Servitium Amoris

by TransAmy

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Chapter 2 – I’m Wide Awake

It took just over two weeks for Amy to make her decision, she studied the information repeatedly. Several times she rang the Doctor to query things. In short, the good Doctor and his associates had developed a bone fusing procedure which enabled them to cut out pieces of unwanted bone and re-fuse them. 

In short, it was possible for them to change your bone structure from large to small, the reverse procedure was not as easy though, taking bone away was one thing, fabricating bone was not so simple. It would require artificial additions.

There were of course other stipulations to the treatment, Amy would have to start hormone replacement therapy, they would re-shape her body so the need to conform the tissues was also necessary. Though additional surgeries were optional, it was recommended to have them.

In the end, she agreed to the procedures and started the lengthy process of preparations. Before any physical preparations she had clerical ones, but the clinic staff were great, every detail was taken care of by a team of specialists.

The hardest part for Amy was her officially changing her name. Matthew Colin Jansen had ceased to be. Amy couldn’t help a little emotion as she signed the form to kill him off for good.

She had little memory of her parents, they died when she or rather he was noticeably young, but still her memories were his, she smiled knowing he would always be with her in her heart and memories. 

Memories of her father were few and far between, just images really. Her mother was more prominent in her memories though, she remembered her kindness and love.

Amy wasn’t religious, but she hoped her parents were looking down from somewhere.

More than that, she hoped they were proud of her, and proud of what she had become. Most of all, she hoped they were proud that she had fought so hard to be where she was today and fought what she had faced to get here.

She signed off the forms, becoming Amy Jansen, she’d never really thought about a middle name. Then as the woman who was helping her went to take the forms away, she called her back, grabbing the forms she made a quick change. 

There was still no middle name, but she changed her given name to Amy-Colette. It was the closest thing to Colin she could think of, she didn’t think Matilda had much going for it.

Happy with her final choice the woman disappeared with the forms for processing. Amy looked up to the imaginary heavens. 

“He’s still with me, and always will be, I love you Mum, Dad,” whispered Amy to an empty room.

Amy had to shed some considerable weight before the first surgery, which took just over 2 months with the help of a team of trainers and dietitians.

Amy was 5’10 and should weigh a healthy 150lbs for a man, but after surgery she would end up being a 5’4 woman, so she had to drop to 120lbs or thereabouts. At the start she was a little over 160lbs!

The workouts and diet were extremely hard, by the time she got down to 125lbs she looked very weak and was genuinely concerned. But with a team of medical professionals looking after her she was put at ease.

The day finally came for the first of several surgeries, the Doctor was almost constantly at her side for the week leading up to the first operation. Amy knew exactly what was going to happen, she was informed every step of the way.

But once the surgeries started, she knew full well she would be bed ridden for a good two to four months. This was unavoidable and a required minimum time laid down by the team of Doctors.

She was given two options, the first was to undergo the surgeries under a general anaesthetic each time, or she could be induced into a coma for the duration of all the surgeries.

Amy opted for the latter; she did not want to be laying in a bed staring at the ceiling for weeks on end. Better to wake up when it is all done and dusted, she thought.

In the final few hours before surgery commenced, Amy gave Dr Nichols a drawing. She was always good at drawing. The Doctor studied the picture.

“Amy, this is a lovely picture, I see remnants of you in the eyes, but the nose, and shape in general are more refined and feminine. And those full lips are just beautiful.” The Doctor could not take his eyes off the beauty of the drawing.

“Steve, do you think that could be me?" said Amy, with almost a hopeful desperation in her voice.

“Amy, for you I will do everything I possibly can to make it happen," said Dr Steve Nichols as he held her hand.

“Oh, and Steve," said Amy.

“Yes Amy?” The Doctor said with a quizzical look.

“There’s something I don’t need anymore," said Amy with her hand now covering her groin area.

The Doctor smiled and gave Amy’s hand a gentle squeeze.

“My specialty Amy, consider it done," said Dr Nichols. Just then several nurses came in and started to busy themselves around Amy.

“Amy, I will see you when you wake up, I estimate around three months, but I want you to know that I will be here by your side every day without fail," said Steve in such a genuine voice it brought a tear to Amy’s eye.

The Doctor then left to prepare for surgery, meanwhile the nurses got Amy ready. One of the clerical assistants came in with several forms for Amy to sign. They were for the additional requests she had just made, plus an extra one at the end for breast augmentation.

Amy had not considered that, her former breasts had all but disappeared from all the weight loss, she duly signed the forms and made a note about the breast surgery to be appropriately proportioned to body size, but not less than a C cup! She added a smiley face at the end.

With all the formalities taken care of she was wheeled away to be prepped. Amy drifted off to sleep under the careful watch of the anaesthetist, she was out in no time at all.

Amy had been asleep for almost three months; she knew it could take up to four months but was hopeful for two. Her body had healed well and as far as the Doctors could tell, there were no complications.

Her body had undergone some would say drastic changes, almost an entire reshaping. Everything from the size of her feet, hands, shoulders and even several inches taken off her overall height.

Early indications had proved the procedure to be remarkably successful, but only time would really tell. Amy still had to go some lengths before she was ready to face the world.

After several consultants had visited Amy the decision was made to wake her up. The Doctors and staff performed the necessary tasks and Amy was beginning to show signs of waking.

Eventually her eyes gradually opened very slowly, she could make out a figure sitting next to her bed, but it took some time for her vision to focus.

The person checked her vitals by hand, even though several machines were monitoring her. A bright light penetrated her vision, a small torch, her eyes reacted, and she blinked several times.

“Amy? Can you hear me?” The voice was instantly recognisable, it was Dr Nichols, he was holding her hand. Amy smiled weakly and gently squeezed the Doctors hand, which felt larger than she remembered.

“Welcome back Amy, I’ve missed you, even though as promised I’ve been here every day," said Steve who was grinning like the Cheshire cat!

Dr Steve Nichols had performed countless facial reconstructions, but this is one he was immensely proud of, Amy’s picture was looking at him in the flesh.

Amy tried to speak, but she was still weak and struggled to make a sound.

“Take it easy Amy, give your body time to adjust, we need to get you back up to strength.” The Doctor turned to the door and called a nurse to bring some water.

Amy took a small sip as the Doctor held the glass for her, at first it hurt to swallow, but after a few more sips it became easier. Gradually her senses were awakening, and she began to sense her muscles, tensing them in turn.

Her eyes became clearer by the minute and over on the far side of the room she saw flowers, lots of flowers and cards. Steve saw her focus on them.

“You’ve had quite the crowd coming to visit you these past few months; it seems you are more popular than I thought!" said Steve.

Amy smiled again, she wanted to get up and read all the cards and smell the flowers, but she was tired, which seemed strange as she had been asleep for so long. Her eyes looked heavy; the Doctor noticed immediately.

“Rest now Amy, I’ll be back to check on you later.” With a smile and a gentle squeeze of the hand he was gone, Amy drifted off, exhausted.

It took several more days before Amy was out of bed, she had to undergo hours of therapy to help her adjust to her new body and learn that it was not as strong as it used to be.

Her first few steps were precarious at best, her feet were now a dainty size 5, down 3 sizes. She felt a little sad that her shoe collection was now obsolete. Amy also wondered if she would have to master high heels all over again!

She was responding well to the treatments; the Doctors were incredibly pleased with the results. Amy had a small concern though, once she fully regained consciousness and was aware of everything, she had a nurse bring her cards over. 

Amy read the cards one by one, all her friends had left lovely messages for her and she became overwhelmed and quite emotional. This wasn’t the first time either, she was given a mirror to look at her new face, this also brought about tears.

She spoke to the nurse who said it was fine, she was just reacting like a woman would. She was then given a lecture on how the hormones worked, becoming emotional over things was quite normal.

Amy had completely forgotten about the hormone treatment; the oestrogen had been pumping into her through the drip over the past months. She felt a little silly for worrying.

Amy’s first visitor arrived a few days later, her best friend Nicola. After a tearful reunion they talked for hours. Nicola had been Amy’s friend since the first time she had been to the club.

Nic, as Amy called her, had been living full time as a woman for years and had been on HRT for three years now, the results had been good, though Nicola didn’t think so.

She was very convincing, and already had a small frame and a light gentle voice. Not to mention exceptionally good looking, many people wouldn’t believe she was biologically male.

Nicola filled Amy in on all the gossip. With permission from the Doctors, Nicola also helped Amy put on some make up. The results of which were astounding.

Amy was overjoyed at one gift Nicola had brought with her though, a new sketch book and a pack of charcoals. 

Nicola could not believe how good Amy looked, and as she left for the day, she said she was off to find Steve for a consultation! Amy and Nicola laughed.

About an hour later, Steve popped in to check on Amy. He stopped at the door and just stared, his chin almost on the floor. He knew he had done a good job with the surgery but seeing her with her face made up he was not prepared for how beautiful she was. It took him a moment to realise he was staring and apologised.

Day by day Amy became stronger, the physio was paying off and she was building up her muscles at a good rate, her body became toned and for the first time Amy was starting to sense just how good her body looked.

She spent the rest of her time sketching, one picture was of four people in a portrait style, Amy was clearly in the middle, to the left was Matt, and either side were her parents. 

One of the nurses saw it and asked about it, she told them about who it was and that none of them were around anymore. The nurse said she would get it framed for her if she wanted. Amy was incredibly grateful. 

She had also started to request a fair bit of privacy of an evening, Nicola had sneaked in a few new toys for Amy to play with. After all she had to learn how to control her new womanhood too!

Amy thought it was her and Nicola’s secret, little did she know it was the Doctor's idea. He would have prescribed a course of physio for such a thing but knew just how demeaning it could be to have someone tell you to fuck yourself!

He told Nicola to show him the toys first so he could make sure she would not damage herself and made sure she had plenty of lube to help. As Amy finally got some privacy, she picked out the smallest toy, it was only a small vibrator not more than 4 inches, but to Amy it felt huge in her now petite hands.

Gingerly she inserted it, for some reason she expected it to feel amazing, but it was far from pleasant. This was one thing that was going to take some getting used to.

To top that, if she couldn’t get used to it there was the thought of having to do this for the rest of her life, one of the nurses had told her about having to keep it open and used to regular insertions.

It wasn’t Amy’s best conversation, and one she would rather forget. At least it was a female nurse and not Dr Nichols, that would have been a whole new level of creeped out!

Day after day, the physio was getting more and more, her bones had healed brilliantly but all the tissue and muscle needed to adjust, some surgeries had been done where possible, but still it was a big adjustment.

Nevertheless, Amy’s body was adjusting very well, some would say it was miraculous. She began to look forward to the workouts, after all there wasn’t much else to do.

She looked forward to them so much that she had to be told on many occasions to slow down, the physios were convinced she was going to become a fitness fanatic once released.

Amy grew stronger by the day, and finally she was given an all clear to go home. Amy’s outfit for leaving hospital was a testament to the whole team at the clinic.

Once upon a time Amy would not have been caught dead in this outfit, yet it was so simple. She looked like she was off to the gym, skin-tight leggings, ankle socks and some white training shoes. The crop top she wore showed of her flat toned stomach and stretched tight around her magnificent 36C breasts. The leggings were pulled up so high and tight that you could almost make out her new womanly mound in detail, though thankfully Amy was not that crass!

Her long Brunette hair had taken on a fairer look since she came into the clinic, possibly down to the hormones, no one was quite sure. Either way, Amy liked the look, almost dirty blonde. 

Her hair was in a ponytail and her makeup was immaculate. Not that she needed much, minimal cosmetics was Amy’s style now, mainly on her eyes which she always enjoyed doing. Her face now though was young, smooth and unblemished. A little bronzer to accentuate her high refined cheekbones and a gentle pink lipstick.

Gone were the days of layers of foundation and concealers, though on a party night she would likely apply some and look even more the beauty that she was.

Almost every guy in the area stopped to take a moment as she walked out to her friend Nicola’s car.

They drove straight to Amy’s house in the suburbs, once home Amy went straight to the kitchen and put the kettle on, she had been desperate for a good cup of coffee!

After the girls drank coffee and chatted for a while Nicola left her to relax in the confines of her home.

For the first time in ages, Amy sat back and enjoyed the pure bliss of peace and quiet, not a sound was heard. She sat just enjoying the moment for some time, before getting up and heading to her small study room.

Here, she booted up the computer and logged onto her banking app to check her finances were in order. Amy was pleased to see everything in order, not to mention her healthy balance!

It was time for an online shopping spree, after all she had very few clothes that would now fit her. After spending a good few thousand pounds she realised that she still needed some clothes for today, as most of the orders would take a day or two to be delivered.

She went to her wardrobe and searched for anything that would still fit her, which was not a whole lot! Without further ado, she grabbed her bag and headed to the garage. Hopefully, her car was still in working order.

To her surprise she found a note on the dashboard, it was from Nicola saying she had kept the car in good order for her, starting it up once a week and taking it for a spin.

Amy smiled, started the car and hit the remote for the garage door, she pulled out into the cul-de-sac and onto the main road. Switching on the car stereo, she searched her favourite Katy Perry CD for a certain track. She had thought about the song a lot and thought it reflected Amy’s new life perfectly.

The tune started, and the sound of Katy Perry boomed through the speakers, I’m Wide Awake! 

Next stop, the local mall, a girl gotta shop!


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