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Part Two

Tina on the average was gone with him every other weekend for the next few months. Sometimes it was midweek, normally when he was running to the coast and back but not always. She bloomed, blossomed right up, was back to the happy-go-lucky person I knew and hoped for.

One four-day weekend he took her to show her where he lived in South Dakota. Tina told me he had an apartment in Rapid City, comfortable enough but not too big. It was more a place to crash since most of his life was in his rig. Tina was happy to report she saw no recent traces of a feminine touch in the place. One couldn't be sure, but so far he looked to be just what he said he was and Tina was just head-over-heels. Really bad, even for her.

Nothing really kinky happened (she told me everything when she got back from each trip), just mad passionate sex, often with her handcuffed, except for one thing on the way back from their trip to Rapid City. She asked him if there was anything he had ever wanted to do with a girl, no matter how wild, what was it? She wanted to try it.

Sight unseen? He had asked. Yes, she replied, she trusted him and she felt in the mood for something off the wall.

He told her, and she was a little reluctant but willing. It involved her riding outside of the cab. It was warm enough and the scenery outside beautiful enough. The next span of their trip would take them down a two-lane highway between freeways so they could most likely get away with it there. All Tina had to do was change into her string bikini for now.

Shack's rig was a long-haul unit and had all the drag-reducing fuel-saving features. One of them was drag wings, large extensions, basically sheet metal attached to the back corners of the sleeper to minimize the air that could hit the front of the trailer and cause drag. They were about three feet long and painted red to match the rig. They had several struts connecting them to the back wall of the sleeper top to bottom. Shack pulled the rig to a stop and he and Tina, clad only in her bikini, went back and climbed between the sleeper and the trailer.

The concept was actually pretty simple. He was going to tie her standing spread-eagled on the frame of the truck immediately behind the sleeper, to the struts of the drag wings. He had pulled to the side of the road at a quiet spot and the silence after the omnipresent purr of the diesel engine was almost deafening. Just the gentle sound of the desert wind blowing and faint sounds of cars on the freeway they exited two miles ago.

She stood silently in her bikini as he wrapped several rings of rope around her wrists tightly to make it extra secure and to minimize the strain on her. These were tied to the highest struts to stretch her arms high and out. It was a different feeling for her, tied up in more or less public. There really was no other traffic on the road, occasionally another car or a truck might go by in the opposite direction but she hoped nobody tried to pass the truck while she was tied back here. For a narrow window of time she'd be completely visible (and completely naked) if they looked in the right place as they passed. But the desert hills and mountains were beautiful, the wind warm and dry like a caress and she wanted to do something special for Shack.

Once her wrists were secured Shack stopped and looked at her, she smiled and looked back expectantly. He smiled and reached behind her and a second later her bikini top was in his pocket, her chest exposed to Shack and passersby in the warm late morning air. He grabbed her long hair and pulled her head back, facing her upward helpless to resist a warm, passionate, claiming kiss that she would not have refused under any circumstances. When they parted he murmured his thanks and started on her feet.

Her ankles were tied down securely, not only wide open to the strut on the outside but to tie-down just inside each foot to make sure her feet would not slip. A lot of rigs had their smokestack and hoses back here but Shack's was one that didn't.

Finally she was secure, and Shack had put her headset on so they could communicate and wraparound sunglasses so she could see. Two more pulls and her bikini bottom joined her top in his pocket. He spent long enough playing with her clit to make her forget where she was and how she was tied and was starting to climb toward an orgasm and then he just stopped. She squawked but he just smiled and told her that he'd make it up to her later. Then he climbed back down and she heard him climb back into the cab leaving her high, dry, and grinding her teeth.

A second later she heard him through the headset asking if she was ok. She said she was fine but for getting her started and walking away he could expect to get slapped the next time her hands were free. He laughed and said he'd just have to avoid being around her when her hands were free. She giggled despite herself then confirmed she was fine. The diesel rumbled to life underneath her and she checked -- everything seemed good so she told him to go. He fed power to the transmission and rolled back onto the pavement, her body strapped naked and wide open where people might not notice but anyone could see her, tits, pussy, and all. She wondered what she'd do if someone passed them and saw her. Well, silly, she corrected herself, stretched out like she was if someone passed them and saw her there was nothing she could do. Hope that all they did was look. She could smile maybe. Perhaps wave.

Even with the drag wings cutting out most of the air there was still a huge amount of air swirling around her, blowing her long blonde hair wildly around but it was warm air and the wraparound glasses shielded her eyes from the glare and her wildly flying hair and let her see everything around her.

The plan was for Tina to ride back here for a half hour and then see if she wanted to keep going. Their total time on the connecting road was about two hours. She just talked with Shack, mostly commenting that she was fine, the vibration wasn't that bad and the view was awesome. Until about twenty minutes in she heard Shack say: "Shit. A four-wheeler is passing."

Tina braced herself but it was a single male driver, probably in his 30s in a brown four-door and he was too busy looking at the road for oncoming cars to look up and see her.

At the thirty minute point Shack asked if she wanted to keep going or was ready to come down. She asked him what he wanted. He replied that he was really enjoying the thought of her being there like she was and if it were up to him they'd go another half hour at least. She said she could go either way and kinda wanted to come in but she was still a little sore about him getting her going and not getting her off. She'd stay out the extra half hour if tonight he'd wear the handcuffs and understand that she was going to keep him cuffed and horny all night, but would let him go in enough time to get what he wanted from her before they started driving the next day. Just so he knew how it felt. After a long second he agreed.

The ride was delightful, the air warm and the vibrations at her feet wonderful. She just wished she had a way to transmit those vibrations a bit higher where they could do her more good. Then this would be a real "E" ticket ride. Everything was warm, and the sun was high enough now that she was even getting some sun tanning time on the front of her body. Yeah, she could do this. About ten minutes later Shack warned her they had another car behind them, a white minivan, and it would probably try to pass soon.

A minute or two later, Shack called out "Here it comes!" Tina braced herself but there was nothing she could do about it. The minivan wasn't moving very much faster than the rig. It looked to have four people in it. In the front seat was a middle-aged couple and from the shadows two people in the middle seats. There was a lot of baggage weighing it down in back, but all the windows except the windshield were very dark and she couldn't see in them more than just shadows.

To Tina it seemed to take hours for the minivan to pass by. Neither of the adults in the front seats looked up but she had no way of knowing what was going on in the middle seat. For all she knew there were two seventeen-year-old boys that has spotted her the minute she came into view and had spent the five seconds it took for the minivan to pass wildly ogling her naked and fully exposed body, breasts and pussy on shameless full display, arms and legs spread wide, until the speed of the minivan put her out of sight. There was just no way of knowing.

Then again she saw no reaction from the two in the front seat so she just calmed down. Shack reported that the minivan was pulling ahead of them and showed no signs of slowing down or anything. He asked her if everything was ok and she reported it was. What was done, if anything, was done. She was fine.

Ten minutes later it was forgotten, behind her, and she was back to enjoying the ride. When the hour was up Shack eased off and stopped the truck on the side but didn't shut the diesel off. When he climbed up he had the tire check stick in his hand, a metal bar truckers used to rap against the tires to make sure they hadn't gone flat. With a wicked grim he held the bar firmly on the railing between her feet, then pushed the bar between her tied-open legs, holding the solidly vibrating bar against her clit.

The feeling was electric. Tina gave a scream, but she couldn't move and couldn’t dislodge the bar. Damn that felt good. It'd feel even better inside of her, but at the moment language was a skill she didn't possess. Already warmed up by what he had done to her when they had started this and the warmth and the wind had driven it higher but the freedom of the tied nudity had kept her sexually hot. She was in deep trouble, she knew, as all that came out of her mouth was an unending "uuuuuuuuh!" as the vibrations drove her further toward a wanted goal.

Shack massaging and pinching her nipples, then licking them while keeping the bar in place was just the last straw. When he nipped down on one of her buds she felt an orgasm blast over her, spasming as much as she could, which was just her hands, then sagging into the ropes, her body turned to quivering jelly. She faintly registered Shack untying her and helping her into the passenger seat, barely. It was another ten minutes before she could speak. Once she could speak she told him that maybe she didn't need to smack him after all.


Then their pattern of at least every other week if not more was broken, Shack wasn't able to get out to Tina for three weeks in a row. I had to drag her out to a bar and get her drunk once and even that didn't work too well. She was real moody, which I could understand but I knew something Tina didn't. Shack had texted me and was coming for the whole weekend. He asked me to do what I could to make sure Tina was ready to go out for dinner that Friday night at 6 and hopefully had a free calendar for the weekend. He had also asked if it was ok with me because he would be in town all weekend and they might want to sleep in her room. I said that would be fine as long as they weren't too loud. He said he'd do his best but couldn't promise about Tina. I sent him a smiley and told him I understood. Tina was still being moody, wondering if so long without him was the bad sign she had been fearing and wondering what she had done wrong. She didn't know it but she was gearing up for a hell of a weekend.

That afternoon was the fourth Friday in a row she hadn't seen him. I told Tina she was getting too pissy and we were going to go out and get her drunk again. She agreed, she said, if only to give me a break from her whining. We had done this two weekends before for the same reason. That time we got dressed up and I took her out to a bar so she cheered up getting drunk and sending all the guys away with humorously disparaging reviews to me after each describing why they didn't match up to Shack. It had worked for a few days.

Shack had texted me, he would be here a little before six and he'd have the whole weekend to spend with Tina here. So I told her we'd be leaving at 6 and asked her to be ready about twenty minutes early. It was about a quarter till and she was ready. She was a little depressed because it looked like yet another weekend without Shack but she was determined to go out and do her part to make sure I had a good time since she'd been such a moody bitch recently. She was dressed in a nice rather low cut top with a tight bra showing massive cleavage and a medium length (for her, medium meant medium between her knees and her crotch, almost a mini) skirt and heels with bare legs between them. She looked good, even in just two-inch heels her legs looked about three miles long. I knew she could easily look loads better; she had done that lots of times. I had asked her to wait in the living room for me; I had to finish up some last minute work before we left.

I hoped Shack wasn't late. I'd have to start making excuses around five after six or so. Tina was sort of antsy, the sooner she got drunk the sooner she'd be feeling nothing and better able to handle being without Shack again.

Then I heard it. A low throaty rumble out in the street. It took Tina a few seconds to end her current sentence complaining about how much better this expedition would have been with him here. She ended her sentence and in the silence heard the rumble and it was electric. She grabbed the arms of the padded chair she was sitting in and froze solid, wild-eyed, but her hands were white and it looked like she was stabbing holes in the leather. Then the buzz stopped. Two seconds later Tina shrieked as the sound of a diesel horn came from the street.

She was gone out the front door in a heartbeat screaming his name the whole time and running full tilt across the lawn which was pretty impressive in those heels. He had just closed the door to the rig with a big bouquet of roses in his hand when she slammed into him, pinning him up against the side of the truck, smothering him with kisses. "You're here, you're here, I've missed you so much, you're here, you're here!"

"Yup" He agreed in the brief periods where he could get a clear airway. He reached out blind and managed to put the flowers on the running board so he could use both hands. "I've maxed out my hours and I can't drive the rig again until Monday." She gave another scream of joy and almost started to hyperventilate. Ok, that was a little bit of an exaggeration. But not much.

Once things calmed down he explained to us that he could only drive so many hours in a one-month period and he'd been driving steady for the past few weeks so he could arrange to max out on time here and now. He needed to take the truck to an affiliate’s truck yard here in town. He could leave it safely there and if Tina could follow him there they could do whatever they wanted afterward. And he thanked me for making sure Tina was here.

Tina looked at me. "You knew???"

"For about two weeks. He asked me to let him surprise you."

"I've been such a shit and I didn't have to be. You should have told me!"

"Take it up with him."

"I will!" She turned to him. "I know just how you can make it up to me." She glared at him with a devilish look in her eyes. "But Sherri can you follow us in the car? There is no fucking way I’m letting him out of my sight."

"Sure. Why not?"

It took about thirty minutes to get his rig checked in and us headed back to the house. The two of them were going to go with the original plan, dinner and dancing I asked them if they needed a designated driver and they told me no, Tina still wanted to get drunk because she had absolutely no use for inhibitions with him around. He said he was going to stay sober; he had waited far too long for this to lose any of it to alcohol. I bowed out of their plans gracefully once we got home. We parked and Tina got out of the car with me and we headed to the house. Shack followed. As we stopped at the door he asked her since I was home why didn't they just go? She turned on him and told him that her outfit was fine to tell strange guys to go to hell but completely inadequate for being with him. Shack saw me roll my eyes, stifle a giggle and nod an emphatic yes.

She ran off to her room to change, leaving Shack and I in the living room. He thanked me for making sure Tina was here for him, but was a little worried. He had no right to, he admitted, but he'd be lying if he said the thought of her going out to a bar dressed like that without him bothered him a bit.

I laughed. "You have nothing, nothing to worry about. I told you at the start she's a one-man woman and she is. I've known her for over a decade and never once in that whole time has she cheated on anyone, even when they really deserved it. She doesn't even jump beds. She normally is entirely fixed on her boyfriend but with you she's just flat out of her mind. The worst case of it I've ever seen." He looked happier but it didn't look resolved.

"Look, she and I did just that two Saturdays ago. She can look way better than that or what she wore tonight but she didn't want to look that good. We went out to the Sandstone and got drunk over about three hours. Plenty of guys came up to her and asked her to dance. She turned down every single one of them and as they left told me why they didn't measure up to you. Halfway through she started telling them she was lez and with me to get them to just go away. No, unless you screw up really bad like get caught doing drugs or someone else, or send her away, she's a thousand percent yours."

He looked at the engagement ring on my hand. "So who's this Charlie she tells me you're waiting for?"

That sobered me up. That was a huge tender spot. I walked to the mantle and showed him the most beautiful and painful thing in the house, in the world right now: the picture of Charlie and me, him in his Marine Corps dress uniform, me in a beautiful dress with perfect hair, both of us smiling.

"Charlie Stone is a United States Marine. His father is a Marine, his grandfather and his great-grandfather are all Marines. It's really not something you do and it will never be something you once were, it's something you are. He's going to be a doctor, an emergency medicine doctor, and he decided to go into the Corps to get combat medic training and so he could wear the uniform, because either you are a Marine from birth or you're not and he is. He is the kindest, bravest, most honorable man I've ever known and probably ever will. He is in Afghanistan for the next" I looked at my watch "seven months, eighteen days, thirteen hours and eight minutes.

"I don't care about anyone else or anything else." I shook my head no. "No one can even come close to him. He's waiting for me and I am waiting for him. We Skype every chance we get, two or three times a week on Mondays and Thursday mornings, and every once in a while on a Wednesday. And yes, these days my prayer life is excellent." Fortunately Tina emerged from her room at that point.

She had a jacket in her hand but wasn't wearing much else. She was a wild child and this was one of the more daring outfits I had ever seen her in. It was three inch heels, no hose, a pink spandex skirt about half the length of the one she had been wearing, and a front top, one of those tops which was all sparkly front and just two transparent straps across her back to hold the front in place. Hello, Tina.

"You wearing panties with that?" Shack teased her.

"Actually yes." She shot back. "I'm not drunk enough to be in this short a skirt without panties. Yet." She looked meaningfully at him. "This skirt tends to be kinda dangerous. Let me show you." She turned away from him, showing her bare unblemished back and her long, long legs. She started to bend over at the waist and the skirt behind her started to slowly creep up as she bent further and further over. When her back was about level the skirt suddenly shot up around her waist revealing black silk thong panties. She marched over to Shack, her skirt still at her waist, and pulled his arms around her and his hands onto each side of her exposed butt cheeks. "Squeeze 'em, lover they're all yours if you play your cards right. I want to go out and dance and get drunk and wave my body under your nose and see how blue I can get your balls, but at ten-thirty, if you get me drunk enough, I will do anything you want. Anything. Including giving you the panties. And then bending over again."

"In public?"

"If I'm drunk enough. But if you get us arrested, I'll be pissed and it will ruin the whole weekend, you know."

"So what does it take to get you properly drunk?"

"Two Long Island Iced Teas, then thirty minutes. Maybe three. If I have four I throw up all over creation the next morning, so don't let me go beyond two. The third one just wipes out my willpower to resist, don’t need that one."

She reached under the bottom of his shirt ran her hands up and began to play with his chest hair. "Think about it, I've promised to do anything you wanted. You could handcuff my hands behind me" (throaty feminine sigh) "and make me bend over until my skirt rides up. I wouldn't be able to put it back until you let me go." (moan of pleasure) "You could just bend me over and fuck me there or make me blow you, swallow every drop, and clean you off afterward as the price for you letting me go." Another moan. "That would be so, so, so hot."

She abruptly disconnected and pulled her skirt back into place. She put the jacket on, took his hand and began pulling him toward the door. As they went out the door he must have grabbed at her because I heard a playful slap and her say, "Not yet. Be good! Wait." As the door closed I heard him reply. "No." and her response as they walked away: "Damn straight!"

They came back in around 2 AM. I peeked out the bedroom door but didn't want to disturb them. They, at least Tina weren't walking too well. She didn't have her jacket or her shoes on, her hair was absolutely all over the place and of course her hands were behind her, cuffed. I wondered how long that had been true. Her hands were all over Shack who was walking behind her, trying to get her into her room without waking me up. Tina looked very, very happy.

They slept in the next morning, maybe it was to sleep off their previous evening. They finally came out well into the afternoon. Couldn't tell from the sounds if it was just sleeping or interpersonal sleeping. They both looked much better than they had when they walked in but I didn't mention that. They were off to visit sights around town, so I wished them a good time and went back to working. Tina was dressed for comfort (in jeans and a shirt) more than for show. She still looked great, one had to make an effort to look bad with a body like hers but this time she wasn't trying to show it off. They came back in at a relatively normal hour and had left for more sightseeing again Sunday before I got up.

I didn't actually see them after that; I had gone to bed early and before they returned. Shack had to leave about noon the next day. I was already working in my home office and they didn't disturb me. About a quarter to one, when he finally left and Tina came back in, she looked depressed and like she was going to cry. She kept looking out the window at where Shack's rig had sat a few minutes earlier. She was texting something, doubtless to him when she heard me. "How do you stand it, Sherri? He's been gone for ten minutes, and Charlie..."

I shook my head, told her not to go there. I didn't want to go there at all, and if I did I knew I'd have no answer. What do you say when the hole in your heart feels like the Grand Canyon?

Her phone chirped and she read the response and just put her head down and quietly cried. I could see the phone from where she had laid it, she had sent him one of the lines from one of her favorite songs, I was sure they had danced to it Friday night if Tina had to go out and buy it for the DJ. "If you love me right..." and he had texted back "On and on and on."

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