Sam's New Position 3: Taking Control

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

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Part 3: Taking Control

Debbie Dunbar was a shadow of her former self. The confident self assured owner of her own I.T. company had fallen. Her younger daughter had disowned her, preferring to live with her lover Samantha Shelldon. Debbie’s lover, Sharon had been given to a TS Mistress, Mistress Kia who was using her as a toilet slave, and her older daughter was coming home in a few days. She was not looking forward to the homecoming.

It had been six weeks since Sam Shelldon dropped the bomb shell and she had lost her younger daughter Lisa to Sam. She might have felt better if Sam had held Lisa prisoner but Debbie knew full well this was not the case. Not once had Lisa tried to contact her mother, knowing that Debbie had taken Lisa to Sam’s home to give her away. In a few days when Linda came home the whole sorry story would come out, and which ever way she tried to run the story through her head she came out either a bitch, a right bitch, or a sadistic bitch. Anyway the moment Linda found out Lisa was living at Sam’s Linda would be round there to find her.

Debbie had paid for Sam’s wig to be made, which was identical to her own hair so a few days later she had restarted work with the company. All the pictures in the office came down only to be replaced with new colour pictures of the tattoos, the piercings and the branding that Sam had on her body. Sam wasn’t shy of showing all the workers her new pictures. As Debbie had expected the entire workforce turned against her, making her a outcast in her own company. No one ever said anything, they didn’t have to, they looked with scorn at her Debbie Dunbar and whispered things in each others ear. Sam must have told everyone that she was being "put right" at the company’s expense and that she was expected to go off to have sessions of painful plastic surgery to rebuild her as she was. Debbie decided to go to Sam’s and beg Lisa to come home, then Linda might not be so vocal when she found out the truth.

Debbie waited for the weekend, she went back unannounced to the home of Sam, the first time for a month and a half. What she saw Shocked her rigid! As she drove round the house she saw both her daughters in the back garden, playing badminton with Sam and another girl about their age. Debbie shook with hysteria, the last possible saving grace had been taken away from her. She openly wept as her children saw her car she backed out and drove off weeping. About half an hour later Linda drove up the drive, the friend Debbie didn’t recognize sat in the car waiting for her. Linda let herself in .

Debbie walked through to the front, she had an idea this was going to be a very short stay.

"Hi!" said Linda.

"HI! I suppose you know what a complete lying bitch I’ve been!"

"I just don’t believe my own mother would lower herself to have sex with that creature that terrorized us throughout our time at school and basically fucked the life up of someone who has a bit of a reputation at the company."

"I think you’ll find it was a bit more than a reputation!"

"Oh I went down to the company yesterday."

"But I wasn’t there!"

"Exactly and I asked around I asked what had happened to Sam!"


"Well it depends who you ask a couple of the secretaries told me you were a raging dyke who paid to have Sam turned over."

"Another couple of secretaries told me your girlfriend beat the shit out of her, and she would be disfigured for life and you were paying for her to have plastic surgery. I think if anyone has a reputation at the company it’s you!"

"Oh, I see. Well I must admit after Lisa left to live with Sam, I gave up. I go to work I earn enough to pay for your university fees and I live day to day. You’re the first person to walk through those doors for six weeks!"

"Well personally I think you’ve got off lightly, me and Margaret,"


"Yes Margaret Bea, My girlfriend. Sam showed us what you had paid for. Her fucking arse was cut to ribbons Mum! She showed me the tattoos, the branding, and the piercings I’m afraid it’s very difficult to see you as a victim, you fuck the only person that I would gladly swing for and you manage to lose her to a Trans sexual Mistress and she’s a toilet slave! Is that the level you’ve fallen to? Well enjoy your humiliation, you richly deserve it! We’re going to go and I doubt I’ll be back, ever!"

Linda turned and walked out of the house, Debbie opened her mouth to shout something but thought Linda would just keep walking. She looked out at the car that brought her daughter back home. She looked at Margaret Bea who’s long Ash blond hair clashed with Linda’s own dark hair, Debbie realized the final chance to be happy was gone, her last daughter had walked out. Debbie sat in the kitchen and cried.

A fortnight later Debbie could stand no more, She drove round to see Sam and her daughter Lisa. Sam’s car was outside so things looked hopeful, as she knocked on the door.

Sam answered, "Debbie, you’d better come in!"

Sam shouted out. "Lisa! Mummies come to see you!"

"I’ve come to talk to you as well Sam."

"Oh, it gets better and better! We’re out on the patio."

As Debbie walked onto the patio she gasped because there was Lisa, sunning herself with a leather collar with 'Sam’s Slut' in chrome letters, a pair of latex crutchless shorts and two large rings through her nipples, and many rings through her pussy, some ring were padlocked together. Debbie realized she was staring, the thing was that Lisa knew it as well and didn’t flinch. She reveled in it!

"I was hoping I could talk to you and Sam?"

"No! Not really! You might try to beg forgiveness for the things you did to Sam, but me no, I don’t think so!"

"O.K. Well I have a proposal for you, Sam?"

Sam Looked uninterested but listened anyway.

"Oh It’s simple enough, I want to sign everything over to you and become your slave!"

"Why would you want to do that Debbie?" asked Sam looking mockingly innocent.

"Because my two daughters have deserted me, the only reason I kept the company going was for them and they both would walk past if they saw me swinging from a tree. No one in the company will give me the time of day, do you know when Linda walked through the front door a fortnight ago she was the first person other than me to use the door in a couple of months! I know now what I must do. To make amends for what I’ve done I’ll give you the company my home and all the assets, in return I would like to be enslaved and at least I could watch my daughter from afar."

"How does that sound?" She added.

"Mmmmmm. Well In principle I suppose It’s a good deal and you have come at a most opportune time because Mistress Kia is bringing the Thing back here today, and she might bring Kate Todd with her. If that happens hopefully you can sign over everything in a few hours. But as far as the Thing is concerned you might see her in an hour or so, you might catch her outline if your very, very lucky!"

"I suppose you would make the set, I have Lisa, Mistress Margaret has Linda and who would have you?"

Lisa looked at Sam waving her arms in the air, as if she didn’t know!

"Who would take you?"

"I would!"

Everyone looked round!

It was Mistress Margaret, who had Linda on a leash and full cat suit, helmet, and gag. A chastity belt around her crutch and the bulbs hanging from it could only mean one thing. Linda was having a good time!

"I would need to swap my slave for her Sam, but you can probably see the advantages already. The two sisters can work at the company, with you as president and mummy comes play shit slave with yours truly!"

"And what’s Linda got to say?"

Mistress Margaret unstrapped the gag, and Linda who was still getting her breath back from coming, sat next to Lisa.

"I would be very sorry to lose my mistress, she knows I love her with all my heart. But I too can see why she would wish it. I only hope she gives the slave a workout she never forgets."

Lisa clutched Linda from behind, pulling her into a hug and kissed her sister on top on her helmet.

Mistress Margaret lent over to Linda and whispered in her ear, "Hopefully it won’t be for ever, but I can’t miss this opportunity to Administer the pain to someone who truly deserves it."

A little while later Mistress Kia arrived with Kate her personal slave and the Thing!

Mistress Margaret went downstairs with Debbie Dunbar, Debbie looked round to see if she could see anything of Sharon. The pair came back up the stairs Mistress Margaret was the same as before but the slave formerly know as Debbie was a little different. Gone were the "normal" clothes, her outline was one of latex from head to toe. The six inch boots were padlocked on, as was the corset around her waist by a Chastity belt. A stainless steel collar round her neck provided the anchor point for her new leash. Debbie had ceased to exist, no skin was visible her outer helmet only had pepper pot holes to see out of. Her hands had opera gloves which disappeared under her cat suit. She had become a slave.

Mistress Margaret waved a pair of mittens at Slave "D" a nd she narrowed her hands to get them on. Swiftly Mistress turned her around and padlocked them behind her back.

"Oh I’m going to have some fun with you slut!"

Slave "D" realized the enormity of that statement. It had been her choice to do what she had done, now the payback would start.

Her breasts and crutch were unzipped. Mistress grabbed her nipples and kneaded them roughly. Slave "D" Looked questioningly at Mistress Margaret.

"Have you forgotten how Mistress Sam was violated bitch?"

Her eyes widened. Not only was the crowd of people watching but she had pierced Sam’s nipples by sticking needles through her breasts. She tried to move but couldn’t. Her two daughters had hold of her as Mistress stuck the needle through her nipple she bit on the gag and winced as the pain flowed through her, touching every part of her. Leaving the needle in place another was pushed through her other nipple which had the same effect as the first.

"Hold Mummies legs open for me please!"

Her knees were pulled apart leaving her totally exposed, she felt a slight breeze on her clit before another needle was pushed through her hood. She screamed into the gag looking down at her children who were taking great delight in holding her legs apart. A slap round the her latex covered face brought her round.

"Don’t even think about it! We’re not even a third of the way through, BITCH!"

Mistress resumed by pushing through a steady line of needles through her inner and outer labia.

"There! Two nipples, one clit hood, two inner lab, four outer lab, there! Nine in total!"

Sam who had just been watching so far handed Margaret a plastic container. Mistress opened the box and the rings that Sharon had fitted to Sam were about to be fitted to a new slave! The reason Sharon fitted these rings was simple! The rings were too big for the holes made by the needles and they hurt like hell!

Everyone sat round Slave "D" and watched as each ring was forced into the hole made by the needles. When Mistress Margaret was finished she curtsied as everyone clapped, except for one who had her arms in a mono glove and was gagged. She heard the muffled screams, just as she had heard Sam’s screams that fateful night not so long ago.

Sam finished her drink, Mistress Kia kissed everyone, except the slaves, but she cupped the hooded faces of Lisa and Linda, smiling at both of them. They, at least were the only slaves that wanted to be there!

Mistress Kia pulled the Thing and made her sit on the floor in front of Sam. Mistress Margaret made Slave "D" do the same thing. The Thing gave slave "D" a long hard look, Slave "D" looked back pleadingly at The Thing. Neither was in a position to touch the other, and everyone would expect that to be as far as they got until Sam said; "Release their hands!"

The Mistresses unlocked both their bonds and the Thing raised her arms and hugged Slave "D!"

"Yeah just don’t expect her breath to be fresh!" offered Sam!

Mistress Kia and Mistress Margaret went to retrieve the slaves but Sam waved a hand!

"Leave them for a moment. We are supposedly better than those we hold in contempt because we would never do the things that they have done to us, or to be more exact me!"

"Mistress Kia, if I may borrow your other slave for a moment."

"Kate! Could you draw up a legally binding letter to transfer ownership From Ms Debbie Dunbar to myself of Plexus IT; her home and contents thereof and any and all bank accounts she has?"

Kate nodded as she had a gag in her mouth.

"And also could you draw up a legally binding letter giving me rights of slavery over these two slaves."

Kate looked at Mistress Kia for permission to remove her gag, Mistress walked behind Kate and removed it herself.

"The best you can manage is a letter of written permission by these two slaves giving you the right to do whatever the letter allows; If the letter gives you total control to do whatever you deem necessary and it’s signed you can do whatever you wish within the law. But your not thinking of keeping them here are you?"

"Well I guess, eventually, they will still have to do what I laid out in the first place but eventually they will have to go somewhere, and this seems a good place as any!"

"You don’t want to sell them then Mistress?"

"No, They don’t deserve it but I think I’ll keep them together once my judgment is fulfilled."

"And how is that going, Mistress?"

Sam lifted her loose cheesecloth top, she did not have a bra on, the tattoos were still visible but a few letters had disappeared.

"It will take a very long time to undo the things that have been done to me, and while they are being put right you two can forget about getting any closer than you have been here! Also, there’s the small point of the Thing having to be plumbed in to quite a few toilets round here."

The Thing looked at Sam, her eyes lowered she knew she had to pay, and Sam had already been over generous by allowing the pair of them to be together, for a while. Slave "D" touched The Thing and looked lovingly into her eyes. Sam had given them something neither would have dared believe possible, Hope!

A figure was seen in the distance, walking through the bottom gate. Sam and Lisa knew who it was, but didn’t tell anyone else. The figure got closer until the face could be seen. The figure waved at everyone.

"Hi all!"

"Lisa could you get Rachel a drink?"

"Of course Mistress!"

"Rachel, I thought you would have driven round."

"No I felt like a good walk, and it’s only a mile and a half!"

Rachel was dressed in riding gear, boots with spurs, jodhpurs, blouse, and tie. Her long blond hair loosely held in a ponytail by a hair band.

"So which one’s my new toilet?"

Everyone pointed at The Thing and Slave "D"

"What! I get a choice of two?"

"No Rachel, the other ones my boss that paid for it, Mistress Margaret will be looking after her for us, for the foreseeable future. The one you want is called The Thing"

"Pity!" Rachel said with distain.

"I could plumb them both in tandem!"

"Yes Rachel but they would probably enjoy it together, they were lovers you see, and part of the reason they are apart is they have to face their demons alone. These two have not seen each other since it happened."

"Mmmmmm, I’ve an idea! You probably haven’t thought about this but how about going back to Vista’s tonight?"

Sam looked at Rachel shocked!

"No I didn’t think you had, The last time you were there you lost everything, now you, not only gained what you lost but have these two and I think you should show them off! I’ll ring the club, I know for a fact they were not expecting what happened to happen and they were pretty annoyed with her as she told them one thing and something quite different happened! Also you have some unfinished business with a number of the members who were baying for your blood! Guess what! Most of them work at your company!"

Slave "D" Signed the company, her home and all her worldly possessions over to Sam. Sam now owned the Company and she realized that she could scare witless those that made up the crowd that night. Most of the people there came from the company. She thought long and hard about what she would do. A plan emerged! It wouldn’t be too long before she was avenged. Everyone was dressed in latex catsuits, the Mistresses had the most ornate Corsets. Black latex with gold and silver strands crossing the corsets. But only the mistresses didn’t wear helmets

Rachel organized the evening, the very seat which Sam had sat on before had been reserved along with those in close proximity, Slave "D" and The Thing were dressed as Sam had been with their breasts and pussy open for all to see. Plus weights were hung from their rings and clover clamps between nipple and labia, making for a most uncomfortable night for the losers. The club was in full swing when the group arrived.

Lisa and Linda kept the slaves crawling followed by Slave "K" (Kate Todd the Solicitor) Mistress Kia, Sam and Mistress Rachel. As they entered the club they were obviously recognized and a hush fell over the club. No one there had thought that they would ever see Sam in the club again, and so to see her and with slaves.

Sam saw a few of the crowd that she recognized from that night, a lot quieter than that night as well! After everyone sat down and the slaves ( "D" and the Thing ) were crawling round the floor, Lisa and Linda kept playing with them kicking them and whipping them. Sam walked over to where they were, they were trying to look as small as possible, "Saunders, Er Terri Saunders isn’t it!"

"Er yes!"

"What do you do in the company?"

"Don’t know what’s it got to do with you, BITCH!"

"Oh that’s unfortunate because I own the company now, and the only thing you’ll be doing is clearing out your desk in the morning!"

Terri, realizing she had just been fired, burst into tears! "Where am I going to find a job round here!"

"Oh, I’m afraid that’s your problem, BITCH!"

"Oh and don’t think I’ll be in any way less favourable to anyone else at this table, after the way I saw you baying for my blood I will expect you to explain to me why I should keep any of you in work. Of course the more noise you made screaming for my blood, the more persuading I will need. I like your begging tongues to show me just how much you want to work! The better your tongues are, the more likely you will be of keeping your jobs!"

"I might be persuaded to keep you on Ms Saunders if, and only if you can please me to my satisfaction. After all you’ve been there before, But then all of you have been there before!"

Terri Saunders didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, she realized that it was either her job security or her sanity!

Sam walked off satisfied that she had made an impression on those that sort to destroy her!

Sam sat down, exactly where she had sat that fateful night and unzipped her crutch, The Thing was first, and when Sam pulled her helmet off so everyone could see who was sucking Sam the place erupted! The Thing was unceremoniously pushed out the way and Sam beckoned Slave "D" to take over. As before Sam pulled of her helmet and the gasp as Slave was recognized! As Slave "D" lapped at Sam, Sam realized that she had everything she could want, She looked down at "D’s" bald head licking away and at The thing’s bald head, sitting in waiting for her bidding she felt the wig on her head, she could so easily forget it was a wig, it was that good!

They left having done what Sam had to do, she was happy to have Lisa and Linda as PA’s for the morning, tomorrow was going to be an interesting day!

Sam, Kate, Lisa, and Linda walked into the company and took over. No one was really surprised and Kate had the papers all signed by Sam and Debbie and witnessed by Lisa, Linda, Rachel, and Kate. It was almost if everyone had been relieved that Sam had taken over, and many of the staff came and congratulated her. Sam had dressed in a polka dot dress, which lifted gracefully over her thighs so she could see the untermenschen (underclass) at work.

In the afternoon the first of the table to come and beg forgiveness was a woman called Bridget Tolley. She was under no illusions what Sam wanted, but was shocked to see the two daughters of the ex owner in the room with them but the firms accountant as well!

Debbie had a large executive desk installed in the office and Sam soon realized just how kinky she was. The desk on the outside had a cupboard door. The only reason for the door was it gave a entry to subordinates to her pussy and being only just wide enough for them to get in. Kate sat and watched it unfold, Bridget walked in and Lisa took her jacket, as she walked to the desk Lisa threw the jacket on the floor! Linda opened the cupboard door and ushered Bridget to get on her hands and knees to service Sam. As she crawled under the desk the door was closed and locked by an internal lock. In short there was no way out, until Bridget had made Sam come five or six times! When the door was finally opened, Bridget reversed out looking like she had spent several hours in a sauna!

"We’ll let you know!" Said Sam as she ran out the door after picking her jacket off the floor.

Sam had to let someone else take over she could hardly stand! So Lisa pulled her skirt up and sat in the main chair ready for the next one. They didn’t have long to wait. Sam positioned herself behind Lisa. The next in was Sam’s old friend Terri Saunders who must have remembered Sam had a thing for uniforms because she dressed in a leather skirt, white blouse and leather tie. First she realized she wouldn’t be servicing Sam and she would have to crawl through the desk. Linda opened the door of the desk and reluctantly Terri crawled in only to have the door lock behind her. Half hour later Terri was released her blouse transparent with sweat and tongue sore, as she walked out the door Kate said, "We’ll let you know!" without looking up. By half five they had all had a go or two and were happily exhausted! It was irrelevant who did what to whom every woman that had pleaded for their job had been totally humiliated!

Now Sam had it all!

When they all got home Mistress Margaret and Slave "D" couldn’t be found, until they looked in the games room. Slave "D" was hung off the ground by the arms, being whipped. Mistress Margaret stopped for a moment.

"Hi, how did it go?"

Linda hugged her. "I can safely say we all need a sit down!"

"That good!"

Linda nodded, "What been happening here?"

"Well She made off in the direction of Mistress Rachel’s I grabbed her a had to drag her back! You, Are, Such, A, Slut, And, You’ll, Have, To, PAY!" Thrashing Slave "D" with a whip! Her breasts crimson from the sustained and expert workout Mistress had given her.

"I think my leniency has led you to think a slave can do as she pleases! I shall prove otherwise. I think a trip for a piercing or ten and perhaps a tattoo artist. I think we know someone don’t we Margaret?"

"Indeed we do Sam! I’ll organize something for tomorrow."

Sam wondered just how slave "D" would handle having more tattoos and piercings. She might just be better for having some more piercings done by a professional at least. Slave "D" had actually pierced her in front of the crowd at vista’s with the needles. Perhaps she was getting off lightly. When Sam and the girls got back the following day, they wondered how Mistress Margaret got on with slave "D."

They didn’t have long to wait, for Mistress Margaret was standing over Slave "D" who was crying her eyes out despite being gagged.

"Hi how long have you been back?" Asked a cheery Sam ignoring the obvious..

"Oh not long! I think you must have been far more the lady than some people round here!" looking down at a very sorry slave.

"Oh our piercer had some fun with her , I can tell you!"

"Why what happened?" Asked a bemused Sam.

"Well let me ask you a question how many piercing places can you think of?"

"Well Apart from the ears, there’s ten that I know of."

"Try twenty six!"

"Shit I’ve got to see this!"


Slave "D" stood sharply Sam could hear the jangle of heavy rings. Slaves dancing skirt was held up and the mass of rings in her crutch made Sam giggle.

"Oh she went to town didn’t she!"

"I think you can say that."

Sam noticed something tattooed on her crutch as well.

"What does that say?"

"Down there, just FUCKPET!"

"Well that’s nice."

"Well she was going to put; Incest a game for all the family! But I pointed out that Linda and Lisa were innocent of blame and that inferred they were in some way guilty." Margaret unzipped slave’s jacket and showed Sam her breasts.

"Well I don’t know what to say!"

Slaves right breast had tattooed across it PROPERTY OF MISTRESS. A vertical bar and a thick horizontal ring. The left breast had the same bar a thick ring through it. The tattoo was different, it said; PUSSY WHORE Across it.

"Well I think you could say you had it coming, Slave!" Smirked Sam, turning back to Margaret, "So how come she’s got twenty six Piercings?"

"Well obviously they had heard all about the night at Vista’s and when I walked in with her they dropped everything and started work on her. They didn’t bandy their words either! They said that they would love to do the other one as well! Anyway the breakdown is this including the ones you did. Five in each ear, four in the nipples. Two in the Septum, and two in the clitoral hood. The rest in the inner and outer labia."

By now the girls had walked in and were basically looking over Sam’s shoulder at their mother.

Lisa glared at her mother, "Well we have somewhere to hang our jackets now!"

Slave burst into tears again!

"How much did all this cost?"

"Nothing! Nothing at all! Apparently we can send the other one down there and she will be done of free as well!"

"Bit of a result then!"

"I said we wouldn’t get her back for a month or so, but they said anytime was fine!"

"So do you think she might have learnt from the experience?"

"Probably not?"

"Well don’t try my patience Slave, I’ll sell you both to different brothels in bangkok and you definitely won’t see her again. Plus there’s the small point of having to service men in the brothels! Up to you really, I’ve tried to show you leniency, it can’t be easy when your own daughters disown you. But they came here to escape and you have followed them."

"I won’t ask Lisa to go, ever! She means a great deal to me, and anyway she got herself permanently marked as my slut! I’ll quite happily look after Linda’s affairs until she leaves university and even then she is more than welcome to stay as long as she wishes. Which means you’re the only fly in the ointment, and you’re here by choice."

"Could you really sent her to Bangkok?"

"Oh yes, it’s not a problem!"

"The quicker the better!" Hissed Lisa.

"No, I won’t." Sam admitted. "I remember my mum left my dad and disappeared I have never seen her since! That tore me up inside, wondering if it was my fault she had gone, I had given her enough reason to! My worry is you might do the same because of your feelings for me. I can’t be held responsible for both our mums!"

"I think I speak for my sister, when I say we will never forgive her for what she did to you."

"I think we need to have a think and decide what we want to do!"

Slave "D" thought that would mean her but she was taken down and hung up! She could just touch her toes on the floor of the dungeon, her new rings hurt and the new rings in her clit stroked her to distraction! She could feel the constant arousal but there was no way of appeasing it. The piercing of her clit work exactly as it was meant to, and drove her nearly to the edge but never over it. After what seemed like hours, Linda let her down. Keeping her hands away from temptation by handcuffing her mothers hands behind her back She moaned at her frustration only to feel a crop across her arse!

"Open your mouth again and you’ll be like that all night!" Slave "D" was still gagged so there was no chance of that happening! Linda clipped a leash to her Posture collar and they walked upstairs.

Once in the living room there had obviously been some discussion as slave "D" walked in everyone there looked up at her.

Sam spoke for every one. "We have come to a decision on your future! Please take the gag out Linda."

Linda took off the gag and slave "D" moved her jaw to get some movement back.

"We have decided to send you to Rachel’s for the remainder of The Thing’s stay."

Slave "D" started looking hopeful.

"You will be doing exactly the same thing she is doing, in other words you’ll be a toilet slave! We have talked to Rachel and she is quite happy to do it. Once you have finished you and The Thing will come back here and serve myself and Lisa. Mistress Margaret will be taking Linda back with her as I feel they want to be together and anyway that doesn’t foul up their plans for university which is important. Also I want someone to be caretaker for this house I own a couple of miles from here, and I feel you and The Thing might be suitable candidates for the job!"

Slave looked at Sam and the others could she be with Sharon soon? The thought of being a toilet slave filled her with dread, but It would only be for a few weeks and she might be able to be with Sharon again!

"Do you agree?"

"Yes Mistress." Slave said quietly.

"Do you agree not to speak to The Thing until your time is over?"

"Yes Mistress,"

"Do you agree your daughters will always be higher in rank to either you or The Thing?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Prepare yourself!"

"Yes Mistress."

They all drove round to Rachel’s, Slave had a growing fear of being a toilet slave, but she knew she would be close to another she felt for and she knew at the very least she thoroughly deserved it. Linda held her leash as they walked up to the house.

"There’s a lot of people in Rachel’s house so your guaranteed getting a load of shit!" Lisa giggled.

Her mother stared at the ground. How badly they must have wanted her to be in this position!

Rachel was waiting for them at the door. "The door to the waste feed is round the back, everything’s ready for you I’ll meet you round there!"

They made their way round the door and went in. It must be the place because it smelt like a sewer. The room had two frames to hold the toilet slaves in place. The hoses dangled above them, to which the helmets which were on the side fixed, they had a tight neck and zipped over the head, the one hole for the waste to enter the thick helmet was the only hole other than the neck. Slave shuddered they were going to lock her into this humiliation for three or four weeks.

"Just open your mouth and eat or drink, if you don’t, you drown!" A grim faced Sam warned her.

They chained her to the frame and put the helmet on her. Her last sight she saw was of her daughters laughing, then darkness!

She was waiting for the first flush when she felt something or someone playing with her fingers, then someone hugged her! The helmet started unzipping and there was Sharon! She was holding her. They were both in their latex helmets but they kissed neither having a gag in the mouth.

Sam calmed them down .

"A slight change of plans! I have decided your debt is almost paid. So what do we need to do to finish the debt Mistress Margaret?"

"The Thing needs to come with me tomorrow!"

"Is that all?"

"As Far as I’m aware it is!"

"Good! So if I’ve got no debt what of you two!" Sam looking at Lisa and Linda.

"Well I have only ever been concerned with your welfare Mistress!" Said Lisa

"And you Linda?"

"Well Mistress, I suppose If you have no problem with my mother then I should not, but we were bullied by The Thing while we was at school and It ruined our lives."

"So what do you want to do about it?"

"I, I, don’t know Mistress!"

"You are higher in rank than her so you control her, just as I control you. Is that enough?"

"Well I suppose so."

I want both of you to be very clear about this, everything hinges on this final point. Your consent means everything happens, without it nothing happens!"

"I see." Lisa whispered.

Linda decided to go with the flow. "Yes I’m happy with that!"

"So am I!" said Lisa.

"Right! Lets go home and start again!"

Sam decided to call 'The Thing' Sharon again and slave "D" just Debbie, just to show her it really was a level playing field, but Sharon and Debbie was taken down to the piercing and tattoo Shop and was decorated in exactly the same way as Debbie!

When they got back Sharon was still hurting from the piercings and the tattoos! As Margaret opened the door for them, they walked into the living room and everyone was dressed in Latex! They all had crutchless and braless Cat suits and were displaying their silverware!

Margaret stopped. "I feel out of place I haven’t got a display cat suit, but worse I haven’t got any piercings!"

Sam smirking looked at her. "You fancy a ride?"

To be continued…