Servitium Amoris

by TransAmy

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Storycodes: M2f; tg; F/f; F/f+; slave; collar; bond; straps; hood; gag; corset; toys; tease; pumpgag; climax; cons; X

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Chapter 4 – Finding Amy

Suzie woke with a start; the phone was ringing, and someone was banging on the front door to the club. Looking out the window she saw Angela thumping the door. She rushed out to let her in, ignoring the phone.

“Have you found her?" said a worried Angela.

“No, I checked all the CCTV, but I have no idea where she has gone. She must be on it somewhere!” Suzie was looking terrified.

“Calm down Suzie, we’ll find her," said Angela.

“Now, show me the footage of the front door.”

Angela settled into the chair and began to study the footage. Meanwhile Suzie finally answered the phone, it was Pete who was worried sick. But soon after Suzie had explained everything, he said he would be there as soon as he could.

Angela watched the footage intently; she knew Amy was still there when she left so she fast forwarded to that point. She watched studying every detail, seeing herself leave then seeing Amy run to the front door just after.

She noted the look of sadness on her face and wondered why and watched as she turned to re-enter the building. Sharon and her husband Phil were stumbling out, and as Sharon stumbled into Amy, she noticed something odd.

Going back over the footage several times she finally called Suzie to look at it.

“There," said Angela pointing at the screen. “Did you see it?”

“See what?" said Suzie.

“Something fell between them and into that small drain by the door.” Angela said, her eyes narrowing to see what it was.

Suzie could not see it, but her eyes were not as sharp as Angela’s. Angela got up and headed for the front door. She found the drain but could not see through it. Trying to pull the cover off, she broke a nail.

“Damn it!” she cursed.

“Need a hand?" said Pete as he walked from his car.

“Pete, glad you’re here, can you pull this drain cover up?”

Pete pulled the cover off the drain and grabbed a pendant from within.

“This what you’re looking for?” he said.

Angela just nodded, her fears were becoming a reality, during the stumble Sharon had managed to catch Amy’s pendant and pull it from her collar. Amy had lost her protection, and someone had taken advantage, she could be in real danger.

Angela went back to the CCTV, it took the best part of the morning, but she had studied everyone who left with a slave, then retraced them arriving. Only one man had left with a slave who arrived alone.

Freezing the image of him leaving she looked on in horror, the slave, which must have been Amy was severely bound. 

“My god, the poor girl must’ve been in agony!" said Angela who was starting to become incredibly angry.

“Who is this man?” She said to Suzie and Pete pointing at the screen.

“That’s the new Master who just moved here, it was his first visit," said Suzie.

“Was he vetted? I don’t know him, and let’s face it, I know everyone in the scene," said Angela, who seemed a bit put out that she did not know the man.

“He’s a doctor I do believe and was vetted by Steve Nichols," said Pete.

“I think you better get Dr Nichols on the phone, at once!” Angela’s authority was showing, even though neither Pete nor Suzie ever delved within the BDSM scene, they both felt a little scared of Angela.

Dr. Nichols’ phone rang, he answered on the second ring.

“Hello, Dr. Nichols speaking.”

“Stephen," said Angela.

The good doctor felt a lump in his throat, only two people addressed him that way, one was his mother, the other was Mistress Angela and he knew he was in trouble.

“Mistress Angela? To what do I owe the pleasure of your valued time," he was being overly cautious, the last time he upset her he lived to regret it.

“Your new friend from out of town, name and address, now.” Angela was in full Mistress mode; nobody was going to mess with her today.

Dr Nichols felt the lump in his throat and scrambled to get his friends address from his records.

“Yes, Of course Mistress, his name is Robert Furnell, and he lives on Camberley Way, number 42. What seems to be the problem?" said the Doctor.

He was however wasting his time; the phone was already hung up and Angela was bolting for the door. The address was on the other side of town, a good hour or so in the morning traffic.

Meanwhile, Amy was stirring from a deep sleep, she turned in the bed and felt tender. Then she remembered the previous night, a shiver of excitement ran down her spine.

The mystery man was nowhere to be seen, but she could hear running water, so she climbed out of bed to investigate. In the en-suite she found him running a bath.

“You’re awake my dear, I thought you might appreciate a nice soak in the bath this morning," said Robert as he studied the naked beauty before him.

“Thank you Master," said Amy, the words seemed so natural to her since her discovery he had made her realise.

“Please call me Robert,” he said.

“Very well, Master Robert.”

He grinned; she is incredibly special, he thought.

“And your name is?" said Robert.

“That’s not important, Master Robert, but if you insist on knowing it is Amy, your slave Amy.”

“Amy?” He said quizzically.

“Amy- Colette?” he questioned.

“Yes Master, how do you know that?" said Amy.

“Oh wow, this is extraordinary!” he said almost gobsmacked.

Amy looked a little concerned, but she did not understand how he knew her.

“Amy, you are why I’m here in this town, you are a legend in my working community,” he said excitedly.

“Sorry, let me explain, I am Dr Furnell, a good friend of Dr Nichols. I noticed last night from the minor scars that you had had some surgeries and presumed that you were transgendered. Hearing your name, I put 2 and 2 together.” He paused, studying the beauty before him.

“I never in a million years expected you would be so beautiful.” He was star struck it seemed.

Amy looked sad, somehow, she knew that the man who had broken her and discovered her secrets would not be the same now. There was no way on earth he would be able to physically harm Amy, even in consensual play.

Robert looked at her and realised her demeanour had changed, he went to console her, but instead of the loving embrace she would have liked, it was the look of a concerned doctor she saw.

Amy wept, then turned and ran back to the bed. Robert went to go after her but a knock on the front door stopped his pursuit.

The door knocked again, someone was thumping the actual door, and not bothering with the perfectly good knocker! Robert opened the door and was just about to complain to the offending door hater, but he stopped dead in his tracks, before him was a familiar face and that face was angry.

Beside her were two burly looking men, the type you would expect to be protecting the Queen of England!

Angela strode into the house as if she owned it, the two men grabbing Robert by his arms and forcing him to his knees.

“Where is she?" said Angela.

“Upstairs,” replied Robert, he wanted to say more but somehow knew to keep quiet. Mistress Angela had that effect on people.

Angela headed up the stairs, dreading what she would find. Half expecting to find Amy in some strenuous tie she burst into the bedroom, only to find Amy on the bed, naked and crying, her body scarred from several beatings.

Angela rushed over to Amy giving her a hug.

“It’s ok Amy, you’re safe now, everything will be fine," said Angela, her mind was seething with anger toward Robert. She would have him in her dungeon before nightfall and all hell would break loose.

Amy did not say a word, just cried more. Angela found a bathrobe for Amy to wear, then escorted her downstairs and out into her car.

“Angela, please don’t hurt him, please," said Amy, a look of sorrow in her eyes.

“Are you kidding me Amy, this fool will pay dearly for this, if he is lucky, I might keep him as a slave, if he’s lucky!" said Angela.

“I asked for this Angela, it’s not his fault, well not completely," said Amy, desperately trying to get Angela to calm down.

“Amy what the hell are you talking about?” Angela was confused. Amy burst into tears again.

“Please, just leave him alone, I will explain everything I promise, I just want to go home," said Amy in between sobs. 

Angela closed the door to the car, then returned to the house. Looking down at Robert with a sneer, she motioned for the two henchmen to release him.

“Let’s go boys, I’ll deal with this piece of shit another day.” Angela left the house with her men, climbed in the car with Amy whilst her men got in the front and drove them home.

“Amy, I know you want to go home, but you’re coming to mine first, I need to treat your injuries and I need to know exactly what happened last night.” Angela was not taking no for an answer, and Amy with her newfound submissiveness was not going to argue, so they went to Angela’s.

On the way Angela called Suzie to let her know Amy was safe and she would call her later to fill her in. Back at Angela’s, Amy retold the events of the previous night.

Angela listened intently, making a mental note to investigate Amy’s masochist tendencies later. 

“Angela, I don’t understand what’s happening to me, it both scares and excites me, I am so confused," said Amy after she had just poured out the secrets of her arousal.

“Amy, you certainly are one of a kind, I’ll give you that! There is nothing wrong with you, finding out things about your body is what life is all about. What the pain does for you is like what it does for me, just on the other end of the spectrum," said Angela with a smirk.

“I just wanted a normal life, to find a nice guy and maybe settle down, but how can I do that now, knowing that Mr Nice has got to be Mr Evil to get me off!” Amy was getting emotional again.

“Amy, you won’t be the first woman to live a fairly happy life with a dull sex life. Fortunately, for you, you have some particularly good friends who can help you with any frustrations every now and then!" said Angela, who much to her own shock was already sowing the seeds to get Amy into her dungeon.

“I wonder who they might be?" said Amy with a smile.

Angela laughed; it was the first time all day that she had. 

“Amy my dear, I’ve always had a soft spot for you, even before your magical transformation, there’s always been a sparkle in your eyes that intrigues me.” Angela was dropping her guard, which was most unlike her.

“Now, let’s look at your war wounds, shall we?” Angela said with a smirk.

Amy should have felt embarrassed to strip in front of Angela, but she did not. Amy had always felt at ease around her, even though others feared her.

“Well, it seems the charlatan Master Robert is good at one thing, the bullwhip in the wrong hands can be lethal. But it appears that you will heal completely in a few days. The cane marks however may take a few more days," said Angela as she lathered some soothing cream on the welts.

“Can I go home now Mistress?" said Amy in a mocking tone.

“Careful now, I may get used to you calling me that, and you won’t like where that trip ends. Or maybe you will!” Angela rebuked.

Amy took it as a joke, but something inside was possibly hoping it was not. They were both smiling, but both were thinking of the possibilities. Amy being ever adventurous dared to push just a little more.

“Do you think I could see your dungeon before I go?” she asked in the most innocent manner as she could muster.

“You can see my dungeon, but there are a few stipulations. Will you agree to them?” Angela was testing her, seeing if she will readily agree without knowing them.

“What are they?" said Amy, passing the test for now.

Angela went to her sideboard and fetched a tape measure from her drawer. Approaching Amy, she measured her neck. Going to a different cabinet she retrieved a stylish metal collar; Amy had seen these before.

The collars were unique, once locked on they were nearly impossible to remove without industrial tools. They were also a mark of ownership.

“Two stipulations, one, you must be healed so not for at least four days from now. Two, you will wear this collar, before entering, but you already know the cost of putting it on, don’t you?" said Angela in her most serious voice.

Amy knew Angela took her role as a Mistress very seriously and was not at all surprised to hear the conditions.

“I understand," said Amy, not giving anything away, she took the collar and they headed for the door.

The next few days saw Amy relaxing at home, the excitement of the recent discoveries were foremost on her mind though. She trained in her gym, and often sat on her sofa fingering the collar that Angela gave her.

Every now and then she would place it on her neck, but not close it, to do so would be a permanent arrangement. Nonetheless every time she did put it on her fingers found themselves delving into her knickers.

The masochist in Amy had woken up, and it was not going back to sleep. She used a lot of her time trying to research the BDSM scene, wanting to know everything she could about different aspects. 

Finally, after a week or so, Amy had completely healed from her recent escapades, and she knew she had a decision to make. 

Angela was, as always, looking in control, but the keen observer would notice certain things, the main one being, every time she passed a window at the front of her house, she would glance down the driveway.

Angela was hoping, longing even, to see Amy walking up the drive with her collar on. But it had been over a week, she knew from experience that Amy would be well healed by now.

She did however have a little project on the side to keep her occupied. For two days now, Dr Robert Furnell had been a guest of Angela. She had him visit of his own accord to serve a penance. 

His good friend Steve Nichols had advised him to do so, every Dominant in the city who was serious about the lifestyle had served Angela in some form or another, she was the city's matriarch in the BDSM world.

Fortunately, for the good doctor, he had not been to the dungeon, to do so means ownership, and Angela needed not a man like him. Instead, he was on his second day of service as a maid.

A most demeaning job for a Dominant man of his stature but a necessary evil if he wanted to play in this city. Three days maid duty seemed a small price to pay for her blessing to play. 

Robert had just finished serving Angela some tea, when Angela saw a familiar figure walking up the drive. A broad smile appeared on her face. For a moment she thought about having Robert answer the door to Amy but thought better for several reasons.

Instead, she dismissed him to clean upstairs and not return until summoned. Angela herself answered the door and greeted Amy with a hug. She was a little displeased to see Amy was not wearing the collar, but she also did not want to spook the poor girl.

“Amy, what a pleasant surprise, how are you?" said Angela as they hugged.

“I’ve been really good, spent a lot of time at home, hitting the gym and feeling really good. Been thinking a lot too, but I need some advice from you, if you don’t mind?” Amy was looking physically super fit, dressed casually in her gym clothes.

She considered running all the way to Angela’s for a good workout but decided that turning up all sweaty was not a good look.

“So, what advice can I give you my dear Amy?”

“Well, I got an opportunity of a lifetime, it’s a kinda job, but I’m worried about the hours I’d need to work," said Amy.

“Does it pay well?” enquired Angela.

“The money isn’t important, but the perks are potentially priceless, I’m really interested, the employer has my utmost respect, and I’m able to wear their badge at all times, in and out of work! It’s a great honour.” Amy was beaming with enthusiasm.

“So, what’s the problem?” asked Angela.

“I’m worried I won’t see my friends much; I want this job more than anything I’ve ever wanted, but my friends are really important to me, we’ve been through so much, with me especially, and I need to know I can be there for them too when they need me.” Amy was borderline whether she would cry, she seemed so torn.

“Well Amy, I think I know this employer of yours pretty well, they are strict but fair, but above all else they respect the people that work for them. I have heard they do give their employees a good amount of time off from their duties. Especially the special staff!" said Angela, a huge smile on her face.

“I think so too," said Amy, and without another thought she pulled out the collar from her bag and placed it on her neck. But before locking it she looked straight into Angela’s eyes.

“Mistress Angela, I give myself to you freely, to do with as you please.” Click went the collar, and a shiver of excitement went down Amy and centred on her pussy. She also dropped from the sofa onto her knees and bowed her head.

“Oh, my sweet slave Amy, you have made your Mistress incredibly happy today. Understand the golden rules and memorise them.

  1. In my presence, speak only when spoken to.
  2. Obey every command without hesitation.
  3. Never keep secrets from me.

Stick to these rules Amy, and I promise I will always protect you, and your life will be rewarded. Do you understand?" said Angela.

“Yes, Mistress Angela.”

“Good, now strip off those gym clothes, my girls are always naked unless I state otherwise," said the Mistress.

Amy stripped of her clothes, training shoes and jewellery, then resumed her position on her knees.

“Very good Amy, now, let’s see about that tour of my dungeon.” Angela had a sadistic smirk on her face, which Amy noticed, which in turn made her smile.

Amy followed her Mistress down some stairs, at the bottom a large steel door with several locking systems was pulled open. They stepped inside and Amy’s first reaction was one of awe.

Through Amy’s research over the past few days, she had seen lots of different sites that sold lots of items, she was sure that this dungeon held all of them.

Mistress Angela let her take it all in before telling her what to expect whilst in her special room.

“This, my slave will be your home from home, most of your time will be spent down here. Expect to be left for long periods of time alone and bound. Sometimes I will be generous, other times not so. Do you like what you see?”

“Yes, Mistress Angela, very much so.”

They walked over to what Amy thought was a doll of some kind, standing against a wall, completely encased in rubber. Its arms were hidden behind it, appearing as if it had none. The head encased in a strict leather discipline helmet with tubes coming from the nose. And a severe posture collar making any movement impossible.

The dolls feet were wearing some hideously high heeled ballet boots and a corset reducing its waist to at least 18 inches. No fewer than 12 straps surrounded the doll, securing it to a pole, spaced evenly from ankles up to the head. 

If the doll were alive it would not be able to move at all. Another strap ran through its legs buried deep within its crotch, Amy had experienced a similar strap, but it was nowhere near as tight.

Angela watched as Amy examined the doll. 

“Like what you see, my slave?”

“Yes, Mistress Angela, it looks so real, and so confining, I couldn’t imagine what a real person would feel like so confined," said Amy as she studied the doll.

“Well, you could always ask Betsy, when I finally release her, though you will probably take her place.” Angela saw the look on Amy’s face, expecting to see shock, but what she saw intrigued her. Amy was biting her bottom lip, a look of pure lust on her face.

“I see that prospect excites you slave," said the Mistress as she pushed a button on a remote hanging next to Betsy.

The faintest of sounds came from Betsy as the plug in her backside shocked her. Amy did not realise what had just happened, but she was sure it was not good for Betsy.

Angela loosened the straps holding Betsy’s head to the pole, then removed the panel covering her mouth. Between the lips of Betsy was a mass of black rubber with a small valve in the centre.

A pump was attached to the valve and Angela released the air from the torturous gag, freeing Betsy’s mouth.

“Amy, I think Betsy needs some fluid in her mouth, go and kiss her passionately until I tell you otherwise.” Angela’s orders were addressed immediately, Amy was into her duties without hesitation.

In the meantime, Angela selected a few items and placed them on a table. Looking over she saw that Amy was still hard at work snogging Betsy. She approached from behind sliding her hand between Amy’s legs and finding her sex.

Amy did not break from her duties, and as Angela expected her hand found Amy to be wet with arousal.

“You are one horny slave Amy," said the Mistress as she withdrew her hand.

Angela was content to let Amy carry on and just watch for a few more minutes. She could not help but notice that Amy was enjoying her task a great deal. Angela had a cunning idea.

“Amy, stop," said the Mistress, and Amy immediately stopped.

Angela walked over to Betsy and pressed another button on the remote.

“Betsy, did you enjoy that kissing?”

“Yes, Mistress Angela,” replied Betsy.

“Good, that was my new slave, Amy. Now that you are both acquainted would you two like to spend some time together?”

“Yes, please Mistress Angela.” The pair replied in unison. Angela smiled, these two seemed to be in tune with one another already.

Some thirty minutes later, Amy was dressed identical to Betsy and secured on a pole next to her. Angela removed Betsy’s posture collar and replaced it with a different one. The new one forced Betsy to tilt her head to the left, Amy was fitted with an identical one. 

The two poles then rotated the girls to face each other until their lips were no more than an inch apart. A few slight adjustments from Angela and the girl’s lips were touching.

Angela set up a tripod with a small camera aimed at the girl’s lips.

Amy was lost in her bondage, she was so wet right now, the constriction of her arms within the reverse prayer position was making her wetter by the minute. Most would be aching badly from the strain, but the pain was by passing Amy’s brain straight to her centre of attention, which was stuffed itself with an ample dildo.

Nevertheless, she felt the lips of Betsy once again and it took all her strength to not kiss her, for Mistress had not yet commanded her to do so. Like Amy, Betsy’s lips were pouty and probably at some stage had collagen implants just like Amy.

Seeing the two kiss, was one of the sexiest things Angela had ever seen.

“Now then my two identical looking slaves, no doubt you can feel each other’s lips, you are both to be rewarded as you have refrained from kissing just yet. There is a camera watching your mouths which sends a live feed to my phone.”

Angela paused, looking for any signs of concern, there were none. 

“If I check my phone and you are not kissing, you will be punished, I think you know how. So, slaves, without further ado, start kissing.”

Amy and Betsy began their marathon kissing event, they had no idea how long they would be at it and being hooded as they were, they had no concept of time either. Angela left them to it, she had other things to attend to, she would check in on them from time to time.

Angela had been gone for almost three hours, she had checked the live feed several times and the girls were still kissing with passion. As she checked again, they were still going strong, so she decided to give them some pleasure.

Pressing a button on her app both girl’s dildos started to vibrate. The tempo in the kissing went up a notch, Angela knew she was a lucky Mistress to have two such dedicated slaves. She would give them an hour on the vibrations then go down and secure them for a well-earned sleep.

Angela finally made it back down to the dungeon, she approached the girls who were oblivious to her presence. The smell of their sex was ripe in the air, she had no doubt they had both cum a few times, the vibrations were still going as was the gusto of the girls kissing.

Finally, she stopped the endless tongue orgy and both girls were panting with lust. Angela removed the slanted collars and replaced them with straight ones.

Each slave was fed a nutritious shake and given a much-needed drink of water. No doubt by morning both will be needing the facilities to relieve themselves.

The poles were both rotated to face outwards again and both slaves were fitted with inflatable gags and tubes for their noses. Angela inflated the gags until she felt they were at the maximum they could handle, then covered the gags with the panels. 

Last of all the girl’s heads were strapped to the poles. Now they could rest, and Angela turned out the lights and went to bed herself.

Of course, rest was not exactly what they had, though at times they did drift off it was short lived. A program to randomly set off shocks or vibrations with the girl’s dildos and butt plugs ran all night.

Poor Betsy was now on her third day in this position, though Angela was not one to endanger her girls. Each morning Betsy would be released for six hours, during which she was able to shower, feed and sleep properly.

Tonight would be Betsy’s last night, then she was due to be allowed out of the house for a few days to engage in her personal life. Amy however would be stuck here replacing Betsy as the dungeon wall art.


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