Sam's New Position 2: Payback

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; FM+/f; D/s; leather; hood; gag; bond; bdsm; susp; toys; oral; anal; toys; reluct/nc; XX

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Part 2: Payback

Sam woke with a start, She couldn’t see, everything was black! Her arms were painfully pulled back and tied like a strappado but taking her weight, her legs weren’t touching the ground, they were pulled apart by a spreader bar and tied off a few inches off the bed where Sam had been told to sit many hours before. The past week had been absolute hell for the once lesbian predator who had so spectacularly been tricked into her own downfall. She had cried all she could cry and however much she had thought that she had been wronged, she came to the same conclusion, that she had it coming and she deserved everything that had happened to her.

The only time she had seen in the past week was when her hood had been removed by Mistress Revenge, and a hand had been freed to sign over everything to Mistress! Witnessed by Ms Dunbar and by that solicitor Ms Todd who had said she would wave any costs as it was a pleasure being present at the demise of such a slut! Apart from the pain in her shoulders her branding had not fully healed and still the smell and intense pain she felt sickened her to the core. The memory of the smell of her own skin burning brought a lump in her throat, never had she believed that the baying crowd actually wanted her to be branded, but they proved her wrong. Whilst she felt her sphincter had just been split open nothing her prepared her for the humiliation of the girls, the women that she had violated would be used against her in such a vicious way.

Now resigned to her fate she strangely looked forward to Mistress giving her, her daily whippings. She remembered how she tricked the naïve and young girls to be tied when she had driven then to the house, like a spider trapping a fly and whipping them, screaming until she gagged them and enjoying whipping them some more they would do anything she wanted to do to them. As these thoughts were going on a sudden jerk brought her back to reality, as she was being lowered. As she finished on the bed the hood that had held her captive was removed.

Mistress Revenge stood over her, her new pressed white blouse only just kept her breasts under cover, not because the blouse was unbuttoned but because the blouse was a little tight and now she disliked wearing bras. Everything else was spotless, her leather tie, her leather pencil skirt her boots and as Mistress put on her jacket Sam felt a twinge of wetness in her battered and bruised pussy, Oh how close she had come to getting her to kneel before her, how close she had come to whipping her just as she had whipped Sam leaving hundreds of weals over her body.

Mistress undoes her mono glove and undoes the spreader bar that had kept her legs apart. This was the first time since the night at the club that her arms and legs were free, She looked at Mistress, who slapped her across her face!

"You will learn that you will always avert your eyes to me and those around me slut!"

Sam quickly lowered her eyes in an effort to comply.

"You will wash and report to me in ten minutes go!"

She could barely walk, let alone wash, as she navigated her way round, it was her house but it wasn’t, everything had been moved, things that she had known had gone and been replaced with things she didn’t recognize. She found her bathroom and like the rest of the house, it was her bathroom, but it wasn’t. Knowing the tricks a Mistress might plays on a sub she didn’t touch anything in the bathroom, just washing her face with water, as she looked into the mirror she had another shock, as her hair had been cut off at the club and it had started growing back in little tufts, she was bruised and whipped all over, her breasts were tattooed, pierced, punctured and bruised. She scratched the dried blood from around her breast. Sam heard a noise and finished off quickly. Sam met Mistress at the bathroom door a riding crop under her chin!

"I hope you have not used my things slut!"

"No Mistress I have not!"

"Good! It’s good that a slut knows her place!"

As Sam followed Mistress up the stairs her eyes were glued to Mistresses buttocks! Walking in heels in a pencil skirt did it for Sam, who remembered it was just such a walk in and out of her office which got her to the position she found her self in now. Sam found herself in one of her clothing rooms, which had all but been cleared out. Her leather skirts, jeans and jackets had gone, but she knew better than to question it as this would have been the exact reason she had been brought up here in the first place. In the corner was a small pile of clothes which Mistress pointed to.

"You wear these, get them on now!"



Sam tried to dress as quick as she could, she found that her skirt was in fact a Latex spank skirt and her blouse was white and transparent, to add to the humiliation her breasts could be clearly be seen even the tattoos could be seen through the material. Mistress gave her some court shoes which were too small, as she realized Mistress gave a smirk, then handed her a Latex open face hood which she pulled on. As Sam looked up Mistress had a red ball gag.


Sam opened her mouth and the gag was forced behind her teeth. Mistress pulled another Helmet over Sam’s head which only had eye and mouth holes so preventing Sam from removing the gag. Mistress padlocked a posture collar round Sam’s neck. Mistress took her left head and slipped a mitten on followed by the right and with a chain padlocked the mittens behind Sam almost in a reverse prayer.

As Mistress clipped a leash to the posture collar she smiled at Sam, "We’re going to work slut!"


"Yes we’re going to see all your work colleagues, isn’t that nice!"


As Mistress lead Sam to her own car she opened the boot and motioned Sam to climb in, as Sam was trying to get in Mistress pushed Sam into the boot smashing her head in the process, Sam lost consciousness…

As Sam started to wake, she overheard a discussion between Ms Dunbar and Mistress Revenge.

"Sharon you were only brought in to rough her up a bit, and put her in her place! I swear If you have another medical emergency I will have to reassess your position. I only allowed you to brand her on the understanding that It would never be traced back to me and I want you to calm this down now, it’s getting totally out of hand and I want a stop to it!"

"Once you started this you just think you can stop it, just like that? Once YOU started this you have to see it through to the end! Debbie!"

"I want it stopped, I don’t know what you thought you were doing bringing her here, in the state she is in you would’ve only turned those that wanted her gone against me and you, it’s one thing to do what you did to her in the club, it’s totally another to bring her here looking like she’s spent time in a concentration camp. Everyone knows what she looked like, if you brought her here and everyone sees what you’ve done to her it’ll backfire in my face and I’m not going to let it happen! Treat her nice, and if that means you get whipped then so be it! After all you fucked her up, so you can put her back together again!"

"What! You want me to wet nurse her after what you told me to do! I don’t think so!"

"Well you do it or the deal’s off!"

"What the hell do you mean the deals off! You owe me Bitch!"

"Well you could sue me! Now take her back and I want her back on her feet in a few weeks got it!"

"I’ll do what I can!"

"Make sure you do!"

"Take her back to her house in your van and I’ll drive her car back Ok?"


The helmets and gag had been removed to deal with the gash in her head and her hands were now free of the mittens. As she was driven home she started to realize the significance of what she heard. As she got home still pretending to be at least asleep she was carefully lifted into her house, and up to her bed. Where she was left to doze, peacefully. After the last weeks bondage she was relieved to be left alone for a few hours, with her splitting headache. She could hear music playing down stairs so her prey was still there! She had decided that Sharon was going to pay a heavy price for what had happened to her, and if she could pull it off Ms Dunbar would begetting what’s due to her as well!

As she dozed she heard her car starting, Sharon was going out, Sam didn’t know if she had a few minutes or a few hours! Either way she wanted to know what they had done to her house.

She hobbled upstairs to the room that she visited that morning, that was empty, all her lovely leather had gone! She opened the other door hoping against hope there was something there. All her leather had been moved into the one room probably to give the impression that it had been thrown away! As she went through the house she worked her way down to her playroom. It seemed unaffected, everything where it should be. She looked around just to make double sure no one was watching and opened a secret door into a small room. It was originally designed as a bolt hole the door opening was just a push in the right area and the door opened silently, she could have used her own phone in the house but thought against it, she picked her cell phone up off the bench and speed dialed the first number of three and made her plans.

Rather than having to throw all her things out they were all in her garage, the replacements Sam had no idea where they had come from but she imagined a large bonfire in the garden! She made her way back upstairs and when she walked into her bathroom and opened her cupboard she found all her things intact. Now she knew the extent of Mistress Revenge’s powers, and she knew just how to turn thing’s the right way up!

She went back to bed, her head was aching and Sam knew she wasn’t ready to take on the forces of Ms Dunbar, but she would be!

Sam fell asleep fairly quickly, and when Mistress came back she was getting really concerned about the fact Sam had been asleep for all this time, forgetting the way that she had left Sam a few inches off the bed last night which meant no sleep at all last night.

It was dark when Sam woke up, she walked down stairs Sharon was asleep in front of the TV, she had shed the leathers for a robe. She didn’t look that imposing now and Sam had to wait for her plan to unfold. She was also pretty certain that what she signed was a farce as well! Sam sat there all night, Sam was intrigued as to what her reaction would be to find her sitting in the same room with her.

As Sharon started to arouse she opened her eyes and stared at Sam.

"Well who did you expect? Santa and his six ponygirls?"

"Oh your awake then!"

"Yes and I was thinking… how long will they give you for kidnapping? How long for embezzlement? How long for rape and buggery? How long for tattooing me? How long for Branding me?"

Sharon stared at Sam.



"Well if we just add those together you won’t be getting out for thirty years!"

"But! But!"

"But what! I’ve got you in my home and believe me when I have everything I need to fuck you good!"

Sharon flew at Sam, which she was rather hoping for, Sam pulled out a tazer from under her and zapped Sharon .

Sharon fell in a heap on the floor, out cold Sam looked at her foe, first with venom but cooled her inner bitch. She smiled for the first time in a long time!

As Sharon came to, She tried to move her arms that were outstretched and couldn’t, her eyes sprang open, only to be met with the darkness of a hood and with the realization of her new position. Sharon was tied to the whipping post!

The truth dawned on Sharon as she tried to move her legs. They were held in position and the cramping in her toes? She had Ballet heels on!

Sharon had not immediately felt them as her arms and legs were pulled in an X! Something snapped in Sharon as she franticly attempted to free herself, after a few minutes of panic Sharon realized that no amount of struggling would release her. She was in heavy bondage and she was there until someone released her.

After what seemed like hours Sharon heard footsteps, and more than one person, as the steps got closer a real fear grew inside her. Considering the way she had been asked to treat Sam Shelldon she could only wait for the consequences of her actions. She could hear a shuffling behind her, then a whistle.


Sharon screamed as her backside caught fire, she could feel blood trickling down her legs, as her torture began.

"Hello my little whore!"

It was Sam, "I’ve brought some friends back with me, some very pissed and sadistic friends. Believe me when I say the last time you looked in a mirror will be the last time you will EVER want to look in a mirror. You publicly humiliated ME!, you raped ME! You Pierced ME! You Branded ME! You tattooed ME! And you shaved ME! So my little fuckdoll, what do you think me and my friends intend to do with you, smack your bum with my hand?
No, No I have my cat whip which I will be using sparingly, a couple of minutes with this and you’ll look like mincemeat! I’ll be slow, very slow, and when I get my hands on the whore that paid you, you’ll be mine for good! BITCH!"

With that a couple of handfuls of salt was thrown at Sharon’s arse and rubbed in. She was still screaming by the time they had reached the top of the stairs.

Ms Dunbar picked up her phone and her blood ran cold, "Hello MS Dunbar, How are you?"

Of course she recognized the voice, The shock of hearing it quite so quickly after sending Sharon away with her unconscious that very morning brought a fear to her that froze her to the core.

"Hello Sam." She said with trepidation.

"I have it on very good authority that a recording of a conversation only this morning could be extremely detrimental to your present lifestyle."

"How could?"

"How isn’t important! Why is self explanatory, The point is I have it, I have her, and, I have you! Unless you wish to spent the next thirty years in prison I suggest you drop by tonight, You see I couldn’t help noticing that it was your daughters eighteenth birthday over the weekend, and that started me thinking."

"I’ll be there but leave her out of it!"

"Oh but how could I do that, after all she would be starting at the company now, wouldn’t she?"

"Look I know I wanted you sorted out, but it went way to far. I know that now, please let me come round tonight and we’ll talk !"

"Until tonight!" The phone went dead, Ms Debbie Dunbar was frozen with fear, on so many levels, firstly she didn’t want to go to prison and lose the Company she fought so hard to keep after her husband died. Secondly the fear of Sam in the same company as Lisa, her younger daughter. Linda, her elder daughter had managed to get to university and away from Sam the predator, but her worst fears were unraveling in front of her, and if she put a foot wrong she could very easily lose everything!

Later Ms Dunbar pulled up outside Sam’s home, the absolute fear written all over her face. Sam had all the playing cards and if she wanted to she could have had her facing charges now. Ms Dunbar had few options, Sam could do what ever she wanted, and still bring her life crashing down around her. Debbie Rang the door bell and waited… The door opened but Debbie didn’t recognize the person who answered the door, a faint resemblance to Sam, but no more. The woman looked down at her with disdain.

"I wondered what evil looked like, now I know!"

She opened the door wider so Debbie could walk in, she had not expected to be cast as the devil, but if the hat fitted…

She saw a few people doted around like they were attending a dinner party, they glanced at her with the same distain. Perhaps she had got it wrong, perhaps she had let a stupid young girl run riot with a member of her company, anyway she knew she would have to pay for the mess Sharon had made.

"Ms Dunbar! So good of you to come!"

Sam was stood in the middle of a party in full swing. Debbie was just left speechless by the party guests, in nothing but Latex, or leather, She hadn’t noticed but the woman who answered the door was wearing Leather as were the people she had past in the hall. She didn’t know what to make of the party when the music stopped. Everyone was looking at her, with the same distain, the same hate, the same venom, that she had shown Sam at the club a week ago.

"This is MS DUNBAR everyone! This is the one who thought that having me shorn, having me branded, having me tattooed would be a good idea, how was it for you then MS DUNBAR?"

Debbie didn’t know where to look, eventually deciding on looking at Sam.

"I…I…I’m not."

"Responsible?" Said Sam with venom


But MS DUNBAR! You ARE responsible, the bottom line is you paid for Sharon Lock to seduce me and collar me, but when she went too far you dropped her, what was it you said, you were only brought in to rough her up a bit."

The words cut through Debbie like a knife, Debbie thought that there must be a recording of the conversation and all hopes must be forgotten, whatever happens, happens, even if it means her daughters get involved.

"Well Ms Dunbar, you have few options open to you, Sharon Lock is spending some time revaluating her position and I have a simple solution, until I am put right, no tattoos, no Branding and my hair grows back I can and will reduce those that have wronged me to be my whipping girls, for me to play with until my body is put right. My hair will take best part of a year to grow back, Of course I will be on full pay although I will of not be coming in to work until I’m put right, but the quicker the marks are put right the quicker you see your daughter. You see you will drop her off here tonight, you will tell her that you made a huge error and by doing this, will solve a few of the problems that you have made in the last few weeks."

Debbie thought for a moment, but the one off lines she had perfected over the years just could not compete with the terror that she felt. She had thought that she was walking into the Lions den but it had been made perfectly clear that she was not the lion and she had done Sam wrong. Not only was there no way out but her youngest daughter would be forfeit in this game for supremacy.

Debbie thought on a more practical side, how was she meant to remove all traces of a tattoo, let alone a branding. She decided to look on the net to learn about these things, but isn’t that how she got herself into this mess in the first place! Whatever the fate of Sharon, she decided it was her own fault and she would have to face the consequences of her own actions, on her own. Debbie’s daughter would be another casualty she did not know her fate, but it would be better than Debbie losing everything in which case she wouldn’t have anything to fall back on.

"When do you want her?"

"Tonight! And her training starts straight away, she will be trained as my personal slave and she will live here until further notice, and if I feel the need to sell her then that’s exactly what’ll happen, but then you know what’ll happen then, don’t you?"

"I’m afraid you’ll never see her again, depending on how I train her, the prospective buyers might come from the other side of the world to buy a good slave in which case you will have no chance, unless your in a position to buy her! But that’s to come and I’ll have plenty of bills for lazer treatment for you to deal with, after all you’re the one that ordained it aren’t you?"

Debbie winced as if smacked round the face, the token "roughing up" had changed into a nightmare which would take on untold pain for her daughter.

Debbie Dunbar walked away from the home of Sam Shelldon broken. There was nothing she could do to change anything, she got in her car and drove home. The one thing she was dreading was how she was going to explain to Lisa that she was the prize that her mother had allowed to slip through her fingers, and her mother had made such a mess of things that she would gladly allow Lisa to stay with Sam, her employee, because she had a recording of her mother talking about kidnap, torture and had forfeit the right to her younger daughter.

When Debbie got home her daughter was on her computer typing to one of her friends on Facebook.

"Lisa, I’ve got something to tell you." Debbie said softly, trying to hide the life changing significance of what she was going to say.

"Aw Mum, I’m talking to Thumper!"

Debbie pulled the mains plug out of the wall and the computer died.

"what’re you doing mum?" As Lisa screamed as she stood up not quite believing what was happening.

"Sit down, what I have to tell you isn’t easy and I need your full attention without you making clever comments!"

Lisa slumped back into her chair. "What is it mum?"

"I’ve made a huge mistake Lisa, I won’t go into details but I want you to come with me, We’re going to Sam Shelldon’s tonight."

"What the rugmuncher, I’m not going anywhere near her!"

"I didn’t say you had a choice in the matter, did I. With what she‘s got on me I could get thirty years and we would lose everything we own. The company, the house, just everything!"

"What’s she done to you mum?"

"It’s not what she has done to me, it’s what I have done to her!"

"What have you done to her?"

"Let’s just Go to her house and you can judge for yourself!"

"Well O.K! I’m not keen but I’ll go because you want me to mum!"

Without saying much more they left for Sam’s. Half an hour later they drove into Sam’s drive, the party sounded in full swing, and there were quite a few cars parked in the way between them and the house.

"I think we walk from here Lisa!" Said her mother, still trying desperately to hide the truth from her daughter, Debbie had almost blanked out the ramifications of what she was about to do, so there was no question of discussion.

Back into the Lion’s Den stepped Debbie and her daughter, as Lisa saw the leather and Latex clad partygoers she clung on to her mother, not believing that her mother would take her to such a place. Lisa was grabbed from behind and ripped away from her mother and when Debbie looked round she saw the eyes of a massive hooded man glaring at her, she realized then she had lost her daughter for perhaps forever. Swallowing uncomfortably she made her way to where Sam had been before.

Sam was enjoying the party, it was the first fun she was able to enjoy since that fateful night and she relished what would happen to those that had wronged her. Rather than fly off the handle and merely flog them, she had a new way of dealing with them. Also Sam had on a new pencil dress. Sam saw Debbie edging her way towards her and put her glass down. As Debbie reached Sam the music stopped and everyone was looking at Debbie.

"Well, well, I have nearly the whole merry band now! I just need to collect a few more and I’ll have the set!"

Everyone round Sam started laughing, it was apparent that everyone in the place was aware of Debbie’s mistake and that they were making her feel as uncomfortable as possible.

"Lets go down to my playroom and see our newest guest!"

Two of the party revelers grabbed Debbie by her arms and walked her behind Sam as they all walked down to Sam’s playroom.

As the room had only dim lighting Debbie was trying to make out what was in the room that she had heard so much about, as her eyes became accustomed to the light she realized to her horror that two figures were ahead of her in the room. The one on the left was entirely encased in Latex, her face was facing the wall and the small pile of long blond hair drew Debbie to the conclusion that this was Sharon. Debbie had been so wrapped up in her own little hell she had almost forgotten about Sharon.

The other figure was hung in the same way but was facing the centre of the room, this figure was also dressed entirely in Latex and Debbie guessed this was Lisa. Sam unbuckled the blindfold and gag, this was indeed her daughter Lisa. Debbie covered her mouth and fought back the tears of the sight before her. As Sam removed the gag from Lisa’s mouth Lisa started screaming obscenities at Sam. Sam Just looked at the huge master standing too their right, they looked up as the master pressed a button on a control box and Lisa screamed with pain. Sam just waited whilst the screaming continued, Debbie was sobbing uncontrollably Sam looked at the master and Lisa stopped. Debbie recognized the Master as the man upstairs. She realized he was staring back at her and looked away. The screams must have lasted nearly a minute, Sam stepped up to Lisa.

"I take it your mother hasn’t told you?"

Lisa was still regaining what composure she still had so stayed silent.

Sam looked at the master who pressed the button again!

Again Lisa screamed as the little box of clever little bits on the outside of the chastity belt she was wearing put a low voltage current directly into her Labia via the two electrodes.

Sam looked at the master and it stopped Debbie was openly crying, Lisa glared at Sam.

"I can do this all night if you wish?"

"No, No" Said a very frightened Lisa who had realized there was much more to this than she had been lead to believe.

Lisa noticed for the first time that Sam’s hair had been shorn and she looked like a French collaborator.

"Would you like to see the things your mother paid for?" It was a rhetorical question as Sam had already started undressing in front of everyone in the room.

"Oh I know what your thinking Lisa, your wondering how I could undress in front of these people, your mother and yourself, well I’ll show you!"

As her knickers fell to the floor Sam slowly turned around.

"My body was as clean as yours before your mother paid to have this done to me!"

Lisa was stunned! Tattooed, Branded, Pierced, burnt and whipped, the evidence was very clear. Lisa looked at her mother who looked at the floor. She knew what Sam was saying was true.

"How? Who?" Lisa managed to get out

"Oh that’s the good bit, she’s next to you, her name used to be Sharon but after my friends have had their use of her I think she’ll just be known as toilet slave!"

The other figure tried to release herself from her bonds in panic, but quickly realized her fate was sealed, and slowly stopped. Quivering with fear the girl formerly known as Sharon accepted her fate.

"Could I see her face, I just could not believe that someone could do, that to another person!

"Of course but it’ll be the last time she sees anything for the foreseeable future!"

The Master that was responsible for the figure undid her collar and unzipped her helmet, and as the helmet was pulled from her now bald head, Lisa looked.

"YOU!" Lisa screamed! She glared at her mother!

"How could you! You fucking Bitch, That whore made my life and Linda’s hell at school and you "employed her" fuck I hope you’ve had you moneys worth BITCH!"

Sam started laughing, the party goers started laughing, Lisa still glaring at her mother, glancing at the Thing formerly known as Sharon. Debbie’s humiliation was now complete!

"And now I suppose I have to have the same fate because of your incompetence! That’s why you kept avoiding my questions earlier! You dragged me up here to give me to her didn’t you? Well don’t bother saving anything for me, I don’t want your blood money, and if I ever get to see Linda again I shall tell her what I’ve seen here and the fact you willingly sold me into slavery! Please do me up again I don’t want to see my mum again!"

Both the Thing and Lisa had their headwear replaced Sam was in absolute hysterics as was everyone else Debbie Dunbar was on her knees crying her eyes out. After a few minutes when things had calmed down Debbie looked up at the Thing formerly known as Sharon.

"Please Sam let them down I love both of them and it should be me up there not them!"

"Yes I know all about it! Ms Hypocrite!"

Debbie looked at Sam for a moment and looked at the floor not persuing the point.

"Yes according to Sharon you and her had quite a thing going until you decided to go for me, you probably didn’t want to tell your daughters you were a dyke so you kept it a secret from them. So what’s it like to be outted?"

"It just rounds off a perfect day!" Debbie said almost without thinking.

"Well no I don’t intend to do anything of the sort, I want her where I know she’ll do some good, plumbed in to some toilet somewhere."

"No Please,"

Sam waved a hand silencing Debbie

"Firstly I do accept the fact that she went beyond her remit and you tried to stop it, but you think for one second getting these tattoos removed will be pain free? Do you think for one second that removing this brand won’t involve surgery because if you do you are a little more dense than I gave you credit for. Secondly I need you to keep the company going, this is going to cost a small fortune and not surprisingly your footing the bill! Thirdly Lisa stays here! I don’t think after what she’s found out about you today She’ll want to come back with you. Anyway, I dare say she needs time to think as I do, you think we’re working to some plan do you, Oh and by the way where’s that bitch Ms Todd?"

A small far eastern Mistress walked up to Sam with a chain in her hand which she gave to Sam.

"Thank you Mistress Kia, May I whip her soundly?"

"Of course, I tink dhat’s why she want to come so much!"

At the other end of the chain Ms Todd walked up to Sam . "Guilty as charged! Where do you want me!"

"Kate?" Said Debbie.

Ignoring her Ms Todd beamed at Sam.

Debbie couldn’t believe what she was seeing, Ms Todd in a Latex Cat suit, a dog collar, a cat woman hood, and six inch heels, with her hands strapped behind her back.

"If there is ever a next time don’t lay it on quite as thick as you did!"

"Sorry Sam, but I was trying to pretend I didn’t like you!"

"Well there’s plenty of time later!"

"OK here’s the deal." Looking at Debbie.

"Ms Todd can put it in writing later. Lisa and the thing stay here and you run the company as per usual I will have to go through plenty of pain to get back what I have lost but If you pay for my Laser treatment and the operation to remove the brand you might just get away with it. If I find you trying to make a run for it I’ll just play the recording to the commissioner of police, mind you I shouldn’t need to he’s a couple of feet behind you! So the long arm of the law will catch up with you, if you want to play it that way. I will decide what to do in my own time and in my own way. Until the pair of you manage to sort out your lives you won’t be able to see Lisa, not until she decides otherwise
Time might help but I think you would be better if you put some thought into what your going to tell your other daughter. Strange as it may seem I don’t think I ever marked someone permanently until The Thing, but I don’t think I’ll start now".

"The Thing goes with whoever I deem appropriate, she will be used as a toilet slave for as long as I deem necessary. Which should be as long as my Marks take to be removed. After that you might be able to have her back, but that’s again up to her, you’re the one that put her in the position she finds herself in now! Perhaps I was a little judgmental with you and I think a night in Latex might give you an idea just what your lover and your daughter are going to go through for the next few years!"

"How long?" Said Debbie!

"Well that depends on you really, for instance If my hair was replaced I could go back to work tomorrow!"

"Well I could ask a hair consultant to come here and see when it could be done, I take it you mean hair extensions?"

"Well I’ve not heard of someone having a head of hair extensions but I think it’s possible, expensive, but possible!"

"Everything else would be hidden under my clothes and I would be happy with that until I can be booked in for laser treatment, I think I quite like the piercing they have grown on me, Lastly we will be going down the see the tattooist because your going to be tattooed in exactly the same tattoos that I had to endure but it’ll be Mistress Samantha round your clit, the piercing and the branding we’ll leave for the moment. Let see what you look like in Latex!"

The crowd grabbed Debbie and stripped her, covering her in baby oil and stretching a cat suit over her. Her hair was pulled back and a helmet was pulled over her head, in ten minutes no one could tell the difference between the three figures strapped to the wall, no one could tell who was in heaven and who was in hell. After a few hours left to stew, Sam and the party goers came back down to talk to the three.

"So how are you all finding it in there Ms Dunbar?"


"Yes I thought it would be! Let them see, no more than that!"

The Masters either side of Debbie and Lisa unstrapped their blindfolds. "And lets have the Thing down here in position!"

Both the Masters undid the Things Bonds and held her rigid, forcing her over a horse and removing the chastity belt from her crutch. The Masters reattached her bonds round the horse, so again she was trapped, only this time a real fear was building in her. She knew very well that the things that had been done to Sam were her choice and that she thought wrongly that Debbie would see what she had done and joined with her to lord it over Sam.

As she felt the zip opening to it’s fullest she felt very vulnerable, the marks made earlier in the day were clear to see as some were reopened up just starting to bleed again.

"Now this is only what she did to me a week ago, using a massive dildo she raped me with it in front of a baying audience, just like we have here! I’m still recovering from my ordeal but wouldn’t you agree the fine member belonging to Mistress Kia is about the same size and girth. May I Mistress Kia?"

Mistress Kia nodded and folded her arms looking up at the pair on the crosses. Sam knelt down and held the latex of Mistresses long skirt tighter across her front, the unmistakable outline of a massive cock could be seen as some of the party goers gasped as it was pretty much down to her knees, and as thick as her legs!

"Ready Mistress Kia?"

"Ready Mistress Samantha!"

Sam got up and undid the skirt, when it fell to the floor she got another gasp as her cock was semi flaccid!

As Kia started to rub her cock on the crack between the things cheeks, the thing started to get hysterical realizing that she was quite likely to be buggered and raped by the drainpipe being rubbed on her arse!

"roobrecation Misdress Sam!"

"No, no lubrication Mistress Kia!"

"What! No Roobrecation at all! Wooa bitch!"

"Well Mistress a few seconds with it jammed in my mouth!"

"wemove Gag pweaze me com roobrecate cockie!"

"roo bite cockie me cut tits off OK!"

"Please don’t do this! Ummmfhh!"

Mistress Kia rammed her cock into the things mouth for a few seconds and nearly ripping her teeth out when she pulled it out!

"Please don’t do this, please!"

"You shooda thot bad idea rapin mi friend I teech you how ta fuc good yes!"

Mistress Kia looked at The things mouth and then her arse.

"Me gorra prob me fuc gob but she too tall, mi too small!"

"Well Mistress, that’s what chairs were designed for isn’t it!"

Without further comment Mistress Kia stood on a chair and stuck her cock into the crack between her cheeks the thing had been silenced again but was making a lot of noise in spite of this. Kia pushed with all her weight holding her shaft and bringing her cock to bear on the things arsehole, slowly it started going in, the thing screamed as Kia forced her cock into her arse. The crowd were baying for blood!


Kia was only about half in when she started pumping,


Kia kept pumping, one eye on the things arsehole the other eye on Sam who had moved so she had line of sight with Kia.

Sam nodded and Kia pulled out of the things arse.

"Oh fuc mi cockie’s bloorysitty ware wash Mistress?"

"Oh dear Mistress Kia I’m sorry your cock’s got covered in shit and blood why not try this end so you can clean your cock!"

"Bloory brirriant wiy mi not tinko dat!"

"Oh I didn’t Mistress, but she did!"

Sam removed the Gag silencing the thing and as Kia offered her cock to the thing she opened her mouth to clean Kia’s cock.

"Oh so you remember last week do you?" The thing was in cleaning mode so couldn’t really talk, But after a few seconds Kia pulled out.

"Well? I asked you a question?"

"I could have killed you couldn’t I"

"Well no fucking shit! Yes that thought had crossed my mind, but my dear you should be very careful what you say because you’ve just been fucked my your Mistress for the foreseeable future so if you don’t do everything she says she might, just might, fuck you stupid, and I think you don’t really want to go there considering you’re the one that had me to the hilt with a fourteen inch strap on! I don’t know how long your Mistresses cock is but it’s down to her knees so you work it out, the next time we talk will be when I am whole again, without your tattoos and without your brand so as you can probably work out for yourself it will be a very long time, You will be used, very used as a toilet slave but remember this, you started this, You, all I’m doing is payback and when you arrive back here there will be a fourteen inch dildo with your name on it!"

Sam shoved the thing’s Gag back home and walked to where Lisa and Debbie where watching, Debbie was crying again, Lisa seemed impassive, Sam looked at Debbie.

"Do you think you should be next?"

Debbie violently shook her head.

"Can you think of a good reason why I couldn’t enslave Lisa for the rest of her life?"

She must have thought what she was going to say because after a few seconds Debbie shook her head!

"Would you have enjoyed it if I have told Mistress Kia to fuck both holes, just like she did to me!"

Debbie slowly shook her head, the pain of realizing again she had been proved the heartless bitch was a bitter pill to swallow

"Somehow I think your right! No one should have that done to them and yet I had done to me less than a week ago in both holes, you remember that if you think I was too harsh both of you! And remember this you witnessed her, you were there watching her raping me, you ordained it you watched it, you witnessed it and now you’ll be paying for it!"

Lisa looked at her mother, and Debbie looked at her, the eyes said it all.

Sam turned her attention to Lisa, "Looks like you’ll be staying here for a very long time slave, now you understand just what has happened!"

Lisa nodded and burst into tears!

Mistress Kia was scaring the crowd offering to fuck anyone with an arsehole! Everyone thought it was time to go home!

Debbie was sent home to get on with the task of raising the money to pay for the reconstructive work on Sam .

Lisa had been taken down and strapped to Sam’s bed. Lisa’s legs had been tied to both the posts so her crutch could be reached. Lisa watched Sam get undressed looking at the tattoos on her body.


"Do you have anything to say to me?"


"OK hold on!"

Sam prised the gag out of her mouth.


"I just wanted to say I’m really, really sorry for what My mother did to you, it doesn’t matter what your sexual preference is no one deserves that, no one!"

"You see as far as I can see you’re the reason all this happened to me, but you knew nothing about it. A paradoxical problem to say the least!"

"Well put it like this! I’ve seen enough to sicken me, so Lesbianism seems like nothing now, if you want me take me, I’m yours! Someone has to pay you back!"

Sam unstrapped Lisa, and Lisa took hold of Sam and pecked her neck until they kissed. Lisa worked her way down to Sam’s breast and licked and sucked until Sam’s nipples started to harden.

"What did you used to do to the girls you brought home with you?"

"I don’t think you want to know do you?"

"Yes, I do, but I hope it wasn’t what happened to Sharon."

"No the only reason for that was that was exactly what Sharon did to me in front of an audience at Vestas!"

"What! Exactly that!"

"Your mother pierced both my nipples, well actually she just stuck two needles through my breasts, see these marks here?"

"Oh I don’t want to know, it just turns my stomach thinking about it!"

"I was shaven by my PA, I was branded by Sharon and I was publicly humiliated by the lot of them!"

"So where do you want me!" asked Lisa.

"Well, firstly I love girls to be hooded, gagged and wearing latex!"

"OK where do I find all this?"

"Oh Sharon did have a move around of my bits but they’re still here."

They got up and Sam showed her what she had.

"Wow, you must have spent a lifetime collecting all this!"

Sam looked at her with only a hint of a smile.

"Oh, I didn’t mean it as it came out!"

They picked out some stuff and carried it back the Sam’s bed.

Sam opened a cat suit and Lisa stepped into it.

"Oh you’ll need some talc!"

Sam opened a draw and pulled a tin out, offering it to Lisa. She shook some out, over her legs and it went some way to ease the latex on. Once the cat suit was on everything else was easy! Sam slipped a pair of Ballet boots on locking them in place, an open hood stretched over her face and begrudgingly fitted. Snugly a ball gag popped into Lisa’s open mouth and a mono glove pulled her arms together behind her. As she laid on the bed Sam put the last piece in place the final helmet went over Lisa’s head and zipped up behind her head, her eyes looking at Sam.

"Well you wanted to know!"

"I ont uu oo uff mi!"

"Well I suppose your there, I’m here."

Sam opened the zip between Lisa’s legs, Lisa grunted as Sam gently brushed Lisa’s sex with her fingers. Lisa was trying to hump Sam’s hand!

"Oh not so fast little one, for us the night is young, and I have all the time in the World"! Lisa realized who was in charge and relented.

"ace mi!"

"I’ll take you when I’m good and ready!" Sam got closer and caressed a cheek of her buttocks through the latex, Lisa was getting all hot and Sam wasn’t easing it!
Sam felt her breasts tweaking her nipples and driving Lisa wild!

"Have you ever been fucked little one?"

Lisa shook her head.

"So you have never been fucked in the arse?"

Lisa looked at Sam. "Iye mi"

"Oh I intend to my dear!"

Getting off the bed, Sam opened a draw and pulled out a strap on, not a monster only eight inches but enough! Lisa looked and realized where it was going, she brought up her knees so her arse was in the air ready!

"Uk mi, Uk mi!" Lisa cried, the sound coming from the covers of Sam’s bed, Sam who had just lubricated the Strap-on got on the bed behind Lisa. She reached for the lube and stuck a generous blob on Lisa’s rosebud. Reaching over Sam picked up what looked like a large syringe, thankfully without a needle, but a plastic tube. She pulled on the syringe and sucked up the gel from Lisa’s bum gently pushing the tube into Lisa.

"Get ready here it comes!" Sam eased the gel out of the syringe squirting it into Lisa, The Young Girl shook with pleasure. Lia’s rosebud closed round the gel making a small teardrop of gel sticking out.

Sam touched the teardrop with the dildo and pushed the Strap on into Lisa’s arse it slipped easily past her sphincter and slid slowly inward. Sam started to gently pump in and out being careful not to push too hard. She was trying to make this deflowering a memorable experience and so far it was! Lisa was somewhere between grunting and panting, whatever she was doing she was enjoying it! Sam kept on at the same rate pumping away, swaying a little left and right, trying to touch every tiny nerve ending in Lisa’s sphincter until Lisa squealed and shook with pleasure! She had come!

Sam backed out of her arse and unzipped the outer helmet, pulling it off and unbuckling the gag.

"Well I had to find some way of cleaning the strap on!

Lisa looked at Sam and the penny dropped…

"I’m ready!" Said Lisa, who opened her mouth to take the strap on.

Sam impaled Lisa’s mouth, knowing that all she could taste was her own shit, turning pumping in and out, Lisa gagged once or twice but kept cleaning the strap on until Sam was satisfied it was clean. Sam pulled out looking for shit, she saw a bit on the tip and put it back for Lisa to clean off. Lisa didn’t resist Sam once!

She was learning, learning to be Sam’s little slut.


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