Servitium Amoris

by TransAmy

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Storycodes: F/f; tg; arrest; collar; cuffs; chastity; electro; punish; buttplug; oral; cons; nc; XX

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Chapter 15 – Intervention

Amy and Betsy headed out to the sun loungers by the pool, their tans were looking good as the pair spent their seventh day of pure relaxation and sex.

They giggled constantly, amongst smooching and just being happy together. They still had another week of the glorious Mediterranean sunshine before coming home. They were so in love, so happy.

Back home things weren’t so good, news of the wedding had hit the castle, Vivien was fuming.

“Slaves! Married?" said the Grand Mistress Vivien.

“I’m afraid so, Grand Mistress," said Mistress Tanya.

“What the hell is going on up there in that house, first a Mistress is assaulted by a slave, and now this!" said Vivien, who was disgusted by the news.

“What should we do, Grand Mistress?" said Mistress Evelyn.

“It’s time we paid a visit to Angela and her house of disrepute; she needs to answer for her crimes," said Vivien.

Tanya smiled devilishly as she had been slowly plotting Angela’s demise, her seat would become available, and Oxford was a sought-after area.

She had arranged for the inexperienced Mistress to make the scene at the store and got the response she wanted. The poor girl was handled roughly by a slave, who was doing the right thing under the current slave rules.

The inexperienced Mistress who was being groomed by Tanya had played her part well, the plan was all coming together.

Vivien was also pleased, she had secretly tasked Tanya to cause the mayhem, Angela had more allies than she realised. But they would dwindle when these revelations were made public.

With Angela out of the way she could finally put her sister’s legacy to bed. It had been a long time coming, she had waited patiently for years now. Her long-drawn plan was finally coming to fruition.

Mistress Evelyn was not privy to the plans, though she had converted to the new regime, she was not a fan. Vivien didn’t entirely trust her, then she didn’t really trust anyone.

Even her loyal agent of evil, Tanya did not know the extent of Vivien’s plans. Vivien was wealthy, as were most of the Mistresses within the Institute, but soon she would become extremely wealthy.

Her plan to produce home grown slaves was the key. She had several contacts overseas that would pay handsomely for a constant stream of slaves. Vivien stood to become an extraordinarily rich woman.

The sun was high and becoming too hot for even the two tanning beauties. Betsy needed to cool off, so she dove into the pool and proceeded to splash around having her own fun.

Amy retreated to the shade of the canopy, she opened her laptop and decided to check her shares. Since her investment had made her a fortune, she had taken a great interest in the stocks.

Her four million had grown as she slowly became a cunning stock dealer. She spent many an hour studying different companies and had become quite adept at spotting trends.

Initially she had invested over a million back into stocks, this had grown steadily as she managed to manipulate the markets.

Amy logged on and checked her share prices.

“Oh my god! Sell, sell, sell!” Amy shouted at the screen and frantically clicked the mouse.

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes!” Screamed Amy. Betsy’s head popped up from the side of the pool.

“Are you playing with that vibrator again?" said Betsy with a grin.

“Babe come here and look at this!” Exclaimed Amy. Betsy climbed out the pool and trundled over. She looked at the screen but didn’t understand it all.

“What am I looking at?" said a confused Betsy. Amy pointed to a figure on the screen.

“That’s a lot of numbers, how much is that?" said Betsy in full ditsy mode.

“That my love is fifteen million pounds!" said Amy with a huge smile.

“You just made fifteen mill?" said Betsy with a look of shock on her face.

“Sure did babe, which means we now have a cool £20 million in the bank!" said a delighted Amy.

Amy was smart, as much as she and Betsy adored their life as slaves to Angela, she knew one day they would be too old to enjoy it as they do now. So, this was all investment for a comfortable future for her and Betsy.

“This calls for a celebration, my love," said Betsy as she scooped up her wife and went running towards the pool.

“No, no, no Betsy!” Screamed a laughing Amy as the two went crashing into the water. They disappeared beneath the surface, and by the time their heads popped back up they were kissing.

Betsy looked deep into Amy’s eyes.

“You know something Wifey; life just doesn't get any better than looking at you," said Betsy as she kissed Amy again.

Angela sat staring at her phone, it had been eight days now. She hadn’t heard a peep from either Ellie or Terry. They both just vanished that night. For all Angela knew they could be dead, she tried to push the thought from her mind.

There was a knock at the door, she had told Wilson not to disturb her, she was in no mood to see anyone today.

Wilson entered the room. She looked at him as if he’d just taken a shit on the carpet.

“I’m awfully sorry Mistress Angela, but this lady insists upon seeing you, her name is Mistress Tanya," said Wilson. Angela sighed.

“Let her in," said Angela in a very unenthusiastic voice.

Tanya bowled into the living room and sat down, not waiting to be invited. Angela had always despised the woman personally.

“Mistress Angela," said Tanya as a greeting, though it didn’t sound like one.

“Mistress Tanya, what can I do for you?" said Angela in an equally condescending tone.

“I’m here on official Institute business," said Tanya.

“And that is?" said Angela.

“It has come to the Institute's attention that two of your slaves have gone and gotten themselves married, we formally request you arrange this union to be null and voided immediately," said Tanya with a smile.

“What my slaves do in their own free time is up to them, it is no business of yours or the Institute’s," quipped Angela.

“Ugh, listen to yourself, mentioning ‘slaves’ and ‘free’ in the same sentence actually makes me feel sick,” spouted Tanya.

“Oh, please don’t choke on it.” Angela said sarcastically. The hatred between these two was mutual. Tanya ignored the comment.

“Well, I’ve made the Institute’s position clear, the rest is up to you. My other reason for coming is the incident at your store," said Tanya.

“What about it?" said Angela.

“Assaulting a Mistress is a serious offence; we request the slave be transported to the castle to be reprimanded as soon as possible," said Tanya.

“Pfft, a Mistress? You mean the weekend wannabe that has managed to find her way into the ranks somehow. Tanya if you are going to recruit these pathetic people at least educate them with some decorum!" said Angela.

“The circumstances are serious Angela, regardless of the motives of the Mistress in question, your slave struck her. This will not be tolerated," said Tanya.

“I have the whole episode on camera, with audio, would you like to see it?” asked Angela.

“The evidence is irrelevant, a slave is a slave, they have no rights. Now either agree to have it delivered or hand it over now,” ordered Tanya.

“The slave in question is no longer in my service, so you’re wasting your time, and mine. So, if that is all, kindly leave my house Tanya," said Angela who grew tired of this woman’s attitude.

“Fine, who did you sell it to? I will fetch it from there," said Tanya.

“Tanya, get out of my house before I have you removed, and be warned, the video footage of your wannabe Mistress will find its way to the police should I hear any more of it,” barked Angela, who was now beyond her patience.

“I will go Angela, but you be warned, you have freed a guilty slave, allowed two slaves to get married, and now threaten to divert from the code of the Institute to deal with problems in-house, by threatening the police. That’s three strikes! And you know what that means!" said Tanya, looking triumphant before leaving the house.

Angela slumped in her chair; this was going from bad to worse. She was dreading the next few days.

She didn’t have a few days though, to her horror she watched as Tanya stood in her driveway and made a phone call, then several vans pulled in and security guards started to pile out.

Frantically she punched in her password on the slave app, then started to unlock the girls, this would take them off the tracker system, which she could have disabled but had no time.

She could hear the guards had already gained entry and only had seconds to spare.

She unlocked them as she went down the list, first Amy then Betsy. She was about to unlock Elsie when a huge guard knocked the phone from her hand.

Angela sat unmoving the guard standing over her. Then Tanya walked into the room, saw her phone on the floor and retrieved it. Fortunately, the app had managed to time out, a security feature Angela was glad she had.

“Angela, I am placing you under house arrest as per Institute law. Your peers will decide your fate," said Tanya with glee.

“Tanya, you are making a big mistake," said Angela. Tanya sneered at Angela.

“You are under house arrest, which means until your trial is concluded you hold the rank of Prospect. So, you will address me properly and with respect, failure, as I’m sure you know will result in your status switching to slave. From which there will be no return for you," said Tanya with a thrill of excitement.

Angela was aware of the Institute laws, she had to be incredibly careful, or she could find herself in real trouble. So long as she was respectful, she would be ok, likewise the laws also protected her and her girls to some extent.

She decided to remain silent for now. Tanya was now busy trying to unlock her phone, she couldn’t.

“Unlock this,” she demanded as she passed the phone to Angela. It was time to test the water, this would go one of two ways, protection or slavery.

“Mistress Tanya, with all due respect under Institute law, all personal belongings that may be used in evidence for the trial are not to be corrupted. If I unlock that phone it will do such a thing, therefore I respectfully decline," said Angela, trying her hardest not to be smug.

“Ugh, very well, give it back, you may not use it whilst under arrest," said Tanya.

Angela was somewhat relieved, at least some of the law seemed to remain intact.

Amy and Betsy had just finished a light lunch and were trying to decide what to do for the afternoon, when Amy’s collar unlocked and fell to the table. Betsy looked at her with a strange expression.

Just a few seconds later hers did the same.

“What the hell is happening!" said Amy. She was about to put it back on when Betsy stopped her.

“Don’t," said Betsy.

“Why not?" said Amy.

“Just a gut feeling is all, let me check with Uncle Terry to see if everything is Ok," said Betsy, who then ran inside to get her phone.

Betsy came back out a few seconds later, her phone to her ear.

“Uncle Terry?”

“Hello Betsy luv, how’s Spain?" said Terry.

“It’s great, but something weird just happened to our collars, they fell off!" said a concerned Betsy.

“Ok, listen carefully luv, DO NOT put them back on, and DO NOT call Ange, do you understand me?" said Terry, more serious than she had ever heard him.

“Yes, but why?” asked Betsy, confused.

“Betsy, I have no time to explain, but stay put, I will come to you as soon as I can, ok?" said Terry. In the background she could hear that he was now driving, the engine was roaring, and she could hear screeching tyres.

“Terry, I’m scared," said Betsy.

“I know sweetheart, but relax, I won’t let anything happen to you, I promise. Now I’ve got to go, I’ll call you later," said Terry and the phone cut off.

Amy was looking at Betsy with a worried face.

“Babe what’s going on?" said Amy.

“I’m not sure, but Terry sounded weird like he was angry, I’ve never heard him like that, it scares me. He said that whatever we do, do not put these back on," said Betsy holding her collar.

Terry and Ellie were miles away and racing back to Oxford, hopefully they could get to the other girls before anything happened to them.

Ellie started to ring them, Petra and Julia weren’t answering, but Elsie and Nicola did. Both were told to get as far away as possible, they still had the collars on, so it was only a matter of time before they were found.

Petra and Julia finally answered and were similarly warned. None of them questioned Ellie, they just did as they were told.

Amy sat there worrying, every fibre in her body wanted to call Angela but she would do as Terry said, Betsy was in the villa somewhere, Amy went to find her.

In the bedroom Betsy was on the bed, she had the lock box going through the combinations.

“I can’t believe you brought that with you!" said Amy.

“I told you it wouldn’t defeat me; besides, it won’t be long now, I started from scratch and I’m on 095235!" said Betsy. Amy laughed a little, she knew Betsy was scared, she was just trying to keep occupied.

She jumped on the bed and cuddled up to her.

“We’ll crack it together," said Amy, Betsy smiled.

Tanya was enjoying herself, she was studying Angela, trying to work out her weaknesses so she could slip her up. One outburst and she could have her in chains.

“Hopefully, some of your slaves will be here soon, then at least we, or rather I can have some fun whilst we wait," said Tanya.

Angela remained silent; she wasn’t going to give in that easily. Though silently she was hoping the girls were ok.

By now Amy and Betsy’s collars would have come off, and if she knew Betsy at all, she would be on the phone to Terry straight away. Terry would see the girls were safe first, then he would come for Angela, and nobody gets in the way of Terry and his sister.

Tanya’s phone chimed, she got up and went out of the room to answer it. But she was back within minutes with a smile on her face.

“Good news Angela, the council has decreed your trial will commence tomorrow, your status has now moved from house arrest to detainee," said Tanya who was revelling in her role.

Angela did not like where this was going but had little choice. She knew the laws, but no doubt Tanya would stretch them as far as she could. As a detainee she could be lightly bound, an aggressive detainee would be treated as a slave.

“Now, be a good girl and accept these cuffs," said Tanya, producing some handcuffs. Angela offered her hands and Tanya took great delight putting them on her.

“The Prosecutor will be here shortly to transport you to the castle," said Tanya.

The prosecutor was the Grand Mistress’s appointed Mistress in charge of the trial proceedings, the Grand Mistress would make the final ruling on the verdict and sentence if required.

Tanya walked out of the room and was gone for some time. When she did finally return, she had changed clothes. She now wore her full-on Mistress outfit, and even though Angela hated her, she had to admit she looked good.

She also looked like she meant business, like Angela she preferred a tight-fitting leather cat suit, and she had some killer heels in the form of some thigh high boots.

Her cleavage was trying to escape from her catsuit, it seemed and looked rather impressive. Her hair was in a high ponytail and her make-up had darkened expressing power.

“Angela, your prosecutor has arrived!" said Tanya as she presented herself.

Angela swallowed hard; this was not going to end well. Tanya had a large bag with her, and Angela wasn’t sure she wanted to know its contents.

“Angela, as prosecutor I have decided you are a very dangerous and aggressive detainee, so we are going to have to increase your restraint.” Smiled Tanya, who then instructed the guard to take her to the basement.

The guard dragged Angela down to the basement where her cuffed hands were winched up in the air until she was on tiptoes. He was then dismissed.

“Angela I’ve seen your slave collars, and I must say they are quite elegant and stylish, but not to my standard. To keep you under control until the trial you will be fitted with my standard slave attachments, I’ll run through them with you as we go," said Tanya who first approached Angela with a knife.

“We will not however need your clothes!" said Tanya as she began to cut them off.

“Now you will have to forgive me, I had to guess your sizes, so some of these might be a little tight, or large!” Giggled Tanya.

“Mistress Tanya, this really is not necessary, I will willingly come to the trial," said Angela in a slightly scared voice.

“Oh, I know, but where is the fun in that? Now one more word and I promise you will regret it," said Tanya in an evil tone. Angela remained silent; this woman was not for pissing off.

“Let’s start with the collar, shall we?” said Tanya, pulling a collar out of the bag. This one was a stainless-steel posture collar; Angela couldn’t imagine having to wear one of these for the rest of her life.

“You will notice the internal shock points on this model, far more advanced than yours don’t you think?” asked Tanya rhetorically.

She then fitted the collar on Angela, it was tight and very restricting, but she could breathe ok. The click of the lock as it sealed sounded very permanent which sent a shiver down her spine.

“Well, that was a lucky guess on your size, wasn’t it? Now what’s next. Ah yes, the connection," said Tanya.

Tanya held her phone up to the collar for a second.

“There you go, all connected. Would you like a demo? Oh, ok then," said Tanya laughing. Then tapped her phone. Angela felt sharp pains in her neck from all sides, and her body jerked wildly.

“That was the lowest setting, the designer told me that the highest setting used regularly will eventually just make you brain dead. I don’t know if that’s true or not.” She laughed.

“Now, the belt, this is my masterpiece, and the one item you need for a slave to obey every command without fail," said Tanya.

Out came the belt which looked way too small, but the attachments looked too big. It was another stainless-steel affair and looked serious.

“This one is already linked so we can give you a demo before I put it on you. If you’re good, we can give you another when it’s on!” She said with a smirk.

“Now pay special attention to the base of the plug, the part that your little puckered ring will grip onto," said Tanya as she tapped her phone.

Four spikes sprung out from the base, they looked very sharp and shot out a good half an inch. Angela could only imagine the pain they would cause as they punctured her sphincter.

The spikes went back in and Tanya started to fit the belt. Angela was terrified of this woman. Angela cringed as the belts plug and dildo were forced into her and the whole thing was wrapped around her, she was sure it wasn’t going to fit and felt a sense of relief, then she heard a horrible click.

“Wow, for a minute I thought that wasn’t going to fit!" said Tanya, catching her breath.

“I’m going to be nice and spare you the second demo, for now. So, I suggest you be on best behaviour!" said Tanya with a stern look that warned not to piss her off.

“Luckily, for you, I didn’t bring the other things my slaves wear, like the permanent gag, and permanent steel ballet boots. But I do want to show this feature on my app," said Tanya as she lowered Angela from the winch.

She then released her cuffs and threw them on the floor.

“Angela, this will be the last time I use your name, from this point on until the trial you will respond to ‘slave’, and you will follow slave protocol at all times. If not, we can explore the possibilities on my app. Do you understand slave?” Barked Tanya.

“Yes, Mistress Tanya," said Angela as she dropped to her knees and lowered her eyes.

“Oh, slave, you have no idea how much it turns me on to see how quickly the most powerful of people can so quickly become an obedient slut like you. Now you can see why it is meant to be this way," said Tanya rubbing her own pussy with her fingers.

She came over to Angela and showed her the app on her phone. Under the name 'Slave AW' she saw the options available, it was virtually the same as her app, but instead of an unlock feature there was a tab that said permanent, yes or no. Yes, was indeed permanent, whilst no would release the belt.

“Now you are probably thinking if only I can get my hands on that phone," said Tanya. Then she scrolled down to another tab that said, activate voice control, which she hit.

“Time for a test, don’t you think slave?” asked Angela’s new Mistress.

“As you wish, Mistress Tanya,” replied the now obedient Angela.

“Dildo shock level 1,” said Tanya, then Angela’s pussy erupted in pain and she couldn’t contain a scream.

“You see slave, once your trial is over, I will lock this forever, and the thought of that makes me so horny, so come and make me happy," said Tanya, unzipping her crotch zip.

“Yes, Mistress Tanya," said Angela as she crawled towards the waiting pussy.

“Oh, and slave, you better make it good, those little spikes in your plug always make a dull performance improve!" said Tanya.


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