by Zephyr

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Continues from

Part Four

Shack arrived early one Friday to take Tina with him for a quick two-day trip to the coast to drop off what Tina learned was a brand-new, completely empty, trailer. Shack admitted it was rather strange to drag an empty box all that way but it was what the customer wanted and since it led through here he was more than happy to do it. Tina climbed into the passenger seat all smiles and glowing wearing daisy dukes and a reasonably tight t-shirt with a bra underneath it. Shack smiled a lot as he took her in. Even in tennis shoes her legs were incredible and it looked like all of them and a little more was open to his admiring gaze in those shorts. She gently grabbed his chin and tilted it upward. "My eyes are up here and the road is out there." She said sweetly, trying hard to avoid any sting. "You can look all you want once we stop for the night."

"And do anything else I want?" He questioned with a mischievous grin.

She rolled her eyes. "And do anything else you want. Of course," she agreed with a smile, "but until then eyes on the road mister! Or I’ll go put on sackcloth."

He put the tractor in gear and it rolled down the street toward the highway. Tina settled back into the cushioned seat with a long sigh of contentedness.


Shack drove until they were about forty miles out of town. They had been chatting and catching up on how their lives had gone over the last two weeks. Shack stopped and said he had to check something in the trailer and asked Tina to come with him.

They met at the back. Shack opened the large doors but closed the one nearest to the road, leaving the one toward the shrub-barren desert open. Tina noted that meant the trailer interior had light but nobody on the road could see more than a foot or two in. He climbed in and then helped Tina up.

The minute she was up, before her eyes could really adjust to the dimmer light in the trailer Shack pushed her up against the road side of the interior of the trailer. "Give me all of your clothes. Now!" he demanded.

She was a little confused but she trusted Shack completely. The door was closed on the road side so no one on the road could see in and there was no one to see anything out in the desert from where it was possible to look in. I guess so, whatever, she thought, but we really could be a whole lot more comfortable in the bed in the sleeper. She pushed him back a little then pulled off her shirt and bra in one motion and slipped off her tennis shoes. She unsnapped and wiggled out of her shorts which were tight enough that it took a little doing. She kept her eyes locked on Shack's the whole time. She placed the three pieces of clothing in his hands, leaving the tennis shoes on the floor. The interior was warm like the air outside at midday. The floor of the trailer was slightly colder metal with the anchoring points and runs she had come to expect from a trailer under her bare feet. Then her eyes, having adjusted to the low light in the trailer looked further into the trailer and she suddenly saw what Shack had planned for her. She let out a gasp of surprise.

A little further into the trailer there were four ropes on the floor of the trailer with loops on the ends. Wrists and ankles. She could see that he intended to tie her spread-eagle there. Each rope ran diagonally to the side of the trailer and then the top ropes and bottom ropes were connected to each other by a come-along so they could be tightened. She looked up at Shack who had a stern look on his face and pointed there. "Go tie yourself in, and be quick about it!"

She smiled. She could tell he wasn’t mad, just playing at being forceful which was fine with her. She sat down and snugged the loops around her ankles then reached up and slipped her wrists through the loops waiting for them. She jerked each wrist down toward her waist which tightened the loops around them. Then laying back, she wondered what was going to happen now. She had no doubt where he got the idea. She had given it to him herself.

He was tightening the ratchets tied to her wrists and ankles. Once he got it reasonably tight he asked her how she was doing.

"I'm five-nine. Five-ten please." And they both laughed, knowing the context. He complied and she became stretched really tight. And then right there on the side of the road, with the sound of cars roaring by, the trailer rocking a little when another truck passed by; she was helpless to prevent him fucking her hard and fast and soon he came forcefully into her.

He stood up and started dressing. "Going to let me go?"

"Actually, no." He responded with a grin. She shrugged, she trusted him and couldn't do anything about it. "Actually, yes, but not now. We're about three hours away from the state border and they will want to look in the trailer when we cross so I'll stop about ten miles short of it and let you go. I get to drive all that way knowing you're naked and helpless back here, so it won't be easy. I might not be able to take it and have to stop and come back here and do you again along the way. Mind?"

She wiggled her feet and hands. "How could I object?" she asked sardonically.

"Yeah, I know. I like it that way. But I got a gift for you to help you pass the time." He went to the front of the trailer and brought back the metal bar he had used on her the second time he tied her behind the cab. She sighed but said nothing as it was fitted inside her, the notch on the far end sliding into a lock point on the floor, insuring it would stay deeply inside her. It was held down by the ratchet tightly securing her ankles. She wriggled a little. She could probably work out a little fun while they traveled and hopefully it wouldn’t wipe her out like it did the first time. Shack closed and locked the trailer door with a clank and after a moment or two she faintly heard the diesel roar to life, then a minute or two after that, the creaks and groans as the rig pulled back on to the highway. And then she found out her real problem. That bar attached to the dildo in her pussy was pretty firmly mounted to the bed of the trailer. And that bed was vibrating just fine as they sped up. It was feeling good and going to be a problem again. As they sped up to highway speed the vibrations became much stronger, random sometimes when they drove over a bump or something but generally a real unpredictable and effective vibrator that was already taking her towards an orgasm. Not as bad as last time but still a problem. An orgasm that when it hit she would have no way of stopping the vibrations for three hours.

She had found she was multi-orgasmic. She could handle it happily as long as she could stop it as the orgasms ran through her but no such mercy would be shown her here. She had been vibed through an orgasm a couple of times and it was a pleasure turned agony which is why she had avoided it. But she was well on the way to the experience again. Three hours? She was going to be mush by then: a limp wet exhausted noodle.

She remembered what had gotten her into this situation. She tried to think on it to distract her which wasn't working too well. They had been talking their last trip and Shack had asked her about the kinkiest thing she ever did. Actually for her she might have to think about it for a few minutes. There were plenty of contenders for that honor but she decided on and told him about one of the best, one that she had enjoyed the living daylights out of.

It was when she was a senior in high school. For Halloween the drama club was going to do a haunted house of horrors as a fundraiser. The theme was along the lines of any of those slasher movies, boy and girl get caught in a haunted house by bad guy who terrorizes them until they (apparently) kill him and escape. There were enough girls, including Tina, who looked more or less alike and several of the boys did too, so the show was arranged in a series of sets with all the boys and all the girls dressed the same so it would seem like one continuous show even though it was a different set of students in each set. The guests would move from room to room, scene to scene where the play unfolded.

One of the sets was a torture chamber where the villain had the heroine locked on a rack, resplendent in school-girl shoes, tight deep V-neck pink sweater and short purple skirt. So as to show - Tina thought - as much leg and cleavage as each actress was willing to muster, and more than a few of them were happy with. The villain slowly stretched her, trying to torture her into confessing her undying love for the villain. The prop team had actually built a working rack. The hasp to hold her feet had three sets of holes a few inches above the bottom of the rack so the actress could be comfortably in her heels in the rack. The holes varied how widely her ankles were apart - "prude, normal, and party time" Tina had joked. Mrs. Ranch, the teacher, said she expected the girls would use the inner or middle set of holes - that would hold their ankles one or two feet apart - but it was up to whoever was in it and whichever was most comfortable. A matching board closed over the top of it to clamp down the girl's ankles and even a wooden peg to go through the hole of the hasp. Mrs. Ranch had made it perfectly clear that the realism didn't have to go quite that far since as long as it was not latched the girl could always kick it open and then be able to free herself.

A large winding wheel was at the other end, with the traditional long handles extending out so it could be cranked, and a catch mechanism for the ropes on the actress' wrists so that the rope tightened a half-inch per notch. The loops around the actress’s wrists were of a fixed size but she could twirl her wrist around the loop to wind it tight enough to not fall off and then loosen it the same way when she wanted. There was other scary equipment on the walls suitable for a dungeon and what looked to be torches on the walls but were actually orange spotlights with saran wrap flapping in the breeze of a small fan to simulate flickering flames. Each of the stages were set up so that the viewing area was a hallway with a low railing. When no guests were in the viewing area normal lights came on in the set but when guests entered the lights went out leaving the stage lighting for the players to perform in.

Tina was intrigued by the scene and the thought of being tied and stretched on a rack in a short skirt. In fact she was downright gushy at the thought of it, or more the possibilities with it: being tied up and stretched out naked on the rack by someone who would take full advantage of her condition. She had someone in mind for that part of what would definitely be a private performance.

Per the script the rack was supposed to be tightened four notches during the scene and reset to the starting point once the guests had left to allow it to be tightened the next time. The thought of the scene made her wet but there was no way she'd admit that or volunteer for the scene. But when it came time to assign people to scenes no one else volunteered for it (either) and everyone, knowing she was wild and crazy, were expecting her to. She looked around for a second, saw no support anywhere else, then shrugged and quietly, to the other heroine actresses' relief, said she would do it.

They had originally planned to have the rack flat on a sturdy wooden pedestal but the run-throughs made it clear that it was a really bad angle for the actress so the rack was pulled off and set at a 30-degree angle, almost upright, against the pedestal and facing the audience. The actress, Tina and whoever stepped in for her at mid-break, would be reclining slightly in the rack instead of laying in it but that way she was clearly visible to the audience and they could much better hear her lines.

If Tina were asked there was one problem: the student playing the villain in her scene was Zack and she really wanted Jeremy in the room with her. She was between boyfriends and Jeremy was nice, cute, looked studly, and was currently unattached himself. There were three nights of performances. The first run-through in costume went flawless and they finally actually strapped her into the rack. Flawless except for Sara, Zack's girlfriend. She was in a different scene with Jeremy and was not quietly unhappy about her boyfriend spending the better part of three hours in a room with "Tina and her long legs" tied to the rack in front of him.

When she and Zack were getting set up at the start of the performance time the first thing Tina did was pull a little more slack on the wrist lines then pass the rope through the loop. She could slip her wrists through that and when it tightened down she wouldn’t be able to loosen it. Zack would have to let her out of them. Zack wasn’t sure but Tina told him she’d rather it be that way so she didn’t have to worry about her wrists falling out of the loops during a performance.

Tina stepped into the rack and with her ankles in the middle holes leaned back and slipped her wrists into the loops above her. This held her ankles about the expected twelve inches apart. Zack closed the top bar over her ankles but didn't latch it. Tina stopped him and demanded not only that he latch it but put the pin in. Zack asked if she realized this meant that since once her arms were in the loops above her head she wouldn't be able to get out of anything on her own. She said she was aware of that but the latch was visible from the viewing area and her artistic integrity would permit nothing less. Besides she planned to struggle and it wouldn't look good at all to pop the ankle top bar up mid-scene. So Zack did as she asked and she felt a thrill as the latch closed and was pinned and she was truly trapped in a short skirt until someone else let her go. She expected that to be all the way up to the mid-break almost an hour and a half from now at least.

Each night they were in the room performing when there was an audience from opening at 7:00 to 8:20. One of the other teams came in to replace them for a 20-minute break then they would resume from 8:40 until closing at 10:00. Sara and Jeremy were the replacement team the first night. They stepped in a side door but remained there out of sight of the audience as Tina and Zack were in the middle of a scene doing the "I will make you promise to love me or else" and the "I will never love you" bit.

Sara was hugely unhappy to see Tina on the set alone with her boyfriend, stretched quite alluringly on the rack before him, stretched tightly and the skirt halfway up her thighs. She was even unhappier to notice the hasp latched and closed around Tina's ankles with the pin in place and the ropes on her wrists genuinely holding her prisoner there but Tina was very happy to see Jeremy do a double-take when he noticed it and she could see in Jeremy's eyes that he could think of things to do with a girl in Tina's current condition. She caught his eye and smiled at him and he smiled back but then looked away before Sara noticed. Tina also saw a bulge in his pants and the hunger in his eyes. Tina would be perfectly happy to be his feast and in this had plans for that tomorrow night. Now how to make it happen?

When they switched places Sara told Jeremy to leave that hasp right where it was on top of the bar and don't even think about locking it. Tina, she said, might care about "artistic integrity" but no way with her. And Jeremy damn well better not stretch her at all. She and Zack were glad to walk out of the room.

Switching Zack and Jeremy turned out not to require any effort at all from Tina. At the group review after the show ended that night Zack asked if he and Jeremy could switch roles, no doubt Tina thought at knife point by Sara. They were both villians in different scenes so it was not a problem at all. Mrs. Ranch asked everyone in both scenes if they were okay with the switch. Sara and Tina both answered with a loud yes and Jeremy shot Tina a "boy do I have plans for you" lustful look that almost made Tina's knees fail. Tina had found she indeed got really turned on at being helpless in the rack. Zack only did a little for her but the thought of Jeremy being the one tightening the wheel and all the time they would have between performances made her downright wet.

Jeremy met her at the door and walked her to her car. It made Tina almost squeal-with-glee happy but she controlled it. They never touched or kissed, just talked as they walked. He thanked her for agreeing to the switch and promised they'd both have a lot of fun the next two nights. Damn straight, she thought but just gave him a quick kiss on his cheek and while she was right next to him she whispered "Lots and lots more of that tomorrow night, I promise. You’re going to be up late tomorrow so get a good night's sleep tonight!" and she ducked into her car and drove off almost shaking. He hadn't answered, just smiled as she climbed in and drove away. She had plans for the next night and masturbated to a roaring orgasm thinking about it: Them both naked, her stretched out on the rack, no one to interfere or help her, with each click her freedom slipping further and further away, knowing that he was going to tighten it until she screamed and then fuck her hard and do anything else he wanted to her.

The next night they walked into the room and before they could start turning on lights and setting things up Tina found herself against the wall with Jeremy's hands tight at each side, pinning her in place. Her heart fluttered but there really wasn't much time. Mrs. Ranch would be doing a last-minute check and would be expecting everything, including them, to be in place. He looked to be leaning in for a heavy kiss but Tina wasn't ready for that yet. She would rather wait for that until she was helpless on the rack. Besides, she had a better idea. She grabbed one of the hands pinning her, and extending and pressing his index finger into her mouth, locked eyes with him as she sensually sucked and licked it for a minute. He reached for the hem of her skirt but she stopped him, whispered in his ear. "Later. After everyone else is gone. Come back here with me, tie me to the rack again, naked. I'll be helpless and you can do anything you want to me then." She giggled, slipped out of his grasp and was away and turning on lights before he could really respond.

Tina climbed up and leaned into the rack, putting her ankles in the middle slots. She slipped her wrists through the loops and tugged on them to tighten them down. She smoothed her skirt down and tugged down her sweater as best she could. She had run the sweater through the dryer about ten minutes longer than she should have and it was almost like a second skin. The skirt was tight. The outline of her bra could be seen underneath it but that was by design and part of the costume. She had enjoyed the look in Jeremy's eyes when he had seen her in the sweater. He laid the top of the ankle stocks across her, locking her in, and she felt a shiver that had nothing to do with cold.

"Latch it and put the pin in?" He asked.

"Do you want me to be able to get away again?" He latched it, put the pin in and used a tool from the wall to tap it even more firmly into place. Nice touch, Tina approved. Message received.

He reached up and cranked the wheel a few notches, and Tina felt her wrists go up high enough that she knew she had no chance of getting to one hand with the other hand any more. No chance to get herself loose. Tremor turned to a mist flush. Damn, the next three hours were not going to be fun. Or maybe more fun than she could imagine.

Tina knew he wouldn't dare do anything now. Mrs. Ranch made one quick pass through all the sets to make sure everyone was ready before letting people in so she'd be by any second. Tina looked at Jeremy and in her sexiest voice said, "You know, the problem with this part is the girl is really stuck. Someone could do anything to her once they got her here, couldn't they?"

"Yeah, they could." Jeremy, costume in place, started to close in on her. She closed her eyes as he drew next to her and waited to give him the kiss she had denied him earlier. His lips touched hers and their tongues plunged deep into each other's mouths. Tina sighed with contentment at the promise of the rest of the night but only for a few seconds because they were interrupted by the sound of the door opening and a second or two later Mrs. Ranch coming in.

"Good evening you two. You both ready?" A reasonable but close distance apart they both confirmed they were. Mrs. Ranch left. About a foot away from her and looking into her eyes he reached out and massaged her breasts. She wasn't able to stop him anyway and wouldn't have if she were able. She closed her eyes and sighed. The hands ran down her legs and slowly up her skirt to rub her nub for a second. She stiffened, sucked in air, and then pressed against his hand. With a smile he pulled away. She groaned inside then shot him a dirty look. Yep, it was going to be a long night.

She slid silently back into the rack room giddy with anticipation and holding Jeremy's hand. She'd be dragging him if he wasn't coming so willingly. The performance was over, the players disbanded for the night and everyone else heading home. They stopped long enough to turn the power to the performance lights in the room back on. Tina slipped out of her shoes and socks and lay down on the floor in front of the viewing area. She pulled Jeremy on top of her. She took a deep breath. She didn't know if it was for the wild sex she was about to have or the risk she was about to take but she had thought about this and decided to do it. She pulled off his shirt and began nuzzling his neck and chest, anything but kissing him on the lips, dodging him when he was working to zero in on doing that with her. His hands were all over her clothes then her clothes went away and his hands and his mouth were all over her naked body. Heaven. She made no move to take off his pants or stop him except she refused to open her mouth and French kiss him. After a while, her pinned underneath his very passionate efforts he stopped and asked her why she wouldn't kiss him.

"Look, in ten minutes you are going to have me naked and stretched out on that rack and you can do anything you want to me, right? I want to wait to kiss you like that until I am helpless to resist, okay? For me? Just give me a little more time."

He seemed taken aback and maybe underneath it all a little angry but that was what she wanted to do. She'd make it up to him. She'd have no choice.

"Promise me one thing," she demanded as they walked over to the rack.


"Promise me you won't take your pants off until you've got me stretched out and helpless on the rack. Promise me you will stretch me out until I am begging you to stop and then go one more click. Then and only then take your pants off and fuck me like I deserve. But leave them on until then. Promise me!"

She could tell he wasn't sure. There was a hard erection in those pants and she imagined he would rather move things faster. "Take your time," she implored, "once I'm there I can't go anywhere. You've got all night, don't rush. I want to, sorry, stretch this out."

He thought about it for a few seconds then agreed, having little choice. "Anything else?"

"Well, don't do anything permanent. I'm on the pill so a certain activity is definitely not permanent and I want to feel you and not a condom inside me. You can do anything else you want."


"Everything. It's not like I would be able to stop you." She patted his erection. "I know I don't want to."

"I promise."

She grabbed him and gave him a long kiss on the lips (but not a French kiss), then got up and climbed back onto the rack frame. It felt different when she was naked: the wood on her feet, the texture of the wood on her back and backside. She placed her ankles into the outermost holes, a foot wider than they were during the performance. Yeah, party time. She felt a little air run between her legs as they were positioned so widely, felt the moisture already escaping into the air. She shivered. She had wanted this for over a month and she was finally going to get it!

Jeremy came over and flipped the top of the ankle bar over. Tina suppressed a squeal as he closed the latch and her knees became weak which was only hidden by the fact that she was laying on the rack. Before she really knew what was happening, Jeremy had pulled a padlock from his pocket and locked the hasp closed. Her blood ran cold, she felt the flush deepen. Now she was really and truly locked in. No escape now! Even better!

Jeremy stood up and faced her, personal space violation close. Tina felt dizzy. "Know what that means?" he asked about the lock.

"You mean that I'd better be real, real good to you, or you might not let me go? That you might just take my clothes and go home and leave me naked and stuck on the rack for people to find tomorrow morning?"

It wasn't what he was expecting but he ran with it. "Yeah." He leaned in for a kiss and this time Tina offered nothing but willingness. His lips touched hers, his tongue pushed into her mouth and began to explore it's depths. His body pressed against hers hard, his bare chest compressing her breasts and his body pushing her into the back of the rack. Tina loved it. At first his hands were holding her wrists pinned at her side, but then he moved backward a little, not stopping his assault on her lips and neck, then his hands moved upward to grab and squeeze her breasts. Tina wrapped her arms around him as he continued to get the kisses she had denied him earlier. Then he was moving, kissing her ears and neck. She felt the flush increase to a downright glow. This was so, so good!

Then a hand reached down, grabbed one of her wrists and pulled it up above her. Slipping it through the loop and tightening it, the other wrist followed a few seconds later. Tina tried experimentally but found what she expected, already she could not reach one wrist with the other. Without her shoes she was shorter by an inch and even more slack was gone because her feet were wider apart. It sealed her fate. She was stuck and at his mercy. She smiled. Right where she wanted to be, dreamed of being. He reached up, never breaking the kiss, and turned the wheel two notches.

"Can I take pictures of you?" He asked. Hell no, but then she thought about it and said "Sure, but only with my cell phone. If things go well, I might send you the pictures." She tugged at the ropes, already trapped. "It's not like I can stop you, but if you decide to use your phone, take good care of the pictures because it will be the last time you see my naked body and I will try my damnedest to make sure you don't see anyone else's either. Up to you."

He picked up her phone and took several pictures of her naked body in the rack. She smiled for all of them. Then he put her camera away and went back to pressing hard against her body and French kissing her.

It all went to hell in a heartbeat. They heard the side door open and a voice, Mrs. Ranch's voice: "Jeremy? Get away from her this instant! Tina? Are you all right??"

Jeremy bounced back with a cry. He stepped away to the side of the rack, panicked. He looked toward Tina's sweater, Tina saw him start for it so he could cover her with it but after the first step Mrs. Ranch commanded him to stop and he froze. Tina tried desperately to get at her hands but it was no use. She was trapped and giving Mrs. Ranch a very full frontal of her naked body and no way to do anything about it at all.

"Do you two see what you've done?" Mrs. Ranch started, almost hysterical. "I've got to report this. They'll shut us down. They'll never let us do this sort of thing again. This is a disaster!" She looked heartbroken, lost, and started to cry. "Tina, why did you let him talk you into this? Couldn't you see what he'd do to you?"

Jeremy started to say something but Mrs. Ranch glared at him and shut him down. Then Tina in a calm, quiet voice she didn't even know where was coming from, spoke up. "There is another option, Mrs. Ranch. Just go home."

She looked confusedly at Tina, like Tina had just grown another head. "What? You're about to be raped, here on my set. You can't be serious."

"Yes. I'm very serious." Tina saw an opening and grabbed at it with everything she had, metaphorically. "What's going on here isn't a problem. He isn't doing this to me, in fact all of this, including me being here on the rack like this, this is all my idea. I talked him into it. Not that it was that hard but this was all my idea."

Mrs. Ranch had stopped crying and was just moving her gaze between the shirtless and barefoot Jeremy and Tina, but mostly at Tina. Tina went on. "Nothing is going on here that I am unhappy about. I wanted this to happen. If he were doing this against my will I’d be using you being here as a way for me to get out of it but I'm asking you to walk away and just let us be. We're fine. We're having fun. Completely consensual. I've been looking forward to this for days."

"But you..." she gestured at Tina, stretched out naked and obviously helpless on the rack, "you're..." She looked like she wanted to believe it, did not want to cause the uproar, the devastation that reporting the two of them would cause her.

"Fine." Tina completed. "I'm fine. Believe me. I trust Jeremy. He's not going to hurt me. Just go home. We'll be fine."

She started to look like she was considering doing what Tina suggested. "But I can't!" Mrs. Ranch started. "You two are going to... to..."

Tina shrugged. "We have sex about twice a week anyway." It was a lie but Mrs. Ranch didn't know. "Normally we're at one of our houses. This is just a really wild place but us two making love isn't unusual for us at all."

Mrs. Ranch shook her head, gathered herself. "Jeremy?"

"We're fine, Mrs. R. Everything she said was true, especially that she wanted to do this and I'm not going to hurt her. Just go home."

She glared at both of them. "Well, then, I will lock all the doors on the way out. Make sure the power is turned off when you leave and for pity's sake don't stay all night. The cleaning crew comes through around 4 AM."

"We'll be long gone by then, Mrs. R." Jeremy promised, "no one will ever know we were here."

Mrs. Ranch gave one more stern look at the both of them then turned and walked out of the room. They both stayed completely still, listening to her footsteps retreating, the sound of the outer door opening and closing and the deadbolt lock sliding into place on the outer door. Then Jeremy finally looked at Tina. Clearly he was wondering if what had looked like a wet dream come true had just been turned to ashes.

Not if Tina could help it. She had a little residual shaking but still very much wanted Jeremy in her, to get him off and to get herself off as well. She gave him a wild chagrined look that ended in a large sigh. Seeing him wavering she flashed him her best smile. "OK, we're alone now, really alone. Come over here. Stick your finger in my mouth again and close your eyes. I still want to do stuff. It's been a while since I've felt real good, and I want you, and you look like you'd feel real, real good. Please let's keep going."

He came to her and stuck his forefinger in her mouth and closed his eyes as requested. Tina did her very best, trying to wash away the adrenaline in his body and replace it with another hormone. If she did not get Jeremy now, she probably never would and she wanted him. He opened his eyes to see her staring into his. He withdrew his finger and replaced it with his own mouth, pressing her body and compressing her breasts between his body and the rack. Tina just closed her eyes and let it flow, very happy it was going in the right direction again. She felt an extra thrill. Her last rescue had walked out the door and locked it behind her. She was truly alone, naked and helpless before someone who would take advantage of that. No escape now until it was over.

He stopped and drew back a little bit, firmly grabbed her breasts, squeezed them hard with a firm grip but she was fine with that.

"Nice line to Mrs. Ranch about us sleeping together twice a week. Wish it were true," he started.

She shrugged, "Let's see how things go tonight." She shook her wrists in their bindings. "Maybe it's not a lie."

He looked startled at that but looked like he thought that would be a good thing.

"You said earlier you wanted me to stretch you out, really stretch you out. You sure you want me to do that to you?"

"I'm five-nine." Tina responded gamely. "Five-ten please."

It'll hurt you. You've asked me to stretch you until you are begging and then go even further. Are you sure you want me to hurt you?"

Tina shrugged, put on a wicked smile. "OK, ever heard of a safeword?" He didn't respond. "If it comes up you can always say we had a safeword. Tell you what. You think of a word but don't tell it to me," she stopped and a second later he silently nodded, "If I want you to stop I'll use it."

"But how? You can't use a safeword you don't know!"

She smiled and gave a contented, hot sigh and closed her eyes. "Yeah. Now you understand."

After a second, "One last chance," he offered, "if you don't say to stop now, nothing you say later will make me stop."

"Ready when you are! Go slow if you can. I want this to take two or three hours."

He looked at her unbelieving for a second then got past it. She saw the word "Fine" cross his lips then he reached up and tightened the crank another notch.

"Thank you!" Tina whispered.

Tina found Jeremy was good to his word. He would tighten the barrel a notch, then spend a while doing something to her. Rubbing her. Kissing her completely willing body. Giving her a slow, hard hickey on the left side of her neck that would require about three pounds of makeup to hide. And the occasional running of the hands through her pubic hair, into her slit, and across her clit. Enough to accelerate her engine, sometimes even getting her within sight of her desperately-wanted goal but never over the line. Dammit. After a while and a few more notches she felt her feet lift off the bottom of the rack and she was beginning to be truly stretched. As expected, it pushed the top of her feet down, but that wasn't a problem, the high-heels effect would just make her legs look better.

He was playing a little bit back into the roles they had earlier that night. "Profess your love for me! Say you will surrender your body any time I ask," and "Oh no, I could never do that, you villain," then "So I will have to convince you!" as he tightened the barrel another notch.

Then he tightened it up a notch and there was no give, just her stretching. She gave a little cry of pain and surprise. It was tight like it had been earlier than night, but she knew there was nothing for it and she wasn't through being stretched. She cut off the cry and said nothing, determined to take as long as she could before she started begging.

She watched as he took off his pants. Wait, she thought, way too early. Besides, you are supposed to go one more notch, at least. But once he was naked he went right up to her and took her chin. "I know I promised not to take my pants off until you were begging but I'm tired of playing with you. I'm taking them off now. I won't take you until you beg, but I am going to do whatever I want now. Got a problem with that?"

"No, sir." Another deep, contented feminine sigh. She loved it. He took the hair on either side of her face so she couldn't move her head then pushed his tongue full into her to kiss her deeply. She felt that naked cock between her legs and wanted it so bad. Oh yes, she breathed to herself. Do me. I want you so bad. She'd be happy to be screwed wild by him at least twice a week. Maybe if she were lucky lots more.

But he backed away. He picked up the riding crop he used in the performance, ran it across her now-taut stomach.

"Promise me," he threatened her "you'll go down on me anytime, anywhere I ask. Or suffer the consequences."

She was a little confused and scared at first. It was a riding crop: he could certainly use it on her and hurt her. It wouldn't leave any permanent marks so it was in-bounds but she really didn't want for that to happen. Then again there was nothing she could do about it if he did.

She thought about it, realized what he was doing. He wanted to play with the crop but didn't know where her line was and didn't want to cross it. So he was using the demand as a way for her to tell him to stop. Either they'd be together and she'd blow him morning, noon and night if he wanted or they would not be together and there'd be no way she'd do it at all. So it was just a game. His cock was sure looking hard at the thought of it.

"Never, fiend!" she cried, in character. "I will never make that promise to you, you villain! Do your worst!" She had a bad moment as the words escaped her mouth. A promise was a promise. What would happen if he succeeded and she gave it? While she was fine with fellatio as a concept there were issues here. There were some places, like in the middle of class, that it was absolutely out of the question. There were a lot of places and times she would rather not go down on someone. Yet even under duress and in the middle of a game, to her a promise was a promise…

"I will, fair lady, I will!" He had a wicked smile as he ran the tip of the crop over her, tweaking her nipples, running it under her chin and between her breasts. Then he actually started using it on her. She felt the tip strike the side of her breast, felt it leave a mark, felt the burn and the pain. She dimly heard her own cry of pain. Then after a calculated five seconds another on her stomach. She struggled while several more blows fell then finally gave an explosive sigh. "You win, you evil villain. Anywhere and any place you want, I promise."

He smiled, pressed the crop to his forehead in a salute like he did in the play. He went back to running the crop pleasurably over her body and she relaxed. But when he drove it down into her pussy hair and across her clit she gave a completely non-theatrical gasp and found it suddenly hard to breathe.

Not that he stopped or even acknowledged that. At best he had only been running a quick finger across her slit and clitoris knowing she was aching and keeping her aroused but not wanting to take her where she wanted yet. But he pushed and rubbed it against her clit and she thrashed the microscopic little she could and moaned openly.

When he drove the tip up into her she positively lost her mind. She cried out with pleasure but couldn't move as it slowly drove in and out of her. Too thin to do what she really wanted but enough to remind her of how much she desperately did want it and all the time knowing she had absolutely no say in it. He could do this for hours until she was a drooling mess if he wanted to and all she could do would be to become a drooling mess.

Then with the crop at its deepest inside her, looking her straight in the eyes, he reached for the nearest barrel handle. It took some strength but he cranked it up until the notch clicked.

It really hurt now. Tina was gone enough she wasn't sure what she was feeling. She was almost dizzy. Was it the intense wanting of him with the crop in and out of her or the tension on every muscle in her body? She heard a low moaning squeal of pain come from somewhere and with a start realized it came from her own mouth. Her ankles, already painful, were screaming. She could feel the stretch in every join up and down her stretched body. This was wrong, too much. Then her blood ran cold as she realized with terror that she had one more notch coming. She had impulsively made, had badgered Jeremy into a promise to tighten it one more notch. It couldn't happen, she was wrong, it had been about right where they were the notch before. This was too much and another notch would reduce her to rubble.

All the sudden with a loud series of pops that would have scared her thoroughly if it hadn't provided immediate relief her spine decompressed. The excruciating tension was gone but Jeremy heard it and stopped for a few seconds. The pain which had been white-hot a second ago was down to a dull roar but it was clear she hadn't gone all the way back to where she was. So if and when Jeremy tightened her up that last notch it would be ever worse than before. She broke. There was no way she wanted it. It hurt now, a bit. She was stretched and could feel it which was what she wanted, to be -- stretched and hurt just a little. But what she had just felt was way over her line and the next notch would be even worse.

A little voice in the back of her head announced with sardonic satisfaction that she was probably now at this moment, as she wished, five-foot-ten. "No more please." She whispered. The pain was subsiding a bit or maybe her body was getting used to it. "I was wrong. That hurt way too much. I'm fine here. No more, ok?"

He looked at her, crooked his head, to her horror she saw he wasn't buying it. "No, Jeremy, no, no, please, no." An edge of hysterics was firmly in her voice. He still showed no signs of being convinced. "No please, I beg you."

If she had anything in her bladder she would have lost it. "You made me give you a promise." was all he said. Still staring her in the eyes he started to tighten the barrel up another notch. Even with the leverage of it he still needed strength to move it. All the pain came back with a vengeance. She could feel every joint in her body started to stretch out again. She realized this really was a bad idea. She realized with despair that she had made him promise, had brow-beat him into going another notch, had even waved a twice-a-week sex life under the nose of a teenage boy if he did what she wanted. But it was too tight now. She couldn't stand this. How could she stand that?

But she was helpless. How could she stop it?

He looked at her as she felt him slowly push the bar for the next notch. "No, no, no, please stop, I was wrong, this HURTS, stop now, I'll do anything you want, just no more. I was wrong. Stop, REALLY stop, this hurts, no more. Owwwwwwwwwwwww!" It hurt just to breathe. She had to get him to stop. He had to stop.

Well, there's the begging." He said as he released the bar. The pain receded as the barrel went back to the current notch. "But there's a problem now, isn't there?" He mused. She didn't know what to make of that but maybe he could see things and wasn't going to go the extra notch after all. She could do things where she was now. It hurt a little but she had wanted that, could work through that. She didn't understand why he walked back to where his costume shirt was lying but started to panic and froze solid as he reached down and detached the bandana from his costume. He stood up and moved the few steps to where she was helpless.

"No, Jeremy, I was wrong, it hurts too much, I didn't know, don't do this." She called out, afraid. "I was wrong. It hurts too much, just do me now and we'll be fine. Don't, please."

He looped the bandana behind her head and began to tie it. "No, Jeremy, please, you can't do this." He showed no signs of stopping. "I'll give you a blow job any time you ask, I swear. I will fuck you every day for the... mmph. Nuuuuuuuuuuu!"

While she was pleading he pulled it tight into her mouth with the ends crossing on one cheek. He tied it into a bow and then rotated it until it was in her mouth, virtually filling it. Tina thought for half a second it probably would have been better if she hadn't been talking so he wouldn't have been able to tie it all the way in her mouth.

She felt dread wash over her. Was there nothing she could do to convince him? Had she screwed herself over that thoroughly? She couldn't offer him her body -- what of it he hadn't already had was because he hadn't gotten around to it yet. She couldn't beg any longer. After a few mmphs and uhhs that even she couldn't understand she gave that up and fell silent. She had been told she had soulful, expressive eyes. If that didn't work she already felt stretched out like a rubber band and it looked like that at her insistence it was going to get worse. She just looked at him, pleading with her eyes. It also didn't look like it was working. He addressed her.

"You are stuck and can't get loose, yes?" He asked. She nodded yes, not knowing where this was going but wanting to be real, real cooperative.

"And I can do anything I want to you as long as it's not permanent, yes?" Again she nodded yes.

"You made me promise I would not have you until I tightened you up until you begged me to stop and then went one more notch, yes?" She didn't move. He grabbed both of her nipples and gave them a hard pinch. She yelped into the gag and nodded yes.

"My problem is, I think you're beautiful and sexy as hell and you offered earlier that we could be together depending on how tonight went, right? I'd really like that but I don't know: is this for real and I should stop?" Head shaking fervent yes. "Or is this just an act and if I stop I piss you off and you'll decide against me?" Head shaking no. "I don't know, but you made me promise, so I will keep my promise. I am going to play with you some more then tighten it up the last notch, then play with you more and then fuck you hard." His fingers still held her nipples. "Understand?" Miserably wide-eyed with fear she gave a nodded yes.

She was scared, this could get real bad, real fast. With the time that had passed the pain had masked away a little, enough so the pain was manageable but there was no give left in her body. Another half-inch notch had nowhere to come from. It would be worse, beyond what she had just felt and that hell. She was just frozen stiff as he moved down now to suck and bite her nipples. She couldn't imagine being in that much pain again, didn't want to touch that. If he did what he promised -- played with her more and took his time, she could be in that horrible world at least 30 minutes, maybe as much as two hours. Pain burning through her body as someone slowly toyed and then took her. Time slowed down in situations like that. If all you could do was just wait a minute took a very long time. If she were trapped in her own body, drowning in a sea of intense, mind-ripping pain, it would seem like forever. If the time he took was on the longer side, she wondered how she would endure it. She wondered if everything would still be there, and if not how much of her would come back when it was all done. She didn't want to find out.

He brushed a hand through her crotch and she moaned despite her fear. Then he was in front of her, hand on the bar, ready to push, ready to tighten her, ready to send her somewhere she'd never been before and might not come back from. And there was absolutely nothing she could do about it if he decided to do it.

"Ready?" he asked. She shook her head no. He put a little weight on the bar, she felt herself stretching again, began to thrash wildly and say "no, no, no, no, no." as much as she could through the gag. Where she was the tightness was fine, right where she wanted. All he had to do was fuck her and despite everything going on she still really felt empty down there and wanted him to fix that. It hurt a little more as he pushed harder. She closed her eyes and screamed as much as she could with the gag in place.

And then the pressure was gone. She opened her eyes to see Jeremy standing before her. His hand was no longer on the bar, the tension had not changed.

"I can't do this, Tina. I know you made me promise you but this isn't play, it's just hurting you and I'm not into that and I'm not going to do it." She smiled as best she could, would have danced with joy if she were able.

"If I've just failed a test, then I have. I want you real bad but if this is what you need, I'm not right for you. I'd be happy to love you and hold you but not this."

He pulled the bow and the bandanna fell out of her mouth. He reached around for the water bottle and fed her a long drink. "Good call." She finally got out. "I really did not want you to go any further. This is as tight as I wanted it to be. It only hurts a little and that's what I wanted."

"Should I let you go?" he asked, unhappy to offer the option.

"Hell no!" she retorted, "you promised me a long slow screw, and I want to feel what has been looking so good for the last hour. Get that damn thing in me before I really scream."

Tina woke and felt the soreness in every limb of her body but she was not under stress and not on the rack any more. She was safe and alone and waking up in the morning in her own bed. She faintly remembered Jeremy helping her down, helping her get dressed and driving her home and her crawling into her bed. It hurt to move, but she looked at the clock whose alarm was in the quiet but going to get louder quick stage and realized she needed to get showered and get to school. Her wrists and ankles had bruises on them and there were the hickeys to deal with but a shower was needed first.

The shower was no fun at all but she managed.

When she got to school the first person she saw was Jeremy. He must have been waiting for her. She gave him a bit of credit: he knew she did Krav Maga and if she couldn't kick his ass he'd at least be quite clear he had been in a fight. She walked up to him. She was wearing a long-sleeved sweater and long pants, which was unusual for her but he understood why.

"How are you?" He asked tentatively, still not knowing if he was about to get attacked.

"She smiled dimly. "Sore but moving. About what you'd expect. You?"

"Fine, relaxed. You scared me when you passed out."

"Sorry about that." Time was short. She began heading for her first class of the day. "So, are we a couple?" She asked.

"I'd like th... Yes." He corrected himself.

"Good." She said as she stopped and threw her arms around him and gave him a warm, full hug. It hurt like hell in a few places but it needed to happen. She could see it in his eyes. "I'd have hated to done all that last night and not made the proper impression. My first official statement as your girlfriend is, and I promise you won't ever hear this from me again unless it's actually true, is 'I've got a headache.'" She gave him a wry smile. "Actually that's about the only place I don't ache but what you did was at my request and I am grateful to you for it. Although looking back it was fun and I sorta enjoyed it, especially at the end, no I NEVER want to do that again." He smiled. She liked that smile. "But I am sore all over and I think I can manage the performance tonight but I'm going to need tomorrow to recover from last night. Maybe we can get together Saturday and try something more traditional and that involves a bed, maybe?"

He smiled and said that would be fine. She asked him to meet her for lunch and he said he'd be delighted.

She smiled back. This was going good. Maybe twice a week would turn out to be an underestimation.

They had a good relationship and a lot of fun until a little after graduation. They finally parted peacefully and relatively quietly. He was headed into the military and Tina just couldn’t follow him there. So when he left they parted. In some ways, Tina thought, she still missed him. Her best friend Sherri was going to be a military wife, in a lot of ways already was. It was for damn sure Charlie was going to be a Marine like about the last 40 generations of his family. But not her. Nothing wrong with it but it wasn't and would never be her. She'd survive.

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