Servitium Amoris

by TransAmy

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Storycodes: F+/f; F/f; tg; slave; torture; pain; buttplug; electro; punish; bond; gag; collar; cuffs; kidnap; dungeon; balletboots; catheter; corset; chastity; needles; oral; nc; XXX

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Chapter 16 – The Dungeon of Horrors

Elsie, Petra, Julia and Nicola had hit the road, they were heading north on the motorway. Trying to put as much distance between them and anyone tracking them.

Ellie had told them what to do and warned them to be on alert and ready to move at a moment’s notice.

By the time Terry and Ellie had made it back, Angela had gone, the house staff told them what had happened. Ellie was ready to head straight to the castle, she would go in all guns blazing, but Terry talked her out of it.

They had to be clever, Angela’s fate depended on them doing things right, they might only get one chance. Besides, they needed to case the castle first, Terry needed to know what he was up against.

Vivien was playing a dangerous game, she knew about Terry, and at least some of his background. He was ex-special-forces, and not to be underestimated, she would need to be well protected, very well protected.

Terry was confident there wasn’t a civilian building in the country that could be safe from him and a few of his ex-forces friends. But he also knew that Vivien was aware of him, she would have to have a plan, the fact he didn’t know what that was, had him a little worried.

Angela was a strong woman, but Tanya had installed a fear into her. The devices she was wearing could cause severe pain, and possibly some permanent damage.

She hated to admit it, but Tanya’s methods were extremely effective. Angela had literally been turned into a terrified slave within minutes, something she had never thought possible.

Technology, however, always finds a way and these new devices Tanya had created were ruthlessly efficient. Angela dreaded to think what other devices she had in store for her.

It only took a few hours to get back to the castle, though not an actual castle, the property was large, and sat within acres of private land in Kent. Angela watched with horror as they drove through the inner gates of the compound.

Vivien had been busy, there were numerous armed guards and several layers of protective fences. This could well be a prison; one she may never escape.

Tanya waltzed into the castle main chambers, Angela followed, eager to keep up with her current captor and hopefully temporary Mistress.

Inside, a throne-like room awaited, Angela remembered it well, it hadn’t changed much.

Tanya approached the throne, of which Vivien sat. Angela accompanied her and sank to her knees; she was at their mercy. Vivien looked at Tanya with a little disgust.

“Was this really necessary Tanya?” she said, looking somewhat pissed off.

“She was quite aggressive Grand Mistress Vivien; I wasn’t taking any chances,” replied Tanya.

“Angela you may break from slave status, you are on trial and free to speak in your own defence," said Vivien. Angela stood and dared a look at Tanya, she did not say anything, but Tanya understood.

“Grand Mistress Vivien, I have been brought before you under duress, false accusations which I fear have been manipulated by Mistress Tanya. I demand this trial be dismissed immediately," said Angela trying to regain some form of power. It was her only chance.

“Angela, do you deny one of your slaves struck a Mistress?" said Vivien.

“Yes, I do, Grand Mistress, the woman was no Mistress, certainly not worthy of the title," said Angela.

“Nevertheless, she wore the title, did she not?" said Vivien.

“She did,” replied Angela. During trials, the defendant was able to speak more freely once she had recognised the title of the Grand Mistress at least twice.

“Respect the rank, not the woman. That is the Institute code, and has been for many years, even before our time. In this respect, do you deny the charge?” asked Vivien.

“The slave in question requested the Mistress stop striking her, she had no permission from me to do so, therefore breaking rule 2, these rules are the backbone of the Institute. Without them we have no code,” replied Angela.

“I see, you refer to the stipulation clauses?” asked Vivien.

“Yes, I also have video evidence," said Angela.

“Answer the question, yes or no, did your slave strike a woman wearing the mark of the Institute?" said Vivien.

“Yes, she did," said Angela.

“Then that is one strike, as ruled by the Grand Mistress," said Vivien.

Angela could see she was just being framed; she would have to try a different tactic if she were going to get out of this.

“Did two of your slaves get married? Yes or no?" said Vivien.

“Yes, but…," said Angela, however she was cut off by the wave of Vivien’s hand.

“Strike two, as ruled by the Grand Mistress," said Vivien.

“Grand Mistress, I must protest, there is no Institute law that prohibits this!" said Angela.

“Angela, I have no interest in your plea, I have ruled the motion," said Vivien.

“I also have a recording of you threatening to bring the police into Institute affairs, which allows me to invoke a third strike. So, I want you to think very carefully before answering my final question," said Vivien.

Angela was in trouble and she knew it. This was never about a fair trial, they wanted something, and she was guessing the price would be high to go to all this trouble.

“I have two questions for you, the second depends on your first answer. Where is my nephew?” asked Vivien.

“I have absolutely no idea, I have not seen him since he was a small child in this very room," said Angela. Vivien half smiled at this news.

“My final question Angela, and I pray you make the right choice for your own good, and that of your slaves," said Vivien, who paused to allow Angela to think about those she loved.

“Will you publicly announce your approval of non-consensual incentives for training?" said Vivien.

So, this was it, Vivien knew Angela carried a lot of weight in the Institute. Blackmailing her to condone that which she fought all these years would be the final win for Vivien.

Support for the ways of Stephanie and consensual slavery would be gone forever. People would suffer and Angela couldn’t live with herself consigning to this cause.

On top of that she would have let down her only reason for fighting all these years, Stephanie, her love.

“You did all of this just to blackmail me?" said Angela.

“Vivien, you are more deranged than I thought, I would rather die, than give in to your outdated medieval ways," said a defiant Angela.

“Such a shame, Angela, you will not get death, I won’t let you get off that easy. We will see you back here in one week, then I will ask you again. In the meantime, you will stay under the control of Mistress Tanya," said Vivien.

“Tanya, she is your slave to do as you please, you may fit her with any or all of your devices, however they will not be made permanent. If her answer is the same in 7 days’ time, then she is your permanent slave," said Vivien.

“Thank you, Grand Mistress Vivien, and what of her slaves?" said Tanya.

“Hunt them down, they will share her fate, she will choose for them too. When you capture them, bring them to me," said Vivien.

“Slave, on your knees!” ordered Tanya. But Angela just turned and stared at Tanya, which she knew was a mistake, but just couldn’t help herself.

Tanya smiled; it was not a good thing to see in her predicament.

“Oh, I’m going to enjoy this, I do love a slave that thinks they can resist, let’s see if you can beat the record? It stands at 25 seconds I do believe," said Tanya with a smile. Angela remained defiant.

“Ok, the hard way it is, plug, spikes!" said Tanya.

Angela instantly fell to her knees, her hands desperately trying to reach her chastised backside, her screams echoed around the large room. The spikes had shot out of the plug as soon as the words left Tanya’s mouth. Angela was defeated within a nanosecond.

“Please Mistress Tanya, I’m sorry,” blubbered Angela, the pain unbearable.

“Dildo shock level 3," said Tanya. Angela fell from her knees to her side, her body doubled over in pain. Her hands were free but there was nothing she could do to avoid the pain. Tanya was far from finished.

“Spike shock level 3,” said Tanya, casually.

Angela’s voice had gone, her scream silent as the shock tore through her impaled sphincter, it was like a white-hot poker had been inserted. Angela lay there for over a minute still twitching, but Tanya was not interested in any pity.

“Slave, I suggest you get crawling after me, you have an urgent appointment in my dungeon, and you don’t want me to get pissed off now do you?" said Tanya.

“N…n… nnno Mistress Tanya, sorry Mistress Tanya," said the poor blubbering wreck that was once the powerful Mistress, who then desperately crawled after her new Mistress. Every move she made caused her anus to shift on the spikes, this was worse than death, even the strongest willed could not hold out to this torture.

Vivien watched the whole thing with an evil smile, she was sure almost all of Angela’s resistance had just left her body. In 7 days, she would be destroyed by the evil Mistress Tanya.

Then she would do whatever they asked of her. The plan was finally coming together. Once Angela had made her recommendations to conform, she would be given to Tanya as a gift, then her life would be over, she would be a slave in pain for the rest of her days.

Terry and Ellie had been watching the castle for two days, it didn’t look good. Whilst Terry was confident the rescue of Angela would be a success, there would be a substantial loss of life for his team. He and Ellie would gladly take the risk, but they couldn’t do it alone.

Terry couldn’t ask anyone else to lay their lives on the line, it just wasn’t his style. They would continue to survey the compound for weaknesses.

Angela could never have imagined the horrors that faced her, in two days of being Tanya’s slave, she was chained, spread-eagled, in the dungeon, where she had remained. One other slave was in there, and the sight of her mortified Angela.

Tanya’s full arsenal of devices had been fitted on her; if she were able to escape, she would never make it more than a few yards in her current state. She wore so many metal devices that she must have weighed an extra 60 lbs.

Stainless steel covered her body, and the devices were enough to make medieval methods seem mundane. Her feet were encased in steel ballet boots which ended just below her knees, and like all of Tanya’s devices they fitted to never be removed.

The steel was only 3mm thick, but that was more than enough to do the job of keeping her feet in the painful ballet position, the solid construction also meant her ankles were no longer able to move.

Her belt had a catheter which had been fed into her so it could be on her for life. The plug was already able to administer enemas. Her waist had been crushed by a steel corset; the unforgiving device brought her waist down to an impossible looking 18 inches. A far cry from her former 24 inches.

The slave was constantly struggling to breathe, having to control it by taking shallow breaths. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the front section covered her breasts like a steel bra. Internal rings had been forced over her breasts, causing them to balloon before being covered.

It had small holes in the cups for her nipples to be pulled through and pierced, then small bars were threaded through them and attached to the cups. Forcing her nipples to always remain stretched. These of course were able to shock.

Her arms were in probably the worst contraption of all, again a stainless-steel device that held her arms in the reverse prayer position, unable to move an inch, she would never again see her arms, this was locked forever.

The lower half of her face no longer visible, a steel muzzle gag was covering from below her nose and followed the contour of her jaw, this then connected seamlessly to her posture collar.

Underneath the gag her mouth was held open by a steel ring. A small panel was able to be detached for the insertion of a feeding tube. Finally, Tanya had taken away her hair, it was completely gone, she was shaved smooth.

She stood in the dungeon constantly, her shoes locked into special holes in the ground, and a steel rod that attached to her corset and the ground to ensure she could not fall.

Tanya would come in every hour to shock her in various parts of her body. Angela was losing her mind; she would do or say anything to escape the possibility of ending up like this poor woman.

She had been tattooed on her forehead, large letters forming the words pain slut. Her arse cheeks bore the brand of Mistress Tanya. Both thighs were heavily tattooed with Tanya’s personal logo. The slave appeared zombified.

 Tanya would tell Angela often that she would end up the same way, stuck down in this dungeon for the rest of days, enduring constant pain for the rest of her life.

Angela had already decided on the first day she had arrived and been put into this spread-eagled bondage that she would do whatever they asked of her. Anything to avoid the possibility of ending up like the poor woman.

The four girls were deep into the Scottish Highlands, constantly moving to avoid capture, but the net was closing, Angela’s phone had been accessed two days ago and several capture teams were tracking them down.

They had just stopped for a break to restock on food, Elsie was just starting up their van when another van parked right across the front of them.

Panicking, Elsie tried to reverse but hit something, another van boxed them in. Their van doors were pulled open, and the four girls were abducted by several armed men, resistance was indeed futile.

They were all subdued quickly and placed in chains which were anchored to the abductors van. They were not escaping. They would spend the best part of the next two days in there as they were driven back to Kent.

Amy and Betsy were still in Spain, but they were due home soon, Terry would have preferred them to stay there, but there was no guarantee their location hadn’t been compromised.

Amy chartered a private jet to fly them back, Terry and Ellie would meet them at the airport.

Tanya casually strolled into the dungeon; she shocked the slave girl several times before coming over to Angela.

“I have some good news for you slave, your dungeon suit will be ready in a few days, you’ll be able to join pain slut here," said Tanya, pointing to the other slave.

“But that’s not all! I’m also ordering another four suits, seeing as we have just caught up with four of your slaves. They will be here within the next day or so, they gave us quite a run around, all the way to Scotland," said Tanya to Angela who was weeping at the news.

“In other news, we’ve started the process of framing your friend Sarah, so she can be with you also, unless of course she agrees first time, then we won’t need you and you can stay here forever!” Beamed Tanya who was enjoying Angela’s anguish. The Sarah story was a lie, it was just mind games.

“Either way, I promise you I am going to have your slaves in here, just like pain slut, where I can torture them every day for the rest of their miserable lives. There will be no deals for them, it’ll be straight into permanent belts.” Laughed Tanya.

Angela wanted to scream at Tanya, but no good would come of it. She already ached in every muscle, the spread position had her stretched like a bow string, she was unable to flinch.

Even when Tanya shocked her, she barely moved. Tanya was staring at Angela, deep in thought, about what she didn’t want to know.

“You know what, I think you need a little distraction, some fun maybe, what do you think? Would you like to please your Mistress, slave?” asked Tanya.

“Your slave is here for your pleasure Mistress Tanya," said Angela, the reformed ex-Mistress.

“Good answer slave, you’re going to love this game, I call it pin cushions!" said a delighted Tanya. Angela wasn’t so keen.

Tanya started to bind a thin cord around the base of Angela’s left breast, soon it was looking like a purple balloon, which made Angela wince. Her right breast soon joined it, then Tanya came over to her with a pot full of needles.

Angela began to weep, and Tanya watched with joy.

“I hope they are tears of joy, slave, after all this game is an honour for you, wouldn’t you agree, slave?” asked Tanya.

“Yes, Mistress Tanya," said Angela now in full tears.

Elsie and the others sat in silence; they had been in full slave mode since the capture. It seemed strange that they would adopt this attitude all things considered, but Ellie had advised them to do it if captured.

Ellie and Elsie were the only two who had ever been to the castle, though it was a long time ago. Ellie had told them that their only chance of avoiding severe pain or worse, was to be compliant if they were captured.

The girls had all listened to Ellie on the phone, telling them that in a worst-case scenario they would have to give their captors full control, zero resistance no matter what the orders.

The van had finally arrived at the castle, the four slaves were led into the main chamber to an audience with Vivien.

All four were unchained and naked except for their collars. They walked freely into the hall being escorted by several guards.

Elsie saw Vivien atop her throne, and took the lead, the others followed her. Elsie knelt at her feet and adopted the standard slave position, the others joined her.

“Elsie isn’t it?!" said Vivien.

“Yes, Grand Mistress Vivien, how may we serve you?" said Elsie, letting Vivien know they were all at her service. Vivien smiled; she would test them to see if they would obey shortly, but first she wanted some answers.

“Slave Elsie, I seem to remember you from some years ago, the years have been kind and you still remain easy on the eye," said Vivien.

“Thank you, Grand Mistress Vivien, this slave is honoured by your praise," said Elsie. The other girls all paid attention to the way she spoke to Vivien, referring to herself in an unusual way, for them.

Vivien smiled and nodded to the four guards who all came forward to be addressed.

“You men have done well to track these slaves down; would you like to be rewarded for your mission?” asked Vivien.

“That would be nice, thank you Grand Mistress Vivien," said the lead guard.

“Slaves, these men have worked hard to bring you here; I think you should all show your gratitude," said Vivien.

The girls followed Elsie’s lead as she slowly turned to the lead guard and crawled towards him in a sexy way, staring into his eyes and smiling. It was a seduction, the guard already stirring to full hardness within his pants.

The others all did the same and singled out a guard each. Within minutes the guards were all groaning as the girls began their duties, each at her knees with the guards throbbing cocks in their mouths.

The guards had many rewards like this, but normally the slaves were crying or appeared to be zoned out as if they had lost the will to live, this was different. Each of the slaves were pleasuring the men with pride, they appeared to be enjoying their task, as were the guards.

The lead guard was the first to blow, he groaned as his cock spurted his seed into Elsie’s mouth, which she eagerly swallowed, some had dribbled from her chin and hit the floor.

The spent guard withdrew his cock from probably the best blow job he had ever had. Elsie noticed the leaked cum on the floor and leaned down to lick it up, this was a slave’s reward and not to be wasted, at least that was Elsie’s plan of impression.

It didn’t take long for the other guards to start groaning also, each slave performing her duty admirably.

“Thank you, Grand Mistress Vivien," said the lead guard, clearly incredibly pleased with his reward. The guards all made mental notes to treat these girls well. They were special.

The four girls were quick to get back in position on their knees in front of Vivien.

“That was an impressive show, slaves, you clearly enjoy your duties. I will consider having you all assigned as pleasure slaves for the guards, do you think you would like that?" said Vivien.

“Yes, Grand Mistress Vivien, your slaves are here for your pleasure," said Elsie, who Vivien clearly knew was the alpha slave of these girls.

Elsie had performed perfectly, her previous experience of castle visits had taught her well, and she knew exactly what they liked. A total obedience to any situation. Show these values and your life will be improved. Resist in the slightest and you would be punished without remorse.

All the girls had this drummed into them constantly by Elsie over the past days, it was survival of the fittest in the castle.

Tanya was not best pleased; the four new arrivals had been placed in service to pleasure the guards. She marched into the hall to see Vivien.

“Grand Mistress Vivien, I must object to the placement of the new arrivals, they will be much better suited in my care," said Tanya with a hint of frustration.

“Tanya, do not try to rise above your station, your task is to break Angela. The guards also have an important job, or have you forgotten about the potential threat from Angela’s brother!" said Vivien.

“He is but one man, we have over a hundred-armed guards on the premises, their job is easy!” exclaimed Tanya.

“Do not underestimate Terry Wright, he will have a team of similarly adept professional men with him, each one highly skilled. You will do well to give him the respect he deserves," said Vivien.

Tanya was fuming inside, but she would not upset Vivien. Tanya’s long game would be to topple Vivien’s rule. But the planning would take time and she would have to be incredibly careful.

“As you wish Grand Mistress Vivien," said Tanya, who then bowed her head and turned, leaving the hall.

Elsie and the others had been sent to the barracks; they were in a secluded room which was dominated by an extra-large bed.

Their task was simple, they were to remain on the bed, keeping themselves in a heightened state of arousal and pleasing any man that entered.

They performed their tasks with perfection, every guard left incredibly happy. Petra was enjoying the role, which none of the others were shocked by.

On more than one occasion she could be seen encouraging the men to take her three at a time. Whilst she got some pleasure, or maybe a little more than some, she would rather be back to her old life any day.

For now, she would do what she had to, the survival of her sisters might depend on it. They were alone now but knew they were constantly observed through the camera system. The four of them laid on the bed, playing with each other, not a hardship by any means.


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