Servitium Amoris

by TransAmy

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Storycodes: F/f+; tg; slave; rom; cons; X

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Chapter 20 – Time for Change

It was the largest gathering the great hall had ever seen, every Mistress and Master that had remained loyal to the Institutes traditional values and all their slaves were in attendance.

Grand Mistress Amy sat upon the throne, looking glorious in her catsuit and heels. In the crowd on the front row was Mistress Freya, and her new charges, Elsie, Petra, Julia, Nicola and Betsy.

They all looked at the Grand Mistress with smiles, and love. Only two people were not in attendance, Ellie and Angela. They were still in the recovery suite upstairs. Angela was recovering physically but her mind was not there.

Ellie was distraught and had refused to let people in to see Angela this way. 

“Mistresses, Masters and slaves, welcome to the great hall. Today will see the Institute take on a new mandate. Rule 4 has been abolished, no longer will any slave be made to look away from a superior.

“Non-consensual behaviour and practice has been outlawed, forever. I’m sure you’ve all seen or heard about the horrors which have gone on under the previous structure here. These are my final orders.

“It is also recognised that the Institute is bigger than one person, I therefore abolish the supreme powers that are vested in me. From this point forward, there will be a new structure in place.

“The ranking system will be reviewed, and the following order will be adhered to.

  1. Slave
  2. Alpha slave
  3. Apprentice Mistress/Master
  4. Mistress/Master
  5. Senior Mistress/Master
  6. Grand Mistress/Master

“The title of Grand Mistress/Master will be ceremonial only. They will form part of a six-member council that will steer the Institute into the future. Whilst they will head the council, all decisions must be unanimous.

“A voting system is in place, all members regardless of rank will be able to vote for the nominees listed.

“The results will be addressed this afternoon. In the meantime, I urge you all to make a visit to the temporary medical ward down in the basement. There are many who work tirelessly in need of your support.

It is also important that we all recognise the horrors that come from non-consensual slavery. This lifestyle we all choose is just that, a choice! 

“I beg you all to take serious note and pass on to new recruits the horrors of non-consensual play.

“It has also come to my attention that many of you are curious about the condition of Senior Mistress Angela. I can tell you her body is recovering well, but she still has some way to go, this ordeal has taken a toll on her.

“Likewise, there are many ex-slaves’ downstairs who have suffered much worse. They all need your support and love, to help them move on.

“This afternoon after the final vote has been cast, we will introduce the new council. Their first order of business will be to decide the fate of Tanya and Vivien. They will be put on trial for their crimes today.

“Thank you all," said Amy.

After the speech, the crowd dispersed, many going to the voting booths followed by visits to the medical centre. Many returned tearful, especially the slaves.

It may have seemed cruel to ask people to see what had happened, but Amy thought it was imperative for the education of the members.

Sarah approached Amy, she wanted to catch up, she had been away all week recruiting extra medical teams and seeking homes for some of the former mistreated slaves.

She took a great interest in Angela’s case, being a qualified psychiatrist.

“How is Angela, is she showing any responses to the girls?” asked Sarah.

“Ellie won’t let anyone in, says she will shoot them! I don’t think she’s joking either," said Amy.

“Are you kidding! No wonder she is not making any progress!" said Sarah who was already getting up and heading to Angela’s room. Amy looked confused and followed.

Sarah knocked on the door, Ellie answered after a few seconds. 

“Sorry Sarah, but we’re not up to visitors at the moment," said Ellie.

“Ellie, I’m a doctor, let me in!" said Sarah with some authority. Much to Amy’s surprise Ellie stood aside.

Sarah and Amy came in, they looked at Angela who appeared to just stare vacantly. Ellie began to sob.

“She just stares, she calls my name but that’s it, nothing else,” cried Ellie.

“I know, and I know why," said Sarah. Ellie looked confused but hopeful.

“Can you help her?” asked Ellie.

“Not alone, Ellie, you must let people close to her in, she needs them. A traumatic event like this can cause the victim to focus on the one thing they care about most, in this case it’s you Ellie," said Sarah.

“What can I do," said Ellie.

“Amy, go and get Terry and the rest of the girls!" said Sarah. Then turned back to Ellie.

“Ellie throughout her ordeal she would have pictured you, for strength to fight. Since then, you are the only face she has seen, she is probably thinking she is still stuck in the nightmare!" said Sarah.

Ellie broke down again, sobbing uncontrollably. 

“Ellie, snap out of it, you need to be strong. Go to her, tell her you are here to save her and that the girls are coming," said Sarah.

Ellie did as she asked, and straight away she noticed a tiny difference, Angela’s eyes normally fixated into nothing focused on Ellie.

“That’s it, Angel, follow my voice, the girls are coming, Elsie, Petra, Nicola, Julia, Betsy and Amy. Terry is coming too, Sarah is here with us, you remember Sarah?" said Ellie, waving Sarah over.

Angela’s eyes looked from Ellie to Sarah, this was real progress, Ellie cried with joy. Then Angela just stared between them, not looking at either of them. Just into thin air it seemed. Ellie sighed, and her head sank.

Then she heard a faint whisper.

“Tel...” Barely audible, but Ellie heard it. She looked at Angela, there was a tear. Then she felt a strong hand on her shoulder. Terry was standing there looking at his baby sister.

Angela recognised him and began to weep, she could see the light, the tunnel was coming to an end, Terry was here at last, she knew he would come.

Suddenly more faces appeared, beautiful faces, her girls' faces! The tunnel vanished; the darkness dissipated; she was free.

Her voice was still very weak, but everyone heard her just before she cried.

“My family, I love you all so much.” Angela wept, and was suddenly bombarded with loving cuddles.

Over the next few hours, she grew stronger, her mind regaining her hold. Ellie was finally relieved, Elsie and Nicola dragged her away and insisted on her getting some rest.

Sarah sat with Angela and told her everything. Then Amy walked in to check up on her former Mistress. Angela pulled her into a cuddle.

“All this time, you were right there! I can’t believe I didn’t make the connection," said Angela.

“I know, crazy right?" said Amy.

“They’re all in!” shouted an excited Betsy.

“Feeling up to a trip to the hall?" said Amy to Angela.

“Yes, I’d like that," said Angela.

“Good, I need you for an important announcement," said Amy with a smile.

The crowd gathered in the hall, all eagerly awaiting the results of the ballot. 

Grand Mistress Amy sat upon the throne. Next to her Angela was there in her wheelchair, a little too weak to walk far.

“Slaves, Masters and Mistresses, the results for the council of six are as follows.

  1. Senior Mistress Scarlet
  2. Senior Mistress Sarah
  3. Senior Master Tom
  4. Mistress Stacy
  5. Mistress Abigail

Along with myself these are the choices of the Institution members, I’d like to be the first to congratulate you all, especially Mistresses Stacy and Abigail on your promotions to Senior Mistress," said Amy.

Angela was not nominated due to her uncertain future, but she didn’t care, she knew the Institute was in good hands and was smiling broadly.

“Now I have one more announcement and hope you will all understand what I am about to tell you," said Amy, who paused to look at Angela.

“With immediate effect, I am standing down from my role. My position is from my birthright, and I have not earned this. I stand here before all of you when I should be kneeling. I know nothing of being a Mistress of any kind.

You may disagree, you may not. But I know myself better than almost anyone," said Amy as she started to undress.

“I hereby stand aside, and make way for my replacement, with of course the council's blessing. It is my recommendation the new Grand Mistress will be Angela," said Amy who was now naked. She then retrieved her old collar from the side of the throne.

Kneeling in front of Angela, she placed her collar back around her neck, then looked into her eyes.

“Grand Mistress Angela, I give to you once more my mind, body and soul. To do as you please, to love and to cherish you for as long as you so desire," said Amy, who wept in happiness.

“Amy, I accept you as my very own, and promise to always care for you and protect you to the best of my ability," said Angela. 

The entire hall rose to their feet and started to clap, almost every slave was crying with joy, for they knew just how Amy was feeling.

Angela was then helped to her feet by Terry and Tom, then guided to the throne. 

Amy had one last thing to do, as she presented Angela with a gift. Angela opened the gift box, inside a necklace, made of platinum. The pendant fashioned from Amy’s ring.

As the crowd cheered and clapped their approval, Angela bent down to whisper into Amy’s ear.

“Thank you, Amy, I promise that I will never let you down again," said Angela.

“Thank you, Grand Mistress Angela. Can I make a suggestion that will please all your slaves greatly?" said Amy, who for the first time in weeks felt relaxed and naturally in her place. 

“Of course, my love, anything you want," said Angela. Amy grinned.

“Grand Mistress Angela, will you marry Ellie and stop hiding your feelings for her, we all know how special she is to you, and you to her. She has not left your side for weeks, and we don’t think she ever should!" said Amy.

“I promise I will talk to her today," said Angela who was smiling at the thought of finally sharing a proper life with Ellie.

“Amy, I want to talk to the girls about Freya, I have an important issue to ask of them," said Angela.

“Grand Mistress Angela, there is no need, I sorted that out weeks ago, the girls are already in training with her, as will I be from today," said Amy who was looking forward to a reunion with Mistress Freya.

Later that evening Angela finally caught Ellie alone. They cuddled in private for the first time that day.

“Ell, do you ever tire of hiding our love?" said Angela.

“Not really, as long as I have your love I couldn’t care less about the circumstances. But I don’t think I’m ready to become your slave again," said Ellie with a little concern on how Angela would take that.

“Good, because I don’t want you as a slave anymore," said Angela. Ellie looked hurt, and was almost ready to cry, thinking Angela didn’t want her anymore.

“I want you as my wife Ell, will you marry me?" said Angela.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, I will, my beautiful Angel!” Cried Ellie.

Three doors along the corridor Amy walked into her and Betsy’s room. Betsy was laying on the bed flicking through pages on the laptop. She quickly closed it when Amy came in.

“What’s up babe, what are you looking at?" said Amy through general curiosity.

“Oh...nothing... you know normal stuff," said a nervous Betsy. Amy looked at her, she had that nervous smile she always got when she was up to mischief. 

“Is that so?" said Amy as she approached the bed.

“Then you won’t mind if I have a look!" said Amy who grabbed the laptop and opened it up.

“No please don’t!" said Betsy but it was too late, Amy was staring at the web page.

“Babe, is this something you want?” asked Amy.

“Yes, but it’s just a dream, we can’t so don’t worry about it!" said Betsy who seemed quite sad. Amy grabbed Betsy’s face in her hands and stared hard into her eyes. 

“What my wife wants, my wife gets!" said Amy as she kissed her.

It was just over a year later, Betsy was on the bed, screaming in pain. Amy was next to her trying to calm her down, but she knew nothing could stop the pain she was feeling.

Betsy was breathing hard, taking deep breaths, then the pain hit again, and she screamed again. Then suddenly it was all gone, there was a tiny cry, both Amy and Betsy looked at each other, tears of joy in their eyes.

“Congratulations, it’s a girl!" said the Doctor. 

Before Amy had her operation, she was advised to save some of her sperm, because, you just never know!

Now, Betsy had just given birth to a healthy baby girl, Olivia Stephanie Jensen-Palmer. Named after both girl’s mothers.

Amy took her daughter from the doctor, all wrapped up in a blanket and passed her to Betsy. They looked at their baby, so beautiful, the proud parents kissed each other. Then shared that special moment together, the first family moment for their daughter.

A few minutes later Amy burst into the waiting room, a crowd of people were waiting for some news. 

“It’s a girl!" said a delighted Amy, who was instantly mobbed by several excited girls!

As the visitors took turns going to see the latest member of their family, back at the castle a plan was in action.

For the past several months a mysterious woman had risen through the ranks of the Institute, gaining the rank of Mistress with flying colours. She was, however, on a mission.

Tonight was finally the time to execute the mission. There were limited staff, the Grand Mistress was away with a good section of the guard detail.

Mistress Samira, a beautiful Asian woman, headed down to the dungeons. She approached the cell of Tanya. The former prosecutor had been sentenced to life imprisonment within the castle.

She could have had the chance of parole if she agreed to get help, but she remained set in her ways.

Tanya looked up from her bed and saw the Mistress looking down on her. Samira smiled.

“The time has come for you," said Samira as she reached into her pocket.

Tanya looked at her with a smile, and casually walked towards the bars of her cell.

“It’s about time, Sammi my love, I need to get out of here and rebuild my empire," said Tanya.

Samira unlocked the cell and the two embraced. Samira was a well-kept secret by Tanya, she knew that one day her lover would come to save her. The two of them snuck through the shadows and avoided the security cameras.

Within twenty minutes they were in a car and heading for the south coast. A boat awaited them to escape the country until the time was right, the time for revenge.

As the boat headed into the channel, Tanya looked back at the shoreline.

“I’ll be back soon, and I’ll be looking for you 337,” she said with an evil smile.

Terry was holding baby Olivia, she was barely an hour old, and he was telling her how he likes his tea. Which Betsy found hilarious. Terry felt the buzz of his phone in his pocket and looked briefly at the text message.

A look of concern spread across his face and he gently passed tiny Olivia back to her mum.

He made a quick call, then went back to his phone. On a WhatsApp group he pasted in a picture and then typed a short message. The picture was of Tanya.

Warning, escaped convict, extremely dangerous, do not engage this woman. Contact Institute security upon any sightings. Be vigilant and increase security at all locations, effective immediately.

Several hundred phones across the country buzzed as soon as Terry hit send on the message. Terry’s security for the Institute was second to none, but the escape bothered him deeply. Someone had to be on the inside.

Several hours later a boat docked at a private jetty on the coast of Jersey. Tanya was a wealthy woman; her secret residence here was not known to anyone but her most trusted staff.

Jersey was the one place within the United Kingdom where the Institute had no presence. It was ideal for Tanya to rebuild. 

The boat crew unloaded a large bag, inside a poor woman was struggling to break free of her bonds. Tanya laughed and gave the bag a tap.

“Don’t worry 338, we’ll have you all settled soon, then we can have some fun!" said Tanya. Inside the bag the poor woman heard the voice, a shudder ran through her, Vivien’s life was about to become unbearable.


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