Servitium Amoris

by TransAmy

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Storycodes: F/f; tg; slave; bond; torture; nc; XX

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Chapter 17 – Break or Bow

The small Citation business jet touched down at Biggin Hill aerodrome, just two passengers disembarked and immediately boarded a waiting helicopter.

They flew to a location nearby in Kent, where they were greeted by a woman in camouflage fatigues. Amy and Betsy literally ran from the helicopter to Ellie, all three of them cuddled in a tight embrace.

Ellie guided them into the nearby house, which was their makeshift base of operations. Inside, Terry was studying a layout of the castle with several other men.

His concentration was broken when a young brunette came running at him, she launched at him as if going for a killer blow, but it was not so. Betsy’s arms wrapped around Terry’s neck and her legs around his body. Tears flowed as she held him for dear life, he wrapped his strong arms around her and whispered gently into her ear.

“Hello, Betsy luv, I’ve missed you very much," said Terry, the faintest hint of moisture in his eyes. Betsy however was balling, she never felt safer than when Terry was with her.

Terry held a special place in his heart for Betsy, she was often at Angela’s house alone, for a good few years she was serving alone, unlike the others who always had a sister to share down time with.

Betsy would often sacrifice sleep for time with Terry, she doted on him and loved to make him tea and a bacon sandwich, his favourite. He was the father figure she never had; a special bond grew between them.

Terry saw Amy waiting, she watched with tears as Betsy had her moment of reunion with Terry, she knew just how much Betsy loved him. He beckoned her over and drew her into the cuddle, the two girls crying with relief, feeling a safety they had not felt for a few weeks.

Ellie watched, she would have cried also under different circumstances, but something in her had changed, the submissive slave within her had disappeared, she only had one goal, find her Angel and save her.

She pulled the girls off Terry.

“Amy, Betsy, let’s go Terry needs to work," said Ellie as she led them to a sofa. They sat down and cuddled, Ellie now the mother figure they were missing, for now.

It was sometime later when Betsy was awoken from a snooze, there was a bang which turned out to be Terry punching the table.

He was talking to three other men; they were all dressed similarly and were studying the layout map.

“We need to thin out the manpower if we are going to have any chance, but how. They’re not going to leave the compound," said a frustrated Terry.

Betsy had wandered to the table and studied the map. She loved a puzzle and they seemed to have a big one to crack.

“Make them leave," said Betsy.

“Easier said than done Betsy luv, if we could thin them down, we’d stand a chance," said Terry.

Betsy went to her bag, then came back to the table, she threw her collar onto the map.

“Then go fishing, Uncle Terry,” she said with a smile.

“Betsy, you are a genius!" said Terry and kissed her on her head.

Surveillance at the compound had identified seventy guards in total. Terry’s plan was to get them to send out capture teams, but he only had two shots at doing this.

Thanks to Betsy’s idea they could re-activate their collars to lure out capture teams. Seventy armed guards against a team of eight special forces soldiers were fair odds, but casualties would be high.

The lower the number the better the odds for Terry and his men. They set up a four-man team surrounding Angela’s house which had all but been deserted. Terry had dismissed the staff weeks ago.

They activated Amy’s collar and left it in the dungeon in the basement. Not ten minutes later a 15 man capture team left the compound and headed for Oxford. They waited a good 45 minutes, then team two activated Betsy’s collar at another location, near Brighton, the opposite direction.

Sure enough, another team of 15 men departed shortly after. These men were clearly not well trained, they just halved the manpower at the compound. These men would not come back, Terry had ordered his teams to capture or kill if necessary.

They had a makeshift detention centre already set up, some of Terry’s old East London mates would take care of any prisoners.

The plan worked perfectly, there were only two light casualties. Two of Vivien’s hired henchmen tried to be heroic but were soon subdued. The rest gave up without a fight, clearly these men were no soldiers, just hired thugs.

But still there were some forty men at the compound and Terry was all out of bait. Surely the trap wouldn’t work again. They tried, but the game was up, no more men left the compound.

Terry’s men made short work of the interrogations and quickly learned what they were up against. A strike plan was organised, but at the last minute some bad news reached Terry. Reinforcements had arrived, they were back to square one.

Angela was in a bad way, she had been stuck in her spread-eagle bondage for five days now, her body was starting to show signs of severe fatigue, her joints now suffered constant pain and her mind was delirious.

Vivien had made a trip down to see how Tanya was progressing. Noticing how bad Angela was, she feared that Tanya had gone too far and ordered her release to recover.

Tanya was livid, the new suit had finally arrived for her new pet, she was looking forward to having her in it by the end of the day.

“Tanya, have you lost your mind! I need her to make a convincing statement, how the hell will she do it in this condition?" said Vivien.

Angela was pulled down, she was virtually unconscious and had no energy, she had been fed barely enough to keep her alive and looked ill. She was sent to the medical team and would undergo treatment.

“I don’t see the problem Grand Mistress, she is no longer a threat to us, the others like her will buckle or suffer the same fate, we don’t need to play these games anymore," said Tanya.

“Whilst you have been playing with your toys her brother has taken out thirty men! I have had to call in many favours to get our security back up to strength. Do you have any idea what we are dealing with here?" said Vivien with an air of frustration.

“Yes, Terry is a soldier, we have soldiers, many more than him, what’s the problem?" said Tanya who was clearly not fully aware of the dangers.

“Oh my god Tanya, do you ever pay attention? Do you know what the SAS is?" said Vivien.

“Yes, they are some kind of elite soldier, what of them?" said Tanya, failing to see the point of this conversation, soldiers were soldiers to her, whoever had more won, didn’t they?

“Terry Wright is ex-SAS, he is more dangerous than ten of our soldiers, possibly more, and he has friends Tanya!” shouted Vivien, who then stormed out with Angela and several of her medical team.

Angela was in a bad way, but she heard the whole conversation, the faintest of smiles crept over her face, and a glimmer of hope spread through her. It was what she needed, Terry was coming, god help these people she thought before completely passing out.

In the medical room the castle doctor was disgusted, he knew what these slaves had to endure, punishment was one thing, but this torture was too much.

“Grand Mistress, this woman is in an unbelievably bad way. We need to take off these devices immediately, she has several infections from wounds we can’t see. They either come off, or she may die," said the Doctor.

“Very well Doctor, do what you must, I need her alive and well," said Vivien, then left the room. Vivien had Tanya release the cruel belt and collar that Angela wore. The Doctor examined her and found severe damage to her anus.

Tanya had been ruthless with the spikes; the Doctor was clearly not impressed with the cruel design of the plug. Angela also had some minor burns on her neck from the overuse of the shock collar.

The Doctor later reported to Vivien that the slave would need a good five days of bed rest, she was dehydrated, and her wounds were indeed infected as he’d feared.

Vivien was furious, delaying her plans only bought Terry more time. She hoped that the recent reinforcements were enough to keep him at bay. But she also knew he would eventually find a way into the castle.

Her only hope now would be to get Angela to make the speech, then release her. Tanya would not be happy, but she would deal with her later, the bigger picture needed Terry off her back.

Terry decided to break cover, so he sent a messenger to Vivien. Not trusting Vivien, the messenger delivered to the front gate, then left.

The message was simple.

I have thirty of your men as prisoners, they have given me the layout of your compound. I propose a simple swap. Angela and her four girls, for your thirty men.

I advise you to take the deal, failure will result in many casualties.

Vivien felt a chill, she had a gut feeling that things were looking like she might have picked the wrong fight. But she was too committed to back down now. She decided to have a talk with Angela, maybe she could get her to see reason and avoid any hostilities.

Vivien made her way to the medical room, as she approached, she could hear the Doctor arguing with Tanya.

“Mistress Tanya, the patient needs bed rest, at least five days!" said the Doctor.

“It’s a slave not a patient, I want it back in my dungeon in 24 hours, or there will be hell to pay,” shouted Tanya.

“If she goes back to the way you have been treating her, she will die!" said the Doctor. Tanya’s blood was close to boiling.

“I don’t care, it’s just a slave, just get it done!” shouted Tanya again.

“I will patch up your slaves when they are hurt, but I will not be a party to murder!" said the doctor, who was now getting agitated himself.

“Doctor, you have a choice, either this slave gets back to me very soon, or I will have you to replace it!" said Tanya in a very threatening voice.

“Tanya, that’s enough," said Vivien as she entered the room.

“Five days is not acceptable, he’s stalling!" said Tanya.

“Tanya let me make this clear for you. Angela stays here until healed, those are my orders! Do not overstep your mark!" said Vivien in a stern voice.

“Who is Angela, this is slave 337, and my property. My mark has not been overstepped; I fear you are lacking the courage to go through with this, Grand Mistress," said a very bold Tanya.

“Not yet she isn’t, and in all honesty Tanya, she never will be if you want to stay alive. You have clearly underestimated her brother, as have I. The best we can hope for at this stage is a deal with Terry," said Vivien. She decided to ignore Tanya’s outburst, she didn’t need an internal problem just now.

Tanya, in disbelief, shook her head and stormed out of the room.

“Doctor, is she able to speak?” asked Vivien.

“Maybe in a few hours, she is far too weak at the moment," he replied.

Amy was still asleep on the sofa; Betsy went to lay with her. She cuddled up to her wife and gave her a kiss on her neck. Amy stirred and pulled Betsy’s arm around her a little more, enjoying her embrace.

Amy felt cold to Betsy, the weather here was not the Spanish heat they had been enjoying, but their clothes were all for the heat. Betsy looked to Ellie.

“Ellie, what’s the chance of a road trip home, we could do with some clothes and a few other bits?” asked Betsy.

“It’s too dangerous for you two to travel, but me and one of the guys are going to Oxford tomorrow, you can give me a list of things you need," said Ellie with a smile.

“Just some warmer clothes really, and a picture," said Betsy.

“Picture?" said Ellie.

“Yes, in the living room there’s a framed picture above the fireplace, one of Amy’s drawings. It means a lot to her, I want her to have it with her, it’s her only possession she cares for," said Betsy as she looked at her sleeping lover.

“Sure thing Betsy, I’ll sort it, don’t worry," said Ellie.

Ellie had heard of Amy’s talent for drawing, she had photo memory and was able to sketch images she had seen. But Ellie had never taken the time to visit them and see any.

“Thanks Ellie," said Betsy with a smile.

“No problem kiddo," Ellie replied.

The more Ellie thought about things the more she thought about the future, and what might happen to all the girls if things went wrong. She had already promised herself that no matter what she would protect them all, for as long it took.

Angela was finally awake; the Doctor had managed to get her energy levels up. Her body was still weak, but she was conscious and able to communicate well. The Doctor sent a message to Vivien to let her know.

Vivien headed over as soon as she received the message. Angela and Vivien had much to discuss, she secretly hoped that Angela would be more compliant than she was after her trial.

“Angela, can you hear me?" said Vivien. Angela was half asleep, and a little drowsy from the pain killers she had been given. She opened her eyes and saw Vivien looking at her.

“Yes, Grand Mistress Vivien,” she said in a soft voice.

“Forget about titles Angela, I want to speak to you as an equal for once," said Vivien. Angela just nodded.

“Angela, I beg you to reconsider doing what I ask. Things are getting out of hand, and there is only so long I can keep Tanya from taking you back," said Vivien. Angela shuddered at the thought of Tanya and her plans for her.

“Tanya is out of control, she will come for you next Vivien, you must see that," said Angela.

“Yes, she has a lot of ambition, but she lacks the finesse and planning for a coup," said Vivien.

“If going back to her dungeon is inevitable, then what do I stand to gain from helping you?" said Angela.

“Your freedom, and that of your girls, well some of them anyway, 3 of them have evaded capture," said Vivien, who almost seemed pleased they had, but Angela doubted that.

“If you set me free, then Tanya will be pissed off beyond belief. I will forever be looking over my shoulder. Besides, you have bigger problems. Though I suspect that is the real reason for this conversation!” Stated Angela.

“Yes, well Terry always was going to be a factor in this, I was hoping to catch him off guard when all this started. But what’s done is done, what we all need now is a solution, one which avoids bloodshed!" said a concerned Vivien.

“Vivien, I just don’t get all of this, you have been living your choice of lifestyle ever since Stephanie died, why now? Why go to all this trouble? You could have re-written the Institute rules surely, I’ve seen some of the options available to the Grand Mistress, you have the choice to make this Institution what you want. You don’t need blessings!" said Angela.

“Oh, but I do Angela. So long as a living heir stands before me, I am but the regent. A regent cannot alter such things alone. I don’t know what happened to Matthias, which is why I asked you. But if he is presumed alive, I am powerless to change things," said Vivien.

“So, you want Matthias dead?" said a shocked Angela.

“No, of course not, but the only way I can change the laws is to have the blessing of the highest-ranking Mistress. Which is you," said Vivien.

“Either way Vivien, these measures you are taking are extreme, what’s your endgame, because it is clearly a lot more than meets the eye!" said Angela.

“There is no hidden agenda,” lied Vivien.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret Vivien, a few weeks back I very nearly fell down your path. A man hurt one of my girls, I was livid and had him strung up in my dungeon. I planned to do horrible things, things you’d be proud of, but I saw sense. Instead, I got the man's help, would you believe. So, you see, there is no way I can condone what you ask," said Angela.

“Then you leave me no choice, and Tanya will get you back Angela. I’m sorry but there is nothing I can do to stop her," said Vivien as a matter of fact.

“Then for your sake I hope Terry finds me before that woman kills me," said Angela. Vivien tended to agree but didn’t say as much.

Vivien had tried, but now she knew Angela would not be broken, only one thing now could change her mind. That would not be an easy task, Terry was a hard man to kill.

Vivien walked towards the door, stopping to turn back to Angela.

“I’ll let your Mistress know you are ready for collection slave," said Vivien, a sly smile upon her face. She then left and headed towards the dungeon of Tanya.

Vivien was down at the dungeons within a few minutes, she found an angry Tanya inflicting pain upon the poor slave in permanent bondage.

“Tanya, slave 337 is all yours. Forget about breaking her for the plan, she will never do it. It’s time to take a different route," said Vivien.

“Does that mean I can finally make 337’s life permanent?” asked Tanya.

“Yes, I only insist on one thing, Tanya, and that is to keep her alive and healthy. I want her to regret every day of the rest of her life. I would be more than happy to see her here next to 336. The two ex-Mistresses together will serve as a reminder to all that oppose us," said Vivien.

“As you wish Grand Mistress, she will make a fine addition to dear Evelyn here," said Tanya.

“That she will, Tanya," said Vivien.

“What about the doctor? He is going to object," said Tanya.

“I’ve already spoken to him; he will give you some cream and special food with medicine. The cream is for her plug, it will help the wound heal, you just need to avoid the spikes for a few weeks," said Vivien.

“I suppose I can hold off for a week or two, we have other features to keep her busy," said Tanya with a wicked smile.

“The doctor has one or two more things to do, he tells me she can be released tomorrow morning. You may collect her then," said Vivien, then went to leave.


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