Servitium Amoris II

by TransAmy

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Readers new to this tale may wish to start with . Unlike that work, all chapters of this book are contained on this page, so be prepared for a long read!

Chapter 1

Betsy was sweating profusely; she was pounding away on the treadmill approaching her target of ten miles. Since giving birth she had become obsessed with getting back into shape, and it had worked well.

She was more than toned, exercise had become an integral part of her life, one which pleased Amy to no end.

Amy herself was always in their gym, ever since her miraculous transformation. The pair of gym bunnies were rarely apart, they were more in love than ever before.

Baby Olivia was now almost ten months old, the proud parents doted on her as did her myriad of aunties. Amy and Betsy had slipped back into their lives serving their beloved Mistress Angela, and her understudy, Mistress Freya.

Though they didn’t spend as much time as previously, parenting was not something Angela would allow them to let suffer. The girls were given longer periods of rest to attend their bundle of joy.

They would visit Angela for service for two nights per week, baby Olivia was always cared for by one or more of her aunties. Plus Freya would often make house calls when Olivia was fast asleep.

Their training did not lack by any means, their lives were simply perfect.

Freya had worked hard on Amy, she could use humiliation to bring her to such a heightened state of arousal, just a touch could have her over the edge.

Likewise she had found weaknesses to exploit in all the girls, Angela was more than impressed with her talents. Angela too had taken a little step back, with Freya to help, she could spend more time with Ellie.

Angela and Ellie were now officially married, it wasn’t a glamorous wedding but that didn’t matter to them. They spent lots of their time together, Ellie was noticeably happier.

Ellie had given up her life as a slave, although she was still as fit as the others, possibly more so, she felt her prime had gone. Her delicate toned body had more muscle to it nowadays, which helped with her new job.

Ellie and Terry headed up the security for the Institute, and with the escape of Tanya they had become ever vigilant.

Betsy hit her milestone and slowed the treadmill down to an easy pace, slowly warming down from her strenuous run.

“Wow, smells like my gorgeous wife needs a shower!” said Amy walking into the gym room. Betsy giggled and blew her a kiss as she gently jogged along.

Finally stopping she went through her routine of stretching her muscles.

“You going to hit the treadmill too babe?” said Betsy mid-stretch.

“Maybe later, Liv needs feeding soon,” said Amy.

“I can do that, you take a run, I don’t want you too tired later, I have plans!” said Betsy with a cheeky smile.

“Oh, and what might those be?” said Amy as she approached Betsy from behind. She cuddled her from behind running her hands over Betsy’s breasts and playfully biting her neck.

Betsy groaned and leant back into her lover's embrace.

“Oh, it’s going to be a lot like this!” said Betsy who was getting very turned on. Amy tweaked her nipples as Betsy turned her head to meet Amy’s lips. They shared a passionate kiss, then Amy smacked her bum and broke away smiling.

“Go take that shower, you smell,” she said, as she laughed at Betsy now, she was all worked up.

“You are such a tease wifey! I might have to spank you later!” said Betsy grinning.

“Now who’s teasing?” said Amy, biting her lip.

“You know, Liv is still sleeping, there’s room for two in the shower?” said Betsy trying to seduce Amy.

“Nice try stinky, but I’m saving you for later,” said Amy with a look of lust in her eyes. Betsy put on a playful pout, then grinned as she walked off to the bathroom.

“Your loss!” she said as she headed off. Amy laughed and went to see if the baby was awake.

“Hello baby girl,” said Amy as she reached into the cot.

“You hungry after that long sleepy weepy,” said Amy, then carried her to the kitchen to warm a bottle of milk.

Betsy had finished in the shower and came into the kitchen, smiling at Olivia and grabbing her tiny feet.

“Good morning my little baby girl, did you have a nice sleepy?” said Betsy.

Olivia was smiling, she was an extremely happy baby. Not surprising considering the amount of love that was always given to her.

The happy trio went to the living room and sat down on the sofa. Amy was feeding the baby and Betsy flicked on the TV, more out of habit than anything else.

Sky news was on, and the happy couple doted on their daughter. There was a breaking story, neither of them were paying much attention until they heard the news reporter live at the scene.

“I’m reporting live from the scene, they are saying the woman’s body was pulled from the Thames, wearing some kind of metal underwear,” said the reporter. Both Amy and Betsy instantly looked at the television.

Betsy grabbed her phone and instantly dialled Ellie.

“Ellie, Sky news, switch it on,” said Betsy.

“I’m already watching, so is Terry. It’s got to be her,” said Ellie.

“Oh god, I was really hoping we’d seen the last of her,” said Betsy.

“We’re sending out a system wide warning on the group chat. Stay alert Betsy, we can’t take any chances. I’m also sending you a bodyguard so please make them feel welcome,” said Ellie, who was all business.

“Will do Ellie, stay safe, love you,” said Betsy.

“You too Bets and give that sweet little thing a kiss for me!” said Ellie before hanging up. Betsy put the phone on the table, then leaned over to Olivia and kissed her on the cheek.

“That’s from auntie Ellie!” said Betsy with a grin, Olivia smiled around her bottle and dribbled a little milk.

Amy dabbed the spilled milk with the baby’s bib, then looked to Betsy with a concerned face.

“Do you think she would dare try anything again?” said Amy.

“I wouldn’t put anything past that woman, she is undoubtedly psychotic!” said Betsy.

“Enslaving people against their will is shocking, but this is murdering!” said Amy who was feeling sick at the thought of what Tanya was capable of.

“Babe, relax, Ellie is sending us a bodyguard, we’ll be fine. As long as you can control yourself with a strapping young man in the house!” said Betsy with a chuckle.

Amy laughed; the poor guy wouldn’t know what hit him if the two decided to take advantage of him. It would certainly be a revelation for him.

The pair had often joked how they would have some poor guy orgasming within seconds, normally just before they got turned on and ended up ravaging each other.

A few hours later Betsy’s phone rang, it was Ellie.

“Bets, your bodyguard is just pulling up, thought I’d let you know so you don’t get worried at seeing a stranger,” said Ellie.

“Oh I think he’s the one that’ll be worried!” said Betsy in a cheeky voice. Ellie laughed, and Betsy got a little suspicious as it wasn’t Ellie’s normal laugh, more like her practical joke laugh.

“Well Bets, you have fun with that, but be warned you might bite off more than you can chew!” said Ellie still laughing. Then hung up the phone.

Just then the doorbell rang, and Betsy went to let the guard in. For some reason she adjusted herself in the hall mirror and checked her makeup.

Opening the door, Betsy froze. Standing before her was a woman in her early thirties, her body looked ripped from what Betsy could see and at 5’10” she looked like an Amazonian warrior.

“Hi, you must be Betsy?” said the gorgeous brunette. Betsy held out her hand but couldn’t stop staring at this powerful woman. Eventually she found her tongue and managed to speak.

“Sorry, I was expecting someone else,” said Betsy, falling over her own words.

“I get that a lot, Ellie likes to keep me a secret, she finds it funny when I tell her how people react to me,” said the Amazon.

“Sorry, please come in, er…?” said Betsy, not knowing her name.

“Cara,” she replied.

“Cara, that’s a lovely name, well Cara, come and meet the family!” said Betsy with a smile. She then led Cara into the living room to meet Amy and Olivia.

They all sat down, and Betsy made the introductions, Amy smiled inwardly as she noticed that Betsy couldn’t help but study Cara’s ripped body.

She had a thing for powerful women, especially since she became a fitness fanatic. Cara had noticed the attention too, so thought she’d get this out in the open before it became a problem.

“Wow, it’s hot in here, mind if I take my jacket off?” said Cara.

“Please make yourself at home,” said Amy, with a grin. She was going to enjoy this; Betsy was watching her like a star struck teenager.

Cara took off her jacket, she was wearing a tight crop top that showed off her magnificent breasts, but Betsy was just staring at her stomach. The six pack abs were amazing, and Betsy just looked and looked.

“Wow!” said Betsy, who hadn’t realised she spoke aloud.

“You Ok there babe?” said Amy with a huge smile.

“Cara, you’re amazing, your body is just, wow!” said Betsy.

“Sorry Cara, you’ll have to forgive my wife here, she has a thing for fitness,” said Amy who was loving this fascination from Betsy.

“It’s Ok, I get it, that used to be me when I was younger,” said Cara smiling.

“Cara, you must workout, like, all day long!” said Betsy.

“I work out a lot, yes, it’s not easy to keep this; it takes dedication,” said Cara.

Amy noticed Cara had a gun strapped to her back and was a little concerned with having guns in the house.

“Cara, sorry, but do you have to be armed?” asked Amy.

“No Amy, sorry I forgot I still had this on. As soon as I get settled you won’t see it again. There’s a team of guys outside now setting up a safety system. Once I get an all clear the gun goes away,” said Cara.

“Ok, I’m just not happy with guns around our baby, that’s all,” said Amy.

“I understand, if it’s any consolation, I’ve never had to use it in over ten years doing this work,” said Cara.

“I’m guessing you got moves to go with those muscles?” said Betsy, who was still staring at Cara.

“I have a few,” said Cara with a chuckle.

“Ok, Betsy, if I let you touch my abs will you stop staring?” Laughed Cara.

“Uh? Oh, sorry, can I?” said Betsy with a smile.

“Sure,” said Cara.

Betsy ran her hand over Cara’s abs, it was a gentle exploration. Cara held her emotions in check, but deep down this young woman’s touch felt heavenly to Cara.

Amy thought she saw just a little sparkle in Cara’s eye, as Betsy touched her. She had a funny feeling that within the next few days Cara would be in their bed with them both.

Whilst Amy was not as fascinated as Betsy, she had to admit that Cara was very sexy, and she knew the two of them could not resist a powerful woman. If Cara was into girls, she just landed her dream job, thought Amy.

Angela was resting at home, even though she was now the Grand Mistress, she didn’t spend much time at the castle. If needed she could be there within around 30-40 minutes.

The grounds of her residence were quite large, and a helicopter was readily available to transport her down to Kent.

The castle had become less of a residence these days, it was used as an academy for training, as well as the security hub for the Institute guard.

Angela only really went there for ceremonies and the occasional meeting of the council.

Work had also started on a new structure, this would be to help the staff care for over seventy ex-slaves, some of which would never find a place back in society.

Most of them still wore various devices designed by Tanya, they had proven to be impossible to remove without a serious risk to the wearer. Teams were still working on ways to undo the horrid implements without harming people.

Poor Evelyn was still completely stuck in her permanent prison, she and six others were found to be in these ridiculous prison suits. Their lives were over, all had been brainwashed by Tanya’s looping hypnosis.

In a way it was a blessing thought Angela, for being sane and stuck like this would be a constant torture. At least they were at peace now, the shock features had been disabled.

Angela looked in the mirror above the fireplace, her hair had grown back to a decent length, she could at least pull it back into a ponytail now. But she longed to have it back to its former flowing glory.

Her daydreaming of longer hair was broken by the sound of heels approaching. Freya was coming up the stairs from the basement, she had been down there for some time with Julia and Petra.

“You’d think that I wouldn’t be surprised how much that girl can come by now!” said an exhausted Freya as she flopped into one of the armchairs.

Angela chuckled. She knew all too well Freya was talking about Petra, the self-confessed nymphomaniac.

“Petra got you earning a living again?” said Angela with a smile.

“I thought I could wear her out, to the point that her orgasms became too much to bear!” said Freya.

“How many before you gave up?” Enquired Angela.

“I stopped counting after fifteen! The girl just won’t stop squirting, I have no idea where it all comes from?” said Freya with sheer amazement.

“How about Julia?” asked Angela.

“Julia is easy, I had her begging me to stop after four!” said Freya.

“Did you?” asked Angela.

“No, I coaxed one more before letting her simmer down,” said Freya with a grin.

“Did Petra pout when you stopped?” said Angela who was finding this all very amusing.

“Stopped? She’s still going!” said Freya in disbelief.

Angela laughed out aloud at this news and thought she would go down and see for herself in a little while.

“She is one of a kind, you’d have more joy from edging her, then she will be putty in your hands.” Advised Angela who was still laughing. Freya was laughing too.

Downstairs a bound Petra was just rolling her eyes back as, yet another orgasm hit her, the fucking machine pounding away at her was working miracles combined with the Hitachi wand resting against her clit.

Julia had long ago passed out from her exertions; Freya had taken pity on the poor girl. Petra was still going strong, she couldn’t work out between orgasms whether it was her birthday or not, but she was not complaining about her treat.

Nicola was sitting in her office going through the week’s sales figures, business was on the up. Things had changed at the store, there were new staff. Only one of the slaves was on duty at any time, and they were kept off the shop floor.

They were there solely to model anything for Institute clients, and all these were done in the private rooms with security on close standby. Ever since the incident with Petra last year Angela didn’t want the girls in harm’s way.

The new staff were regular people, though some had shown a keen interest in the BDSM lifestyle. These people were not serious players though, Angela did think one or two may have potential. Time would tell.

The club next door was doing well, there seemed to be an upturn in attendances since the store opened, Suzie and Pete had even taken on some help.

Institute security even provided some doormen for club nights, people were now vetted in and out of the club, to make sure no-one was being taken against their will.

Life in general was running along smoothly for everyone, until the news this morning. Now everyone was a little on edge, the news had shocked quite a few people.

Everyone knew Tanya was bad news, but this was another level. Everyone was praying it was just a coincidence, but deep down they all knew it must be her work.

Tanya was fuming, she had captured her latest slave at a private meet arranged through a fake account on a dating site. She often travelled to London for these as it was a hotbed for kinky people looking for some fun.

The marks were easy pickings, and mostly very gullible when thinking they were getting a free session with a Dominatrix. For Tanya it was as good as window shopping.

She had made short work of breaking Vivien for some valuable information on her slave trade deals. She soon contacted the buyers and promised a stream of young fresh slaves.

The latest was a young mixed heritage girl, she was going to fetch a good price too. The poor girl had realised she was in over her head quickly. Tanya had her in one of her deadly belts and was transporting her to the docklands ready for shipping back to Jersey.

They had done this run countless times without a hitch, but this time it went terribly wrong. Crossing one of the bridges over the Thames, the girl made a run for it.

She managed to get out of the car and start running, it was in the early hours of the morning and there was no traffic around. The car came to a halt on the bridge as a fox ran out into the road.

The naked girl made a break for it and ran for her life. Tanya got out and activated the shock mode to halt the girl, but that’s where it all went bad.

She was running so fast that the shock sent her sideways, she toppled over the side of the bridge and into the Thames. She desperately tried to swim to safety, but the weight of the belt was dragging her down, plus the cold water didn’t do her any favours.

The next morning her lifeless body was washed up on the bank some half a mile downstream.

Tanya had managed to keep a low profile and was doing remarkably well. But as this story broke some details came to light. The poor girl had told a friend where she was going, and why.

It was a safety net for meeting strangers for sexual needs, but when she didn’t check in or come home the authorities were alerted.

Tanya would now have to keep an even lower profile; her meal ticket of fresh slaves would slow considerably. She would need a new source.

Chapter 2

Cara had been watching the two mums and their baby for three days, all was quiet and there were no signs of any trouble. The trio had gotten on well, Cara had even helped them with some new fitness workouts.

Amy and Betsy were busy doing their morning workouts, they liked to get some exercise in before Olivia woke up. Cara was having a morning cup of coffee and watching the girls.

She had long thought she might be a lesbian, or at the very least bi-sexual, but work had always put her sex life on the back burner. This latest assignment was hard for her. Amy and Betsy were not shy about affection and Cara was forever seeing them kiss and cuddle.

Sometimes she would accidently walk in on them having a proper smooch, she would feel very awkward and make an excuse to leave. But the truth was she was so turned on she couldn’t control her dampness.

As she drank her coffee, she didn’t realise she was staring at the two girls with glazed eyes. Watching their cute bums as one was running the other on the spinning bike.

Amy saw her in the reflection of the glass door and nodded to Betsy to look too. They both smiled, Cara was subconsciously rubbing her breast as she watched, oblivious to the girls noticing.

She suddenly realised what she was doing and stopped, getting out of the room quickly after realising she was very wet in her knickers. She headed out into the garden and made a call.

“Hi Ellie, it’s Cara,” she said on the phone.

“Hey Cara, everything ok?” said Ellie, a little concerned.

“Yes fine, all safe here, that’s not why I’m calling,” said Cara, a little uncomfortable with where she needed to go with this call.

“Ok, that’s good, so what can I do for you?” remarked Ellie.

“Can I get another assignment?” asked Cara.

“We’re a little thin on the ground just now, I kinda need you there, besides, I need my best people right where you are!” said Ellie.

“Ok, don’t worry, I’ll work it out,” said Cara.

“Cara, talk to me, if there’s a problem, we can work it out,” said Ellie, she liked Cara they had spent a lot of time training. Cara had taught Ellie the best way to use her smaller physique to her advantage.

“I’m just having a few personal issues. I’ll get over it, please don’t worry,” said Cara, who was going to hang up, but she heard Ellie start to talk.

“Cara, it’s Amy and Betsy, isn’t it?” said Ellie.

“What do you mean?” said Cara, a little panicked.

“Cara, I trained with you for months, I saw the way you checked me out, and those two are hotter than hell, no one can blame you for looking!” said Ellie, she had never cottoned on to Cara that she knew about her interests. It was Cara’s business after all.

“Oh, no, no I’m not a lesbian, I just….” Stuttered Cara.

“Well you should be, you obviously have an interest, and you really are missing out on a lot of fun!” said Ellie, who was trying to make her more comfortable.

“Yeah, maybe, but these two are married and in love, and so damn sexy and out of bounds! It’s driving me crazy!” said Cara, who suddenly realised she had said too much.

“Feel better now you’ve finally told someone?” said Ellie.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe I just said that to my boss!” said Cara. Ellie laughed.

“Relax, let them know you’re interested, they are so in love it’s unreal, but they are very open, and sexually they are super-hot, I guarantee that Betsy has masturbated thinking about you!” said Ellie.

“Ok, ok, I’ll think about it, I’m just worried it might affect my judgement, that's all,” said Cara.

“It won’t, Cara Veers does not get distracted, this much I know,” said Ellie.

“Now, enjoy your assignment! That’s an order Veers!” said Ellie before hanging up. Cara sighed deeply, then turned to head back indoors. But nearly jumped out of her skin when she noticed Betsy was just sitting there.

“How long have you been there?” said a panicked Cara.

“Long enough to know I’m driving you crazy,” said Betsy, biting her lip. Cara felt her pussy leak a little seeing her like that, she was being teased or seduced, she didn’t know which.

“Betsy, I…” Stumbled Cara.

“Relax Cara, Ellie was right,” said Betsy as she got up and approached Cara. Betsy held her by the waist and looked into her eyes.

“I have masturbated over you!” said Betsy, a look of lust in her eyes. Cara nearly came right there and then, she was so wet, she was convinced a damp patch had appeared on her jeans.

She stood there speechless, not really knowing what to do, she was out of her depth here. Betsy noticed her quandary and did what Betsy does best. She pulled Cara closer and kissed her full on the lips.

Cara the powerful Amazonian warrior was shaking like a leaf. But Betsy was going to have her kiss, and nobody could resist her kisses, it was her superpower of seduction.

Cara melted into her and was soon kissing her back, it was her first girl on girl kiss and was everything she’d dreamed of, and more. It lasted for a long minute, before Betsy broke off.

“That wasn’t so hard was it?” said Betsy, who took Cara’s hand and led her back indoors. Amy was sitting on the sofa, the baby in her arms.

“Sorry Cara, this little one woke up early, or I would’ve kissed you too!” said Amy with a sultry smile.

“Oh I’m sure you’ll make up for it tonight wifey!” said Betsy. The way Amy looked at Cara it was a definite yes to that question.

“Ok, Cara, truth time. How long have you felt like this about girls?” said Betsy.

“Hard to say really, I guess I always have,” said Cara.

“So you’ve had lovers before?” asked Amy.

“No, well, no women, or men come to think of it, I’ve just never had time for anything serious,” said Cara, who couldn’t believe how open she was to these two.

“Well, you're gonna have to make time later honey!” said Betsy with a cheeky grin. Cara squirmed a little in her seat, Ellie was right they were incredibly open!

“Listen, I’ve never been with a girl before, I mean I just had my first kiss with a girl!” said Cara who was very anxious about sleeping with two gorgeous women.

“You know what you like right? So you’ll know what to do, don’t beat yourself up about it, at least you’ve been a girl all your life!” said Amy smiling.

“Well, this has been fun, but I need to finish my run! Feel free to watch my tush again Cara!” said Betsy heading back to the gym, who then exaggerated her hip movement to tease the poor woman.

“And I need to bathe and feed this little one!” said Amy, getting up to see to Olivia.

Cara sat there finally alone, sliding her hand down her knickers she decided she might need a shower herself!

Tanya was still mad as hell by the time she got back to Jersey, she headed straight down to the dungeons, someone was going to bear the brunt of her wrath.

Along one wall were three alcoves, though only one was occupied. The first two places were empty, but the third held a vacant looking 338. Poor old Vivien was there in body, but her mind had long gone.

Tanya’s evil devices kept her body alive; her mind still received the signals from pain, but apart from that all she knew was that she was 338, and she loved her Mistress Tanya.

Once Tanya had bled her dry for her secrets, Vivien spent the best part of a year listening to the brainwashing loop, until now she knew nothing different.

To her left the two empty alcoves had numbers stencilled, 336 and 337. Tanya looked at the spaces, her face had a look of confusion. She was pissed that they had been taken from her, they were her property, and she was determined to get them back.

Just like Evelyn and Angela, Vivien was given the full treatment, her suit was permanent. Tanya took great delight in knowing that nobody had managed to find a way to remove the suits from her slaves.

She planned to one day find a way to get back into the castle and retrieve 336, she already had a new suit made for 337 also. But the next time she had Angela she would waste no time in making things permanent.

Tanya walked over to 338 and ran her hand over her bald head. Gently tracing the words tattooed on her forehead, Tanya’s Bitch.

“Poor 338, I know you’re lonely down here, but soon you will have your old friends back, you remember 336 and 337, don’t you?” said Tanya, rhetorically obviously.

“In the meantime, I’m afraid you will have to keep me entertained,” said the evil Mistress as she squeezed one of Vivien’s stretched nipples.

Vivien barely registered the pain, it was there for sure, but her brainwashing only registered that her beloved Mistress was paying her attention, Vivien would have probably felt some pain, but she was no more, 338 felt a sense of pride that Mistress spared some time for her.

Tanya received a text on her phone, a new slave was being unloaded at the dock.

“Good, something to keep me occupied for a while!” she said to herself, then marched off to the slave reception area.

The poor slave was a young man, barely in his twenties. Hands cuffed behind him, and a tight leather discipline helmet laced on his head.

A stainless ring was around his scrotum, holding his impressively large balls in a firm grip. Tanya took note of the ring, it was not one of hers. She grabbed the poor man’s balls to inspect it.

“You are fucking idiots,” shouted Tanya at the two man capture team. The ring bore the mark of the Institute and was the property of Mistress Abigail. It would surely have a tracker.

Tanya was prepared for this; she knew it would one day prove to be a possible complication. She had a special device that could unlock and disarm the trackers of the Institute, a gift from Mistress Samira.

The problem was the tracker would show the last known location, and Tanya’s secret lair could be discovered. Tanya got her phone out and contacted her security team.

“Initiate cover protocol,” she ordered, then hung up. Her cover was the front of the premises, which was disguised as a sexual health clinic. Anyone asking about the missing slave would be fed a story about him attending.

Fake doctors would advise that he had a ring removed for some or other medical reason. Hopefully, that would be the end of it, they didn’t need to worry about extra details, as it would fall under doctor/patient confidentiality.

The slave felt his Mistress' ball weighted ring fall from him, a sense of dread fell over him, more at the loss of his prized gift than his predicament. But that would soon change.

“Take 427 to the dungeon and secure him,” ordered Tanya, then turned her attention to the capture team.

“Unless you two would like to become 428 and 429, I suggest you report to toilet duties immediately!” barked Tanya. The two men made a hasty retreat, toilet duty was demeaning but the other option didn’t bear thinking about.

Samira walked into the room, a smile on her face.

“Toilet duty? Are you going soft my love,” said Samira as she approached Tanya and kissed her. Tanya grabbed Samira roughly and returned the kiss, making sure she asserted her dominance.

“They are already assigned those numbers; they just think they have gotten away with it. They will clean the toilets until I have time to process them,” said Tanya with an evil smile.

“Now that’s the Mistress I love!” said Samira in a sultry voice.

“Samira you are incredibly special, if I didn’t need you to spy on the Institute, I would have you permanently chained to my bed. I bet you’d like that wouldn’t you? My permanent sex slave!” said Tanya who then kissed Samira roughly again.

Samira was deeply in love with Tanya, but she feared her too. Deep down she knew that Tanya would one day become bored of her, then her fate would be uncertain. But she was in too deep now, she had made her bed and now had to lie in it.

“I would do anything to please you, my Mistress,” replied a nervous Samira.

“And please me you will, my dear slave,” said Tanya as she led Samira to her private room.

In the private room, Samira stripped off her clothes and stood naked in front of her love, Tanya approached her as she backed towards the large bed. Tanya ran her fingers along Samira’s cheek, slowly working down towards her breast.

Her breasts were heaving, her arousal evident in her panting. Tanya’s hand rested between her breasts, then with great force she pushed Samira back onto the bed. Unprepared Samira flew back and landed splayed open.

On full display, her wet pussy looked inviting to Tanya who licked her lips. Tanya reached for her nearby strap on dildo, an amply sized eight inches and thick.

Pulling the straps tight, Tanya mounted the bed and crawled up between Samira’s legs. She leant down and roughly bit into Samira’s breast, then looked into her eyes before parting her legs further.

Samira was scared, before this their love making had been gentle and passionate. This side of Tanya frightened her but also turned her on. Samira had conflicting emotions, but she needed to be fucked, she needed to be impaled by the huge cock at her open pussy.

“Tell me slave, what do you want right now?” said Tanya in a husky voice.

“I want you to fuck me Mistress, fuck me hard!” said Samira panting.

Tanya ran her fingers along Samira’s wet pussy, coating them in her juices. She covered the dildo with them slowly wanking it. Samira watched her, she had never felt such a need before, she wanted Tanya so badly right now.

Raising her hand, Tanya licked her fingers, tasting Samira. Then she aimed the tip of the dildo at her entrance.

“How much do you need this slave?” said Tanya, still husky, her eyes glazed.

“Mistress, I need it badly, I have to have it, I need to feel your power over me!” said Samira, her lust had taken over and she was lost to the moment. Her pussy was aching for the insertion.

“Slaves wear collars, especially sluts like you, there’s one behind you,” said Tanya as she pushed the tip just a little to tease Samira.

Samira reached above her head and felt the collar, her eyes not leaving Tanya’s and her pussy twitching.

Feeling the metal collar she pulled it toward her neck, hearing the chink of the attached chain.

“Put it on, slave, and become the total slut you are,” ordered Tanya with just a little more pressure on the dildo.

Samira closed the collar around her neck, it was a snug fit and about two inches tall. As she closed it, her fingers searched for the latch to close it. A resounding click however confirmed her fears. Only Tanya could take this off.

“There’s a good slut,” said Tanya who eased forward burying the entire eight inches into Samira’s-soaked pussy.

Samira groaned, her head flew back, the wave of pleasure rushing through her soul. Tanya began to slowly fuck her, long slow strokes. Samira was in heaven, the submission to Tanya did something to her, something she had never experienced before.

Tanya built up her rhythm and before long she was pounding Samira’s pussy, the poor girl was defenceless to the fucking, her body exploded with her first orgasm.

There was no let-up though, the pounding continued sloppy sounds now coming from Samira’s pussy as the cock rammed her time and again. Samira’s second orgasm hit her even harder, her pussy now squirting her sweet juices all over the dildo that was ruthlessly fucking her.

Tanya slowed down then withdrew.

“On your knees slut, take this cock like the doggy slut you are,” ordered Tanya.

Samira obeyed and she felt the cock slide into her again, she buried her face into the bed and groaned loudly. Tanya was running her fingers through Samira’s arse cheeks; her juices had made them all slick.

A finger probed her anus, Samira had never had anything up there and her eyes flew open, but her pleasure was building again. Mistress Tanya picked up speed and slipped a second finger into her.

Her groans grew louder and took on a new level as her third orgasm approached, a third finger now joined the attack in her rosebud.

Samira was being fucked in two holes now, orgasm three ripped through her, it was a level she had never achieved before her groans fell silent as her breathing temporarily stopped, her eyes rolling far back into her head.

The pleasure was almost too much to bear as it crashed over her in a tsunami of pure ecstasy. Her body fell forward, falling off the dildo, she lay there just twitching.

Tanya wasn’t done; she pushed Samira’s legs together with her knees then aimed the dildo for her slickened rear opening. She eased it in, then started to slowly take her anal virginity.

Samira soon roused from her afterglow, the new intrusion felt strange at first then became pleasure, a pleasure strange to her. She often heard about anal orgasms but couldn’t understand the concept, she was about to find out.

The pace picked up; Tanya was sweating now from her exertions as she pummelled the poor woman’s anal passage. Samira was coming again, it was powerful, not quite as strong as the last one, but still one of her strongest ever.

Samira screamed into the sheets as her orgasm ripped through, Tanya kept going, one by one she pulled Samira’s wrists behind her and locked them into a pair of cuffs like her collar, seamless and joined by an extremely short link of chain.

She pulled on the cuffs forcing Samira back on to her knees, her face still in the covers of the bed. The anal assault continued with a rampant pace, Samira was delirious with pleasure, overloaded with the rush of endorphins.

Yet another orgasm tore through her now defenceless body, her mind was somewhere else, slaves would call it subspace, whatever it was she felt good. She collapsed onto the bed once again, Tanya finally pulled out, she needed a break too.

Samira felt fumbling behind her but was too far into her afterglow to realise or worry about it. A small amount of pressure formed in her shoulders, she dismissed it, as she dismissed the activity at her ankles.

Tanya stood up, looking down at the pleasure slut on her bed, the new cuffs on her ankles and just above her elbows looked sexy set against Samira’s golden-brown skin.

Her elbows were drawn close, just an inch apart, her ankles fettered by a foot of chain. Tanya joined her on the bed, she stroked her matted hair from her face. Samira looked at her, eyes all glazed.

“Thank you, Mistress,” said Samira.

“The pleasure was all mine, slut, now let’s hope you can return the favour, I’d hate to have to heighten my pleasure from locking these permanently. You know how much that turns me on, slave,” said Tanya as she repositioned her body at the head of the bed.

“Now my slave, I do believe you owe me five glorious orgasms, you better get to work!” said Tanya as she opened her slave app and registered the new devices.

Samira struggled in her bonds but managed to worm her way to Tanya’s sopping pussy, she began to get at it with enthusiasm, the thought of living out her days on this bed were far from her mind, though not overly a bad thing she thought.

Back on the mainland, Amy and Betsy were giggling in the living room, the baby was fast asleep, and they were planning the seduction of Cara.

Cara was doing a quick perimeter sweep of the house, another guard had arrived for the night shift, he would stay outside across the street in a well-hidden bivvy. Sensors around the house would alert both him and Cara if set off.

Cara signed off for the night, only a security alarm would get her interest now, the other guard was more than capable.

She walked back in and saw the two sexy women sitting in the living room, they were cuddled up close and looked deep into conversation. Cara decided to hit the shower and get ready for some rest.

Cara stripped off her clothes, standing naked in the bathroom, she studied her Amazonian body; she had neglected her usual routine whilst on this assignment, but she was pleased to see she hadn’t lost the edge off her toned muscles.

Normally she would train hard for at least four hours a day. Climbing into the shower she let the water flow over her and cleared her mind as she enjoyed the sensation of the hot water.

Her mind drifted and she imagined Betsy in here with her, soaping her body. Her hand drifted down to her pussy and began to explore. The fantasy felt good, really good, too good!

Cara’s eyes shot open, she was not alone, she felt a body press up against hers from behind, the soft breasts now touching her back, hands wandered over her, soaping her muscled body.

Cara groaned as she enjoyed the soft touch of the mystery woman. Her eyes closed again as her head fell back. The hands appeared to be everywhere at once soothing her body, Cara smiled, there were four hands, the horny couple had both joined her.

Two of the hands glided up her body and reached around to hold her firm breasts, they gently squeezed, and fingers and thumbs flicked over her now hardened nipples. Her groans were getting louder.

At the same time, the other two hands drifted down her body, one at the front and one behind. The rear one ran its fingers through her pert tight cheeks, gently teasing her rear entrance.

The front made similar motions, finding her wetness, and exploring the hidden wonders. Cara was in heaven. Her arousal was high, and she was feeling super sensitive.

The fingers on her nipples were replaced with soft lips, her moans went up another octave. Below two fingers slowly entered her, one front one back, she squealed at the sudden rush of pleasure.

The gentle probing and nipple sucking continued, Cara was feeling a familiar rise in her arousal. Her pussy suddenly felt a second finger enter, they glided effortlessly in and out of her.

Cara was getting close, awfully close, but the two women seemed to sense this and backed off, teasing her. She let out a desperate whimper feeling her arousal stall.

The attention came back, a little stronger this time, and Cara was soon getting back to being remarkably close to her orgasm, but the two pleasure assassins were ruthless and once again backed off, Cara whimpered again.

“Please, let me come.” She whispered.

She got no reply, just another steady build up, this teasing was divine, but she was in desperate need of release. Another build up and another denial, Cara was a tinderbox ready to be ignited, but the flame was just out of reach. A mouth came close to her ear, then gently nibbled it.

It was almost enough to send her over the top, almost! The husky voice of one of her tormentors whispered to her.

“Beg for it.”

“Please, please make me come, I need to come, I’ll do anything to come, please!” whispered Cara.

The nibbling continued, it was driving her insane, more lips found her nipples and the fingers inside her soaked pussy had curved to find that sweet spot.

Cara was panting, heavily, the voice in her ear was back.

“Tell me you’re a slut and you need to come hard like a slut.”

“I’m a slut, I’m a fucking horny slut and I need it hard; I need to come like a slut!” said Cara, her whisper gone she was desperate and so, so close.

“Come for me slut,” said the husky voice in her ear, as her nipples were sucked hard, and the fingers found the perfect spot and began to hit it hard and fast.

Cara buckled, her legs went to jelly, but the two pleasure assassins held her in their embrace, she had never come so hard in her life, it was overpowering, and she literally passed out from the overload of pleasure.

Amy and Betsy held her close; they gently eased her out of the shower and laid her on a towel. They pampered her body to dry her off. Then gently scooped her up and into the bedroom.

Cara came back to her full senses and found herself on the bed, Amy and Betsy either side of her smiling and cuddled up to her beneath the sheets.

“Thank you,” said Cara gently, whilst stroking both girl’s heads.

“It was our pleasure; you have one seriously sexy body!” said Betsy, all smiles.

“That was by far the best night of my life,” said an incredibly grateful Cara.

“Er, if you think you’re getting out of this room without at least all of us coming several times, you are sorely mistaken missy!” said Betsy grinning.

“Really? I don’t think I have any left!” said Cara.

“Oh, you have plenty left!” said Amy. Betsy then came close to Cara’s ear and nibbled it before whispering in her seductive husky voice.

“All sluts have plenty to give.”

Cara felt a tingle shoot through her, it shot straight to her pussy at hearing Betsy’s words. Just then she knew that these two super sexy women were going to eat her alive.

The movement beneath the sheets and Betsy’s nibbling told her it had already begun!

Chapter 3

Samira was squirming on the bed; it was her first experience of being bound in any way. She was after all a Mistress. Her shoulders were aching from the elbow cuffs that held her arms in a vice like grip.

Tanya had been sleeping now for hours, after their orgasm extravaganza. But before she drifted off, she shoved a large ball gag into Samira’s mouth and buckled it tight.

Samira was happy it wasn’t one of Tanya’s steel contraptions, but a standard strap affair. She was however drooling uncontrollably, and her constant struggles to find comfort were causing her chains to rattle.

Tanya finally awoke and got up off the bed. She paid no attention to the bound woman, instead heading to the bathroom. Samira heard the shower start and resigned herself to waiting a little longer for a hopeful release.

Tanya finally reappeared and still ignored her, going to her dressing table to re-apply her makeup. She then got out a fresh cat suit and got dressed, donning her favourite thigh high stiletto boots.

Checking herself in the mirror, Tanya gave herself a nod of approval and at last turned her attention to Samira.

“How’s my slave this morning, did you sleep well?” She said with a chuckle. Samira shook her head; she had barely got a wink of sleep.

“Don’t worry my horny little sex slave, I’m ordering you some special gifts today! Those chains are far too rattly and kept waking me up, so we will see about something different for you when we are in bed,” said Tanya, who seemed pleased about something.

Samira didn’t like the sound of new toys, they would undoubtedly be worse than her current ones!

Tanya reached for her phone and scrolled through it, tapping here and there. Suddenly Samira was free, all her adornments had undone and fell off her. She was tempted to undo the gag but decided to look to her Mistress for permission. Probably a wise move on her part.

“You may take the gag off, then get showered and meet me in the dungeons,” said Tanya as she left the room.

Samira let her leave then released the gag, she sat there for several minutes and massaged her aching shoulders and arms.

Finally she headed for the shower.

Terry was just tucking into his second bacon sandwich, when Mistress Abigail burst into the security office.

“Terry, one of my slaves is missing!” said a worried Abigail. There was a short pause as Terry swallowed his first bite of his sandwich.

“No tracker?” He enquired, as he spun around to a computer terminal.

“No, it was turned off, I’m hoping you can see where and when?” asked Abigail.

“Let’s see, name?” asked Terry.

“Josh Price,” said Abigail. Terry punched up the details and noted his last movements.

“According to this he got a ferry, I guess, to Jersey. Was he planning a trip? Asked Terry.

“No, he was going home to visit his parents, in Sunderland!” said a now concerned Abigail.

“Abs, leave it with me, we’ll find the boy,” said Terry, then picked up his phone to call Ellie. Abigail nodded and left Terry to do his thing.

“Ellie, we got anyone in the Channel Islands?” asked Terry.

“Er…, yes, Paul Cooper he’s on holiday though,” said Ellie, she was responsible for all personnel placements and knew where all her guys and girls were.

“Ok luv, let him know I have a little job for him, shouldn’t take too long,” said Terry. Who was already picking up his sandwich as he hung up.

Terry swung back around to the computer and checked the GPS coordinates on Google Maps, they centred on a health clinic of some sort.

“Great, the lads probably caught a dose of the clap,” he said to himself. Just then his phone rang.

“Paul, how are you mate?” said Terry. Paul Cooper was one of his old mates from the regiment.

“I’m good Sarge, what do you need?” said Paul, he always called Terry, Sarge referring to his old rank.

“Probably a goose chase but, one of the lads has gone missing, last location in Jersey, just need you to check in and see what’s going on. I’ll send you the details,” said Terry.

“Missus won’t be happy, but I’ll get on it, Sarge,” said Paul.

“Cheers mate and give Sandra my love!” said Terry who then hung-up chuckling.

Samira was finally dressed and had just arrived in the dungeon; she saw the young man who was standing in the middle of the room naked. His arms were strung up to the rafters by cuffs on a chain, he was barely on tip toe.

The lad looked at Samira, he recognised her straight away, he had spent a lot of time at the castle with Mistress Abigail.

“Mistress Samira, please, what’s going on?” said the hopeful lad sensing he’d been saved.

“Aww, how sweet you know each other!” said Tanya in a condescending tone.

“Josh, isn’t it?” said Samira. The lad nodded his head.

“Well, Josh, it seems you are now, 427!” said Samira with an evil smile.

“What are…” Josh said before a slap to his face shut him up.

“You will be silent 427, I will not tell you again!” said Samira who rubbed her hand which stung a little.

Josh welled up a little, the slap was ferocious, nothing he would ever receive from his own Mistress.

“Oh, gag him will you Sammi, I can’t be arsed to hear him whimper in a minute,” said Tanya who was busy on her phone. Josh knew better than to fight, he accepted the exceptionally large ball gag, which was already hurting his jaw.

“Well, young 427 here has already been bought, so we’ll need to get him ready. He is off to a faraway place!” Smiled Tanya.

Samira looked at the sale sheet and gave a little chuckle. Josh was going to a large farm on a Pacific Island. One that specialised in pony training.

“Aww, how sweet, you’ll make a lovely pony boy 427, and with that tackle you might even get to be a stud!” said Samira, looking at his impressive cock.

Josh had seen the horrors of Tanya’s work, all things considered he may have gotten a better deal than staying here.

“Cage him, the buyer is sending his tack via courier, we need to get him fitted before shipping,” said Tanya, studying her phone.

“Enjoy your last night of human life 427, I hear your new owner likes to ride his ponies hard, in more ways than one!” said Tanya with an evil chuckle.

Josh was lifted off the ground and Samira pushed a small cage beneath him. It was only 3’ x 2’ x 2’. It was going to be a tight squeeze.

“Now 427, I’m going to lower you in, be sensible and comply, the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about!” said Samira, who then slowly lowered the winch.

Josh complied, he had been advised to comply with Tanya at all costs if caught, all Institute members had. The results of disobedience had proven to be horrific at best.

Josh was squeezed into the cage; he was still gagged and there was barely enough room for him in there. Samira managed to force the top down and lock it though. Then the winch was reattached, and he was hoisted back up and out of the way.

“This is interesting,” said Tanya who was still engrossed in her phone. She was on a dark website, where slave traders posted goods and requests. Samira came closer to look.

“The same buyer, that pony rancher, is looking for a team of pony girls, all must be identically sized and no more than 5’ 5”,” said Tanya with interest.

“Wow, that’s a big price tag he’s offering,” said Samira.

“Indeed it is, and I know just where to get four such fine fillies!” said Tanya with glee.

“Contact the capture teams on the mainland, have them start to track down Angela’s sluts, I want four of them, the shorter ones not the taller one from the store,” ordered Tanya.

“I’m on it, Mistress,” said Samira.

“Oh and Sammi, I’m going to need you to go back to the castle, find out what security they have for those sluts,” said Tanya, who was already dreaming of this huge sale.

Betsy woke early as usual, after a quick shower she would be down in the gym warming up for her morning run. But for now she laid in bed smiling at the sight before her.

The familiar arm of her wife was draped around her, she however had an Amazonian in her arms. The three had spent a wild night of love together and Betsy started to feel a little moist just thinking about it.

She couldn’t resist giving their new special friend a nice wake up call, her arm slid beneath the cover and found Cara’s pussy. She gently started to run her fingers over her mound, slipping her finger between her folds.

Cara was still half asleep, but she opened her legs slightly to give her more access. Betsy soon had her getting wet, and began to nibble her ear, she knew now that this was Cara’s weakness.

Cara let out a gentle groan as she enjoyed Betsy’s attentions, Betsy couldn’t resist whispering into her ear.

“Morning my slut, are you ready to come for me?” said a sultry Betsy.

“Yes, my Mistress,” replied a panting, Cara. Betsy had found her old dominant streak last night; it had been slowly developing over the past year as she and Amy explored the pain slut scenarios.

She found herself in full control as she spanked Amy whilst having Cara pleasure her. It had been an immense turn on for her and was keen to speak to Freya about possibly developing it.

She had dreamt about Cara being her first slave and pictured herself with four such women pleasuring her.

Her fingers worked faster inside Cara; she would have her coming in a few minutes at most. Betsy was a quick learner when it came to pleasuring, and Cara was like a blank canvas, she was already moulding her to become her personal slut.

Betsy was immensely turned on by the whole thing. The more she thought about it the faster she finger fucked Cara.

Amy woke to the sounds of an orgasming woman, Cara groaned loud as she was expertly brought to her peak. Betsy whispered again as she came down from her prize.

“You are my horny slut, aren’t you?” She whispered into her ear.

“Yes, my Mistress,” said Cara, she was absorbed by this manipulator of orgasms. She never understood the whole BDSM thing, but she never judged.

Now as she realised how much one person could influence and corrupt another through touch and talk, did she understand. She was hooked by this beauty called Mistress Elizabeth.

Amy rolled her eyes as she realised what was happening and tried to steal a few more minutes of sleep. Betsy fed Cara her fingers, getting her new slave to suck them clean.

Soon they were all up when Cara heard a scuffle outside. Looking out the back window she saw a man lying on the floor, another man had his knee jammed into his back and a Glock pointing at his head.

Cara grabbed her earwig comms device and spoke.

“Status,” she ordered.

“Target secure, he’s a loner; looks like a recce,” said the night guard.

“Secure for transport, I’ll be there in 2 mikes,” said Cara as she rapidly dressed, then grabbed her gun from the top of the wardrobe. Then finding her phone she rang her boss.

“Ellie, Cara, extra payload required, 1 x-ray secured,” said Cara in military fashion.

“Copied, understood, payload in 45 mikes,” replied Ellie, then hung up. Payload was a code for extra security. Two more trained guys would take up positions near the house. They would provide an overwatch for the two mums and their baby.

Amy and Betsy would be oblivious to the extra men. But they wouldn’t be surprised if Terry had an army looking out for them. They were also not aware of what just happened, both had been in the shower giving each other a nice morning greeting.

Before they got downstairs the intruder had been secured and was out of sight.

Betsy had just finished her morning run and warm down, she took a quick shower then as per usual went to sit down with Amy who was feeding the baby.

“Morning babe, or should I say Mistress?” said a giggling Amy. Betsy laughed.

“I had so much fun last night!” said Betsy.

“Oh, really? I didn’t notice,” said Amy, still laughing.

“Go ahead and laugh, my little gorgeous wifey, but you know you loved it too!” said Betsy with a grin.

“I must admit, I did come extra hard last night, that was one hell of a ride!” said Amy.

“Really? Did Cara turn you on that much?” said Betsy, with a curious stare.

“Cara was great, sensitive and sensuous, but it was that other new girl that got me hotter than ever!” said Amy raising her brow.

Betsy looked confused for a moment until she realised what Amy was on about.

“Oh, I see, and would you like to see more of her?” asked Betsy.

“Actually I think I really need her in my life, you see I love my wife more than anything, but she is gentle, sweet, caring and can’t bring herself to hurt me. But the other girl last night could,” said Amy, getting a little flushed thinking about it.

“Was I that bad?” said Betsy, looking a bit concerned. She knew Amy loved the pain, but always held back, a sense of fear about hurting her too much.

“It was more than usual, a lot more, you really got into it,” said Amy feeling a little damp now.

“I’m so sorry, did I hurt you!” said Betsy looking worried and looking to see if Amy had any marks.

“Babe, stop, I don’t want you worrying about that, I’ve always wanted more but didn’t think you were comfortable with it. I have two Mistresses in my life that can and do give it to me, but even then, I want more!” Explained Amy.

“Oh, I see, I must admit, normally I struggle to hurt you when you want me to, but last night I really don’t know what got into me, something changed, it must have been Cara!” said Betsy.

“I’m going to call someone who knows what they’re talking about, I or more importantly, we, need to explore this, I need that pain, and I think you have awoken your old Mistress persona somehow,” said Amy, who was looking excited at the idea.

“You think so? I thought it was just a role-play thing, but the more I think about it the more I think you might be onto something. I was going to speak with Freya about it,” said Betsy deep in thought.

“At least you recognise you’ve awoken the beast, that’s a good thing is it not?” asked Amy.

“My dreams last night were quite vivid, they involved me, and four slaves built like Cara! That’s why I woke up so horny this morning,” said Betsy.

“We’ll talk to Freya later, this needs to be looked at, and honestly, it’s making me wet!” said Amy.

“Such a naughty wifey!” said Betsy smiling. Amy had a gleam in her eye and was already planning. As only a skilled parent could, she managed to hold the baby, with her chin holding the bottle in position whilst texting on her phone.

She texted Freya to see if she were available for a chat sometime, to which she got an instant reply, Freya was nearby as it happened and would be there in ten minutes.

Amy smiled, then looked at Betsy who was making silly noises to Olivia.

“Better get ready for a serious talk babe, we have a guest arriving soon,” said an excited Amy.

“Who?” said Betsy curiously, they weren’t expecting anyone.

“Mistress Freya, she is on her way,” said Amy, Betsy seemed a little anxious, but Amy knew she needed this, they both did.

“I better let Cara know we have a visitor!” said Betsy. She then went of to find her. Ten minutes later the doorbell chimed, and Betsy answered the door.

“Good morning, Betsy,” said Freya as the door opened.

“Mistress Freya, welcome to our humble abode!” said Betsy with a smile.

“Thank you, Betsy, I’ve come to see Amy, she has a matter to discuss with me I believe?” said Freya.

“Yes, Mistress Freya, we both do,” replied Betsy, then led Freya to the living room. As she entered the spacious living room, she saw Amy laughing and making noises to Olivia, who was giving the cutest giggles.

Freya’s eyes lit up at the sight of baby Olivia and immediately went into auntie mode!

“Hello, you gorgeous little girl, come to Auntie Freya for a cuddle!” she said.

Freya often helped to look after Olivia, and Olivia recognised her straight away, a big smile on her little face.

“And how is my favourite niece?” said Freya, giving the baby a kiss. She spent another five minutes fussing the baby, Amy and Betsy just watched letting them both enjoy the moment.

Finally she settled into a chair after placing a yawning Olivia into her bouncy chair.

“So girls to what do I owe the pleasure?” asked Freya. Amy started.

“Mistress Freya.” She started but was cut short by Freya’s raised hand.

“First off, this is your home, and you are both on down time, you’ve called me for, I presume an important issue. So we can forgo the titles today,” said Freya.

“Thank you,” said Amy, before composing herself.

“I can go into more detail if you want, but the short version is, Betsy has rekindled her dominant past, and we want to explore it. But we don’t know where we stand, and to be frankly honest, she needs guidance,” said Amy.

“Oh, I see, and as slaves you think you must seek permission?” asked Freya.

“Yes, I mean we have always toyed with it in private, but I, we, think it’s time to progress, and we need help,” said Amy.

“I get you have both played with this, it’s only natural considering certain dynamics of your relationship. But why the change? Your bedroom is your sanctuary, you don’t need permission to explore in there amongst yourselves,” said Freya, not sure where this was going.

“Last night there was an extra dynamic, and it brought out a different me,” said Betsy, a little nervous.

“Oh, do I know this dynamic?” said Freya.

“I’m not sure, possibly, but she’s not a slave,” said Amy. Though in the back of her mind Betsy would argue that.

“With the correct guidance, and proper dedication this can work, but there are also warnings I must give you both, and you must take time to consider where this can lead you,” said Freya in a serious tone.

“We want this, dedication will not be a problem,” said Amy, Betsy nodded in agreement.

“Betsy, if you take this path, I will do my best to guide you, as I’m sure will Mistress Angela, but it will have an effect on your slave status, trying to balance the two is very tricky, but not impossible,” said Freya, she was concerned for Betsy, she knew just how much Angela meant to her.

“Can I not still be a slave to you and Mistress Angela? I was hoping to just be the other me in my own time, if you know what I mean?” asked Betsy.

“You can, but eventually your dominant side will take over, I’ve seen it happen and it is well documented. Many of the current Mistresses started on the same path. Very few manage to balance the two,” said Freya.

“Really, what Mistresses used to be slaves?” asked a curious Betsy.

“To be a good Mistress, you need to understand how the other half of the dynamic works. There are very few naturally born Mistresses that do not need this education,” said Freya as a matter of fact.

“Were you a slave?” asked Amy, with a curious grin.

“Yes, I served for a year under a well-known Mistress when I was 18 years old,” said Freya who intoned that was all they were getting from that snippet of information.

Amy and Betsy got the hint, Betsy looked long and hard at Amy, deep in thought.

“I pledged my life to Mistress Angela, we all did, but we also know that one day that will end, as much as it pains me, I know there is a time limit to slavery,” said Betsy, looking a little sad.

“Indeed, you’re right Betsy, our lifestyle is complex, but there is always an option to break your oath to your Mistress. Otherwise it wouldn’t be consensual. Everyone understands this, but the dedication is heartfelt and genuine. With eternal youth I imagine things would be different,” said Freya, who understood what it takes for the slaves to dedicate themselves into slavery.

“Amy, my love, I’m a little confused and worried about this path, I fear it will take over me, but I also know it feels natural and somehow, it’s meant to be. But only one thing truly troubles me,” said Betsy with a tear in her eye.

Amy pulled her in for a cuddle, she knew what this meant to Betsy, she could tell it was something she was passionate about. Last night was something real, she saw the happiness in her wife as she revelled in the power.

“Whatever it is, we'll face it together babe,” said Amy, giving her a squeeze.

“What if it affects us, would you leave Mistress Angela if I wanted you to be my slave? I’m not saying I want that right now, but it might happen!” said a worried Betsy.

“I vowed to spend my life with you, maybe we should have added some extra words!” said Amy smiling.

“But what about Mistress?” said Betsy.

“Mistress would understand, I love her unconditionally, but like you said, there is an expiration date, with you there won’t be!” said Amy staring deep into Betsy’s eyes.

Betsy smiled, she knew Amy would understand, their bond was stronger than anything, she just needed to hear it.

“I think you should both have this conversation with Mistress Angela too, I think you will be surprised about her reaction.” Added Freya.

“We will, our shift starts this afternoon so we will arrive a little earlier,” said Amy, who was quite pleased about this turn up.

“Anyway, where are my manners? Would you like a coffee, Mistress Freya?” asked Amy, heading to the kitchen.

“I’d love one Amy, thank you,” replied Freya. She was pleased to get Betsy alone for a minute, she had some questions.

“Now then Betsy dear, slightly side-tracking and taking into account rule 3, who is this mystery woman?” said Freya, clearly abusing her power for gossip.

Betsy laughed and moved closer to her on the sofa.

“Mistress Freya, it’s Cara, our security guard, she is amazing and has a body to die for!” said an excited Betsy.

“Oh, Cara? Is she the one who is, how shall we say, built like Wonder Woman?” asked Freya.

“Yes, she is so hot, I can only dream of a body like hers!” said Betsy just getting turned on thinking about her.

“I’m pleased for you, she sounds delicious!” said Freya, who seemed to be lost in her own imagery of the previous night, a little jealous.

“What changed last night for you to find your lost dominant side?” asked Freya.

“It just happened, long story short, it was Cara’s first time with a girl, we made her first orgasm a real special one with teasing, and I made her beg me for release,” said Betsy feeling flushed at the memory.

“Anything else?” inquired Freya.

“Yes, I used your humiliation techniques on her, letting her know she was a slut, and she was so into it I just carried on. Before I knew it, we were in bed, and I was controlling both!” said Betsy, who was now definitely getting wet.

“Sounds like you already have a style to work with, did you have to hurt Amy at all?” asked Freya, who was already seeing some good potential in Betsy.

“I always worry about going too hard on Amy, not because she won’t like it, she wants me to go harder, but I need to be confident that I do it right and not seriously harm her,” said Betsy, a little concerned.

“Betsy, that is the perfect answer, and you should be proud to feel that way. Having a slave at the tip of your whip is a great responsibility, it takes finesse to control various implements of pain, and pleasure. You have two particularly good teachers at your disposal!” said Freya, who was seeing what she considered to be a remarkably successful Mistress in the making.

“Here we go, coffees,” said Amy, returning with a tray full of steaming mugs.

“Thanks babe,” said Betsy.

“Yes, thank you Amy,” said Freya who looked at Betsy and winked, they would continue this chat later. Freya was feeling a little excited, she was looking forward to training Betsy in the arts of domineering.

Just then Cara popped her head in the door.

“I’m going to go outside checking the perimeters for the next 30 minutes or so, you know what to do if you need me,” she said, looking at each of the women, but her gaze lasted a little longer on Betsy, and Freya noted the sparkle in her eyes.

“Phew, I’m sorry Betsy, but Wonder Woman was an understatement!” said Freya who made a mock fan with her hand.

All three laughed.

Chapter 4

The man sat alone in the darkened room, a single spotlight above his head illuminating him. He was sitting on a simple chair, his hands cuffed behind him and to the chair itself.

Coarse rope bound his ankles individually to the chair legs, a black hood over his head. He wasn’t sure just how long he’d been there; he had no reference to time, and no one had spoken to him since his arrival.

The only thing he knew for certain was, he was in the shit. The organisation he worked for was secretive, he did odd jobs, normally tracking people down and passing on information, he saw no harm, it was simply investigation work.

Not once had he ever seen his employer, everything was done via messages, either texting or some other anonymous form. This could be troubling for him, as he had obviously worked out his employer had crossed the wrong people.

A voice broke the silence, his investigative nature broke the accent down quickly and from a single word, London, probably East End.

“Name?” said the voice.

He had nothing to hide, his business was legit after all.

“Thompson, Brad Thompson,” said Brad.

“Who do you work for?” said the voice, now he was sure it was East London.

“I’m self-employed,” he said, a little shakily.

“Current client?” The voice grew a little louder, or was it just closer, he couldn’t tell.

“I don’t know, it’s just a contact number, please let me go!” said Brad who was getting worried.

“Not good enough,” said the voice, then there was silence. He strained his ears, his head was moving from side to side rapidly, trying to zero in on something, anything.

A punch to his gut, ended the silence, he was not ready for it and all the wind was knocked out of him. He felt sick, really sick as he coughed and spluttered.

The voice came back, it was close, almost at his ear.

“You were caught snooping around my family’s home, as you might have guessed, I’m not happy about it. So you have a choice. Tell me everything I want to know, or don’t! But you won’t like it if you don’t,” said the now scary voice.

“I get a text message with an address, it’s always a random number, it has a location for a cash pick up, my payment. And an address, they want to know who’s there, pictures, that sort of thing,” said Brad who was panicking.

Terry knew he was telling the truth, it had to be Tanya, she was careful and wouldn’t underestimate her again. He just blabbed everything out at once, he wasn’t trying to hide anything.

His phone had also been checked already; the message was there as he had said. Terry thought he would nip this in the bud, either Tanya would take the hint, or she was stupid.

He opened the message and started to reply.

Give this up now Tanya. It doesn’t end well if you come near my family. You have been warned, I will not say it again.

“Listen carefully Bradley Stuart Thompson, 19 Whitley Street, Portsmouth. You go home, and I suggest you don’t even think about working for this client ever again. If I find out you have, and I will. You will be back in this chair, and you really don’t want that, do I make myself clear?” said the scary voice of Terry Wright.

“Crystal clear,” said Brad who was ready to wet himself.

Brad was untied from the chair, but still cuffed, then frogmarched into a waiting van. Ten minutes later his cuffs were released, and he was unceremoniously thrown out of the back and down a grass bank.

By the time he stopped rolling and had removed his hood, the van was gone.

Samira made small talk with one of the security guards, some of the castle guards loved a chinwag, especially the ones who didn’t have much to do. Through her flirting with them she had found out that most of the Institute guard had been dispatched throughout the country, mostly guarding the homes of the VIP’s.

Samira headed down to the medical rooms, this was one of her main reasons for coming to the castle, to help with the ex-slaves that were still suffering. At least that’s what the Institute thought, Samira didn’t care for any of them, but it was a good cover.

She always made a point of visiting Evelyn aka 336, Tanya loved to hear she was still stuck in her permanent suit. It would always lead to her getting turned on and Samira loved to have her horny Mistress in bed.

Samira entered the room where Evelyn was cared for, she smiled seeing she was still as expected, and still vacant. She whispered into her ear, not that Evelyn would understand.

“We are longing to get you back home 336, Mistress Tanya misses you,” said the double-crossing Mistress.

Tanya had just received 427’s new tack. She was excited to see what the pony boy would look like and considered the possibilities of one day creating her own pony kit, permanent of course.

Her burner phone buzzed in her pocket, which she retrieved and opened the text message. She read it and laughed, then pulled out the battery and sim card, discarding everything in the trash.

Tanya was always arrogant, Terry’s warning would not be heeded, there was too much money at stake this time. That and she was sure she could outsmart a simple soldier.

“Hello 427,” said Tanya as she lowered the poor lad from his suspended prison. Poor Josh had spent two days in the cage, he was exhausted and desperately needed a drink and some food.

“You must be hungry, so I’ll make a deal with you, co-operate and be good, and I will feed you!” said Tanya as she opened the top of the cage.

Josh felt some relief as his head was finally given some space to move, he had literally been squashed into the tiny cage. His cuffed hands once again began to rise as he was drawn towards the rafters.

Tanya laid out the pony tack, studying each piece in turn. There was also an instruction sheet, some items would require piercing of the slave before fitting.

“Cool, you’re getting some jewellery 427,” said Tanya but didn’t look up from the sheet.

“Extra cool! Seems you’ll need a dental appointment too!” she said, but this time looked at Josh with an evil smile. Josh wasn’t paying her much attention; he was too tired and was still enjoying being able to stretch his muscles.

At the main door to Tanya’s lair, a burly man stood at reception.

“Hi, can I help you Sir?” said the receptionist.

“Yes, I’m looking for my nephew, his name is Josh Price,” said Paul, the ex-special forces man. Then he showed her a picture of Josh.

“Oh, yes, he does look familiar, I think he was here the other day, let me check for you,” said the lady who tapped into her computer.

“Thank you,” said Paul.

“Here we go, Price, Joshua, attended as an outpatient, he was in for a one-off procedure,” said the smiling lady.

“Can I ask what the procedure was for?” said Paul.

“I’m sorry Sir, that’s private and confidential information,” said the lady in a genuine disarming way. Looking like she wanted to say but couldn’t.

“No problem, thanks for your help,” said Paul, then left the building. Outside he called Terry.

“Sarge, looks like an STD clinic, he was here but in and out same day,” said Paul.

“Thanks Paul, appreciate you looking, enjoy your holiday mate,” said Terry, then hung up. He needed to see Abigail, looks like her slave had enough, probably went to have his ring removed.

Terry put it to the back of his mind, he had more important things to worry about now.

Josh had been lowered and was strapped to a medical gurney; several assistants had come to take him away for his additions.

“Tell Dr Blyth, I want piercings in his septum, both nipples and a PA, these items must be installed. Also, give the doctor this and tell him to remove as many of his molars as necessary for fitting,” said Tanya, passing a bag of items to the assistant.

Tanya dismissed the staff, she would give 427 a few days to heal a little, not her usual style but this was merchandise after all, and Josh was fetching a good price.

Tanya was now at a loose end, and pondered what to do, if Samira were here, she would keep occupied. But for now she looked for something to do.

Suddenly an idea popped into her head, she opened her phone and made a call.

“Security, round up 428 and 429, bring them to the dungeon, naked,” ordered Tanya before cutting off the call.

Angela sat in silence, studying the two girls in front of her on the sofa. It seemed a little strange to see them here and dressed, and she felt a little distracted.

Amy and Betsy had just turned up early and asked for permission to discuss an important issue.

“This sounds serious, need I be worried?” asked Angela.

“No, Mistress Angela,” the girls replied.

“Very well, continue please,” she said.

“Mistress Angela, Betsy wants to train as a Mistress, we feel it will benefit our relationship given my needs, but she wants guidance,” said a nervous Amy.

Angela looked hard at the two lovestruck slaves, then she got up and went to her cabinet. The two looked confused and feared they had upset their beloved Mistress.

“Amy, knees,” ordered Angela from behind them. Amy of course instantly stripped and dropped from the sofa; Betsy looked on, confused even more. She didn’t see Angela open her app and press the release function on her collar.

Betsy felt the collar come loose and began to cry. Amy was torn, she wanted to cuddle her wife but dare not break her ordered position. Poor Betsy felt distraught and was convinced that Angela was going to dismiss her.

“Elizabeth, that is certainly not the first impression you want your slave to have of you,” said a stern Angela. Who proceeded to drape a silver chain around her neck, with a white Institute pendant.

Amy cried with joy at that point, and Betsy took a second or two to register what had just happened. As she studied her new necklace a huge smile started to form.

Angela in the meantime had approached Amy with another collar. Amy felt her collar also fall away. She looked to Angela for guidance as she didn’t understand what was going on.

Angela gave Amy the new collar.

“Read it Amy, then you’ll know what to do,” said Angela who went back to her seat and watched with interest.

Amy studied the collar, it was virtually identical to her old one, but the letters MA had been replaced with ME. Amy understood perfectly, she turned to her wife and placed the collar at her neck.

“Mistress Elizabeth, I give myself to you freely, to do with as you please,” said Amy to her wife then locked the collar on her neck.

Betsy was very emotional but managed to steel herself.

“My slave, you know the rules by heart, I expect you to obey them at all times. Do you understand?” said Betsy.

“Yes, Mistress Elizabeth. Said Amy, who couldn’t resist a huge grin.

“Mistress Angela, you had these ready all this time, how did you know?” said Betsy.

“I have been waiting for years for you to realise your potential, remember when we first met? Asked Angela.

“How could I forget!” said Betsy, who felt strange addressing Angela so informally for the first time since she told her fuck off all those years ago.

“Most Mistresses start out as you did, if you remember I was going to give you some advice that day?” said Angela, Amy listened with interest, she had heard this story, but getting the other perspective was something she always wanted to know.

“Of course, I can never forget, and I always regretted what I said, even though those words have led me to my perfect life!” said Betsy looking down at Amy.

“Well, if you weren’t so hot headed you would have been told you had some class about you, and you would have benefitted from my teachings for years to come. Then, you opened your mouth and I needed to teach you a lesson. The lesson should have been around a year, but for some reason you found peace in your slavery,” said Angela.

“I found love, I never had that before, you provided me everything I wanted right there and then,” said Betsy, forming a tear.

“I know, and I realised you needed time, then this spark came into your life. The same spark kneels before you now, I had her new collar made after the first week of you two meeting. You were destined for this moment from that first kiss in the dungeon, I saw it then, I see it still,” said Angela who was forming a tear herself.

All three of them were emotional at that point. Amy wanted to cuddle both of them, but she was never going to break position on her knees.

“Come, I want to show you something, it’s a special gift I had made for you, it should still fit, even though you are more toned nowadays!” said Angela who headed to the stairs towards her bedroom.

Betsy got up to follow, then looked down at Amy.

“Stay there my little pain slut, I won’t be long,” ordered Betsy. Amy shivered, the surge that ran through her was pure pleasure. Betsy was so natural in her new position, and the way she just used humiliation to entice Amy was intoxicating to her.

Betsy had obviously been paying lots of attention to Freya’s work on Amy. Amy herself couldn’t believe just how much power she exuded from her words to her just then.

Left alone in the room on her knees, Amy tingled, she knew without touching she was wet with anticipation.

Upstairs Angela opened her extensive walk-in wardrobe. Then finding what she wanted she handed it to Betsy.

“Your first official Mistress outfit, I fashioned it from your style from our first meeting at the club,” said Angela with a smile.

“It’s beautiful, thank you Grand Mistress,” said Betsy, as she gave Angela a peck on the cheek.

It was a stunning outfit, a flared leather skirt, complimented by a stylish leather Basque. A pair of thigh high heels in matching leather and a white blouse that would show off her pushed up cleavage.

Angela helped her dress in the new outfit, then presented her with a stylish custom-made crop, which bore the Institute logo and a stylish ME.

“Poor Amy is going to come on the spot when you walk back in, especially if you humiliate her again like you did. Nicely done! I told you; you have class,” said Angela to the new Mistress.

“Thank you, I just don’t know what to say, this is the most wonderful gift,” said a delighted Betsy.

Downstairs Freya had just come up from the basement, she found Amy in her trained position by the sofa. Freya went and sat in front of her.

“You,slave, are smiling like you’ve just had another share price jump. But I sense it’s something bigger,” said Freya, studying the kneeling slave. Freya had a keen eye, and noticed the collar looked extra sparkly today, like it was new. She studied it and noticed the change of ownership.

“Ah, now it all makes sense! Congratulations Amy!” said Freya with a smile.

“Thank you, Mistress Freya,” said Amy.

“You also looked like a little flushed girl, and I see some moisture down there on your thighs. I think someone has already been humiliating you!” Observed Freya.

Amy smiled, and then bit her lip as she remembered her Mistresses last words to her. Another shiver hit her senses. Freya didn’t miss it.

“Oh Amy, I think you’ve finally found your match with this one, she knows you inside out and she is going to rule you with words alone,” said Freya who found the whole thing highly erotic.

Just then they heard footsteps approaching, Angela appeared first at the door to the living room.

“Freya, Amy, I present to you the Institute's newest Mistress in training, Mistress Elizabeth!” said Angela as she waved her arms in presentation.

Betsy walked in the room exuding dominance, her new outfit was perfect for her. Amy felt another trickle down her thigh on seeing her, her chin dropped as she took in her Mistress wife’s beauty.

Betsy, not missing a trick, was walking past Amy towards the sofa, with her crop in hand she placed it under Amy’s chin and gave it a gentle lift.

“Close your mouth my little slut, you’re drooling!” she said with an air of confidence. Freya grinned and Angela was immensely proud, Amy, humiliated again leaked some more!

“Well, ladies, I think Amy here is about ready to burst, so I think it’s time Elizabeth christened her crop! Wouldn’t you agree?” said Freya with an air of amusement.

“I think that is an excellent idea, Freya would you be so kind as to take the slave down and prepare her?” said Angela.

“Of course, it will be my honour, with your permission Elizabeth?” said Freya.

“Please do, Mistress Freya, but try not to let her leak anymore, we’ll have a slip hazard on the stairs!” said Betsy. Freya grinned; Betsy really had learnt a lot these past years.

Amy followed Freya, ever conscious of her wetness, which was only getting wetter every time her Mistress spoke.

“Elizabeth, I am enormously proud of you, and I’m extremely impressed, you have taken to this like a duck to water. Poor Amy is ready to explode, and you haven’t even touched her!” said Angela.

“Thank you, Grand Mistress, your words are very reassuring, and I must confess to having some trade secrets over my dear wife!” said Betsy with a smile.

“How long have you been scheming this?” asked Angela.

“Honestly, it all came to fruition the other night, we had a guest and I got somewhat carried away! But I have had many a conversation with Amy about her humiliation. I know what makes her tick, and so she is at some disadvantage there!” said Betsy.

“I have no doubt!” said Angela laughing.

“I do have a question though, if I may?” enquired Betsy.

“Sure, what is it?” replied Angela.

“Obviously, there is a chain of command at this level, but does a superior Mistress still command a lower rank in any way?” asked a curious Betsy.

“The simple answer is yes, as a trainee in this household, you are subordinate to both me and Freya, as such we can and quite possibly will treat you just as a slave would be. However, that ruling is never, and I mean never acted upon in front of a slave,” said Angela.

“That’s good to know!” said Betsy with a grin.

“You want to keep in touch with your submissive side?” asked Angela.

“I understand it will likely disappear over time, but I’d still like to keep it there ready. I have some very fond memories and would never begrudge some more!” said Betsy.

“One more piece of advice, your home life. Amy will need a break, as much as you may be tempted to keep her enslaved 24/7, you must step down to her level for regular periods. That will be vital for this to work.” Warned Angela.

“I have considered this, and have a plan in place, I’m calling it rule 6!” said an excited Betsy.

“I’m eager to learn this rule?” said Angela.

“Simple really, if I wear my necklace then she is and will be in slave mode, if not she is my wife,” said Betsy.

“Brilliant, though you must promise not to cheat if you’re having a disagreement!” Laughed Angela. Betsy laughed also.

“I will try, but no guarantees!” said a cheeky Betsy.

“Well, I think your slave has waited long enough, shall we?” said Angela.

“After you, Grand Mistress,” replied Betsy.

Down in the basement dungeon, Amy was trussed up good and proper, she found herself in an all too familiar position, bent over a bar, legs spread wide, arms in a binder pulled up to the ceiling.

All three of the Mistresses stood to her rear, discussing how wet she was. Which of course was having the effect of just making it worse for her.

Betsy finally walked into her view and once again held her chin up with the crop. Angela and Freya both agreed it was going to be one of her trademarks, it seemed to focus Amy immensely well.

Not to mention it was quite demeaning, adding to her arousal.

“Hold this for me, kitten,” said Betsy, placing her crop in Amy’s mouth. Amy had no idea where Kitten came from, but she had a feeling she would soon enough. If there was one thing she knew well about her new Mistress, it was that she was a meticulous planner!

When Betsy wanted something, she would drop subtle hints sometimes weeks in advance, so by the time it came to when she wanted it Amy had virtually just done it, not even thinking about it.

Amy now wondered if she was just playing her all this time, maybe Mistress Elizabeth was always there! Not in a bad way, they shared a love like no other, but Betsy always appeared to play the dumb teenager and get what she wanted, but now Amy could see, it was a ploy all along.

Amy wouldn’t complain though, it was part of her attraction, so innocent, but so intelligent too.

Betsy went to the toy rack and found a large dildo, then came back to Amy with the dildo in one hand and lube in the other.

Betsy looked at the lube then leaned over to make a point of looking at Amy’s slick thighs.

“Silly me, thinking you need this!” said Betsy, drawing more attention to Amy’s wetness.

“Now Kitten, we’re going to play a game, I’m going to slide this nice big cock into you, and you are going to hold it in. Understand?” said Betsy.

“Ges, Gistgress Glizageth,” Amy said, trying to talk around the crop, which also started to make her dribble a little.

Betsy slid the dildo into her soaked pussy, giving it a few thrusts in and out, causing Amy to groan.

“Definitely no lube needed, though a lifeguard may have to be called!” said Betsy, adding to her humiliation.

Amy tried to clench down on the dildo, but already felt it slipping. This in turn caused her some great embarrassment, Betsy saw her face start to glow and smirked.

“Kitten, this is one of the largest dildos here, are you having trouble, is it too small for your pussy? Maybe a larger one would be better to try and fill you?” said Betsy, as Amy felt the heat rise on her face, and the dildo losing its fight with gravity.

Her pussy was so wet now, and her breathing was heavy and laboured, Betsy knew the signs well. She went back around and pulled the dildo out just before it fell.

“Fine let’s see if we can find one bigger and able to fill that slut sized pussy of yours,” said Betsy. Amy could feel her face burning, especially knowing Angela and Freya had a bird’s eye view from behind.

Betsy returned, she didn’t show Amy the dildo, it was the same one, but she didn’t know that.

“This one is much bigger, even the loosest girl in the city could hold this one so you should have no trouble slut,” said Betsy as she pushed the dildo into her, once again giving a few ins and outs.

To Amy it felt bigger, the power of suggestion at its best was working. She clenched down with all her strength, but still felt it slipping again. Her mouth was now drooling from holding the crop, she was a state, and her arousal was so high she just knew that the slightest thing would set her off.

“Look at this drool, do you leak from all your holes, slave?” asked Betsy.

“Gno, Gistgress Glizageth,” said Amy, spilling even more drool. Her breathing was getting heavier by the minute and Betsy knew she was about to explode, just one more degradation and she would time it right for the dildo to drop.

Betsy pulled the crop from her mouth.

“My god slave if I wanted my crop this wet, I would have shoved it in your sloppy hole!” said Betsy, just as the dildo dropped and Amy’s eyes rolled back into her head, her whole body tensed in a moment of silence before the moan of her orgasm filled the room.

Amy’s body shook and twitched for several long seconds before she could focus on anything. As her vision cleared, she saw the face of her Mistress remarkably close to hers.

“I love you,” whispered Betsy and gave her a sloppy kiss that lasted several seconds.

“I love you too, Mistress Elizabeth,” whispered Amy, who was liking this new side to her wife. Betsy walked around to the rear of her bound slave and ran her fingers through Amy’s come soaked lips, making her moan again in pleasure.

“That was an amazing performance, bravo,” said Angela.

“Indeed, I think you may have just beaten my record, with a no touch orgasm, I at least have to flick her nipple!” said Freya, amazed.

“Thank you, Mistresses,” said Betsy.

“Now, my apprentice, I want you to watch and learn closely,” said Freya, reaching for her crop.

“Amy and I have been working on a few things recently, I’ll show you, I strike, then you strike,” said Freya. Betsy nodded.

“Now, slave Amy, you know the rules here, but now every second strike will be Elizabeth, so bear that in mind,” said Freya to the bound slave.

Freya’s crop lightly touched Amy’s left cheek, making gentle circles.

“The important thing to remember about pain sluts like Amy, is this,” said Freya as she struck a vicious blow to her left bum cheek leaving a nice red mark. Amy screamed in pleasure and was almost near to coming, her breath heavy and panting, but managed to control herself long enough to speak.

“Thank you, Mistress Freya, please hurt this pain slut again!” said Amy in a quick panting breath.

“As you can see, she very nearly came straight away! Give it a go and try to match my stroke on the other cheek, the mark left will be a good guide,” said Freya.

Betsy mimicked Freya’s actions slowly circling the crop gently before a quick snap and the crop landed squarely on Amy’s other cheek.

Amy screamed again and was teetering on the edge of a huge orgasm, one more of those and she was done for. She struggled to catch her breath before quickly squeezing out her thanks.

“Thank you, Mistress Elizabeth, please hurt this pain slut again!” said Amy, panting like she had just run a hundred metres in ten seconds.

“Now, gently run your fingers over the mark of your crop, feel the mark, and feel the power you’ve just inflicted. It’s important you do this regularly during these sessions, for one, the slaves are not all like Amy, she can take this and enjoy it all night long.” remarked Freya. The two Mistresses enjoyed the moment of rubbing their marks.

“Other slaves need longer periods between strikes of this power, this action gives them a chance to recover, and for you to assess them, ask a question if you must, any question, the gauge of their answer will give you a clue as to how they feel, you will hear it in their voice, somewhere between pleasure and stress,” said Freya, all the time they stroked Amy’s welted bum.

“You can use this method to gauge whether they want an increase or decrease, in the power and the tempo of the strikes. Now for Amy, giving her just three strikes like that, will take her to where she wants to be. So working her gently at first and slowly building will and does drive her nuts!” said Freya with a smile.

“But, for an example, if we did this to Petra for example, she would be literally crying right now, and the stress in her voice would be noticeable quite easily. She may be a nympho! But she does not like pain at all. These are the differences you must work out in a slave. Never jump straight in, move slowly, test the water, then expand slowly. When you find the limit, push it just a little, then back off, and repeat. This will in time expand the slave’s limits and ultimately make them a better slave and you a more cherished Mistress.” Freya took a pause, to stroke Amy’s hair.

It was one of her tests, if Amy’s head didn’t move, she needed a break, if it leaned into her hand she wanted more.

“You see that?” asked Freya.

“Yes, she’s content,” said Betsy.

“Very content, well observed Elizabeth, you see it doesn’t always need to be a spoken question to gauge the slave,” said Freya.

“Now you can see the welts are rising as time passes and after a while these hard strikes will start to bruise a little too, on Amy these are fine, she wants this, it is her weakness, what she needs. But, if you ever break the skin, you have failed. Even if the slave enjoys it, which Amy would! It shows a neglect of care. Hence failure.” Explained Freya.

Betsy was getting quite the education, and she was taking in every word.

“As a Mistress you will need some nails, do you ever get acrylics?” asked Freya.

“Only on special occasions, they are a pain to remove and not ideal for a slave lifestyle,” said Betsy.

“Yes, not ideal for other things either, I recommend normal glue on ones. Ideal for running over the marks and Amy loves this,” said Freya as she gently clawed the welt, causing Amy to moan.

“And easily removed for putting your fingers somewhere more delicate!” said Freya raising her brow.

“Now let’s get this girl to her happy place, but we’ll take our time,” said Freya.

She then started to circle her crop again, but the strike was only a fraction of the first one. Amy groaned gently this time.

“Thank you, Mistress Freya, please hurt this pain slut!” said Amy.

Betsy followed Freya’s motions.

“Thank you, Mistress Elizabeth, please hurt this pain slut!” Repeated Amy.

“Note the words, when she says again, you’re getting to where she likes it most,” said Freya.

The strikes continued to grow stronger, but slowly. All too soon though Amy was panting hard, and her groans grew louder, Freya methodically went through the motions building Amy up, and eventually beyond.

After what seemed hours, Amy was released from her bondage, Freya and Angela retired upstairs leaving Betsy to cuddle her slave and comfort her in her afterglow.

Chapter 5

Cliff was quite possibly the perfect specimen of a man, tall, dark and handsome, the body of the ultimate athlete. Top that off with a great personality and an even better sense of humour.

Generous, loyal and trustworthy. He had broken many hearts, but one he captured from years ago, his wife and high school sweetheart, Jane.

He had other qualities too, but they were only known to very few. Crack shot sniper, deadly in unarmed combat, and all-round super soldier. Recently retired at the age of 34 years.

Today he was training, his student close to his age but only 5’4” and drop dead gorgeous, she was no super soldier, but she was getting there, Ellie was constantly adding strings to her bow.

The string today was HALO jumping. High Altitude Low Opening, parachuting. A common practice for special forces personnel around the globe. Obviously, this was not a necessity for Ellie’s work, but she wanted to develop quicker ways to deploy security staff to any location they were needed.

She volunteered to test the theory that she could be almost anywhere in the United Kingdom within an hour.

Today was the test, Ellie and Cliff had now done twelve training jumps at an airfield in Kent. But today they were on standby, a location would ping up somewhere in the UK.

They had an hour to get there on the ground. Their aircraft was a modified private jet, acquired at cheaper price due to its age, the Cessna Citation had a drop door in the rear cargo area, it would open underneath from a sealed compartment allowing the aircraft to remain pressurised.

The call came in and the jet powered up, from Biggin Hill aerodrome, they had to get to a house in South Wales, a remote location in the hills. On the ground was a team of guards holding a prisoner, Ellie and Cliff had to neutralise the four guards and secure the hostage inside an hour.

The plane took off, Ellie studied the location on Google Maps, pinpointing the landing zone, whilst on route. It took 45 minutes to get to the location, thanks to air traffic control over London sending them right around the south of the city.

Two miles from the target the pair dropped out of the plane at 30,000 feet, they would free fall and open their chutes at just 3,000 feet. They hit the spot they aimed for perfectly and on landing took out two guards instantly, then proceeded to the residence.

The guards stood no chance really, years of training saw Cliff clear the house in no time, the remaining guards were neutralised, and Ellie was with the prisoner with six minutes to spare.

Relatively happy with the first trial Ellie saw room for improvement, but the air traffic was a big problem. If they needed to launch at the wrong time of day, they could wait ages just for clearance to take off.

There was only one solution, and that was to move the operation away from London. Afterall a drop into London itself would be a nightmare, there was just too much traffic in the air, and too much risk.

“That was well executed Ellie, you did good,” said Cliff.

“Thanks, that was quite a rush too, jumping into the unknown!” said Ellie who was buzzing.

“We got lucky though, ATC could have screwed us big time, I think we need to look at a base in the midlands somewhere, less traffic and a better location being more central,” said Cliff who was always looking to improve tactics.

“I’ll start hunting down locations when we get back, speaking of which, how do we get back?” said Ellie.

“Come on, you’re a pretty face, can’t you flash a bit of leg and get a ride?” said Cliff laughing. Ellie punched him in the arm playfully.

“Cheeky sod!” she said laughing.

Petra had literally done nothing for two days, except for look after Olivia. She ate junk and did zero exercise. Cara watched her and was amazed that she could live like that and maintain her super slim figure.

“You have to go running or something when you’re not here right?” asked Cara.

“Nope, hate exercise, I need my chill time and just veg out in front of the TV, order take-away and that’s it!” said Petra to the baffled Cara.

“There must be something? With that lifestyle you should be about 3 stone heavier!” said Cara.

“Must be my secret weapon!” said Petra, grinning.

“Oh please, do tell?” Replied Cara.

“I have a gift, but you can ask Amy and Betsy about it later, I’m sure they’ll love to fill you in!” said Petra, who slumped on the sofa with a can of Coke and a chocolate bar.

Just then a car pulled into the drive, Cara got a message on her earwig letting her know that mum and mum were home.

“Maybe we can ask them now?” said Cara, as she headed for the front door.

Cara opened the door and her chin dropped to the floor, well, it seemed that way. Betsy was dressed to kill, her Mistress outfit registered in Cara’s eyes and bypassed her brain, sending a quiver directly to her pussy.

Then she had to do a double as Amy got out of the car completely naked. She was hot on the heels of Betsy who was smiling broadly.

Betsy approached Cara and stopped right in front of the woman in shock, Amy stood behind and to the left, looking very meek.

“Cara dear, close your mouth, you look like a wanton slut!” said Betsy raising Cara’s chin with her finger. Cara felt a twinge in her pussy, she couldn’t explain it, all her life she had been in control, her body, her rules!

But these past few days she could think of nothing but that night of passion, and how turned on she became at those degrading remarks from Betsy.

Amy had a slight smile at hearing Betsy talk down to Cara, she knew they influenced her just as much. It was only a matter of time before Cara would wear a collar just like hers.

The front garden was secluded to an extent, but any passer-by could easily glance in and see Amy naked, yet she didn’t bat an eye. Cara found this unusual, but at the same time admired the respect Amy gave her Mistress.

Betsy continued into the house and into the living room, finding Petra lounging on the sofa.

“Hiya Betsy,” said Petra, hardly raising her head from the TV. Then she did a double take and snapped to an upright position.

“My apologies, Ma’am, please forgive me,” said Petra as she noticed Betsy’s new necklace. Amy and Cara stood behind her, Cara couldn’t believe the change in Petra.

“Morning Petra, you are forgiven,” said Betsy with authority, then sat down in one of the armchairs. Amy immediately followed and sank to her knees at her feet.

Petra looked confused, she was considering stripping off and joining Amy, but she had no idea what was going on. A look from Amy, and her subtle glance to the floor told Petra she needed to join her.

Cara watched with a mixture of confusion and lust as Petra quickly disrobed and joined Amy.

“So Cara, how is everything, any problems?” said Betsy as she stroked the two slaves' faces gently.

Cara struggled to concentrate on answering, the two slaves were smiling at the attention they were being given, the whole scene before her was intoxicating.

“Er… yes, everything…., is fine,” said Cara, staring at the two naked beauties, but equally lusting over the new powerful Betsy.

“Kitten, are you still a little sore?” said Betsy to Amy.

“Yes, Mistress Elizabeth, a little,” replied Amy. Betsy retrieved some cream from her bag.

“Why don’t you lay down and let Petra rub some cream into your delicate bum,” said Betsy, passing the cream to Petra.

Cara watched Amy lay on her front, and Petra didn’t even hesitate to apply some of the soothing cream to Amy’s exposed bum, which was covered in marks from the assault of the previous two nights.

Petra saw the marks and smiled; she knew Amy had some good orgasms from these for sure. Then gently applied the cream in a loving way.

Cara finally managed to get a grip of the situation and come to her senses.

“Well, I’m confused! I’m sure that when you left the other day you were a slave?” asked Cara.

“Think of it as a promotion, Cara dear,” said Betsy.

“So you’re a Mistress now?” asked Cara.

“In training, but as I’m still under the house of Grand Mistress Angela I have a limited command of all the house slaves, including Petra here,” said Betsy.

“So you can make her do anything you want?” asked Cara who was becoming more intrigued at this lifestyle by the day.

“No, not anything, but sure, I could keep her doing the housework indefinitely if I desired, but as I’m in training, I can’t punish her physically without supervision, nor can I demand any sexual favours, not that Petra would object!” said Betsy, casting an eye to Petra who was grinning.

“Oh, I see, now I think I understand how she maintains that figure with no exercise!” said Cara with a smirk.

“Yes, our darling Petra is a self-confessed whore when it comes to certain activities!” said Betsy with a chuckle. Petra looked at Cara and gave her a wink, Cara felt another shiver, she had gone years thinking about girls, and now she had three hotties in front of her, and it seemed all were keen to explore her.

“And Amy?” asked Cara.

“Mistress Angela has gifted me Amy, she is now my slave and will obey every command,” said Betsy with a smile.

Petra had finished the soothing rub, and Amy elegantly returned to her kneeling position.

“Feeling better Kitten?” asked Betsy.

“Yes, Mistress Elizabeth, thank you,” said Amy.

“You should thank Petra too!” said Betsy.

“Yes, Mistress Elizabeth, of course,” said Amy who turned to Petra, the two then shared a long sensual kiss. Cara felt her knees wobble just a little.

“Cara, are you familiar with the slave rules?” asked Betsy.

“Yes, I’ve heard them mentioned, they seem pretty standard,” said Cara.

“Then you’re familiar with rule 3?” asked Betsy.

“Er… is that the no secrets one?” quizzed Cara. Betsy nodded with a smile. It was time for some humiliation in front of Cara.

“Petra, what’s the most amount of times you have orgasmed in a day?” asked Betsy.

“I’m sorry Ma’am, I have no idea it was so many,” replied Petra.

“At what point did you lose count?” asked Betsy.

“Ma’am, it was around the 20 mark,” said Petra with a smile.

“Kitten, as your bum was being thrashed the other night, and the pain caused you to orgasm, what did you want at that moment?” asked Betsy.

“Mistress Elizabeth, I wanted even more pain,” said Amy, feeling a little leakage down below.

“Wow, so they literally cannot lie to you?” asked Cara.

“Yes, that’s correct. To lie to me is as good as lying to Mistress Angela,” said Betsy.

“Let me give you an example of the life a slave leads, and the dedication it takes to serve, one I also know only too well by the way! Kitten, Petra, you will each answer one question from Cara, rule 3 applies,” ordered Betsy.

Betsy then looked at Cara.

“They’re all yours, make them good!” said Betsy, grinning.

Cara took a moment, she needed to think of something good.

“Ok, well that’s a tough one to think of on the fly, so I’m going to ask you both the same question. What do you think of when you look at me? Amy first,” said Cara.

“Ma’am, I see a powerful Amazonian, who will one day be serving my Mistress,” said Amy. Cara felt a flush run through her, was it that obvious that she felt submissive to Betsy?

“Ma’am, I too see a powerful woman, with a physique I dream of, not for myself but to share my bed, I picture you with a strap-on having me over and over again,” said Petra with a smile.

“Wow, I think I need a lie down!” said Cara, getting flushed all over.

“Interesting, wouldn’t you say Cara?” said Betsy smiling.

Cara didn’t know where to look, she just wanted to dive her hand into her knickers, she was so horny right now.

“Kitten, Petra, pay attention. This household has an additional rule, rule 6! It has been approved by Mistress Angela and will also apply to her house. Rule 6 is as follows, if I am wearing my necklace, I am Mistress Elizabeth, and you will always address me accordingly. If I am not wearing it, I am plain old Betsy, the same Betsy you all know very well. Do you understand?” said Betsy.

“Yes, Mistress Elizabeth,” said the pair of slaves. Cara wanted to say it too but remained quiet.

“Good, now wait here slaves, I need to attend to something,” said Betsy as she headed upstairs.

In the bedroom, Betsy looked in the large mirror on the wall, she smiled seeing herself, the powerful Mistress, the one she dreamed of being all those years ago.

The last two days had been everything she dreamed of, she had paid close attention to Angela over the years, taking in everything, learning and listening. But she had also discovered her alter ego, slave Betsy still had a place in her heart.

Watching Amy submit to her and Freya, stirred her feelings, but they were mixed feelings, she revelled in the power, but envied her wife.

She ran her fingers across her neck, a faint tan line where her collar used to sit. She would miss it dearly; it had become an integral part of her. But she had a respect for her slave, beyond the fact she was also the love of her life and beautiful wife.

She knew now why so many Mistresses served as a slave for their first year, she had a unique understanding of what it takes and means to be there, to put your trust in the ones who reside over and control your life.

Angela and Freya had both praised her, which meant so much to her, but one more opinion mattered the most, her wife Amy, her slave, her new Kitten.

It was time to find out, she stripped off her Mistress attire, and dressed in some simple tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie. Looking back in the mirror, she held the Institute pendant in her hand, and smiled.

“I’ll see you soon, Mistress,” she said to herself, then took off the necklace and placed it in her jewellery box. One last glance in the mirror, the stern Mistress was gone, a smiling bouncy Betsy stared at her.

“Now, where’s wifey?” she said and ran back downstairs.

Amy and Petra had not moved from their kneeling positions, they had their backs to the door so didn’t see Betsy return. Cara did though and noticed the transformation.

Betsy held her finger to her lips, Cara smiled and she got the message. Amy and Petra sensed the Mistress had returned and remained still. Betsy slumped on the sofa next to them.

Amy looked for her Mistress and saw she had changed, saw no necklace and realised her wife was back, she was free to do as she pleased.

Standing up she instantly bounded over and jumped on Betsy, grabbing her face in her hands she gave Betsy a long-wet kiss. Cara was sure they were going to make love right there in front of her and Petra.

The kiss eventually broke, Amy looked deep into Betsy’s eyes.

“I am so proud of you, you are the perfect Mistress, you ticked all my boxes and had me under your spell from the get-go. I love you so much babe,” said Amy before kissing her again.

Betsy cried with joy, she was so worried that Amy wouldn’t like this new arrangement, she needn’t have ever worried, the bond they have would never be broken.

Petra grabbed her clothes, then looked at Cara.

“I think these two are going to be busy for a while! Either I get dressed or you are getting naked?” said a sultry Petra.

Cara was taken back by Petra’s directness, but she then got up, stripped off her clothes and led Petra upstairs to the spare bedroom by the hand.

Betsy and Amy watched them leave then looked at each other and giggled.

“Poor Cara!” said Amy.

“Wifey, I love you so much, and I too am proud of you, and a little shocked, I knew you liked the pain, but that was an eye opener!” said Betsy between kisses. Then reached down to Amy’s bum and gently rubbed her tender flesh.

“Well babe, I have questions!” said Amy in a mock authoritative tone.

“Oh yeah?” said Betsy giggling.

“Yes! What’s this Kitten all about?” said Amy with a big smile on her face.

“I have no idea; shall I go and get Elizabeth and ask her?” said Betsy laughing.

“No, no, no, she will have to wait, I need to make love to my wife first!” said Amy who went back to pleasuring her sexy lover.

Josh found himself back in the dungeon, again he stood on tiptoes, hands cuffed and pulled upwards.

Tanya was inspecting his new modifications, which she seemed pleased with. They were far from healed but there were no signs of infection and the doctors had said he was ready for shipping.

Josh looked a little puffy around his cheeks, he’d had four of his molars removed, to make way for a bit that was currently stuck in his mouth. The bit was a clever design, though not the most comfortable for the wearer, but that was the point after all.

His tongue was trapped beneath it, making any speech virtually impossible. Not only did it now rest in place, but he was able to open and close his mouth without dislodging the device.

A thin leather harness secured it in place, leaving the other part free and accessible for the reins. Josh wondered if it would ever be taken out again, he doubted it.

Josh should have been panicking, but he seemed to be remarkably calm. Tanya was a little bemused, her curiosity had peaked.

She reached up and unbuckled the bit, then removed it much to Josh’s surprise.

“427, you seem to be taking this very well, I was expecting a little resistance, explain yourself,” said Tanya.

“Mistress Tanya, I would like nothing more than to be freed and returned to my Mistress. But I realise this is highly unlikely, call me what you like, but I am a realist. Plus I can think of worse fates than mine,” said Josh.

“You realise you are going to be a pony boy to a gay Master, for the rest of your life?” said Tanya, who was starting to like this slave.

“Yes, Mistress Tanya, whilst I’m not gay, I am a slave and have on more than one occasion been made to please other men. It is not my first choice, but I have not found it to be unpleasant. I also confess to having a fascination with the pony fetish world,” said Josh.

“You actually want this, don’t you?” said Tanya, smiling.

“Yes, Mistress Tanya, it does excite me,” said Josh.

“Well, 427, this is a first for me, a happy customer and a happy item!” said Tanya laughing. She then replaced his bit, which he happily received.

The first item for Josh was his body harness, it was buckled extra tight and surrounded most of his upper body, the central part was a thick leather belt with reinforced rings attached to the side.

Josh presumed these were for cart attachments. Knee high pony boots came next, Josh was not used to wearing heels at all, so these would take some getting used to. He managed to quickly gauge how to balance on his toes and seemed to adjust well.

Tanya was impressed, he really was into this. The growing member between his legs seemed to confirm it. Josh tried to ignore his excitement at the pony tack, but his body was not listening, his cock continued to grow to an impressive size.

“I can see why Abigail liked you 427, if only we had more time!” said Tanya who couldn’t resist holding his large cock and gently giving it a little wank.

Josh responded to the attention, and even leaked a little pre-cum. Tanya lowered the winch and released Josh’s hands, she prepared herself for the slave to lash out, there was always a chance his cooperation was just a ploy.

But he remained calm and even placed his arms behind him, seeming to know what was coming next. His hands were stuffed into leather mitts, his fists formed within them, and they were buckled tight.

Then his arms were folded behind his back and a type of corset-like tube of leather was wrapped around his forearms fusing them together. Josh couldn’t see the laces, but they were a thick metal wire.

Once the tube was as tight as possible the wires were soldered together. The tube was then strapped tight to the harness, ensuring no movement in Josh’s arms at all.

Tanya produced a long tail, Josh presumed it would be attached to some form of plug, but instead it was attached to his harness and hung perfectly just above his anus. Josh then remembered his new owner was gay, and obviously required access.

“Almost done 427, I believe you will receive a few extra items and your brand once you arrive at the ranch. All we have left is this!” said Tanya holding up a cage for his cock which looked way too small, even for his flaccid cock.

“Hmm, seems we have a problem!” said Tanya stroking his extra hard cock.

Josh was immensely turned on, and Tanya was wanking him fast, he wouldn’t last long. Tanya studied his face, his eyes were closed and his breathing raspy, it was remarkably close.

She went just a little faster and gripped tighter, then, just stopped. Josh was panting hard, he was so close but now it was fading back, his throbbing cock was bouncing pre-cum dripping off the end.

Tanya fetched a bag of ice and placed it against his raging hard cock. Josh whimpered, there would be no climax for him, he was foolish to believe he would be allowed.

It took a good few minutes before his cock was limp and shrivelling from the ice. Josh looked down and couldn’t ever remember seeing it that small. Tanya slid the cage onto him, his new PA slotting into a groove at the end of the cage.

Even if he had his hands free there was no way of getting the cage off, it surrounded his balls too, stretching them slightly. There was a final click which sounded ominously permanent.

Josh was dreading the next few hours; his balls were already feeling the pain from his denial. Tanya laughed at him before clipping on some reins, then simply wrapped them around a bar.

With hands he could simply pull the reins off the bar, but he was stuck and going nowhere. His pony life had begun.

Cara and Petra laid in bed cuddled up, although she was a powerhouse of a woman, Cara was exhausted. Petra really was insatiable, and she made the most of this opportunity to bed the Amazonian woman.

They kissed and cuddled for quite some time, just enjoying each other’s company.

“Do you ever regret being a slave?” asked Cara.

“Never. Why do you ask?” said Petra.

“Just curious, I guess it’s a big commitment,” said Cara. Petra wasn’t buying the curious enquiry, she turned on her side and looked deep into Cara’s eyes, whilst stroking her breast.

“What Amy said earlier, I saw your reaction, it was hope. I think you really want this lifestyle, but you’re scared, scared you won’t like it,” said Petra.

“Betsy dominated me in bed, she talked to me like a slave, and it felt, well it felt like nothing I’ve ever known. It made me feel weak, in a good way! I’ve never been weak. My strength is my power, without it, I guess I’m nothing,” said Cara, they were honest feelings.

“And you’re worried that you’ll lose that power? Asked Petra.

“Yes, and no, I think the power loss is the turn on, and I know I can work out a plan to serve and still be Cara, the badass chick!” she said giggling.

“Well, let’s experiment, shall we?” said Petra getting up from the bed.

“With what?” asked Cara, intrigued.

“Losing your power of course,” said Petra, coming back with several coils of rope.

“You want to tie me up?” said Cara, looking just a little worried.

“You said your strength is your power, we take that away and you're just a bound plaything for me, or a slave!” said Petra as she flipped Cara over and pulled her hands back.

Cara’s mind was saying stop this now, but her pussy said otherwise. She felt the rope cinch her wrists together. She was confident of slipping out of the tie, she had done in many training programs before.

But the tutors in the programs didn’t tie people up like these girls did, she tested the rope and found it was very secure. Her fingers flayed looking for the knot, but it was not to be found.

A second rope now bound her ankles in the same fashion. She was helpless already, but Petra was just getting started. More ropes above and below her knees followed, then she felt her elbows starting to be pulled together.

The strain on her powerful shoulder was starting to ache, there was no way her elbows were going to touch, Petra gave up on that and tied off the cinch as close as she could get them.

“Just one rope left my lovely,” said Petra, who was already starting to pull Cara’s legs up for the hog-tie.

Cara struggled in her bonds, but she already knew she wasn’t getting free, it was the first time she had ever felt vulnerable, and a slick presence between her legs confirmed it.

“Now, I’ll untie you, but first you need to give me something,” said Petra with a sneaky smile.

“Ok, Petra, I get it, I’m helpless, it feels nice, please untie me,” said Cara. Petra reached around and ran her fingers through Cara’s lips.

“Oh, you are super wet down there, and I mean dripping!” said Petra who was giggling now.

“Petra, please let me go?” Pleaded Cara. But as Cara feared, Petra positioned herself at the top of the bed, her pussy just a few inches away.

“Now prospective slave Cara, I need at least three orgasms to help me remember how to undo a knot, so you better get wiggling up here and find my sweet spot!” said Petra, her voice now turning raspy.

Cara gave in, and started to wriggle her body to get closer, as she almost reached, Petra slid a little further back. This happened a few more times then, Petra let her reach, grabbed a handful of her hair and enjoyed the ride.

Petra was going wild, it reminded her of the times she would have Betsy tied to the special chair in the dungeon, and her first orgasm was a squirter, Cara was shocked to see a woman come like that and found her face covered in Petra’s sweet taste.

“One down, a few more to go, my sweet pussy licker,” said a panting, Petra.

Betsy had come upstairs to check on the sleeping baby, as she passed the guest room, she heard the familiar sounds of Petra. She smiled and went to carry on but couldn’t resist a peak.

Seeing Cara hog-tied was a shock, Betsy knew she was curious and was on her way to slavery eventually. Petra, it seemed, had found the fast forward button and was holding it down firmly.

Petra saw Betsy looking, and smiled, it was a big smile that soon changed to a contorted look. Betsy walked away before Petra started another flood. Peeking into Olivia’s room, she was still sound asleep, hugging her little fluffy rabbit.

Betsy gently closed the door and went back downstairs, she jumped on her new encrypted laptop, one that was Amy-proof. Amy had fallen asleep too, it had been an exhausting few days for her.

Betsy found the site recommended to her by Freya, she was hoping to find the things she wanted in the store, but Freya said they were custom made only.

Finding the perfect thing she wanted, she input the sizes for Amy, then hit order. An upfront payment was needed, and then it would take a week to be made and delivered.

The items came to over £3000, but they were worth every penny to Betsy, she purchased them with her new Mistress’ credit card, which Angela had set up for her.

Angela knew how smart Amy was, and Betsy needed a secure way to buy new toys and gadgets. Using their joint account would alert Amy and spoil the surprise.

Betsy closed the laptop and put it aside, joining Amy curled up on the sofa she put her arm around her and snuggled up. Amy was out, and in a deep sleep, Betsy kissed her cheek, and watched her love sleep.

“I love you wifey,” she whispered.

Petra undone the last knot to release Cara’s wrists, who then stretched her muscles. She had been tied in the hog-tie for almost three hours whilst Petra repeatedly did what Petra does best.

“So, how do you feel?” asked Petra.

“Like I’ve just been waterboarded!” said Cara, before laughing.

“Three hours bondage, made to service only, no reward. That is the downside to a slave’s life, well, a taste of it anyway,” said Petra smiling.

“A taste? How long does your Mistress tie you up for?” asked Cara.

“Depends really, sometimes you can be bound and unable to move a muscle for 12 hours. But generally you’ll be getting rewarded throughout that, so it flies by. Especially with sensory deprivation,” said Petra like it was nothing.

“That is a long time! But sounds like heaven,” said Cara, who had found a new love of being bound and used.

“So you liked the bondage?” asked Petra.

“Yes, I can’t deny my feelings, that feeling knowing I was at your mercy and had no choice but to do what you wanted, was extraordinary. I can’t describe what that made me feel, it was special,” said Cara, who was really trying to find the right words.

“Well, fortunately, I know exactly what you mean, and if you think you can handle that for two whole days a week, then you really want to be a slave, trust me on that,” said Petra with a gleam in her eyes.

Cara just smiled and the exhausted pair slowly fell asleep, cuddled together.

Chapter 6

Terry looked over the latest reports, it had been a week since the last incident. Some poor investigator roped into doing Tanya’s work, had been caught snooping.

Tanya looked as though she had heeded Terry’s warning, and all was quiet, nonetheless the extra security would stay in place for now. Terry was not the type to let his guard down.

The troops, as Terry liked to call his security force, were spread thin at the moment. He could do with more guys back at the castle, there were still a lot of people here, some were very vulnerable.

Angela had also been on his case, Ellie had not been home for over a month, which wasn’t Terry’s doing. Ellie was obsessed with training and learning new skills.

She felt bad about leaving Angela for so long, but she knew the security of the Institute needed all the skilled personnel it could. She was determined to be one of those special go to people.

Angela muddled on, she missed Ellie badly, but had distractions in the form of her slaves, and now two trainees.

Terry scanned his emails, another one from that same guy requesting a visit to the castle. He was a young and upcoming reporter and wanted to visit the castle. Several locals had apparently reported strange goings on, and he felt the urge to dig.

The standard reply was sent, for the third time. Denying access to a private residence. Terry saw the guy was very persistent though and thought that this wouldn’t be the end of things.

Julia and Petra were due back to Angela’s tomorrow, they decided to meet up for a trip around the shops in the city. Both needed a wardrobe boost, besides a girl needs to shop right!

They had been in the mall for several hours going through almost every clothes and shoe store, they had several bags each and had just finished a McDonalds meal each.

“It’s been ages since I had a Big Mac!” said Julia, finishing her drink.

“Really, you're still doing all that diet stuff?” said Petra.

“Still? I never stop! It’s an endless slog fighting off the pounds!” said Julia with a frown.

“I keep telling you lot, only one thing keeps you slim!” said Petra.

“Pet, we’re not all built like you, we don’t have a secret come reservoir!” said Julia laughing. Petra giggled too.

“Right shall we get out of here, I want to be home by seven, Love Island is on tonight!” said Petra with a smile.

The happy shoppers headed back to the car park, finding the car they opened the boot and loaded their bags. Julia loved her car, it was big for a small girl, but she liked the power, not to mention the soft top in the summertime.

She was about to close the boot of the Audi A4, when a guy who was walking past them suddenly produced two stun guns. Jarring one into each of the girls they were given powerful shocks incapacitating them.

The man made short work of shoving them both into the boot with their shopping, both were unconscious from the attack.

Finding Julia’s keys he jumped in her car and calmly left the car park. He got barely a mile down the road before he pulled into a secluded layby.

From here he transferred both girls to a waiting van. On board two more men stripped the girls of their clothes and used a special device to unlock and disable their collars.

They were still out of it, and both were cuffed, gagged and hooded. Finally their ankles were also cuffed, and the girls were pulled into basic hog-ties.

The collars were thrown into the boot of the Audi, then all three of the men left in the van.

Terry saw the alarm on his screen before he heard it, two trackers just went offline. Punching up the information he accessed the tracker files, his heart sank.

He was on the phone instantly, Cara answered on the first ring.

“Cara, I’m sending you co-ords; head out now we just lost two trackers.”

“On it, boss,” said Cara who was already out the door and in the car. She spun out of the drive and sped towards the last location; it was just five minutes away.

Five minutes was more than enough, by the time Cara had arrived she found the empty Audi, boot still open. Drawing her side arm she approached the car, but as she investigated the boot, she saw two collars, her heart sank too, she was too late.

A quick recce of the layby found no clues, obviously another vehicle was involved and could be anywhere by now. She reached for her phone.

“Sorry boss, they’re gone,” said a defeated Cara.

“You did your best Cara; don’t worry we’ll find them,” said Terry.

“Who were they?” asked Cara.

“Julia and Petra,” said Terry in a sad voice. Cara felt her legs give way as she slumped against the car. Falling to her knees she held her head in her hands and cried.

Within a minute she pulled herself together, secured the Audi and headed back to Amy and Betsy, no one was getting these two, unless they could manage to kill her first, and good luck with that she thought.

Cara was pissed, someone would pay dearly.

“Grand Mistress Angela, I must protest!” said an upset Wilson. He was in the kitchen and was standing his ground with Angela.

“Please return to the living room and I will bring you your lunch, Grand Mistress,” he said pleading with her.

“Wilson, I want a Marmite sandwich, and I will have one!” said Angela, who was quite amused at her upset butler.

“Please, I beg of you, let me prepare something nice for you!” said Wilson.

“Wilson, go and be busy somewhere will you!” said Angela as she tucked into the hastily made sandwich, just bread, butter and Marmite spread thick.

Wilson shook his head disapprovingly and scurried off, whilst Angela just chuckled. Her phone was ringing, and she saw it was Terry.

“Hi Tel,” she said.

“Ange, I want you on the Heli in five and down here asap,” said Terry, his voice was serious and sounded angry.

“I’m already leaving, what’s happened?” said a worried Angela.

“I’m sorry sis, we just lost two, Julia and Petra are off the grid,” said Terry sounding sad. Angela fell silent, she wanted information, and she wanted it now, but her mind was just full of emotion.

“Ange?” said Terry, hearing silence.

“I’m on my way, make sure all the others are safe Tel,” said Angela who was clearly crying.

“I will sis, just be safe,” said Terry then hung up.

Angela headed to the basement; Freya was down there with Elsie.

“Both of you get ready to leave now,” ordered Angela, then spun on her heels and went back upstairs. Freya and Elsie didn’t hesitate and got ready quickly.

Within ten minutes, the private helicopter was lifting off, they would be at the castle in about 45 minutes.

Cara found the two mums in the living room with the baby.

“Where did you go in a hurry?” asked Amy.

“We had an emergency, I wasn’t quick enough, I’m sorry,” said Cara looking incredibly sad.

“Cara, what’s happened?” said a concerned Betsy.

“Julia and Petra, they’ve gone!” said Cara who was now breaking down. All her training taught her to never get involved, but she couldn’t help it this time, all the girls held a special place in her heart.

“I’m so sorry, I failed them,” said Cara, now crying hysterically.

Betsy rushed over to her and cuddled her. Amy held the baby, tears rolling down her face.

“Cara, listen to me, you are not to blame, you were here watching us, doing your job. You can’t be everywhere,” said Betsy.

“I wanted to send someone with them, but they insisted on being alone. I should have made them!” said Cara, between sobbing. Betsy was crying as well now.

“You listen to me, Terry will find them, he always finds us, and Angela will not rest until they are back here safe!” said Betsy trying to stay strong.

“Cara, what about the others, where are they all?” said Amy.

“Everyone is accounted for; Nicola has three men with her at the store. Elsie, Freya and Angela are on the chopper heading to the castle,” said Cara, finding some composure.

“Amy, I’m sorry, but from now on my gun stays on me, and that is not debatable!” said Cara, getting her work head back on.

Amy nodded, she wasn’t taking risks now, her family came first, and Cara would protect them all.

Samira had just got back to Tanya’s lair, she bowled into the bedroom to find Tanya laying on her bed.

“Good news my Mistress, we have just captured our first two fillies!” beamed Samira. Tanya’s straight face turned to delight.

“Excellent news, this causes for a celebration, and I have those gifts I promised you Sammi,” said Tanya smiling.

“That’s wonderful Mistress, thank you,” said Samira, who secretly was not looking forward to them.

“You’re going to look so sexy in them Sammi, I can’t wait any longer. Strip!” ordered Tanya.

Samira knew better than to hesitate or argue and obeyed without question. She walked seductively towards the bed and Tanya.

“I want this to be a surprise Sammi, so put this on first,” said Tanya, passing her a blindfold. Samira did as ordered, then sensed Tanya getting off the bed.

“Raise your chin as high as you can,” said Tanya, Samira did as she was told. Then she felt the coldness of the metal collar touching her neck, it felt a lot bigger than her last one.

Tanya pulled her hair clear and closed the collar, the resounding click sent a chill down Samira’s spine. Samira tried to look down, her head was tilted right back and now seemed to be stuck there.

Next, she felt steel cuffs surround her wrists behind her, these ones had no chain as before and held her wrists virtually touching each other. Her elbows soon found similar cuffs, equally close together. Samira felt the strain immediately, and sensed her breasts thrust outwards.

Tanya now fiddled with something between her elbows, there was a click, then pressure on her collar at the back, another click, and it was all over.

“Oh Sammi, you look fabulous, let me show you!” said an excited Tanya, who pulled the blindfold off.

Samira could see nothing but the ceiling, but Tanya was already guiding her to the bed. She eased her forward until Samira felt her legs touch the bed. Then a simple push saw Samira fall like a chopped tree.

Now she knew why the collar was this design, her head was held perfectly for one thing only, her Mistresses pussy.

Tanya took a picture of her arm bondage on her phone and showed Samira the Image. Samira smiled.

“It’s beautiful, Mistress, thank you so much,” said Samira, who couldn’t wait to get out of it.

“I knew you ‘d like it, that’s why I also ordered some addons for next time, but I won’t spoil the surprise for you,” said Tanya who was giddy with excitement.

Tanya then climbed back onto the bed and positioned herself, Samira didn’t need to be told, she had work to do, and her Mistress was waiting.

Samira struggled to make her Mistress come, it was taking forever, and she could tell Tanya was getting angry.

“Sammi, you’re not trying very hard, do I need to motivate you?” asked Tanya.

“I’m sorry my Mistress, but I can’t move very well, and I know you like it better when I can, the other collar gave me much more movement,” replied Sammi, which she regretted immediately, she had just told her Mistress that her gift was rubbish in effect.

“I see,” said Tanya who got off the bed, leaving Samira feeling very scared.

“Well, you’ve killed the mood now,” said Tanya. Samira felt more cuffs on her ankles, just the same as her new ones. Her legs were bent up, another pole clicked into her wrist cuffs, then she heard another click, and her legs would not move.

Samira was locked into a metal hog-tie and couldn’t move at all. A penis gag appeared in front of her face, she didn’t resist and accepted the gag. It was buckled tight.

“I’ll leave you to think about your performance tonight Sammi, maybe you’ll do better tomorrow, until then you can sleep on it. Good night my love,” said Tanya who just left her there to ponder her future.

Samira resigned herself to spending another uncomfortable night, she knew this day may come, when Tanya grew bored of her. She thought about running away, starting a new life, but she would never be comfortable knowing Tanya held grudges.

Either way the prospect of ending up as one of her pets or sold didn’t sit well with her. She had a lot of thinking to do, and now it seemed she had the time to do it.

The young man sat in his home office, going through web pages relating to BDSM activities. He was researching the subject due to an anonymous tip that a residence in Kent was some kind of kinky club.

Jason Stewart was only 19, he was keen and was looking for his first big story, with the hopes of landing a job at one of the tabloids. He had emailed them several times for an interview, but always got denied.

His searches had led him to numerous websites, and he seemed to spend a lot of time on some of the story sites, there were a myriad of fetishes.

He was drawn again and again to stories of non-consensual slavery. Some were far-fetched, he thought, but they piqued his interest. Maybe more than they should have!

He started to read another story, and already he felt a stir in his crotch. He shook his head and closed the page; he was getting distracted again.

Jason started to focus on a different angle and found the listings for the Kent property. Castle House was currently owned by a company called Wright Holdings.

He delved into Wright Holdings and found several companies, mostly genuine successful businesses, the CEO was one Angela Wright. It seemed she was a very wealthy woman; she fitted the stereotype for all of the Mistresses he had read about in the stories online.

It seemed a big coincidence, he knew that they were just stories, but his mind wandered. Checking the list of businesses he found one called Transformations.

The Transformation Emporium, Jason did a quick google search and found a website for the store. His eyes nearly popped out of his head, he needed to visit this place. The tip, her lavish lifestyle and now this, a fetish shop, catering heavily towards the BDSM market.

He checked the address; Oxford was only an hour drive from his West London home. Jason grabbed his keys and his bag; he was out the door moments later.

Nicola studied the latest brochures from the suppliers, winter was just around the corner, and she was keen to find some interesting new leather coats. Some of the regular big spenders would always be looking to add to their collection.

Especially Ann, she was a very wealthy woman, or at least her husband was wealthy. She often dropped by and spent a few thousand pounds per visit.

Nicola had gotten to know her quite well; she was convinced Ann was a Mistress of some sort at first. It was the way she carried herself, full of confidence. Ann was just a keen leather fanatic though and confessed to Nicola of her love of the material.

Ann was always in Nicola’s mind when looking through the leather items coming up in the new seasons.

Sighing, Nicola closed the book, she needed a coffee and a break. Heading out of the office she had the barista make her a latte. Then she took a seat in the foyer lounge to enjoy a welcome rest from her office.

Being the boss had its benefits, and this was one of her favourites, relaxing and watching the customers come in, she was an avid people watcher! Trying to gauge them, and their secrets!

Nicola sipped her coffee, several couples came in, some she recognised as regulars, looking for a little something extra to spice up the weekend. Other couples were first timers, she could tell by the way their eyes were all over the place, not knowing where to start.

The young lad walked in on his own, Nicola’s interest was immediately piqued. He was out of place on his own, the younger people were always in groups or new kinky couples. Single men were more prone to visit seedy sex shops in back alleys.

The young man scanned the shop, almost with a professional eye, at first Nicola thought maybe an estate agent, and his natural instinct was to survey the building. But his attire said no.

He walked on into the shop, and Nicola couldn’t resist seeing which department drew him in. Her phone had access to the CCTV network, and she watched the young man navigate through the store.

He bypassed the leather section without paying much attention, underwear was also not on his radar. Then he obviously saw what he was looking for and made a beeline for the bondage section.

Nicola smiled and watched with interest as he spent over half an hour checking out all the various restraints, paying special attention to the armbinders.

Eventually he made his way back to the foyer and headed for the customer service counter.

“Good afternoon, Sir, how may I help you?” enquired Becky the sales assistant.

“Hi, I was hoping to possibly have a chat to Mrs Wright,” said Jason to the young assistant.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Mrs Wright is not in today, in fact she rarely comes in lately,” said Becky.

“I see, is there a manager I could possibly see?” asked Jason.

“Sure, can I ask what it’s about?” quizzed Becky.

“I’m a journalist and I’m hoping to write a piece about your store,” said Jason, handing Becky his card.

Nicola had overheard the conversation but remained seated. Becky looked over Jason’s shoulder and saw Nicola nod her head.

“Thank you, Mr Stewart, Miss Swanson is the manager, she is behind you in the lounge, can I get you a drink maybe?” said Becky, Jason thought she was ridiculously cute, and very professional.

“Thank you, Becky, you’ve been most helpful, and I would love a cup of tea please,” said Jason, glancing at her name badge. Becky smiled and headed off to find the barista.

Jason walked over to the lounge area and observed the manager sitting down with her phone in her hand.

“Miss Swanson?” enquired Jason. Nicola looked up as if she were unaware of the young man.

“Yes, how can I help you Sir,” she replied with a smile. Jason smiled, and immediately fell in love with her, or more to the point, his cock did. She was gorgeous, he thought.

Nicola went to get up, but Jason held out his hand.

“No please, don’t get up, besides, I’ve just ordered tea,” he said smiling and took a seat. Nicola returned the smile.

With perfect timing his tea arrived, silver service of course.

“Oh my, I was expecting a Starbucks style cup!” said Jason with a smile.

“Only the best for our customers Mr?” said Nicola posing the question.

“I’m sorry, where are my manners? Jason Stewart.” He replied offering his hand. Nicola took his hand gently, he felt strong for a young man, but his build was small, Nicola guessed his clothing choice hid his real physique.

“Pleased to meet you Mr Stewart, what brings you to our store today?” enquired Nicola.

“Oh, just Jason please, I was hoping to interview Mrs Wright, but I understand she is not here?” said the young reporter.

“Oh… I see,” said Nicola. Jason sensed a little sadness, but couldn’t put his finger on it, his investigative nature decided to push.

“I’m sorry, was you hoping for something else?” said Jason suppressing a grin.

“Well, yes, I was hoping you wanted to try on one of those restrictive armbinders you spent a very long time admiring!” said Nicola who just suckered him right in.

Jason was taken back, he was certain he had her on the back foot, then all of a sudden, he was drowning, and now struggled to find words. But other parts of him were very awake.

His mind swirled as he remembered all those stories from the internet about poor young girls going into a sex store only to find themselves captured. He tried to shake the vision from his mind.

“Oh, I er…” stuttered Jason.

“It’s ok Jason, relax, it’s what most people come in here for, there is nothing to be ashamed about. We all have needs!” said Nicola, with a heavy emphasis on all.

This caused Jason’s now growing cock to twitch, and he suddenly realised he was out of his league, and comfort zone. As much as he had studied the kink scene, he realised that he really had no idea about how it actually felt to be in it.

His body, though, had other ideas and seemed to want to know much more. Jason was curious, but also a little scared.

“Ok, confession time,” said Nicola.

Jason sighed, he didn’t want to play his cards too early, but he felt he might have to, it would either gain him access, or shut him down. Only one way to find out.

“Fine, I am investigating a residence in Kent, I had a tip that it is a club for, let’s say, fetish desires. My inquiries have led me here, and to Mrs Wright,” said Jason.

Nicola smiled, she studied the young man, his body language screamed potential submissive, and already a plan was forming in her head. Angela had rubbed off on her more than she knew.

“Well, Jason, I am not at liberty to discuss Mrs Wright's affairs, but I can and will pass on your card if you wish. Whether Mrs Wright entertains you of course is out of my control. But I promise to put in a good word for you,” said Nicola.

“Thank you, Miss Swanson, I would appreciate it,” said Jason, who decided to take his time drinking his tea, and avoid standing with his hard-on.

“In the meantime, if you ever feel like trying that binder on you are more than welcome to pop in,” said Nicola with a seductive smile. Poor Jason shifted uncomfortably; his tea was nearly gone.

Tanya tapped away on her phone, with two of the four required girls on route, she had decided to commit to the order on the dark website. This was a risky move for Tanya, failure to produce on an order could have serious repercussions for her. Tanya however was full of arrogance, she didn’t realise it, but it was her one weakness.

She genuinely believed she was untouchable, she even managed to plan an escape from the Institute, a feat no one had ever achieved. The world of BDSM was a big market, organisations existed across the globe.

Most of the countries supported the ways of the Institute, but there were always pockets of non-cons, lurking in the corners.

Some countries were known as major hubs for the illegal slave market, and some, such as the wealthy rancher, had their own islands in the middle of nowhere.

If Tanya weren’t careful, she could easily find her way to one of these places.

She uploaded pictures of both Petra and Julia, taken recently upon capture. The rancher received the pictures and accepted the first two as a part order.

Tanya was to hold them unharmed and kept healthy until further instructions. Pleased, she accepted the terms, and a sizable down-payment on the order, she was now committed to filling it. The request was withdrawn from the market and advertised as filled.

Vivien had spilled all the info on the black-market website before becoming 338. She had also warned Tanya to always read the terms of the contract. Something Tanya never did.

In the small print, there was a clear warning. Failure to complete the trade would result in the trader being liable to considerable damages to be paid, failure would result in goods to the value.

Goods, for all intent purposes to these people were slaves. Your title didn’t matter, they would send a team to your home and take what they wanted, including you if necessary.

Tanya was young and incredibly attractive; she would fetch a high price.

Julia had been close to being sick several times, she hated boats and suffered badly with sea sickness. Getting off the boat was a blessing, and she was happy to feel solid ground.

Her happiness would not last though, both Julia and Petra feared the worst, only Tanya could be behind this abduction. Last time they got off easy and managed to stay unharmed as sex slaves.

This time they might not be so lucky. The pair were herded into the processing room, where Tanya was waiting for them.

Their hoods were removed now they were inside, the pair stood naked and chained hand and foot and gagged. Both had a look of fear as they saw Tanya smiling.

“Welcome back slaves, last time we didn’t get to know each other very well, but hopefully things will be different this time around,” said a cheery Tanya.

They both looked ready to cry any minute, Tanya considered giving them something to cry about, but remembered they had to be cared for.

“Oh relax you blubbering sluts, you will be taken care of, you’re both worth a lot of money to me!” said Tanya.

“They are to be placed in the holding cells, keep them warm, fed and cared for,” ordered Tanya, before turning to leave. It was time to see if Samira was awake and learned her lesson.

Amy had just fed Olivia and she was ready for a sleep, she laid her down in her cot and sung a nursery rhyme to her as she drifted off.

Coming down the stairs she picked up the laptop on the sofa to check her share prices. But she realised it was a different laptop. She tried to log on but got a warning flash up.

No slaves! Mistress access only!

“Well that’s different!” she said to herself.

“What’s different wifey?” said Betsy walking into the room.

“Got your own laptop I see!” said Amy, with a frown.

“Oh, that, yeah, it’s my alter ego’s!” said Betsy grinning.

“Keeping secrets, are we?” said Amy playfully.

“Yes, wifey my love, I have a few, but fortunately rule 3 only works one way in that relationship,” said Betsy with a laugh.

Amy pounced on Betsy who was now on the sofa next to her.

“Well, my lover, I don’t see any necklace and as I recall you are susceptible to revealing all under the tickle torture method,” said Amy as she pinned Betsy down and grabbed her ribs.

“Oh no, no, don’t you dare!” said Betsy, already laughing. Amy tickled her for a few seconds, then grabbed her arms and pinned them above her head.

Moving her face close to Betsy’s, almost touching.

“Secrets are bad, but I’ll let you off if it’s for a surprise,” whispered Amy before kissing her wife. They smooched for a minute or two, before Amy broke off, but stayed close, still pinning her arms.

“I promise, you’ll love the things I have planned wifey,” said Betsy, then reached up to try and initiate another long kiss. Amy backed her head away, just out of reach, and smiled devilishly.

“I can see why you like it up here in control, but I got to tell you babe. I much prefer being down there!” she whispered and kissed Betsy deeply, releasing her arms and embracing her.

The two stayed there for the next hour just being together, loving each other.

Nicola picked up the phone in the privacy of her office. It seemed strange to use a landline phone again, but she got used to it fairly quickly. She dialled the number and listened to the ring tone.

“Nicola, is everything alright?” said a panicked Angela.

“Yes, everything is fine, Grand Mistress Angela, I’m calling as I have an idea about something,” said Nicola.

“Thank God for that, what’s the idea?” asked Angela. Nicola and Angela had an agreement to skip formalities for business calls, but Nicola always made a point of using her title on the opening line.

“I’ve just had an interesting visitor to the store, an incredibly young handsome reporter, called Jason. I watched him for a while as he perused the store, and I’m convinced he is submissive. He was looking for you, with regards to a tip on the castle and some kinky shenanigans,” said Nicola.

“Interesting, what are you thinking?” asked Angela.

“I told him I would put a good word in and see about an interview with you, I’m convinced you can seduce him into our lifestyle, and a reporter in the ranks could be a useful tool. I realise now is not the best of times, but an opportunity is just that, be a shame to waste it,” said Nicola.

“Indeed Nicola, good forward thinking, do you have his details?” asked Angela.

“Yes, I will forward them to you, happy hunting Grand Mistress Angela,” said Nicola with a grin.

“Thank you, Nicola, take care my love,” said Angela before hanging up the phone.

Nicola replaced the receiver and pondered the poor lad’s future. If she could have him squirming, god knows what an hour with Angela will do to him.

Julia and Petra were sceptical at best, their cell was an actual cell, but they had amenities and regular meals. It was literally the complete opposite of what they expected.

Tanya had been nothing but nice to them and this worried them even more. One of the servants who was a slave to Tanya and fitted with one of her feared belts was genuinely nice to them, and often chatted when she was confident no one was listening.

It was one of those occasions, Tanya was out of the lair having a meeting with someone, and there were hardly any guards around, especially down in the dungeon area.

“Here you go ladies, dinner is served,” said the young slave, who was only known as 401.

“Thank you, hon,” said Julia.

“My pleasure, I’ve never seen a £5 million slave before, and now there’s two of you!” she said nervously looking around.

Julia looked astonished. That was a lot of money, she’d heard of slaves selling for up to £70,000 before but they were almost super model standard.

“Are you sure? That seems a bit excessive?” asked Julia.

“Yes, I heard Mistress Tanya talking on the phone, four pony girls all matching for £20 million. You’ll be going to the Rancher, where that other boy Josh went,” said 401.

“Wasn’t there a Josh that went missing from Mistress Abigail?” said Petra.

“Yeah, I think so, poor lad,” said Julia.

“Well, you can meet him when you get there, he was shipped last week. They’re just waiting for two more of your sisters, they said, are you all related?” asked the slave.

Julia was just about to ask a question when the slave screamed in pain, her hands desperately trying to get past her belt at the rear. Looking up Julia saw Tanya standing by the opposite cell.

“Tut, tut, 401. I think it’s time we found a gag for you!” said Tanya.

The poor slave was crying in pain and cowered as Tanya approached.

“401, go to the dungeon and wait for me,” ordered Tanya.

“Yes, Mistress Tanya,” said the slave before scurrying off crying.

“She loves to talk, that one, but I guess the cat is out of the bag now!” said Tanya.

“I presume the good treatment we’re getting is because of our price tags?” asked Petra.

“I see you’ve lost your manners, slave,” said Tanya.

“Not at all, I’ll always address a Mistress when I see one!” said Petra with a fake smile. She was relying on Tanya not being able to harm them. Julia felt a bit uncomfortable at Petra’s baiting.

“Careful now, I can do all sorts without showing any marks, ask 401!” snarled Tanya. Julia gulped, now she was scared. But Petra was not, this bitch deserved no respect for what she had done to all those slaves.

“No doubt you can, but is it really worth the risk? I mean, five million is a lot of dough!” said Petra.

“Carry on dear, maybe when I catch another two of you matching slaves, I will catch the taller one too, and your punishment can be to watch her get the same treatment as your former Mistress had. But this time there will be no escape,” said Tanya who was getting agitated.

“Good luck with that,” said Petra who then returned to her bed and ignored Tanya.

“Oh, we will, we will,” said Tanya who then left, to go and find 401.

“Ah, there you are my little chatterbox,” said Tanya upon finding 401 waiting patiently. She then gave her a box from her supply of goodies.

“Take this to the doctor and tell him you are to be fitted with it, run along 401,” ordered Tanya.

“Yes, Mistress Tanya,” said 401, Tanya smiled, knowing they were probably the last words she would ever speak.

Hernando Garcia was probably one of the richest men on the planet. He owned his own island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Most people didn’t know his real name, he was simply known as the Rancher.

In fact, Hernando Garcia was also a fake name, he wasn’t even Hispanic, but his constant tan and perfect Spanish fooled most people. Besides, no one would ever dare confront him.

His passion was ponies, not equine, but human ponies. His money came from his drug empire, he was the boss of one of the largest cartels in the world and he was exceptionally good at it.

His newest pony had recently arrived, but he was content to let the stable hands take care of him. At this moment he was concerned about some recent information he had received.

His right-hand man had alerted him to some disturbing information, and he had been summoned to explain it in person.

“Hector, are you sure about this?” said the Rancher.

“Yes, boss, the intel is solid, it comes from our contact in London, he is my cousin, I trust him with my life,” said Hector.

“My friend, if you vouch for him then his word is solid. Contact the trader and make it absolutely clear the new ponies are not to be touched, offer an extra 25 percent to make sure,” said the Rancher.

“As you wish, boss, but that is a lot of money,” said Hector.

“Hector, I am going to pay for these girls, then they will be treated like royalty before being sent home. Then and only then we will visit this trader at home, she will be a pony, and I will seize her fortunes and get my money back,” said the Rancher.

“Whatever you say boss, I guess this Angela means a lot to you?” said Hector.

“More than you will ever know, my friend,” said the Rancher.

Chapter 7

Elsie was going stir crazy, she had been cooped up in the castle now for several days, she needed some air and some decent exercise. Angela had noticed she was unhappy and decided that a nice long walk around the grounds would help calm her down.

She knew Elsie was always out on hikes across the country, she loved the outdoors, and her favourite pastime was walking for miles across rural England.

Elsie knew she wasn’t about to be let loose on the Yorkshire Dales, but a walk around the grounds of the estate was a decent compromise. Angela had decided to join her, she was curious to see Elsie in her natural element.

They had been walking and chatting away for over an hour and were nearing the northern perimeter of the estate.

Angela noticed a hole in the wire fence which ran along the nearby road, there was a van parked near it and she was a little suspicious about it. She rang Terry to let him know, so one of the guys could investigate.

No sooner had she put the phone down when two men ran through the hole and straight at them.

“Elsie, run!” shouted Angela and the two of them ran back towards the castle as fast as they could, the men gave chase but weren’t really making any progress in closing the gap.

Then Angela suddenly slipped and went tumbling.

“Mistress!” screamed Elsie as she stopped to help her, Angela knew if Elsie helped her, they would both be caught.

“No Elsie, run!” she screamed.

Elsie looked at her and Angela could see tears. Then Elsie started running, but straight at the two men.

“Mistress, please run!” shouted Elsie and made a beeline for the two men.

Angela watched in shock as Elsie threw herself at the men performing a move Angela hadn’t thought possible. It would seem Ellie had taught her a few things.

Reluctantly Angela started running towards the castle, she was crying her eyes out, knowing Elsie had just sacrificed herself to save her. She glanced back and saw that Elsie was putting up a good fight, one of the men was on the floor holding his balls, and Elsie was squaring off to the other.

Then sadly it was all over, the guy on the floor seemed to produce a weapon of some kind, and Elsie hit the ground.

“Nooooo, Elsie!” Screamed Angela, as the two men hurried off with an unconscious Elsie. She looked toward the castle, several guards were running towards her, she would be safe, but Elsie was already in the van.

Angela sank to her knees and cried, the van had gone, by the time security had gotten out to the where the van was it had long gone.

Terry was livid, kicking anything in his way as he roasted two of his guards.

“You were supposed to be watching them!” shouted Terry.

“I’m sorry boss, they cut through the wooded area, and we lost sight of them, it was only two minutes at most,” said the guard, it really wasn’t his fault, they were maintaining a certain distance as ordered.

“Boss, I tried to take a shot, but there was a danger to the girl, I had no clear shot, I’m sorry,” said the second guard.

“Get out of here!” said Terry, who finally sat down and put his head in his hands.

Ellie arrived at the castle, she headed straight to Angela and gave her a cuddle.

“I’m so sorry Angel, I should have been here,” said Ellie.

“Don’t do that Ell, you can’t be everywhere,” said Angela.

“Poor Elsie, I swear to god Angel, I’m going to find that bitch and make her pay,” said Ellie, showing rage. Angela knew better by now, the new Ellie was a lean mean fighting machine, and she had no doubt that one day soon Tanya would be on the wrong end of a pissed off Ellie. She let her vent, then started to calm her down as only she could.

“You would have been proud of Elsie; she took on both men to save me,” said Angela.

“Really?” said Ellie, her and Elsie shared a strong bond, they had a lot of history together.

“Yes, really. I tripped, she could have kept running and saved herself. But she bought me time, she charged those two men, who were huge loathes. I saw her do some kind of manoeuvre that I can’t explain, wrapping her legs around one of their necks, the next thing he was on the ground, and she punched him straight in the nuts,” said Angela, laughing a little. Ellie smiled; she pictured the scene.

“Then she was up and squaring off to the other guy, he looked scared Ell, she had him worried. Until the guy on the floor shot her with a taser or something,” said Angela, shaking her head.

“I taught her a few things, guess it paid off, well, sort of, it saved you at least,” said Ellie.

“That it did,” said Angela.

“Angel, this wont stop, not until we stop her, Tanya has to go!” demanded Ellie.

“I know, I’m addressing the council tomorrow, we need to make a decision, and end this,” said Angela.

Hernando arrived in the stables and found his new stallion. He looked him over and nodded in approval, he was indeed a fine specimen, his picture did him proud.

Josh had been treated extremely well, the stable hands took real good care of the ponies, it was nothing like he thought it would be. Hernando, the Rancher pulled his reins toward him and patted his head as he would a real horse.

He reached to the bit, and released it, then pulled it out.

“Hello, I am the Rancher, I’m happy to see you here. Tell me, what is your name, your real name?” said Hernando.

“Master, my name is Josh,” he said.

“First of all, I’m not your Master, I’m your carer, and if you are what I ordered you are where you want to be,” said Hernando.

“I don’t understand?” said Josh.

Hernando shook his head, this seemed to be a more common problem lately, people should read the small print on contracts.

“Let me guess, you were abducted against your will and sold into slavery?” said Hernando.

“I was a slave, to my Mistress in London, I was abducted by a nasty piece of work by the name of Tanya. She is known for her collection of slaves who suffer under her rule,” said Josh.

“I’m sorry to hear that, my staff tell me you were very obedient, and seemed to be genuine, I can only apologise for your treatment,” said Hernando.

“Sir, your staff have been very kind, I can't fault them, they are a credit to you and the pony scene in general,” said Josh.

“Josh, every pony you see here, there are over two hundred on the island. They are all here by choice. Except, for around twelve of them, who are what I consider convicts. If you want to return to your Mistress, I will allow it, you just need to say the word,” said Hernando.

“Are there any other options?” asked Josh.

Hernando looked confused.

“Please explain yourself, I’m not following,” said Hernando.

“What are the options for staying?” asked Josh.

Hernando laughed; this was a special pony indeed.

“You have three options: go home, sign a contract to stay here for as long as I want, or sign a contract for a fixed term. Be warned, once you sign a contract, you will be a pony, no more conversations, I offer the real deal, no weekend wannabes here,” said Hernando.

“You mean consensual non-consent?” asked Josh.

“I suppose you could put it that way. Your contract states, that you will fulfil your contract as a pony, you consent to be treated as an animal for the duration of your stay, if you get ill, you will be treated, if you misbehave you will be punished, and we will drive you hard to become the best you can be,” said Hernando.

“That sounds fair, do you ever get people that change their minds?” asked Josh.

“That’s the point, we don’t know, because you will be an animal, you will not speak again until your contract expires, like I said, this is the real deal, no wannabes,” said Hernando.

Josh nodded and pondered his future, he loved Mistress Abigail, and missed her a lot. But she knew he had always wanted an opportunity like this, she would understand.

“Sir, can I make a request of you?” asked Josh.

“Of course, you are a free man until you say otherwise,” said Hernando.

“Thank you, I would like to get a message to my former Mistress, I owe her an explanation for my disappearance. Secondly, I would like to sign a contract to stay, for a duration of your choosing,” said Josh.

Hernando smiled.

“Of course Josh, I will arrange all of this for you. Please read the contract in full, some things done here are too much for some people, many back out after reading it. Naturally, you will not be able to actually sign anything, so we will arrange for you to make a recording for your Mistress, and also you will need to agree to the contract by voice,” said Hernando.

“I accept, and I will not back out of the contract, I presume you refer to things such as brandings and possibly some body modifications? These are not a problem for me. This is the reason I have chosen this lifestyle, it’s what I desire,” said Josh.

“Very well, I will arrange everything, your requests will be dealt with within the hour. Then your new life can begin, welcome to the ranch!” said Hernando, he patted Josh again and went to his stable hands to tell them what to do.

Josh smiled, he had found his place in life, and through the most unexpected way!

Julia was woken by Petra shaking her.

“Wake up!” said Petra.

“What’s up Pet?” asked Julia.

“Look,” said Petra.

Tanya was walking towards the cell with a hooded slave in chains. She looked to be the same build as the pair but seemed to be wobbly on her feet.

Outside the cell she was unchained, then the door was opened, and she was pushed in with the others. Tanya locked the door and left without saying a word, she just smiled at Petra.

Julia held the new member as she was unsteady, then guided her to sit down. Petra undone the drawstring on her hood, which was basically a black canvas bag.

Elsie squinted at the sudden light, then smiled at seeing two friendly faces.

“Oh thank god you’re alright, I was worried sick about you two,” said Elsie, who started to sway as she attempted to stand.

“Whoa steady Elsie, what did they do, drug you?” asked Petra.

“I think so, must’ve been that bloke who I punched in the nuts, I don’t think he was happy about that!” said Elsie, all three laughed.

“So, what’s going on? I thought I’d be encased in metal by now!” said Elsie.

“No chance of that Els, you're worth too much money!” said Julia, who then explained everything to Elsie.

After five minutes of catching up, they had talked about the ranch, their abductions and Elsie told them how she saved Angela.

“Girls, I’m pretty sure we’re gonna be saved, it's only a matter of time before they find us, wherever this is?” said Elsie.

Julia and Petra smiled, they hoped she was right, as much as living on a paradise island appealed, they would all rather pass, a pony life sounded fun but not for them.

Freya sat in the lounge of the castle, Angela was deep in thought, there was no doubt what she was thinking about. Freya felt she needed a distraction and she needed to intervene.

“Mistress Angela, I know how you feel, but you need to let Terry deal with it. There’s nothing we can do at the moment,” said Freya.

“I know Freya dear, I’m just so worried, I dread to think what she has done to them! I’m scared for them; Tanya is pure evil,” said Angela, a real look of concern on her face.

“You need a distraction, I’m not saying you should forget about them just keep busy, they need you fighting fit when they are rescued, and moping about will not do!” said Freya.

“You’re right, what do you have in mind?” asked Angela, she knew Freya was looking out for her, and a distraction would certainly be a saving grace at the moment.

“How about we get that reporter fellow in for an interview?” asked Freya.

“Now that is a great idea!” said Angela reaching for her phone.

“Nicola?” asked Angela.

“Hello Mistress Angela, what can I do for you?” said a chirpy Nicola.

“Well, you sound happy all things considered?” said Angela with a furrowed brough.

“Oh, sorry, it’s just that Ann has just been in, and we had a lovely chat before she dropped over £4,000 on the new winter line,” said an excited Nicola.

“That woman must have more leather than a cow farm by now! But she does look good in it and you’re right, she is a lovely conversationalist!” said Angela, happy to hear that people can still feel positive in these dark times.

“Nicola, can you do me a favour please, and call that reporter fellow, tell him to be at the castle tomorrow at noon?” asked Angela.

“Of course, I’ll get on it as soon as we’ve loaded Ann’s car,” said Nicola, all excited.

“Thank you, dear, and good work on that new line, I will have to pop in and take a look for myself, speak soon my love,” said Angela before hanging up.

Just then Mistress Sarah came into the lounge with a familiar face. The timing wasn’t great, but Angela managed to contain herself.

“Sarah, lovely to see you, it’s been a while?” said Angela.

“Thank you, Grand Mistress Angela, I’d like you to meet the reformed Dr Furnell,” said Sarah.

“Grand Mistress Angela, I want to thank you for showing me the error of my ways, I was in a dark place and lost for some time. What I tried to do was disgraceful, and I am deeply ashamed. I am forever in your debt and of course yours Mistress Sarah,” said Robert Furnell.

“Robert, I too must apologise to you, I saw rage for a short period of time, and I am sorry for doing what I did to you, fortunately it showed me a path to see the error of both mine and your ways, I hope we can come out of this with something positive,” said Angela genuinely.

“Well, we might just have some positive news!” said Sarah, excitedly.

“Oh, do share?” quizzed Freya.

“I’ve brought the good Doctor here today to visit the ex-slaves of Tanya, mainly as a lesson to see what becomes of unfortunate slaves, but we are hopeful of something more!” said Sarah, looking to Robert to share the news.

“As you know the clinic in Oxford, specialises in bone restructuring, I’ve discussed things with Dr Nichols, and we are fairly confident we can remove some of these nasty devices,” said Robert with a real enthusiasm, one which had eluded him for a good while.

“Really? We’ve had numerous specialists in, no one seems very hopeful,” said Angela.

“That’s where our new technology comes in, normally we remove pieces of bone and re-fuse them, a technique that has proven highly effective time and again now. With these patients we think it is possible to operate and break the bones temporarily, allowing some if not most of the devices to be removed. Then we repair the bone and voila!” said Robert.

“That’s excellent news Doctor, I hope it all goes well, such a shame we can’t repair the mental damage too,” said Angela sadly.

“Maybe in time, Angela, we can but hope,” said Sarah.

“I hope so Sarah, I really do,” said Angela.

Betsy was in for a good day; her package had finally arrived. Amy actually signed for the delivery and had no idea what it was. Normally they would open each other’s parcels, but this one was addressed to Mistress Elizabeth.

Amy was curious to say the least, and she ran out to the gym room all excited.

“Babe, you or should I say Mistress has a parcel!” said Amy like a kid in a sweet shop. Betsy was still running on the treadmill, she smiled, today was going to be fun.

“Ooh, at last!” said Betsy panting, she still had two miles to go on her morning ten-mile run.

“Can I open it?” said Amy, excitedly.

Betsy shook her head no, and just smiled, then sensed the treadmill speed up for her last mile. Amy knew how much Betsy loved this last part of her run, pushing her to a near sprint finish.

It wasn’t for the faint of heart, this routine took dedication and Betsy was focusing hard as she pulled every ounce of strength to maintain the sprint finish.

Amy took a seat to watch her, she was sweating profusely, her toned body was rippling from the impact of her feet pounding the treadmill. Betsy’s face was focused, concentrating on the imaginary finish line.

A hot flush ran through Amy, she loved this look on her wife and it turned her on. Patches of sweat on her tight t-shirt just gave her goosebumps for some reason, it was intoxicating for her.

For a minute she forgot all about the parcel and sub-consciously let her hand drop to her damp pussy. Cara glanced into the gym room and saw Amy; she grinned as she saw her hand rubbing her crotch.

The sound of the treadmill going fast told her everything, it wasn’t the first time she had seen this. She snuck into the gym and bent down to Amy’s ear. Amy was oblivious, her mind and eyes on only one thing.

“Need a hand with that?” Cara whispered into Amy’s ear as she ran her hands up her sides slowly approaching her breasts. Cara swung her leg over the ottoman which Amy was straddling.

They pair were in a seated spooning position as they watched Betsy pound the treadmill, her face now showing the strain. Cara’s hands got busy, one was tweaking Amy’s nipple the other had replaced the one at her pussy and was inside her leggings, finger probing the wetness.

Amy’s head fell back onto Cara’s shoulder, her eyes never leaving her lover. Betsy was down to a few hundred yards to go, every day she set the speed just a tiny bit faster, she wanted to push herself more and more.

Cara had Amy panting hard, she knew she wouldn’t come from this, but her arousal would grow and grow, ultimately frustrating her and needing a release, but without Mistress Elizabeth about, it was an unlikely outcome.

Betsy hit the finish line and smiled broadly as the treadmill started to slow down. She had attained another milestone, breaking an 8 minute 30 second average per mile. If she could knock it down another 30 seconds per mile she would be in the professional category.

Betsy had trained with many others over the past six months, only Ellie and Cara had managed to keep her pace, but even they lacked the speed to keep up with her sprint finishes.

Cara had been extremely impressed with her stamina, even her longer stride was brushed aside by Betsy’s determined body. Since Cara had arrived, she had helped Betsy develop a gruelling workout schedule, and it was starting to show.

Betsy and Amy were once near identical from the neck down, subtle differences for sure but otherwise almost the same. But now there was a bigger difference, Betsy was becoming more and more toned and had started to show signs of six pack abs.

Amy loved the changes, and she knew Betsy was loving it too. Although Amy loved to exercise, she was happy with her body. She liked to maintain her figure and had no interest in becoming more muscled.

She had that in her past life and had no desire to go back to it. Betsy slowly came to a halt and looked over to Amy. She hadn’t noticed Cara come in and intervene with Amy’s pleasure and she grinned at seeing her wife’s arousal.

As her breathing came back to a control of some degree, she slowly worked her body doing her warm down stretches.

“There you go again wifey, getting all worked up, and now you're gonna be begging me to spank you to get off!” Laughed Betsy. Who would sometimes help her out, but not today.

Having Amy get all horny and worked up was perfect, and after Betsy took a shower, she would get dressed and put on her necklace. Today was working out to be simply perfect.

Samira received the text message on her phone, her presence was required at the castle. As Samira currently had no slaves, she was the official note taker for council meetings. A previous employment as a personal assistant made her perfect for the role.

It also provided her with valuable information on Institute matters, one of the main reasons Tanya kept her relatively free.

Samira found Tanya who was inspecting 401, her new toy had been installed and Tanya liked it very much.

“Off you go 401, back to your duties, and no idle chit chat, ok?” said Tanya as she laughed. 401 nodded and scurried away to do her chores.

“Mistress Tanya, I’ve been summoned to the castle, there’s a council meeting tomorrow, I guess we already know the topic!” said Samira smiling.

“Excellent, I could certainly do with an update, you better get back to the mainland today. See if you can find a weakness for capturing the last pony. I don’t care which one it is. I just want to close this deal fast,” said Tanya thinking about the small fortune.

“Yes, Mistress, I’ll leave shortly. Said Samira, then left to pack her things.

Slave 401 headed off to the kitchens, it was time to feed the pony girls. She gathered the trays of food and put them on a trolley, then scooted off to their cell.

Petra had a look of shock on her face, she patted Julia on the shoulder to get her attention.

“Oh my god! You poor thing!” said Julia as she turned to see 401.

The unfortunate slave looked like her jaw was distended badly. A huge metal ball had been forced into her mouth; the girls wouldn’t have been surprised if it had dislocated her jaw. But it got worse for 401.

In actual fact her jaw was intact, it did take an extreme amount of effort to get the ball into her mouth, but the most shocking part was her lips.

Eight piercings had been made around her mouth, each filled with a steel grommet. Her lips had then been pulled back over the steel ball and lined up with strategically placed holes. Each gromet was then riveted to the ball itself.

401 would certainly not be talking any time soon, the slave served the food in silence, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Petra shed a tear for the girl, Elsie and Julia looked on in disbelief. Tanya’s cruelty knew no bounds. The ball looked solid, but if you looked closely, you would see a hex key type screw. By undoing the screw a cylindrical section of the ball would slide out, allowing the slave to be fed with a tube.

The horrid contraption looked immensely painful, 401 would testify to that, if only she could.

Betsy had showered and dressed accordingly for today’s games. She donned the outfit that Angela had gotten her, it was one of her favourites and she knew it turned Amy on.

Placing her necklace on she went back downstairs to find Amy and Cara on the sofa, Olivia had been fed and was bouncing in her bouncy chair giggling as the two women made funny noises.

Amy saw Mistress Elizabeth enter the room, and for the first time she was confused, they had not discussed how Amy should react when in slave mode while Olivia was awake and in the room.

“Relax Amy, as you were!” said Betsy sensing her dilemma. Betsy then joined them on the sofa and bent down to make a fuss of her daughter.

Olivia was transfixed on Betsy’s chain and reached for it.

“Oh, you like this, do you, baby girl?” said Betsy.

“One day you might have your own! Then you can order mummy to make your dinner!” said Betsy giggling. Cara laughed too, but Amy just felt a little humiliated. Which was the point Betsy was making.

There was a knock at the door, and Cara got up to answer it, hand on her sidearm behind her back.

“Hi Cara!” said Nicola. As she was let in.

“The mums are in the living room, be careful, only one slave in their at the moment,” said Cara with a slight chuckle.

“Thanks for the heads-up, Car,” said Nicola, who had developed a liking for shortening Cara’s name even more!

Nicola entered the living room, but remained silent, she stood and waited for Betsy to acknowledge her.

“Nicola, on time I see,” said Betsy.

“Yes, thank you Ma’am,” said Nicola.

Nicola had orders to transport baby Olivia to the castle, no fewer than six armed guards would travel with her, the security of Olivia was paramount. She was, after all, the heiress to the throne of the Institute.

Amy and Betsy would follow on later, escorted by a similar amount of guards, and Cara. The whole family were moving into the castle temporarily, the safety of them all was Angela’s highest priority.

Cara helped Nicola and Amy prepare everything Olivia needed and loaded one of the SUV’s ready to take them to Kent.

Betsy and Amy kissed Olivia and waved goodbye as the car drove off, they would all be reunited in a few hours.

The pair went back into the living room, Amy was about to strip off her clothes, but Betsy stopped her. She took off her necklace and placed it in her pocket, which Amy knew was a sign that Betsy needed to discuss something important before they went back to the D/s relationship.

“Amy, I love you more than ever, and I promise that whatever you may think of today, I know you’re going to like it. You might not think so at first, but I want you to trust me,” said Betsy.

“Babe, I will always trust you, I swore to wear this collar for you, and you of all people know what that means to me, and what it means for you. I am 100 percent committed to our love, life and lifestyle. Anything that happens in our other life is your command, I accept anything you wish for me! I only have one request?” said Amy, holding Betsy’s hands all the time.

“What’s the request?” asked Betsy.

“You can modify my body if you so desire, I have no issues, my life as a slave is yours and yours alone. Just don’t turn me back into a boy!” said Amy with a smile.

Betsy laughed and cuddled her tight.

“You will always be my girl wifey, but thanks for pointing out body mods! I think some huge tits and a big bouncy butt will look good on you!” said Betsy laughing. Amy laughed too, she knew Betsy was joking, but the truth was, if Betsy wanted it, she wouldn’t complain at all.

“Now, I have one more important issue, and that is this house,” said Betsy.

“Oh, what about it?” said Amy looking puzzled.

“It’s not big enough, but I know you love it and what it means to you. So I’m proposing some addons!” said Betsy.

The house was on a quiet street in Kidlington, it was a nice area and was already a large four bedroom detached house. But Betsy wanted some extra space, a larger gym area and of course a secret playroom.

Olivia would be up and running around in no time and Betsy wanted a secret space to keep away from the baby as she grew up. In the next few years she might even have a few more slaves, you never could tell.

Amy agreed; they went over some plans that Betsy already had drawn up by a builder friendly to the Institute. Amy liked them and gave Betsy her blessing to go ahead, which was good news as he was due in tomorrow to start work!

Finally the two finished with the business and financial side of the relationship and it was time to go back to more fun things.

“I love you wifey,” said Betsy reaching into her pocket for the necklace. Amy saw her reaching for it.

“I love you babe, both of you!” said Amy before grabbing her wife for a long kiss. Then she broke off the kiss and slid off the sofa to her knees smiling, slowly getting undressed. Betsy was already putting the necklace on, smiling back.

“Now then Kitten, upstairs you will find a blindfold on the bed, you will put it on then lay on the bed, face down and spread eagled. Off you go!” said Betsy.

“Yes, Mistress Elizabeth,” said a happy Amy and ran off with a smile. She was still frustrated from earlier and was hoping for a release of some sort.

Betsy grabbed her parcel and followed her. By the time she reached the bedroom Amy was in position as ordered.

Betsy opened her parcel and started to take out the contents, squealing with delight at seeing them. It was killing Amy not knowing what it was, but she was dedicated to her Mistress, and would never disobey her orders.

“Oh this is better than I ever imagined, you are going to love this, or learn to at least,” said Betsy smiling broadly.

Amy felt the bed move as Betsy put something on the end, then climbed on and straddled her back.

“Left hand to your left shoulder,” ordered Betsy, Amy complied then felt a soft but strong material start to wind around her arm keeping it in place. By the time Betsy had finished her arm resembled nothing but a black stump, not even her fingers were visible.

“Same with you right,” ordered Betsy, and soon Amy’s right arm matched the other. Betsy then shifted her position and moved to her legs. Each leg was folded and received the same treatment; Amy was now helpless.

Betsy rolled Amy over onto her back, she couldn’t help but notice that Amy was already getting wet, and they had only just started.

Betsy laid out a latex suit on the bed, then rolled Amy back on her front right over the spread suit. She threaded her arms into the short sleeves, Amy felt them grip her bound arms and add a little more restriction, yet there was no discomfort, it just felt very snug.

Her legs both received similar treatment and Betsy started to pull on the zip to encase her in the special latex suit, smoothing out any wrinkles as she went.

Flipping her over she made sure her breasts were aligned with the custom pockets, all seemed to be fine.

Amy was enjoying the feel of the bondage suit, it was amazingly comfortable yet restricting in its tight embrace, it was a perfect fit. Which of course it would be, it was custom fitted to her exact measurements after all.

Betsy repositioned Amy so she was upright, sitting on her folded legs.

“Now Kitten, I’m going to remove your blindfold, but you will focus your sight on the ceiling, no looking down!” said Betsy in a stern voice.

“Yes, Mistress Elizabeth,” replied Amy.

“Now you must trust me, I’m going to put some contact lenses in your eyes, but first there will be some eye drops, ok?” asked Betsy.

“Yes, Mistress Elizabeth,” said Amy smiling, showing Betsy she was enjoying this.

It took a minute for Amy to get used to the lenses, but she soon did, her sight seemed to be a bit darker but otherwise ok.

“Ok? Any irritation? Asked Betsy.

“No, they’re fine Mistress Elizabeth,” said Amy.

Betsy applied some black eye shadow on Amy then replaced her blindfold for a few minutes. The next item was just a latex cap, and Betsy gathered Amy’s hair tucking it all in and under the cap.

A hood would follow, but first Betsy held some kind of gum shield.

“Open wide, then bite down gently into the gum shield,” said Betsy. Amy did as she was told, and found her teeth settled into the gum shield perfectly.

She now realised why Betsy had her take a mould for her mouth last week, saying she was getting some gum shields for some self-defence training.

Amy thought nothing of it at the time, but now the plan was clear.

The shield covered both upper and lower teeth and held her mouth slightly open. She explored it with her tongue, finding a hole big enough to stick her tongue through. Betsy laughed as she saw the tongue poke through.

“Look up again,” ordered Betsy as she removed the blindfold.

The hood came next, a shiny leather affair that fitted perfectly and closed with a zip. It pulled under her chin stopping her from moving her jaw at all. She was very effectively gagged.

“Almost done kitten,” said Betsy, making sure the holes aligned with her nostrils and eyes. Then temporarily applied the blindfold once more.

Betsy laid her down again on her front. Amy felt some lube spread into her rosebud and prepared herself for an anal plug. It was fairly large, but Amy managed to take it.

As it settled into place, she realised the base was quite narrow and would prove exceedingly difficult to eject without help.

“Now clench your bum a few times,” said Betsy who then squealed with delight for some reason.

“One more thing and we are all done,” said Betsy, attaching a pink collar around Amy’s neck and buckling it snug but not tight.

“Absolutely perfect, try to get up onto your elbows and knees,” ordered Betsy.

Amy managed to do this quite easily, which delighted Betsy.

“Now walk,” she said. Which Amy also did quite easily.

“Ok, stop there,” said Betsy. Amy then felt Betsy lift her off the bed and onto the floor then taking off her blindfold.

“Walk over to the mirror and take a look at yourself, Kitten,” said an overly excited Betsy. Amy did and found it quite easy once she got going.

Arriving at the full-length mirror she looked at the creature before here. Now she finally realised why her Mistress kept calling her Kitten. The hood was exceptionally good, complete with ears and whiskers, but Amy was most impressed with her contacts.

Deep yellow eyes with black diamond pupils, just like a real cat. She poked her tongue through the gag, and just the tip of it appeared through the small hole at her mouth.

Glancing down she saw the pink collar with her name written on it in white. Not Amy, but Kitten. She moved slightly to keep her balance and the plug shifted inside her, she instinctively clenched her cheeks and noticed something move behind her.

Turning slightly, she clenched again and saw the long black tail flick. She had to agree, the suit was amazing. Betsy came up to her side and stroked her chin just like you would a real cat, setting off a small sensor which in turn activated vibrations in the plug.

Amy felt good from the vibrations, instinctively she started to clench her bum trying to feel more pleasure, which in turn caused her tail to flick even more. Betsy was ecstatic with the results, and as Amy groaned from the pleasure the noise sounded just like a purr.

“Now that is one amazing piece of kit,” said Betsy. She walked off slowly; Amy realised the vibrations had stopped and rushed after Betsy to get her to stroke her again.

Betsy stopped on the landing, and Kitten came up to her and rubbed her face on her leg to get attention. Amy suddenly worked out what just happened, and a rush of humility tore through her, spiking her arousal.

This was an ingenious design and an even more ingenious idea. Amy would literally run around all day seeking attention, only stopping for rest every now and then, the perfect house cat.

Betsy laughed, gave her a quick pet, then went downstairs, Kitten went to follow, but stopped short of the stairs. She let out a little scream of frustration, but the gag somehow made it sound like a little kitten cry for help.

Betsy turned and laughed again.

“Brilliant, just brilliant,” she said.

Cara had loaded most of the things that needed to go into the cars.

“Betsy, sorry Elizabeth, there’s a large pet holder in the boot, what’s that about?” said Cara.

Ah, yes, I forgot to tell you, Cara be a dear and go upstairs and fetch the cat please, we’re ready to go,” said Betsy heading out the door.

Cara gave her a strange look, then headed for the stairs.

“Cat? They haven’t got a…” said Cara as she saw the giant kitten looking at her.

“Kitten! Now it all makes sense,” said Cara as she scooped up Amy with ease. Cara couldn’t help but to tease Amy, and mocked her with a stroke under her chin, if only she knew!

Chapter 8

Jason arrived promptly at noon, he was thoroughly searched by what he thought were overzealous security guards, his camera was held by them until he could leave.

He was guided to a lounge area and offered refreshments by the staff. The whole set up made him think he was at the Palace to visit the Queen. He wasn’t far wrong!

There were several paintings on the wall, mostly beautiful women wearing revealing outfits that looked leather. Several had whips or riding crops. They weren’t lewd at all and showed an air of grace if not a little kinky.

Angela and Freya had decided to double team the young reporter, and purposely made him wait at least twenty minutes before finally strolling into the lounge.

“Jason Stewart, I presume?” said Angela.

“Yes, Angela Wright, I’m guessing?” asked Jason.

“Young man, first things first, you will address Grand Mistress Angela by title, until told otherwise!” said Freya with a stern glare, this was the first test, to see how he would react to a domineering woman.

“Yes of course, my apologies Grand Mistress Angela,” said an incredibly nervous Jason. Angela withheld her smirk.

“So, Jason, what would you like to know about Castle House?” asked Angela as she and Freya took a seat.

“Oh, er… Yes, we’ve had an anonymous tip that this estate is an er… well some kind of kinky fetish club, do you have any comment on that, er… Grand Mistress Angela,” said a nervous young Jason.

“Well that depends, if I were to tell you it was and here you could find peace in a life of consensual slavery to powerful women, would you be interested, young Jason?” asked Angela.

Jason shifted in his seat, a clear sign of nervousness creeping over his face. He was starting to think he was way over his head, he tried to clear his mind, but he was only thinking of leather clad women in control.

There was quite a pause, and Freya decided to add some pressure, just for fun.

“Are you in the habit of keeping women above you waiting? Or, if you need some time to think I can have you in the gallows wearing a nice armbinder?” said Freya.

Jason felt his cock stir, it was like being in the shop all over again, but this time it was a lot worse. These two quite frankly beautiful women were ganging up on him. He struggled for an answer so settled for an apology, a clear sign of subservience to such women.

“I’m sorry, er… Mistress?” He said, guessing Freya’s title as he didn’t even know her name.

“It’s Mistress Freya, don’t forget it, unless you’re looking for punishment!” said Freya.

Jason really was running out of steam, and then he got hit for six, as Mistress Elizabeth walked in through the front reception. Jason saw the beauty through the doorway, and his attention was drawn to her.

“Come along Kitten, I don’t have all day!” said the brunette beauty looking towards the front car park.

Angela and Freya heard the commotion and inwardly smiled as they saw Jason staring mouth agape. Freya smiled even more when she heard the name Kitten, this was perfect unplanned timing.

Jason had completely forgotten he was about to answer a question as he saw a human sized feline come walking through the door. The cat person rubbed its head up and down the brunette’s legs, seeking attention.

“Honestly, Kitten, you are very needy today, what has gotten into you,” said The brunette, who then turned to see the young man gaping.

She headed straight for him and saw both Angela and Freya sitting opposite with a clear look of amusement on their faces.

Approaching the assembled trio she stood quite close to Jason then turned to Angela and Freya.

“Grand Mistress, Mistress good afternoon, and who might this fly catcher be?” said Betsy turning to the young man. Jason was in awe, and noticed the cat was already by her now sitting and staring at him.

“Oh, this is Jason, he’s here to quiz us about some kind of kinky club we have, but frankly I have no idea what he is on about,” said Angela with a smile.

Betsy had reached for her crop and placed it under his chin, applying a little pressure.

“There’s a good boy, we don’t want to know what you had for breakfast dear,” said Betsy. Kitten had grown bored of the man and was eagerly rubbing her head against Freya’s leg.

“Hello Kitten,” said Freya, giving her chin a stroke. Kitten’s tail was twitching like mad and she was purring for England. Jason could swear he could hear a vibration from somewhere, thinking maybe someone’s phone was ringing on silent.

“Jason, what’s your neck size?” asked Angela.

Jason was in a daydream and answered her subconsciously, without realising.

“Sixteen inches, Grand Mistress Angela.” He replied, still staring at the cat.

“Jason… Jason… JASON!” shouted Angela.

Jason snapped out of his daydream and turned to Angela.

“I’m so sorry, I really am confused, Grand Mistress Angela!” said Jason.

“Ok, clearly, we have made our point, yes, we have a kinky club as you say it, but it is so much more. It’s an organisation, we have Mistresses, Masters and of course slaves. I must emphasise that all members are here of their own free will. I would ask Kitten here to confirm it, however she likely is unable to speak today,” said Angela.

“Why can’t she speak for herself, Grand Mistress Angela?” asked Jason.

“Simply because she is gagged and will remain that way for possibly a few days or more!” said Betsy as a matter of fact.

“Sorry, Mistress…?” asked Jason.

“Elizabeth,” replied Betsy in a stern voice.

“Sorry, Mistress Elizabeth, so you are saying, Kitten will be this way for a few days, then is she not held against her will? Surely anyone would want to be free after a while. Is this not after all just a form of sexual pleasure?” asked Jason who seemed to have found a little confidence.

“It’s a lifestyle, a choice, a commitment and born out of love,” said Betsy.

“And how do you know Kitten feels that way, Mistress Elizabeth?” asked Jason, feeling confident.

Betsy squatted down and clicked her fingers, Kitten came almost bounding to her, Amy really had learnt how to move quickly in her suit.

“Because Jason, if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t have married me!” said Betsy as she made a fuss of Kitten.

“Kitten is your wife?” asked Jason.

“Kitten is my pet, Amy is my wife, and she loves to be whatever I desire, today that is Kitten, tomorrow it may be a pain slut at the end of my whip, or a pleasing tongue on my vagina, I just can’t decide these things in advance, can you?” asked Betsy.

Jason was shocked at the vividness of Betsy’s words; he was taken slightly aback.

“Would you like to see a slave who will actually talk, one that you know has a respectable job and therefore will be the proof that you need?” asked Freya.

“Mistress Freya, that would be acceptable, but I don’t believe any of your slaves could do that as I have never seen one before. Unless it’s someone famous which I hardly think you’d parade in front of a reporter,” said Jason confidently.

“Nicola…” called Freya. Nicola walked confidently into the room completely naked, Jason’s eyes almost left his head. She knelt at Freya’s feet and adopted her slave pose.

“Yes, Mistress Freya, how may I serve you?” said Nicola.

“Nicola, please kneel at our guest’s feet, and answer his questions, rule 3 applies,” said Freya.

Nicola moved towards Jason opting for a seductive crawl rather than getting back up. Jason was close to dribbling as his mouth opened again.

“Miss Swanson, what is this?” asked Jason.

“Sir, it is exactly what it looks like, I am a slave, and these are my Mistresses,” said Nicola.

“But you have a job, a good job, why would you be a slave?” He said.

“Sir, I am a slave through choice, this is my lifestyle, I serve my Mistresses for part of my week, then I have my private life. I accept that my Mistress may want to keep me longer at any given moment, and I accept that my life is theirs to command. I will obey any command without delay, and I will answer her call anytime she wishes,” said Nicola.

“What is rule 3?” asked Jason.

“Sir, rule 3 Is never keep secrets from your superior, or from the person asking the questions if your superior says it applies, in this case you,” said Nicola.

“You will obey any command from your Mistress, regardless?” asked Jason.

“Yes, immediately,” said Nicola.

“What if it was to do harm to someone or yourself, that didn’t deserve it?” asked Jason.

“Your question needs parameters, Sir,” said Nicola.

“If your Mistress asked you to kill me now, would you do it?” asked Jason. Which was an interesting question thought Angela as did the others. It would be interesting to see the slave’s response.

“Sir, if they asked, then there would be a critical element in play, for example you might be about to kill someone yourself, in which case the answer is yes, no hesitation. However as you sit here now and are no danger to anyone, then the question is irrelevant, as it would never be asked. But to satisfy your need for information, then no, I would refuse and accept any punishment for disobeying my Mistress,” said Nicola.

“How about a sexual act on a stranger, like me sitting here with an audience?” asked Jason.

“Absolutely Sir, without hesitation,” said Nicola. Jason wasn’t so sure about that.

“You don’t believe her!” said Betsy.

“No I don’t,” said Jason.

“Then call her bluff, get your little willy out, which is undoubtedly rock hard from staring at her naked beauty. Nicola, when his cock pops out of his pants you will pleasure it,” ordered Betsy.

“Yes Ma’am,” said Nicola.

Jason was no little-cocked man and was quite proud of his body and manhood. He would call this bluff, for he knew they were trying to double bluff him. He stood and dropped his trousers and boxers to the floor, revealing his hard nine-inch cock.

He looked at Betsy and smiled expecting his triumph any second, but instead felt the warm mouth slide onto his throbbing cock. And she took it deep all the way.

Nicola had lots of practice last year serving a host of men in these very grounds, and she became exceptionally good at doing deepthroat oral.

Jason had actually never met a girl who could handle his cock, until now. Nicola had him groaning instantly, and some 30 seconds later he blew, filling Nicola’s throat with his hot come.

Betsy was now the one smiling. Nicola withdrew her throat and made sure she cleaned his cock of all of its excess come. Jason’s member began to subside, and he was left speechless and slightly embarrassed as four beautiful women and a cat watched his shrinking cock with amusement.

“Like I said, little cock,” said Betsy, getting laughs from Freya and Angela. Nicola wanted to laugh but refrained somehow.

“Apart from the obvious, are you satisfied Jason?” asked Angela.

Jason had just managed to recover from that mind blowing orgasm, and looked at Nicola, who was smiling at him. She enjoyed pleasing him more than she would let on unless asked of course. She thought he was unbelievably cute.

“I think so, thank you, Grand Mistress Angela, and thank you Nicola Swanson!” He said smiling.

“Very well, could all of you please give me and Mr Stewart a moment please?” asked Angela.

Everybody got up to leave, except Kitten, who was enjoying her nap resting her head on Angela’s lap.

Betsy was about to call her, but Angela waved her hand. She had missed Amy lately and was enjoying her company. Besides, she could hear her lightly snoring.

“Jason, let’s drop the formalities for the moment, and have a serious talk,” said Angela.

“Of course,” he replied.

“What you see here is what we call consensual slavery, everyone has a choice, even though these girls obey without command they do it because they want to. Unfortunately, there are those that don’t, and there are some evil people out there, you can trust me on that!” said Angela.

“Yes, I heard about that girl in the Thames, I’m guessing they were such people?” asked Jason.

“Yes, I don’t know much about that incident, but we have come across the device that she was wearing before, they are virtually impossible to remove, and you really don’t want to know what goes on inside it,” said Angela deadly serious.

“I heard they had to bury the poor girl still wearing it,” said Jason sadly.

“Indeed, Jason, I can’t stop you writing an article about this place, but I can tell you we are the best line of defence against the people responsible for these irresponsible deaths. We have saved over 50 people this year alone who have become victims to the evil out there,” said Angela.

“I want to show you something but understand one thing. If you publish your findings and bring unwanted attention to our door, many will suffer. I will show you why. Jason, I believe you have great potential to help us here, I’m not sure how but I have a sixth sense about these things, I am rarely wrong,” said Angela.

“How can a reporter help you?” asked Jason.

“Firstly, by not exposing us, I want you to join us, help fight against the evil out there, you have some skills at tracking people, and we could use that skill. The rewards financially are exceptionally good, and If I read you correctly you can also have the opportunity to explore your needs in other areas!” said Angela raising her eyebrow.

“I am very interested in what you have to offer, but I do have one question of a rather personal nature,” said Jason.

“Please ask away,” said Angela.

“Miss Swanson, is she single, and would you allow her to have a relationship if she wanted to?” asked Jason with a smile. Angela laughed.

“Jason, firstly yes, I believe she is, secondly, I also believe she is smitten with you. Thirdly, as she already said she has her own life and makes her own decisions. The only thing you will need to come to terms with is her need to serve. She will make that part of any deal and you’ll have to accept that part of her life,” said Angela smiling.

“Did you let Amy and Elizabeth get married? Asked Jason.

“It was always their decision to make, they asked my permission, and I said yes, but the truth is I can never stop these things. I will never stand in the way of love. Or people's dreams and desires. Take Amy here, she met her wife in my dungeon, they met as slaves, fell in love almost instantly and got married, now they have a beautiful child and are the happiest couple I have ever known,” said Angela.

“That’s a very nice story, and nice they could adopt too,” said Jason.

“Elizabeth gave birth to their daughter; Amy here is transgendered and had saved some of her sperm before her operation. Their child is their biological child,” said Angela.

“Transgendered? Wow, she has a beautiful body, I didn’t think that was possible, I always thought I could spot a transwoman a mile off!” said Jason.

“Unlikely, you didn’t spot one sucking your cock 10 minutes ago!” said Angela.

“Nicola is trans?” asked Jason looking shocked.

“Yes, does that bother you?” asked Angela.

“No, I thought it would, but no, it doesn’t, I’m just amazed that is all. She has the body of a model and is quite possibly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” said Jason. Angela smiled then gently eased a pillow under Kitten’s head, then gingerly moved from under her.

Jason watched intrigued at the way she was so gentle with her. She really did care an awful lot about her girls.

“Come on, let's give you the guided tour,” said Angela, then led him by the arm around the complex; they would finish in the hospital wing so he could see the damage done by the evil element of her beloved lifestyle.

Samira jumped into her car and headed to the castle; it was only a 20-minute drive from the private dock that they used to ferry slaves back to Jersey. She had thought about nothing but getting away from Tanya recently but was scared what she would do if she ever caught her.

She weighed up her options and it boiled down to three things, either she should leave Tanya and run, which had a risk of being caught and suffering the fate of Vivien.

Second was carrying on as she was, which she was sure would end in being her permanent sex slave, not overly appealing but better than option one. The only trouble was eventually being replaced and then reverting to option one.

Third was to find a way to keep her position valuable or do something that Tanya would be forever grateful for. But what she didn’t know. The only thing she did know was that she was on borrowed time.

Arriving at the castle she went straight to the lounge and poured herself a stiff drink. She sat on the sofa and nearly jumped out of skin to find a giant cat next to her.

Samira smiled, she was cute in her little outfit, but had no idea who it was. She saw the collar and stroked her chin.

Kitten jumped up with a start, her tail flicking wildly.

“Well hello Kitten, aren’t you the sweetest thing!” said Samira.

Kitten rolled onto her back and enjoyed the attention, exposing her belly. Samira gave her a tickle and laughed; she missed things like this. If Kitten were in Tanya’s lair it would be a horrid steel suit, and the kitten wouldn’t enjoy it at all.

Suddenly Kitten got up and jumped off the sofa and went running away. Amy had a sudden urge to pee! She ran to the nearest door and started to scratch it with her little rubber claws.

Freya was walking past the door and saw Kitten trying to get attention, she worked it out straight away and decided a little humiliation would do Amy the world of good right now.

She opened the door and went outside, Kitten was just clawing the door to let them know what she wanted, she had no intention of peeing outside.

Freya looked back at her.

“Well come on Kitten, you can’t use the loo!” she said. Kitten reluctantly walked outside, and Freya unzipped her crotch exposing her. Then stood and watched as Kitten looked around for a place to go.

Freya couldn’t help but laugh, she actually looked like she was sniffing for the right spot, then she couldn’t hold on any longer and squatted.

She turned to see Freya laughing, and felt a rush of embarrassment, which naturally turned to something else. Unable to wipe herself, she tried her best to shake it. Then ran back towards the door and inside.

Freya took pity on her and found a tissue to clean her, but left her zip undone. A little more humility never hurt. Kitten went on a wander, Amy was actually enjoying being able to do what she wanted, nobody was ordering her to do things.

She was just a pet, and everyone treated her like one. She had the freedom to go where she pleased. Later in the evening it got colder outside, and the lounge fire was put on.

Kitten had run around all day, stopping in the kitchen to be fed and even lapped some milk from a saucer that was put down. Betsy came to find her once and took her down to a basement toilet and cleared her bowels with an enema.

It wasn’t Kitten's favourite moment, but she knew it was necessary. Betsy even showed her a litter tray she could use, which was another humiliation. But overall she was having fun, and Betsy even had her chasing a string across the floor.

Eventually Kitten grew tired and curled up in front of the fire; she soon fell asleep content.

Jason had spent a lot of time in the hospital section. He spoke for a long time with Dr Furnell who had already done some amazing work with the patients.

What he saw was shocking, he knew people could be cruel, but this was something else. He had already decided that he was going to stay, for three reasons really.

He needed a job, a paying one that is, he recognised a worthy cause and wanted to help. Then there was his fascination to be explored, that, and he wanted to find Nicola and spend more time to know her.

He eventually came back over to the lounge to relax and get a drink. Sitting down he met Samira; they made small talk and enjoyed the fire.

“Looks like Kitten has the best spot,” said Samira.

“Yes, she does, she must really love that suit!” said Jason.

“She must be new; I haven’t seen her before,” said Samira.

“Yes, she only got here today, I was here when she arrived with Mistress Elizabeth,” said Jason.

“Oh, so it’s Amy!” said Samira, finally working it out.

“Yes, she is quite the popular attraction today, everyone seems to love her!” said Jason.

“Well, what do you expect, she was the Grand Mistress for a while,” said Samira.

“Really? How come, what happened?” asked Jason, full of curiosity.

Samira ran through the shortened version of the story to fill him in, but in the back of her mind a plan was formulating. If she could get Kitten to her car, she would be unable to fight as she was already in bondage.

Samira could throw her into the boot and just drive her out the front gate, Tanya would be forever grateful, and she would be safe! It was perfect.

Ellie and Angela laid in bed, they hadn’t seen much of each other lately, so they were making the most of this time they had. Both were just recovering from a steamy round of love making.

“I definitely needed that!” said Ellie, still panting.

“You certainly did my love; I haven’t seen you come that hard for a very long time!” said Angela smiling.

“Just lately all my energy goes on training, I can’t wait for all this to be over,” said Ellie, as she looked into Angela’s eyes.

“When it is, will I be seeing more of you?” asked a hopeful Angela, she loved Ellie to bits, but knew how important her work was to her.

“Yes Angel, you will as soon as Tanya is out of the picture I’ll be stepping back. I’ve already got a few good people coming through to step up,” said Ellie stroking Angela’s face.

Angela smiled; she really did want to spend more time with Ellie. She felt they had wasted so much time, it was time to make up for things.

“I’ve been thinking of getting away for a few weeks when we can, somewhere hot, somewhere to relax, make love and soak up the sun, what do you think?” asked Angela.

“Sounds good to me Angel, anywhere with you will be good,” said Ellie smiling, she then leaned forward and kissed her.

“You know, I think I still have some of that pent up frustration stuck in me, what say we try to get it out!” said Ellie as her kiss got heavier and her legs hooked Angela to draw her closer.

Angela loved the way Ellie was in control in the bedroom, it was a strange feeling at first, but she had grown to like it. She was able to let her guard down and just be Angela, there was never a Mistress in the bedroom.

Angela had often wondered what she had been missing over the years, Ellie was always submissive to her, but this new strong Ellie was insatiable, and she knew just what buttons to press.

Petra had been fidgeting all morning, the three girls had been cooped up in this cell for days now.

“Pet, what is with you today, your legs haven’t stopped bouncing all morning,” said a slightly amused Julia.

“I feel like I’m going through withdrawal symptoms!” said Petra.

“Oh, I get it, you need a fix, eh?” said Julia laughing now. Elsie cottoned on and chuckled too.

“It’s a serious illness I’ll have you know, I could die!” said Petra also laughing.

“Girls, why don’t we just get it on, what are they going to do?” said Elsie, who was also a little frustrated.

“That’s a good point, I mean we are treated pretty well, even Tanya stays away, and she is a fruit loop,” said Julia.

“That’s settled then, dibs on first, second, third and fourth orgasms!” said Petra, already pulling Julia to the bed. Elsie was already sitting on it and laughed.

Petra and Julia were already kissing, Petra was wasting no time and was mad with passion. As they fell onto the bed Elsie was in on the action sucking on Petra’s nipple.

Julia’s thigh was rubbing Petra’s already slick pussy, and Elsie had wandered one her hands between Julia’s legs. The three of them intertwined into a bundle of kissing and caressing, moans of passion started to fill the cell.

Outside a guard heard the commotion and stood watching the show, an instant stiffness in his pants. Petra saw him watching and smiled, she loved to put on a show.

Petra was soon panting as she found a mouth on each of her nipples and hands double teaming her pussy, fingers pounding her wet opening whilst others rubbed her clit. Number one was on its way.

True to Petra’s form, she squirted heavily, her juices making everything slick. This spurred the others on, and they continued to assault Petra who was on her way towards another orgasm.

Julia and Elsie moved to lick Petra’s clit, and she came again, covering their faces in her sweet taste. They looked at each other and kissed, sharing Petra’s gift. Their hands found each other’s pussies and began to work them.

Petra was just coming back to earth and looked down to see the other two come together as the finger fucked each other. She glanced at the guard who was frantically rubbing his swollen cock through his trousers.

She blew him a kiss, then got back in on the action. She straddled Julia’s face and made it clear what she was to do, then guided Elsie to lick her rosebud. Petra would soon reach number three and likely four from this double teaming, it was her favourite way to find heaven.

Julia received another face full of come, and Elsie licked her face, soaking up the sweet juice. Elsie was also now frantically rubbing her own clit; she was in the zone and could only think of one thing.

Petra turned around still over Julia’s face and leaned down to bury her own face in Elsie’s pussy. Julia started to play with herself as she continued to please Petra.

The three were all nearing an explosion of passion and as Petra came hard, so did Elsie, Julia, on hearing the others come, doubled her efforts and came herself. All three were panting and groaning in the orgasms.

The poor guard just made a complete mess of his pants.

The three collapsed to the bed, all cuddled up and gently kissed each other.

“Thank you, girls, I needed that!” said a husky, Petra. They all giggled, then Elsie pulled a sheet over them, and soon they all fell into an afterglow nap.

The sun was beating down, Josh was led into the stables and appreciated the shade. He had been working hard this morning, incredibly early he was led out to the walker and had his reins hitched to it.

For the next three hours he was exercised on the circular structure, his trainer with him making sure he kept his knees up. He was a quick learner, and the trainer soon had him trotting.

Hernando watched from the balcony of his villa, he was happy for Josh, the boy had found his place and was more than happy. He still hadn’t given him a pony name, the right one just didn’t come to him.

Josh was a powerful man and would become one of, if not the strongest stallions on the island. As he was walked back to the stable, Hernando lost sight of the trainer, Josh’s size completely obscuring him.

Hernando smiled; he always enjoyed these moments as his pony’s names came to him. He called out to his aide, who walked out onto the balcony where he stood.

“The new stallion,” said Hernando pointing to Josh.

“Yes Boss,” said the aide.

“He will be called Eclipse,” said Hernando.

“I’ll get his name plaque sorted straight away boss,” said the aide with a smile.

Hernando went back inside; a cool drink was what he needed. He poured himself some ice water and went to sit down, Hector was there and going through some financial reports from his other duties.

“How are things this morning, Hector?” said Hernando.

“Reports are showing healthy profits from around the globe, the businesses are running smooth. The new legal enterprises are also turning tidy profits, I estimate that within two years they will overtake opium sales,” said Hector.

“Good, I hope to one day pull away from the opium business, Hector, you have been my friend for many years. You are my most trusted advisor, and if you want, I will give you the opium business. I am too old to be worrying about these things. I just want to relax here for the rest of my days,” said Hernando.

“That’s very generous of you my friend, and most people would rip your arm off for your offer. But I stay with you, my life is already rich, I have no desire to become richer. My drive has been to see these new businesses grow, and it gives me a pleasure I cannot explain, much like your ponies, no?” said Hector.

“That is why you are my trusted friend! I can always count on your honesty,” said Hernando with a smile.

“This other business, in Jersey. She has three girls now. Do you want them here now, or are we waiting?” asked Hector.

“We wait until there are four, for now,” said Hernando.

“I have looked into this trader, Tanya, she is a nasty piece of work. Nothing we can’t handle, but she makes these captives suffer,” said Hector, a look of concern on his face.

“I know, but she is also greedy, the girls will be safe until she has her money,” said Hernando.

“As you wish, my advice would be to have the girls shipped now and cancel the rest of the order. But I’m sure you have your reasons,” said Hector, thinking of their safety.

“Yes, I understand what you say, but what if she had already captured the fourth by the time we cancel. It would not be good for her, so we wait until there are four,” said Hernando, who continued to drink his ice water.

“Good point my wise mentor!” said Hector with a smile. Hector was clever, but Hernando was wise, they always worked things out together.

The council of six had gathered, Mistresses Sarah, Stacy, Abigail, Scarlet and Master Tom took their seats. Samira was there to take notes.

Angela sat at the head of the table; she looked through some files on her part of the large oak table.

“Thank you all for coming, we have several issues to discuss. The first is the loss of four slaves now. I believe this to be the work of Tanya. Josh, Elsie, Petra and Julia have all gone missing within the past month. Although Tanya has been off the radar, we know she is still hunting in England. The unfortunate girl in the Thames is the proof.” Angela paused to look at her paperwork again.

“We need to end this barbaric enslavement of people, not just our own but the unfortunate souls who fall to these advocates of evil. This of course you all know. What I want to discuss is what is to be done with Tanya once we finally capture her again? Clearly our own cells are not good enough, and we also don’t know what happened to Vivien, was she collateral damage or is she running things again?” said Angela.

“Vivien was beaten the last I saw her; she showed remorse and I believe she had learned her lesson. She may have been evil to a degree, but the Institute was her life. I don’t think she is behind this; I fear she has suffered a dreadful fate at the hands of Tanya,” said Scarlet.

“I agree,” added Tom.

“I know it’s against Institute policy, but is this not serious enough to hand over to the authorities? Asked Stacy.

“No, the authorities are banished from our justice system for a reason, the life of a slave, even consensually, is not something they consider. It’s the very reason we deal with things in house, to protect our own,” said Sarah.

“My biggest fear is finding our slaves again, god knows what she has already done to them, I fear we have already lost them for good, even if we do find them,” said Abigail, who of course had lost one of her own.

“Abigail, I too believe Josh was abducted, our investigation hit a dead end, and no more information has come to light. It was believed he had just had enough and left the Institute, but I met Josh on numerous occasions, he is a fine, educated and rational man, he would not disappear on a whim,” said Angela. Abigail nodded in agreement; she too, obviously knew this.

“That is why he remains on the MIA list; we will find him,” said Angela, concentrating her vision on Abigail.

“Back to the point, what about Tanya, what do we do with her?” asked Tom.

“There are more than a few of our security detail that will gladly end her. But we are better than that. We need alternative choices,” said Angela.

“I know it goes against everything we stand for, but even Grand Mistresses of the past have advocated non-consensual methods for serious offenders,” said Scarlet, not wholly sold on the idea, but seeing no other way.

“Fight fire with fire. She deserves a slave’s life, a miserable one, I say we capture and sell her,” said Tom.

“To whom, do you have contacts on the dark web?” asked Stacy.

“Of course not, what is the dark web anyway?” said Tom, who was somewhat old fashioned.

“I was speaking to the young man in the lounge yesterday, Jason I think was his name, he was telling me about this dark web, like an underground internet,” said Stacy.

“I have heard of it, and yes, it is a hive for dodgy dealings, or any other contracts you might want done shall we say,” said Angela.

“Well we are getting off track, I vote we adjourn this issue until we need to act, at least we will all have time to think on it,” said Sarah. Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Moving on, finances. The Institute is doing well, we’ve had obvious spikes in spending on security, and the new medical wing. But we have also made some lucrative investments. Profits are up considerably, and I have forwarded our new plans for a training academy. I trust you have all read the proposal, all I need is a show of hands to proceed,” said Angela reading from her notes.

All voted to proceed by raising a hand.

“Who is going to be the Head Mistress?” asked Stacy with a raised eyebrow.

“We have some time before we vote on that, the position will be advertised in due course and nominations are also welcome,” said Angela.

“I would like to forward Mistress Freya; she is a natural and I believe she will become a member of this council within the next few years,” said Sarah.

“I agree,” said a proud Tom.

“I too,” said Angela.

“Well I hope she wants the job!” said Scarlet laughing.

“Speaking of naturals, that brings us to the next topic. One I am particularly proud of. Apprentice Mistress Elizabeth, our latest addition. I trust you have all had a chance to meet her over the past two days?” asked Angela.

“Ah, the proud owner of the new resident pet I do believe?” said Tom.

“Indeed Tom, the delightful Kitten, who has become very popular from what I hear!” said Angela with a big smile.

Everybody was smiling, they had all met and fussed over Kitten, she was a true joy to be around.

“I think we have all been down to see Elizabeth in training with Freya, and I for one was very impressed with her,” said Stacy.

“Indeed, Freya speaks very highly of her, certainly one to watch,” said Tom.

“Having seen the transition from slave to apprentice, I can’t believe how quickly she has adapted, most impressive,” said Sarah.

“I watched her yesterday with slave Nicola, her wordplay was exceptional, and she has learnt to be an excellent marksman with various tools, no doubt thanks to Freya’s teachings,” said Abigail.

“Angela, I read you and Freya’s reports from her first session, and I must confess I was a bit dubious and thought there was some creative flair in the writings. However I have since watched the recording of the scene. I can tell you all right now, this one is special. As head of promotions I move to call for a vote to see Elizabeth granted the rank of Mistress, effective immediately,” said Scarlet.

Everyone agreed straight away, they were all smitten with Betsy, she was very likeable. Angela picked up her phone.

“Freya, please locate your apprentice and bring her to the council immediately,” ordered Angela, then put the phone down.

As they waited Stacy turned to the chamber door and looked at it puzzled.

“Is that scratching I can hear?” she said, puzzled.

Samira was closest and got up to investigate, she opened the door but there was no one there. Then she felt the door push against her as Kitten bound into the room. Everybody laughed as she ran under the table, rubbing against everyone’s legs. She stopped at Angela who began to fuss with her.

“It appears we have a new council member!” said Angela laughing.

Freya and Betsy walked in; they had no idea why they were summoned. Seeing Kitten in the meeting, Betsy immediately thought she was in trouble for not controlling her slave.

“My apologies, I will remove Kitten immediately,” said Betsy.

“No that’s fine Elizabeth, Kitten has the run of the house, she is most welcome in here,” said Angela. Betsy looked confused but stood still waiting to see what the council wanted of her.

“Elizabeth, your actions have been noted by the council, and we formally request you surrender your necklace effective immediately,” said Scarlet with a deadly serious tone.

Betsy was scared, but she put on a brave face and removed her necklace. Everyone watched as she placed it on the table, especially Kitten, who was very alert.

Angela bent down and whispered to Kitten so no one else could hear.

“It’s ok Kitten, your Mistress is being promoted,” she whispered as she stroked her chin. Kitten started to rub her head against Angela, purring heavily.

Scarlet stood, and confronted Betsy face to face.

“This necklace was given to you on the promise that you learn and take on board all your lessons. But you are not fit to wear it,” said Scarlet with a serious face.

Betsy felt cold, she was being stripped of her title, what did she do wrong?

“This necklace is much more your colour!” said Scarlet who was suddenly smiling and holding the silver necklace in her hand.

“Congratulations, Mistress Elizabeth, the council recognises your talent, please continue to learn from Freya, and enjoy the benefits of being a full Mistress of the Institute,” said Scarlet as she clipped the new necklace onto Betsy.

“Grand Mistress, Senior Mistresses and of course Senior Master, I am humbled and honoured to receive this rank, thank you very much, and thank you Freya, your teachings have been invaluable, and I look forward to learning much more!” said a smiling Betsy.

Kitten had run over to Betsy and was rubbing herself all over her legs, Betsy dropped down and gave her a cuddle and a kiss on her head.

“Unless there is any other business, I am calling this session over,” said Angela. Nobody spoke so she stood and went to Betsy to give her a cuddle, and fuss Kitten of course.

Jason was on the wander again; he went to see if anyone was in the dungeon hoping to see a Mistress in action. Instead he found Nicola.

She was bound over a bar in the strappado position favoured by both Betsy and Freya for spanking sessions, she was ungagged and completely open for all to see, and very vulnerable.

They both saw each other at the same time as Nicola was facing the door.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I thought I would find Freya down here,” said Jason.

“They were summoned upstairs for something,” said Nicola, who was smiling, she was pleased to see Jason again.

“In that case I’ll leave you in peace,” said Jason trying not to stare.

“Don’t go, please stay and keep me company,” she said, with a mock pout.

“Ok, but forgive me for staring, it’s hard to ignore you, what with you being very sexy and beautiful,” said Jason awkwardly.

Nicola laughed and started to stare herself as she noticed his bulge.

“Oh, sorry,” said Jason trying to cover his obvious arousal.

“Don’t be, it’s a compliment after all, is it not? Why don’t you stop suffocating the poor thing and let it out!” said Nicola grinning. Jason laughed; she was special he thought.

“If I let him out there’ll be no stopping him!” Jason flirted.

“Promises, promises!” Nicola flirted back.

Jason released his belt and undone his jeans, releasing the topic of conversation.

“Hello again,” said Nicola looking at his hard cock.

Jason stood some two feet away, his cock bouncing in front of Nicola’s face.

“Come closer, I can’t crawl to you this time,” said Nicola in a sultry voice. Jason edged further forward, his cock now almost touching her lips, he could feel her breath on his dripping head.

Nicola snaked her tongue out and licked his pre-cum, all the time looking up into his eyes.

Jason groaned at the touch; it sent shivers through him. She licked again and opened her mouth inviting him forward. He stepped a little closer, his hardness filling her mouth, she started to suck on him, moving her head up and down on his shaft, still eyes locked on his.

Jason was so horny he was sure this beauty would have him done in less than a minute. She broke off her sucking, to speak.

“Don’t you dare come in my mouth again, I want to feel you in me from behind,” said Nicola as she sucked on him again.

“Then tell me what you want, tell me how you want it?” said Jason as he slowly thrusted his cock all the way into her throat. Nicola took it with ease, and Jason could feel her throat muscles working to massage his cock. He was in heaven; this woman was everything a man ever wanted.

Stunningly beautiful, so, so sexy and she could manipulate him with her look alone. She was also highly intelligent and helpless!

Jason pulled his cock out and away from her.

“Please fuck me, I want your hard cock inside me, I don’t care which hole just fuck me hard and fast, I want your hot come dripping from me!” said Nicola who was panting and raspy.

Jason walked behind her, she couldn’t see him, but she was longing to feel him in her. She felt the tip of his cock rub up and down her, from her rosebud to her clit, he was teasing her.

“Please take me Jason, I need you in me, fuck me like you own me, take me hard!” she said, her voice was intoxicating for him, and he could hold back no longer.

He guided his cock into her pussy and slowly pushed it all the way in, she moaned at the feeling, her eyes closed relishing the feel of his cock.

He fucked her slowly at first, he wanted this to last, even though she begged him to go hard and fast. He could feel her legs trembling, that special feeling when the pleasure is immense, and you seem to lose control of your body.

Nicola’s nerves were all over the place, she was extremely sensitive, and was experiencing some unknown feelings to her. She had numerous guys fuck her during her slavery to Vivien, but none she cared about, this one was special.

Jason picked up the tempo, he was concentrating hard not to come too early, Nicola was in subspace, her body tingled, and she knew she was close to coming, neither of them noticed Freya and Betsy leaning by the door watching.

“Please Jason fuck me hard I’m so close, so close, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeee!” screamed Nicola as Jason went full speed and she could hear his balls slapping her, her orgasm washed over her every part of her body tingled in ecstasy, her eyes rolled into the back of her head as Jason continued to pound her.

The orgasm went on and on, seeming to never end, Jason was panting hard as he slammed repeatedly into the helpless woman who just endured the pure pleasure thrusting into her.

Suddenly Jason went from panting to grunting and his balls tightened, a huge grunt that turned into an extended groan left his mouth as he shot his come deep into her.

Nicola felt like she was coming again as he continued to fill her with his seed. Jason was exhausted, he had never come so hard in his life, he pulled out his slowly softening cock and staggered around to look at Nicola.

Sinking to his knees he looked into her eyes, she was so beautiful, he took her face into his gentle hands and kissed her, she returned his kiss, and they spent a good minute locked by the lips.

“You are so beautiful Nicola, I want to see so much more of you, I want to know you, and I want to be with you. You stole something from me the first day we met, and you keep stealing a little more each day. I want you to steal all of me!” said Jason, in a most genuine way.

“I’d like that a lot, Jason, but for now you might want to explain what you’re doing to them!” said Nicola, looking towards the door at the two Mistresses.

Jason looked around and panicked, he shot up and frantically struggled to pull his jeans back up.

“It’s a bit late for that Jason!” said Freya smiling.

“How long have you been watching?” said Jason, panicking still.

“Oh, I think was about from, fuck me like you own me!” said Betsy in a fake high-pitched voice, then laughed. Nicola giggled; she knew they were only teasing him.

“So, is this gonna be a thing? You two looked kinda serious at the end there?” said Betsy to Nicola smiling.

Nicola saw Betsy’s new necklace and her smile widened.

“I think it may be Mistress Elizabeth!” said Nicola, using her new title for the first time. Betsy smiled and fingered her new pendant. Then looked at Nicola and winked.

“Mistress Freya, what’s the penalty for fucking a slave without permission in the dungeon?” asked Betsy. Freya cottoned on straight away.

“I do believe the culprit either admits his guilt and offers to accept punishment immediately or, it goes to the council, they will decide his fate, and length of servitude as a payback,” said Freya, who was making it up on the fly.

“Well, Jason, what will it be, a quick flogging? Or a potential sentence of servitude, I hear Master Tom is looking for a maid!” said Betsy in her most serious tone.

“Master Tom, maid? I’ll take a flogging now please!” said Jason, dropping to his knees and placing his hands in a begging position.

Betsy approached him and bent close to his ear, then whispered in a sultry voice.

“We’re only messing with you Jason, but I can tell you want the flogging anyway, stay if you want to!”

Chapter 9

Betsy woke early, she always did, she was going to go and hit the gym as she always did at home. As she stretched in bed her hand brushed a slippery latex material.

The material suddenly moved and before Betsy realised what was happening a little tongue was licking her face.

“Good morning, Kitten, did you sleep well?” said Betsy stroking her chin.

Kitten started to purr, she was loving this morning attention, in fact she had been sitting patiently waiting for Betsy to wake up for over an hour.

“Oooh, you like your fusses don’t you Kitten!” said Betsy in a baby voice.

Kitten purred some more.

“But you are starting to smell, so I’m afraid it’s time to put Kitten away for a while!” said Betsy. She couldn’t tell but Kitten looked a little sad.

“Right, lay down, let’s get you out so you can shower!” said Betsy.

She unzipped the suit and wafted her hand.

“Wow, you really do need a shower!” said Betsy with a scrunched nose.

Betsy slowly released her from the suit, taking time to make sure her arms and legs straightened slowly from their long bondage ordeal; it had been three days since she was put into the suit.

Amy was a little sore, as her muscles stretched for the first time in a while. Betsy then went to work removing the hood and gag, whilst Amy massaged her limbs.

“I’ll leave you to remove the contacts,” said Betsy as she eased the gag from her mouth. The last thing off was the cap, Amy’s matted hair was a mess.

“Feeling up to standing?” asked Betsy.

“Yes, Mistress Elizabeth,” said Amy, speaking for the first time in three days. Her voice was a little croaky.

Betsy helped her to the shower then stripped and joined her, making sure she took off her necklace too. Amy sighed deeply as the shower hit her, she had missed this a lot.

Betsy helped her wash and they kissed and cuddled a little, Amy still had her contacts in, she seemed to have forgotten about them until Betsy reminded her.

Back in the bedroom Amy finally removed them and placed them in the special case. The world became a little bit brighter all of a sudden. She turned to Betsy and realised the necklace had gone.

“Babe!” she said running to cuddle her wife.

“Hello wifey, have you missed me?” said Betsy as she was bombarded with loving kisses.

“I am so happy for you, with your promotion and everything else, you seem so happy in your new role, I love you so much!” said Amy and again assaulted her with kisses.

“Enough about me, I want to know all about Kitten!” said Betsy.

“I have had so much fun! I get to run free all day, even all the Mistresses and even Master Tom just dote on me! I get fussed all the time and I have made an incredible discovery! I’m so excited!” said Amy, she was buzzing.

Betsy was all smiles. Her wife’s joy was infectious to her and she couldn’t help but feel as excited as her.

“What did you find out?” asked Betsy.

“Anal orgasms!” said Amy literally jumping on the bed.

“You’ve been having orgasms all this time?” asked Betsy in a bit of shock.

“At least 5 or 6 a day, it builds and builds every time I get stroked under the chin. Then I discovered a cheat!” said Amy.

“A cheat? Is that so!” said Betsy, curious how, maybe she could manipulate it somehow.

“At first I tried to stroke my own chin, but obviously that didn’t go very well, then I nudged something by accident with my head, the friction somehow tripped the chin sensor so all I had to do was rub my head along something,” said Amy.

“No wonder you were always pleased to see people!” said Betsy giggling.

“I know, even people I don’t know, security guards, kitchen staff, even the gardener! They’ve all been making me come!” said Amy, still buzzing.

“You're such a pussy slut!” said Betsy laughing, Amy laughed with her agreeing.

“These orgasms are so powerful too; I don’t know why I didn’t think of it years ago now! Before my operation, when I used to have a lot of anal sex, I used to get something remarkably similar, but now they are intense, it must be the hormones or something, but I don’t care, I'm just so happy!” Beamed Amy.

“So I’m guessing we’re gonna be seeing a lot more of Kitten?” asked Betsy.

“Oh, I think so, I get to come all day, sleep when I want, and you’d be amazed how much people gossip in front of me. They forget I’m not a cat! I have some juicy tales!” said Amy with a smile.

“Really, who, what?” said Betsy.

“Hey that’s private info!” said Amy giggling.

“Where’s my necklace?” said Betsy.

“Oh no you don’t,” said Amy pinning her wife to the bed. They both giggled as they wrestled on the bed. Amy finally got on top and held Betsy down, both were still giggling. Amy looked into her eyes.

“I am so lucky to have you Betsy, I love you babe,” she said before kissing her, they embraced in a passionate lock, it seemed Betsy’s exercise would have to wait.

Jason woke from a sexy dream; he was getting an amazing blow job. It must have been really good as he could still feel it. Then looking down he saw the bed sheets moving, lifting them he saw those eyes he was falling in love with staring at him.

Nicola was going to work on her newfound love, that was Jason’s lovely cock. Of course she liked him a lot too, but his cock was all she could think about whenever her mind drifted.

He was soon grunting as Nicola worked him into a frenzy, she was shortly awarded as he came to yet another mind-blowing orgasm. She swallowed greedily, loving the taste of her man.

She moved back up to lay next to him and rested her head on his chest.

“Morning lover,” she said in a husky voice.

“Nicola, you are every man’s dream!” said Jason.

“Maybe, but not every man would accept me,” she said, a little sorrow creeping in.

“You’re crazy if you think otherwise,” said Jason, who genuinely believed any man would love this girl.

“Jason, there’s something I need to tell you, and you must promise not to get angry. I should have told you earlier, but I didn’t really get the chance to say anything, and you were so keen I just let it go,” said Nicola who looked worried.

“I know what your secret is Nicola, and I’m more than fine with it, in fact you have both opened my mind and educated me at the same time. You and Amy are incredibly special women, I will never see you any differently,” said Jason.

“Is it that obvious that I’m trans?” said Nicola, who had thought she was past all of that.

“Not at all, in fact when you first knelt before me, I didn’t know!” said Jason.

“Really, how did you find out?” asked Nicola.

“I was talking to your Mistress about Amy/Kitten, and she mentioned she was trans, I was shocked as I always thought I would be able to tell. Angela said that I couldn’t, which I didn’t believe, then she said that a transwoman had just sucked my cock, and I didn’t know!” said Jason smiling.

“And it didn’t bother you?” said Nicola.

“No, I honestly thought it would, but it didn't, then I couldn’t stop thinking about you, you are amazing in every way, and you are all woman as far as I’m concerned, nothing will ever change that,” said Jason, then he pulled her close and kissed her.

“Nicola, I’m pretty sure that I’m falling for you head over heels here, I love you,” said Jason.

Nicola felt a tear in her eye, she knew love, from Angela and all of the girls, but that was a family bond, sure it was sexual too, but not like this, this must be what Amy and Betsy have she thought.

She kissed him back, scared to say the words, but she felt the same. She looked him deep in his eyes, all she saw was a deep care, and a longing to hear her say it back.

“I love you too.” She whispered, a sense of relief flooded her, she never thought she would ever commit to a man, but here he was, her Jason, and she felt warm all over.

Amy and Betsy laid in each other’s arms, the afterglow of sex on their faces. Betsy was so happy, she got a toy out of the drawer during their love making and eased it into Amy’s rear, it was the first time she had made her wife come, without inflicting pain or humiliation.

Amy was pleased too. She knew it bothered Betsy that she could never make her come normally. She would never say anything, their love was too deep for things like that to get in the way, but now they laid together, both content and not a whip in sight.

“We probably need another shower!” said Amy.

“I know, then I’m going for a run, then that’ll be another shower!” said Betsy rolling her eyes.

“You know you can get just as much exercise with a strap-on if you want to stay here?” said Amy smiling. Betsy laughed.

“Nice try wifey, but I need my run, and I have a busy day today. Nicola got off lightly yesterday!” said Betsy.

“Oh she is gonna be having other worries soon!” said Amy.

“Really, why’s that?” asked Betsy.

“Just something I overheard,” said Amy smiling.

“You mean when you were Kitten spying?” Laughed Betsy.

“The new guy, Jason? He has a thing for her, I think he’s going to hit on her, but Nicola isn’t good with men as you know from her past. I feel a little sorry for them, they’d make a good couple,” said Amy looking a little worried for her friend.

“Oh you are well out of date with that news, wifey,” said Betsy smiling.

“What? Why?” asked Amy.

“Oh, how the tide changes so quickly!” said Betsy who now held the secrets.

“Please babe, I need to know, she’s my best friend, please!” said Amy, with a playful pout.

“Ok, ok, well when we were all in the council meeting, we had to leave her tied in the dungeon, accessible! When we went back down there, we saw them going at it. Apparently, Jason had wandered in and found her alone, she then proceeded to seduce him into taking her whilst tied up!” said Betsy.

“Wow, she has changed, me and bestie need a chat!” said Amy.

“They’ve become quite the item I believe, I bet they shared a bed last night!” said Betsy with a wry smile.

“Oh, I’m pleased for her, I just wish the others were here, life would be perfect!” said Amy.

“Right we better snap to it, things to do, I need a run, and you need to go and fetch baby girl from Mistress Angela!” said Betsy.

Freya was in the dungeon nice and early, she was going to be teaching Betsy a few different whip techniques today, either Nicola or Amy would be in for a tough morning, though she hoped it might be Jason.

“Oh, hi Freya,” said Cara as she walked into the dungeon.

“Hello Cara, what brings you down here, seeking to confess your sins?” said Freya, brandishing a nice long crop.

“If only I wasn’t working!” said Cara, feeling brave enough to flirt with a Mistress.

“You know one call and I can get you covered for an hour, or more!” said Freya rather seductively.

“I’m afraid that could be detrimental to my career!” said Cara, trying to backtrack carefully.

“How so?” said Freya, Cara was hoping she would just laugh, but she didn’t know Freya loved to disarm people with words.

“Oh, you know, the er… never mind,” said Cara.

“No, Cara, I don’t know, please explain!” said Freya smiling.

“I might like it too much and want to stay here!” said Cara, she intended to speak in a confident if not sarcastic tone, but it came out more submissive. She had become distracted as she saw Freya physically undressing her with her eyes.

“Do you ever gamble, Cara?” asked Freya.

“What, gamble? No not really why?” said Cara.

“Doesn’t matter, I had a wager in mind but not to worry,” said Freya.

“If the bet is worth it, I might be tempted,” said Cara, only because she was intrigued.

“No, I don’t think you're strong enough to go through with it,” said Freya.

“Oh, really?” said Cara, much stronger this time. Freya smiled, there was the key to Cara, challenging her strength.

“Ok, I bet you can’t do one session as my slave, let’s say a one-hour session, without then wanting to be my slave. I will give you a collar at the end of the session and you will be back within two days pledging to be my slave,” said Freya.

“That’s pretty bold of you, what’s in it for me?” said Cara.

“Apart from releasing your desires? What do you want?” asked Freya.

“I’ll have a think on it, and let you know before we begin!” said Cara, not realising she just agreed to the session.

“As you wish, I believe you have a day off tomorrow, so I’ll expect you here at 10am sharp!” said Freya smiling.

“Deal!” said Cara, then turned to leave.

“Cara,” called Freya. Cara turned back for a second. “What’s your neck size?” asked Freya, smiling.

“You won’t need to worry about that!” said Cara as she walked off. Then she thought about what she had done and remembered how Petra, who was just a slave, managed to manipulate her.

Freya was an experienced Mistress; Cara suddenly had a horrible feeling she had bitten off more than she could chew. Though she also realised her pussy tingled at the thought.

Amy knocked on the door to Angela’s room and waited patiently. A few seconds later Ellie opened the door.

“Hello mum, come to fetch little miss gorgeous?” said Ellie.

“Yes, is she awake yet?” asked Amy.

“Yes, been up a while now,” said Ellie as they walked into the room.

Olivia was in her bouncy chair and smiled when she saw Amy. It had been three days since she last did.

“Hello baby girl!” said Amy as she picked up her treasured daughter.

“Did you miss mummy, did you, did you!” she said in that special voice for her daughter only. Ellie watched with a smile, she loved Amy to pieces, and Olivia even more!

“Mistress gone already?” asked Amy.

“Yeah, some council business to attend, you dodged a bullet there Amy, a lot of mundane stuff to do as the Grand Mistress,” said Ellie. Amy smiled and nodded knowingly. Whilst pulling funny faces at the baby.

“So you mum this morning, or all day?” asked Ellie.

“Not sure really, this morning definitely, but no idea about the afternoon, wife’s a control freak by all accounts, who knew?” said Amy laughing. Ellie laughed too; they shared something in common there!

“Well, I’m free all day, so if you want some company?” said Ellie.

“That’d be great, I’ve missed you guys lately, be nice to catch up,” said Amy.

Ellie helped with Olivia’s bag, and they headed for the lounge, so Olivia could go for a crawl and explore!

Amy set Olivia down with some toys, she soon became engrossed in them giving the girls time for chat as they watched her.

“So how are you getting on, up to Rambo standard yet?” asked Amy.

“Not quite but getting there!” said Ellie chuckling.

“Must be fun, learning new things though?” said Amy.

“It is, I love the gun range, never really thought about guns, but you learn a lot of respect for them once you handle them. It’s a big responsibility,” said Ellie.

“I bet, I kinda miss having a big responsibility at work. Now I just have this little one,” said Amy, teasing the baby with a little fluffy bunny.

“I never asked before, what did you do before all of this?” asked Ellie.

“I was ground crew at Luton airport. For all the private jets mainly,” said Amy.

“Really, that’s kinda cool, did you have to wave those orange wands around?” said Ellie pretending to wave them as she laughed.

“Marshalling, yes I did, it’s harder than it looks,” said Amy.

“Really, it always looks pretty simple to me,” said Ellie.

“A lot to learn, not many people can have a conversation with a pilot using only your hands!” said Amy as a matter of fact.

“Interesting, if you wanted to get the crew off the plane in a hurry and they didn’t want to, could you convince them?” asked Ellie.

“Easily,” said Amy.

“Why?” She added.

“I have a training thing next week, we have to get the crew and passengers off the plane, kind of a hostage type thing. Any tips?” asked Ellie.

Amy laughed and held up two fingers with one hand, then her other hand started to make a figure eight.

“Just do this, but obviously you need to look like ground crew and not Rambo!” said Amy laughing.

“And they will get off?” asked Ellie.

“They’ll get off and run! You would have just told the pilot that engine two is on fire!” said Amy laughing.

“That’s cool, have you ever done that?” asked Ellie.

“Fortunately no, not a good thing to happen,” said Amy.

“Be fun just to see them panic though!” said Ellie.

“Yeah, but also, you’d lose your job, not to mention destroy an engine for nothing! The pilot would pull the flame-retardant switches before evacuating, flooding the engine and literally destroying it,” said Amy.

“Maybe not then!” said Ellie laughing.

“What about you, what did you do before this life?” asked Amy.

“I was a runaway kid, left home at 16, and was living on the streets, then Angela found me, took me in and the rest is history,” said Ellie in a vacant way.

“I’m sorry Ellie, I never knew that,” said Amy looking concerned.

“Nobody knew, apart from Angela of course, I’ve never told anyone that before,” said Ellie half smiling and half wanting to cry. Amy cuddled her.

“Your secret is safe with me, even rule 3 won’t get that one!” said Amy, and she meant it. Ellie smiled and cuddled her back in a tight embrace.

“Well, here’s another secret I didn’t tell you. If you ever want to withhold information from someone, under rule 3 that is, just say sorry but that encroaches on clause 2,” said Ellie.

“What’s clause 2?” asked Amy.

“It means you could endanger Institute private information. That’s a no, no!” said Ellie.

“Then your secret is clause two, and safe!” said Amy smiling. Just then Olivia burped, and they both turned and laughed. Ellie jumped down to the floor and started to play with the baby, Amy watched on with a smile.

Olivia had some great people in her life, she was one lucky girl, thought Amy.

“Er mum, I think you’re needed, code brown!” said Ellie, as they both chuckled.

“Oh, I’m out of nappies, I’ll have to get some from the store cupboard!” said Amy.

“Ok, we’ll survive until you're back!” said Ellie. Amy went off to the storeroom which was by the loading dock. Samira was there, loading some files into her car. Seeing Amy she was upset to see her not in Kitten mode, that would make her plan harder now she was back to normal.

“Hi Amy,” said Samira.

“Hi Mistress Samira,” she replied, heading for the box of nappies. Samira suddenly had a plan; she was due to depart today, and this could be the perfect moment.

Reaching into her bag she retrieved her self-defence stun gun, and her tracker deactivator.

“Amy, could you give me a hand with this please?” said Samira from the rear of her car.

“Sure,” said Amy walking over. Amy looked into the boot but saw nothing, she was about to turn to Samira when a bolt of electricity shot into her ribs. Amy passed out and Samira guided her into the boot, then deactivated her collar.

Closing the boot she quickly got into the car and headed for the gate driving calmly. Once past security and on the main road she gunned the accelerator and sped to the dockyard.

Calling ahead she had the boat readied, and some restraint available to secure Amy properly.

Ellie wondered what was taking Amy so long, then she saw two guards running towards the storeroom. A cold chill ran through Ellie.

Terry couldn’t believe what he was hearing, the grounds had been searched top to bottom three times, but Amy had just vanished.

Her last known location was the storeroom, that’s when the tracker went offline and alerted security. At first, they thought it was a glitch and presumed Amy was in some kind of black spot.

That was all the delay Samira needed, if they followed strict protocol then she would have been stopped at the gate. But luck was on her side.

Terry checked the logs again, no one had come in or out without authorisation in the past two days. He was either dealing with a professional snatch team, or worse, a traitor.

But he had no evidence of either. Betsy was distraught and would not leave Olivia’s side for anything. She was appalled that this could happen and was threatening to leave the castle as it was clearly not safe for the baby.

Even Angela had failed to calm her down, and nobody could blame Betsy, they were in a secure location with many armed guards, yet no one saw a thing.

Samira arrived at the lair and had a naked Amy in chains and hooded. She led her into the dungeon where Tanya was busy inflicting pain on a slave.

“Hello Mistress, I’m back and bearing gifts!” said Samira.

“Sammi, if that is what I’m hoping it is I will be very happy!” said Tanya.

“May I present the ex-Grand Mistress Amy,” said Samira pulling off the hood.

Amy was still groggy, the boat crew favoured a sedative for transporting, it was a lot safer that way. She couldn’t really make out what was happening.

Tanya approached Amy, grabbing her chin and staring into her eyes.

“I am so tempted to have you here next to old Vivien, forever in pain. But lucky for you, you're worth a lot of money and now I can finally deliver,” said Tanya.

“Are we shipping straight away?” asked Samira.

“Yes, very shortly, take her to her slut friends, they can all wallow in their fear now they are being sold.” Snarled Tanya.

“As you wish Mistress,” said Samira, she then took Amy to the cell.

The three captured girls looked in fear as Samira approached the cell, another hooded slave had been captured.

“Hi ponies, your team is complete, so you’ll all be leaving soon,” said Samira with a smile. Amy was then pushed into the cell where the others caught her before she fell, the drugs were still heavy in her system.

Only twenty minutes later several guards turned up and chained all of them in shackles by hand and foot. Then they were all hooded with the canvas bags.

Two boxes awaited them, they were padded and would protect them from damage, during the trip. The boxes had been sent by the Rancher; they were a certain dimension, so they were able to fit inside his private jet.

Elsie and Petra were loaded into the first crate, and it was sealed shut, Amy and Julia in the other. The crates were loaded onto a truck and headed for the airport.

Jason had taken on a new job in the security section, not a great start on his first day to lose someone, let alone Amy. But thankfully that wasn’t his section's problem.

He was monitoring emails and making enquiries in the search for Tanya. A package had arrived with a thumb drive in it, which had been sent to be evaluated for viruses before being uploaded into the mainframe.

Jason checked it out on a secure station and deemed it all clear, then opened the file. A short video was attached for the attention of Mistress Abigail. Jason called Terry who came into the room almost immediately.

“Play it,” said Terry.

Jason started the video recording; it was good quality. Josh appeared on the screen.

“Dear Mistress Abigail, I want you to know I am safe and well, I’m sorry for leaving you, it was not my choice. I was abducted by Mistress Tanya and shipped to her premises via boat.

“As you know I used to be an architect and studied various designs and styles of many buildings. So I hope my knowledge can help you track her down. The building I was held in was unique, but I can’t tell you the exact location but can narrow your search.

“It is my belief the building was in Jersey, Channel Islands. Possibly one of the sites excavated by POWs during World War 2. It matches several designs and could be a number of sites. I hope this helps.

“I have been shipped and sold to a pony ranch; my new owner is known as the Rancher. I can tell you he is of our creed and only invites consensual activity on his ranch.

“You may find this hard to believe but I promise it is true. As you know this is something I had always dreamed of, not to be sold, but to experience the pony life. We talked about this many times, so you know too well that I wanted this.

“I have agreed to sign a contract with him, for a period of unknown time, and wish to formally request you let me go from your servitude. This was not an easy choice, and I did have the option to return home once it was known I was brought here against my will.

“I hope you understand and can forgive me Mistress Abigail, I am truly indebted to you and will remember our time with great fondness.

“All my love, Josh.”

“Call Abigail, she needs to see this, then get Cara and Ellie up here. They have a mission,” said Terry with a smile at long last.

Jason spun around and used the secure server to access the dark web, it was a skill he had picked up during his days as a juvenile hacker with some friends.

It took him a while but eventually he found the slave selling site. He narrowed his search as there were a lot of inquiries on there from around the globe.

Finding an ad from the Rancher, he read it with interest, it was a general pitch for fit pony girls and boys. Offering substantial amounts of money for the right ponies.

In the small print on the terms and conditions it clearly stated that these were to be consensual participants and the fee was a broker fee only, no slave traders. It also warned to not deviate from the conditions as failure could lead to the enslavement of the trader.

Jason printed the page off, and went to show both Terry and Abigail, he was sure they would both want to know to put their minds at ease.

Ellie and Cara were geared up and on board the Citation jet. Destination Jersey, for a HALO insertion and recce of the site that Terry suspected.

A larger force was on route via boat and would insert overnight to take down the premises and Tanya.

The all-girl recce team would be in the air in five minutes, and over the drop point in around 40 minutes.

The Global Express jet was fuelled and ready for departure, it just needed to be pulled out of the private hangar. Inside the hangar a truck was being unloaded with two crates.

A Hispanic looking man spoke to Tanya and then opened the crates, inspecting the girls. Happy that they were the genuine girls he ordered the crates re-sealed and loaded onto the jet.

“What about the money transfer?” asked Tanya.

“The money will be transferred once the plane has taken off, those are my instructions. Unless of course you would like to argue with the Rancher about the terms?” said the man.

“No, of course not, we have done business before so I’m sure there is no problem,” said Tanya, who was somewhat pissed off and worried she was about to be ripped off.

The plane was pulled out of the hangar and parked in a position safe to start. After a short period of time the engines started and five minutes later it taxied to the runway and departed shortly after.

As promised the man made the transfer and Tanya saw an amount pending authorisation.

“With a sum this large it will take time to clear, but as you can see it has been made, good day to you,” said the man who then left.

Tanya wasn’t too savvy with such things, but her account showed a pending transfer of £25 million. She was happy and left to return to her lair.

Jersey looked small from 30,000 feet, thought Cara, as the jet approached drop point, Ellie could make out the main airport, a smaller business jet was just departing, the strobing lights easily visible as dusk approached.

“Two minutes,” called the pilot, and Ellie and Cara sealed off the rear compartment and readied the drop hatch.

A green light flicked on, and the two women jumped down and zeroed in on their drop point. At three thousand feet they popped the chutes, and both came to land next to each other within ten feet of their desired point.

Stowing the chutes and checking their gear they headed to find a good recce point.

Cara assembled a radio and patched it into their headsets.

“Romeo 1 check,” said Cara.

“Readability 5 Romeo 1.” Came the reply from Terry who was twenty miles out at sea.

“Romeo 2 check,” said Ellie.

“Readability 5 Romeo 2.”

“Romeo this is Alpha, eta thirty mikes. Observe and advise x-ray numbers, over.”

“Copied,” said Ellie.

The next twenty odd minutes passed quickly, only two guards stood watch at the small jetty. Several more guards were in the vicinity of the rear entrance, but that was about it. All were lightly armed.

“Remember lads, no bloodshed unless necessary,” said Terry to the four-man ex-SAS team.

The two guards on the jetty were taken out quietly and secured. The team moved on to the building taking two more men down with silence.

Then all hell broke loose, as one guard caught a glimpse of the team, he drew his weapon and fired at them, alerting the whole complex as he did.

“Safety’s off,” was all Terry said and several rounds from the silenced MP5’s took down the immediate threats.

Up on the recce point Ellie watched as two women were escorted out into a waiting car, it was Tanya, and Ellie could have sworn she saw Samira through the binoculars.

“Alpha 1, Jackpot is leaving via front door, thirty plus x-rays heading your way, recommend retreat. X-rays heavily armed. Over,” said Cara.

“Copied Romeo, track jackpot if possible. Alpha out,” said Terry as gunfire echoed into the night. It wouldn’t be long before the authorities were alerted.

Ellie and Cara found a nearby car, Cara smashed the window and with a practised ease hotwired the vehicle. Within two minutes they had caught up to the escaping car which was now gunning through the lanes of Jersey.

They tracked it to the airport but lost sight of Tanya. Infiltrating the airport perimeter the two women waited to see if Tanya appeared. Several minutes later they watched her board a small jet.

They considered taking the jet out, but the airport was terribly busy, so they surveyed the scene.

“Alpha 1, Jackpot boarding jet, shall we engage, over,” said Cara.

“Negative too hot, get the tail number and we will track it. Regroup at LZ in ten mikes. Over,” ordered Terry, who had made a successful assault into the lair. They did a quick clearance and found over forty slaves in familiar devices. The police were close, and they found none of the girls, a slave who was not locked away was taken with them, but they had to leave the others.

Terry and the team carried the lone slave back to the boat and headed back out to sea. On the shore in the distance they saw lots of blue lights, at least the people stuck there would be saved, thought Terry.

Ellie and Cara watched the jet leave noting the tail number, Tanya escaped again, but her time was running short. They headed back to the car and made their way to a pickup point where they boarded the RIB with Terry.

The team headed back to the larger boat anchored out to sea. On board the medic saw to the slave, she was ok but would not be talking just yet, they needed to get back to the castle and regroup to find Tanya.

The slave girl looked happy to be saved, though she couldn’t show it. They didn’t know her name but a tattoo on her shoulder read 401.

Ellie went to sit next to her, she gave her a reassuring cuddle, the girl seemed to know she was safe and welcomed the attention. Ellie got out her phone and showed the girl some pictures of the missing four girls.

401 looked at Ellie and nodded, then mimicked writing. Cara passed her some paper and a pen. 401 wrote on the paper: “You missed them by a few hours, they were shipped out to be ponies.”

Ellie felt a tear as she read and 401 saw her crying.

“I miss them too; they were kind to me,” she wrote on the paper.

Ellie smiled.

“We’ll find them, don’t you worry,” she said.

News soon filtered back to the operations room at the castle. Betsy heard the news and cried. Olivia sensed her mum’s sadness; she too was crying, a rare sight as she was such a happy baby.

Betsy had enough, she was going to take Olivia to somewhere safe. Somewhere nobody knew of. She packed her bags and ordered a car to come to the front door.

Angela tried to talk her out of it, but Betsy was just too upset to listen, she wanted away from the Institute for now, and she knew only one place to go. Angela and Freya watched as the car disappeared through the gates.

“Any idea where she is going?” asked Freya.

“Sadly not, Betsy has no family except for us, so unless they have bought a property somewhere I don’t know about, your guess is as good as mine,” said Angela who was deeply concerned.

The car pulled onto the main road, but the driver had no idea where he was going.

“Where to, Mistress Elizabeth?” asked the driver.

“The only place where I can be safe and get away for a while, head for East London. We’re going to see my nan,” said Betsy.

The four girls had felt the plane take off and knew it had climbed high due to their ears popping but had no idea how long they would be chained up and packed for.

Amy and Julia heard fumbling around the box, then heard a crack as the box was opened. They were both eased out of the box and asked to wait patiently, which was a strange request, considering they were sold as slaves.

Petra and Elsie soon joined them, and a middle-aged Hispanic man removed their hoods, and started to unchain them.

“Ladies, my name is Luis, I work for the Rancher who has purchased you. He has asked me to tell you all that you will not be harmed, I am to treat you all as his guests,” said Luis.

The girls looked confused, but Elsie took the lead as she normally did in these situations.

“Luis, thanks for letting us out but we don’t feel like guests standing here naked!” said Elsie.

“My apologies, ladies, you will find some clothes in the rack behind you. Please get dressed and join me in the cabin. I will serve you refreshments and answer any questions that I can,” said Luis as he backed away and drew a curtain for their privacy.

They all looked at each other even more confused. They all picked out something to wear. Not surprisingly everything fitted perfectly as they already knew their sizes.

The four girls emerged a short time after and made themselves comfortable in the plush luxurious cabin.

Luis appeared and smiled, he seemed a bit more at ease now they were all dressed, though he was still a little distracted, they were all beautiful ladies after all.

“Ladies, can I offer you a drink, maybe something to eat?” asked Luis.

“Coffee,” said Amy. The other three laughed, you could trust Amy to want a coffee in any situation.

A short time later they were all refreshed and sitting relaxed. Luis came back and took a seat.

“Ladies, I know you must all be very confused, please ask any questions you may have. I don’t know everything, but I will answer what I can,” said Luis.

“Where are we going?” asked Elsie.

“A small island in the Pacific Ocean,” said Luis.

“Are we to be ponies?” asked Petra.

“No, unless of course you want to be!” said Luis.

“We were under the impression we were sold as ponies, at a very high price I might add, but instead we are being treated like famous people, why?” asked Elsie.

“Originally, you were. My boss has over 200 ponies on his island, and every one of them except a few are there because it is the life they chose. When he found out you were all taken against your will, he decided to save you,” said Luis.

“So we are free?” asked Amy.

“Yes, you are all free women,” said Luis.

“Then why take us all the way to the other side of the world?” asked Julia.

“My boss wants to meet you, he did just pay over £20 million to save you, I guess he has a right to see you,” said Luis.

It was a fair point, none of them could argue that and seemed to accept it.

“Ladies, please think of this as a vacation, the island is a beautiful place and you can relax and enjoy the sun, maybe go for a ride on the ponies!” said Luis with a smile.

“Luis, thank you, you have been very kind,” said Elsie.

“It is my pleasure ladies, I will be in the forward cabin, please call if you need anything. We will be stopping for fuel in Singapore, then on to the island. It will be a long flight so you can get some rest if you like,” said Luis who then headed back to the forward compartment.

They all turned to look at each other, not really believing what was happening. Petra had already found the entertainment section and was scrolling through the movies, then paused and looked at the others.

“Do you think Luis will provide us anything we want?” She asked with a smile. The others all looked at her and laughed.

“What? I’ve never been to the mile high club before!” said Petra laughing.

Chapter 10

The black SUV pulled up to a pair of iron gates; two burly men approached the vehicle.

“What can I do for you mate?” said the first man to the driver.

“The young lady and her baby in the back are here to visit their nan,” said the driver. Betsy opened the window to see who was there. There man peered through the window.

“Betsy! And this must be baby Olivia who I keep hearing about?” said the man in his thick London accent. He then waved to the other man to open the gates.

“Hi Johnny, yes this is her, say hello to Uncle Johnny, baby girl,” said Betsy to her baby.

“You go on through Betsy love, we’ll catch up later ok,” said Johnny. The car then drove into the drive of the large house which was surrounded by high walls. The place was a fortress.

Betsy got out and headed indoors with Olivia, the driver and some of the other men helped with her luggage.

Inside Betsy strolled through like she owned the place and headed straight to the living room. There she saw a happy face waiting for her.

“Betsy luv, and Livy! Oh I’m so glad you came to see me, I’ve missed you!” said Evie.

“Hello nan, here take this little one, I’m putting the kettle on!” said Betsy, who already felt more relaxed than she had in a long time. Evie made a fuss of Olivia and waited for Betsy to come back with the tea.

Evie of course had staff to bring her tea, but Betsy always insisted on making it for her. It was how they met back at the shop almost two years ago. Betsy had fallen in love with Evie that day and had always kept in touch and visited whenever she could.

Evie was well respected in her community; she did a lot for them. Several of the local gangsters who were a law unto themselves always treated Evie as royalty.

Many believed she was the biggest gangster of them all, but it was far from the case, she just knew the right people and had their trust. Plus wealth, Evie was worth a small fortune, and many guessed it was from Angela.

Betsy came back with a pot of tea, and some milk and cups, Evie went to pour a cup, but got a gentle smack on the hand.

“Come on nan, you know it hasn’t brewed yet!” said Betsy with a chuckle.

Evie laughed, she loved Betsy like she was her very own, she was the only person in the world that treated her with some normality.

“So what brings you here Betsy, and where’s your lovely wife, it’s been a while since I’ve seen her,” said Evie.

“Nan, do you mind if I stay for a while, things have gotten messy, Amy is missing and so is Elsie, Petra and Julia. I’m scared for Olivia and can’t think of anywhere safer than here,” said Betsy, forming a tear.

“Missing?” said Evie.

“Remember that witch Tanya? She’s back and causing havoc, she has kidnapped Amy and the others,” said Betsy who was now breaking into sobs.

“I remember her, I know you lot love it, but I gotta tell you Betsy, I hate that la-de-da lifestyle. It brings nothing but misery,” said Evie rather bitterly.

“I’m sorry nan,” said a blubbering Betsy.

Evie placed Olivia in her bouncy chair then went to cuddle Betsy.

“Now stop that, and tell me what you know, because those kids of mine never tell me anything,” said Evie.

“As far as we know they’ve been sold to some guy on the other side of the world, some Rancher or something,” said Betsy.

“The Rancher? Is he into ponies?” asked Evie quizzically.

“Yes, I think so, I’m so scared for them, they might never be saved, no one even knows where the place is!” said Betsy, still crying.

Evie laughed loud, and Betsy was taken back, there was nothing remotely funny about this.

“Nan it’s not funny, I might never see Amy again, or the others!” said Betsy feeling a little angry.

“I’m sorry Betsy, but you have to trust me, Amy is fine, and so are the others, that I promise you,” said Evie who gave her a squeeze then went to her cupboard. She came back with an old photo album.

“Look at this,” said Evie as she opened the album.

“Is that you nan? With Angela and Terry?” asked Betsy looking at the old photo. Evie was a very good-looking young woman and Angela was just a baby, Terry was a toddler.

“Yes, back when I could still turn a few heads.” Chuckled Evie.

“Who’s that, is that Angela and Terry’s dad?” asked Betsy.

“Yes, my husband, Harry,” said Evie, who seemed a little sad remembering him.

“What happened to him nan?” asked Betsy.

“He was involved in the la-de-da business, but I never wanted anything to do with it. For a while everything was great, but I didn’t want the kids to get involved. So as they got older Terry went off to join the army, but Angela found out about the Institute. She got sucked into it, and me and Harry fell out over it.” explained Evie.

Betsy was all ears, she never heard anything about Angela’s childhood, and was extremely interested.

“Anyway, we split up, officially we are still married, and we still love each other, but I can’t and won’t ever be a part of his lifestyle. So we have gone our separate ways,” said Evie. Betsy was weeping again, but for Evie.

“Nan, that is so sad, do you keep in touch?” asked Betsy.

“We talk every now and then. He sends me money all the time, not that I need it. I just don’t spend it anymore,” said Evie.

“What’s all this got to do with Amy though?” asked Betsy who felt they had side-tracked somewhat.

“Because my luv, Harry now goes by the name of Hernando, and Hernando is the Rancher!” said Evie smiling.

Betsy took a second to register what it all meant, then sheer joy exploded onto her face, and she cried again, though this time with relief.

“So the girls were kidnapped and sold to Angela’s dad!” said Betsy.

“Yes, Betsy, so they will all be fine,” said Evie.

“How come Angela doesn’t know this?” asked Betsy.

“Because they never involve me in anything, they think I’m just ‘silly old mum, trying to get involved.’ They think their dad just ran off, I couldn’t bear to tell Angela that she was the cause of our split up, it would kill her,” said Evie.

“Then we need to play this carefully nan, otherwise it’ll all be out in the open!” said Betsy, now worried for Evie.

“You leave that to me, Betsy. Tomorrow morning you are going on a long trip. I just need to make some calls to arrange it,” said Evie.

“Long trip? Where to?” asked Betsy.

“To get your wife silly!” said Evie laughing again.

“But nan, he won’t know who they are, they might get hurt before we get there!” said Betsy worried.

“Trust me Betsy, Harry plays like you lot, he won’t mistreat people and they all want to be there. No non-consent rubbish,” said Evie, patting her leg. “Now, I think that tea is ready!” said Evie, reaching for the pot.

Doctor Furnell took off his mask and cleaned himself up. He had just come out of a major operation which lasted several hours, he was exhausted.

Sitting down on a reclining chair he was close to dozing off. Then the door flew open, and he saw Angela standing there.

“Robert, I know you have just come out of surgery, but I really need you to take a look at a new case?” asked Angela.

“Of course, lead the way,” said Robert. He and Angela had come to respect each other over the past weeks, his work had become invaluable to the many ex-slaves.

Robert followed Angela into a cubicle and was shocked to see the new patient known as 401. Her mouth was horribly distended, and he could see she was also wearing one of the dreaded belts.

“Nurse, call Dr Nichols please, I’ll need him for some consultation on this patient, see if he can get here tomorrow,” said Robert, who then examined the poor girl.

“Do we know her name?” asked Robert to anyone listening. The girl grabbed a pen from his pocket and scribbled on her arm.


“Rebecca, that’s a lovely name, we are going to get this thing out of your mouth, but it will be very painful, so we are going to put you out, ok?” asked Robert.

Rebecca nodded; a tear ran down her cheek. Robert smiled and wiped the tear away.

“You’re safe now Rebecca, and you’re in good hands,” said the Doctor.

“Robert, I don’t want to pressure you, but this poor girl may hold valuable information. But we want to treat her first, she is in a lot of pain, this gag is the most extreme thing I’ve seen to date,” said a worried Angela.

“It is very extreme indeed, but it looks fairly straightforward to remove,” said Robert, guiding Angela away from the patient.

“You’ll also be pleased to know that we have finished the surgery on Evelyn. I can gladly inform you it was a success, and she should make a full recovery, physically at least, the rest is down to Sarah at this stage,” said Robert.

“That’s wonderful news, thank you Robert, I’ll leave you to do what you do, you don’t need me in your way. Please call me if you need anything,” said Angela.

Robert nodded, he wished they had gotten off to a better start years back. She really was a caring woman and Robert had become quite fond of her.

Jason had tracked Tanya’s jet to Benbecula in Scotland, the same jet had filed a flight plan to move on to Iceland later in the evening. It seemed Tanya was making a break for it and heading to the USA.

Her small private jet lacked the range to fly non-stop so had to keep landing for fuel. They had a small window to intercept her, but it would be tight.

The Institute's own Citation jet was on route, Terry, Ellie, Cara and Cliff were on board and geared up ready to take her down. No heavy weapons were needed this time, and each member carried a side arm and a taser.

Benbecula was an incredibly quiet aerodrome, they had a shuttle service which flew to the mainland once a day, so tonight seemed extremely busy for them. Three private jets were booked into land. One from Jersey was already on the ground and was going to depart in an hour.

Two others were due to land around the same time, one from Biggin Hill in London and one from Bilbao in Spain.

It was an unprecedented evening for the staff at the normally deserted airfield.

The two private jets were lined up for approach, Terry and co, were in the number one slot.

Tanya and Samira had boarded their jet which had just received its clearance and would be starting engines shortly.

Ellie paid close attention to the radio chatter on the air frequencies. It was going to be remarkably close. They touched down and headed for the small ramp, as they came to a stop Ellie heard the jet call for taxi, and she knew she had to stop it.

As soon as the door was opened, she grabbed a high vis jacket and ran from the plane. Tanya’s jet had started to move, Terry saw it move and cursed, there would be no way to stop it now.

“We’re too late, fuck it!” shouted Terry.

“What the hell is Ellie doing?” asked Cara.

Ellie ran in front of the plane holding two fingers in the air and frantically waving her other hand. The others thought she had lost it as they watched through the cockpit window.

The pilot was watching as well.

“Bloody genius!” he said, then turned to Terry.

“You better get ready to catch a snake,” said the pilot, smiling.

Terry was confused then looked at Ellie again; she was still making the strange gestures with her hands. Suddenly the small jet stopped dead, the engines cut, and Terry saw a cloud of foam like vapour plume from one of the engines.

The door flew open, and the two crew and two passengers ran clear of the plane. Cliff and Cara were out like a shot to intercept Tanya.

The other jet had now also arrived on the ramp.

“What the hell just happened?” said Terry.

“She told the pilot he had an engine fire!” said the pilot laughing. Terry grinned.

“That’s my girl, Ellie,” he said.

Tanya stopped dead in her tracks, a woman who looked like she was ready to take on the world stood in front of her. Her face was like thunder and Tanya tried to run away from her.

Cara simply raised her hand and pulled the trigger. Several wires shot out, and Tanya dropped to the tarmac, Cara kept the trigger held down, enjoying seeing Tanya fry on the floor.

Samira was also running; she was stopped short by a huge hand grabbing her shoulder. Cliff had her and he wasn’t letting go.

Nobody noticed the people disembarking the other jet, six men with automatic weapons approached the scattered team. Terry saw them first and realised they were heavily outgunned and outnumbered.

Five of the men aimed their weapons at Cliff and Cara. The other man walked to Terry.

“Mr Wright?” asked the man. Terry nodded, tempted to reach for his gun, but he knew that could prove fatal for Cliff and Cara.

“I am.” acknowledged Terry.

“Mr Wright, I have orders to capture the one called Tanya, the other is yours. I will not take no for an answer,” said the man with a heavy Spanish accent.

“I’m not really in a position to argue,” said Terry and relaxed his stance to show he was no threat. He then touched his throat mike.

“Stand down, these people are taking Tanya, the other one is ours,” said Terry.

Cara, Ellie and Cliff were not happy, but weighing up the odds they had no choice.

“What do you want with her?” asked Terry.

“She double-crossed my boss, she will be punished, you will not see her again,” said the man.

“Shame, I’d like to see that!” said Terry.

“Maybe you will!” said the man, then smiled and whirled his hand in the air. His men approached Cara who knew she had to give up Tanya. She couldn’t resist zapping her one last time. Tanya flinched on the floor. The other men let her have this moment, all smiling.

“Here take it, should be a few more volts left, don’t waste them!” said Cara, passing the taser to one of the men. The man smiled and gave her a nod, Cara sensed her wishes would be carried out as they dragged Tanya away.

Terry passed the man his card.

“Tell your boss I want to speak with him,” said Terry.

“He knows where to find you,” said the man.

“That doesn’t scare me mate,” said Terry.

“He knows that too, you are in no danger, you have his word,” said the man who then left to board his jet.

They all watched the plane depart, then boarded their own to head home.

On the ramp two elderly Scotsmen watched the whole thing unfazed. It was the most entertainment they had ever seen.

“You know Hamish, these Englanders are a strange bunch!”

“Aye lad, they are indeed.”

The Global Express touched down at Tafuna airport in American Samoa, it was the nearest runway that could handle the aircraft. The passengers transferred to a waiting helicopter for the one-hour flight out to the Ranch.

As the helicopter descended over the water and broke land the girls watched out of the window and saw an amazing thing. There was a lot of activity, like a load of people running around, some pulling carts or buggies.

From the air they looked like normal people, but as they got lower, they could see that the majority of them were human ponies. The girls were speechless, and the whole thing seemed bizarre, but also intrigued them.

Especially Amy, her recent adventure as Kitten had opened up a whole new world to her, and deep down she wondered what the pony life would be like. The thought of being driven by the whip sent a shudder through her.

The helicopter landed on a large pad nearby an exceptionally large villa. From the air they saw a large pool and a large garden area. But most of the island was dominated by large grassy areas with several large stables and hundreds of smaller fixtures.

“This place is something else!” said Elsie who was loving the look of that pool they saw.

“Sure is, I can’t wait to feed the ponies!” said Petra who got a round of laughter.

They were led into the villa where they were greeted by their host.

“Ladies, welcome to the Ranch, I am your humble host, the Rancher,” said Hernando.

“Thank you, Mr Rancher, you have a most beautiful home!” said Amy.

“Ladies please, call me Hernando, though it is a bit of a secret as most people do not know my name, I like the anonymity,” said Hernando to his guests.

The girls all nodded and looked around the spacious living area.

“Hernando, we thank you for saving us, Luis told us a little on the plane, but we are struggling to understand why you would do this, and it was a very large sum of money!” said Elsie.

“Ladies please make yourselves at home, help yourselves to refreshments and I will answer all of your questions,” said the gracious host.

The girls helped themselves to a drink and got comfortable on the plush chairs and sofas.

“Now, let me tell you a little of my history, then I am certain my motives will be revealed!” said Hernando.

“Please do,” said Amy.

“Many years ago, in a different life, I met the girl of my dreams, we had two children, a boy and a girl. Life was perfect for many years, but my wife did not agree with my lifestyle choices. For many years she let me have my fun, but as our children grew up, she was adamant that they not know about my secrets.

I agreed to keep them away from it, but one day my daughter discovered the world, she was only 16 at the time. She quizzed me and I could not lie to her. My wife was furious, we had a big argument, which ultimately led to our separation.

I have never loved another woman since, we still remain married to this day and we keep in touch, though it is only a phone call a few times a year. To my knowledge she has also never loved again. It is a sad reality, but this is the life we were dealt with.

I moved around the globe and started afresh, building an empire and becoming a very wealthy man. Ten years ago I bought this island and built my dream. There are over 200 ponies on the island and some 50 staff.

Only 12 of the ponies are here against their will, they are here to serve a life sentence for crimes within the lifestyle we live. There are several foundations around the globe, like your Institute. These are the foundations that sentence the convict ponies.

But I digress, back to the story, my wife and I came to an agreement: I would disappear. It broke my heart to leave my children, but I made sure they were secure financially and still send regular payments to my wife to help them.

Though I understand they have both done very well for themselves. It was our hope that the children would not follow in my footsteps with my absence, but unfortunately my daughter still found a way to be sucked into the world.

I’m sure you all know just how much of a temptation it is. I will tell you my wife’s name, and I hope that will be all I need to say to answer your questions.

Her name is Evangelina, or as you might know her, Evie Wright!” said Hernando with a smile.

All four girls were silent, with mouths agape. Hernando chuckled.

“I’ll let that sink in for you ladies,” he said as he poured himself an ice water.

“You’re Mistress Angela’s dad?” said Julia.

“Yes, I am, my real name is not Hernando, and you four girls are the only people on this island that know this now, my birth name is Harold Wright. But please keep that to yourselves, ok?” said Hernando.

“Wow, now it all makes sense!” said Elsie.

“Does she know we are here?” asked Amy.

“I believe so, but at this stage I am not sure how to proceed if I’m honest. Nobody knows where this island is except for my pilots and a few trusted staff. The whole area is missing from google images, thanks to some friends in high places!” said Hernando.

“Does she even know you are her dad?” asked Julia.

“No, this has been my biggest reason for secrecy, that and a few other things,” said Hernando.

“You have to tell her, and Terry. They will want to know; they have a right to know,” said Amy.

“That has always been Evie’s choice, I have left her in charge of that decision,” said Hernando.

The girls agreed they would not intervene; it was a family thing and Evie’s choice.

“Now then ladies, you have had a long journey, please feel free to relax, use the pool or wander the grounds. Upstairs you will find some rooms and wardrobes full of clothes, or bathing suits if you prefer. My staff stand by to see to your needs, but please take notice of them if you are out on the grounds for your own safety,” said Hernando, who then walked out onto the veranda to watch his ponies.

Betsy boarded the private jet at Luton airport, its final destination was Samoa. Olivia was with Evie who promised to take her back to the castle. It was a bit short notice to get her a passport!

Evie waved her off from the private terminal and went back to her waiting car, with Olivia in hand.

“Take me to that la-de-da castle,” she said to the driver.

Evie strapped Olivia into her car seat, she was sleepy and soon nodded off as babies do when in the car. She reached for her phone and scrolled down to Harry, then pressed ‘dial’.

“Evie my love, I have been expecting your call,” said Hernando.

“Will you knock off that stupid accent Harry; you sound like a ponce!” said Evie.

Hernando chuckled, his voice had changed long ago, and his old London accent had long gone. Evie knew this, but always liked to rib him about it.

“Evie, it is a pleasure to hear your voice, what can I do for you, my wife,” said Hernando.

“I’ve just put a young girl on a plane at Luton, she’ll need picking up from the airport, look after her well Harry, you have her wife there with you. I hope for your sake they are not bloody horses!” said Evie.

“Of course my love, send me her name and flight details and I will have the helicopter pick her up. I have a favour to ask you too Evie,” said Hernando.

“I know, I’m on my way to see them now, it’s time they knew the truth and they need to know it was my choice, not yours,” said Evie.

“Thank you, my love, you know it’s not too late, my heart still belongs to you and always will, you are welcome to join me here in paradise,” said Hernando.

“And you are still my man Harry, but I still can’t stand horses!” said Evie with a laugh.

Samira walked in front of the council of six, she had been found guilty of treason against the Institute and stood to accept her sentence. She was escorted by Cara and Ellie on either side, Mistress Freya was leading them in.

“Mistress Samira, you have been found guilty of treason by your peers, you are hereby sentenced to 15 years servitude as a slave of the Institute, you will serve Mistress Freya in her new role as Head Mistress at the academy.

Here you will be a subject for future Mistresses to train on, we hereby strip you of rank and reduce you to slave,” said Angela.

Cara and Ellie stripped off her clothes and Freya placed a collar on her neck. It was not as stylish as normal slave collars and was a little thicker and heavier, a permanent reminder to her of her status.

The click sent a chill down her spine, but she was thankful it wasn’t one of Tanya’s collars.

“Knees,” said Angela, and Samira sank to her knees. Somewhere in her heart she was sorry for what she had done and did show remorse at her trial. She was determined to work hard as a means of repent for her sins.

“Slave Samira, do you have any last words for the council before you start your sentence?” asked Angela.

“Grand Mistress Angela and honourable council members. I promise to serve my time with distinction and hope to make up for my betrayal. The Institute gave me everything, and I have let it down. I offer all I have in return,” said Samira. Angela nodded.

“Mistress Freya, she is all yours, see to it she works hard and is treated well,” said Angela.

“Yes, Grand Mistress Angela,” said Freya.

“Come,” said Freya to her new slave and headed off to the dungeons to see what she was made of.

A black Range Rover pulled up to the front doors of the castle, Ellie saw the car approaching and waited around as she recognised it. She was smiling as Evie stepped out of the car.

“Evie? I never thought I’d ever see you here!” said Ellie as she gave her a hug.

“Well, it’s important, so I thought I’d make the effort,” said Evie.

“It’s good to see you Ell, you're looking good!” said Evie.

“Thanks Mum!” said Ellie with a smile.

They walked in and headed for the lounge, sitting down as she looked around the large room.

“Typical la-de-da style!” said Evie, Ellie laughed, she was waiting for it.

“I’ll go get Angel for you,” said Ellie.

“Get Tel as well love, and better get a stiff drink too,” said Evie looking slightly uncomfortable.

Ellie shrugged it off as humour and went off to find the siblings.

Ellie found Angela and Terry in the kitchen drinking tea, she walked to the cupboard, got a bottle of whisky and three glasses, then put them on a tray.

“Bit early, Ell,” said Terry.

“It’s for you two, your mums in the lounge and wants to see you both,” said Ellie smiling.

Angela and Terry looked at each other in a bit of a shock.

“Mums here, in the castle?” said Terry.

“Yup, Queen la-de-da has already rolled her eyes at the décor,” said a laughing Ellie, then disappeared to find something to keep her occupied.

Angela grabbed the tray and headed for the lounge, with Terry in tow.

“Mum?” said Angela.

“Ah, good both of you, sit down and pour a drink, I have some news,” said Evie.

“Mum, everything alright? Said Terry.

“I’m fine, quit your worrying,” said Evie.

“What’s this all about then? Must be important if you’re here!” said Angela.

“It’s about your dad,” said Evie.

“I’m not interested,” said Terry and stood to leave.

“Terrance, sit down!” said Evie.

Terry hadn’t heard that name since he was a kid, it always followed with a clip round the ear. He sat back down.

“Your father never left you, I pushed him away, and he accepted my choices,” said Evie, feeling a little ashamed.

“Why mum, why after all these years would you tell us this now?” said Angela.

“You both know I fucking hate this place, and he was dragging you into it Ange, you were only 16 for Christ’s sake.” Spat Evie.

“Mum it was my choice, I questioned dad about it, he couldn’t lie to me and told me the truth. I think I made the right choice; it wasn’t for you to decide,” said Angela feeling a little upset.

“I wanted better for you both. Terry run off to the army, that was good enough for me, but you got sucked into all this shit, and look what it’s done to you, to your girls!” said Evie.

“Mum, I would do it all over again, without it I wouldn’t have any of them, no Ellie, no girls. I wouldn’t change a thing, I’ve done good with my life, if you could put that hate aside for one minute, you’d see that!” said Angela who was crying now. Terry put his arm around her.

“Mum, I get it, you wanted the best for your kids, everyone does. But Ange is right, she has changed thousands of people’s lives for the better, you just don’t want to see it,” said Terry. Evie wept a little.

“You’re not the only ones to suffer, I did this to myself as well. I still love your father, always have, as he does me. Neither of us ever had another partner, we are still married believe it or not. We talk every now and then,” said Evie.

“Mum, why? I’ve been doing this all my life, what did you have to lose? Said Angela.

“My pride, Ange, my pride. It’s just my selfish pride. I’m sorry,” said Evie.

Angela cuddled her mum, and they both cried. Terry sat in thought.

“Mum, why are you telling us this now, something has happened, or you’d still be at home,” said Terry.

“Your father changed his name and moved far away. Goes by the name of Hernando these days, or as you two might know him, the Rancher,” said Evie.

Angela shot bolt upright, and Terry did too at the mention of that name.

“You are kidding me right mum?” said Angela.

“No, I’m not, tomorrow afternoon there will be a plane at Luton airport waiting to take you out there. Take Ellie with you, she’s family now and he is her father-in-law. You’ll find all the girls being treated well, like royalty knowing him,” said Evie with a smirk.

“Mum, you should come too, when was the last time you saw him?” asked Angela.

“The day he left,” said Evie looking sad.

“That’s it, you’re coming even if I have to handcuff you!” said Angela.

“Ok, but I’m not riding those fucking horses!” said Evie with a laugh.

“Tel, we need to find Betsy and Olivia!” said Angela in a panic.

Evie leant down the side of the armchair and pulled the car seat forward, Olivia was still sound asleep.

“Apparently Auntie Nicola has a new job for the next few weeks. Mothers’ orders!” said Evie.

“Where’s Betsy?” said Angela.

Evie checked her watch, probably over Turkey by now, she left this morning,” said Evie.

Chapter 11

Julia, Petra and Elsie were spending their second day by the pool, Amy was out at the fence to one of the paddocks, watching the ponies being put through their paces.

She was fascinated by them, the helicopter buzzed over her head, it wasn’t a rare sight, but this time it was carrying a crate slung underneath. It dropped the crate in a far off paddock, then returned to the landing pad.

Amy paid it no attention, Hernando came and rested on the fence next to her.

“Tell me Amy, why do you spend so long out here, instead of by the pool with the others?” asked Hernando.

“I don’t know, but maybe you do?” She replied. Hernando gave her a look of questioning.

“What got you into ponies?” asked Amy.

“A slave from a long time ago, had a liking to be treated as a pet, you know a cat or a dog, that sort of thing. I tried to oblige her and looked into different things and stumbled upon these magnificent creatures,” said Hernando.

“Then maybe that’s why? Just the other week my Mistress had me in a Kitten suit for three days, I never had so much fun in my life, it was a great experience,” said Amy.

“Then you should try the pony experience, I’m told it is the ultimate experience for the animal fetish,” said Hernando.

“I’d like that, but I’ve seen your contracts! I have a young daughter at home, I miss her,” said Amy.

“Maybe we can arrange something a little more accommodating for you, eh?” said Hernando. Amy smiled.

“That might work, though I’d have to ask my Mistress first,” said Amy.

“And what about your wife!” said a voice from behind them. Amy knew that voice anywhere and spun around jumping on Betsy. The two locked together in a deep kiss.

They cuddled and kissed for over a minute before Amy broke off.

“Where’s our baby girl?” said Amy looking around.

“Sorry wifey, she hasn’t got a passport yet, she’s at home with Nicola,” said Betsy.

“I can’t wait to see her,” said Amy.

“Ladies, I will leave you to catch up, I have some business to attend to!” said Hernando.

“Oh wait, just a sec, sorry my manners! Betsy this is Hernando aka the Rancher, Hernando this is my wife, Betsy,” said Amy.

“Betsy, it's a pleasure to meet you, Amy has not stopped talking about you!” said Hernando.

“The pleasure is mine, thank you for looking after my little mischief here,” said Betsy cuddling Amy.

“Oh, a mischievous Kitten, now I know why you had so much fun!” said Hernando laughing, he then tipped his hat and wandered off to the far-off paddock.

The castle seemed deserted, Angela, Ellie and Terry had left for the airport. The Tanya threat had been neutralised, so security was back to normal. Most of the council members had gone back home. Only Sarah stayed to assist with the patients.

Nicola and Jason were playing mum and dad with Olivia and Freya was busy putting Samira through her paces.

This left Cara sitting around bored. She went for a wander, doing a security check and walking the rounds for something to do.

As she passed the dungeon, she noted that Samira was heavily bound and hooded, strapped to a pole on the wall. A position many slaves were aware of only too well.

Freya was not there, Cara walked up to Samira and studied her bondage, a slight shiver ran through her. She decided to go before Freya returned and turned to walk out.

Just then Freya walked in with a big smile on her face.

“Cara, have you finally come to complete your challenge?” asked Freya.

“Not today, sorry, too much on,” said Cara as a weak excuse.

“Really? I’ve just been to operations, they said it was as dead as a Dodo!” said Freya.

“Well, you know those ops guys, don’t realise how the real work is done,” said Cara trying to escape.

“Have you decided the terms yet?” asked Freya.

“No, no I haven’t, so we’ll have to postpone I guess!” said Cara smiling.

Freya knew Cara was as submissive as they come, but she just needed that push to commit. She had an idea and wanted to try it, she had seen Cara enough now to know she reacted to authority without question, just like a good soldier should.

Unknown to Freya was that Cara found her irresistible and would happily buckle to her authority, just hearing Freya speak to her like a submissive slave had her pussy quivering. Betsy had unleashed her need to be spoken to harshly, she longed for that treatment again.

“CARA, KNEES, NOW,” shouted Freya.

Cara almost came in her knickers, the authority drilled into her brain and her legs buckled, she dropped to her knees immediately.

Freya smiled; she knew it, Cara was a true submissive all day long.

“Slaves are normally naked Cara,” said Freya, now circling her prey. Cara began to strip.

Freya walked to a cabinet by the wall and retrieved something. Walking back to Cara she held out the collar.

“Hold it,” ordered Freya. Cara took it in her hands, she felt a spark ignite in her, this was the key to her salvation, if she clicked this into place she was hooked.

“Cara, are you aware of the slave rules?” asked Freya.

“Yes, Mistress Freya,” said Cara.

“Oh, now that is a first, you just called me Mistress! To do that you must be a slave. So why do you deny yourself Cara? Your freedom lies in your hands, doesn’t it slut!” said Freya.

“Yes, Mistress Freya,” said Cara who then heard the click of her collar locking, her inner slave had finally taken control and she just gave herself to Freya.

“Oh slave, you have made me very happy, and you know you have just released all your frustrations in one action, don’t you, my slut?” asked Freya.

“Yes, Mistress Freya,” said Cara who felt so relieved of stress that had mounted up since her mission to protect Betsy and Amy. She desperately wanted to feel her pussy, but she was in the slave position and dared not break it.

“Rule 3 slave, tell me how long you have craved to serve me?” asked Freya.

“Since we first met, Mistress Freya,” said Cara.

“What, exactly, did you envisage I would do to you?” asked Freya.

“Whip me until I came, Mistress Freya,” said Cara.

“And in what position were you?” asked Freya.

“Strappado, Mistress Freya,” said Cara, her voice so soft and submissive.

“As you wish, slave, move into position by the bar,” said Freya. Cara moved quickly, leaning against the horizontal bar and spreading her legs.

Within a few minutes her legs were bound spread wide, Freya was pulling an armbinder onto her.

“You have such powerful shoulders, slave, I’m afraid this will take some getting used to having your elbows touching,” said Freya as she began to draw the laces tighter.

Cara felt her arms were as close they were ever going to get, the strain on her shoulders was immense. Freya had declared there was still another two inches to go and started the process again.

Everything in Cara’s mind said to ask her to stop, but she didn’t want to defy her Mistress, instead she stayed silent but started to weep from the pain.

Freya stopped and let the binder out a bit until she could sense Cara could handle it. Then tied off the laces.

She walked around to face Cara and wiped her tears away.

“Lesson one, never be afraid to cry, a lesser Mistress would take your silence to mean you were not at your breaking point. I can promise you, that binder is relentless, it would have drawn your elbows together, and likely popped your shoulders. Let go of your pride and trust in your Mistress, show your true feelings and we both will enjoy this together,” said Freya.

“Yes, Mistress Freya, thank you for the lesson,” said Cara. Freya smiled and took a hold of Cara’s hair gripping it tight at the back. Then she forcefully kissed her, the kiss melted Cara, she felt weak and under her Mistresses power and protected by her love.

Freya broke off the kiss.

“Ready for lesson two slave?” said Freya. Cara’s voice was now raspy and full of passion.

“Yes please, Mistress Freya,” she said with a smile and glazed eyes. With those words, slave Cara was born.

Amy and Betsy had joined the others at the pool, the five girls all lay naked on the loungers in the privacy of the private area. A serious tan topping session was in order.

They laid there chatting about this and that, until Julia said something that got them all thinking.

“I feel really sorry for Hernando, I mean he paid all that money to free us, and here we are, his perfect team of ponies just lying about sunbathing,” said Julia.

“What are you saying, you want to be a pony?” asked Petra.

“No but it kinda seems we owe him at least one run around the track, if you know what I mean,” said Julia.

“It would be kinda different,” said Elsie.

“Careful girls, you might like it and become life ponies!” said Amy joking.

“Be even more careful, I have my necklace in my bag!” said Betsy laughing.

Julia and Petra looked at each other and smiled.

“Where’s your bag?” said Julia.

“Upstairs, why?” said Betsy, eyes closed soaking the sun.

“Because if it’s upstairs you can’t stop us,” said Julia.

“Stop you doing whaaa…no!” Screamed Betsy as Petra and Julia scooped her up and threw her in the pool.

All the girls were laughing as Betsy stuck her head up from the side of the pool, she was laughing too, but it was a different laugh. Amy recognised it straight away.

“I think you might just regret that!” said Amy.

“Oh and why is that?” said Julia.

“Because she was promoted whilst you were away!” said Amy laughing.

“Promoted?” said Julia.

“Yes, she is now a full Mistress, and in charge of all of us! You might as well have thrown Mistress Angela in the pool!” said Amy with a grin.

“Betsy, please no, please, we didn’t know!” said Julia, but Betsy was already planning in her mind as she climbed out the pool and walked towards Julia and Petra.

“It’s ok, Kittens, you’ll be fine,” said Betsy as she looked at Amy and winked.

Amy laughed as she imagined them both in the kitten suits seeking attention.

Betsy looked at Elsie who was staying deadly quiet but was holding back a laugh.

“Anything to add Elsie? You seem awfully quiet,” said Betsy. Elsie shook her head but was smiling.

Betsy grabbed a towel and dried herself, then went inside. Petra and Julia both looked to Amy.

“What’s with the Kitten thing?” asked Julia.

“Now why would I spoil the surprise for you?” said Amy as she started to chuckle.

“Come on Amy, please, I don’t like surprises!” said Julia who was almost on her knees begging. Just then Amy was saved as Betsy reappeared complete with necklace.

“Julia, Petra knees,” ordered Betsy, the two complied straight away. Betsy went back to her lounger and resumed her sunbathing.

“Elsie, be a dear and go and fetch two of those large fans,” said Betsy.

“Yes, Mistress Elizabeth,” replied Elsie with a smile.

As Elsie returned, she approached Betsy and sank to her knees, offering the fans.

“Give them to Petra and Julia, then you may resume sunbathing,” said Betsy.

“Yes, Mistress Elizabeth, thank you,” said Elsie.

“Now you two fan slaves, I believe you know what to do,” said Betsy as she relaxed and closed her eyes.

Petra and Julia took their places either side of Betsy and began to gently fan her as she soaked up the sun rays.

Amy and Elsie withheld their laughter, but it was evident they were struggling. It didn’t go unnoticed by Betsy as she could hear them slightly.

“If you two are struggling to control yourselves I’m sure there are more fans!” said Betsy with a half-smile. They redoubled their efforts to stay quiet, but it seemed to make things worse.

Amy couldn’t hold back a snicker which in turn set off Elsie. Betsy laughed herself then without opening her eyes calmly spoke.

“These fans are wonderful, but I need more, two more in fact, snap to it slaves,” ordered Betsy. Elsie and Amy both went to fetch more fans and took up positions surrounding Betsy.

“Now this is bliss. One noise from any of you and I promise you’ll be out in the sun pulling a sulky for Hernando. Do I make myself clear?” said Betsy.

“Yes, Mistress Elizabeth,” replied the four slaves in unison.

Then there was silence, Betsy enjoyed the sound of the wind blowing through the nearby trees. Life was good.

Hernando walked into the small outbuilding on the far side of the island. There was a commotion coming from one of the pony stalls, the door was being kicked repeatedly and two stable hands were trying to control a feisty mare.

The mare was fully outfitted, complete with harness and bridle, her arms sealed behind her back, and she seemed to be more than comfortable in the pony boots. A clear sign she was well used to walking in heels.

Her long dark hair had been shaved on both sides of her head, leaving just a long mane. Her now smooth head on each side sported matching tattoos, they read Mule 13.

She was trying to shout obscenities but due to the bit in her mouth it was just sounding like she was snorting. A gentle ringing could be heard as her pierced nipples bounced around the attached bells, the one on her clit piercing also chimed.

Hernando reached into the stool and grabbed the reins attached to the pony and gave them a pull. The pony immediately stopped kicking as the bit did its job.

“You may as well stop fighting, even if you get free, which you won’t, where will you go? You are on an island, your former life is over, in fact here right now is the last time you will ever hear your old name,” said Hernando looking into the pony’s eyes.

“You should have read the small print Tanya, but instead, you were greedy and look where it got you, here in my stables, from now on you are just a mule. No one will speak to you again, you will be guided by the whip for the rest of your days, slaving away in the sun,” said Hernando as he applied a little more pressure to the reins.

By now the stable hands had applied a hobble chain to her legs, there would be no more kicking from Mule 13. Hernando passed the reins to one of the hands, then stood back.

“Give her a few days so she can have a chance to heal. When the vet signs her off, put her to work,” said Hernando.

He approached the stable once more to look into her eyes, there was still some venom behind them, but that would soon go. Hernando had seen it before.

“Enjoy your life Mule 13, at least Mule 7 will be happy you are here. She has been the only mare for some time, and she will be happy to share the burden of pleasing the others during your paddock time,” said Hernando with a smile.

He then turned and left, Mule 13 waited for him to go before finally caving in, a tear ran down her face as she was left to stand in her stable.

For years she had wondered what went through the minds of the slaves she had assigned to permanent bondage and slavery. Now as she wept, the answer had come to her.

Jason held Olivia in his arms as she greedily drank from the bottle of milk, she was a happy baby. Though over the past few days she had missed her parents. Auntie Nicola was a welcome face though and seemed to keep her happy.

“I could get used to this!” said Jason to Nicola who was getting Olivia’s cot ready.

Nicola smiled, though it was half hearted. She too had become fond of Olivia over the past 11 months. She thought about what it would be like to have her own, a sad realisation that she couldn’t always made her feel sad.

Jason noticed her mood was not her normal bright outlook. He realised what he had said and felt terrible, she was the perfect woman in every sense to him. But she herself would never be complete in her own eyes.

Olivia had finished her bottle and was drifting off to sleep as Jason gently rocked her. He slowly stood and placed her in the cot.

Watching her sleep the two stand in parents quietly left the room turning off the light.

Jason held Nicola in his arms, they had become remarkably close. Nicola felt a comfort in him, she felt secure and loved. Jason too felt as though he was complete.

“I love you Nic, and I want to be with you forever,” said Jason.

Nicola smiled, she could see that Jason was genuine in his words, but she feared that one day he would want children, and she would not be able to meet his needs.

She smiled at him and kissed him gently.

“I love you too.” She whispered, Jason sensed her mood was sad, but she was trying to hide it.

“I have a solution, it’s pretty drastic but I want to do it, I want to show you I’m serious about you,” said Jason. Nicola gave him a puzzled look.

“Solution to what?” She asked.

“Your dilemma,” said Jason.

“Dilemma eh! And what makes you think I have a dilemma?” said Nicola.

“Because you do, I love you, which also means I can’t keep my eyes off you. So you see I see your moods, I see when you're happy, when you're sad and see what makes you sad,” said Jason.

“Here’s me thinking you were a reporter not a psychologist,” said Nicola with a smile.

“Ah, there’s your mistake, I’m an investigative reporter!” He said with a chuckle.

“Ok, so tell me Mr PI, what’s my problem?” said Nicola.

“You want your own children one day, and you know you can’t, unless you adopt obviously. But I know it’s not the same. You’ve become the woman you want to be, but you can never feel that emotion of carrying your child. You’re smart Nic, and I know you have accepted this, but it doesn’t stop your emotions from suffering over it,” said Jason as he held her close.

Nicola felt a tear forming, her eyes were starting to sting a little.

“It’s more than that, I’ve accepted the biology of the situation. But there’s more to it than that,” said Nicola as the first tear rolled down her face.

“Stability,” said Jason.

“Stability? What about it?” said Nicola.

“You’re worried about a stable relationship, and whether your biology, as you say it, will be a factor for your partner. For they may want their own children one day. Am I close?” asked Jason.

Nicola cried and Jason held her close in a loving cuddle.

“Shhh, it’s ok Nic, I said I have a solution,” he said as he held her tight.

“There is no solution, you can’t possibly understand what I feel,” said Nicola.

“At the moment you're right, but I can,” said Jason.

Nicola looked up at him, with a strange expression.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“I’m going to get a vasectomy,” he said.

“Jason, that's ridiculous, why would you even think about that!” said Nicola.

“It’s simple, I want to be with you for the rest of my life, my little swimmers are an obstacle, I need to get around it to share my life with you and I will do whatever it takes,” said Jason, who was getting emotional himself.

“Jay, that is the sweetest thought in the world, but I can’t let you do that!” said Nicola.

“I want to do it, for you,” he said, holding her shoulders with a firm grip, whilst looking deep into her eyes.

“I want you to promise me you won’t do anything until we both agree, I need time to think. We need to explore all the avenues first,” said Nicola.

“I promise, but I don’t see any other avenues,” said Jason.

“Well, there’s surrogacy for a start, did you consider that?” asked Nicola.

“No, I didn’t,” said Jason.” He smiled and suddenly picked Nicola up carrying her to the bed.

“Let’s agree that for now we can’t have kids, but we can still perform the rituals!” He said as he laid her down and began to kiss her.

Nicola smiled, and returned the kiss, her hands reaching down to unbuckle his belt.

Cara sat down in the operations room, wincing slightly. Her bum was sore from some small welts. She smiled as she remembered getting them.

Looking on the screen to her computer she saw an urgent message flashing. She opened the message and read it with a smile.

Slave collar activation – registered as Cara Veers – owner Mistress Freya Mallard – activate – yes/no.

Cara hit yes and ran her fingers along the sleek collar. She was officially owned. A stir between her legs found her hand stroking herself through her leggings, she had never felt so complete.

A knock on the office door brought her back to reality, she snapped to attention as she looked up to see one of the ops assistants smiling.

“Sorry to disturb you, boss, but there’s a delivery for Mistress Elizabeth that we weren't expecting; thought you might want to check it out,” said the young woman.

“Yes, thanks Sharon,” said Cara, a little embarrassed, she knew that Sharon saw what she was doing.

Cara headed down to the loading dock and looked at the boxes. The driver was still there waiting for a signature. But nobody would sign for an unauthorised delivery.

“When were these ordered?” asked Cara.

“Several weeks ago, but the confirmation for delivery only came this morning,” said the driver.

That seemed weird as Betsy was far away at present. Cara sent a quick text message to Betsy, hoping she was awake, she had no idea what time it was wherever she was.

The message came back quickly, confirming the order and to place the three new Kitten uniforms in her room.

“Where do I sign?” said Cara as she smiled at the driver.

Tanya couldn’t move, she was secured to a hitching post by her reins and her left leg was strapped firmly to a post. She was unable to even move it in the slightest.

She had no idea why they did this until she saw the stable hand approaching her. A cold shiver ran through her, and she attempted to break out of the straps, but it was no use.

The stable hand pressed the glowing metal into her thigh, then another doused it in cold water, Tanya screamed as the branding left the mark of the Rancher on her.

Her leg was throbbing, and the hands rubbed a soothing cream into the fresh burns. She was then unstrapped and led back to her stable.

Tanya felt another part of her small hope disappear, she eased herself down onto the pile of hay and curled into a ball as best she could, she cried herself to sleep.

Half a mile away a helicopter crossed the sandy beach and came to a hover before touching down on the huge pad. Hernando came out to greet his newest visitors.

He had been waiting for this moment for an exceptionally long time, but now it was here his stomach was in knots. He watched as a man in his early forties got off, he recognised his son, but he had changed quite a bit.

Terry was an intimidating specimen of a man, and he carried it well, Hernando felt a surge of pride for his son. Terry held out his hand and a younger woman stepped off the helicopter.

Hernando’s beautiful daughter Angela. Their eyes locked and for a moment they just stared, then Angela came running to him, they embraced in a cuddle, and both cried with joy.

Ellie walked up to them and waited patiently for them to have their moment.

Hernando finally released his grip and looked into Angela’s eyes.

“My dear Angela, I have missed you every day of my life, this is by far the best day ever to see you again,” said Hernando.

“I’ve missed you so much dad,” said Angela turning to Ellie.

“Dad, this is Ellie, your daughter in law, and my treasured wife,” said Angela smiling.

“Very pleased to meet you Ellie, welcome to my home and my family!” said Hernando giving her a hug.

“Dad,” said Terry as he approached. Hernando held out his hand to his soon.

“My son, I have missed you too!” said Hernando.

Terry took his hand in a firm grip, then pulled his dad into a hug. Ellie thought she saw a tear in Terry’s eye. But she would never mention it to anyone.

Hernando was so happy to finally be reacquainted with his kids. Then he heard a familiar voice from behind Terry.

“You better have some decent tea in this sandpit!” said Evie.

“Oh my god, Evie my love, you came!” said Hernando, he wanted to hug her but didn’t know how she would react.

Evie stood there looking at him, there was a deadly silence before Evie broke into tears, Hernando wasted no time and embraced his wife and love.

Angela and Ellie were in tears, and Terry was very emotional but holding on.

“I have waited for you Evie my love; I have not felt the touch of a single woman since we departed each other’s arms,” said Hernando crying.

“I know, I’m the same, nobody could ever replace you, Harry. I’m sorry for pushing you away, it broke my heart,” said Evie, also crying.

“Come on, let’s get inside before we all fry in this heat,” said Terry.

The reunited family headed indoors.

As the Wright family got reacquainted, Ellie wandered out to the rear balcony and looked down at the large pool. Seeing something that made her laugh she turned to call Angela.

Angela came over to her with a puzzled look.

“What are you laughing at, Ell?” said Angela, smiling.

“Them,” she said, pointing down to the pool.

Angela laughed too, the sight of Betsy laying there being fanned by four slaves was a sight for saw eyes. Her girls were safe, she knew that, but seeing them made it real and a weight lifted off her shoulders.

“I told you, that girl is a natural Mistress!” said Angela.

“Why don’t you go join them Ell, I’ll be out there soon to join you,” said Angela giving her a sensual kiss. Ellie smiled, then made her way down to the pool.

She stripped naked and dived into the pool, none of the girls saw her, just heard the splash.

They concentrated on their work, but Betsy opened her eyes and looked towards the pool. Ellie’s head popped up from the side of the pool and smiled.

“Girls, take a break and go for a swim, feel free to cuddle her,” said Betsy with a smile.

The four looked to the pool and saw Ellie smiling, Elsie was first up and running closely followed by the others. They all jumped in and swamped Ellie with cuddles.

“How long has she had you fanning her?” said Ellie to the girls as they whispered to each other.

“About two hours!” said Julia.

“Is that so, wait here,” said Ellie with a chuckle then she swam to the side and climbed out.

Betsy watched her climb out and admired her toned body, Ellie had changed, her sleek muscled body was looking extra special dripping with water.

“Hello Ditsy,” said Ellie using her old nickname for her. Betsy smiled and stood up to cuddle her.

They cuddled in a tight embrace then Betsy felt her feet lift off the floor and before she knew it, she was flying towards the pool for the second time today.

“Ellie, nooo……” Screamed Betsy. Ellie jumped back in too, the six girls reunited in the pool, the family of sisters back together again.

Angela and Evie heard the scream and went to the balcony to see what was going on. Seeing her girls all smiling and having fun melted Angela’s heart.

“Fancy a swim mum?” said Angela.

“What, and have my old wrinkly body put to shame by you lot!” said Evie.

“Mum, if any of us look as good as you when we reach your age, I will be shocked” said Angela who led her down to the pool.

Hernando and Terry went for a walk to the far side of the island. Entering the small stable they approached the stall of Tanya.

She had woken and was bending over to drink from her trough. She sensed the presence of someone watching, then turned to look at the two men.

Recognising Terry her heart sank to a new low. She was defeated and now suffered more as her enemy had come to gloat.

Terry didn’t say a word, he looked at her with a look of pity. Then turned to leave. Tanya felt a newfound shame engulf her; she was broken. She had lost and paid the ultimate price. She returned to her trough and slowly came to the reality that she was no longer a person; she was just a mule.

Hernando was up early, he walked to the balcony of his bedroom and looked out to the island. There was a racing track which he used to train ponies on but this morning there were two women running around it.

They were impressive, maintaining a disciplined run at a surprisingly good speed, certainly faster than any of his ponies.

“They’ve been at it for over an hour already, haven’t’ missed a beat,” said Evie who was already sitting out on the balcony. They had shared a bed last night and rekindled their love.

“An hour at that speed?” asked Hernando.

“Yes, they just keep going, I keep thinking they’ll slow down in a minute, but they don’t,” said Evie. Hernando did some quick calculations trying to gauge how far they had run.

“Maybe 8 or 9 miles then, that’s very impressive, but they must be near exhaustion,” said Hernando.

“Oh Harry, let me tell you something about these girls, never underestimate them, especially these two. Ellie is like a ninja for Christ’s sake, she could take down anyone in a heartbeat,” said Evie.

“And Betsy?” asked Hernando.

“That kid is special, she’s no ninja, but she has a heart of gold, and she is as strong as anyone. She feeds off the energy of her wife and has a drive like no other,” said Evie.

The island was peaceful, the ponies not awoken just yet. Hernando heard a shout, somebody shouting ‘go’. It was Ellie, and Hernando watched as the two accelerated into a sprint.

He watched in awe as the two toned women flew around the track, it wasn’t that big, only a quarter mile, Ellie kept with Betsy for two laps, then the gap started to appear.

Ellie was still gunning at an amazing speed, but Betsy was pulling clear, this girl was super-fast. Ellie dug in deep and managed to keep within a respectable distance until the last 200 yards, then Betsy seemed to hit a turbo button and opened up.

Crossing the line for a ten-mile run Betsy eased back into a controlled cruise, Ellie caught up in seconds and the two did two more laps easing back the throttles.

They finally came to a stop and started stretching exercises. Then after a few minutes a walk back towards the villa, Ellie had an arm around Betsy’s shoulders as they talked.

Hernando was amazed at these two fine athletes; he had never seen such endurance outside of professional runners.

He looked to Evie who was smiling as she watched them.

“You are right my love; they are truly amazing girls,” said Hernando.

“That they are,” said Evie, as she thought back to her recent conversation with Angela. She was right about her girls, and she was right about how much she had done for people over the years. These girls were dedicated, they had focus in their lives.

“Evie, you had better come in my love, you don’t want to watch the horses do you?” said Hernando with a laugh.

“Maybe in a bit, I better get used to them if you want me to stay!” she said.

“Evie, don’t tease me!” said a hopeful Hernando.

“I’m not, and I’m not willing to lose you a second time, so I’m going to make the effort,” said Evie.

Hernando smiled and went to his wife; they enjoyed a cuddle on the swinging chair as the first of the ponies were released into the paddocks.

Cara looked at the rota for the security teams, all looked good, Cliff was due back from a break and would relieve her as security head during the absence of Terry and Ellie.

This gave her a long overdue break and a week off from her duties. Normally she would be planning what to do with her time off, but now she realised that was someone else’s responsibility.

Cara felt goosebumps as she imagined her week ahead. Just then Cliff walked in ready to take charge, he stopped to question the ops controllers before coming to relieve Cara.

“Morning Veers,” said Cliff.

“Morning Cliff, still in army mode I see,” said Cara referring to his old habit of using surnames at work. Cliff smiled.

“Some things never change I guess,” he said.

“Well, all is quiet, nothing to report,” said Cara.

“Nothing? Are you sure!” said Cliff with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, I’m sure, why?” asked Cara.

“Oh, nothing, just thought we might have a new recruit somewhere,” said Cliff off-handedly.

Cara fingered her new collar and realised Cliff had noticed it.

“Yeah, about that, there is one, but I guess you already know now!” she said with a smile.

“I don’t judge Cara, whatever makes you happy,” said Cliff. Cara smiled and went to leave the office.

“See you in a week, or maybe around, I have no idea just yet!” said Cara, slipping out of the office. Cliff chuckled then stuck his head into the latest reports.

The house staff had laid out a huge buffet style breakfast, and everyone had come down to eat. The conversations flowed, Angela had told the girls they could relax and be themselves unless given a specific order.

Hernando enjoyed his breakfast with Evie and his children, then went to speak with Betsy and Ellie who were deep into conversation.

“Ladies, you looked magnificent out on the track this morning, I must say that was most impressive,” said Hernando.

“Really, we just had a little run that’s all,” said Ellie.

“Are you kidding, you two could be professional runners!” said Hernando.

“There’s only one race to win Hernando, and that’s the one with yourself,” said Betsy.

“Wise words, from someone so young, but you two certainly looked competitive out there this morning,” said Hernando.

“Not at all, that final mile is all about fighting yourself, it doesn’t matter if someone is in front of you or behind you, it’s as Betsy said, there is only one race,” said Ellie.

“Either way, you both looked awesome, Betsy your speed was out of this world, especially those last yards,” said Hernando.

“She does have an amazing finish and coming second as you put it does have its advantages!” said Ellie.

“Oh?” said Hernando.

“I get to watch that toned arse!” said Ellie smiling, then she got up to grab some more juice.

“She is extremely fast, but you have an edge, Betsy. What is your secret?” asked Hernando.

“Ten years!” said Betsy with a laugh.

“No way, she is ten years older than you?” asked Hernando.

“Near enough, so imagine what she was like at my age!” said Betsy.

“That is truly amazing, I look forward to seeing you run again before you go,” said Hernando.

“6 am every morning,” said Betsy as Ellie returned.

Just then the four slaves came over to speak to Hernando.

“Hello ladies, what can I do for you,” he said.

“Actually, it’s more what we want to do for you!” said Amy.

Betsy smiled and looked to Ellie as if to say listen to this. The two had developed a strong bond through their exercising and knew certain looks.

“We feel guilty you never got your four-pony team and want to give you the opportunity to see us in action, at least once before we go home,” said Julia.

“Ladies that is very generous, but please you don’t need to worry,” said Hernando who was honoured by their offer.

“We want to do it for you, after all you did save us, and you spent an awful lot of money to do it. Mistress Angela has given us permission and we want to spend the day as your ponies,” said Elsie.

“If it is something you want to do, I will make it happen ladies, there is nothing finer than four beautiful girls pulling a sulky,” said Hernando.

Ellie looked at Betsy with a smile, Betsy nodded.

“Actually, there is,” said Ellie.

“Oh really?” said Hernando.

“Yes, six beautiful girls seems much better,” said Betsy.

Hernando realised for the first time that they were all indeed the same size and build, except for the two athletes who were more toned of course. He had a huge smile on his face and agreed, he would make the preparations.

Freya sighed, and threw the files back on her desk, she had been studying them all morning. There were no fewer than twenty requests for apprentice Mistresses to study at the new academy when it opened.

There was a knock on the door to her office and she welcomed the distraction.

“Come in.” She called.

“Good morning, Mistress Freya,” said Cara as she entered.

“Ah, Cara, thank God you’re here!” said Freya.

“Thank you, Mistress Freya,” said Cara.

“Perhaps you can help with my dilemma, though I suppose you might not call it one!” said Freya.

“How can I help, Mistress Freya?” asked Cara.

“The academy opens in six months’ time; I already have twenty pupil applications and only two slaves. How can I divide two slaves between twenty Mistresses? You my sweet girl are going to be very sore, unless I find more slaves,” said Freya.

“Mistress Freya, are the pupils not recommended by appointed Mistresses?” asked Cara.

“Yes, why?” asked Freya.

“Mistress Freya, maybe you could ask them to provide a slave to help until the academy has found suitable slaves of its own. Sort of a loan program if you like,” said Cara.

“Very good Cara, you are sweet, submissive, sexy and smart. I made a good choice with you,” said Freya.

“Thank you, Mistress Freya,” said Cara who felt a rush of pleasure from her Mistress's praise.

“Cara I am going to have a big role for you to play when this academy starts, and I hope you will be up to it,” said Freya.

“I will do as you ask Mistress Freya,” said Cara.

“I know my sweet slave, but I need something special, I will teach you the signals but on occasion I want you to not be the perfect slave, to break protocols when I give you the nod. It will be to see if the Mistress trainees are paying attention as they should. Do you think you will be ok with that?” asked Freya.

“Yes, Mistress Freya,” said Cara with a smile.

“You are a very kinky slut, Cara; I can smell your excitement from here!” said Freya with a chuckle. Cara wanted to laugh too but held her composure.

“Excellent, now I presume you have just finished your shift?” asked Freya.

“Yes, Mistress Freya, I have a week off now,” said Cara.

“Do you need rest? I’m guessing you have just done the night shift?” asked Freya.

“Yes, Mistress Freya, a little rest would be good,” said Cara.

“Very well, report back at 5pm, that should give you enough time,” said Freya.

“Thank you, Mistress Freya,” said Cara who waited to be dismissed.

“Ok, off you go Cara my dear, sleep well,” said Freya.

“Thank you, Mistress Freya,” said Cara who then left to go to her quarters.

Hernando took the six volunteer ponies on a tour of the nearest stable, mainly to show them what to expect.

“Ladies, we will go to see some of my favourite ponies, I know I shouldn’t have them, but I do, I confess! One of them you might already know from a past life. He is called Eclipse, and you might know him as Josh.,” said Hernando.

“Josh is here?” asked Elsie.

“Ellie does Abigail know?” asked Julia. Both Julia and Elsie spent some time with Josh recently, they were devastated when he went missing.

“Yes, she knows, everyone does, it’s fine. He is here where he wants to be, you can all relax!” said Ellie.

“He is more than happy; Eclipse has found his calling and is probably my happiest pony,” said Hernando.

“How long will he be here?” asked Amy.

“I will tell you, but it is a secret, and you must not tell anyone!” said Hernando, putting his finger to his lips.

The girls all nodded.

“He has signed a contract to stay for as long as I want, which can mean life in some cases. But the truth is he will be here until his fortieth year, then we will ask him how he feels, he can either stay or go. We then ask every five years after that,” said Hernando.

“That’s some commitment,” said Elsie.

“It is, but all ponies know what they are signing. They cannot change their minds. Part of the deal is that they will be treated as animals all day and every day. There are no conversations, and they cannot speak.” Explained Hernando.

“Will it be the same for us?” asked Petra.

“Yes, my staff will not treat you any differently from the ponies you see. You will be on a time sensitive contract as are many of the ponies. Very few here are as committed as Eclipse. The average contract is 5 years, some extend this for another term,” said Hernando.

“I’ve noticed your ponies are all pierced and have their heads partially shaved, and most are branded. How does that affect us?” asked Betsy.

“You will not be branded for obvious reasons, and your beautiful hair is also safe. The piercings are optional, there will be three if you want them. But Angela is not keen on them as you probably know,” said Hernando.

All of the girls shook their heads, none wanted them.

“I will show you your temporary contracts in a while, but for now let’s go and see them close up, your outfits will be identical. Please remember to call Josh by his pony name, he is an animal now. You may pet them if you want to,” said Hernando, leading them into the stable.

The first stall held a young woman, she was mid-twenties and had the name Stardust. She looked at the visitors with a blank stare and slowly walked towards her stable door.

She was very pretty and walked on her toed hoofs with some grace. The girls studied her outfit with great interest, they would after all be in one soon.

Her harness was eloquent and practical, it wrapped tight around her, and her arms were held behind in a sheath. The girls noted the steel laces and how they were fused together. They would only come undone if cut.

Her boots were laced in similar fashion and ended just below her knees. Her breasts hung free, and were surrounded by the harness straps, which made them sit proud on her chest. Additional flaps could be closed to hold them like a bra if needed.

Her head was wrapped within the bridal harness, much like a regular gag harness but this one was more practical and looked much tighter. Steel rods extended from the side of her mouth and were held securely by the bridal straps, ensuring it would not dislodge.

Two more rods stuck out and were moving freely, they had small eyelets on the end for the reins to attach. Hernando showed them one of the bits and explained how they worked.

Part of the bit was hinged which let a plate sit far back on the tongue, this stopped the use of the tongue mostly, trying to talk caused the plate to move and had the effect of activating a gag reflex. The front of the tongue was somewhat free allowing the pony lap water.

Several teeth had to be removed to install the devices, but Hernando had some special ones for the girls which did not need the drastic measures.

They did the same job but were no good for extended wear as they damaged the teeth over a longer term. Overall the set up was fairly simplistic, but practical and easy to maintain.

In the next stall they saw Eclipse, he too paid little attention to the visitors until he recognised Julia. He came bounding over to her, Julia petted him as she would a horse.

“Hello Eclipse, aren’t you the loveliest pony,” said Julia. Elsie joined her in petting him. He was incredibly happy to see them. He started to stomp his hoof on the floor. Julia thought he was angry, but Elsie recognised a happy horse when she saw one.

“Easy boy, we’re happy to see you too,” said Elsie as she stroked his mane.

Finally the tour was over, and they all returned to the villa, the rest of the day was spent relaxing by the pool again.

Tomorrow will be pony day.

Chapter 12

Cara woke from her long sleep, at least it was long for her, almost 6 hours. She turned off the alarm and hit the shower. She had time for a workout in the gym and something to eat before she had to report back to her Mistress.

She laid in bed for another few minutes until she heard a gentle knock on her door, she got out of bed and opened the door. Nicola stood there smiling.

“So it is true!” she said jumping on Cara and giving her a cuddle.

“Nicola what’s going on, are you on something?” said Cara laughing.

“I heard you got collared and had to see for myself! I’m so happy for you!” said Nicola who was buzzing with joy.

“Thanks Nicola, you seem happier than I am!” said Cara, still laughing.

“I am, I know how special it is to put that on, I would stay and chat, but I have to report to Mistress Freya at five o'clock I might see you tomorrow,” said Nicola heading for the door.

“Actually, I’ll see you there,” said Cara.

“You on at five as well?” asked Nicola.

“Yup,” she replied.

“Brilliant, we might get to play together,” said Nicola as she left with a seductive smile.

Cara took her shower, then worked out, she grabbed a bite to eat then hit the shower again. It was ten to five, and she was looking for something to wear, when she heard another knock on the door.

Opening it she found Nicola, completely naked.

“Ready?” said Nicola. Cara suddenly realised she didn’t need clothes and smiled.

“Yes, almost, just need to get rid of this underwear!” she said, stripping down.

The two naked beauties walked off down the corridor arm in arm.

They reported to Freya’s office and were waiting outside patiently as they could hear her on the phone having a heated discussion.

“What? Are you serious?” said Freya into the phone. There was a pause as she waited for the other person to speak.

“That is not how it works!” said Freya. There was another pause then her voice went deadly serious.

“In that case your apprentice’s application will be denied!” said Freya and then hung up the phone.

The pair knocked on her door gingerly.

“Come.” She shouted.

The pair walked in afraid to make eye contact.

“My god, is that the time already? Go to the dungeon, assume knee position and wait for me in silence,” ordered Freya.

Cara and Nicola left quietly and headed for the dungeon; they stayed quiet but looked at each other concerned. Neither had ever seen Freya lose her temper before and she was a little scary.

Nicola and Cara arrived in the dungeon and did as they were told, they knelt in their slave position and waited.

The whip bit into the pony’s backside and the young mare lurched forward. It was hard work, especially in the baking sun. Mule 13 had been assigned to pulling a cart from the dock to the storerooms, this was her fifth trip, and the cart was full to the brim with supplies.

On her first trip she thought she would never get the cart moving, but encouragement from the sting of the whip soon had her going. It got a lot easier once the initial roll had started.

Her driver for the day had just got her going when someone called him. He pulled on the reins and the bit dug into the roof of her mouth. She learnt very quickly just how effective it was to control her.

Then just as soon as she stopped the whip landed again as her driver made a clicking sound. She had to start all over again and strained against the harness to move forward.

Her driver worked her hard, but he was never overzealous with the whip and was constantly aware of her condition. He often watered her and checked her tackle for and chaffing.

They reached the storeroom, and she was brought to a halt. She stood there patiently for over fifteen minutes as they unloaded the cart. Though she had no concept of time, she was just a mule and waited for her next direction.

She was brought out of her vacant stare as she heard a woman’s voice, it sounded familiar. Turning as best she could she caught a glimpse of Angela talking to one of the storemen.

A flash of anger and venom shot through her veins, and she tried to lurch towards the woman making some strange noises. The cart however had its brake applied and she made no headway.

“Something wrong with your pony?” asked Angela.

“Sorry Ma’am, she is new and still a little feisty,” said the driver.

“Hang on, she looks familiar,” said Angela walking towards the angry pony.

As Angela realised just who it was the mule launched again towards her but was held in place by the cart. The driver grabbed her reins and tugged on them bringing her under control quickly.

“I love the hair, and the tattoo, how very fitting for you, mule 13,” said Angela.

Tanya grunted but was held in check by the driver. Angela smiled, she knew Tanya was here but had no interest in seeing her, but now she had, she was pleased.

“I want you to know that our doctors have removed most of your devices from your victims. Even Evelyn is now free and starting to show signs of recovering from your brainwashing,” said Angela.

Tanya grunted again.

“I have no idea what went wrong with you Tanya, you once had potential, but got lost. I pity you. Enjoy this bed you’ve made for yourself, at least it’s nice weather,” said Angela who then just walked away.

Mule 13 was then led by her reins pulling the empty cart to the stables. She had a long day and was looking forward to laying on her hay.

She was unhooked from the cart and led to the paddock. She was let free inside and saw Mule 7 there as well. They often shared the same paddock and started to bond.

Tanya wondered what she did to find herself here, but she would never find out. They stood together and occasionally nuzzled each other, it was all they could do to bond.

Mule 7 looked up sharp and had a look of panic, she heard the grunt of several stallions as they were led into the paddock. She started to make some distance between her and the gate.

Tanya didn’t know why and stayed leaning on the fence. The male that came into the paddock made a beeline for Tanya. As he approached her, she noticed his cock start to grow, it was huge.

She turned to avoid his angry looking face which was close to hers and made her first mistake, he was big and powerful and pushed her onto the fence, she was trapped.

Unable to move the stallion kicked her legs further apart and she felt the tip of his cock at her pussy. She was not prepared and the thrust into her which hurt, she had no lube and was far from excited. But she was forced take the stallions cock as he fucked her without remorse.

Tanya hit an all-time low, she was lowered to that of an animal, and now she was being taken by another animal. She cried as the stallion had his way. After he finished and withdrew, she just stayed there and cried some more.

That was her second mistake, there were only two mares, but eleven stallions and there was a queue.

The second pony entered her and fucked her without mercy. Mule 7 felt sorry for her, but at least now she didn’t have to please all eleven of them.

Cara and Nicola were worried, they had been waiting for over an hour for their Mistress, but she had not come down. Cara desperately wanted to go and find her, but she had her orders, likewise Nicola would stay put.

Fortunately, Mistress Sarah was walking past the dungeon. She poked her head in and saw the two slaves.

Not recognising Cara naked she stopped for a closer look. Standing in front of her she looked at her muscled body, almost licking her lips.

She turned to Nicola smiling at her, obviously noticing her approval.

“Nicola, where is your Mistress?” asked Sarah.

“I do not know, Mistress Sarah,” said Nicola.

“Then why are you here?” asked Sarah.

“Mistress Freya sent us here to wait quite some time ago, we are a little worried, Mistress Sarah,” said Nicola.

“What time were you sent here?” asked Sarah.

“5pm, Mistress Sarah,” said Nicola.

“My god, it’s half past seven! Girls follow me,” said Sarah and headed for Freya’s office. Sarah barged in to find Freya on the floor, blood trickling from her head.

Cara went straight to an intercom on the wall.

“Code 36 Freya.” She shouted into the com, then ran to find Freya’s bag.

“Cara what are you doing?” demanded Sarah.

“I’m sorry Mistress Sarah, there is no time to explain,” said Cara who found what she was looking for. Running back to Freya she ripped open her top and jabbed a needle of some sort into her stomach and drained the contents into her.

“Cara, please explain yourself!” demanded Sarah again.

“Not now!” shouted Cara. Her slave persona had flown, and she was straight into her field medic training. The woman had many talents.

She sat Freya up and grabbed water from her drawer, she knew it was always there for emergencies. Freya was showing signs of coming around, and Cara managed to get her to sip some of the water.

The insulin started to take its effect, and she slowly came around.

“It’s ok, Cara has you,” said Cara as she held her Mistress in a cuddle.

Two minutes later Robert turned up with a med pack. He looked at Cara.

“Doc, her emergency pen has been administered, blood pressure stable, heart rate feels normal, estimate two hours since shock, she needs fluids,” said Cara full of professionalism.

“Ok, we got it from here Cara, good work,” said Robert as he and a nurse guided Freya to a chair. The doc installed a drip and started to rehydrate her. She still looked a little out of it.

“Cara, I’m sorry, what you did there was amazing,” said Sarah.

“Just my training kicking in, sorry for shouting at you Mistress Sarah,” said Cara.

“Don’t mention it, you just saved her life,” said Sarah.

“No, you did, if not for you we would still be on our knees, and we may have lost her, Mistress Sarah,” said Cara.

They looked towards Freya and hoped she would be ok.

Ellie read the contract for the girls, there was only one copy.

“Contract for pony team, blah blah blah, all of our names. This contract places all the above names for one day’s service for a six-team pony cart. After initial training you will serve no more than 24 hours as the above team and perform duties as requested by Ranch officials.

You will be outfitted as previously agreed with full pony tack, restrictions are in place to withhold any permanent modifications. To accept these terms please sign below,” said Ellie.

She then signed the form and placed it on the table. The others mostly just signed the form, Amy and Julia quickly read it and signed. Betsy also read it and signed.

They gave the form to the clerk who then guided them into the fitting chambers.

There were six grooms waiting for them and they were all fitted with the tack they had previously seen, they made small talk during the process, the grooms occasionally answering questions about the gear.

Finally they were all booted and harnessed, they all seemed to be ok in the boots which were surprisingly comfortable, as was the harness. Their arms were held solidly, not one of them able to move them an inch.

“Ok ladies, your bits are about to go in, after that you will be animals for the duration of your contracts, there is no backing out and you will not be able to talk, so any last questions?” said the lead hand. Most of the girls shook their heads and opened up for the bits.

As a last thought Elsie said.

“How long is the training period?” Then opened her mouth. The bits were all in place and being secured.

“Initial training is seven days,” said the groom.

All of the girls suddenly registered that info and tried to talk at once, but there was no coherent speech, the grooms ignored them and clipped on the reins leading them out to two trainers.

The two trainers were women, both in their late thirties and had no idea who they were, they were just ponies with a few stipulations about permanent fittings.

One by one the girls were fitted with small bells that were clamped rather than pierced onto their nipples and clits. They were led over to two walkers and their reins were hitched to the overhead beams.

Three ponies per walker, they started to turn, and the girls were forced to move forward and follow the reins. Any hesitation resulted in a sharp pain from the bit.

The two trainers took it in turns to use their crops to encourage the ponies to raise their legs high with each step. Any slacking received a quick snap of the crop. The ponies soon got to grips with it.

Angela and Hernando watched from the fence.

“That was very sneaky, my daughter,” said Hernando.

“What was?” said Angela with a smile.

“Omitting the training period duration,” he said.

“Think of it as a lesson to not blindly sign contracts!” She replied laughing.

“Besides, this will do them good, they have a tight bond and they have been apart too long, this will bring them all back together. My girls,” said Angela smiling.

“They are very special, that’s why I didn’t have the heart to tell them,” said Hernando.

“Tell them what dad?” asked Angela.

“That I got my money back!” said Hernando as a matter of fact.

Father and daughter laughed and shared a cuddle.

“Tell me Angela, how do you feel about the ponies?” asked her father.

“I have little knowledge of how they work, what makes them tick, but they do intrigue me,” said Angela.

“Good, because I want to leave all this to you,” said Hernando.

“That’s a long way off, you can teach me until then, I will be visiting more often now I know where you are!” said Angela.

A snap of a crop on skin brought their attention back to the girls, Amy seemed to be lagging.

“I thought Amy would be the first to learn, rather than the one to be whipped?” said Hernando. Angela laughed.

“Oh she is, don’t you worry!” said Angela with a grin.

“It doesn’t seem that way,” said Hernando pointing as Amy got another crack of the crop.

“Amy has already learnt the steps dad, now she is training your trainer,” said Angela.

Hernando was confused, and looked puzzled, then Amy got another two smacks in quick succession. As she came around Hernando could see her face and she looked like she was about to orgasm when she received two more strikes.

There was a very strange noise as one girl groaned and five more laughed.

“There ends the lesson,” said Angela, with an excessively big smile.

Cara walked into the medical room; she saw Freya was laying in the bed with a bandage around her head. She went to her side and sat down, then held her hand.

Freya was sleeping, she had suffered a diabetic shock and passed out, she banged her head on the desk as she fell. Luckily, Cara knew about her condition as she was a registered medic.

She had studied all the personnel files on any medical conditions of the staff in case she needed to know in an emergency. As soon as Freya was able to communicate properly again Cara was going to insist on an additional rule between them.

One that would prevent this from happening again. Technically, Cara was now a slave of Angela’s house, as Freya was still listed as Angela’s ward. But if Freya ever moved, then Cara would move with her. Cara was Freya’s Alpha.

Stuart Johnson sat on the small boat some 5 miles offshore, in his hands the control for the drone now flying over the island. It was high enough to avoid detection by the naked eye, but low enough for the high-resolution camera to see some good detail.

He had been watching for several days now, it had taken over two years to find the island and he was looking for one thing only, his sister Janet.

Janet wasn’t the best person in the world, she had her faults, and she was involved in some shady deals. She got herself involved in a deal that landed her on this island.

It was supposed to be a prisoner transfer, at least that’s what she was told. The truth, however, was far from that. The poor girl had been abducted and sold as a pony girl.

Janet was framed as the seller and so found herself in her current predicament, that was mule 7.

Stuart was determined to rescue her, and he had the skills to do it. Janet’s big brother was an ex-Navy Seal. His plan was simple, the island had little in the way of security. Its location alone was very secure in itself.

Stuart’s plan was to locate his sister with the drone and see where she was kept overnight. Then he would sneak in and retrieve her under the cover of darkness. Hopefully with no casualties.

Finding her though was proving difficult, most of the ponies looked similar from the air so it was slow going. As always, his drone was watching late in the day, hoping to track her going back to a stable.

Tonight he would study the footage in more detail, hopefully it would show some footage of Janet.

Jason had been in ops all day; his shift was coming to an end, and he was looking forward to a cosy night with Nicola. He logged off his computer and got ready to leave.

Turning to the door he saw her waiting; she was dressed in a simple pair of leggings and a tight crop top. But to Jason it didn’t matter what she wore, for she was perfect in every way.

Smiling, he walked to her and held her close, giving her a kiss.

“Hello you,” he said.

“Thought I’d come and meet you; I’ve been thinking about you all day!” said Nicola in her seductive tones.

“Is that so?” said Jason with a smile.

“It is, now the big question is, are you going to live up to those thoughts?” said Nicola smiling as she led him by the hand along the corridor.

Jason could already feel his cock start to harden; this was going to be a good night. Nicola looked over her shoulder as she led him along smiling and biting her lower lip.

The realisation for Jason suddenly hit him, she was up to something. He was head over heels in love with her, and she knew it, so all of this seduction wasn’t at all necessary.

No doubt she planned a night he wouldn’t forget, but what was the catch, he needed to nip this in the bud.

Entering their room she led him straight to the bed, pushing him down onto it. She climbed on the bed and slowly crept up his body until she was straddling his legs.

All the while her eyes never left his as she unbuckled his belt, then popped the button on his jeans. She started to rub his cock through the thin fabric of his boxer shorts.

He wanted to ask her what this was about, but his thoughts were slowly fading as his arousal grew. Nicola pulled the elasticated boxers down and released his now throbbing cock.

Still looking at him she sank down to engulf the head of his cock in her mouth. Jason closed his eyes as her slick mouth and tongue did their magic, her mouth was so soft, and he knew that too much of it would result in him losing control.

Nicola concentrated on his engorged head and soon had him moaning. Jason looked down at her, she was still watching him and as his eyes opened to look at her, she took in the full length of his manhood.

He could feel her throat muscles contracting, she was exceptionally good at that, and had virtually no gag reflex. He was going to lose control very soon, he knew he should stop her, or it would be all over, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it, the pleasure was just too good.

All too soon, Jason began to pant, Nicola knew the signs and continued to work his cock, his balls tightened, and he was ready to blow. Nicola slid off and aimed his cock at her face, she massaged his balls as his orgasm hit and his hot cum shot out, the first load landing just below her eye and covering her cheek.

Several more hot spurts hit her face, some over her lips and she licked it from them savouring his taste. This was a first for Jason, he had plenty of sex, but no girl had ever wanted this, Nicola did it on purpose, she wanted it.

As Jason slowly started to wither, she took his cock back into her mouth and milked him dry. He had not come like that before from just a blowjob, something there made it so much more intense.

Jason smiled and his head collapsed onto the bed, he was spent and the mouth still caressing him was simply perfect, he was in heaven.

The girls training was going well, they were all seasoned slaves or at least had been and learnt quickly. Only Amy lagged in her training, but everyone knew why.

It didn’t take the trainers long to work out why and a change of tactic soon had her up to speed. They switched the crop for a long feather, which Amy didn’t like so she soon fell into line.

The whole day was spent perfecting their steps, there were some short breaks as they were let out into the paddocks, and in general they were treated well and hydrated.

As dusk fell, they were led to the stables and hosed down, then fed a type of pellet which didn’t taste of much. It did however have all the nutrients they needed. The only fluid available was water.

The one thing they did struggle with was the lack of a toilet! They were animals and as such had to go as animals did. This was quite humiliating, most of them had held on as long as they could and thought there might be some kind of break.

But on seeing the other ponies just go wherever they were soon put that to rest. Finally they were led to some stalls and guided in. A bundle of hay, food and water troughs were all that were in them.

Each pony had an individual stall, and once inside the doors were bolted and they were left alone.

Freya slowly opened her eyes; she had been out for some time and was feeling a little groggy still. She felt a little pressure on her left leg and looked down to see Cara’s head resting on it. She had fallen asleep and was still holding Freya’s hand.

Freya smiled, she had picked well, Cara was loyal and protective. Seeing her at her side brought a small tear to her eye, she made a mental note to take extra special care of her.

Freya slipped her hand from Cara’s grasp and gently stroked her hair; Cara was out for the count. Freya was content and let her sleep, God only knows how long she had been there.

Dr Furnell walked in and smiled. “She’s been here for over six hours, and refuses to leave your side,” he whispered.

Freya smiled and looked at her lovingly. The doctor checked her vitals and made some notes.

“I want to keep you here for a few days, your blood sugars are under control, but your concussion was pretty bad. So we need to keep you under observation,” said Robert. Freya nodded but winced as her head still hurt from the impact of the desk.

The doctor left the room as Cara stirred, she looked up through weary eyes and saw Freya awake and smiling. Forgetting protocol as she was so pleased to see her awake.

“Mistress, you're awake! How are you feeling?” asked Cara.

“Like somebody hit me with a desk!” she said weakly.

Cara smiled; her sense of humour was ok.

“Cara you should go and get some rest, I’m in good hands here,” said a frail Freya.

“With all due respect Mistress Freya, I’m not leaving until you’re better,” said Cara with a smile. Freya beckoned Cara to come closer, then she held Cara’s chin in her weak hand and guided it towards her lips. She gently kissed her slave.

“You are very special my gorgeous Cara, I’m lucky to have you,” said Freya.

“The luck is all mine, Mistress Freya,” said Cara, staring into her eyes.

“They say you saved my life,” said Freya.

“You were incredibly lucky, if not for Mistress Sarah finding us waiting for you things could have been much worse, Mistress Freya. I just followed my training, and as soon as you are better, we need a new rule!” said Cara.

“You’re pretty bossy for a slave, but I think I know where you’re going with this so, please carry on,” said Freya with a smile.

“Thank you, Mistress Freya, I want to make a deal that you are not left alone, you need to be looked after, your condition needs someone to keep a watch out for you. So no sending us off to wait for you. From now on I stay with you until you’re ready,” said Cara, who was genuinely scared for her.

“I accept my sweet Cara. You can stay by my side at all times, my loyal slave and protector,” said Freya.

Cara smiled and kissed her Mistress again.

“That’s a deal my beautiful Mistress,” said Cara.

Stuart scanned through the drone footage, more of the same over and again. He was feeling a little sleepy and thought about some rest. Then as he was about to pause the recording, he saw the pony girl look to the sky at something, it was Janet.

She was pulling a cart and looked to be struggling, the driver pulled her to a stop, and she looked up as if taking a deep breath. It was definitely her.

With a new lease of life Stuart ran through the rest of the recording and followed her movements. Nearing the end of the footage he found her stable.

Stuart marked it on the map, it was too late now. So he would get some rest. Tomorrow he would use the drone to plan his route in and out. Then at nightfall he would make his move.

Betsy was up early as always, she wanted to go for a run. However she was still couped up in her stall. She peered over the door and looked at the simple latch to release it. It was so close but there was just no way she would ever reach it.

If she could, she would be out and running around the paddock for sure. Outside the door were several grooms having a chat, Betsy kicked the door to get their attention, but they just ignored her.

She kicked it again a bit harder, then a groom came over to her. He looked into the stall to see if something was wrong then turned away dismissing Betsy altogether.

Not happy, she kicked again, and tried to speak. All that came out was a snort.

“Easy,” said the groom and walked to her and attached some reins. Betsy thought she was at last going to be let out as the groom opened the stall.

Instead he spun her around and wrapped the reins around a hook high on the far wall. Betsy was forced to stand looking up slightly and kept away from the door.

Frustrated, she stomped her hoof. The groom patted her head and left the stool. Leaving the door open, which just frustrated her even more. Betsy realised that she was indeed just an animal to them, her pleas would go unanswered as they just went back to their chat.

Ellie watched from the stall opposite and inwardly chuckled, Betsy had been put in her place and now was unable to move at all. A few minutes later Hernando came in and walked over to the grooms, after a quick chat he came back and released Ellie and Betsy, leading them both down to the track.

He unclipped their reins and smacked their bums, both went running off and started to do circuits of the track.

Hernando watched in awe, even with the pony boots on and with all their tack, the pair still reached an impressive speed. These two could do so well in the yearly race event that he held.

He would have to talk to them when they were released, it would be a dream come true to see them win some trophies. Maybe he could convince them to come back and run for him.

A groom walked up to Hernando and watched as they ran the course.

“I want these two to be released every morning for their run,” said Hernando.

“Of course boss, but will they be too tired for the rest of the day after this?” asked the groom.

“Not these two, they are of racing pedigree, give them time in the paddocks with the others as well, I want to see if they run with the herd,” said Hernando.

“As you wish, boss, how long will they run for?” asked the groom watching them cruise around the track.

“Who knows, maybe give them an hour, or as long as they want,” said Hernando.

Back in the stable the other four were rousing, and they were gradually led outside and put in pairs.

Amy was paired with Julia, Elsie with Petra. A short chain of twelve inches joined them at the hip. Two sulky type carts were attached to the pairs of ponies.

Today’s training would be to get them used to walking as one. Once they were all hitched a flick of the reins had them walking. The girls took the strain of pulling the carts and once rolling it was quite easy for them to get going.

Halfway along one of the gravel tracks Amy and Julia felt their heads being tugged to the left via the reins, they initially fought the pull, but the bit did its job and before they realised, they were turning to avoid sharp pain of the bit.

After several more turns they got the hang of it and the trainer seemed pleased as they heard calls of praise from behind them.

Amy and Julia found themselves on a long straight, and a flick of the reins and the touch of the whip had them upping their speed. The girls were now trotting along and seemed to be doing well.

The trainer pulled slightly left and the girls went with the pull and moved to the side of the track. They heard a noise of heavy hooves as a pair of more experienced ponies went flying past them at some speed, leaving a trail of dust in their wake.

Another flick of the whip had the girls go a bit faster and the gentle trot turned into a run. They were never going to catch the other team, but they were moving well.

Amy was doing well, she enjoyed a run and was often on the treadmill, but Julia was starting to flag a little, she was into things like yoga and more gentle exercises.

The whip was landing frequently on Julia to keep her going and up to Amy’s speed. Amy felt a little guilty and tried to slow down to help Julia. A sting on her bum told her otherwise and she kept her pace.

She was tempted to let the whip strike her more for some extra fun, but the thought of an orgasm at this speed could be disastrous. Ahead was a long sweeping bend and the reins pulled slightly to the right.

The pair took the lead of the reins and glided around with some grace, the trainer was pleased and as they straightened out, they saw a grass clearing ahead.

They were slowed down by gentle tugging of the reins and soon came back down an easy walk. Reaching the grass they were pulled to a halt.

The trainer got off the sulky and came around to the ponies. She patted Amy on the head then moved to Julia who was panting hard. After a minute, the other two arrived, and Elsie was looking good and relaxed, she was another runner.

Petra was exhausted, she was panting heavily and looked to be suffering, she was never a fan of running and was regretting ever signing up for this.

The trainers had a quick conversation and then swapped Julia for Elsie. The training continued for the next few hours as they went up and down the track numerous times.

Amy and Elsie were feeling the burn by now, and they were led towards the paddock area, then unhitched. They were released into the grassy paddock so they could mingle with the other ponies.

Further back on the track Petra and Julia were struggling, their bodies were covered in sweat, and both had several marks from the whip. Clearly, they would need a lot more training to reach the standard of the two natural runners.

By the time they were released into the paddock, they both flopped to the floor panting. It had been one hell of a morning for them.

There was some commotion over on the gravel track as the two experienced ponies came tearing along, there was a cloud of dust rising up and then suddenly a second pair of ponies could be seen blazing past them.

Amy smiled as best she could, she would recognise her wife in any situation as Betsy and Ellie went roaring along. Putting the other ponies to shame with their speed.

These two would fetch a huge price on the pony market if they were ever put up for sale. Their trainer had never seen such stamina in a pair of ponies, especially new ones. She never needed the whip, though at times she had to slow them down.

The drone hovered high above the island, slightly offshore. Stuart studied the images feeding through. There was a small collection of trees far enough away from any buildings that would hide the small outboard that he would use to infiltrate the island.

It was only a few minutes’ walk to the building that held his sister overnight. If all went to plan, he could be in and out in just under ten minutes.

By the time the stables were checked in the morning he would be far away and should get a clean getaway.

He recalled the drone and decided to get some more rest, he needed to be fresh for nightfall.

Petra was still laying on the grass, looking at the other ponies. She noticed the one they called Eclipse who was nuzzling Julia. Looking him over she noticed his cock was free of its cage and also looked very impressive.

She was on her second day of sex starvation, and she really needed some attention right now. She struggled to her feet and made her way towards them.

Julia had wandered off and Eclipse stood there all alone. Petra stood close and started to rub his cock with her thighs as best she could. Eclipse started to get aroused, and Petra gave her best come to bed eyes at him, then walked away to the far end of the paddock.

Eclipse followed her his cock now growing strong, Petra reached the fence far away from the others and parted her legs. She leant over the fence and tried to give him the best access to her.

He needed no invite as his cock found her entrance, she was already wet and primed, and he slid into her easily. Petra had rough sex before, but this was something different.

Maybe it was the animalistic nature of the whole thing, but she was in heaven as Eclipse pounded into her. No foreplay just straight into the fierce fucking.

Petra was coming in no time, but Eclipse was far from finished, he was a powerful animal, and his large cock was a credit to his physique.

He continued to plough into Petra, and she was soon coming again, her juices flooding out and running down her legs.

Finally as Petra came down from her third orgasm, Eclipse grunted and his cock spasmed inside her, his thick load planted in her.

He withdrew soon after and just turned and walked away. Petra was left alone and felt his seed dripping out of her well used pussy. She smiled as best she could, the bit making it somewhat difficult.

The others would know, her stained thighs would be there for all to see. Several of them had watched from across the paddock, they weren’t surprised to see Petra this way.

As Eclipse returned to the herd, several mares approached him and began to nuzzle, it seemed Eclipse now had a fan club.

The afternoon break was soon over, the ponies were watered and put through their paces for the next few hours and eventually all were taken back to the stables and bedded for the night.

The sun was setting, and Stuart checked all of his gear one last time. Then hopped into the small outboard and headed to the island.

The trip would take some twenty-five minutes, the sun would be down by then.

Angela sat on the beach alone, she had always loved to see the sun set and watching across the open ocean was a rare sight for her.

She leaned back on her shoulders and enjoyed the moment. After the sun finally dipped below the horizon she went for a walk along the beach.

Her bare feet enjoyed the warm water from the surf as she paddled. She rounded the corner near the small collection of trees looking out to the sea.

Stuart had just pulled the small boat into the trees, he saw the figure walking down the beach, she would surely notice the drag marks in the sand.

Thinking fast he sneaked around her using the cover of the trees then silently approached her from behind.

Angela didn’t hear a thing and the first she knew about it was the arm around her throat. There was an immense pressure and she slowly lost consciousness as the former seal used the tried and tested choke hold on her.

He pulled some zip ties from his pocket and secured her hands behind her, then her feet followed. Two more put her into a hogtie. She should be out for at least half an hour, so he placed her next to the boat and proceeded with his mission.

Finding the stable he cautiously entered, his side arm drawn. As he suspected it was deserted. He quickly found Janet and opened her stall. She was obviously pleased to see him, but he held his finger to his lips to make sure she stayed quiet. He guided her out and started to head for the door.

Janet stopped at Tanya’s stall; she was laying down. Stuart turned to see why she had stopped. She looked at him, he saw her eyes pleading with him as she looked at Tanya.

“Just one, no more!” Start whispered.

He opened the stall and grabbed Tanya, pulling her to her feet. Tanya was about to protest then recognised he wasn’t anyone who worked here.

Once again, his finger told her to be quiet. Then he led the two ponies back along the shore. There was no time to free them now, that would have to wait until later.

They waited in the dark next to the surf as Stuart pulled the boat back into the water. The ponies climbed in then watched as he went back to the trees.

He came back with another woman slumped over his shoulder and laid her in the boat. He couldn’t risk her raising any alarms, she would have to come along. The boat drifted back out and he started the quiet motor and slowly retreated into the ocean as quietly as possible.

It would be hours hopefully until anyone realised what had happened.

Nicola and Jason laid in bed, it had been a wonderful night of love making and they had woken from a good night’s sleep. Jason looked at her, she was smiling.

“So, you wanna tell me what last night was about?” asked Jason. Nicola looked a little sheepish.

“I’m going back to work,” she said.

“What’s wrong with that?” He asked.

“I’ll be going back to Oxford,” she said with a sorry look.

“I’ll come with you,” said Jason.

“You have a job here,” said Nicola. Jason sighed.

“We can work something out; it just means our time together will be extra special,” he said with a reassuring smile.

“I’m glad you’re taking it so well; I was a bit worried how you would react,” said Nicola with half a smile now.

“As much as I want to be with you all the time, we have to work too. I’ll speak to Angela when she comes back, maybe we can see about setting up an office in Oxford,” he said with a look of hope.

Nicola cuddled him, he gave her a gentle squeeze and kissed her.

“We’ll be fine babe, don’t worry,” he said as they kissed again.

Stuart stowed the outboard then went about releasing the girls. Janet’s arms were thin, she had been in the binder for a long time and her muscles had atrophied. They were next to useless.

Tanya was stiff, it took her a while to get used to using them again, for her it had not been too long.

She gathered the discarded tack and threw it overboard, then looked down to the woman who was face down in the boat and bound in a hog-tie.

“Who’s this? And more to the point, who are you? Asked Tanya.

“What, no thanks?” asked Stuart.

“Thanks, but that wasn’t the question,” said Tanya.

“Names Stuart, and I guess you know my sister Janet already?” He said.

“Actually, we’ve never spoken, go figure!” said Tanya sarcastically.

“Listen lady, I can drop you off anytime, so how about you lose the attitude right fucking now!” said Stuart who had had enough of her lip.

“Sorry, just that nobody has been nice to me in a while,” said Tanya who realised she was lucky to be here.

“I get it, no idea who that is, she was on the beach I had no choice but to take her. We’ll drop her off somewhere when I know we are safe,” said Stuart.

Tanya rolled the unconscious woman onto her side, her face lit up.

“Don’t you worry about her; I’ll take good care of this one,” said Tanya with an evil grin.

Hernando woke to hear the commotion outside; a groom was running towards the villa shouting for him.

“Boss, boss, they’ve gone!” He was shouting.

Hernando went to the balcony and looked down at him.

“Who has gone?” he said, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“Boss, the two mares, seven and thirteen, they are missing.

Terry heard the commotion too and went outside. He walked off with the groom to see for himself.

They looked in the stables and Terry could see no sign of foul play. But did see some worrying tracks. The boot prints looked familiar; he’d seen them many times. A unique pattern used by special forces from around the world.

He looked out to sea, and already knew they were long gone. He followed the tracks, then came across the drag marks of the boat.

He turned and headed back. Hernando came running to meet him.

“She’s gone!” He said almost in tears.

“Who?” asked Terry.

“Angela, she is not here, we’ve looked everywhere,” said Hernando.

Terry looked angry, he thought all this trouble was behind them and now it had started all over again.

“Who was the other girl, there’s no way Tanya pulled this off, she doesn’t have the contacts,” said Terry. Hernando led him inside and pulled out some files.

“Here, Janet Johnson from San Diego. Small time slave trader, she tried to sell me ponies a few years back. This is how we deal with them,” said Hernando.

The name sounded familiar, Terry took the file and looked at her picture. No wonder he thought, he did know her. Moreover, he knew of her. He reached his sat phone and dialled a number.

“I want Cliff and Cara ready to go on a 12-hour schedule, full combat mode. No questions just get it done,” said Terry to the ops controller.

“Yes boss, where are they going?” asked the controller.

“Land of the free, Bangor, Maine. I’ll meet them there with Ellie, get our gear ready to go with them. I’m off to see an old friend!” said Terry before hanging up.

“Dad, time for you to free the girls, your little pony show will have to wait,” said Terry.


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