Servitium Amoris

by TransAmy

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Storycodes: M2f; tg; F/f+; F/m; slave; maid; dungeon; oral; cons; X

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Chapter 5 – Soulmates

Early the next morning Angela came down and released the two exhausted girl’s, they both sat on the floor trying to recover from the previous night’s ordeal as dolls.

“Right girls, you have six hours to wash, eat and relax. How you do it is up to you. Once I have left you have permission to talk to each other if you wish to or do anything else with each other!" said the Mistress.

“Do you understand?" said Angela.

“Yes, Mistress Angela,” they replied in unison. Angela then left them to it. As she climbed the stairs back into the main house, she was wondering how long it would be until they were making out with each other.

At the back of the dungeon was a hidden room, there was a small kitchen and a bathroom where the girls could do the necessary things they needed.

Betsy showed Amy where everything was then hit the shower, she beckoned Amy to join her. Amy smiled and needed no encouragement.

Amy thought Betsy was just the most beautiful girl she had ever seen, her long brunette hair framed her face perfectly, her cheeks were well defined, and her lips were full and just needed to be kissed.

Though her body was simply perfect, in fact almost identical to Amy’s, it was Betsy’s eyes that captivated Amy. The deepest bluey grey, and Amy could easily just fall into them forever.

Angela checked the CCTV on her phone, sure enough she found the pair of slaves in the shower, covered in soap and making out whilst exploring each other’s bodies.

Since the pair got on so well, Angela checked the slave rotas. She now had six slaves in total, each serving her desires for 3 days then having 6 days off.

Until now, Betsy had always been alone, Amy’s sudden employment had put her on an odd shift. Later today Betsy would go home, and two more slaves would arrive to take her place. Some juggling was required.

She checked the cameras again, the two had finished showering and had fed themselves, they were about to go to bed. Angela decided to head down for a quick chat before they fell asleep.

As the dungeon door opened and Angela walked in, Amy and Betsy panicked like two teenagers being caught making out in the room, which Angela found most amusing.

“At ease girls, you’re on downtime!" said Angela with a chuckle.

The girls smiled but still stayed apart and laid in bed ramrod straight.

“Amy, Betsy, you do realise I have cameras everywhere in here," said Angela as she waved her hand around the room. “Even in the shower!” Angela smirked at the look on their faces, looking as though they were in trouble.

“Relax, my slaves, I think it’s great that you two are bonding the way you are, which is why I am here. Betsy, you’ve been here for a few years now, so you understand how the rota works.”

“Yes, Mistress Angela," said Betsy.

“Amy, I haven’t explained it to you yet, but basically you will be here for 3 days, then be able to go home and recover for 6 days. Today is Betsy’s last day and I want to get you two on the same rota.” Angela paused to let the girl’s digest the information.

“So, Amy, you have a choice, you can either go home today, with Betsy and return in 6 days, or you can remain here for the next 9 days. Either way will put you on the right rota system.” Again, Angela paused before continuing.

“You have until Betsy goes home later to decide, but you will be doing one or the other, do I make myself clear?” Angela’s voice took on a serious tone for the last part.

“Yes, Mistress Angela, crystal clear," said Amy, a smile on her face. Betsy was also smiling, and Angela was sure the pair were holding hands beneath the cover.

“Very well, then I’ll see you in a few hours girls, now, as you were!" said Angela with a smile, she then left the room, locking the door.

Amy and Betsy giggled like schoolgirls, then their heads disappeared beneath the covers as they cuddled and kissed.

Back upstairs someone else was finishing service today, the maid A.K.A. Dr Robert Furnell. He had spent the last three days being humiliated in front of numerous visitors. To top it off his humility was to continue, he had just been given permission to get ready to go home.

“You’ll find your clothes upstairs maid; your service needs a lot to be desired and so as an extra penance.” Angela paused, more to see the anguish on Robert’s face than anything else.

Robert felt a lump in his throat, he did not like the sound of an extra penance.

“I am going to leave your chastity device installed until further notice. Once I am satisfied you have learnt to respect other people’s property then we can discuss releasing you.” Angela withheld the evil smile that was within her.

Inside Robert was fuming, but somehow, he managed to contain himself. More than anything he was regretting his PA piercing that he had done many years ago. The current cage on his cock would be impossible to remove without destroying.

Of course, that was an option, but then he would have to disappear to avoid the wrath of Mistress Angela. An option which would cost him a lot of money!

Almost through gritted teeth he replied.

“Thank you, Mistress Angela.”

With that he was dismissed to return to his normal life. Angela now had a vacancy for another maid for the rest of the week, her normal maid was on a well-earned vacation.

She picked up her phone and called the next unwilling maid.

“Ah, Dr Nichols, I request your presence at my house tomorrow morning, 8am sharp, please clear your schedule for the next 3 days.” Angela ordered.

“Mistress Angela, please forgive me, there is no way I can clear my schedule with that short of notice,” replied Steve Nichols.

“Nonsense, Dr Furnell has just been released from duty, he can take up your workload, I will have him report to you immediately. And as you dare to defy my wishes, clear four days.” Angela hung up the phone before he could answer.

Steve looked to the heavens, what was he thinking trying to barter with Angela! More to the point, what had he done to incur her wrath?

Meanwhile, Angela summoned her two bodyguards to prepare the car, she had a few people to see this morning.

The first stop was to see Suzie and Pete, they had struck hard times and the club was in danger of being a casualty. Angela loved the club, not to mention she knew how much of a lifeline it was for many people.

She had a plan to save it, and to help Suzie and Pete in the process. The premises were quite big, an old warehouse which had been converted into a club.

Angela had recently found out the adjacent warehouse was up for sale, it had been used as a storage facility for many years, but the owners no longer had any use for it. Angela had some ideas though.

“Suzie, Pete, good to see you both!" said Angela as she entered the club foyer.

“Hi Angela, how are you, have you heard from Amy? She hasn’t been around for a few days, and her phone is off," said Suzie, a look of concern on her face.

“Oh, she’s fine, she’s at my house right now in fact with her new friend," said Angela dismissing the enquiry, news of her enslavement was Amy’s business to tell if she wanted to.

Suzie sensed a little more to it, but let it slide.

“So, Angela, to what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?" said Pete.

“Well, you’re looking at the new owner of next door!" said Angela excitedly.

“Wow that’s great, what do you need a warehouse for though?" said Suzie.

“It’s all part of my master plan, you see I want to open a specialised shop. It will cater for a range of fetishes and help to support the trans community. I can think of no better place to have it than right here.” Angela was buzzing with her news, she seemed overly excited.

Pete and Suzie looked a bit down though, the state of their affairs was not looking good. Apparently, they had been doing their taxes wrong for the past ten years and the authorities wanted their money. The hapless pair were likely going to lose everything.

Angela noticed their solemn mood, plus she knew all about their situation. Angela had ears everywhere it seemed.

“Oh, lighten up you two, this is excellent news for all of us!” Beamed Angela.

“Angela, we’re at rock bottom here, we have someone coming this morning to value the property, we’re going to have to sell, I’m so sorry," said Pete, who was quite upset at the prospect of losing his pride and joy.

“Ah, yes the estate agent, he’s not coming, I’ve cancelled him. But don’t worry, I’ve also contacted the tax office and your debt has been cleared. Now, shall we talk business?” Angela was still buzzing.

Pete and Suzie looked gobsmacked, Suzie was almost in tears and Pete was close to forming a rare tear himself. But, in the back of his mind he knew he would likely be in Angela’s pocket from now on. Pete was just one of the few who had avoided that in the past ten years.

“Angela, I don’t know what to say, we are of course very grateful for your help, but there is always a catch," said a brave Pete.

“Relax Pete, the fact of the matter is I need your brand. The Transformations Club brand is and always will be the go-to place for your fetish or trans needs. Consider the payment a license to use your logo on my shop. If it puts your mind at ease, I’ll have a contract raised to say as much," said Angela, it was true she often used her wealth to corrupt people. Pete and Suzie however she considered friends, and those were looked after.

Suzie ran to Angela and hugged her, it was not something the powerful Mistress often let happen, but on this occasion, she let it slide. Giving Suzie a return hug, she looked at Pete and gave him a reassuring smile.

“You two mean the world to me, and you are a pillar in our community, do you really think I would let you lose everything?” Angela’s tone had gone exceptionally soft, almost emotional!

At this point Pete finally let a tear slip, and hurriedly wiped it away to hide his emotions. But Angela saw it and felt a little sympathy for the man.

“Now then, if you have ever had any plans to revamp your sign on the front of the building, now is the time to submit your plan to me, I intend to have an extra-large one up within a week or two!" said Angela, who was back to her excited buzzing!

She then produced a floor plan of the two buildings and started to discuss the best way to plan things out. She wanted to maximise the space available, which also included some extra playrooms for the club.

Suzie made some tea and refreshments including a few snacks as the three of them shared their ideas.

“Pete, how does the club stand regarding future finances? I presume you are making a healthy profit and this tax problem was just an oversight?” Angela said with her business mind on.

“Yes, it keeps us comfortable, though most of our savings have generally been put back into the club and the community. Hence we had no money for this recent disaster," said Pete, it was true, he was always overly generous towards the trans community, often helping with costs when the girls were in need.

“Excellent, well I think it’s high time you two started to put a little bit away for yourselves, the shop will help with your donations to the community and improvements.” Angela said, hoping to ease some of the burden that Pete felt for the community.

“Angela, who is going to run the shop?” asked Suzie.

“I have a few people in mind to manage the shop for me, but the staff have already been selected, my slaves will be on the payroll, working 3 days of their six days off. I know a few of them are not happy with their part-time jobs.” Angela said, though none of her slaves knew this yet.

The trio went through a few more ideas, but Angela had to excuse herself.

“Well, I’d love to stay and continue this, but I have a few pressing matters to attend to. I’ll be around quite a bit to oversee the work going on so grab me whenever you can to share any more ideas.” Angela said as she got up to go.

“Of course, Angela, and again thank you for all of this, you truly are a hero," said Suzie, becoming emotional again.

Angela smiled at both then made her way to the car, she had to get home and catch up with the slaves before they woke up.

Angela entered the dungeon in silence, she looked down at the two sleeping beauties who were cuddled up together. They looked so peaceful and in love.

Sitting on the side of the bed, she just sat there and watched them for a few minutes. Angela did have a soft spot; she wasn’t always the strict Mistress. Though many would never see this side of her.

Running her hand gently over the nearest of the two, which happened to be Amy, the sleepy slave stirred in her sleep. Sub consciously she pulled Betsy into her cuddle a little tighter. This in turn caused Betsy to also stir.

The smiles on both of their faces were evident, which in turn caused Angela to smile even more. But enough was enough, so she gently patted Amy’s backside before getting up.

“Wakey, wakey you two!" said Angela.

Both girls were up in an instant and scurried to be at their Mistresses' side like loyal dogs.

“I hope you both slept well, you certainly looked very cosy," said Angela with a raised eyebrow. Both Amy and Betsy looked at each other and smiled.

The pair seemed inseparable, yet they barely knew each other. Angela thought that maybe it was just an infatuation, but somehow it seemed to be something much deeper, almost like when someone finds their soulmate.

“So, Amy, have you decided what you want to do?" quizzed the Mistress.

“Sorry Mistress Angela, but I have not," said Amy looking worried that she had failed her Mistress somehow.

“That’s ok Amy, tell me why you can’t make a decision?” Angela looked down at the kneeling slave.

“Mistress Angela, my feelings are torn, and I’m confused.” Amy was a little panicked.

“Let me guess, you want to be with Betsy, but you also want to be here?” asked Angela.

“Yes, Mistress Angela.” Amy really did look confused.

“Stand up, both of you and face each other, as close as you can without touching,” ordered the Mistress.

The two slaves obeyed immediately; their eyes glazed as they looked deep into each other’s. Both had smiles that they were trying to hide but unable to, like school children.

“Hmmm.” Pondered Angela.

“Ok, let’s try something, both of you, when I click my fingers you will do the first thing that comes into your mind.” Angela clicked her fingers and to her complete surprise both slaves dropped to their knees in front of her looking up at her like puppies needing attention.

“Very, very interesting. Back to as you were before slaves,” ordered the Mistress. Both went back to standing as previously ordered, again looking deeply into each other’s eyes, a hidden, not so well smile.

“Now, same as last time, but as if I was not in the room.” Angela clicked her fingers and instantly both Amy and Betsy embraced in the most passionate way and began to kiss, no ordinary kiss either. It was almost as if they literally couldn’t get enough, it was wet, very wet and deeply erotic.

Angela watched in fascination as the girls went at each other, hands grabbing each other’s hair trying to get their tongues as deep as humanly possible into the other's mouth.

“Stop,” ordered Angela, and immediately they did, both staring into the others eyes, a deep wanton lust was present.

“Wow, just wow, that was without doubt one of the hottest things I have ever seen," said Angela, who went to sit down on the bed. She was feeling a little hot and flustered after seeing the intense passion these girls have for each other.

The Mistress knew she had become very wet and aroused herself and felt her hand creep towards her own pussy. She managed to compose herself though, and instead she stood and looked at the girls.

The Mistress was wearing one of her favourite leather skirts which she effortlessly unbuttoned and let it slip to the floor. Her lacy panties quickly followed and were kicked to the side.

“Knees,” she ordered, Amy and Betsy instantly dropped and stared up into the eyes of their Mistress. Angela looked at them intently, aside from different facial features and hair colour the two were almost Identical from the neck down. They are, Angela thought, so beautiful and so damn sexy.

The mistress crossed the room to a high-backed chair; sitting down, she spread her legs wide showing off her slick pussy to her two slaves. She looked at them and didn’t say a word, just beckoned them with her finger.

On hands and knees the two slaves slowly approached their Mistress like predators stalking prey. Not once did they break eye contact with the Mistress, they both adored.

Reaching the chair, they knelt side by side, the scent of their Mistress clear and only inches away.

Angela’s eyes were glazed, her breathing raspy.

“You know what to do.” Was all she needed to say.

Upstairs the house staff could swear they could hear screams from the basement, which was strange, they all knew it was soundproofed.

Some 30 minutes later, Angela was just coming down from her third orgasm, the slaves tongues relentless in their worship of their Mistresses most treasured prize.

Reluctantly, she pushed them away. Finally catching her breath, she looked down at the two slaves, their faces glistened in the light, a clear sign of Angela’s juices all over them. Both still had hunger in their eyes, a hunger to please their Mistress.

Briefly Angela considered letting them coax another orgasm from her, but the last two were so powerful she wasn’t sure she could cope with another.

“That was amazing girls, fucking amazing!" said Angela between catching breaths.

“You have both earned merits today, well done, but you look like you both need a shower! Off you go,” ordered Angela. Who thought she could do with one herself!

The girls ran off to the bathroom and began so shower together, washing each other and kissing as much as they could. Suddenly Angela appeared at the door and the girls froze, staring at their completely naked Mistress.

“Mind if I join you slaves?" said Angela, the slaves knowing it was rhetorical simply extended their arms to greet their Mistress.

Angela had always enjoyed a nice shower, but this did not compare to any she had before as she became the filling between the two slaves in a frenzy of soap and kissing. Amy and Betsy covered their Mistress in a devotion of kisses, caresses and soothing rubs.

The fun had to eventually stop though, and all three emerged and began to dry themselves off.

“You two are incredibly special to me, I want you to know that. Now, I want you to both get dressed and enjoy your 6 days off, oh and if either of you have a part time job, I want you to quit. I have some special plans and I need you both. Do you understand?" said Angela as she dried her hair.

“Yes, Mistress Angela,” replied the sexy pair.

Twenty minutes later Angela watched from her front window as Amy and Betsy walked down the drive, arm in arm and giggling away to each other.

“Those two,” she said to herself, shaking her head with a smile. A little later Angela sat on her sofa with two files.

Amy-Colette Jansen, 4th July 1998

Elizabeth Anne Palmer, 4th July 1998

“No wonder, they’re like twins!" said Angela to herself.

Angela looked further into it, getting their medical records was easy, she knew a few compliant doctors.

They weren’t related of course, in fact they were born around 100 miles apart, but only 20 minutes apart, Betsy being slightly older. They had similar upbringings, both lost their parents at a young age.

Betsy’s parents both died in a car accident when she was only 8 years old. She grew up in foster care and became a troublesome teenager. When Angela found her, she was far from the treasure she was now.

Amy’s parents both died from illness only a year apart when she was 6 years old. She too grew up in foster care, though of course she was a boy back then.

So, they had a lot in common, but that was as far as it went. Maybe there was a connection between them, but it was lost on Angela. For now, she was content that they were happy.


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