Servitium Amoris

by TransAmy

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Storycodes: M2f; tg; club; collar; cuffs; gag; susp; bond; M/f; strip; whip; hood; armbinder; corset; toys; boots; sex; reluct; XX

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Chapter 3 – Whips and Chains Excite Me

Amy spent the next few weeks re-organising her life, her house now sported a room dedicated to her new gym, the spare room upstairs had been turned into her walk-in wardrobe and held lots of new clothes and shoes. Even her jewellery had to be replaced, well the rings at least, though some of her favourites were taken for re-sizing. 

All her old clothes were packed into bags and loaded into her car, she planned to give them to charity but at the last moment decided to take them to the club, the girls there would be grateful as most of it would certainly suit the larger built ladies.

Arriving at the club for the first time since she was out of the clinic, she casually strolled in, only to be pounced on by Suzie who gave her the biggest hug.

After a quick catch up the two unloaded Amy’s car, and put her old clothes in the t-girl changing room. There any of the girls would be able to help themselves.

It was close to 2pm and some of the members had started to turn up, tonight was fetish night, the kinkiest of the members would all be in today, Amy knew most of them from when she used to help, but some faces were new.

Suzie asked if she would not mind staying on to help for the night, Pete was feeling a little worse for wear and she could do with an extra pair of hands.

Amy was willing to help but was somewhat under dressed for the occasion. But Suzie said not to worry, she had a collection of fetish gear in a variety of sizes in the storeroom.

They went out the back and rummaged through the clothes, Amy soon found a suitable outfit, ideal for helping as a member of staff for the night. She grabbed the items and headed upstairs, where Suzie said she could change and re-do her make up if she wanted to.

When she emerged some 45 minutes later, Suzie and several other members just stared in awe. Amy knew how hot the club could get so opted for minimal clothing, her make-up was now much darker, her eyes were heavy with extra eyeliner and shadow, her lips a glossy red, her hair pulled back tight into a ponytail and braided.

Around her neck was a thick leather collar, with matching cuffs on her wrists and ankles. A leather corset pushing up her gorgeous breasts with suspenders holding up her fishnet stockings. To finish off she was wearing a pair of 5-inch strappy heels, and a G-string that left little to the imagination.

She was a vision of beauty and every Dominant's dream come true. Amy gave the gathered crowd a quizzical look.

“What’s up with you lot?” She said.

Suzie was lost for words, as were several others. Angela however was not, or as most would call her, Mistress Angela.

“Amy my dear, you are going to turn many heads tonight, but be careful. Dressed as you are there will be many that will want to play with you.”

“Oh, I can handle a little fun, besides, I know most of them," said Amy in a dismissive attitude.

“It’s the ones you don’t know that should worry you, here keep this clipped to your collar at all times.” Angela clipped a small pendant to Amy’s collar; it was the letters MA surrounded by a long whip.

“That’s beautiful Angela, what’s it for?" said Amy as she studied the pendant.

“It means you belong to me, that way the other Dominants will know you are off limits, and my permission will be needed to play with you. So, give me good service tonight or I might have to spank you later!” Angela said with a smirk.

“Oh, and one more thing, keep this around your neck, it matches the outfit," said Angela as she buckled a huge ball gag loosely around Amy’s neck.

The club was slowly filling, Suzie soon became inundated with work and Amy started to take orders for refreshments from the clients. This continued well into the night, Amy was having a good time as was Angela who revelled in having Amy at her beck and call. 

Amy of course played the part and addressed her with respect and kept in character all night. Several of the male Dominants watched Amy constantly, the lust in their eyes evident.

Not long after midnight Mistress Angela was leaving, Amy was on the far side of the room as she saw Angela leave. She rushed over to say goodbye but was too late. She saw Angela’s car heading off from the club door.

As she turned to go back in, another couple were coming out, both had had too much to drink and the woman tripped in her heels and fell toward Amy.

Amy caught her, and steadied the woman, but did not notice that Angela’s pendant had fallen off as the woman grabbed onto her.

She made sure they were ok, then headed back into the club. Amy cleared away a few more glasses, then headed down to clear up any of the empty playrooms at the back of the club.

In one of the rooms a low beam in the roof, which held a securing point for play, had a glass on it. The beam was still high enough that the person would be on tip toes if they were secured to it. 

Amy tried to reach the glass; she was just about to grab it when another hand appeared next to hers.

“Here, let me help you with that slave," said a deep voice into Amy’s ear as he grabbed her wrist cuff and quickly clipped it to the beam. Before Amy realised what was happening, he grabbed her other wrist and clipped that to the opposite end of the beam.

“What the hell are you mmmmmphhmpphh," said Amy as the mystery man shoved the ball gag into Amy’s mouth.

With her arms pulled wide on the beam, Amy’s feet were just off the ground and she could not get any weight off her wrists. She was stuck, her legs flailed desperately trying to find something to take her weight.

Just then the mystery man caught one of her legs, threaded a short cord through her ankle cuff and secured it to another beam that ran perpendicular to the horizontal beam above. In short order the other ankle was given the same treatment on the opposite side.

Amy hung mid-air exposed and vulnerable, she tried to call for help, but the gag muffled her efforts. A long string of drool had already started to descend from Amy’s bottom lip.

The mystery man stood close to Amy’s back, she was secured spread eagled, mid-air and facing the wall. He ran his hands from her thighs up over her ass and up to breasts, where he gently eased the cups of the corset down.

As it was, they barely covered Amy’s breasts and soon he was pinching her nipples which grew hard under his ministrations. His mouth came closer to Amy’s ear and he whispered to her.

“I see Mistress Angela has abandoned you and taken her pendant too. Not to fear my slave, I will punish you for your flirtatious attitude tonight. You may even submit to me and accept my ownership by the time I’m finished,” he said with an evil voice.

Amy felt his hand grab the back of her G-string, then he simply ripped it off her. Amy gasped as best she could as she realised how exposed she now was. Though all that came out was more drool.

He backed away from Amy and she heard the heavy door to the playroom close. She knew that there was now an engaged sign on the door, and they would not be disturbed. Amy began to shudder.

Though the shudder was not through fear, something in the darkness of her mind was coming to life, if she did not know any better, she would have sworn she just had a mini orgasm!

Her corset started to loosen, then just fell to the floor, Amy now hung naked except for her stockings.

Amy sensed rather than heard the displacement of air, just before the tip of the bullwhip snaked around her body, striking her now engorged nipple. She let out a whimper and before she knew it the same whip snaked again, this time striking from the other side and hitting just below her other nipple.

The onslaught continued, leaving a series of light welts around her upper torso and her breasts. Amy was panting heavily, ever since she had discovered her new pussy, she had been playing with various toys to see what aroused her. Everything she tried so far had no effect.

The whipping ceased, and the mystery Master approached the panting Amy. His hand reached around and ran over the fresh marks from the whip, then slowly his hand wandered down and his fingers ran through Amy’s labia.

“My oh my, it appears we have ourselves a masochist," said the Master as he raised his fingers into Amy’s vision, they glistened with her juices which he smeared over her lips and under her nose.

Engulfed in the smell of her own arousal, Amy whimpered again, she finally found her pussies kryptonite.

The Master stepped back again, and another round of whipping commenced, this time working lower the tip of the whip getting closer and closer to Amy’s sex.

Finally, the tip found its mark and struck Amy’s clit, the moans that were getting louder from Amy as the whipping continued suddenly took on a new guttural sound as she had her first female orgasm.

The wave of emotion crashed through her as she could never imagine, unlike the male orgasm she knew well, this one was not powerful and short, but spread throughout her body and remained lingering for a longer period.

Amy was spent, she just hung in her bonds, body limp, all her energy had gone. The Master approached again.

“Well, that was quite the show my slave, you are definitely a keeper," said the Master with a chuckle. He then retrieved his bag and began to get items out.

Amy’s collar was removed, the gag strap was tightened another notch forcing the ball deeper into her mouth. Then her world went black as the Master pulled a thick leather discipline helmet over her head. He laced the hood tight around a defenceless Amy’s head.

If anyone were to walk in now, they would not recognise the poor girl. Once the hood was properly laced a thick posture collar was put on her keeping her head immobile. Her feet suddenly became free as the cords were untied.

The Master wrapped an arm around the limp woman and released her cuffs from the beam. He gently lowered Amy to the floor. He pulled her arms behind her back and secured her delicate wrists with a simple leather strap. Then he pulled the leather armbinder up into place.

With some work and manoeuvring of Amy’s limp body he managed to fit the binder and draw her elbows together. Another item came from the bag, a smaller corset, though unlike Amy’s previous one which was for show, this one had a purpose.

This corset was shorter and had no cups for her breasts, its sole purpose was to constrict, and constrict it did. Amy’s 24” waist was brought down to 20” and her breathing through the two small nose holes in her hood seemed to take on a new pace.

Amy was starting to come to her senses though it was far too late, she was heavily subdued in her bondage. She was starting to become aware of her situation, but somehow knew it was futile to fight.

Her vagina and ass were both filled with a dildo and a plug, then secured by a tight strap that ran through her legs from the front on the corset to a ring on the armbinder. Her arms became completely immobile as the toys rammed deep within her.

Next her stockings and heels were removed and replaced with a pair of thigh high ballet boots which laced all the way. The Master made sure they were tight, before lifting Amy to her feet.

Amy stood on her toes, barely managing to keep upright but somehow managing not to fall. She felt some tinkering on the front of her collar, the Master was attaching his own pendant. 

The final item from his bag of tricks was a chain lead, which split in two and led to two evil looking nipple clamps. Each placed on Amy’s nipples and screwed down to maintain a firm grip. Amy winced under her hood; the whimper barely audible.

“Come my slave, it’s time to go home," said the Master as he tugged on the leash. Amy could not hear him, she could not hear a thing through the hood, she had not realised he put plugs in her ears before applying the hood.

He opened the door and Amy followed the leash to try and avoid the pain in her nipples, her small steps getting a little quicker as she became accustomed to the boots.

The Master led Amy right through the club, right past Suzie, nobody batted an eye, it was just another Master and his slave who had both had a good night.

It was not until Amy felt the fresh air on her breasts that she started to really panic, but by then it was too late as she was ushered into the master’s car and into the unknown.

Suzie saw the last of the guests out the door then turned to check there were no stragglers. The place appeared to be deserted with no sign of Amy anywhere. She went to check the back playrooms but there was no one there.

Suzie was a little worried, but thought that Amy had probably just left, even though it was unlike her to not say anything. As she went to leave the last playroom, Suzie noticed some equipment on the floor.

It was Amy’s outfit, collar, cuffs and corset. Across the room she found the stockings and her ripped G-string. Now Suzie began to panic.

She rushed back to the office and rang Amy’s phone, which she heard ringing in her bag on the other desk. A shiver ran through Suzie, what had happened?

The only CCTV in the premises was at the main door, Suzie began to search through for signs of Amy. After hours of searching the footage, there were no signs of her. But then she could have been someone that the girls had left hooded and bound, it was a fetish club after all and not unusual to see this kind of thing.

Pete was fast asleep at home; Suzie did not want to bother him as he was unwell. But she had to ring someone. The authorities would not consider Amy missing for at least 24 hours, so they were a waste of time.

Suzie rang Angela, maybe she might have some insight as she spent a lot of time with Amy last night.

Angela was well respected within the BDSM community, to the point that most people feared her wrath. You would have to be very stupid to mess with what was her property. Amy was wearing Angela’s pendant; nobody would have dared to touch her without permission.

Angela’s phone was going straight to voicemail, Suzie tried several times but, in the end, opted to leave a message to call back as soon as possible. It was now 3 am and Suzie was exhausted, she fell asleep in her chair.

Master Robert was new to town, he soon found the local BDSM scene through some friends of friends. Tonight was his first outing to the Transformations club, and he was not disappointed. 

Finding the beautiful young slave was a stroke of good luck, and her owner had freed her that night too, why, he could not understand. Nevertheless, he counted himself lucky and moved on the young slave.

Finding how responsive she was to the whip sent a shiver of excitement through him, he had longed for such a slave, they were a rare commodity to be both a masochist and beautiful.

Back at home, he parked his car in the garage of his large house. His prize was remarkably calm all things considered; maybe she was hoping to be owned, thought Robert.

Amy on the other hand, was not as calm as she seemed, her breathing was hard to control, and she was desperately trying to remain focused on it. But that was not the main thing on her mind, the night had not gone as she had expected.

Though she knew she was in a predicament, she was more concerned with her newfound needs. For all that was on her mind was the longing to feel the whip again.

She was eased out of the car by Robert, Amy sensed the man was gentle with her and somehow it put her at ease. He guided her indoors and down into his basement playroom. 

Robert removed the clamps from Amy’s nipples, the rush of blood back into her engorged nipples sent a shiver through the bound slave. It did not go unnoticed by Robert. 

His own arousal was evident by the bulge in his trousers, he would need release soon, but first he had to know just how much this young slave desired the pain she enjoyed.

Amy was led over to a bar in the middle of the room, a simple horizontal bar supported by two upright poles on either side. Amy, still in her ballet boots, had her ankles secured to each of the upright poles. Before bending her over the bar, Robert released the strap holding in the plug and dildo. The dildo was glistening with her juices, bringing a smile to Robert’s face.

Amy’s armbinder was attached to a pulley from the ceiling, as her arms were pulled up, she was forced to bend over the bar. The pulley continued until she was stretched taught.

The posture collar was released, and Amy felt some relief as her head was able flop forward. Soon the laces of the hood were also being loosened and Amy was able to see at last.

The room was dark with subtle lighting in the right places, along the wall in front of her were a collection of various implements, most of which she did not know their use. 

Amy’s breathing was still shallow due to the corset, a hand rested on her back and began to loosen the restrictive garment. Robert let the corset out a couple of inches but left it in place, Amy could breathe a little easier now.

The same hand gently stroked the cheeks of Amy’s backside, tracing some of the small welts. Amy had still not seen the mystery man’s face and tried to look around, her stringent bondage however made this difficult. 

She tried to speak, but the large ball gag was still in place. Just then Amy felt a gentle tapping on the cheek of her arse. Around five or six taps then a short pause before the first strike of the cane landed. 

The strike of the cane registered with Amy’s brain, but the pain seemed to take another whole second to reach her. A small scream escaped around the gag, followed by a rush of pleasure running through Amy’s entire being.

More taps, this time on the other cheek, a pause, then whack. Again, Amy yelped, and another wave of pleasure surged through her, this time a little stronger.

The strikes continued to fall, each time bringing a stronger wave of pleasure through Amy, any minute now she would surely overload with pleasure, her yelps had changed to groans of pleasure.

Robert could not believe how much of a pain slut this girl was, the time between pain and pleasure for her was quicker than anything he had ever seen before.

With just six cuts of the cane, she was on the verge of a mind-blowing orgasm. The moisture from her pussy was all the evidence Robert needed. But he needed to hear her beg for it.

He reached forward and un-buckled the gag strap, pulling the gag from her mouth. Lines of drool flowed out as Amy tried to flex her jaw, but after being gagged for so long her jaw was unresponsive for a few seconds. With a click in her jaw Amy’s mouth finally closed and she revelled in the relief.

He started to tap once again, Amy tensed awaiting the strike, she wanted it, but it did not land. Amy’s voice was raspy and quiet.


“Please what? Slave.”

“Please hurt me.”

Just then Robert knew he had hit the jackpot.

“Ask me properly.”

“Please hurt me...Master.”

The cane began tapping, Amy closed her eyes in anticipation then it struck, a little harder than the others. There was a split second which in Amy’s mind lasted for a lot longer before the pain registered in her brain, then almost immediately the rush of pleasure surged through her, the sounds from her mouth were like nothing Robert had heard before.

Almost animalistic, the guttural sound was one of pure ecstasy. Robert almost came himself from witnessing the reaction. He could take it no more and released his swollen cock from its confines.

He needed release and the swollen lips of Amy’s slick pussy were right there, without hesitation he plunged into her and began to fuck her like a steam train.

Amy was still riding the pleasure wave, the sudden penetration just increased the pleasure as her eyes rolled into the back of her head, she was going to come again, and Robert was unable to control his carnal desire.

The basement was far from silent as two bodies climaxed together, Robert letting out a loud grunt as his seed expelled and filled the moist pussy he was buried within. 

Amy with yet another sound of animalistic pleasure as the new wave of intense pleasure washed throughout her body. Robert pulled out of Amy, his cock making a small slopping sound as he did.

Amy was exhausted, her head flopped as her body hung within its restraints.

It took Robert a few minutes to gather himself, he still could not believe what he had found. Working quickly, he released Amy from her bonds and carried her to a bed on the other side of the room, she was limp and seemed almost asleep.

He unlaced her boots and pulled them off, then did the same with the armbinder and corset. Amy now laid there completely naked as Robert held her gently in his arms.

Amy’s eyes flickered open, for the first time she saw her captors face, no, it was not her captor, it was her Master. As she realised her thoughts of him had changed, she smiled and fell into his embrace. 

Robert sensed her acceptance of him, and smiled before gently kissing her lips, a kiss that she responded to.

Robert carried Amy upstairs to the Master bedroom and laid her in bed. Stripping off his clothes he got into bed with her and cuddled her. They both fell into a deep sleep.


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