Servitium Amoris

by TransAmy

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Storycodes: M2f; tg; F/f+; slave; naked; bodymod; collar; cons; X

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Chapter 8 – The Honey Trap

Nicola was at the clinic for her first consultation with Dr Nichols, Amy and Betsy had tagged along, Amy needed to attend for an overdue check-up anyway. Plus, she wanted to be there to support her friend.

The three of them sat in a private lounge waiting for the Doctor.

“Can I ask you two a personal question?" said Nicola to Amy and Betsy.

They both nodded and said “Sure.”

“You two are obviously in love, that is evident for anyone to see! But how does that compare to your love for your Mistress?" said Nicola.

“Our love to each other and to Mistress Angela is unconditional, there is no difference whatsoever in the level of our love. It’s just that Mistress Angela is the alpha, and what she says goes, no questions, no thoughts just actions. We trust each other with our lives, and we know that she will always, without compromise or doubt, protect us. As we will her," said Betsy, and Amy just nodded her agreement.

“I’ve never had anything like that in my life, I’m a little jealous of you guys!" said Nicola.

“Your life is about to change, Nic, I promise you that!" said Amy with a smile.

Nicola smiled, it seemed everyone knew what was coming for her except herself! She was a little nervous about what she was about to embark on. Even though she had dreamed of this day for so long.

Just then Dr Nichols came into the room.

“Amy! Nicola! And… I don’t believe we’ve met, young lady?" said the Doctor as he approached Betsy. 

“Steve, this is Betsy, Betsy this is Dr Steve Nichols," said Amy.

“Please call me Steve,” he said as he took in Betsy’s beauty.

“Well, I can clearly see you’re not in need of my services Betsy," said the Doc.

“Easy tiger, you might want to notice the collar, besides this gorgeous thing is all mine!" said Amy as she put her arm around her lover. Unseen by the others Betsy’s hand had slid down to Amy’s bum where she gently ran her finger along the cleavage.

“Oh, and way to make Nicola feel uncomfortable!” barked Amy, diverting his gaze away so she could look at her lover with a look of lust.

The Doctor was brought down a peg and felt an uncomfortable twitch in his groin when he realised he had just come on strong to one of Angela’s girls.

He refrained from the urge to adjust his cage when Nicola saved the day.

“It’s ok Steve, they’re just messing with you, I know I’m beautiful already!" said Nicola laughing.

“Yes, you are Nicola, and we’re going to make you even more beautiful!" said the Doctor excitedly.

“What are we waiting for then Doc?" said an excited Nicola, who was also a bag of nerves inside.

“Ok then, now first things first, I need to do a full body scan, you will of course need to be naked, so if you want your friends can wait here," said Steve.

“No, they can come if they want," said Nicola, who looked at the pair before speaking again.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen them naked!” she said with a smirk. All three girls chuckled. The Doctor however felt another twinge as he imagined all sorts of things from that comment.

They all headed into another room, where Nicola stood naked in a laser scanner that within moments had mapped her entire body. Dressed again, Nicola joined the others as the Doctor showed Nicola a computer-generated image from the scan.

He kept the screen angled away from Amy and Betsy, normally he would have been more relaxed about them seeing it. But the Doctor had noticed Nicola’s scars and rightfully decided to keep that between Doctor and patient.

He had seen this sort of thing before, though he did not know the how and why. Many of his patients had suffered badly with dysphoria, some to the point of self-harm. But he would not jump to conclusions, he would talk to Nicola when the time was right.

For the first time, Nicola realised what Angela had said was true, the hormones had worked wonders over the years. Her body was very feminine looking and looked curvy in all the right places. The Doctor confirmed as much.

“Nicola, if you want my professional opinion, you need little doing, certainly considering your bone structure. Our new procedure which you are familiar with, is unnecessary and I will not recommend it for you.” The Doc paused to let the information sink in. 

“I will however recommend breast augmentation, reassignment surgery and only if you’re not happy, some modification in both hand and foot size. Facial reconstruction is also an optional extra if you want it.” Again, the Doctor paused.

“What sort of time frames am I looking at for the surgeries, Steve?" said Nicola as she pondered the possibilities.

“Breast augmentation will see you here in the clinic for a minimum of five days but can take on average 6 weeks to fully heal. You can however lead a normal life without straining yourself too much, once released,” he said then studied his notes before continuing.

“Facial reconstruction depending on the amount of work, which I don’t think will be much, is a similar time frame, so we can do that at the same time as your breasts if you want.” Again, he studied his notes, turning a few pages to re-check some figures.

“The SRS will also see you in the clinic for around 4-5 days, but recovery will take maybe four months. We have a technique to speed the recovery up, but it involves a stay in hospital for two months. You will also be required to stay on light duties for the duration of the healing, and secondary surgeries may be necessary for aesthetics," said the Doctor.

“Ok Steve, thanks, I’m not worried about my hands and feet, I’m happy with them for now," said Nicola.

“I was going to suggest maybe holding off on those, we would only have taken a small amount off anyway and as your body structure will not change, then I think it best to leave your feet especially, as they are," said the Doctor.

“So, there you have it, I will of course provide you with all the details in writing, your employer has also requested a copy with your permission. Please take as long as you want to decide which way you want to proceed.” The doctor closed his file and waited for any questions.

“You mentioned a faster healing process, can you explain that more?" said Nicola.

“Yes, we’ve developed a new procedure with nano technology to speed up the healing process, but at this stage it has huge side effects in a person’s stamina and general sense of being, therefore it requires you to be sedated for the duration of the process," said the Doctor.

“That is how we were able to process dear Amy so quickly,” he said looking at Amy with a smile.

“How long do you think I would need to be here if I chose the faster method?” asked Nicola.

“If you go through with my recommendations, I estimate we can have you in and out within a two-month time frame. But that doesn’t mean you can jump straight into an active private life. There will still need to be things to adjust to," said Dr Nichols.

“What would you recommend for the facial surgery?" said Nicola.

The doctor spent the next 20 minutes on the computer with Nicola explaining and showing her what changes could be done. In the end, they had agreed on a look that Nicola was happy with.

Nicola had all the information she needed for now, she needed to speak to Angela to work out the best time frame to fit in with the business before going any further.

Whilst there the Doctor gave Amy a brief look over and was happy that everything was in order, the three then left and headed out for something to eat.

None of them were particularly hungry, but Amy insisted on stopping for a coffee!

That evening Nicola called Angela and asked if she could pop over to discuss a few things, Angela agreed and told her to be there around 8pm.

Nicola arrived just before eight, pulling into the huge driveway in her little Fiat 500. She approached the door and rang the bell.

The ever-present Wilson greeted the young lady, and she was told the Mistress was in the living room. Nicola was shown the way and entered.

Angela was sitting on her sofa, two beautiful girls were either side of her on their knees, of course completely naked.

“Nicola, welcome to my home, take a seat.” Nicola sat down in one of the plush armchairs.

“Elsie, Ellie, this is your new manager at the shop, she will be in charge of you whilst you are at work, say hello,” ordered Angela.

“Hello Miss Swanson,” the slaves said in perfect unison.

“Hello ladies and thank you for seeing me Angela," said Nicola.

“I presume you would like to go over some schedules to make some time for the good Doctor?" said Angela.

“Yes, please. Dr Nichols said he would send you a copy of the report, I hope he has sent it, if not I have a copy here," said Nicola, who was finding it hard to keep her eyes focused on anything but Ellie and Elsie.

The Mistress, it seemed, liked to favour a certain look in her girls. Ellie, Elsie, Petra, Julia, Betsy and Amy were all 5’4 or thereabouts, their bodies toned and looking very fit and athletic. Even their breasts were all similar in size and shape.

Hooded, anyone would find it hard to tell them apart. At 5’8 Nicola wondered if she would ever match up to the Mistresses standards. A thought she quickly tried to dismiss from her mind, she was here on business after all.

Angela however didn’t miss a trick; she could see Nicola constantly averting her eyes as she was drawn time and again towards the slaves. Ellie and Elsie were of course oblivious, they stayed in the same position, on their knees which were spread about a foot, displaying their perfect shaved mons.

Hands behind their backs ensuring their breasts were on full display, their faces constantly turned towards the Mistress, their eyes full of adoration and love towards the alpha.

“So, I was thinking of getting as much done as possible during one visit, that would take less time out of the business," said Nicola, who once again became distracted, and she couldn’t be blamed.

Angela whilst listening offered her index finger to Elsie’s mouth, who wasted no time in sucking on her Mistresses finger with passion and gratitude.

For the past 4 years Nicola had been on hormone replacement therapy, it had been quite a while since she had any use for her penis which had slowly shrunk over time and rarely stirred to life.

She sensed however for the first time in over a year that it was stirring, and leaking a little pre-cum. Unfortunately, that was as far as it would go, ever since her ordeal it had never worked quite the same.

Nicola was not fazed however, she had always suffered with her dysphoria, and her penis was just another obstacle to overcome. Whilst her ordeal was a horrific memory, she knew that one day the evidence of that would be gone, forever.

“Nicola... Nicola... NICOLA!” Angela raised her voice to grab the girl’s attention. Nicola snapped out of her daydream as she realised she was staring at Elsie’s performance on Angela’s finger.

“Oh, I’m so sorry Angela, please forgive me I…” Nicola trailed off.

Angela was enjoying this, the poor girl was already hooked, she just didn’t know it yet. She would sow a major seed tonight in Nicola’s mind, one that would eat away at her day by day until the inevitable submission.

“It’s ok Nicola, you were saying about your surgeries I believe," said Angela hiding her delight at Nicola’s journey into slavery!

“Yes, of course, I just wanted your view on the subject, the err... surgery… thing," said Nicola, her eyes once again watching Elsie. 

Time to seal the deal thought Angela as she removed her finger from Elsie’s mouth then stood up. Looking down at her two slaves, she smiled at them.

“You two have been well behaved tonight, you may kiss each other," said the girl’s Mistress.

Elsie and Ellie now moved together, face to face and started to kiss each other with passion. Nicola was transfixed on the pair, oblivious to anything else. Angela meanwhile had been to her sideboard and retrieved her tape measure.

“Nicola let me just take a few measurements for your uniform," said Angela as she approached with the tape.

“Erm... Yes... Whatever you n... need.” Nicola seemed to be engrossed in the two slaves to even notice Angela taking her neck measurement.

With the measurement in hand, she went to her other cupboard and retrieved the perfect size. Then simply walked back to the sofa where the two slaves were still kissing.

“Stop,” ordered Angela. The slaves immediately stopped and resumed their previous positions.

“I think it’s time you two went back to the dungeon, you may pleasure yourselves whilst you wait for me, off you go," said the Mistress.

Elsie and Ellie elegantly rose with smiles on their faces and sauntered off to the dungeon, passing Nicola who could clearly see their shaved mons glistening.

“Nicola, I think you should contact the Doctor at your earliest convenience and get underway with your procedures, the store will not be open for at least two months. We still have a lot of building work to be done in the rear," said Angela. With the slaves gone Nicola had just about regained her composure.

“Also, with this time frame now available, I’ve spoken to Dr Nichols, who assures me he can have all of your procedures completed and virtually healed in time, if you opt for staying within his care under sedation," said Angela.

“The speed healing process?” asked Nicola.

“Indeed, quite the remarkable process by all accounts,” replied Angela.

“Very well, I shall call the Doctor first thing and get the ball rolling, and all being good I should be out in time for the opening," said Nicola now excited.

“Excellent, now that is sorted out, let’s talk about Ellie and Elsie!” Beamed Angela.

“The girls? What about them?” asked Nicola nervously.

“I can clearly see that what you saw tonight had your full attention Nicola, was it purely sexual that you couldn’t keep your eyes off them or something else?” questioned the Mistress.

“Oh, well, er, of course it is very sexual, almost intoxicating, but there is something more, I just can’t put a finger on it, something so sensual about them," said Nicola, who probably said more than she wanted to.

“When you watched them, did you want them? Or envy them?" said Angela who was relishing this interview.

Nicola was sure she should be making her excuses and leaving; however, the slaves had captivated her thoughts, almost as if she were hypnotised by them and unable to resist Angela’s provoking questions.

“At first it was envy, definitely envy, as it was yesterday at the store. The way they look upon you is almost magical. Then as they kissed, I wanted them, no, more like, wanted to be with them," said Nicola, her eyes off in the distance just picturing what it would be like.

“Nicola, I want you to take this.” Angela said as she passed the collar to her. Nicola held the collar which to her was beautiful and crafted to perfection. She felt the faint engraving and read it carefully.

Servitium Amoris, followed by a bullwhip snaking around the letters M and A. She guessed the meaning of the letters, Mistress Angela, but her Latin was never good.

Angela saw her study the words, she would let her work it out in her own time.

“Keep it, but be warned, once closed it will not open, and once that happens you will belong to me,” warned Angela. As much as Angela loved the mind games she sewed, it really was the individual’s own actions that brought them into her service. She merely helped to awaken the person's desires.

Nicola was no different, by accepting her place in Angela’s service, the young woman would find her confidence and find the love she so desperately needed in her life.

“All of my slaves are here because they choose to be Nicola, it’s the only way this works and only you can close that around your neck.” Angela had her; she knew it from that moment at the store. She saw the same look this evening, Nicola needed this as much as she needed her transition. Nicola needed a home, and a family to love her.

“Now, go home, rest, for tomorrow is the start of the rest of your life, a life which can be rich with reward if you steer the right path," said Angela as she guided Nicola out to her car.

“Thank you, Angela, I won’t let you down, I promise," said Nicola, who then got in her car and drove home. Before she got more than a half a mile away, she pulled over and got her phone out. Searching the internet for Servitium Amoris – meaning.

Slave of Love, the words sank into her mind, they were perfect. Ellie, Elsie, Petra, Julia, Betsy and Amy, all of them, it made perfect sense to Nicola now, they were all in love, in love with Mistress Angela.

At home Nicola slept barely a wink, the collar was on her pillow next to her, seeming as though she was drawn to it, like a magical spell. It held the key to all her dreams, love, family, acceptance and happiness.


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