Servitium Amoris

by TransAmy

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Storycodes: F/f+; F/m; tg; slave; kidnap; bond; rope; gag; rape; oral; sex; nc; XX

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Chapter 9 - Dr Evil

Amy and Betsy walked into the clinic, fresh flowers in hand. It had been almost 5 weeks since Nicola had gone in. She was still sedated heavily and still bore bandages on her face. 

The girls nevertheless visited frequently; they would sit with her for hours just talking. It was the least Amy could do, Nicola did the same for her, and Betsy would do it for both, well that and she was never far from Amy’s side.

The same afternoon the pair were at the store cataloguing stock when Angela came out into the storeroom.

“Have you decided what you’re doing for the 4th of July?" said Angela.

Both Amy and Betsy looked quizzically at their Mistress.

“It’s your birthday isn’t it!” she exclaimed.

“Yes, Mistress Angela,” they both replied, then they both looked at each other with a weird look.

“Oh, you two have been so caught up in each other you haven’t even realised, have you?" said Angela with a laugh.

“Stop looking so dumb you two, you were both born on the same day, same year, and almost the same time! For the record, Betsy you are the oldest, by 20 minutes!" said Angela, baffled that they had never even discussed it.

Angela looked at the dumbfounded pair, then just waved a hand and carried on what she was doing. Amy and Betsy grinned like school kids, how they never realised was baffling but now they knew. They had to plan something.

Meanwhile across town Robert Furnell sat in his office looking thoroughly depressed. It had been months now, and still he was locked within this damned cage.

At first it was an inconvenience, then a nuisance, and now he just wanted it gone. He thought about ringing the witch Angela, but he knew it would be fruitless. He had to do something, but what?

Just then a knock at his door broke his train of thought, it was Steve.

“Hi Bob, I have some forms that need signing off," said Steve.

“Gee, thanks.” Robert replied with a frown.

“What do you think of that new intern?" said Steve. The new intern was a buxom blonde of only 25 years.

“I try not to!" said Robert, as he shifted awkwardly in his chair. Just then it dawned on Steve, Angela had them both locked up!

“No way, she has you locked as well, doesn’t she?" said Steve.

“You think!” growled Robert.

“I can’t stand it anymore, that bitch is never going to take this off, hell she hasn’t even spoken to me since the whole thing happened! I’m just going to get it cut off, fuck that witch!” Robert was fuming now.

“I promise you Bob, she’ll find out, then you’ll be in real trouble,” warned Steve.

“Well, I’ll just have to deal with her first then!” Robert was shouting now. He didn’t wait for Steve to reply and just burst out of the office.

Steve was torn, Robert had been his best friend for ages, but if he did something stupid it could spell real trouble for him. Not to mention the blow back could come Steve’s way too!

He decided to forget about it, he couldn’t pick between himself or Robert. Ignorance is bliss, he thought.

Robert didn’t feel like working, he walked to the car park and thought the fresh air might calm him down, it didn’t. He pulled his phone from his pocket and called the HR department and requested some time off for personal reasons.

Then jumping in his car, he sped off and out of the car park. 

Robert sat at home, he studied the cage for the thousandth time, there was no easy way to get this thing off. The lock was like nothing he had ever seen, he doubted even a locksmith could help.

The cage itself was, he guessed, a titanium alloy. He’d tried several times tonight to cut it with a hacksaw, but it didn’t even scratch it.

It was no good, he needed the key, or an embarrassing trip to the fire department. He started to hatch a plan, but he knew it would be dangerous. She may be a sadistic witch, but she was clever, and he knew it.

He knew one guy that may be able to help him, but it meant a trip overseas. A trip he had to take, or the alternative was to literally go crazy. It would take a few days to arrange everything and travel there, so he started to make some calls.

Angela was home relaxing, Pete from the club was there, along with Suzie. They were just going over some final plans for the playrooms when an older gentleman popped his head in the door.

“Ange, you better come look at this," said the man.

“Excuse me, be back in a minute," said Angela then headed in the direction of the mystery man.

Pete and Suzie looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

“Did he call her Ange?" said Pete.

“I think so, ooh he’ll be in for it!" said Suzie. She knew Angela was very particular when it came to her name. She once saw a younger Mistress at the club who tried to be informal with her, the tongue lashing and threat of a spell in chains was enough to leave the poor woman in tears.

Terry was Angela’s personal bodyguard; he’d been looking after her forever it seemed. Not surprising really as he was also her older brother.

“What’s up Tel?" said Angela, using the shortened version of his name, her accent had slipped also, the usually well-spoken Angela had the hint of a London accent.

“This tracker, usually always in that clinic down the road, but yesterday it went to the airport and then on to Rome!" said Terry.

“Then this morning it went off, no more traces. Name on the tracker is Furnell.” Added Terry.

“That little shit, he better not show his face around here again," said Angela.

“Thanks Tel, I’ll deal with it,” she said.

“You sure? I can have him picked up in a few hours?" said Terry.

“Nah, this weasel is all mine Tel, he won’t bother us again," said Angela.

“No worries, Sis.”

Angela finished her meeting with Suzie and Pete and waved them off, then went back into the living room and grabbed her phone.

“Hello," said Robert, in a cheery voice. Finally, free from his cage.

“Robert, how’s Rome this time of year?" said Angela. A chill ran down his spine, and he felt like he was about to throw up.

“Angela?” he replied, questioningly.

“Oh, going formal, are we, now you have decided to go rogue?" said Angela.

“Well, either way you’re going to screw me over, so why not, and while I’m at it, go fuck yourself!” Robert lost it, but immediately regretted it.

“Oh dear, Robert. I will give you one chance and one chance only. If you ever return to this city, you will report straight to my house, where I will deal with you personally. Or you can stay away, preferably out of the country and I’ll leave you well alone. The choice is yours," said Angela.

With that the phone went dead and Robert was left to ponder his life decisions.

“Fuck that witch!” He grumbled to himself. She needed to be taught a lesson, he thought, and he was just the man to teach her.

It was the 4th of July, Amy and Betsy had spent a wonderful day together, they went for a picnic in the nearby hills and made love under the sunshine. The newly 23-year-olds were never happier as they laid on the blanket sunbathing. 

It was mid-afternoon, so they packed up and headed home; they needed to get ready for their birthday party tonight at the Transformations Club.

Arriving home, they showered and started to get ready, they had a cab booked for 7pm to take them to the party. Amy wanted to join Betsy in the shower, but Betsy said it would be a bad idea, they would be late to the party if she did!

The girls had the whole day planned out, and everything was running smoothly. After the party they were going to go back to Mistress Angela’s home for a special night, that was all the Mistress would tell them.

Robert looked dishevelled, he managed to sneak back into the country un-noticed by Angela’s spies. He drove up to the coast of France, then paid a fisherman a large chunk of cash to smuggle him to England. He knew he couldn’t get to Angela personally, but he could hurt her in other ways.

He had been staking out Amy’s house for the past two days, hoping to catch her alone. But that was easier said than done, she was constantly with her lover, Betsy.

Time was running out for Robert, sooner or later he would be recognised by someone, and then he would have to get out of town quickly.

His break came when Amy came out to her front garden to put some garbage in the bin, she was on the phone and he heard her organising an Uber for 7pm.

Quickly formulating a plan, he got ready for the evening. He contacted the cab company and cancelled the booking, then at 7pm he would pull up outside and toot the horn.

Angela had everything ready, the club was filled with friends of Amy and Betsy, a giant cake stood ready for them and everyone was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the two lovers.

The two girls come out of the house looking super sexy in their little matching black dresses and strappy heels. Jumping in the back of the car all excited.

“Evening ladies," said Robert.

Amy recognised the voice instantly, but it was too late as a misty gas filled the back of the car, Robert was wearing a mask and was unaffected as the gas sent the poor girls into a deep sleep.

He sped off, heading to a farmhouse he had inherited years ago. He had a playroom there in the barn which was going to be where he finally got to unleash his pent-up frustrations. The drive was a couple of hours away, but the gas was good enough to keep the girls out that long.

Angela checked her watch for the seventh time, they should be here by now. She was a little concerned, but thought the pair were likely still kissing at home and forgot the time. 

Nobody else seemed worried, they were having a good time and mingling well. Angela decided a drink might calm her worry, so headed for the bar. Just then her phone buzzed, it was Terry ringing, Angela’s throat went suddenly dry.

“Tel?" said Angela as she answered the phone.

“I thought Betsy and Amy were going to the club with you tonight?" said Terry.

“They are but they’re late, why? Is everything alright?" said Angela, who was starting to panic.

“Their trackers just got on the motorway heading north, I set an alarm to ping me if any of them left the city, just in case, you know me Sis," said the ever-cautious Terry. The girls had no idea there was a tracker in their collars, and it wasn’t there so the Mistress could spy on them either. It was a security protocol that Terry had insisted on.

He knew how much the girls meant to Angela, and he knew Angela had enemies, some of which could be dangerous. The girls, Terry knew all too well, could be Angela’s Achilles heel, so he was always on the lookout.

By this time, the two girls had come around from the gas, they found themselves both in severe bondage. Amy once again found herself bent over a bar, ankles tied, spreading her legs wide, rope was used to tie her hands and elbows together behind her back. They in turn were roped to the ceiling pulling her in an all too familiar strappado position.

Betsy was opposite her, tied the same and facing Amy. The only difference was Betsy had a ring gag as opposed to Amy’s ball gag. Neither of the girls were bothered by the strenuous bondage, they had endured much worse. 

They were bothered by the man with the raging hard-on, Robert.

“I’m glad you’re awake, I’ve been waiting for a while now. I’m tempted to whip you Amy, but I know you’ll enjoy it, so I’m going to whip your lover instead,” he said with an evil laugh.

“Maybe seeing her in pain will actually hurt you, instead of making you come.” He walked to the rear of Amy, his cock was out and rock hard. He rubbed it over Amy’s pussy, and she closed her eyes tight.

He slowly pushed into her pussy which Amy did not find pleasant at all and start to slowly fuck her whilst staring at Betsy with a grin on his face.

Betsy was making all sorts of unintelligible noises through her gag. Robert leaned over to whisper in Amy’s ear.

“When I’ve finished whipping her, I’m going to rape her asshole,” he said in the cruellest voice ever, then pulled out of Amy.

Walking between them, he looked at Betsy, she was still screaming at him. He just laughed and without warning grabbed her hair and shoved his cock down her throat.

“Ah, that’s better, silence! Can you taste your lover on my cock slut?” He laughed as Amy started to scream around her gag. Betsy meanwhile was struggling to breathe and was gagging violently on the cock in her throat.

Finally, he relented and pulled out, a long trail of saliva still clinging to his cock from Betsy’s throat. Betsy was gasping for breath. 

He still had a hold of Betsy’s hair, then looking at Amy he re-entered her mouth and began to fuck her throat. Betsy was powerless to stop him, the gag was highly effective and left her wide open for access.

Robert carried on for some time, revelling in seeing Amy cry for her lover. But finally, he pulled out. Again, Betsy was gasping for air, drool hanging from her open mouth.

“I’ve got to say Amy, your slut girlfriend is a talented cock sucker, maybe you should have kept yours!" said Robert, as he laughed yet again.

“Don’t worry, I’ll save some for you Amy, after I’ve finished defiling this slut you can clean my cock with your mouth!” He said with an evil sneer, then rammed his cock back into Betsy’s throat.

He fucked her face relentlessly for another few minutes, giving Betsy’s barely enough time to breathe at all, but he pulled out panting. He was getting close to his orgasm and he wanted to save that for a bit longer yet.

Amy looked at Betsy and saw she was struggling to catch her breath; she could barely keep her head up as Robert just laughed at them.

“I don’t know why you two are so upset, your new life with me will be much better, I have this wonderful cock for starters, think of all the fun you can have worshiping it. But, enough of this light fun.” He paused and his voice turned darker.

“Now the real fun begins.” Robert said as he picked up a bullwhip. Amy noticed that the tip of the whip wasn’t the normal version, instead the tip appeared to be metal. She went crazy desperately trying to break her bonds, but it was no use, Robert knew his trade and she was not going to escape.

This whip was going to tear Betsy to pieces and there was nothing Amy could do but watch, she was crying hysterically. Robert stood behind Betsy and laughed loud at Amy’s despair.

He raised his arm whip in hand, his eyes were like a demon. Amy closed her eyes not wanting to see the whip land and the sight of blood on the love of her life. Any moment now she would hear the blood curdling scream, and Amy just knew the pain would kill her inside.

Instead, she heard a weird clicking noise, followed by a loud thump. No screams, she slowly opened her eyes, thinking it was a ploy by Robert to make her watch.

Robert was laying on the floor, his body twitching uncontrollably. Standing above him was a man of around 40-something, Amy sort of recognised him but couldn’t place him. She did however recognise the taser in his hand!

The man walked between the girls, releasing the gags.

“I’ll have you both out of this lot in a jiffy, but first I need to secure this numpty!" said the man.

Betsy recognised the voice of the Londoner immediately, looking up at him. “Uncle Terry!” she cried.

“It’s alright luv, you’re safe now, Ange will be here soon.” Terry said in his thick London accent. 

Terry went back over to Robert, cuffing his wrists behind his back, then giving him another zap with the taser. He came back over, produced a knife and within minutes had both girls released.

They ran to each other and hugged, then turned and hugged Terry.

“There, there girls, Uncle Terry’s got you, you're all safe now,” he said. Amy and Betsy were sobbing but wouldn’t let go of each other, or Terry. He just stood there, each hand caressing one of the girl’s heads, comforting them.

Just then they heard a car coming up the drive, there was the sound of a car door then a familiar voice shouting.

“Terry!” shouted Angela desperately searching the farm for movement of life.

“In the barn!” shouted Terry.

The barn door flew open, Angela with tears in her eyes rushed to the girls, embracing them both, whilst physically checking them.

“It’s alright Sis, I got here in time," said Terry.

For the first time ever, Angela was speechless, she just held on to her girls and wouldn’t let go, all of them cried together.


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