Servitium Amoris

by TransAmy

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Chapter 19 – Coronation

The hall was full, an array of chairs were filled with over sixty Mistresses and a handful of Masters.

Each had one slave, their alpha slave. They were allowed in such proceedings, so they would pass on the scene to their fellow slaves.

Grand Mistress Vivien sat upon the throne at the head of the great hall, to her side, Mistress Tanya, recently promoted to the prosecutor, the Grand Mistresses right hand.

The hall doors opened, and Mistress Scarlet entered, accompanied by her slave, a petite beauty of only 5’4, her dirty blonde hair pulled into a tight ponytail, a shining collar about her neck the only adornment.

Scarlet approached the steps that led to the throne and stopped. The slave sank to her knees and lowered her head.

“Mistress Scarlet, welcome home," said Vivien.

“Thank you, Grand Mistress Vivien,” replied Scarlet.

“I understand you bring some important news, regarding the fate of the Institute’s hierarchy?" said Vivien. The whole crowd listened intently for the news that would change the Institute forever.

“Yes, Grand Mistress Vivien, it is with sadness I must report the demise of the son of Stephanie, he has ceased to be," said Scarlet with a sense of despair.

Vivien managed to stifle a smile, though Tanya did not.

“That is indeed sad news for the Institute, I have remained as Regent for many years in the hope he would return to take his place on the throne," said Vivien.

“Alas Grand Mistress, ‘he’ will never return, ‘he’ no longer exists," said Scarlet.

“Then, my fellow members of the Institute, it is with a heavy heart that I claim my right as the next in line to lead this Institute, with the full power of Grand Mistress," said Vivien who now smiled.

The crowd sat in silence, awaiting the words of their new leader.

“If there is no further evidence to go against the word of Mistress Scarlet we shall proceed with the coronation," said Vivien.

The crowd were silent, as Vivien expected and as she turned to Tanya to proceed with the next stage, one person stood.

Several gasps were heard from the audience, a slave had dared to stand in the great hall, and at such a time as this.

Vivien looked down at Mistress Scarlet with disgust.

“Mistress Scarlet, how dare you allow your slave to stand in my presence!” scowled Vivien.

“I’m sorry Vivien, but this is not my slave," said Scarlet who released the slave’s collar then began to strip completely naked.

“Scarlet, have you lost your mind? What the hell are you doing?" said Vivien.

“I, as all of you should be doing right now, am obeying the rules, specifically rule 5!" said Scarlet with a smile.

Vivien was confused, and lost for words, then as the doors to the hall flew open, she became scared as Terry walked in alone.

“Guards, seize that man.” Screamed Vivien.

Several guards went to engage Terry, then stopped and let him pass. The hall guards had been within the Institute through generations, they remained loyal to the Institute to the letter.

These were not the thugs that were Vivien’s henchmen, all the hall guards knew the laws of the Institute. So, when they saw Terry’s ring they stood aside for their superior.

“Guards!” screamed Vivien again.

“They will not listen to you," said Scarlet.

“Scarlet what the hell is going on here!” demanded Vivien.

“Tradition, Vivien, a changing of the guard and a coronation!" said Scarlet.

By now Terry had arrived at the steps and took the naked woman thought to be a slave’s hand.

“Remove yourself from the throne Vivien and allow the Grand Mistress access. Or I will have you removed," said Terry with great delight.

“Please explain to me why? Stephanie had one heir, a boy!” Screamed Vivien.

“I have one word for you Vivien, transgender," said Scarlet.

“That is preposterous! Do you mean to tell me that this slave is the son of Stephanie?" said Vivien.

“No, I was the son of Stephanie, but now I am Amy, the daughter of Stephanie!" said Amy as Terry escorted her up the steps.

“Then prove it! Place your pendant into the slot on this throne!" said Vivien.

Amy saw a groove, which looked the perfect size for the ring to fit into. She reached forward and placed her palm on the slot. She had been wearing the ring all along, but it was on the wrong way and obscured by her clenched fist.

The altar lit up, lights appeared from everywhere, lights no one had seen for over 20 years. They were known as the lights of authenticity.

At that point, every Mistress and Master in the room, disrobed and knelt naked before the Grand Mistress Amy, in all her naked beauty.

Vivien was shell shocked and fell to her knees, tears forming in her eyes. Tanya stood defiantly, still dressed in all her glory, a devious look in her eye.

Vivien knew she was defeated; she reluctantly began to strip off her clothes. To show submission could possibly save her from the tortures she had inflicted upon Angela.

Poor Angela was oblivious to everything going on, she and Evelyn stood behind a curtain on the side of the throne. Both had headphones on playing their brainwashing loop.

Amy took her seat, and looked down upon Vivien, no sign of emotion. Then she looked at Tanya, who stared at her defiantly.

“I presume you’re Tanya, the so-called Mistress?" said Amy.

“I am a Mistress,” spat Tanya.

“Is that so?" said Amy.

“Yes, and I suggest you show some respect, or you can say farewell to your beloved Angela forever!" said Tanya who pulled aside the curtain.

The crowd looked on in shock, the sight of the two former Mistresses was like nothing they had ever seen. One junior Mistress fainted at the sight.

Amy barely recognised Angela, as she looked on in despair.

“One tap on my phone, and that get-up becomes a lifelong fixture for dear old Angela, or as she is now known, 337," said a cocky Tanya.

Angela was oblivious to everything; her mind was slowly turning to mush as the same loop had been going on for the past 16 hours into her head.

Terry saw his sister and his face turned to rage.

“Not so fast Terry, remember, one tap!" said Tanya holding her phone.

Nobody had noticed Ellie sneak into the room, she casually walked silently up to Tanya from behind. Terry was fixed on Tanya; his hand had reached for his side arm tucked into his waist holster.

Tanya took her eyes off him for a split second and that was all it took. The gun was out, and the bullet shot towards Tanya, and a split second later it disintegrated her phone.

Tanya let out a little scream, then her smile returned.

“It is also voice activated, you idiots! SLAVE 337 SUIT, L…” Tanya’s shout was interrupted as the wind was taken out of her, the punch to her gut took everything out of her.

As she doubled over a kick came flying to her face, connecting perfectly on her chin whipping her head around. Tanya was unconscious before she hit the ground.

Terry beckoned some guards to secure Tanya and gag her before she woke up and carried out her threat.

Ellie ran to Angela, taking off the headphones and throwing them aside, she held on to her as best she could considering the state she was in. Desperately looking for a way to get her out.

Ellie screamed in desperation, Angela finally found a small piece of herself, the sight of Ellie’s face giving her a glimmer of hope.

Pulling her own gun, Ellie aimed it at Vivien.

“You have 3 seconds to undo this fucking mess!” screamed Ellie.

“The only thing that can undo that is her phone!" said Vivien. Who was visibly shitting herself.

Betsy appeared in front of Angela, crying her eyes out. But she had heard Vivien. Turning to her she cleared her head and tried to keep her emotions in check, which was easier than she thought.

Her Mistress needed her, and her entire focus became one mission.

“You old people! When will you learn to leave the technology to us youngsters!" said Betsy, who picked up Tanya’s busted phone.

She retrieved the sim and memory cards and looked at Terry.

“Give me your phone Uncle,” she said.

Terry gave her the phone and within 3 minutes Betsy had managed to reset everything and go onto Tanya’s cloud account. The unconscious Tanya didn’t argue about the use of her thumb print to access the re-installed slave app.

Betsy smiled, looked at Vivien, then tapped the phone. Angela’s devices began to click open. Betsy looked for Evelyn’s profile, but everything said permanent next to it.

Betsy looked at her as if to say sorry, but the woman just stared blankly, she looked as though her mind was blank. Betsy shed a tear for her.

Ellie and Betsy held Angela as she slumped, her devices started to come undone, but she was spent and unresponsive. They carried her out of sight to try and provide her with a little dignity as they removed the dreaded belt.

Amy wanted to rush to help, but she had a job to do. Ellie told Betsy she could handle it from here, then told her to go find the girls.

She went to Terry.

“Unc, I need one of your new lads to help me,” she said. Terry told the nearest one to assist her.

“Four new slaves were captured recently, where are they?" said Betsy. The guard led the way to the dungeons, all the slaves were taken there for the duration of the coronation.

Betsy found the four of them chained to poles in a cell, all blindfolded. Betsy smiled.

Julia felt someone’s presence in front of her, gentle hands held her face then she felt soft lips touch hers, a sensual touch, and a loving kiss.

“I know those lips, hello Betsy," said Julia as the kiss broke, a huge smile on her face.

Back in the hall a naked Freya approached the throne, she knelt at Amy’s feet and offered her the bundle of clothes. Amy dressed, a leather catsuit, and some gorgeous heels. Then resumed her throne.

The crowd finally able to dress again hurriedly did so.

“Members of the Institute, a new dawn has broken. With it a new way of life for all the members. But first, you will all form an orderly queue, with your alpha slave. I want to speak with each one of you. You will introduce yourself and your slave to me," said the new Grand Mistress.

The queue formed and one by one they approached the Grand Mistress. First up was Mistress Stacy.

“Grand Mistress Amy, I am Mistress Stacy, this is my alpha slave, Charlene," said Stacy.

“Hello, both of you, Charlene, rule 4 does not apply anymore, nor will it ever again," said Amy.

“Thank you, Grand Mistress Amy," said the slave who looked at Amy with a smile. Amy smiled back, Charlene was cute, for the first time ever, Amy thought about asking her Mistress for the rule of 2, then giggled inwardly.

“Charlene, rule 3 however is paramount to the foundations of this Institute, so tell me, do you love your Mistress, and why?" said Amy.

“Yes, Grand Mistress Amy, very much, because she has always loved me in return. She cares deeply for all of us, that’s me and my sister slaves. We live free and can’t wait to see her to serve her. Mistress Stacy is kind but firm, just what we all need, and want," said Charlene with a smile, then stared at her Mistress, both looked at each other, with meaning. A look that Amy knew very well.

“Mistress Stacy, you should be enormously proud of Charlene, I would love to visit you one day, and meet the rest of you! You have my blessings, and your Institute membership is assured. Thank you both," said Amy.

“Thank you, Grand Mistress Amy, I am very proud of all my girls, and it would be an honour to have you at our house anytime," said Stacy.

Amy waved up the next pair.

“Grand Mistress Amy, I’m Mistress Chantelle, this is 4," said Chantelle.

“Strange, I would have thought you’re alpha would-be no.1 surely?" said Amy.

“No, I sold 1,2 and 3. This one has proven to be responsive to the whip so has gained some privileges," said Chantelle.

“4, look at me," said Amy. 4 was a scared young man, barely 18. He was weak and looked ill, he carried scares from several recent lashings, and his cock was encased in an evil looking device.

4 looked at Amy, very briefly. He struggled to maintain eye contact, almost as though he had been beaten repeatedly for it.

“4, what is your real name?” asked Amy.

“Paul, Grand Mistress Amy,” he said.

“Did you enter your Mistresses service voluntarily?” asked Amy.

The young man looked nervously to the ground; he began to sob.

“No, Grand Mistress Amy," said Paul.

“I see, well Paul, you are now free. Go with this Mistress, her name is Freya. She will talk to you as a free man. Where it goes from there is up to you," said Amy with a loving smile as she gently wiped his tears.

“Chantelle, your credibility has been revoked, you will be held here humanely, until we have located and freed your other slaves. Then you will be outcast by the Institute. If we find you have taken any new slaves in the future, you will be taken into custody," said Amy, who then nodded to a guard.

Chantelle was escorted to a holding room.

It took Amy over four hours to process the entire hall. Thirteen of which had been non-cons with unwilling slaves. But she was happy to find that her mothers ideals had been widely kept.

All these slaves were incredibly happy, generally free and shared a love for their Master or Mistress. Some were in constant slavery; it was their choice, and they were free to leave the slave status at any time.

Everyone who had been allowed to stay within the Institute were free to leave or stay for a few days. There would be a banquet and a party, which no doubt would prove to be eye opening.

Amy needed a break, she found Betsy and the other girls. They all knelt at her feet when she entered the room. They had been laying around on a huge bed cuddling, giggling and kissing when she entered.

“As you were, girls.” Amy ordered. They all got back onto the bed but stayed attentive to her orders.

Amy smiled, stripped naked and got on the bed with them.

“My beautiful sisters, and my gorgeous wife. Behind closed doors I will always be ‘slave Amy’ in your company,” she said, then she got ravaged by all of them as they giggled and made love to each other.

Only Ellie was not there, she had requested to be left alone with Angela, the rest of the girls, Amy included, had felt a little upset about not helping. But they all knew that Ellie needed to do this.

After an hour or so of fun, Amy got dressed and back into Mistress mode. She ordered the girls to follow her.

Knocking on a guest room door, she entered with the girls. Freya sat in a chair reading a file, one of many on her lap. She went to get up as Amy entered.

“Please Freya, as you were," said Amy.

“Girls, I believe most of you know Freya, if not you will! Freya has recently been promoted, she is a Mistress and will be treated as such by all of you at all times," said Amy.

“Yes, Grand Mistress Amy," said all of them, perfectly in sync.

“Mistress Angela’s last action before this strange turn of events was to take on Freya as her apprentice. I can personally testify to Freya’s talent as a Mistress. I expect you all to abide by Mistress Angela’s wishes. Until Mistress Angela has recovered from her ordeal, you will all report to Mistress Freya," said Amy, then studied the girl’s reactions.

Every one of them had a smile on their face. Freya was not only very pretty but had become a huge hit with the girls.

“Are there any objections?” asked Amy.

“No, Grand Mistress Amy.” They all said whilst smiling.

“Good, now I have other business, I suggest you attend Mistress Freya without delay!" said Amy, then went to leave. She looked at Freya as the girls all knelt at her feet, Freya looked up, Amy winked, then mouthed the words so the others couldn’t hear.

“I’ll be back later, Mistress!” then left with a smile.

She walked down the long corridor of guest rooms; most were occupied. One of the large suites at the end held Angela, she had been there since her release early in the day. Ellie had not left her side. Only a doctor had been in.

Amy stood outside the door, she hesitated for a few seconds then gently knocked. A few seconds maybe more passed then the door gently opened. Ellie stood there; her eyes puffy from all the crying she had done.

She grabbed a hold of Amy and hugged her, beginning to cry again. Amy returned her hug, gently rubbing her back.

“Sssh, it’s alright Ellie, she’s strong, she will get through this," said Amy. She had already had the doctor’s report, he said she was very weak and would need lots of rest.

They both went in; Angela was fast asleep in the bed. Ellie got back on the bed and resumed cuddling up to her. She had been there all this time doing just that. Amy climbed on too, cuddling Ellie. Both laid in silence, tearful.

Ellie was exhausted, the past few weeks she had hardly slept, and now was just worried sick. Amy stroked her hair as they laid there. Eventually Ellie drifted off too.

Amy stayed for an hour, then without disturbing them she crept out. Amy took a walk around the complex, it was quite large, with many rooms. She bumped into Sarah who was heading down to the dungeons. Amy joined her; she had been meaning to get down there.

Tanya had so many slaves it was hard to count them, even though virtually all there were numbered with a tattoo somewhere on their body. A team of doctors friendly to the Institute had been called in, there were so many slaves in various conditions.

Many of the slaves had been there so long they didn’t even know their own names, Tanya’s brainwashing and horrendous treatment had destroyed their minds.

Mistress Tanya was for certain an extreme sadist. She was down there too, in a holding cell along with Vivien. The two were in separate cells and kept apart. Sarah and Amy passed the cell of Tanya, who even now in her current situation was laughing, for what reason nobody knew.

Tanya saw Amy walk past. “How is 337?” Tanya said.

Amy stopped, then approached the bars. She knew she could never stoop to the level of depravity that Tanya could, but she really didn’t know what to do with her.

“I’m still not sure what to do with you Tanya, seeing what you’ve done here is sickening. Many of these people will never be the same," said Amy.

“They’re not people, just slaves," said Tanya. The only thing Tanya ever feared was turning into a slave, to be treated like she had treated them. But she knew this goody two shoes idiot would not do that to her.

“I’ll never treat a person like you have done Tanya, it's inhumane but you need to pay for your crimes somehow. I think that life imprisonment down here is the best you can hope for now," said Amy, who then just walked away.

A little further down was Vivien, sitting in her cell looking vacant. She had gone from almost having everything to nothing in a moment's notice.

“How are you, Aunt Vivien?" said Amy.

“I’m not sure I deserve any respect from you Amy, I’ve allowed these terrible things to go on down here. I never really thought things were this bad," said Vivien, who looked genuinely despondent.

“Fortunately for you, I still have standards Aunt. Your peers will meet in a few days to discuss your future. I hope we can find you some help," said Amy.

They carried on walking down the corridor, Amy had to turn away from some of the horrors. Teams of medical personnel work tirelessly on the suffering slaves. Many were malnourished and would require long recoveries if they would recover at all.

Physically many would, but the damage to their minds may never heal. Originally, they planned to move all these slaves to a medical facility of some kind, but the sheer volume and the condition of many made that an impossibility.

Instead, they turned many of the cells into treatment rooms, and tried to make the former slaves as comfortable as possible. In one room they found Evelyn, at one time Sarah had been remarkably close to her. They grew through the ranks of the Institute together.

Evelyn at one stage lost her way a little, corrupted by Vivien and Tanya. They could only guess that she had a change of heart somehow, to deserve this treatment from Tanya.

The doctor had diagnosed her catatonic, there was little hope for her at this stage. Amy paid close attention to the doctor's words; she knew that Angela was heading the same way as Evelyn. She prayed it was not too late for her also.

The biggest issues were trying to remove many of the devices that held these people. The locks were fused, an ingenious design that turned the items into seamless pieces.

Several specialists had been called to analyse the items; they would have to find a way surely. Amy was getting emotional, the scenes causing some distress.

She soldiered on though, she felt she needed to see everything and thank all the people that were working tirelessly to help these poor souls.

In the end she managed to stop and see all of them, just a word of hope was all a lot of them needed, at least they knew they had been rescued, and that further suffering would now stop.


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