Servitium Amoris

by TransAmy

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Chapter 7 – A Well-Deserved Break

The next few weeks passed relatively quickly; Amy and Betsy had moved into Amy’s place and continued to grow ever closer. Betsy was amazed at Amy’s talent for drawing and encouraged her to do more.

Amy however tried to explain it was a spur of the moment hobby, and she only did it when she had an idea about something or was thinking about people in her past.

But Betsy was engrossed in her work, she would spend time just sitting on the sofa looking at her sketchbooks. Her favourite was the sketch of her family that she did in hospital. She thought it was sweet that she remembered herself as her brother.

There were some other drawings of Mistress Angela’s motif, but they had the name Amy entwined in them too, they were cool, but Betsy forgot to ask what they were for.

Betsy was also curious how Amy was able to own her house outright at such a young age. Amy explained how the house was owned by her parents, it was put into a trust for her when her parents died. When she turned 18 years old the house was released back to her.

It had been rented out for 12 years whilst Amy/Matt had been through foster care, so a fair bit of cash had also accumulated.

Work on the shop was coming on nicely and slightly ahead of schedule. The shop front was all but complete and was almost ready to be stocked.

All six of Angela’s slaves had quit their jobs, and all had been informed of the new positions that they would be taking as shop assistants. The salary was a good one too, which pleased them even more.

Amy had spent some time getting to know the other girls, Ellie was the oldest and for 32 years old looked amazing, she was as fit as any of the others and carried a wisdom which she often kept to herself. 

Only Angela and Ellie knew how long they had known each other. When Angela was 22 years old, she took on her first slave, a young girl who had no one, she found her on a street trying to turn tricks, she was only 16 years old.

Angela took her in and cared for her, Ellie was wise and street smart, she knew all about the BDSM scene and was fascinated by it. Initially Angela thought about having her as an apprentice, but Ellie refused and offered herself to Angela. 

They were lovers at first, and then it developed to much more. Their bond is beyond anything. Ellie will never show it, but behind the scenes they are on another level.

Elsie was 28 years old and had been with the Mistress for 8 years, she was fun and liked to joke around. She was very tight with Ellie.

Petra and Julia were 25 and 24 years old respectively and had been with the Mistress for 6 years. Like the others their bond was close. 

All the girls, Amy included, were the same height and remarkably similar in appearance. It was clear the Mistress had a type.

The two Doctors were back at work, and to their surprise they were adapting to their chastised lives remarkably well. It seems that they were no longer distracted by other things and their quality of work had excelled.

But time would tell if they remained this way, Dr Nichols was a lot older so probably had less to lose than his friend. Dr Furnell was a Dominant man by nature, surely, he would soon tire of Angela’s mind games.

Suzie and Pete were stress free, and back to enjoying the life they loved, supporting the local trans community and of course the fetish community too. Pete was super busy, helping in the store whenever possible. Suzie had recently taken a few younger trans girls under her wing, so she had her hands full too.

Things were looking good, but Angela had one more thing to sort out. Her choices for the store manager had both pulled out. One with a family emergency overseas, which could see her gone for months. The other had found she was pregnant and didn’t want to commit to a job that would take her away from her new family.

Angela was at the store; deliveries were starting to arrive, and she had four of her girls there to help with the sorting out. Amy and Betsy had naturally paired off and were busy unpacking boxes. Meanwhile Julia and Petra were busy sorting out boxes of bondage equipment. 

Next door a car pulled into the car park; it was Amy’s best friend Nicola. She had just popped in to drop off some clothes she no longer wanted; the club always needed things like that.

Seeing Amy, she walked over to say hello.

“Hiya Amy, Betsy, you two all settled?” She said with a smile.

“Hi Nic, yeah we’re all sorted," said Amy looking at Betsy with a huge grin.

Nicola was so happy for her friend, she deserved all the happiness she could get, and Betsy was perfect, they looked so good together and were both incredibly happy.

“Hey Nic, you free this weekend? We were going to head out to the new designer village, have a good snoop at the latest goodies. You interested? Said Amy.

“Oh, I can’t this week, sorry guys, I have some plans," said Nicola.

“Is it a guy?” asked Betsy with a smile.

“Oh, no, nothing like that, no!" said Nicola, wishing the subject would go away.

Angela had just walked over to see what the boxes held that Amy and Betsy had unpacked.

“Oh, hi Angela," said Nicola, glad to be saved.

“Nicola, long time no see! You are keeping well?” enquired Angela.

“Yes, fairly good, there’s always room for improvement but I can’t complain," said Nicola, who behind her brave face was far from happy, she had lost her job recently and was struggling to find a new one.

 As they spoke Angela pulled out a leather coat from the box that looked nice but expensive too.

“Oooh, Saint Laurent, nice. Looks like the latest in this year’s winter line, retails around £350," said Nicola.

Angela was impressed, not many people could identify a coat like that from a two second glance. Nicola was spot on with her deductions.

“You know your clothes Nicola; this range is not commonplace on the high street," said Angela, who was forming a plan.

“Well, you know how it is, I love my fashion, and I like to keep up to date. Besides, who can resist dreaming about a leather coat like that!" said Nicola.

“Which reminds me, I need to empty the car, I have some hand me downs for the newer girls," said Nicola as she started to head away.

“I’ll see you all later!” She said and waved.

“Nicola, come and see me before you go please, I need to ask you a few things," said Angela.

“Yeah sure, give me half an hour, I need to see Suzie about something.” With that Nicola was off into the club.

“Nicola really does know her clothes," said Angela.

“Amy, does Nicola work in fashion?” Angela enquired.

“Yes, sort of, Mistress Angela, she works in a high street store, I’m not sure which one though," said Amy.

“Does she have a boyfriend?” asked Angela.

“Oh, no Mistress Angela, she is too scared, she thinks they will laugh at her, I’ve tried to tell her that she is stupid to worry, but she has had some bad experiences and struggles to move on," said Amy.

“Interesting, thank you Amy," said Angela as she went back into the shop area.

“So, that’s why she just went weirdo on us, because I mentioned a guy?" asked Betsy.

“Pretty much, yup," said Amy.

“Wow, must have been a bad time she had?" said Betsy.

“I don’t know the full story, but she trusted a guy, and he was just using her as a joke for his mates. Things got nasty and she has never dated since," said Amy, who looked towards the club thinking about her friend.

It got more than nasty; Nicola had never told anyone what happened that night, even her closest friends didn’t know. The guy she had met in a club in the city seemed genuine, it was a hook up bar for LGBT people. 

The guy was just on a prank though, they obviously thought it was harmless fun, but one of the guys turned nasty and ended up giving Nicola a good beating. 

She was in hospital for three weeks recovering from several broken bones and the worst possible thing. The thugs had mutilated her. It was done in a back alley where there were no witnesses, so they got off.

Nicola was obviously very shaken by the whole thing, she really should have spoken to someone professional, but refused any help. She had suffered with confidence ever since the ordeal.

“She really does need a good break," said Amy with a sad face.

Just over half an hour later Nicola strolled back into the shop. Angela was barking orders to the girls when she noticed her.

“Ah Nicola, one moment,” she said then turned to Julia.

“Julia, be a dear and fetch me and Nicola some tea please," said Angela.

Julia promptly nodded and hurried off to the kitchen area. Meanwhile Angela guided Nicola into her office and gestured for her to take a seat.

Angela sat at her desk and sat back to relax.

“So, Nicola, I really just wanted to catch up properly, I’ve been so busy lately and haven’t had the chance to talk as much," said Angela.

“Oh, that’s ok, I can see you have a lot going on!" said Nicola with a smile.

“How’s your transition coming along, any progress?” enquired Angela.

“Ooh, not good, I want to be so much further than I am, I’ve done everything they ask of me, but they keep knocking back my schedule. I can’t afford to go private, so have to wait in line like everyone else," said Nicola, looking quite sad.

“And how is work? What is it you do again?” asked Angela.

“Oh, I lost my job at the clothes store last week, cutbacks they said, though I’m quite sure that wasn’t the reason. The boss never really accepted me once I started transitioning. Which is a real shame as I was getting close with my savings for that boob job I wanted," said Nicola who was starting to show a little emotion.

Angela was sympathetic to Nicola, the girl had a heart of gold and was a mentor to lots of the trans girls in the community, even Amy had grown under her wing.

Just then Julia knocked on the door with a tray of tea and biscuits. Angela beckoned her in and thanked her. As Julia left, she poured Nicola a cup from the pot and then one for herself.

“Help yourself to milk and sugar,” she said as she took a sip from her cup.

“Julia does make a splendid cup of tea, which you’ll find out no doubt," said Angela. Nicola thought it was a strange comment but dismissed it.

“I presume you are looking to go for the full transition, SRS etc…?” asked Angela.

“Yes, eventually, one day, I hope. If I won the lottery, I’d have what Amy had, but the cost of that is ridiculous. There’s no way I’ll get that from the system," said Nicola, who was a little jealous of Amy, but too happy for her to show it.

“I trust at least your love life is ok though?” asked Angela.

Nicola didn’t like to discuss these things, but she was always nervous and a little intimidated by Angela. Nobody could blame her for that, as most people were!

“Oh, there’s no one now, but I’m not exactly looking, I spend most of my time looking after the new girls. At least they understand me, most guys only want one thing and I have no time for that," said Nicola, who was a bag of nerves.

Angela felt sorry for Nicola, Amy said she had had some bad times in her past, and it was evident they had a serious effect on her. It wouldn’t surprise Angela at all if this somehow had a negative impact with her therapist.

It was probably why her transition had been put on hold time and again. The girl needed a confidence boost and a guiding hand, a firm hand, and Angela knew just the person to do it, herself.

“That’s a shame Nicola, you are a stunning girl, maybe you should look towards a girlfriend rather than a boyfriend, at least they will appreciate you more!” Suggested Angela.

“Oh, that would be nice, but my therapist says I need a man in my life," said Nicola, who seemed to like the prospect of a girlfriend, but on the same note seemed scared of the therapist.

“It sounds to me like this therapist doesn’t know what he’s talking about, you must do what you think is right for you, not what some Doctor thinks," said Angela with an authoritative tone.

“Oh, well, er I think I will look into that, thanks for the tip Angela," said Nicola who seemed to respond to the more authoritative tone.

Angela was convinced this girl was submissive and being forced to be more dominant than she is comfortable with. It was time to test her on a subject she was comfortable with.

“Fashion, you always dress very well Nicola, and as a fellow connoisseur of fine clothing I can see you spend a fair sum of your income there. Tell me about your interest in fashion?” asked Angela.

“Fashion is my calling, my life and passion, I spend every spare minute looking at the latest items, the new ranges this summer look very promising. I can’t wait to see them on the high street. No doubt it will cost me another arm or leg, but every thread is worth the price.” Beamed Nicola.

There it was exactly what Angela was looking for. As soon as the subject turned to something Nicola knew about, she was all over it, oozing confidence and full of knowledge.

She believed the therapist knew more than her about transition, which she may have, but nobody knows Nicola as well as Nicola. The therapist had missed the points which make this woman who she is and has failed to make her capitalise on them.

Angela had made up her mind, it was time to bypass this therapist and start to guide Nicola into a life with meaning, love and purpose.

“Nicola, I just have a quick call to make, but please wait here, it won’t take a moment," said Angela as she picked up her phone.

“Dr Nichols, do you know Nicola Swanson?” asked Angela.

“Yes, of course, lovely girl," said Steve as he adjusted his cage on hearing Angela’s voice.

“Good, she will be coming to see you tomorrow, and now that she is in my employ, she will be covered by the company’s medical insurance. I trust you will do all in your power to progress her transition as a matter of urgency?" said Angela.

Nicola’s chin had dropped, and tears formed in her eyes.

“Of course, Mistress Angela, she will be my top priority," said Dr Nichols. He waited for a reply, but he already sensed the phone call had ended, the dull tone confirmed his suspicions.

“Nicola, welcome to the family, next week you will be on this side of the desk. I trust you will be up to the task of running my store?" said Angela with a smile.

“Oh, Angela, thank you, I don’t know how I can ever repay you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" said a blubbering Nicola.

“You can repay me by making this business a success, of which I have no doubt you will. Now how about you come and meet some of your staff?" said an enthusiastic Angela.

Angela gathered the girls and gave them the good news; Amy was the first to jump on Nicola and give her a big hug. Angela then pulled Nicola aside for a quick word.

“Nicola, the company health care will cover all your needs, and I mean all your needs. But I must emphasise a few things. I know you said about wanting the same as Amy, but looking at you, I don’t think it’s necessary. You already have a feminine build, and the hormones have worked wonders on you over the years. Dr Nichols will advise you best, please listen to him and take his advice. But most of all, you must ditch your therapist immediately," said a concerned Angela.

“I will Angela, I promise I will, just one thing, do I have to call you Mistress from now on?" said Nicola, unsure of herself.

Angela laughed and motioned for the four girls to come over.

“If you want to, but I must warn you of a few things if you do. Firstly, you will be wearing one of these,” she said as she pointed to the girl’s collars.

“Secondly, things like this will become second nature to you, no matter where you are!" said Angela who then looked at her four slaves and said one word.


All four of the girls were stripped naked in a matter of seconds, and on their knees at the Mistresses' side. All were looking up at Angela with a devotion like no other.

Nicola couldn’t believe what she just saw, they were after all outside the loading dock of a warehouse on a busy road. A passing truck tooted his horn and several cars had slowed to a near halt, yet the girls were unfazed, their devotion beyond anything for their Mistress.

Her point well and truly made, she looked once more at her girls.

“As you were slaves.”

“Yes, Mistress Angela," said the four of them in unison, then got up and dressed. They went back to work as if nothing had happened.

Nicola finally came back to her senses and looked at Angela gobsmacked.

“That was incredible, I knew the girls adored you, but that level of devotion is…” Nicola trailed off, she just didn’t have the words to describe it.

“Is required to have the privilege of calling me Mistress," said Angela with a smirk.

“In that case, for now I will call you Boss or Angela, but who knows what will happen when I’m happy enough with myself to be able to share a bond with another," said Nicola who had to admit to herself, she was incredibly turned on by the whole demonstration.

“Until that time then," said Angela, who sounded like she already knew it was a foregone conclusion.


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