Servitium Amoris

by TransAmy

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Storycodes: F/f; tg; slave; bond; nc; XX

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Chapter 18 – What’s in the Box?

Ellie had left in the early hours and headed to Oxford, they had a few errands to run for Terry, but stopped off at Amy and Betsy’s home first.

She collected some clothes and then went to find the picture. There were a few other pictures on the wall. One Ellie liked was of all the girls, the rumours were true, she was exceptionally talented.

Ellie saw the picture Betsy wanted, then as she looked at it, her smile disappeared and turned to anger. She put the picture in her bag and left the house. It didn’t take long to complete the errands and they were heading back; Amy had some questions to answer!

A few hours later Ellie walked back in, a face of thunder.

“Amy, they tell me your pictures are drawn from your memory, is that so?” Demanded Ellie.

“Yes, why?” asked Amy.

“When, or why, did you feel the need to go snooping through Angela’s things? She has given you nothing but her trust and love, and you’ve betrayed that!" said Ellie who was clearly angry.

Amy looked shocked; she had no idea what Ellie was on about.

“Ellie, I haven’t, why would you say that?" said Amy close to tears. Ellie threw the picture on the sofa.

“Explain that! The only way you’ve seen that woman’s face is if you’ve been through Angela’s private stuff!” shouted Ellie.

Amy looked at the picture, she was more confused than ever.

“Ellie please, you’re scaring me," said Amy as she wept.

“I’ll do more than scare you if you don’t explain yourself!" said Ellie, who was ready to punch Amy.

“I don’t understand Ellie, what has my mum got to do with anything?" said Amy now crying hard.

Ellie was walking towards Amy and then just stopped in her tracks.

“Your mum? That’s your mum?" said Ellie pointing to the picture of her family.

“Yes," said Amy crying.

Ellie’s face changed in short notice from anger then to shock, then to complete joy! Amy was even more confused now, as was everyone else who was gathering in the room.

“Ellie, what is it? What does this mean?” asked Betsy who was also crying.

“It means Betsy, that your wife just became your Mistress, or should I say, Grand Mistress!" said Ellie who was now crying herself, but they were tears of joy and relief.

Everyone in the room was virtually silent, trying to work out what Ellie was on about.

“Don’t you get it? That picture is Stephanie! I thought the only pictures of her were those that were in Angela’s private collection, but there was another, in your head all this time! You Amy, are the prodigal son!" said Ellie.

Terry walked over to the picture and studied it; he nodded his head in agreement, then looked at Amy, smiling.

“Amy luv, you’ve just one this battle," said Terry. Who’s mind was already trying to formulate a new plan.

“It’s one of the only memories I have of her, she used to sing me little rhymes, whilst counting my fingers, you know the ones," said Amy who was now crying again as she remembered the moment.

The toddler Matt was laying in his bed, his doting mother holding his hand and singing the old nursery rhyme. Once I caught a fish alive.

She would count his little fingers, but every time she got to five, he would giggle and shout six! He thought it was the funniest thing ever, and it always made his mum laugh too.

It was a powerful memory, one of the very few Amy held onto. Just then Amy realised the significance of the memory.

“Betsy, get the box!" said Amy in a panic. Betsy was off, and back within seconds holding the small lockbox.

“123456," said Amy and watched as Betsy thumbed the code into the combination. She then pulled the catch and the box clicked open.

Every fibre in Betsy’s mind wanted to investigate the box, but she passed it to Amy, who was now just a little concerned about the contents.

She slowly opened it, there was a thumb drive, a platinum signet ring, the mark of the Institute emblazoned upon it, and several pictures.

Pictures of her as a baby, with her mum and dad. She looked at the pictures and burst into tears, it was the first time since all those years ago she saw her mum and dad.

Betsy was in tears too, and cuddled Amy as she wept over the pictures. Ellie looked at Terry and motioned for him to give them some time, they had waited for years for this moment, another few minutes wouldn’t hurt.

Terry left the room and reached for his phone; he dialled a number.

“I’ve found him, you need to come here now," said Terry. On the other end of the phone the man was left speechless, but finally managed to mutter a few words.

“We’re on our way," said Tom, who then looked at Sarah and Scarlet, then just smiled. The biggest smile his face could make.

Amy finally calmed down a little, she was trying to comprehend what this all meant. Then Betsy grabbed Amy’s laptop.

“The thumb drive, it might have more pictures!" said Betsy, a little excited.

Amy pushed the drive into the USB port, the file had a video recording and a letter. She read the letter first.

My dearest Matthias,

By now you are a grown man, and I hope you have made a good life for yourself. I have done all I can to help you on your way, with a house and some cash in an account.

Your true name is Matthias Karl Jensen, I had the solicitor change it to protect your identity.

I know that none of this can replace the loss of your parents, and I’m sorry my love, sorry for leaving you so young and alone. With this message and the video attached, are all the details you need if you ever find yourself in trouble.

Our family is part of something, something you may or may not want to be a part of. But if you do there is a huge role for you to play within it. A role of significant importance.

I want you to know that I and your father loved you very much, unfortunately our time has come to an end, but we live on in you. Whatever you do in your life, know that we would have supported you all the way.

You are the best thing that ever happened to us, we love you and always will.

All our love

Mum and Dad. XXXX

Amy read the letter twice, tears in her eyes, then double clicked the video file.

Stephanie’s face appeared on the screen, she looked ill but managed to put on a brave face.

"Hello Matty, hopefully you’ve read the letter, and before I start, I want you to hear these words, I love you with all my heart, and I will always be watching you from the heavens.

"I want you to meet my dearest friend. I love her deeply and she is the person I will spend the rest of my life with. Her name is Angela Wright," said Stephanie, before the camera pulled back to reveal Amy’s Mistress, an incredibly young Mistress.

“Hello Matty," said Angela with a smile.

“If you are ever in trouble, or just need a friend, find her, she will cure your problems, that I promise to you.

She will also guide you if you want a different life, a life of significance if you want it. She will have all the details for you, just take the ring to her, that ring is a one of a kind. It also holds a huge amount of power and responsibility.

Angela is a part of our family; you should trust her with every fibre in your body. She will also support any decision you make about your future.

I wish I had time to make more of these videos for you, but I grow more tired from this illness each day. I’m sorry to leave you my beautiful baby, mummy loves you with all of her heart," said Stephanie who started to cry, the message ended just after, the last image was that of Angela cuddling Amy’s mum, both in tears.

Amy watched the video several more times, if only just to hear her mum’s voice again. Betsy was with her holding her in a tight embrace.

“You mum was beautiful Amy," said Betsy.

Amy smiled and kissed her wife, then just enjoyed the moment with Betsy.

“I’m glad you could finally meet her babe," said Amy as they cuddled.

Tom and the two Mistresses arrived a few hours later, Freya was also with them. Terry and Ellie filled them in on the discovery, all couldn’t believe it. The missing piece of the puzzle was right under their noses all this time.

The tiny changes to Amy’s original name, enough to throw off unwanted attention until he or rather she grew up. Jansen instead of Jensen, Matthew instead of Matthias.

So subtle, but highly effective. Tom, Sarah, Scarlet, Terry and Ellie discussed the best way to go forward. They came up with a half plan, then Amy came into the room with Betsy.

Freya was also there and was the first to approach Amy.

“It’s good to see you again, Grand Mistress Amy," said Freya with a huge smile.

“Thanks Freya," said Amy who then whispered into her ear so only she could hear.

“But you will always be the Mistress to me!” She said with a huge grin and a kiss on the cheek.

“Before you all start with the Grand Mistress thing, I want to speak. I will never expect any of you in this room to address me that way unless you feel it necessary. Or we have an audience of course!" said Amy with a smile, then paused to focus herself on her speech.

“Just so we are clear, I understand what this discovery means to you all, and indeed what it means for me," said Amy, a little disheartened. She enjoyed her life just the way it was, this was not her ideal lifestyle.

“My top priority is to save Mistress Angela and the girls, not to mention any other unfortunate souls who have fallen prey to these people. I’m sure you have all been racking your brains on how to get this all achieved, and I also have a plan. But I want to hear your ideas too," said Amy.

Amy didn’t consider herself to be Mistress material at all, but the small gathering were amazed to see how powerfully she asserted herself in her small speech.

“Amy, to make a transition of power within the Institution, there has to be an audience of all the senior members. My fear is that Vivien will not allow this to happen," said Tom.

“Who are all the senior members?” enquired Amy.

“Mistresses Sarah, Evelyn, Tanya, Scarlet and myself. Plus of course Angela and Vivien. Generally, there needs to be up to three senior members present for minor changes to the Institute rules, but all seven are required for major rulings," said Tom.

“The trouble is getting you in there will not be easy, Vivien will not easily give up her power," said Scarlet.

“If Vivien were informed that one of you had evidence of Matthias having sadly passed, what would she need to do?" asked Amy.

“She would be overjoyed, then summon not only all the senior members of the council but all of the members. Such news will crown her the supreme power she craves.” Exclaimed Tom.

“Then that is what we will do," said Amy.

“I don’t understand, how is that going to help?" asked Sarah, the others also looked confused. Amy however smiled; her plan was simple.

“You will inform her you have evidence that Matthias is no more, she will as you say assemble a huge audience for her coronation. Then, in front of everyone you will produce the evidence, me!" said Amy.

All of them sat there still looking confused. Amy laid it out in plain English.

“Matthias is gone, he has ceased to be, but his birthright is alive in me," said Amy.

“That is a brilliant plan Amy, but she will not accept this. With all due respect you are a beautiful woman, and many will not believe such a transformation is possible," said Scarlet.

“Yes, I agree, decisive evidence will be required that you are indeed who you say you are," said Tom.

“I don’t think Vivien will allow a DNA sample to be taken, so we would need something that is full proof, something only the true leader would have," said Sarah.

“Like a platinum ring?" said Amy as she held the ring up.

All of them instantly smiled, the ring Amy held would be concrete enough to ensure every member bowed down to her in an instant. For the genuine ring of power would be proved irrefutable so it is said.

“That will do Amy, that will definitely do!" said Tom.

“I believe we have a call to make?" said Scarlet to the other gathered members.

Terry sat and listened to all that they said, and whilst they talked, he reached into his pocket to retrieve something.

“Angela gave me this, years ago, and said one day my allegiance would be required. My little sister is all that I cared about for many years. I’ve since discovered a whole new family in several girls that have become special to me," said Terry who paused to give a little wink to Betsy.

“I’m not sure exactly what it means, but Angela said that when the time comes, I would know. I believe this is the time," said Terry. He then showed them all another ring.

It was like the one Amy had, but the Institute logo was made of emerald. The council members smiled.

“That is the ring of the Grand Protector. In short, it is given to the Grand Mistresses personal bodyguard. You will oversee all castle security," said Scarlet.

Vivien was buzzing, she had received a call from Scarlet, who had evidence of the prodigal son’s demise. She immediately ordered a grand gathering of all members for two days’ time and began to plan her coronation.

Tanya was told to hold off on enslaving Angela, she could install her new suit of slavery, but the permanent sealing of the devices would perform an integral part of her celebrations.

Tanya was a little unhappy, but in the grand scheme of things was delighted with the news.

Vivien planned to display Evelyn and Angela to the entire crowd, a clear message to all that disobedience would not be tolerated. The sealing of Angela’s permanent slave life would be her first official order.

Angela slowly came back to consciousness, the last thing she remembered was the Doctor giving her a sedative to help her rest and recover. But she felt far from recovered, her whole body was in pain.

As her eyes began to focus, she was looking directly at the slave that was in the dungeon, but there was a difference, the pain slut tattoo had gone. Just then she saw Tanya walk up behind the slave.

Tanya leaned forward to whisper into the slave’s ear.

“How do you like your new look 337?” whispered Tanya, but Angela then realised this was not the slave she was looking at, but a mirror. Tanya’s whisper into her ear confirmed her worst fears.

Angela could not answer, she couldn’t do anything but watch. Everything but her hearing and sight had been taken from her. Slowly her body began to process what she saw in the mirror.

Her jaw ached, her arms were in a constant pain, though she could not see them held in the unforgiving steel contraption. In a reverse prayer she realised she would never again use them, let alone see them.

Breathing was short and laboured, she had to concentrate hard to maintain a steady series of short breaths, her waist was constricted to 18 inches in the steel corset.

Her nipples throbbed, they were stretched and pierced, and her toes and calves were in turmoil through the enforced steel ballet boots.

But this all seemed to fade away as she realised her worst fears, the dreaded belt was back on her. She could feel the fullness inside her from the torturous device.

She hardly recognised herself in the reflection, her long blonde hair had gone, replaced by a shining scalp. Half of her face hidden behind the steel plate of her gag and collar combination. Only her eyes showed any movement, and they were weeping.

“I haven’t yet decided what your nickname will be 337, so you’ll have to wait for your tattoo I’m afraid. But don’t worry, we have a big show tomorrow, the entire membership of the Institute is coming to witness your permanent locking ceremony," said Tanya as she ran her hand over Angela’s freshly shaved head.

“You see Angela, you have become just a slave, a muse for me, and after tomorrow's big announcement you will become a symbol to the entire Institute," said Tanya, who was enjoying this moment so much she was dripping from between her legs.

“We have heard some wonderful news, your last hope, the prodigal son is dead. You know what that means, don’t you 337?" said Tanya.

Angela felt like she died at that moment, she knew in her mind that the boy was probably never going to surface, but news of his death sank into her heart. Not only was she sad for the boy, and the hopes of the Institute, but for her love, for Stephanie.

Her eyes glazed over, Tanya noticed the change and laughed with joy. This was power, she had destroyed Angela at that moment.

“Now you see, the raw power I have over you 337, I decide your fate, I can end you in an instant if I so desire, but I won’t. Your bondage will be for the rest of your life, and these devices will ensure you remain forever in pain," said Tanya with glee.

“This is all you will ever be, you can probably feel the small tube that runs down your throat, it will feed you, so you can't escape through starvation. Your plug is attached to a system that will keep you cleansed, and your catheter will take care of the other end," said Tanya as she continued her demoralising of Angela’s hopes.

“I have some new devices under construction, you will be introduced to them over time, as will 336 next to you. Or as you formerly knew her, Evelyn. A new respirator system will be installed to ensure you keep breathing, and electrical shocks will help keep your muscles from atrophying," said Tanya.

“Tomorrow during Vivien’s coronation, you will be paraded as a symbol of what disobedience to the new rules will be. You will hear the hiss from your devices, and maybe feel a little burning sensation, as the locks fuse, causing the permanence of your bondage and pain," said Tanya, who was now in front of her, staring into her eyes.

“You 337, are mine, forever.” Tanya’s tone was cold, and Angela knew she was right. Escape after this would be just a fantasy. Her life as Angela the powerful Mistress was over, now she was just a toy, Tanya’s plaything.

Tanya placed some earphones on Angela before she left, a recorded loop would play over and over. Angela had no option but to listen. It was a deep hypnotic trance like hum with binaural beats.

Subliminal messages fed straight into Angela’s mind. Over time they would sink deep into her, she could not avoid them. In time she would think they were her thoughts, and she would believe them.

Tanya had been running the same program on Evelyn for over a month now, and the results were very promising. Evelyn was conformed, she was 336 and believed in nothing else.

“I am 337, I am nothing but a slave, I live for Mistress Tanya, I love Mistress Tanya, I am 337.” The voice repeated over and again. Angela closed her eyes, she wanted to block it all out, but could not.


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