Servitium Amoris

by TransAmy

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© Copyright 2021 - TransAmy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/f+; FF; tg; slave; dungeon; chastity; cbt; revenge; toys; oral; bond; armbinder; chair; rimming; squirt; gag; cons; nc; XX

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Chapter 10 – The Guessing Game

Several hours later, Angela was laying in her bed, next to her Amy and Betsy were cuddled up and fast asleep. She slowly got out of bed so as not to disturb them and crept out the room.

Downstairs she dressed in one of her leather catsuits, donned her high heeled boots and adjusted her hair into a tight ponytail. A look of thunder in her eyes, she walked down to the dungeon, which seemed deserted, except for two slaves bound as dolls. On the far wall, she pulled a lever revealing a secret door.

Entering the hidden room, she flipped the light switch and secured the door with several locks. On the far side the shape of a naked man hung from the rafters by his bound hands. There were no fancy bondage straps in here, just coarse rope.

The rope encircled the man’s wrists, all his weight hanging by them. His ankles also had coils of the rough rope encircling them and pulling them wide apart. His body was as taught as a bow string, he was sobbing.

In his mouth a penis gag which was long enough to tickle his gag reflex was strapped tight about his head. His cock donned a new chastity device, like his previous one, one Robert wished he never removed.

This one was lined with spikes, not the dull kind you often see, but sharp enough to draw blood. His scrotum was stretched, several weighted rings held his balls tight in their sack.

Robert was already in agony, after being tasered, he was drugged and thrown in the boot of the car and transported to this place of torture. He awoke bound as he is now, every muscle in his body aching. His balls were hurting the most, they were at their limit.

Angela approached him from behind, he sensed her near but could not see her. She eventually walks into his vision, and he shivers seeing the anger in her eyes.

“Irony, Robert, irony," said Angela. Then slowly walked around him again, completing a full circle.

“If you didn’t fly off to Rome, you would have been at the party tonight, free of your cock cage and enjoying the evening.” Angela again walked around him.

“But here you are, locked in a dungeon, with a pissed off woman.” Another full circle, each time silence except the click of Angela’s heels. “This time you really screwed up, didn’t you?” Angela said. Another slow circle of the hapless man.

“You should have realised when I tracked you to Rome that my devices all have trackers installed within them.” She paused to let him think. “The collars!” she said. Then went for another slow lap.

“I don’t know how you managed to get back into the country, but I presume if anyone starts looking for you it will be in Rome!” Angela smirked, then took another slow walk around him.

“That’s irony.” This time she stopped, looking up at him. She simply reached out and cupped his balls, waited as he whimpered, then squeezed. The cries would be heard for miles, if not for the sound proofed walls and the penis gag lodged in his mouth.

She released the grip and revelled in his agony. From a small clip on her belt behind her back she produced the bullwhip from his barn.

Robert’s eyes widened, he knew full well what this whip was capable of, even a masochist could not take many strikes. Angela hung the whip on the wall so he could always see it.

“Don’t worry Robert, we’ll work up to that," said Angela.

“Tonight, though we’ll start with something simple, how about some vibrations to give you pleasure?” She said rhetorically.

The Hitachi wand buzzed to life; Robert was sure nothing would turn him on in this predicament. How wrong he was, the attachment on the end was pushed into his ass, then it curved around to rest on his prostate.

Before long, his body betrayed him, and his cock began to grow within its prison. The spikes dug into his cock producing little droplets of blood, and curdling screams of agony.

Another rope was quickly fastened around his waist and rigged to hold the wand in place. Leaving Angela free to wield her favourite crop.

“Sooner or later, it may take hours, days, or weeks. But I promise you, I will make you come from this pain, you will become the pain slut that you so wanted to control. I will have you begging me to hurt you.” Angela let him absorb his fate.

“Then, when you are completely obsessed with pain, I will sell you.” Angela had talked enough, the first of many strikes of the crop rained down on Robert’s defenceless body. His screams continued into the night.

This treatment went against everything her mentor taught her, slaves were to serve through love, not fear. But Angela knew, as did her mentor, there was a time and a place for the old ways, and some people needed to be made an example of. There were exceptions in extreme circumstances. 

But even as Angela went about causing this man pain, in the back of her mind she heard her mentor say, this is not the way.

About 30 feet away, Amy and Betsy slept soundly, unaware of the relentless whipping of the man that dared to defy a Mistress. A man that dared to steal and threaten a Mistresses property, it was one of the most heinous crimes in the BDSM world. 

Some hours later, Angela returned to bed after a good shower. She had made Robert suffer tonight and promised him hell to come. But she knew it was wrong. Revenge led down a deadly path, a path she didn’t agree with.

She eased gently into the queen size bed and reached around to cuddle both of her cherished girls. This was her path, the devotion these girls gave her was earned, not coerced. The trust they gave her in their slavery was her reward. 

Angela cherished her girls more than anything, and she loved them. She gave them what they craved, and in return they gave her love, respect, devotion and pleasure. That was what BDSM was all about, trust.

Angela had decided right then as she watched her sleeping beauties, Robert would be spared. He was evil, dangerous and needed to be taught the errors of his ways. But she was no longer willing to stoop to his level, she would not become what she so despised.

Angela would keep him here for now, but the next visit to see him would be different. She had to cure him, for his own good, and hers. After thinking things through she felt relaxed, she fell asleep shortly after.

Angela awoke to a most unusual start of the day, either side of her was warmth, but this warmth was caressing and kissing her, suddenly both her nipples were being sucked on and she moaned with pleasure.

Her legs automatically spread wider, which instantly drew the attention of two hands sliding down her body to massage her mons. Tongues and hands explored her body beneath the covers, for a minute she thought she was dreaming then she pulled back the covers to reveal two smiling faces looking up at her.

Amy and Betsy had decided that Mistress needed a distraction, they were sure they might get into trouble for instigating the pleasure ride, but decided the punishment was worth the reward of pleasing Mistress Angela.

The two smiling faces disappeared back under the covers, and before Angela could do anything her pussy was assaulted by hungry mouths. There was no going back now, Angela’s ride to pleasure had started. 

This ride had no stops, but you could ride it many times. The horny slaves were relentless and brought their Mistress to four orgasms in quick succession. Angela could take no more and guided the slaves back up and out from under the covers.

Amy and Betsy took the hint and ceased the pleasure, instead they lay half straddling their Mistress, heads on each of her shoulders just staring lovingly at her.

“You two, are a bad influence!" said Angela with a huge grin.

The slaves smiled even more and basked in the glow of their Mistresses happiness. Angela pulled them both in for a nice cuddle.

“You girls, all six of you are my life, my love. I let you down last night, more than you know, I put you in danger and I’m sorry," said Angela, her eyes starting to form tears.

Amy and Betsy looked sad; it was evident they wanted to talk but neither would disobey the rules.

“You can speak! You both just sexually assaulted me! Four times! And now you want to obey rules?" said Angela, half crying and half laughing.

“Mistress Angela, we were never in danger, we knew you would come to save us, you promised us you would always protect us, and we knew you would be there," said Betsy, Amy was frantically nodding in agreement.

That was enough to send Angela over the edge, she broke into tears hugging them both. Amy and Betsy cried too. They sobbed and cuddled for a few more minutes before Angela finally composed herself.

“What do you girls want for your birthday presents, you can have anything you want. Name it and it’s yours," said Angela to the two adorable slaves.

“Mistress Angela, can me and Betsy get married?" said Amy, a gleam in her eye, Betsy also was looking like a puppy seeking a treat!

“Yes, of course you can, my darlings, and it will be the best and biggest wedding this city has ever seen!" said Angela, who was close to crying again, but these tears were happy ones!

“And Uncle Terry, can he give me away?" said Betsy. Angela nodded, her big brother Terry, what would she do without him, if it weren’t for him Angela would have been hours away from the girls last night and things would have been quite different this very morning.

“I think I’d like Pete to give me away," said Amy. Angela nodded in agreement, Pete was a rock to many in the trans community, and Amy was no exception.

“Of course, girls, you can pick whoever you want. But first you have some chores to do, I know this is officially your day off, however your morning ministrations have knocked back my schedule!" said Angela.

“Yes, Mistress Angela," said the pair who snapped straight into their trained positions on their knees.

“Now, go down to the dungeon, release Petra and Julia so they may rest. Then await my arrival,” ordered Angela.

“Yes, Mistress Angela,” the girls replied then sped off to attend to the other girls.

Arriving in the basement the girls soon found the others; Mistress favoured this position to keep her girls preoccupied through the night.

“Amy, Petra and Julia like the bath rather than the shower, if you go and run one, I will start to release them," said Betsy.

“Ok," said a cheery Amy.

Betsy headed over to the dolls, unclipping the panel gag and releasing the inflatable gag of the first one.

“Now, who do we have here?" said Betsy as she gave the slave a sloppy kiss.

“Hmmm, morning Petra," said Betsy, she knew every girl by the touch of their lips. Moving to the next slave she again removed the gags. Even though it was obviously Julia, Betsy still played her little game.

“And who are you?" said Betsy, engaging in another sensual snog. “Oh yes, morning Julia.”

Just then Amy came out and noticed that Betsy hadn’t gotten far in her work.

“Bath is running, well you haven’t done much!" said Amy.

“I beg to differ, my love; both of these gorgeous girls have been given a nice wake up call," said Betsy with a grin.

“You mean you’ve been snogging them?" said Amy, eyebrow raised. Betsy just giggled. Together they then un-strapped the girls and freed them of all their restraints and rubber suits.

Julia and Petra stretched their limbs, then looked up to Betsy from their seated position.

“Been a while since we played that game Beth!" said Julia using her nickname for Betsy. Petra smiled too, then looked to see the confused look on Amy’s face.

“It’s ok Amy, a few years back when Betsy first came here, she was often left to release us in the mornings, and guess what game she always played?" said Petra.

“I get it, my lover here does seem to have a fetish for snogging, not that I’m complaining of course!" said Amy, as they all giggled.

“Oh, I better check that bath!" said Amy and ran off quickly.

“Hey Beth, remember when you used to tease us before you released us and what we did to get you back?" said Julia.

“Oh, no, don’t you dare!" said Betsy as she tried to run away giggling.

She didn’t get far though, and before she knew it, she was sitting on the floor wearing one of the armbinders and a big ball gag. Her ankles strapped together and laughing hysterically as Julia and Petra tickled her.

They left her on the floor still laughing through her gag and went to enjoy their bath. Amy had just finished running it for them and had filled it with the scented oils that were on the side.

“Oooh, that bath looks divine, thanks Amy," said Petra, as she climbed in the huge bath.

“Yes, it does, thanks Aims," said Julia, who literally had her own way of saying everyone’s name differently.

“Oh, and we er... left a little surprise out there for you, enjoy," said Julia with a chuckle.

Amy wondered what that could be, then went back outside to wait for Mistress. Then she found the bundle of giggling mess on the floor. Before Amy could say or do anything Angela had come into the basement.

Amy dropped to her knees and awaited her orders.

“I see Betsy got in over her head again?" said Mistress Angela with a smirk.

“I suppose tradition is tradition! Eh Betsy?" said Angela with some amusement.

“At least you’ll have your workload halved now Amy is here to help," said Angela laughing. Amy had no idea what was going on, but Betsy had that look in her eyes, the one where she knew she was going to enjoy it.

Within the next ten minutes both Amy and Betsy found themselves securely fastened in a kneeling position, arms behind them in binders and ankles secured to a pole that formed an upside-down T.

The upright pole slid between their backs and the armbinders and ended in a posture collar which forced the girls to look up. In front of them were two chairs which sat at chin level, each had a cut out to allow the girls faces to become part of the chair. 

Amy by now had a fairly good idea what was going to happen, Betsy of course knew all along. Amy had suspected this was her plan as soon as they entered the dungeon this morning.

The collars were locked on to the chairs so there was no way to back out. After the Mistress had finished securing them into position, she looked at the two slaves.

“Well, my little darlings, being as you were so keen to get those tongues working this morning you should enjoy the rest of your day!" said Angela, before leaving them alone and going back upstairs.

It wasn’t too long before Julia and Petra were out of the bath and heading back in to relax. Normally they would need some sleep, but as today was their last day they would be going home this afternoon.

This of course left Amy and Betsy at their whim for at least the next five hours. Julia was the first out and had a huge grin on her face.

“Oh dear, Beth and Aims, what did you do to deserve this eh?” She said as she approached the chairs. She stood between them and did a little fake pose with her finger on her chin.

“You know what, I just don’t know which chair to try first?" said Julia with a grin. Petra then emerged from the back room and began to laugh straight away.

“Now this brings back some fond memories! Eh Betsy?" said Petra approaching the chairs. Julia looked at Petra, both were grinning.

“I think first things first Pet, give them a go, then we can see if they are good enough, or if they need some motivation!” Exclaimed Julia.

“Excellent idea, I think I’m going to try the newbie first!" said Petra who then eased into the chair in front of Amy.

Amy couldn’t believe just how good a fit these chairs were, Petra’s sex now firmly pressed against Amy’s mouth. She needed no encouragement and started to pleasure Petra with some enthusiasm.

Petra was panting within a minute, clearly pleased with Amy’s attentions. 

“Ooohh, yesss, Amy, that’s good, really good, but nothing gets me going more than a nice tongue in my bum," said Petra as she re-adjusted herself in the chair. Amy found herself giving Petra a good rimming as she frantically fingered herself to her first climax. 

Petra it seemed was a squirter and soon Amy’s face was drenched in her secretions, which also made her bum more pliable. Amy exploited this and began to tongue fuck her rosebud, bringing Petra to a second climax within seconds of the first.

Amy couldn’t see much; in fact, she could only see Petra’s mound and thighs! But she could hear the noises Julia made as her first orgasm hit her, they did nothing but turn her and Petra on even more and Amy re-doubled her effort and went to town on Petra again.

The third explosion from Petra shocked Amy; she didn’t think a woman could come so much, and found herself swallowing most of it as it channelled down into her willing mouth.

Petra obviously thought she needed a break as she soon got off the chair after coming down from her orgasm. Amy tried her best to look over at the others, and Julia was frantically grinding her pussy on Betsy’s face.

She was soon coming again, and her screams of pleasure echoed throughout the dungeon. She eventually climbed off the chair and went to lay down with Petra on the bed to recover.

Julia it seemed was now exhausted and had fallen to sleep, but Petra was a different matter. Betsy knew all too well that Petra would make the most of this rare treat.

Petra was a self-confessed nymphomaniac and would pump out those squirting orgasms for hours on end. Betsy had been here before, and she loved every minute of it as much as Petra did.

Amy felt her collar being unclipped from the chair, and thought the game was over, but she didn’t know Petra like Betsy did. Struggling to see, Amy watched as Petra did the same to Betsy’s chair.

Before long she had positioned the two slaves chin to chin, Amy now knew where this was going, just one question remained, front or back?

Her question was soon answered, it seemed that Petra found Amy’s rimming talent to be preferred and straddled the pair of active tongues. They of course wasted no time and soon Petra was gushing once more, this time Betsy catching the larger share of Petra’s juices.

Petra was insatiable, and continued to make the girls work, alternating between the two. After the fifth, or was it sixth, the girls had lost count, Petra took another short break.

Not for long though, she came back and bent down two the two girls, giving each a sloppy kiss. Tasting herself on their lips seemed to give her a new lease of life and she was off to the equipment rack.

She returned a minute later, in her hands two double ended dildo gags. The internal gag was a 4-inch penis, the external one at least 8-inches. Both girls were quickly gagged, and Petra mounted the dildos. 

Amy and Betsy then got treated to a front row viewing of Petra enjoying herself as only Petra could. With a practiced ease she slid down on to both dildos, one deep in her pussy, the other deep in her rear. 

She rode those dildos for what seemed like an hour, Amy was amazed to see her take both lengths all the way in both holes. She had come at least another 5 times, and both Amy and Betsy were soaked in her juices.

Finally, she was spent, and ready to sleep it off, mercilessly she unbuckled the gags, and the collars allowing Amy and Betsy some face-to-face time. The two lovers wasted no time in going to town on each other’s faces making the most of Petra’s taste.

As Petra slowly drifted off to sleep, she could hear the sloppy sounds of the girls kissing, she smiled and closed her eyes.


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