by Zephyr

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Storycodes: Solo-f; FF; roadtrip; handcuffs; exhib; M/f; truck; bond; toys; tease; naked; beach; buried; fpov; rom; oral; sex; cons; X

Summary: A young woman with a thing for truckers, a love of handcuffs and a broken heart goes riding off to the beach for a weekend with her best friend to salve that broken heart. Along the way she encounters someone who may just be a match for her made in heaven...

Tina was my best (female) friend, we'd been friends since 5th grade, so that was, what, over a decade now? She and I were housemates right now and driving from our desert home town to the coast to hopefully fix a problem.

Tina was the original wild child. Did crazy things with boys. Her radiant smile and easy-going nature made her long blonde hair and size-6 body with somewhat large for her frame breasts impossible to miss. Tina ran several days a week and kept up with her martial arts to keep herself that way. She dressed to flaunt every inch of her body. Always had a great suntan. Loved sex. Really loved sex. A lot. And had a thing for handcuffs, when they were on her and sex was in the offing.

She also at the moment, I reflected, had a broken heart. Despite the rest of her life she was exceedingly loyal to whoever she was with. Always had been, I thought, probably always would be. Last Tuesday she had dropped in unannounced to surprise her then-boyfriend Larry where they were currently living and found a surprise of her own. I had a house to myself these days, so I agreed that Tina could help make the mortgage payment while she stayed in the second bedroom for a while.

Tina was 22 and a bookkeeper. She had two clients, Cushman shipping, a business that she worked at Monday and Tuesday and a hardware store, Teller Hardware, that she managed the books for on Thursday and Friday. Between them she did ok for herself. I was a marketing rep at a local road paving company and was doing fine too, waiting for my own sunshine to return. She was good company to have in the house, neat, clean. She had some wild sex habits but didn't have any other problems, a devotee of Krav Maga and ran five miles for exercise. She could do bimbo with ease but actually was quite smart, had a bachelor's in accounting, and a pretty driven person but you'd never know it from her carefree breezy exterior.

Tina actually hadn't been doing a whole bunch of the carefree and breezy because she was so down about Larry. We decided to run off to the beach, soak up some rays and she could spend the weekend flirting and maybe break a heart or two. She knew I wouldn't join her in that but I could be depended to drag her clear if she got in too much trouble, which in her state of mind was a real possibility. She had perked up a little at the thought so it was a plan. She liked it even better because she could flirt with the truckers along the way. She sort of had a thing for truckers. She saw them as the 'modern lone cowboy making their way in the world on their own' sort of thing. Maybe it was kindred spirits: a lot of truckers were independent contractors too. Whatever.

So off we went Friday about noon, two early-twenties babes in a top-down convertible speeding across the desert toward a different kind of sand. We had wireless tactical headsets on, they were awesome that you could be in seventy-mile-an-hour wind and still hear the other person's voice. And you could set the car stereo or the CB radio to play on it and talk through it to the truckers too. I was dressed in a tank top and short shorts. Tina of course was in a strapless short dress that showed a lot of her long skinny legs and when she pulled the top down, which she did when we went by a trucker we were (well she was) chatting with, a huge lot of cleavage. She never flashed any of them, I was mildly surprised. It was right in tune with her personality and her choice of clothing today; I expected it would happen probably more than once before the sun set in front of us. We had planned to drive until about 9 PM and then would find a hotel room until the morning when we would finish the drive in a few more hours.

For the first hour, until we hit the next major town along our path, Tina asked me to help her pass the time, to help her "get into the mood" so she could flirt better with the truckers. She produced a set of handcuffs and a wireless bullet vibrator. She handed me the controller and asked me if I would play with the settings every so often. I gave her a "really?" glance. She knew I was straight and narrow and wasn't into that sort of thing but I took it from her and said I would but only up to the interstate. She squealed happily and thanked me, pushed the bullet up into her vagina (no need to move the panties she wasn't wearing) and cuffed her hands behind her back so she couldn't do anything about it. It was pushing it but not so far as I would refuse. So every time I noticed we passed a mile marker I changed the setting, usually to the lowest number on the post. She loved it. In the hour it took us to get to the interstate I think she came at least once. She had several close calls, none of them extremely loud but none of them quietly either. I handed her the key and she reluctantly unlocked herself and put the toys away in her suitcase in the trunk when it was time.

Around 3:30 she started chatting with a trucker named Shack. He was on a long-haul to the coast himself and about ten miles in front of us. He and Tina seemed to hit it off better than anyone else and soon the talk was well into the friendly but scandalous range. At a couple of the exchanges I winced and hoped nobody's children were listening. But they were both having fun, Tina sure was, the happy-go-lucky girl I'd known seemed back for a while. His real name was Walter Hartnell. He was 26, had been hauling cargo for four years, and was still making payments on his rig. When he wasn't on the road he had an apartment in Rapid City, where the company he worked for was located. And he said he was single. Tina asked him why he went by Shack and he said he'd show her when we drove by and wondered how she'd react. Tina looked properly mystified but kept flirting.

Finally his rig was in sight ahead, a red Peterbilt with a full-sized sleeper and all the wind-reducing add-ons. But when we got close enough Tina gave a gasp and grabbed my arm, almost making me swerve off the road. Hanging from the driver's side mirror was a pair of large handcuffs. The mike was off but her squeal of glee was audible even without the headsets.

"Have I scared you off?" He asked a few seconds later. He had gotten a real good look at Tina as we went past; she had pulled the hem of her skirt way up and the top down to where you could almost see the top of her areola. It took her a few seconds to answer. "No, in fact just the opposite. Liked what *you* saw?"

"Indeed I did. You are positively mouthwatering. A fine cool drink on a hot day. It'd be real nice to see more of you than just driving by but thank you."

Tina cut off the microphone. "Pull off at the next exit. I need to get something back out of my suitcase then I want to pass him again."

I rolled my eyes but did as she asked, wondering what she was thinking. This too was the Tina I knew and loved. I watched Shack's truck roll by on the freeway while Tina grabbed something out of her suitcase in the trunk then practically dove back into the passenger seat. We took off in pursuit. When we got up beside him, Tina called out "Hey Shack, look at this!"

Her skirt was still pulled up almost to her waist, I wasn't sure if he could see her crotch, but if he couldn't it was very close. Once she saw him looking she jerked her top all the way down to her waist. "Like it?"

"Oh yes. Incredible. You're so beautiful. Makes my mouth water."

"Damn straight. I hope it does more to you than that!"

He laughed and confirmed it. And then we sped on. "Do you ever use that thing I saw hanging on the side mirror?" She asked.

"Every once in a while, when I have someone who will let me play with them." He gave a wistful sigh. "Not recently, though."

"How long?"

"Longer than I care to think about."

"How long?"

"Damn, girl. A bit more than a year. Hard to find someone who sticks around when you're gone five days a week."

Tina just nodded. Then she turned to me, mic off. "Slow down. I've got to meet him. I want to get him alongside us one more time."


I slowed down as requested. When Shack caught up with us he found Tina's dress nowhere to be seen. But that wasn't the biggest surprise she had waiting for him. "Wave as you go by." He requested.

She winced, knowing what was coming. "That might be a little hard." She replied. But a few moments later he was back alongside us, his bald head visible in the cab window, a gasp then a big smile on his face. She leaned forward and showed him why she couldn't wave: her hands were cuffed behind her back. The rig did swerve a small bit.

"Damn...." was all we heard across the CB. I hit the gas. "Oh damn."

"Scared you off?" She taunted.

"Hell, just the opposite." A pause and a sigh.

"Like what you see?" She asked.

"Yes, indeed, but we've got to stop doing this, to look but not touch is breaking my heart."

"We're both going the same place." She offered. "Mind if I ride with you for a few hours?"

"Like that?"

"Sure. Why not?"

"I'm pulling off at the next exit."

"Good!" She squealed.

A few miles later Shack had pulled off the side of the road and we pulled up behind him. Tina, now properly dressed, if what little she was wearing could be considered that, ran up the passenger side to the door, climbed up, opened the door and dove in. I went up the passenger side behind her at a saner pace and climbed up to the cab but there was no room for me to go further.

The cab was clean, bright, you could hear the rumble of the diesel engine underneath but it wasn't too loud. There was what looked to be a rather comfortable sleeper that could be entered from between the bucket seats. Shack was as he had described himself, looked twenty-six, massive arms, bald head, a great big smile on his face and welcomed Tina and I into his rig. You could tell, even if nothing happened he would be real happy to have a beautiful girl riding with him and Tina's clothes left very little to the imagination (or for Shack, was that “memory”?). She climbed over to give him a quick kiss on the cheek (yeah, that was classic Tina), which surprised him but he handled well, then she settled back down into the passenger seat.

She looked around for a second, apparently considering something, then told Shack she'd be right back, she needed something from our car. She climbed down and left us alone looking at each other. Shack looked at me. "This can't be real. Please tell me I'm not dreaming. Who is she? What does she like?"

"She's a wild child, maybe you've noticed." He just snorted. "She likes the normal stuff, chocolate, red roses, and lots of hard sex including and especially when she's wearing handcuffs. You're not dreaming, she actually has a thing for truckers. You got way lucky, but I need to warn you. She had her heart torn out and stomped upon last week and we are running out to the coast to get her away from that cheating bastard she was seeing. I think you two are going to have some fun, but if you've got someone at home have a good time and fun if she wants to, but then just drive away and don't break her heart a second time!"

Shack got a sad, grim smile. "I've had my heart shredded and handed to me too, which makes it handy to be able to get in your truck and drive away. And when a diamond falls into your hand you value it and polish it so it's beautiful and the whole world can see it. I wasn't lying; it's been a year since I've even had a date. You don't need to worry."

"I've known her for ten years and she is a real, real good person. When you open the dictionary to 'loyal' and 'one-man woman' you find her picture there. Don't hurt her."

"I don't plan to. Just glad to have her to talk to."

"Yeah, but knowing her that's not all she's wanting. She sometimes comes home giggling about how she wore out the guy she was with. Look, if you get the chance this is what she likes: Handcuff her hands out to the sides away from her, pound the living hell out of her, I mean make her so sore she can't walk tomorrow and be rough with her breasts. Pinch her nipples a bit, squeeze her breasts hard enough to maybe leave bruises or use them to pull down while you're slamming into her. Really, treat her like she's a nail and you're trying to drive her up through whatever’s above her head. She loves that. She'll, so she tells me, come screaming if you do that. But stay away from zip ties and don't come anywhere near her throat or screw with her breathing. She had someone try that once for real and she almost didn't make it out. Do that and you'll never see her again. Hope you got a good night's sleep last night."

He looked surprised at first by my frankness, then grateful. Hell, if the plan was to make her forget Larry might as well go for full amnesia. "I think I can rise to the occasion should the occasion arise. Thanks for the tips." The conversation was cut short by Tina's arrival. As she slid past me I saw she had her handcuffs, their key, and her wireless vibrator set with her.

"Hold these please." She instructed him, handing him the control, the bullet and the handcuff key. "Turn the control to each of the settings for a second." He did and felt the bullet vibrate in its different patterns. His eyes got kinda wide at first and stayed there.

While he did she donned the headset he had set out on the dashboard similar to the one Shack himself wore. She took the bullet back and to his astonishment hiked up her dress and in full sight of him pushed the bullet far up inside of her. He got even more so when she stopped and thought for a second, sighed, then pulled her dress over her head, leaving her completely naked. She showed him the handcuffs she had brought. "No tab on the side of them. I can't get out of them without the key which I just gave to you." She handed her dress and her shoes to me then locked her wrists behind her back with the handcuffs. Turning to me she said "We are planning to stop for dinner in Dannerville anyway, I'll be ok here until then." I shook my head, but she was an adult and hadn't been drinking and this trip was to cheer her up anyway.

I looked at Shack who smiled and nodded. As I closed the door I heard her say to him, "Let's see if you can get me so close I am screaming for an orgasm but not let me have one, and let's see how much of the trip to Dannerville you can keep me there, ok?"

"Challenge accepted!"

I walked back to my car, some unneeded things in my hands. I got back in and continued driving. Shack was making a reasonable clip but it was a lot more boring without Tina in the car. Still, she was happy and where she wanted to be, which was the whole point of the trip, so that was ok. I had just expected to get further down the road, like all the way to the beach before this happened. I sighed and changed the radio station. Again.

A little more than two hours and about 150 miles later, I got a call from Tina. She sounded perturbed and distracted and said she was madder than hell, Shack goofed up once right at the start and let her go over the edge but (exasperated sigh) had been doing things just fine ever since. Yes, she was still just like I had left her and Shack had been making good use (sigh with even more exasperation) of the remote she had given him, dammit. I heard him laugh a little in the background. She said it was getting close to dinner time and wondered if I'd be willing to grab something at a truck stop Shack recommended. I said sure. Then she got real quiet for a minute until I asked her what was going on. She asked if she could have a real big favor, she apologized for asking this. I said probably, pretty sure where this was going, and she asked me if it would be ok if she and Shack took a little while to get out of the truck, like maybe 30 minutes or so. I laughed, told her that I expected that and I would be fine. I'd leave a bag with her dress and shoes under the passenger side tire of the truck and it was up to them which one of them retrieved it.

It was a little more than 45 minutes, but not a whole bunch more. It was a nice truck stop with a big gift shop and a medium-sized hotel attached to it. I found a book I had been wanting to read in the gift shop and sat in the restaurant sipping tea happily lost in the book while I waited.

They both were far too apologetic, were sweaty and looked like hell. Actually, they looked like they had been doing what they had been doing for most of the last hour. Tina's hair was a bit shy of her usual impeccable brushing, she had a fading flush of red around her upper chest, and she was exhausted but happy. She had faint but visible handcuff bruises on her wrists if you looked for them and winced as she walked and as her braless breasts bounced in that strapless dress. But she looked happy, very happy, and the smile was back for the first time in a week and a half.

"It was incredible. He is so incredible." She told me when Shack had excused himself to find the men's room. "He took me back into the sleeper part, that bed is actually kinda bigger than you'd expect. It was incredible, like he read my mind. He'd been messing with the bullet for the whole time so I was ready to jump him anyway, but he took me back there, handcuffed my hands way out wide like I love and then just pounded me until I came screaming." Her eyes were closed while she remembered it, dreamy voice and all, so she couldn’t see the huge smile on my face. "He pushed down on my breasts or put his hands above my shoulders or, ooh" she shuddered happily "or grabbed them and pulled down as he slammed me. Almost like..." she opened her eyes, saw my big smile, and slowed down "he... knew... what... I... oh."

I squeezed her hand. "You had a good time, yes?" She nodded eagerly. "So you're welcome."

She looked a little depressed until I reminded her that it was a real good sign that he wanted to know how to make her happy and wasn't shy about asking. I gave her a critical looking-over. She looked like a hurriedly put together, thoroughly-fucked wreck. But a very, very happy one. "He seems to be quite willing and capable of taking you there. At least I'd see that as a good sign." She liked that.

They sat next to each other; it was so cute. You'd bend a razor blade trying to stick it between them. A couple of times during the meal his hands disappeared under the table and she either slapped him away or firmly brought them back to the table top with an exasperated "Later!" But she sure had forgotten Larry.

When I got back from washing up after the meal Tina grabbed my hands. "Shack and I talked, and he has to stop for the night in two more hours anyways, and we'd rather just get a room here." She grabbed his hands. "I know you wanted to get a little further down the road, but we'd pay for your room if you would be ok with stopping now." She looked so hopeful and she was holding his hand so tight I wondered if she was going to break any of his fingers.

I looked back and forth between the two of them, just to ratchet up the tension, then laughed and told them I was fine with spending the night here and I could pay for my own room thank you. Tina squealed with glee and excitement and looked like she would have jumped into Shack's lap if the table would permit it. "I mean, you're not doing such a great job of keeping your hands off each other now, you sure don't need that when he's driving the rig."

She leaned over and gave him a long drawn out kiss that seemed to certainly include the exchange of bodily fluids. Her hands went under the table, and unlike her, he made exactly zero effort to stop her. Once they came up for air I asked: "What time shall we meet back here for breakfast?"

"Six." Shack announced, "so we can be back on the road by seven."

"Ok" I told them as we walked away from the restaurant, they tightly hand in hand. "If the local police come by I don't know either of you. So keep it down, ok?" Shack just rolled his eyes. Tina just shot me a dazzling toothy grin.

After I settled in I heard them go by, apparently heading for the pool. I peeked out to see them both there, Tina in her string bikini that she filled up to a fault, Shack in a pair of swim trunks that with Tina in her bikini beside him he was filling out quite well too. Nice muscles. No fat. She looked so good in almost everything, and horribly good in the almost nothing that was that string bikini. I fought back a twinge of jealousy. I wasn't fat and I could wear a bikini too but I'd never look that good myself in one. Fortunately I had someone who was quite happy with me the way I was, although I still wanted to lose those ten extra pounds. Sighing I bet myself one of those huge chocolate chip cookies in the gift shop that by morning Tina would want to continue on with Shack. It was only about eight hours to get home, and the point of the weekend was to find Tina a distraction, anyway.

I enjoyed my cookie on the way home.

She was back Monday evening when I got home from work. Very happy. Very tired. She told me all about the remainder of her weekend. It was dreamy, she said, they had just talked all the way to the coast having worn out the sex side of things for a while. He had dropped off the trailer he was hauling and as planned picked up another that needed to go a few hundred miles up the coast. It was a beautiful drive. She had loved the mountains and the cliffs and being able to look out at the endless ocean. After dropping that load off and picking up a trailer that needed to go cross-country on a route that would take them close enough to drop her off, they stopped for a while at a secluded state beach. It was in the middle of nowhere, no towns nearby. Shack had told her that plenty of people didn't bother wearing clothes there. It was at the bottom of a short cliff and out of sight of the road or anything else, but that was up to her.

She'd told him she wasn't shy and it wouldn't be the first time for her to be naked in public but they'd see. They had a very nice time just lying on the beach feeling the warm wind blow off the ocean and breathing in the tangy salt air, watching the very occasional person walk by and seagulls float by on the wind. The wildest thing happened after that. He dared her to let him bury her up to the neck in the sand. She first was tempted to tell him to go pound it (sand), then thought better of it. It took him a while to dig a hole deep enough for her to sit cross-legged in, but finally it was done. He produced a set of handcuffs and said he wanted to cuff her hands behind her back while she was buried, to which she just smiled and spun around, placing her hands together behind her back.

Once she was cuffed she asked him if now that she was helpless, if he wanted her without her bikini too. He confirmed that yes, he was thinking that. She said ok, but if she was going without hers he needed to bury his in the sand real deep with her, to which he smiled and agreed. He pulled the four bows holding the top and bottom of the bikini on her and they fell to the sand, then she climbed carefully into the hole. Shack played a little with her clit, until he got a grunt out of her in reaction then buried her up to just below her breasts. She adjusted to it quickly. It was cold but her body heat warmed the sand immediately around her. He asked if she wanted nipple clamps on and produced a set of clover clamps out of his bag. Frankly, she was already buried enough to be helpless and didn't want them but told him it was up to him. They went on -- it didn't hurt, just held her nipples out firmly and didn't let them shrink back when the cold sand hit them.

Finally she was buried up to her neck, sand packed down and solid. People had walked by from time to time but nobody paid more than passing attention: she wasn't showing any signs of unwillingness. Nobody knew she was completely naked and backcuffed under the sand. After struggling for a few minutes she admitted to him she was completely stuck and at Shack's mercy. The sand was packed so tightly there was no way she could move or stand up.

Now that she admitted she was helpless she wondered what Shack had in mind for her. Shack combed her hair at first, telling her how beautiful she was, how lucky he was to have met her, taking his time, giving her a chance to enjoy the afternoon air and the water eternally lapping a short distance away. After that Shack lay down in front of her and spent about fifteen minutes french kissing her, which she enjoyed. He then scooted up and told her she didn't get dug out until he came and she swallowed every single drop. She sighed but was happy to comply with the request. Although it was difficult she achieved her goal after about twenty minutes and did indeed swallow every drop. After he recovered he dug her out enough so she could stand up. They tried to take the handcuffs off but there was too much sand in the mechanism, so they walked the ten-minute distance to the showers by the stairs up to the road, Tina thought they were quite a sight, her nude trim body caked with sand and her hands cuffed behind her, him equally naked and carrying both of their swim suits, but she didn't care. Shack was loving it, that was all that mattered to her. After they washed off and got the handcuffs off, they went back hand in hand this time, still naked, engaged in the traditional play that naked couples do, although she said it was an entirely different experience right there on the beach in the wide open with people walking by and nobody caring and the sand was a little bit of a problem. Afterward they roasted marshmallows as the sun went down, then climbed back up to the truck and resumed their travel.

They also had plenty of sex, some of it involving her being tied up one way or another, a lot of it not, she related with a smile. She figured she'd be sore for a week. It wasn't so funny with the shoe on the other foot she admitted. He sure as hell had wore her out. She loved getting there, but she was all worn out.

She did find something to do. He hated doing his books, keeping his logs. He wouldn't let her drive, there were insurance problems with that, but she found his logbook and had it up to date for him as of when he dropped her off. He was really grateful. He loved driving, but hated the paperwork and she had done in two hours what normally took him half a day. She smiled and told him that she'd be happy to do the books for any miles she rode with him, hint, hint.

He said that with his schedule the next time he would be back through would be next Friday, another, shorter run to the coast and back, but if she was available he'd love to take her with him again. She said she gave him a big smile, grabbed him by his ears (they were both standing at that moment beside his truck as it idled. He had stopped at the house to drop her off and they were saying their goodbyes), pushed him up against the side of the truck, kissed him deeply, then told him she'd be happy to do his logs and especially him any time she could get the chance. She'd be free next Friday, count on it.

We lived in a ranch house far enough on the outskirts of town that Shack could actually park his rig in the dirt road in front of our house and not tick off the neighbors. He kissed her one more time, a kiss full of promise, she hoped, then he climbed in and with a growl his steed rolled away with him, around the corner and out of sight. She went back in the house and cried herself to sleep until I came home, wondering if it was already over, if it had just been a weekend fling. Yeah, as usual, she had it bad. I just wondered and hoped that this was a good thing. Tina surely had it coming.

He texted her later that night when he stopped, already a state and a half away, told her that he missed her, that he really enjoyed being with her over the weekend, and that he hoped they could do it again next weekend. The texting lasted ten minutes before they were on the phone for two hours. Her toes did not touch the ground for about an hour after that.

story continues in part two

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