Servitium Amoris

by TransAmy

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Chapter 11 – Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Amy was buzzing, today was the day she was looking forward to. Nicola was coming out of the clinic and Amy was going to pick her up.

Together with Betsy she headed down the garage and into the car. Within 20 minutes they were at the clinic, Betsy felt sure that Amy was going to get a speeding ticket, she was so keen to get there!

They literally ran into the clinic, signed in and went straight to Nicola’s room. Bursting in without knocking as they were so excited.

Nicola was startled as they entered, she was stark naked, standing in front of a full-length mirror. Her body looked amazing, the team at the clinic had done an excellent job. Dr Nichols was extremely proud.

Her breasts were perfectly proportioned to her curvy toned body, the faint wisp of hair atop her mons was evident as she turned to the door in shock.

She quickly hid something behind her back, which of course left her fully exposed to the two girls.

“What are you hiding?" said Amy with a huge grin.

“Oh Nothing!” Came the quick nervous reply.

“Well, I can see you’re not hiding much!" said Betsy as she gave Nicola a once over with a raised eyebrow.

The girls laughed at Nicola as she was so nervous it was comical to see her shift along sideways so she could hide the thing she was holding behind her.

Nicola eventually managed to fumble her way behind the bed and hide the offending item. If the girls didn’t enter the room so loud, they may well have caught Nicola with the collar loosely about her neck.

“Well, I’m glad you’re not dressed yet, I have something for you," said an excited Amy as she handed Nicola a bag.

Nicola opened the bag and her eyes nearly popped out of head.

“Amy, this is beautiful, Zimmermann! This is a £900 dress!" said Nicola, Angela was right about one thing, Nicola was a fashion encyclopedia!

“This is too much Amy, you must take it back, it’s a lot of money!" said Nicola.

“Nonsense, you are worth every penny Nic, and I’ve thrown away the receipt, so you’ll have to keep it," said Amy with a huge grin.

“Now try it on already!" said Betsy, all excited.

The dress was lovely, a silk-Georgette style in a floral pink. Nicola quickly grabbed a bra and some knickers and put them on. Then slid into the smooth silk of the dress, closing her eyes as the material caressed her skin.

She gave the girls a twirl.

“Well, does my bum look big in this?" said Nicola with a smile.

They all cracked up with laughter, especially Nicola and Amy as they used to have these conversations for real a few years ago!

Betsy gave her another bag; this one had some heeled sandals which matched the outfit perfectly.

“Ok, now you are getting silly!" said Nicola.

“These are Gucci, did you guys rob a bank!" said Nicola as she admired the footwear. Amy had never told anyone but Betsy about her payment from the clinic, she didn’t like to keep it from Nicola, but she was never sure how she would have taken it.

But now things were different, Nicola’s dreams had come true, and she no longer needed to be jealous of Amy. 

“No bank robbery, I promise, but I did have a small fortune come my way not so long ago. So, rest assured these gifts are all yours and we want you to enjoy them," said Amy, as she put her arm around Betsy.

“You guys are the best!” blushed Nicola.

Soon after she had put on the sandals, Amy and Betsy helped, grabbing her belongings. Betsy handed Nicola her handbag and noticed the collar sitting inside it. A sly smile crept over her face as she closed the bag not saying a word.

Amy and Betsy had purposely dressed down today, their clothes more baggy than usual, hair tied up for practicality rather than glamorous. They insisted on carrying Nicola’s stuff so she could leave the clinic looking like the beauty she was in her new dress and just her handbag over her shoulder.

Out on the street, Nicola noticed everyone staring at her, at first, she got worried, a flashback to the early days when people would call her freak and other nasty names.

But as she realised the looks were different, she smiled, one poor guy literally walked into a lamp post!

Amy and Betsy were already at the car and had loaded Nicola’s things in the boot. Betsy rushed around to open the door for Nicola.

“After you m’lady,” she said with a grin.

Nicola smiled, they all got in and drove off down the road as Amy turned up the car stereo, playing her favourite Katy Perry track, Teenage Dream.

They stopped off at a coffee shop, Amy’s old habit of being a coffee junky would never die. She was forever on the hunt for a decent mug.

As they chatted Betsy told Nicola they have some big news, and Nicola was going to be the first person they told, except for Angela of course.

“Nicola, me and Amy are getting married!" said an over excited Betsy.

“No way!” Blurted Nicola.

“Yes way!" said Amy. Nicola’s jaw was wide open.

“Well, you better make me a bridesmaid!" said Nicola.

“Oh, I’m so sorry Nic, our bridesmaids are going to be Ellie, Elsie, Petra and Julia," said Amy. Nicola looked upset.

“But you are our maid of honour!" said Amy with a huge smile.

Nicola was so happy, she had to dab some tears! 

Amy then chipped in; it was her time for a surprise for both girls.

“I have some exciting other news," said Amy.

Betsy gave her a funny look, she thought she knew all Amy’s secrets.

“Betsy, you know about my pay out from the clinic, and Nicola I’ve never told you before, but I got a clinical trial payment for my procedure. Being a guinea pig, made me some serious cash.”

Betsy and Nicola looked at her quizzically.

“Well, Angela advised me to invest some of it, so I did. I bought a whole heap of shares, in a pharma company. That company recently made a huge leap, in some field or another. Long story short, I sold the shares this morning," said Amy trying to hide her excitement.

“For how much?" said Betsy.

Her and Nicola were on the edge of their seats.

“Betsy, my love when we get married, everything I own, is yours also. But no amount of money will ever change the way I feel about you, and Mistress Angela. I will never abandon Mistress, my pledge to her was for life, as it will be to you," said Amy in a most sincere and loving tone.

“Amy, I know, my feelings for you and Mistress Angela are exactly the same, I could never give up on either of you," said Betsy with heartfelt profoundness. 

Amy smiled, a smile that just grew and grew.

“Well, that’s good because we are going to be unique in the world, a first ever maybe!" said Amy. She paused for effect. “How many slaves are millionaires?" There was silence, complete silence as Nicola and Amy seemed to almost fail to register the news.

Finally, Betsy spoke up.

“You made a million?” she said.

“No babe, I made four million pounds," said Amy, the delight on her face clear.

“Oh my god, does Mistress Angela know?" said Betsy.

“Of course, she always knows everything! Besides, she texted me this morning telling me to sell!" said Amy with a laugh.

“I feel kinda left out, apart from my surgery which is old news I have nothing new!" said Nicola.

Betsy gave her a funny look. Amy noticed, she was always looking at Betsy, the love of her life.

“Are you sure Nicola? I mean you were hiding something earlier," said Betsy with an almost knowing smile.

“Oh, that was nothing, promise," said Nicola.

“I don’t think it was nothing, and I think I know what it is, but you can tell us in your own time. Oh, and by the way, it will be the best decision you ever make," said Betsy with a wink.

“Someone want to fill me in?" said Amy.

“Sure, I can sell you the information, let’s see, how about a million quid?" said Betsy laughing her head off. It was of course a joke to which they all laughed, but Betsy was trying to buy some time for Nicola.

“Ok, ok, I do have a secret, but I really wanted someone else to be the first person to tell," said Nicola.

“She already knows," said Betsy.

“How, and how do you know, I haven’t told anyone anything," said Nicola.

“She knew the moment she gave it to you," said Betsy, Amy was now completely lost on the subject.

“What are you two on about?" said Amy, getting flustered. But Nicola and Betsy were too deep into their conversation to cave into Amy’s questions.

“I was going to go and tell her this afternoon, then I was going to come and tell you guys," said Nicola.

“Don’t work like that, once you tell her we ain’t gonna see you for a few days!" said Betsy. Nicola sighed.

“How did you find out Betsy? Said Nicola, she had guarded this secret for ages now.

“I picked up your bag earlier and gave it to you, remember. I saw it inside and closed the bag. I didn’t say anything but I’m guessing when we came in you were trying it for size?" said Betsy with a smile.

“Saw what? Guys please, this is killing me!" said Amy. Nicola knew her secret was out, so she reached for her bag. Now it was Amy’s turn to be on the edge of her seat, Betsy sat back to enjoy the big reveal.

“This is my big secret Amy," said Nicola as she pulled the collar from her bag and placed it on the table.

Amy’s eyes nearly popped out of her head, then she smiled, or more grinned like the Cheshire cat. She slowly got up, approached Nicola and straddled her lap in front of everyone in the coffee bar.

Holding Nicola’s head gently, she leaned forward and gave her a gentle sensuous kiss. Every conversation in the shop stopped as people watched the two girl’s kiss. 

Betsy had the biggest smile ever, she would have done the same thing, but Amy and Nicola were the best of friends, she let them have their moment. As Amy broke the long kiss she whispered into Nicola’s ear.

“Welcome to the family, Sis.” 

One woman who was sitting alone, watched the whole thing. She noticed the love in the smaller girls’ eyes as she kissed her friend. It was deep, emotional and meaningful. It also aroused her very much!

Getting up to leave the shop the woman passed their table, leant down to Amy and whispered into her ear.

“I don’t know what you ordered, but I’m definitely buying it next time!" said the woman, who then smiled and left. Amy watched her go and thought she would be just the perfect partner for Nicola.

“What was that all about?" said Betsy. Amy laughed and told them what she said. They all giggled. Then turned to Nicola with a more serious face.

“Nic, joking aside, if you're still tender then you might want to wait on telling Mistress Angela your news," said Amy.

“Really? I’m just not sure I can hold out much longer, this has been eating at me for quite a while now,” replied Nicola.

“Yes, really!" said Amy.

“How long?" said Betsy.

“Remember that day at the store, when all four of you stripped naked?” Nicola said, recalling it in her mind.

“That day?" said Betsy.

“Well, it was the day after, but that was my turning point I think," said Nicola. She picked up the collar from the table and ran her fingers along the inscription.

“I just can’t think of anything else, it’s constantly on my mind,” she said as her eyes glazed in a daydream. There was a brief silence before Betsy tried to lighten the mood.

“Guess how long before I put mine on?" said Betsy.

“One day!" said Amy.

“Nope, wrong," said Betsy.

“Four days?" said Nicola.

“Wrong again, I’m not exactly sure, but I’d guess around five, maybe six seconds!” Betsy said with a huge grin. The girls all laughed.

“Are you for real?" said Nicola.

“Absolutely, I remember it well, Mistress measured my neck, pulled out the collar and gave it to me. She turned around to go back to her chair whilst telling me what it meant to wear it. By the time she sat down I was on my knees, collar fitted and pledging my life to her.” Betsy was smiling the whole time she was talking.

“Wow, so you know how I feel having waited this long!" said Nicola.

“We all know Nic, listen, if you have to tell her just tell her, but make sure she knows you still need recovery time," said a concerned Amy.

“Ok, I’ll go and see her today and at least explain things, I owe her that much," said Nicola, who was finally a little bit relieved.

“Excellent, now that is sorted, babe don’t forget you have that dental appointment soon!" said Amy.

“Yeah, yeah, don’t remind me, I hate the dentist!" said Betsy.

“Ok, well, I’m going to drop Nicola home then I’ll meet you back here in, say an hour and a half? Said Amy.

“Yeah, that’s cool," said Betsy. The girls then all left to do their thing. It was the first time Amy and Betsy had been apart since they met, and they felt a little lost without the other.

But Betsy said she wanted to go shopping for a wedding gift, and this was the perfect time to do it.

Amy dropped off Nicola at home and gave her a kiss goodbye. Then headed back into town. She thought she would grab another coffee whilst she waited.

Amy walked back into the coffee shop and placed her order, then went to find a table to sit at. She noticed the woman from earlier was back and stopped by her table.

“Did you find the right order?” Amy said with a grin. The woman looked up and realised who was speaking and smiled.

“I think it just arrived! Please join me," said the woman. Amy agreed and took a seat. Moments later her drink arrived at the table.

“That was quite a performance earlier, I’m Sarah by the way," said the woman and offered her hand to Amy.

“Amy. Pleased to meet you,” she said and shook Sarah’s hand.

They both took a sip of their coffee. Sarah was studying Amy but not being too obvious. Amy was too innocent and didn’t really realise that Sarah was going to hit on her. That is until she saw her collar.

“Interesting jewellery," said Sarah.

“Thanks, a gift from someone special," said Amy.

“Indeed, may I take a closer look?" said Sarah as she leaned forward. Amy leaned forward also and let Sarah study the collar.

“Very interesting, tell me how Angela is these days?" said Sarah.

“You know my Mistress?" said Amy, impressed that Sarah could deduce that from a quick glance.

“Angela and I go way back, but I have fallen out of touch with her over the years," said Sarah, who looked a bit sad.

“How long have you been with her now, slave?" said Sarah with a slightly sterner voice.

“Sorry, but you don’t get to call me that, only Mistress Angela calls me that," said a defensive Amy.

“Oh dear, a disrespectful slave, you dishonour her by being rude to a superior of the Institute. Such a shame her standards have slipped.” Sarah quipped.

“Well, I can see it was a mistake to be nice to you in the first place, enjoy your coffee," said Amy and stood to leave.

“Go if you must, slave, but answer me one question, do you even know of the Institute?" said Sarah.

“I’m sorry, Sarah, I have no idea what you are on about.” Amy said and left the woman alone, grabbing a different table.

Amy couldn’t believe how rude that woman was, she was upset and immediately texted Angela to tell her.

‘Mistress Angela, a rude woman called Sarah just approached me and was quite upsetting. She called me slave, which I didn’t like, only you call me that. She said something about an Institution?’

It took a few minutes for a reply.

‘Amy my love, please go back to Mistress Sarah, apologise and address her as you would me. She will not harm you, that I promise, but you must show her respect of the highest order. Explain that you are very new in your role if she asks. Rules 1 and 3 apply when in her presence. Do I make myself clear?’

‘Yes, Mistress Angela.’

Amy didn’t have a clue what was going on, but her Mistress had given her orders and she would obey them. She got up, forgetting her coffee and walked back to Sarah’s table.

Amy approached the table then sank to her knees and assumed her slave position. Sarah looked at her and smiled, she let her kneel there for at least a minute, knowing people were watching and enjoying Amy’s humiliation.

“Ok, get up, slave, and take a seat,” Sarah said.

“Yes, Mistress Sarah," said Amy as she took a seat.

“I presume you have just contacted dear Angela, what did she say, slave?" said Sarah.

“Mistress Sarah, Mistress Angela told me I must apologise to you, and to inform you that I am very new to being her slave. That I must give you the proper respect you deserve and obey rules 1 and 3 in your presence. I am sorry for my disrespect, Mistress Sarah," said Amy.

“Just 1 and 3, such a shame, we could have had fun with rule 2," said Sarah.

She paused to test Amy, but she was in full slave mode and would not break her orders from Angela.

“Tell me slave, does Angela use the whip on you to gain your obedience?” asked Sarah.

“No Mistress Sarah, only for my pleasure," said Amy.

“Oh, so you’re a pain slut, are you?" quizzed the Mistress.

“Yes, Mistress Sarah, I believe that is the term people use, though Mistress Angela does not use it,” replied the obedient Amy.

“Well slave Amy, you are delightful, I may make a bid for you to come and serve me. Then I can teach you the ways of the Institution and how a slave should be used properly," said Sarah.

Amy didn’t respond, it wasn’t a question, but she managed to keep her composure, even if she did want to run away from this woman.

Sarah took her time and sipped her coffee, Amy remained as obedient as ever and just sat waiting. She was desperate for someone to save her from this Mistress.

“Rule 3 is interesting, don't you think slave, what secrets I wonder do you have? If you are trained as well as you think you are, then you will answer me truthfully. What do you think of me, sexually?" said Sarah.

“Mistress Sarah, rule 3 is remarkably interesting, however its interpretation is vague at best, for example my whole life is a secret to you as of this moment, therefore I have many secrets, and it would be impossible for me to tell you everything in one sitting. Therefore rule 3 requires a question to a particular subject, and the response to be immediate and truthful. Such as your last question, of which I find you incredibly attractive and believe you could give me a great deal of pain, which in turn excites me," said Amy without missing a beat.

“Bravo slave Amy, that was exquisitely put, not only are you attractive and a pain slut, but you are also very intelligent, I am impressed," said Sarah.

“Thank you, Mistress Sarah," said Amy, she had learnt very quickly that a slave only speaks when spoken too, but that wasn’t just questions, compliments always required the correct response.

Sarah smiled, Angela was an extremely competent Mistress, which Sarah knew only too well. They had been friends for many years, but Angela had been an outcast from the Institution. 

When the Grand Mistress started changing the doctrine of slave training, Angela had objected, causing a rift. But once a member only death, self-ejection and disobeying a superior can cause you to leave, or worse, be enslaved.

Fortunately, the doctrine was a guide and not an order. So, Angela had never disobeyed a superior. Her former mentor and predecessor of the Grand Mistress had taught her everything she knows. 

Angela had firm beliefs about the Institution being bigger than any one person, her loyalties lie with it, not the leader.

“I will be off shortly slave, and you will be free to go about your business, I have enjoyed our chat today, maybe we will bump into each other again soon. Tell your Mistress, I miss her, very much!" said Sarah, who turned away to reach for her bag.

“Tell her yourself and buy me and my slave a fresh coffee whilst you’re at it!" said Angela, as she approached the seated pair. Amy’s face smiled for the first time in what seemed to be forever.

Sarah recognised the voice of Angela immediately, then got up, turned around and they hugged each other. But not a formal hug, this one had more to it. This was a friendly, no, loving hug.

“Angela my dear, I have missed you so much!" said Sarah who was visibly excited.

“It has been too long Sarah, how are you managing with the new regime? More importantly, how did my dear Amy do?" said Angela.

“Amy is a testament to your teachings, she is also delightfully intelligent, but you already know that Angela," said Sarah.

Even with all this excitement, and relief for Amy she still maintained her status. All she really wanted at this point was to jump into her Mistresses arms and cry. For she had never been so scared before, even after what she had been through.

Angela sat down and beckoned a waiter, she ordered some more coffee, even for Amy getting her order exactly the way she liked it.

“So, what brings you here, Sarah?" said Angela, who had scooped Amy into a cuddle at the table. Which Amy really needed just about now, she knew her girls well and knew exactly what they needed and when.

“You do, or to be more specific, this young bombshell and her lover!" said Sarah.

Angela raised her brow in a concerned manner. 

“The Institute is spying on me now?" said Angela.

“Looks that way, I came here to see for myself, they don’t know I’m here, which is why I had to draw you out rather than make contact directly," said Sarah. Then looking at Amy.

“Sorry little one, but I had to make it convincing!" said Sarah with a smile. Amy smiled back.

“I am surprised that Amy didn’t recognise my necklace though Angela, why is that?” asked Sarah.

“It’s highly likely she did but is not aware of its significance. Did you recognise it Amy?" said Angela.

“Yes, Mistress Angela, it’s the same as your gold one that you wear at functions only," said Amy, Angela gave her an extra squeeze as she was still cuddling her.

“Very astute Amy, I can see nothing gets past you!" said Sarah.

“Thank you, Mistress Sarah,” replied Amy in a friendlier tone than previously.

“Hmmm, at least now I’ll know when you’re not happy!" said Sarah with a raised eyebrow.

“Now who’s the astute one?" said Angela with a chuckle.

“Well, I did learn from the best!" said Sarah with a smile.

“In answer to your question, only 2 of my 6 slaves are aware of the Institution, you of course remember Elsie and Ellie?" said Angela.

“How could I forget!" said Sarah with a fond memory.

“I guess I will have to educate the other 4 slaves, I have been reluctant to tell them, as I don’t agree with the current hierarchy as you well know. But today has proven they need to know for their own safety. I will also teach them rules 4 and 5," said Angela.

“Yes, I can see that Amy is unaware of rule 4," said Sarah. For Amy’s benefit Angela quickly laid out the rules.

“In short Amy, the 5 are as follows:

  1. In my presence, speak only when spoken to.
  2. Obey every command without hesitation.
  3. Never keep secrets from me.
  4. Never look in the eye of a superior, unless speaking directly.
  5. Never dress above your superior. (applies to all)

Obviously, Amy, I do not require you to abide by rule 4 at home, but for Institute purposes you should remember it. And rule 5 is just a way to say slaves should be naked, which you are mostly! It also makes sure the Grand Mistress is always looking divine," said Angela rolling her eyes at the last rule.

“Amy these rules must be obeyed when in the presence of any member of the Institute, however rule 2 has stipulations regarding sex and punishments, only I can authorise those. Do you understand?" said Angela.

“Yes, Mistress Angela,” replied Amy then immediately averted her eyes from them both.

“Amy, I think you should be on the floor not a seat," said Sarah.

“Yes, Mistress Sarah," said Amy, then began to slide under the table.

“Stop, and resume sitting where you are," said Sarah.

“Yes, Mistress Sarah," said Amy who only looked at Sarah whilst talking, then slid back under her Mistresses arm, which gave her a reassuring squeeze. Amy passed another test with flying colours.

“Back to business, what does the institute want with Amy and Betsy?” asked Angela.

“Rumours of a slave wedding are running the course, several of the Non-cons are kicking up a fuss, saying it must be stopped!" said Sarah. The Non-cons, as Sarah and Angela called them, were the Mistresses and Masters that ruled their slaves through fear, most being there against their will.

These were the people that Angela objected to, as did her former mentor and Grand Mistress. But times had changed, very few still held on to the consensual values. Angela and Sarah were some of the few.

“Ugh, the sooner the prodigal son returns the better!" said Angela.

“I think that ship has sailed, it’s been almost five years and no sign," said Sarah.

They sat and sipped on their coffee in silence for a moment, both wondering if the hierarchy would do anything about a slave marriage.

Amy saw Betsy coming down the street, and fidgeted within Angela’s cuddle, she noticed the small flinch and looked toward where Amy was looking. 

“Go, Amy.”

“Thank you, Mistress Angela.” Amy said with a loving smile then ran off down the street and into Betsy’s arms.

“I thought it was the taller one?" said Sarah, with a raised brow.

“Taller, all my slaves 5’4, at the moment anyway," said a curious Angela.

“Then who was the tall brunette in the designer dress Amy was kissing this morning?" said Sarah with a smirk. Angela put 2 and 2 together.

“That will be No.7, Nicola," said Angela with a broad smile.

“You’ll have a football team at this rate!" said Sarah. Angela laughed.

“Sarah, I need a favour," said Angela.

“I owe you a few, so anything you need Angela," said Sarah.

Angela then filled her in on the Robert situation. Since that first night, she had held him captive, but had not tortured him. He was fed well and kept free from any bondage or torture devices; his manhood now free.

Although in a cell of sorts, she had spent time trying to cure him of his evil. But they had a history and though some progress had been made she was hitting a brick wall.

“Sarah, do you think you could help, I know you have reformed people before, I believe this man needs help and I believe you can help him?” asked Angela. Sarah was not only a competent Mistress, but also a qualified psychiatrist.

“I can’t say without a meeting, but for you I will try. Can you arrange his transfer to my residence?” asked Sarah.

“Of course and thank you Sarah. I can’t tell you how close I came to destroying this man, I feel terrible," said Angela.


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