved him and said she’d see him in fifteen minutes if she slipped away again. And she was gone, another orgasm washing over her, one she was dimly aware of being much more vocal about this time, and then the painful post-orgasm period hit. The orgasms were all strong and enjoyable but the problem was that the painful periods were ramping up in intensity each time so along with the yummy feelings there was starting to be fear for what immediately followed them.

She was gone again after the first one though, off in her little wonderland while the world raged around her shell. Thoughts about traffic and being seen by cars passing by were the farthest thing from her mind. Couldn’t have cared less. It was fun, except for the bad part. She was wrong: They were getting more intense and she was getting more and more worn out and unable to resist, hanging in her bonds while the pole drove her yet again over the brink. But she was going to do it, dammit, she was going to do it. She even lost track of that world after the third orgasm, was just gone, hanging there, her body on automatic, dimly aware of building toward yet another cycle of glorious pleasure then increasing pain.

Right after the fourth one happened she sensed Shack easing the truck off to the side of the road. The time was up. She had won, she had finished. She was happy but she was gone. She was aware of Shack untying her, then gently carrying her still out of it body into the cab and on to the sleeper bed, which felt wonderful. It felt wonderful not to have something vibrating in her vagina. She had already decided when she got home she was throwing out every single vibrator she owned. Her shoulders and her wrists still ached and she didn’t even want to think about her pussy but in the bed covered up in their blankets she felt warm, comforted, and loved. She drifted off to genuine sleep.

She woke up a little. Shack was helping her into a loose dress and getting her out of the rig. She felt tired and still very, very worn out. It was dark and they were in a hot, dry city and the rig had no trailer behind it. Shack helped her down and a few dozen feet into a hotel room and an actual bed. She sank into the mattress and was gone again.

She woke up, it was still dark outside, the air conditioner humming by the window. Shack’s wonderful face still asleep beside her. She woke up long enough to give him a kiss which he hardly woke up for and strip off the dress that she was still wearing and that was getting in the way then settled back down to sleep. Things were fine again between them and she had proved her point and the fear was gone/ She had won. She was smiling as she drifted back off to sleep.

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