Servitium Amoris

by TransAmy

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Storycodes: F/f; tg; slave; bond; armbinder; hum; tease; cons; X

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Chapter 13 – Open for Business

Today was all hands-on deck, the grand opening of the Transformations Emporium.

Angela had been promoting the store through many avenues, and at 7.55am there was already a small queue outside. Nicola studied the customers that were queuing and deduced only one of the first five would buy anything.

“Number 3, the woman minding her own business, but studying the others discreetly," said Nicola.

“I agree, she looks domme to me," said Ellie.

“What about number 4, she’s wearing Louboutin’s," said Betsy, trying to get in on the art of studying people.

“Knock offs, she will be gone as soon as she sees the prices," said Nicola.

“Can’t argue there," said Ellie, winking at Betsy.

“Well, I think it’s just about time don’t you think, Betsy go grab Mistress," said Nicola.

“Yes, boss, on it," said Betsy with a cheeky grin. Ellie laughed, she thought Betsy was bonkers, but adorable!

“Mistress Angela, Nicola said it’s time," said an excited Betsy, who looked super cute in her barista uniform. Her job today was to operate the coffee machine, she was the only one who had experience in these things.

Plus, her lover was a coffee addict, and would probably drink the profits left alone.

Angela opened the doors dead on 8am and the small queue entered the store and began to peruse. Number 3 the odds-on favourite took a cursory glance at the store then sat in the lounge and picked up a brochure.

“Told you, domme," said Ellie to Nicola. Who just nodded in agreement.

Betsy saw the woman sit down and was delighted to get her first customer of the day. As she approached, she saw no pendant and settled for her normal greeting.

“Good morning, may I get you something?” asked a polite Betsy. Then as the woman looked up Betsy saw the pendant slide into view from behind her lapel.

“My apologies Ma’am, how may I serve you," said Betsy hoping her quick recovery was acceptable.

“Impressive recovery slave, my compliments to your Mistress," said the woman, who then pondered for a moment.

“I’ll take an espresso and arrange a sales assistant to serve me," said the impressive young lady.

“Of course, Ma’am, straight away," said Betsy. Then waved to Julia to serve the lady. Then once out of eyeshot she looked at Julia and pointed to her chest. A code the girls had come up with to warn of the pendant.

Betsy really wanted to use some words like ‘code red’ but the other girls all laughed, they also loved how ditsy she could be.

“Ma’am, how may I serve you," said Julia to the lady.

“It’s ok Julia, I’ll take this one," said Angela as she took a seat next to the young lady.

“Yes, Mistress Angela," said Julia then made a discreet exit.

“I don’t believe I have had the pleasure. But your face looks awfully familiar?" said Angela.

“Freya, a pleasure to meet you Senior Mistress Angela," said the lady.

“Freya? Now I know that name from somewhere!" said Angela. Freya looked at her with a sly smile.

“It has been a while and I was only 10 or 11 years old," said Freya. The penny dropped and Angela remembered who she was instantly.

“Please tell me your Father is here in town. He still owes me from our last poker game!" said Angela laughing.

“Is that so Senior Mistress Angela, he tells me it’s the other way around!” Laughed Freya.

“Oh, Freya please, no need for formalities, call me Angela.”

“Thank you, Angela. I must admit you don’t seem to have aged at all, and it has been at least ten years!" said Freya.

“Now that sounds like Tom, trying to butter me up for something!" said Angela with another laugh.

“Not at all, but you’ll be pleased to know he will be here tomorrow. He has a request of you, I’ll not say a word though," said Freya with a smile.

“Ma’am, your drink, will there be anything else?" said Betsy as she placed Freya’s coffee on a mat with grace.

“No, that’s all, thank you," said Freya. Betsy liked her, and Mistress seemed to as well.

“I must compliment you Angela. Your girls are delightful, especially this one," said Freya, her eyes on Betsy as she returned to her post.

“Ah, young Betsy, just a little older than you. Yes, she is incredibly special, then all my girls are!" said Angela.

“Just how many do you have now?” enquired Freya.

“Seven. Still room for one more if you’re interested?" said Angela with a cheeky grin. Freya laughed, then finished her coffee.

“How about a tour?" said Freya, who then wandered off through the store with Angela arm in arm.

“Told you she was domme," said Ellie with a know-it-all smile.

“Hey, I called it too!" said Nicola.

“She hasn’t bought anything yet!" said Ellie, still smiling.

“Number 4, I’ll give you that one, she lasted about thirty seconds," said Ellie with a compromise.

“Ok, one all, so far," said Nicola, determined to win this battle of knowledge.

A steady stream of customers continued to flow throughout the morning, most had a look around, some bought some of the cheaper items from the toy department.

One lady spent over £2,000 on leather items; the girls marked her as a fetishist rather than a player. Several other customers had spent a few hundred pounds, all in all it was a good morning for the sales.

Ellie and Nicola had been on the reception counter all morning, Betsy could see they were looking like they needed a pickup and made them both a nice cup of tea.

“Here you go, two cuppas for two hot ladies!" said Betsy with a grin, she was loving her barista job, though not many people seemed to use the lounge area. Those that did tended to spend, the window shoppers were not used to such treatment in a store so avoided it thinking it would cost them a fortune.

“So, what’s the score?" said Betsy.

“Depends on who you ask," said Ellie.

“I’m asking you," said a cheeky Betsy.

“Then it’s 21 vs 20 to me,” replied Ellie. To which Nicola just rolled her eyes and shook her head. Betsy laughed and headed back to the bar.

A little while later, the girls had just finished their tea when a large car pulled up outside.

Ellie and Nicola both looked at each other.

“Big spender!” they said at the same time. The driver got out and opened the car door for the passenger. Ellie was dropping the cups off to Betsy when she recognised the woman.

“Thanks Ellie, give me a shout if you want another one," said a buzzing Betsy.

“Betsy, code red!" said Ellie, then went back to her reception desk.

The woman was probably in her early sixties, though looked younger, she waltzed into the shop and headed straight for the lounge. Betsy let her settle then headed over, the golden pendant on full display.

“Welcome, Senior Mistress, we are honoured by your visit, how may I serve you?" said Betsy, she was really getting into her role.

“You can start with stopping all that shit and coming here to sit down with old Evie!" said the lady. Betsy almost laughed, but instead just smiled and sat next to her. She liked this one already.

“Now my little love, first things first, talk to me like I’m your friend, not one of these pompous la-de-da’s. And second, what’s your name, because I’m not calling you slave and you’re not calling me Mistress, got it?" said Evie as she put her arm around her.

“My name’s Betsy, and you’ll get me into trouble!” whispered Betsy.

“Bollocks I will, where is she?" said Evie and looked around. As she scanned the shop, she saw a familiar face laughing.

“Ah, there’s one of them, Ellie get your arse over here!" said Evie. Ellie came almost running over and gave Evie a big hug.

“How are you Evie, I’ve missed you!" said Ellie and sat down with her.

“Been better Ellie, but I still got some fight in me, you lot on la-de-da patrol then?" said Evie.

“Something like that, what brings you all the way out here?” asked Ellie.

“Thought I’d pop in and see her, she’s too bloody busy to come and see me anymore!" said Evie.

“Well, before you get any of the others in trouble you can take that off!" said Ellie pointing at her necklace.

“Oh alright, suppose I’ve had me fun," said Evie as she took off the necklace and put it in her pocket. Then she looked at Betsy.

“Sssh, you didn’t see it," said Evie with a wink. Betsy was confused but smiling like a kid in a sweet shop.

“Betsy, as you’ve probably worked out this is Evie, mother of Mistress Angela and of course your favourite uncle," said Ellie.

“Uncle Terry's mum, and Mistress Angela’s mum!" said Betsy as she gave Evie a big hug.

“Very pleased to meet you Nan!" said Betsy, all smiles. Evie laughed loud and returned the hug.

“Nan! You’re a cheeky sod, but I sort of like it Betsy, you can call me Nan if you want," said Evie.

“Cup of tea Nan?" said Betsy.

“Love one sweetheart. Nice and strong," said Evie.

“Same as mine Betsy," said Ellie, and Betsy nodded then ran off to make it.

“She’s a nice kid, you are looking after them all?" said Evie.

“Trying my best, but they’ve got Angel, that’s all they need," said Ellie now they were alone.

“How is she, Tel said she was a bit down?” asked Evie, now as a worried mum.

“She had a rough day yesterday, some old memories popped up," said Ellie.

“Is that why you’ve come?” asked Ellie.

“Yes, I ring her every week, we always have a nice talk, but I just don’t get to see her much these days, can’t remember the last time she came to London. I just want to give her a hug every now and then, you know?" said Evie.

“I know, well I’m glad you’re here, Elsie will be too, and we’ve a few more for you to meet too!" said Ellie.

“Here you go Nan," said Betsy with a cup of tea.

“Ooh, thank you sweetheart," said Evie, then gave Ellie a wink.

Julia had watched the woman come into the store, she saw the gold pendant gleaming and got ready for action, then she saw Betsy sit down with her and wondered what was going on.

When Ellie also sat down, she got worried thinking the poor old girl had keeled over or something. Then she heard her laughing! Just then she got side-tracked by a customer and moved further into the shop.

At the rear of the store Petra was in the toy department, a position everyone agreed would be perfect for her. Elsie and Amy were in the bondage section just in case a demonstration was needed.

As Angela walked through with Freya, they stopped to look at a few items, Freya looked at Amy and something about her caught her fancy.

“I like this binder, and those ball gag harnesses, and what a delightful pair of ballet shoes," said Freya.

“Yes, they are good quality, I use this line myself," said Angela. Freya really did like them, and she was taking a fancy to Amy as well. Amy had noticed she kept looking at her, but also noticed the pendant so kept her place at attention ready to serve.

“Do you have models?” enquired Freya.

“Yes, Amy or Elsie are available to model anything you like," said Angela.

“Excellent," said Freya. Then gave all the items to Amy.

“Would you like help putting them on, slave?” enquired Freya. Amy would have preferred Mistress to do it, but they seemed friendly and obviously knew each other.

“I would be honoured Ma’am," said Amy. She noticed Angela smile, and gave Amy a wink. Which she interpreted as a sign that she was to be trusted.

“Ma’am, if you would like to follow me, we have a special room out the back," said Amy.

“Lead the way," said Freya.

“Yes, Ma’am," said Amy. Then she went into one of the private playrooms, followed by Freya who was eyeing her pert little bum all the way.

Amy disappeared into the room, Freya stopped at the door, then turned to look at Angela. She smiled and raised two fingers. Angela smiled and walked over to her.

“Give me a minute,” she said to Freya. Then she slipped into the room with Amy.

“Amy, Freya is the daughter of one of my dearest and closest friends, I trust her completely. She has asked me for rule 2. It’s up to you now. I respect your decision whatever it may be," said Angela.

“Mistress Angela, Freya is very pretty, and if you trust her that is good enough for me, I will do what you ask," said Amy.

“Amy, I want you to have fun, and yes I understand what it takes for you to have fun, you have my blessing to explore. Just remember serving another with my permission is serving me," said Angela with a smile, she then kissed Amy and left the room.

“Freya, you have rule 2, please bear in mind, this one will work up a sweat for you, she is also getting married in the extremely near future. Please ensure her wedding photos are not ruined!" said Angela with a smile.

“Loud and clear, I’ll be gentle, sort of," said Freya as she slipped behind the door.

Freya closed the door and flipped the engaged sign on. Turning around she found Amy had already stripped naked and was waiting in position.

“Well, Amy, first, I’d like to thank you for allowing me this opportunity, I know rule 2 is a hard pill to swallow. Especially with a stranger," said Freya as she circled the naked slave.

Just outside the room, Angela had slipped into a side room. It was a special room for observations. Angela would watch with interest, she was curious how Amy would react to a stranger, and even more curious to see if Freya had her father’s skills.

Freya was in training, and she knew Angela would be watching from somewhere, a trainee was always supervised, those were the rules.

“So, slave, let’s get started shall we," said Freya as she walked around the room studying the racks of equipment ready for use.

“I think for starters we will have you in those delicious shoes I picked out for you. And yes, I did have you in mind, but you knew that, didn’t you slave?" said Freya.

“Yes, Ma’am," said Amy.

“Put the shoes on and be sure to lace them tight,” ordered Freya.

“Yes, Ma’am," said Amy.

“Now, whilst you get ready, we shall have a little talk about a game I like to play. You see, I am only a Mistress in training, and as you know and are observing, I am not to be addressed with the rank of Mistress. Would you agree?" said Freya.

“Yes, Ma’am,” replied Amy as she started to lace the first shoe nice and tight.

“During this session, I want you to humour me, if at any point you feel like you are being worked like a fully trained Mistress, rather than a trainee, I want you to address me how you judge me. Do you understand?" said Freya, all this time she had just slowly walked around the room, not even looking at Amy.

“Yes, Ma’am," said Amy, now lacing the second shoe.

“Excellent slave," said Freya.

“Now, let’s see what delights you are hiding. Are there any names that you have been called, which you do not like, but are true?” asked Freya.

“Yes, Ma’am," said Amy.

“What Names?” ordered Freya.

“Ma’am, it was ‘Pain Slut’," said Amy.

“Indeed, what name do you prefer that describes your rare abilities?” asked Freya.

Angela was watching intently, Freya was good, exceptionally good with her word play. Amy was a smart girl, but she was being manipulated expertly, she may have known it, but there was no way of escaping the truth, and Amy was going to tell her just what she wanted.

“I’m sorry Ma’am, I know no other name for it. The closest would be a masochist, but I think that term is too broad to describe me," said Amy, who had now resumed the kneeled position after putting on her shoes.

“Indeed, stand, feet apart shoulder width,” ordered Freya, and Amy obeyed immediately.

“So, slave, tell me, can you get off without pain?" asked Freya.

“No, Mi… Ma’am,” replied Amy who almost slipped up or was it something different. Angela noticed it, and Freya most certainly did!

“Is that so, a pretty little girl like you, and you can’t get off from some loving pleasures, you need to be hurt. But you have no words to describe it," said Freya as she came to a stop behind Amy.

“Hands, palm to palm,” ordered Freya. Amy obeyed, then felt the binder slide up her arms. The straps went over her shoulders and Freya started on the laces.

“If I were to ask you how to make you come, you would of course tell me to hurt you, as naturally it is the only way you can, by your own admission," said Freya as she had almost got Amy’s elbows to touch.

“Have you ever felt like a slut?” asked Freya.

“Yes, Ma’am," said Amy.

“Oh, do tell Amy, was it a gangbang, with lots of boys, were you sucking their cocks whilst others fucked you?" asked Freya.

“No, Ma’am," said Amy. Angela wasn’t quite sure from the speakers, but it sounded like Amy’s voice was starting to waiver just a little bit.

“No cocks?” enquired Freya.

“No… Ma’am," said Amy. Definitely wavering now thought Angela.

“No fingers, mouths, tongues or sex toys?" asked Freya.

“N.. No… Ma’am.” Dithered Amy. Angela sensed the killer blow coming soon, maybe two more questions and Amy would buckle.

“Then what slave, what made you come so much that you felt like a slut?" said Freya and she emphasized the word slut!

“It w-was… pa-pain Ma’am.” Amy was almost gone, now was the time and Angela knew Freya was about to earn Amy’s respect for life. God, she was good.

“And that makes you a…what slave?" asked Freya in a gentle voice.

“A P-pain… ssslut, Mii… Ma… a’am.” Amy was losing it; Freya had a huge grin on her face, but Amy couldn’t see her. The last buckle was tightened on the binder; she was helpless.

“I can’t hear you slave speak up and clearly!” barked Freya, a little venom in her voice.

“I’m a pain-slut, Mistress," said Amy, finally giving in to this manipulator. Freya appeared in front of Amy, her head was bowed, her breath raspy. Freya reached out and ran her fingers through her puffed pussy lips, finding she was dripping.

Freya withdrew her fingers and offered them to Amy’s mouth.

“You will clean my fingers, pain-slut," said Freya.

Amy eagerly drew them in, licking and sucking. Freya pulled them away and dove them back into her pussy then fed her again.

Amy was panting as Freya kept on feeding her own juices to her, over and over. Her panting became stronger, then Freya simply flicked Amy’s nipple, it wasn’t even that hard and Amy shuddered, her legs began to buckle, and she felt the wave of her orgasm engulf her. Freya held her, supported her and caressed her head.

Amy fell into her as the wave rushed over her body, she felt warm, and the Mistress that held her felt loving, she cared for her slave, and meant a lot for Amy.

As her orgasm subsided, Freya gently helped Amy to her knees, then guided her to lay down. She stroked Amy’s face as her other hand undid the laces of the binder and slid it off her.

Smiling at her and whispering to her telling her she was a good slave, and she should be proud of her Mistresses training, whilst she pulled off her shoes.

As Amy came back to her senses, Freya sat her up and sat with her stroking her hair.

“How do you feel, Amy?” asked Freya in a caring voice.

“I feel good, Mistress, thank you," said Amy and she meant every word.

“I have some good news Amy," said Freya. Amy looked at her.

“You can now add humiliation to your list,” smiled Freya.

“Thank you, Mistress Freya," said Amy with a smile.

“Maybe I’ll see you again one day Amy, and we can work on another bow to your string, would you like that?” asked Freya.

“Yes, Mistress Freya, I would like that very much," said Amy.

Freya went over to a small wash basin under a large mirror on the wall, she got a sponge and soaked it with warm water. Before going back to Amy, she looked into the mirror, and smiled, knowing Angela was watching.

Now back with Amy she gently cleaned her.

To say Angela was impressed was an understatement, this trainee had just made a slave come with virtually just words, she was so much more, she was Mistress material through and through.

Angela needed to investigate this more, she had considered taking on an apprentice many times, but never found the right candidate. Today she had.

Angela didn’t know, but Freya’s father was going to ask Angela to take her on as an apprentice. He had taught her so much, but as a father there were some things he didn’t want to see, so all his teachings had been non-sexual.

Freya was a beautiful woman, a powerful tool she could use to bring out the best in a slave. But he just didn’t want to be the teacher of these techniques, and who could really blame him for that.

“Amy, I must go now and speak with your Mistress, will you be ok?” asked Freya.

“Yes, Mistress, I will be fine, thank you," said Amy.

Outside the room Freya met Angela.

“What did you think of my performance?” asked Freya.

“How you are not a Mistress yet is baffling to me. That was very impressive Freya, I will make a report to the board for you," said Angela.

“I wouldn’t bother yourself Angela, they are not interested in my skills," said a frustrated Freya.

“What do you mean Freya?” asked Angela.

“If you send them a report that said I just beat her into submission and had her blubbering like an idiot, then maybe that will get their attention!" said Freya with a touch of anger.

“I don’t understand Freya, Mistress Scarlet would love a report of this!" said Angela.

“Mistress Scarlet has not been on the board for some years, we now have Mistresses, and I use the term very loosely, Evelyn and Tanya," said Freya.

“Are you kidding me, those two non-cons don’t have an ounce of class between them! It appears things are worse than I thought," said Angela who appeared extremely vexed.

“Nobody was conforming to the non-con ideals, so they have made it impossible to proceed unless you do. Mistress Scarlet was the last of your kind in the castle. I fear the Institute is coming to an end for many of us," said Freya.

“This is disturbing news Freya, I must speak to your father tomorrow, we must intervene before it’s too late," said Angela.

“I fear it already is Angela," said Freya in a sympathetic way.

As they walked slowly back through the store, a laughter like no other was coming from the front of the shop.

“What on earth is that?" said Freya with a funny look. Angela laughed.

“That, my dear Freya, is the sound of my mother!" said Angela.


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