Servitium Amoris

by TransAmy

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Grand Mistress Stephanie Jensen was not feeling too good, her illness had started some months ago, and as the days went on, she only got worse.

Fearing the worst, she made plans for her son and heir to her title. He was too young to even comprehend the dynamics of his mother’s world. He was only six years old.

The BDSM scene in England had a hierarchy, known as the Institution, of course it wasn’t common knowledge to the everyday folk, but if you were a serious player then you knew, and you also knew there were rules to abide by.

Grand Mistress Stephanie was the head of all Mistresses and Masters within England, she ruled a strict but fair regime. Encouraging her peers to rule their slaves with love rather than the whip.

She was not a fan of non-consensual enslavement, though at times and only ever in extreme circumstances was it allowed.

Of course, every regime has its enemies, and several of the more senior members had different views. One of which was Vivien, her sister.

They rarely saw eye to eye on the matters of the hierarchy, but Vivien respected the title her sister held.

Stephanie planned for her solicitor to attend her house, she was too weak to travel at this stage. She set up a trust for her son along with the old family home. She had not lived there since her husband died but kept the house nonetheless.

As the solicitor left, she passed him a lock box, and a note for her son when he was old enough.

During her final weeks, her apprentice never left her side, a young promising woman, she held no rank at present, but Stephanie was confident she would become an excellent Mistress one day. Her name was Angela Wright.

After a few more weeks the Grand Mistress passed peacefully in her sleep, at her side her sister wept, and her apprentice lost her world and her love.

The apprentice was dismissed from the house shortly after and headed off to find her new life. The sister, Vivien, took on the role of Grand Mistress by proxy.

The son was cared for by foster parents, but never found a real home. He spent his childhood moving from home to home and eventually disappeared into the system.

Some say this was the plan of Vivien, though nothing was ever proven.

Chapter 1 – Too good to be true

Matt punched his code into the keypad, effectively ending a gruelling twelve-hour shift at work, the last of four. Which of course meant he now had four days off.

He loved his job working at the airport, it was physical but rewarding and paid surprisingly well too. The guys he worked with were a good bunch, they had a lot of laughs and the banter was constant.

That was as far as it went with his work colleagues though, he never saw them out of work and had no intentions of changing that. Out of work his persona changed.

At work he was a regular guy, straight as they come. Out of work his persona took on a whole different level, out of work he was she, or to be more precise, she was Amy.

A doctor would likely diagnose Amy/Matt with mental disorder, Matt for example would deny he was stuck in the wrong body. Matt was a heterosexual guy and loved to look at women, the thought of sex with a guy was somewhat repulsive to him.

He had issues though, he went through the foster care system, but at eighteen years old his life took a turn, he came into his inheritance, a house left to him and a fair sum of cash in an account. It set him up for a good life.

The solicitor gave him a locked box that day he got his inheritance. There was a combination lock of which the solicitor did not know. The message with the box said to open it if you’re ever in trouble, you would know the code.

Matt dismissed the box, after all he wasn’t in trouble, and it was likely to be some kind of lucky charm or something similar. Besides, he couldn’t work out the code.

Eventually the box made its way into the loft and had been there ever since.

Amy knew exactly what she was, a woman. The fact she had male genitalia did not enter the equation, the offending appendage was tucked up out of the way and never thought of. The fact that she was blessed with an exceedingly small penis was a godsend for her. Though Matt would disagree!

Amy got her pleasures in other ways, she met numerous guys, but she was very fussy. The guys knew exactly what Amy was about, in fact they admired her for what she was.

Her rules of engagement were simple, treat me like a woman. And so, they did, sex was of course only ever anally or orally, both of which Amy enjoyed very much.

Amy was no supermodel, even though she was ever conscious of her figure and never ate unhealthily. Unfortunately, Matt loved his junk food.

It was a constant battle to try and undo the damage done by Matt’s unhealthy lifestyle, but no headway was ever made. Amy would have to be content with her voluptuous figure.

Her lovers never complained though, Amy was very feminine when made up, years of practice had ensured she was always looking her best. She also had a cleavage to die for, many of her trans friends were jealous that she was able to produce this with just a little help in the push up department.

Matt would call them his man boobs, or moobs! Amy would call them breasts. As much as Matt hated his moobs, Amy had more to complain about. CIS women are overly critical of their bodies, transwomen however are extremely critical.

Broad shoulders, large hands, narrow hips were just some of the things Amy hated about herself, and no amount of surgery would ever change these things. The best she could do was try to ignore them and try to take the focus from them. Her cleavage certainly helped in this department.

The main thing that caught the guys attention, however, was her eyes, they were an intoxicating green. Amy was always making her eyes do her work, and she had mastered the art of using her cosmetics to enhance them more.

The relationship between Matt and Amy was complex to say the least. They were both aware the other existed, though neither thought about the other once in character. Some concessions were made though, or was it just coincidence?

Matt’s hair was long and always in a ponytail, a saving grace for Amy, she had not worn a wig in many years. Matt also never had to shave, a chore he hated to do. It had been years since he did, thanks to Amy undergoing laser hair removal treatments.

The laser treatments were expensive, Amy had invested heavily into this and had her whole body treated over the years. Matt was happy with the arrangement for after work he loved to swim, before he started to put on weight, he was quick, and had a lot of potential. If only he laid off the junk food, Amy would be much happier too!

The switch between the two personalities would happen overnight during sleep. It was simple really, when the alarm went off for work it was Matt that turned it off and rose from bed.

If the alarm never went off, then Amy would eventually wake up naturally. There had been a few times over the years that had thrown a spanner in the works, normally when Matt had forgotten to set his alarm for four days’ time when his shifts would start again on his phone.

Normally on a subconscious level Amy/Matt would rectify the alarm problem without thinking about it, and poor Matt would have some explaining to do with his boss.

As much as Amy would love to be there all the time, somewhere in her mind she knew Matt had to go to work to buy her things, so reluctantly she gave up and went to sleep for a few days. She was ever present though, which was the biggest difference. Matt would never be around during Amy’s time.

Matt left work, jumped into his car and left for home, stopping off for a box of Chicken and chips on the way. At home he went to the fridge, grabbed a beer and slumped on the sofa to watch TV.

Eventually his eyes grew tired, he went upstairs to his bedroom and subconsciously set his phone to silent and set his alarm for four days’ time, then put it on the charger. He stripped off his clothes and threw them in the laundry basket and went to bed.

The next morning Amy awoke from a good night’s sleep, and so the cycle continued. The cycle had been ongoing for years now. It started when Matt/Amy was seventeen, in two week’s they would be twenty-two.

But things were about to change, none of them knew it but one of them was about to disappear forever.

Amy’s four days of fun were coming to an end, she never really thought about it, to Amy she never knew any different. The four days that Matt had for work were just one night’s sleep for Amy, but her presence was always lingering. She liked to think it was her dreams manifesting. It was similar for Matt, though occasionally he would wake feeling a bit off. Normally if Amy had had sex the night before!

As always, he put it down to something else and got on with his life. A life which was about to change.

The alarm went off at five in the morning, Matt jumped out of bed and hit the shower, within twenty minutes he was out the door and, on the way, to work.

By day four at work, Matt was feeling tired, the job was strenuous at times, but this week had been incredibly quiet, too quiet. Sitting around doing nothing made Matt more tired than when he was busy.

With an hour left of the shift Matt and a few of the other guys were called into the office. It was not good news; the company had lost a major airline as a customer and cuts had to be made. Matt and two of his colleagues were laid off.

Matt finished his shift and headed home, the usual routine, food, beer and TV. But as he went to bed that night just the one small detail would be the end for him.

He stripped off his clothes and jumped into bed. Grabbing his phone as he always did, he set it to silent and went to set the alarm for four days’ time, then he remembered he didn’t need to get up in four days, he had no job.

He sighed deeply and threw his phone on the side cabinet without setting the alarm and thought at least he would get a lay in for a change. Then he drifted off to sleep, never to be seen again.

That was essentially the final nail in the coffin for Matt, from then on, he ceased to be. It took a few more months before Amy had gutted the house of Matt’s other belongings, clothes, etc., went to charity shops.

His car, a gas guzzling Jeep, which was his pride and joy, was sold. This was a big step in the transition to Amy. Matt adored the car; it was a sign of his masculinity.

Naturally, Amy hated the Jeep, she couldn’t wait for it to be gone. She replaced it with a small sporty hatchback, and finally she had a car that she could make smell nice.

The one thing she did overlook at first was money. There was still a substantial amount of money in the account, but the income had stopped. Matt may have been lazy when it came to feeding himself, but he was wise with his money. He always thought about those rainy days ahead. But the financial savvy Matt had gone, Amy needed a job.

Amy was now very dominant in the mind of the two. Matt was quite submissive in nature, whilst Amy was always the one to be in control of her life. But somewhere in the darkest region of her mind those submissive tendencies were there.

Amongst Matt’s submissiveness was a desire to be controlled, and on rare occasions he explored this through a visit to a Dominatrix. For now, it was dormant and buried deep, but a trigger could one day be pulled to awaken it.

The dominant Amy however could have been a Dominatrix herself; she certainly had the ability to pull it off.

Amy started her search for employment down the usual avenues, but she was lacking a work history, as Amy anyway. She knew lots about the aviation industry, but getting a job was proving difficult without any experience. She was also sure being a trans was also a major hurdle.

As the old saying goes, it’s not what you know but who! Amy finally found a break at her second home, the Transformations Club. It was a privately run establishment in the commercial sector of her hometown.

The club was exclusively invited only and catered for many fetishes, but trans people were always welcome, in fact it was run by a man and his trans wife.

Amy was more than a regular at the club, she often helped and knew all the members very well. One of them was Doctor Nichols, or Steve to his friends.

He was a plastic surgeon and became a member of the club after working on Suzie, the wife of Pete and part owner of the club. It was also a good place for him to notice extra work. There was a large client base of trans people here.

Dr Nichols had heard that Amy was looking for work and he thought she could be perfect for one of his projects. It was one afternoon at the club that Amy’s life took a turn, for better or worse was yet to be determined.

The club opened every day at 2pm, but only women and trans people were allowed in this early. The male admirer patrons had to wait until 7pm. It was designed to give all the girls time to catch up with each other, or for some who travelled there as men, to change or transform as Suzie liked to say.

Dr Nichols was an exception to the rule, he could come in early for consultations with the girls. It was on one of these occasions that he found Amy sitting alone going through her laptop looking for jobs.

“Amy, my dear, always a pleasure to see you," said Dr Nichols.

“Hiya Steve, how have you been? I’ve haven’t seen you here much lately.” Amy responded.

“All work and no play I’m afraid, I’ve been working on a new development for my practice. I’m remarkably close to perfecting a new procedure that will revolutionise the trans community,” he said excitedly.

“Wow, what’s it all about Doc?" said Amy in an excited voice.

“Well, I shouldn’t really talk too much about it, however, I understand you need a job. I have a proposition for you," said the Doctor.

“I do need a job Steve, but I have no medical qualifications, what could I possibly do to help? Unless you need a secretary!” said Amy.

“What I need is a volunteer for my new procedure, but before you say anything you need to know what is involved. You would be the first person to ever have this procedure done. I won’t lie to you Amy; it does carry risks.” The Doctor's tone had gone profoundly serious.

“OK, so lay it on me Doc, what is the procedure that’s got you all excited?” Amy had a look of concern on her face now.

“Amy, I’ve known you for quite some time now, so what I’m about to say you must accept as a professional assessment. I think you know by now that my intentions are never vindictive in any way.” The Doc was all business with his words.

“Steve, I trust you completely, you are probably the most liked and trusted person in this club, you know I would never be hurt by anything you say.” Amy was concerned for the Doc.

“Amy, that makes me happy to hear you and the other girls feel that way, it truly does. But I’m confident that it’s you that is the most well liked! Plus, your side kick, Nicola, who I don’t see here yet!” The Doctor had a smile on his face and seemed somewhat relieved.

“Oh, she’ll be around somewhere!" said Amy.

“Amy, I’ve watched you over the years, your character has blossomed, and you seem amazingly comfortable with who you have become. But I know there are things you do not like about yourself, I see the signs, the way you keep your hands hidden as much as possible, the way you slouch your shoulders. And the way you prefer clothes or should I say corsets to emphasise your hips. These are traits I see in so many transgendered people, many of which come to me for help.” The Doc paused, analysing Amy to see if she was feeling hurt.

“Go on Doc, you’re right of course, these are things which I hate about myself. It’s not really a secret that most of us hate these things, but what can we do about it? Nothing.” Amy got a little emotional, not from the Doctor's words, but the fact nothing could end her anguish about her large bone structure.

“What if I said, I’ve found a way?” said the Doctor with a broad smile.

Amy just stared at the Doctor, mouth agape. She was literally lost for words. Amy had never had any procedures before, except for the hair removal.

This could and would transform her life, how fitting they were in Transformations at the time. The Doctor let the realisation set in and gave Amy a moment to register what this meant to the trans community.

“Amy, I want you to be my first patient, I know you have never had anything done before, and I have never pushed to ask why. It is your business and for you to decide. But I want you to seriously consider what I have to offer you for helping me on this.” The Doctor was back to his serious self.

“Well, there’s always been this guy in my life you know, but he’s gone now so I’m going to see my GP next week for a referral letter. Will I need that first?" said Amy who looked relieved that she could finally begin her long awaited journey.

“If you decide to go through with this, I can help with all that. Amy, please take your time to think about it, I know it is not an easy decision to make. I have some reading for you if you want, it will explain the techniques in detail. But I must warn you, it is a long read and very technical," said the Doctor.

“Steve, this is all great news and I’m really pleased for you, but what has this got to do with a job, you’re talking about surgery?" said a quizzical Amy.

“The procedures would require you to take a considerable amount of time out of your life, the healing process alone will take some time and then there is the physiotherapy required to help you adjust to a new bone structure. This process, when perfected, can take a 200lb guy and turn him into a 120lb woman. That is not an overnight surgery. The stress on the body will need constant supervision for a minimum of six months.” The Doctor took a breath and again let Amy consume the information.

“If you decide to accept, then my practice will give you an advance payment of £200,000 which will help take care of your finances whilst you’re with us. At the end of the process, we will pay you a further £100,000. On top of this whilst you are with us, we will happily provide you with anything you require, including any other procedures you might want, on the house.” The Doctor had made his pitch, now it was down to Amy.

“Wow, Steve, that’s errr… quite an offer!” Amy was thinking only of her future feminine body, the money had not even registered properly.

“Amy, please take your time to think about it, I will not accept a decision today and that is not debatable. This is a big if not the biggest decision of your life, take some time," said the Doc.

“Steve, I have never as you know asked any professional about transition, I know it’s something I want to do, but until recently I had still been living two lives, you know, with my twin brother!" said Amy, who was repeating herself.

“Yes Amy, I am aware of your situation, and as a character witness I can get the authorities to sign off on your transition, if that is what you truly want?" said Dr Nichols.

“It is what I want, the past few months have been so good for me since I lost my job, crazy I know, but Matt was miserable, he had no life outside of work, only me," said Amy.

“Then think about my offer Amy, if this is what you want then I will make everything happen, of course some other Doctors and therapists will want to see you first, but I really don’t see any problems. You are after all living full time as a woman," said the Doc.

“But doesn’t it have to be like two years or something? And on hormones?” asked Amy.

“A loophole which I can get around, fear not Amy, I can and will make this happen if you want it. Just promise me you will not rush the decision," said the Doctor with a smile.

“It all sounds a bit too good to be true!" said Amy.

“I assure you Amy, this is 100% genuine," said Dr Nichols.


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