Servitium Amoris

by TransAmy

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Storycodes: M2f; tg; FF; F/m; sex; tease; nipple; spank; cons; X

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Chapter 6 – Finding the Kryptonite

Amy and Betsy walked all the way home, Betsy lived the closest and insisted Amy came in. Which wasn’t a hard sell at all!

Betsy lived in a flat, it was nice but small, just a one-bedroom apartment. Betsy grabbed them a drink and they sat on the sofa cuddled up close.

“I like this flat, it’s cosy," said Amy.

“Yeah, me too, but the rent is ridiculous, and the neighbours are creepy!” replied Betsy.

“Creepy how?" said Amy, a worried look on her face.

“The guy next door is always knocking for stupid reasons; he always leers at me," said Betsy with a shiver.

“Have you told Mistress? I’m sure she could sort him out!” They both chuckled.

“I was kinda hoping to move soon, but Mistress wants me to quit my job, I’m worried about the rent and how I’ll be able to save enough to move," said a concerned Betsy.

Amy had a huge smile, which Betsy found strange given the conversation. 

“What are you smiling for?" said Betsy.

“Because I have the perfect plan!" said an excited Amy.

“Why don’t you come and live with me? I own my place, outright, there’s no rent to worry about, we could survive easily on a minimal income," said Amy.

“You’d do that for me?" said Betsy.

“Are you kidding? I’d do anything for you, I can’t explain it, but I love you, and I feel like I’ve always loved you," said Amy, who thought she had said too much and was worried she’d just freaked Betsy out.

“No need to explain, I know exactly how you feel, I just feel so complete with you. Even before I saw you, that first time I felt your lips, I just knew you were special.” Betsy was tearing up as she spoke.

There were no more words to be spoken, the two of them had locked their eyes on each other. The feelings they shared were unexplainable, it was unconditional love.

They kissed, not like previously, this was gentle, tender and loving. Betsy led Amy to the bedroom, where she pushed Amy onto the bed. She did a slow strip tease standing before Amy, who at this point had one hand on her breast tweaking a nipple, her bottom lip between her teeth.

Their eyes never broke away from each other, there was a hunger that needed to be satisfied. Amy had already pulled off her dress, her bra pulled down to reveal her breasts.

Betsy crawled onto the bed stalking Amy who playfully slowly crept further up the bed, hitting the headboard with nowhere to go, she let out a fake gasp. Betsy smiled, an evil smile like a predator had just cornered its prey.

Grabbing Amy’s ankles, she pushed them apart and gently started to nip at her leg. The nips turned to kisses, as she crept further up her legs alternating between the two.

Eventually Betsy had run out of legs to kiss, her mouth now hovered above Amy’s knickers, mere inches away from her treasure. Betsy edged closer and closer still, Amy was panting with desire the anticipation of Betsy touch was driving her insane. 

Betsy’s hands, which had moved to hold the cheeks of Amy’s cute ass, grabbed her knickers and forcefully pulled them down her legs. Within seconds they were gone, discarded across the room.

Amy’s last defence was gone, Betsy was once again hovering close to her pussy, Betsy could smell her scent, her excitement. Her tongue suddenly darted out and licked the length of Amy’s pussy, she shuddered as the assault continued mercilessly. 

Amy was highly aroused, the feelings were out of this world, but she just couldn’t reach that peak, try as she might it was forever just out of reach.

She took a hold of Betsy’s hair and tried to make her drive her over the top pulling her deeper into her, still no joy. Betsy sensed the frustration and changed her attack.

She started to kiss further up her body, all over her toned stomach, reaching her breasts paying special attention to each nipple, then further onto her neck kissing and taking playful bites.

Soon their eyes were level, staring into each other their lips touched, gentle at first then not so, tongues were exploring, mouths sucking on tongues biting lips and sloppy kissing.

Amy could taste herself on her lover’s lips, it drove her crazy, it was her turn to explore, she flipped Betsy over and was on top in an instant, the predator had become the prey.

In a reversal of what Betsy did, Amy went from sloppy kissing to biting her neck, then slowly worked down, first one nipple then the other, Betsy was gasping as the kisses sent shivers down her spine, like little electric shocks centring on her pussy. 

Kissing and licking Amy continued down, Betsy’s stomach received little nips and kisses as the hungry mouth drew ever closer to her pussy which was dripping with lust, pure wanton lust. 

Betsy felt for sure the first touch would send her into oblivion, she could feel Amy’s breath now hovering ready to strike, Betsy’s eyes were closed, this was it this was… 

Amy’s tongue dove into her moist pussy and Betsy screamed as her first orgasm hit like a tidal wave, washing over her entire body, submerging her in pure ecstasy. It lasted forever it seemed; the tongue that found her pleasure spot had not stopped.

No sooner had Betsy reached the peak, she felt another wave rising, Amy had found her clit, and knew exactly how to manipulate it, she would purposely tease it driving Betsy wild with anticipation, then out of nowhere she would strike.

Betsy was delirious with pleasure, defenceless against the onslaught, the second orgasm hit harder than the first, her eyes rolled into the back of her head and the sound of pure animalistic pleasure erupted from within her.

Betsy’s body shook as every nerve in her body was covered by the orgasmic wave, she lay there in the afterglow not even realising the attack had stopped. 

The smell of her own scent brought her back to earth as Amy kissed her deeply, the passion between them was raw, it was powerful, and it was born out of unconditional love.

It wasn’t over for Betsy, she returned Amy’s deep kiss as the two were locked in an embrace that would not be broken. Betsy felt fingers on her mound, they found her open and willing, she was so wet from the last two orgasms that there was no resistance.

The fingers danced in and out alternated between penetrating her sex and rubbing her clit. Betsy had no defence, her guards were completely gone, and she was like a lamb to the slaughter. 

Then they changed again, two fingers slid deep within her and curled around to find the g-spot, at first, they began to tap it and Betsy felt it start, another wave was coming, there was nothing she could or wanted to do about it.

The tapping got stronger and stronger, until it wasn’t tapping anymore. Amy’s fingers were furiously fucking her, assaulting her most tender place, Betsy had stopped kissing, she just couldn’t focus on anything but the centre point of the coming tsunami. 

Amy watched her face distort her own arousal as high as it had ever been, then it hit, Betsy screamed as her pussy erupted, fluid was literally gushing out as she squirted everywhere. 

Amy didn’t stop her assault; she just kept going, stretching Betsy’s wave over her entire being. It seemed as though it would never stop. Amy finally relented and slowed the assault on Betsy. 

Her hand was soaked, she brought it up to her mouth and licked Betsy’s cum off her fingers, all the while staring into her eyes, then she fed Betsy her own taste. Betsy sucked eagerly; it was all she had left, her energy spent.

Amy saw her chance and went for the kill, sliding down, she started attack number four, this time a double pronged assault. Her fingers dove back into the open Betsy, and her tongue attacked her engorged clitoris.

The build-up took no time at all, Betsy had barely gotten over her last ecstasy ride when the next one was hitting her, like the last, this one just erupted, like an out-of-control volcano, Amy was covered, her face soaked with Betsy’s explosion.

The guttural sound from Betsy didn’t sound human and went on and on, as did Amy’s tongue and fingers. Betsy was shaking, like she never had before, in all her years nothing had ever come close to the pure fulfilment she felt right now.

Amy stopped, Betsy was almost lifeless, just a little twitch every so often, like an aftershock after an earthquake. Amy pulled her close and pulled the sheets over them. She kissed her on the forehead, and just watched her.

Betsy was still out of it, she was vulnerable, and Amy just wanted to protect her until she came to her senses. She wasn’t sure but for a few minutes she was sure Betsy had gone to sleep.

Amy kissed her all over her face, gentle kisses, Betsy’s eyes opened, looking straight into Amy’s. She was still floating, Amy smiled then whispered.

“I love you.”

It was well past midnight; Betsy had finally regained her senses. The lovers laid in bed intertwined, gentle kisses between conversations. They had both explored each other all over for the past god knows how many hours. Betsy had come at least 4 times, but Amy had not.

Concerned and worried she wasn’t good enough for Amy, Betsy asked if there was something wrong. Amy hadn’t even considered whether Betsy knew she was a transwoman or not.

“Betsy, there is something I need to tell you about me.”

“If it’s the fact you used to be a guy, don’t sweat it, I know, I don’t care either, I love you for what you are, here and now," said Betsy. Amy smiled and kissed her again.

“But I am curious and a little worried that I can’t make you come, but as you’ll find out, I do love a puzzle!" said Betsy, with a weird but fun look.

“I’m still learning about this body, the Doctors said it’s like learning everything over again and that one day it will just happen. Now, only one thing makes me come," said Amy with a smirk.

“And that is?" quizzed Betsy.

Amy then told Betsy the whole story about the club, the Doctor and how Angela had saved her. 

“So, you’re what they call a pain slut huh?" said Betsy. As she pinched Amy’s nipple playfully.

Amy was caught off guard and didn’t expect it, but her reaction had Betsy intrigued. Before she knew it, Betsy had one hand sliding down to Amy’s pussy whilst she sucked on one of Amy’s nipples.

Betsy’s fingers probed Amy’s pussy which was already wet, then without warning she bit on Amy’s nipple. Amy instantly gasped, the shock running through her like lightning. Betsy had found the kryptonite!

Another bite this time a little harder, Amy groaned, it was a deep groan, she was on the way. Betsy continued to suck and bite her nipple, her fingers deep inside her sex, her thumb rubbing her clit. 

With her free hand she wrapped Amy’s hair around her fingers and pulled her head back, this sent Amy wild, her body bucked as the first orgasm crested upon her, any second it would crash, Betsy sank her teeth in the soft flesh of Amy’s breast and bit down.

The wave broke and Amy came violently to a huge surge of pleasure, her scream of pleasure would surely wake the neighbours, Betsy was grinning as she had her now, her fingers doubled their efforts and she continued to bite and pull her hair and Amy quickly rose to a second orgasm. 

Her deep moans and soaked pussy engulfed in pain filled lust. Betsy stopped; Amy was floating in the fields of ecstasy. Betsy flipped Amy over onto her front, climbed on top of her and pulled her hair back hard, then she spanked her lover hard on the cheek of her arse.

The moans from Amy only encouraged her, and she began to spank her harder alternating cheeks. All the time pulling her hair forcing her head back. Amy’s cheeks began to warm, then as they heated more each slap started to work its magic.

The spanking was stinging now, her arousal deepening all the time, Betsy saw her hairbrush on the bedside cabinet, she quickly grabbed it. The blow was with the back of the brush, it was harder than her hand and the pain cut deep into Amy, sending the pain straight to her pussy.

Three more strikes with the hairbrush and it was all Amy could take as she came to another long surge of pleasure that washed over her. The heat from the cheeks of her arse spread throughout her as she came violently. 

Betsy let her recover; she was immensely turned on from the events but didn’t want to damage Amy. She needed to investigate this more and find new ways to produce her lover's pain filled orgasms without damaging her.

They finally collapsed all sweaty and spent, it was now 2am! But still the pair were awake, it was like they didn’t want to be apart for a moment.

“Well, that was different," said Betsy.

“Kinda fun too.” She added, a gleam in her eye.

“My arse is on fire, but it feels so good," said Amy in a shaky voice.

The pair laid in a cuddle for a while just kissing.

“So, you know my story, and how to exploit me! How did you get to know Mistress?” asked Amy.

Betsy smiled, as she thought back to that fateful day, she met Angela.

“I was eighteen, rowdy as hell. Thought I was some kind of Mistress," said Betsy as she thought back.

“A guy I was seeing, who I considered my sub at the time, managed to get tickets for the Transformations club," said Betsy, pausing only to remember back.

“So, here I was, spanking my boyfriend, when this older woman walks in and offers me some advice. I was like, who the hell are you, fuck off!” Betsy chuckled as she remembered the scene.

“The woman just grabs me, and before I know it, I’m over her knee and she is spanking the shit out of me! I was screaming for her to get off, then suddenly I felt that little tingle you get, my butt was on fire and stinging but my pussy was dripping.” Betsy was looking into Amy’s eyes as she was telling the story, she could tell Amy was imagining the scene, deeply aroused by it.

“My screams stopped, I stopped struggling and just accepted the punishment. Then she pulls me off her lap, she knew exactly what she’d done to me and how it made me feel.” Betsy’s eyes were glazing as she remembered those feelings she had.

“Then what?” enquired Amy.

“She ran her fingers through my pussy, all slick and wiped her fingers on my lips. I just let her do it! And that was the exact moment I knew that this was a Mistress, a real Mistress.” Betsy smiled.

“I stood there in awe of this woman, then she gave me her card and said to call her when I want to start the rest of my life as her slave.” Betsy closed her eyes, as if remembering those fateful words.

“And that was it?" said Amy.

“That was it, I was hooked, I called her the next day, she had me picked up and I spent the next week in her dungeon, getting an education. Haven’t looked back, Mistress Angela saved me, I was on the path to destruction," said Betsy, tearing up.

Amy saw the tears and gently thumbed them away, then pulled her in for a cuddle. The two nuzzled into each other and finally fell to sleep.


At 8am sharp the next morning Dr Nichols rang the doorbell on the large Victorian house, there was a short wait until a butler opened the door and asked the Doctor to come in.

“Please take a seat sir, the Mistress will be with you shortly," said the butler.

With that the butler had gone, Dr Nichols sat uncomfortably in the chair whilst he waited. He still had no idea why he was summoned.

Angela was in the basement dungeon, she had just released Elsie and Ellie from their overnight bondage, the pair had spent the night mummified and were slick with sweat.

“You two definitely need a shower!” Quipped the Mistress.

“Off you go my little darlings, and enjoy your break, I’ll see you in a few hours," said Angela.

“Yes, Mistress Angela,” replied the girls, then scurried off to the bathroom.

Angela climbed the stairs from the basement and headed for the living room, the butler intercepted her in the hallway and informed her that her guest had arrived.

“Thank you, Wilson. That will be all.” Angela said as she dismissed him.

Entering the living room, she saw the Doctor sitting nervously, he immediately rose from his seat when she came in.

“Mistress Angela," said Steve Nichols as a form of greeting.

“Dr Nichols, glad to see you made it, I want to discuss your friend Dr Furnell.” Angela bore a furrowed brough as she spoke.

“Robert?” replied the Doctor.

“Yes, Robert, the man who entered my domain, with no introduction, kidnapped a young lady who is very dear to me and beat her!” Angela’s voice had taken on a disturbing tone, Steve had no words, just felt a lump in his suddenly dry mouth.

“This so-called man, who was vetted by your good self. Was given access to the Transformations Club where he abducted a girl. A girl I might add who was merely working as a favour to the proprietor. A defenceless girl who was not even into the BDSM scene.” Angela’s words were spoken like a teacher telling off a student.

The Doctor, who was well into his fifties, was very intimidated, even though Angela was almost 20 years younger than him. He managed to clear his throat and speak.

“Mistress Angela, I’m very sorry to hear this, Robert has been a friend of mine for many years, he is a consummate professional and a very good Doctor," said Steve, but he was cut off by the wave of Angela’s hand.

“I’m not concerned with all of that, as you may or may not be aware, this friend of yours has spent the best part of the week here as my maid, a small price to pay for his crime. However, he was not entirely guilty alone, but that’s another story.” Angela paused to catch a breath.

“Your crime, however, has yet to be sentenced!” Angela said in a harsh tone, but secretly enjoyed the way Steve squirmed.

“By letting someone into my domain without consulting me, you have put the lives of our community in danger. There is no excuse for your behaviour, Doctor, and as an upstanding citizen, you should certainly know better!” Angela paused again, but the good Doctor knew better and remained silent.

“Now, I understand that you do not partake in the delights of the BDSM scene, so your punishment may seem a little harsh. But for the next four days you will remain here and continue your friend’s work as my maid. Do you understand?" said the Mistress.

“Yes, I understand, Mistress Angela," said a clearly defeated Doctor.

“Now, before I send you off to begin your chores, I have one question for you," said Angela with a raised eyebrow.

“Do you have a PA piercing?” asked Angela.

“Why, no I don’t Mistress Angela, why do you ask?" said a nervous Steve.

The Mistress just laughed and beckoned the Doctor to follow her.

About an hour later, Wilson was sweeping the hallway when he suddenly heard a scream come from upstairs. He just rolled his eyes and carried on with his work. Just another day in the office.

Meanwhile just a few miles away the victim of the crimes was sound asleep, and ironically had never been happier than she was right now.


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