Servitium Amoris

by TransAmy

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Storycodes: F/f; tg; slave; training; toys; gag; bond; electro; cons; X

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Chapter 12 – Motives

Ellie had just made her cup of tea, and was having a well-earned break. She'd been humping boxes all morning and had worked up quite a sweat. Elsie and Betsy had been sent out to pick up a delivery that had been sent to the wrong address.

Amy was just heading for a break too; she had spent the morning stocking shelves in the store.

“Hi Ellie," said Amy as she flicked on the kettle.

“Hey Amy, you ok?" said Ellie, the eldest of all the slaves.

“I will be once I get my coffee fix,” joked Amy.

Ellie smiled and took another sip of her tea. She closed her eyes and relaxed, savouring the taste of her cuppa.

Amy soon had her coffee in hand and took a deep inhale of the roasted coffee aroma. Ellie looked up at her and half smiled. Whilst she was as cute, sexy and as fit as all the rest of the girls she was always the serious one.

It was times like this when she could catch a break from all the giggling and joking that she appreciated most. It wasn’t unusual for her to not say a word during her downtime.

But today she had Amy there, Elsie would have left her alone, she was the next oldest but still had a childish nature at times and could handle the constant joking. But today, Amy had questions, and she thought that Ellie might know the answers.

“Ellie, I’m sorry to break your peace and quiet, I know you enjoy your breaks, but I have a few questions I really hope you can help me with," said Amy, hoping she hadn’t just pissed her off.

“Shoot," said Ellie, eyes still closed.

“Who’s the prodigal son?” asked Amy.

Ellie’s eyes flew open and stared into Amy.

“Where did you hear that?” Demanded Ellie.

“The other day I heard Mistress Angela mention the prodigal son, when she was talking to Mistress Sarah," said Amy, now fearing she had pissed her off.

“The prodigal son! Might as well be the mythical son, he’s no one, so don’t worry about it," said Ellie, who then went back into relaxation.

“Sorry," said Amy softly, feeling a little upset.

Ellie sighed, and looked at her. The poor girl had been through enough, she didn’t need her family to shout at her, she needed love and trust.

“Come here," said Ellie and patted her lap. Amy approached her cautiously. “Come here and sit-down you goof!" said Ellie laughing. Amy smiled and sat on her lap.

“He was the son of the Grand Mistress, only noticeably young when she died. He would be the rightful heir to the Institute, and it is hoped he will bring back the ways of his mother. Which is that slaves be treated well, like we are! Unfortunately, his aunt is in control and she is bad news. I know, it sounds like a Star Wars movie, right? But there it is," said Ellie.

“That’s it? Why all the secrecy?” asked Amy.

“It’s not a secret Amy, it’s just that we shouldn’t be worrying about things like that, we’re slaves, remember!” Ellie said. Amy just nodded and half smiled, she was hoping for something more exciting.

“I know, it’s just, Mistress really seemed to want to find him, I thought maybe I could help somehow, I don’t know," said Amy, who just waved her arms about like they were useless.

“Don’t worry, Mistress can look after herself, if not she has Terry, she’ll be fine," said Ellie and gave Amy a reassuring cuddle.

“Here come the others, you go grab Betsy and get out of here, you have some planning to do I believe? Me and Elsie have got it from here," said Ellie, and Amy smiled, gave her a kiss and ran out the door.

Amy and Betsy headed home, they didn’t have that much to plan, Angela had taken care of everything. They were just taking care of the invitations and a few other small details.

They had covered most of it, so were looking through some old junk in the loft. Amy needed something old to wear and thought she might have something in an old box.

Betsy was helping, but she was obsessed with asking questions about almost everything she found. So, when she found an old lock box and couldn’t open it, she was straight in with the questions.

“What’s this?" said Betsy holding the small box.

“Oh, that’s just some old trinket, my parents left me," said Amy dismissing it.

“What’s inside?” she quizzed.

“I don’t know, I could never open it," said Amy.

“It could be important!" said Betsy.

“I doubt it.” Amy replied.

“Mind if I try to crack the code? You know how I love puzzles!" said an excited Betsy.

“Knock yourself out babe," said Amy who was fed up with looking.

Betsy took the box downstairs and spent the next three hours trying combinations. But had no luck. She put the box on the kitchen side and gave it an angry look.

“You haven’t won yet, box! I will crack you!" said Betsy. Amy was watching her and just shook head with a grin on her face.

Meanwhile across town Nicola was just pulling into Angela’s driveway. She had taken a few more days to allow her body some time but was feeling good. She even went to see the Doctor and had him give her a clean bill of health.

He only advised she take it easy with any penetration, and she really should wait for a few weeks before doing anything rigorous! Nicola thought his choice of words could have been better, she cringed when he said rigorous.

Nicola could wait no longer, and decided it was time. Wilson answered the door and saw the young lady in, Angela was waiting for her in the living room.

“Nicola, so good to see you, you are looking fabulous I might add," said Angela.

“Thank you, Angela," said Nicola slightly blushing.

“So, what brings you here today, Nicola," said Angela.

“There’s been only one thing on my mind, for, well, since I was last here. I want you to know that the only reason I wasn’t here sooner was because of medical advice," said Nicola, who couldn’t believe she had finally got here.

“Well, I think we both know what that is Nicola, so why don’t you just take it out of your bag and put it on?" said Angela, she could see the girl was a bag of nerves, she would likely get the jitters any second now.

Angela decided to help her on her way, this girl needed a confidence boost and a loving hand.

Nicola pulled the collar out of her bag and looked at it, still in her final moments of freedom it called to her, willing her to submit to slavery.

She had thought about this moment over and over, thought about a little speech and planned it down to the last detail. But here, now it all went out the window and she broke completely out of character and literally stripped completely naked in front of Angela.

She looked straight into her eyes, with no shame of her body on display and not even attempting to hide anything. She dropped to her knees and before she had a chance to second think about it, she put the collar on and clipped it shut.

A shudder ran through her body, all the time she looked into Angela’s eyes and with an enormous sense of relief all her stresses just left her body. The new woman who was on her knees knew she only wanted one thing, to please her Mistress.

“Mistress Angela, please accept my body and soul to do as you please," said Nicola, whose voice had taken on a raspy tone.

Angela smiled, and walked over to her new slave, who’s eyes followed her Mistress’s every move.

“Rules, Nicola, there are 5 rules, learn them, love them, and abide by them.

  1. In my presence, speak only when spoken to.
  2. Obey every command without hesitation.
  3. Never keep secrets from me.
  4. Never look in the eye of a superior, unless speaking directly.
  5. Never dress above your superior. (applies to all)

For clarification rules 4 and 5 will rarely apply unless you are in the presence of another Mistress or Master that wears this symbol," said Angela and showed Nicola her pendant on her necklace.

“Do you understand, slave?" said the Mistress.

“Yes, Mistress Angela," said Nicola with an uncanny confidence.

“Good, follow me Nicola, it’s time for the tour," said Angela as she headed for the basement.

A short time later, Nicola was on the doll rack, Angela had spared her the normal large vibrator, instead she used a moderately sized dildo with extra lube, but the butt plug was a must.

Angela pumped the gag, and fitted the gag panel, then pulled tight the final strap. Nicola had no real experience of bondage, so this was straight in at the deep end. She could move not an inch and had never felt so trapped and confined in her life. She had also never felt so at peace and loved.

Angela clicked the remote and sent a shock to her plug, listening closely she heard a groan through the gags. She smiled and went about her business.

Nicola had an eventful night, under normal circumstances a vibrator in her pussy would have been going off at random intervals. Instead, she got shocks and vibrations from her plug, which at first were a distraction, but over the course of the night they became much more.

By the morning she was longing for the next shock, they were having a strange effect on her, or at least so she thought. The first shock was pain, not excruciating, more of a spanked bottom level.

It was more a humiliation than a punishment. But by the morning, it was pleasure. Angela released her gags, and Nicola took a deep breath. It didn’t go unnoticed by Angela, that she sounded raspy, the sound a woman makes when she is feeling immense pleasure.

It was then that Angela realised that the random program was still running. It was going through the ‘intense vibrate’ routine with alternating shocks.

Nicola gasped, then held her breath, her lips were trembling, the only part of her that could move at that moment. Angela knew she was having an orgasm, she stood back and let her enjoy the moment.

Nicola let out a slight whimper as her climax hit its peak, then suddenly changed to a deep groan as it washed over her, the groans continued for some time.

Eventually the program stopped, and Nicola, if she could have, would have slumped in her bonds. Angela activated the hearing aid.

“Good morning Nicola,” she said.

“Good morning Mistress Angela,” replied Nicola who smiled at hearing Angela’s voice in her head.

“I trust you had a good night?" said Angela who was grinning.

“Yes, Mistress Angela, thank you," said Nicola.

“Rule 3, Nicola, tell me how you feel?” asked the Mistress.

“Mistress Angela, I feel safe, warm, satisfied and loved," said Nicola who genuinely did feel all those things.

“Do you want out of this bondage?” asked Angela.

“Mistress Angela, I want only to make you happy, and keep these feelings forever," said Nicola, she was in the zone, she was enslaved by this woman who captivated not only her love, but her complete being.

“You’re part of the family now Nicola, those feelings will be with you always, no matter whether you are bound or otherwise," said Angela, who then leaned forward and kissed Nicola in a deep sensual way.

Nicola felt the lips of her Mistress for the first time, and her body completely melted. It was like no other kiss, it was the kiss that ensured her love, and instilled her undying love for her Mistress.

As Angela broke off the kiss, Nicola was smiling, Angela knew she was completely at peace, she had found her loving home.

Angela released the rest of her bondage, then took her to the shower. Angela joined her and they embraced in a soapy cuddle. Angela kissed her neck then found her slave’s willing mouth. The shower lasted some time.

In the afternoon Nicola woke after a nice sleep. Angela had texted all the other slaves to be at the store for 2pm. And went down to fetch Nicola, they would go to the store together.

It was the first time Amy, Betsy, Ellie, Elsie, Petra and Julia had been together all at once. At least two of them were always at Angela’s home, their true home.

These were exceptional circumstances; however, the store would be opening for business in a few days’ time and Angela needed to get her house in order.

Angela decided to put Nicola to the test today, this would be the ultimate test, especially for Nicola. She was showered and waiting on her knees, in the proper position, of course completely naked.

Angela walked into the basement dungeon to find her ready and awaiting. Suitably impressed, Angela smiled at her.

“Come, Nicola. We’re going to the store," said Angela in a chirpy voice.

Nicola followed her up the stairs, then out the front door and into the waiting car. She didn’t bat an eye about being exposed outside in her state, though they were still within the private grounds of the house.

The journey took around fifteen minutes, most of which was in silence as Angela typed frantically on her phone.

Arriving at the store the driver opened Angela’s door allowing her to get out.

“Come, Nicola,” ordered Angela, watching to see her reaction. This was perfect, outside the next-door club, the club that Nicola spent the best part of her life in, were several people, including Suzie and some of Nicola’s trans friends.

Nicola saw them all stop talking and watch as Angela got out. She looked at Angela straight into her eyes and smiled, it was a smile of pride and confidence. Then they got out and followed her Mistress, there was no shame, no attempt to hide, she now knew she had the looks and the body.

She also had the confidence and the knowledge that her Mistress was here, and she was safe.

Ellie was leaning by the window, cup of tea in hand as the other five gossiped. She saw the car pull up, then she saw Nicola. A wicked smile crept over her face, remembering when she had also passed that test with flying colours.

She put her tea down, stripped naked and went towards the door to kneel and await her Goddess’s arrival. The others saw her strip and wondered what she was doing, then she knelt.

They all quickly followed suit; Angela walked into a pleasant view. All her girls in the perfect pose, with their perfect bodies, and looking at her with adoration.

“Now that is a sight I’ll not soon forget!” beamed Angela, as she stood in the doorway.

“But there is something missing. Wouldn’t you agree, Nicola?" said Angela as she stepped aside to allow Nicola in off the street.

“Yes, Mistress Angela, allow me to rectify that for you," said Nicola with a smile as she sauntered over to the girls and joined them on their knees.

All the girls had huge grins as their newest sister joined them, all but Amy, she was struggling with great difficulty to contain her joy.

Angela was a picture of joy; she didn’t want this view to end and just stood there for more than a few seconds to enjoy the moment. Then she noticed something and couldn’t contain her laughter.

Nicola was subconsciously trying to shrink down further to be in alignment with her shorter sisters.

“Nicola, my love, it’s ok, I promise I am going to find you a 5’8 partner very soon!” she said as she chuckled. The others then realised what was happening and none of them could contain their composure.

Eight beautiful women, one dressed, the rest naked but a simple elegant collar burst into laughter.

“Up girls," said Angela as she finally stopped laughing. She then held out her arms and all of them joined her in a mass cuddle.

“Right girls, to business, so all of you get dressed so I can concentrate! Nicola, your new uniform is in your office, now would be a good time to try it on!”

“Yes, Mistress Angela," said the chorus of girls in perfect unison. Who then ran off to get dressed.

In the shop foyer was a lounge area, this would eventually be for visitors to relax whilst their partners etc… perused the store.

Angela got all the girls to take a seat and get comfortable. She had a speech about the business and a story to tell.

“All comfy?” she said.

“Yes, Mistress Angela,” chimed the girls.

“Good. First to business. You have all seen this before, if not then you weren't paying attention!" said Angela holding up her gold necklace with the attached pendant of the Institute.

It was an italic style letter I, with a whip coiled around it. It was a unique piece of jewellery.

“You will always observe any woman to see if they are wearing this pendant. Different colours mean different ranks. Silver is the rank of Mistress, Gold is Senior Mistress, and Platinum is of course Grand Mistress. There is also a silver necklace with a white pendant, these belong to apprentices and as a slave you will address them with respect but not title, Ma’am is acceptable.” Angela paused as the girls listened intently.

“There are of course also Masters within the ranks, they will be identified by the same symbol, on a signet ring. Usually on the right hand. Though to my knowledge there are only seven of these within the country at present.” Angela took a sip of her tea.

“Everyday people will be treated as everyday people. With courtesy and respect always. Even if they are rude! Overly troublesome people will be dealt with by security. A guard will be available at all times during operating hours," said Angela, then quickly looked at her notes.

“You will feel safe at all times knowing the security on site are vetted and handpicked by Terry,” she said and noticed the smiles at the mention of her brother’s name.

“Now this is important to remember, going back to my first point about these pendants," said Angela holding up her necklace again.

“If you see the pendant being worn, you will address them with the respect their rank deserves. All five rules, and I mean all five rules will apply to these people. Of course, rule two has caveats regarding physical contact between yourself and them. My permission is required for that, and that is non-negotiable!” She paused to make sure everyone understood.

“If an Institute customer requires you to model any garments or equipment, you will comply with their orders, but only one slave at a time can model. Apart from that I want you to enjoy your job, if for any reason you find anything untoward or you are not comfortable with you will inform Nicola immediately," said Angela.

“Nicola, as manager of the store you are exempt from modelling, this is purely a business decision and does not reflect upon you as a person. You are in charge, and the girls will do as you say without question. I trust in you and your knowledge of the business to do the right thing.” Angela took a breather and studied her notes again.

“Now, are there any questions?” Angela asked the girls. Nobody spoke but all were deep in thought. Then Betsy raised her hand like a nervous kid at school. Angela nodded to her as if to say to speak.

“Senior Mistress Angela, would you ever give the rule 2 permission to anyone?” Betsy asked, a little scared of the prospect. Angela gave her a reassuring smile.

“You girls are my life, and I have vowed to protect you all. I take that very seriously and would lay down my own safety to protect yours. You could rest assured, if I did, that person would have my complete trust and I genuinely believe it is either in your own best interests, or I know you will enjoy the experience," said Angela with genuine concern. Then she added, “Betsy, well done with the address of my rank, very astute of you. But it is not required in address to your own Mistress, only others," said Angela with a smile.

“If there are no more questions we will move on," said Angela, all the girls remained silent.

“Now, I want to tell you a story, it’s a true story and one or two of you already know parts of it. It’s important you know this story; it is to do with the Institute, and I would hope it explains to you all why it is important to me that you respect it," said the Mistress.

“It starts in the year 2001, with a young apprentice of only 19 years old, me. I had been accepted into the Institute by my mentor, who was not only my dear friend, but I also loved her very much.

“Her name was Stephanie, and she was the Grand Mistress of the Institute. She promoted her doctrine for the training of slaves to be consensual for all parties, just as I do for all of you. For her, it was the only way the relationship between Mistress and slave could work.

“I studied under her for two years before she fell ill and sadly passed. As you are all testament, I continue to uphold her values to this day and forever will.

“As per Institute rules, her title would pass to her heir, much like the Royal family. Her son was only an incredibly young child, and Institute law decreed her sister would take control as regent until the child was of age; which is eighteen.

“Now sadly this is where the story turns sour, the sister, Vivien, did not hold the same beliefs. She rules her slaves through fear, they are not permitted freedom, they do not lead a free life, and they are most certainly never going to have a relationship with anyone. These poor slaves will forever be in servitude, until they have outlived their usefulness. They are then discarded, sold or worse. They may as well just be livestock. It is no life to lead as you will no doubt agree.

“Vivien knew if the child stayed within the castle walls so to speak, he would one day topple her throne, a chance she was not willing to take. Stephanie loved her sister, they were family after all, but she also knew of her dark streak.

“The child was smuggled out after her death to a foster family. The family were friends and promised to take care of the child and one day educate him about his birthright.

“Sadly, they were not able to complete this mission due to losing their own lives, and so the child was eventually lost into the foster system. The last contact was lost shortly thereafter by those that cared for the child’s wellbeing.

“Only one man kept track of the child, Stephanie’s solicitor. He was sworn to secrecy by Stephanie, he would keep a distant eye on the child until he was eighteen, then he would pass on his inheritance. That was the last the solicitor ever saw of him. He has never surfaced, and sadly looks as though he never will. Obviously, his life has taken a different path and this life is not for him.

“Now if the solicitor did his job, the child has a video message from his mother, I know this because I was there, and I am in the message. The child will know how to find me, and why it is important to contact me.

“Many members pray that one day he will return and save the Institute from these dark times, he is therefore referred to as the prodigal son.

“Now, you may ask why I still abide by the rules of the Institute, and the answer is simple. My Mistress, my love Stephanie, begged me not to give up on the Institute, it was one of the last things she said to me on her deathbed. I cannot and will not let her down.”

Angela could speak no more and broke down into tears. Ellie was anticipating this and was at her side like lightning, cuddling her Mistress. All the girls wanted to be doing the same thing, but one stern look from Ellie and they all remained seated, and all were sobbing for their Mistress.

Ellie grabbed the Mistresses bag and retrieved a small wallet, she opened it for her, and Angela held it close to her heart whilst Ellie comforted her.

What was in the wallet none of the girls knew, only Ellie and she would never betray her Mistress. Her mouth stayed shut.

The Mistress was looking really upset, all the girls now realised why she hid this from them for so long, it also explained why Ellie was always quick to close any mention of the subject.

A glance from Ellie to the girls and the motion of her head spoke volumes. All the girls filed out of the room leaving Ellie alone with their Mistress. No one would argue, the girls were all equals, but deep down they all knew Ellie was the alpha of the slaves.

Finally, alone Ellie broke down, but managed to control it for her Mistress.

“Shhh, everything is ok my Angel, Ellie’s here for you," said the slave and kissed Angela on her head. The special bond these two shared was powerful, evident with the way Ellie called her ‘my angel’ a name never heard by anyone but very few.

Angela still clutched the wallet close, inside were two pictures, one of Stephanie, one of Ellie.


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