Sam's New Position

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; leather; latex; hood; gag; bond; bdsm; club; stage; shave; piercing; brand; oral; anal; toys; con/reluct; XX

Part 1.

Sam, or Samantha Shelldon had always been a dominant from an early age. She had known two things that set her apart from others. Her dominion over her parents and others and her lesbianism. By day she worked as head of section at Plexus I.T. Sam liked to wear classic fifties style suits. It gave the right impression, looked very sexy and gave the men something to drool about. Not that she was in the slightest bit interested in them. She made no secret of the fact that she was a sadistic lesbian predator. She made no excuses for what she was,

"I am what I am , I’ll be what I’ll be!"

She wasn’t looking forward to her next birthday! At Thirty eight things weren’t hanging as they used to even though Sam worked out at a gym twice a week.

Sam loved to chase the little girls that started with the company. Her exploits with Girls fresh out of college, University or even the younger female members of her staff especially the straight ones put her in a class of her own. Sam would make friends with them, treat them to a meal, wine them, dine them and if they showed potential take them to her dungeon and destroy them. She loved to think of herself as a predator.

Some left straight away, some remained as her slaves, all would never be the same again. Sam was a sexual sadist and loved nothing more than tearing Young women from their innocence.

Janice, her PA who had been an early conquest had got married and as she was now pregnant would need time off. The absolute look of horror when Jan told Sam that she would need some time off! There was nothing she could do , she had to give Jan the time off. she didn’t like it but not even Sam was above the law.

Sam had arranged with an agency to provide a temp, and as she drove into the car park she realised that maybe there might be someone new to conquer.

The temp walked through the door right on time, as she introduced herself as Sharon. Sam was floored by her looks, tall, long slim legs, large breasts, long blond hair and a beauty Queen smile. God she was fit! The thing was she knew it! The first week Sam made sure that she paid Sharon as little attention as possible, trying very hard not to look at her directly, pretending to be more interested in what was in front of her. According to her file she was twenty one and not married. But, About ten days after Sharon started work she appeared in Sam’s office.

"Morning Ms Shelldon!" Sharon said.

Sam looked up from the paperwork she was doing and gasped. Sharon was wearing a black leather suit and a white blouse with a Black leather tie. The suit was a short zip up jacket with a pencil skirt. Her legs were wrapped in Stiletto type boots which disappeared under her skirt. Her long blond hair was up in a bun. Sam ogled Sharon for a few seconds salivating until she realised what she was doing.

She recomposed herself and said "Morning Sharon."

Sharon looked at Sam for a second.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" Sam thought!

Sam barely dared to leave her office, trying to repair the damage but after having calmed down had an idea! Sam pulled lose her hair tie and let her long black hair fall free, She felt she always looked better with her hair free. With outward confidence, Sam walked over to Sharon.

"Sharon, Some work has just come in, could you work through lunch with me? I’ll make it up to you, what do you say?"

"Well I was going to meet up with someone, I’ll have to phone and call it off."

"If you could I would be grateful," said Sam , Trying to hide her inner bitch.

"O.K! Not a problem!"

"Great just come into my office at one!"

Later at one Sharon walked through the door, looking like a goddess, the walk was right the wiggle was spot on, she could have doubled for some of the actresses of the fifties.

"Where do you want me?" Sharon asked softly

Sam heard what she said but Sam couldn’t believe the double meaning, or was it?

"Right, draw up a chair and we’ll get through this as quickly as we can."

Sharon picked up a chair from another desk and put it next to Sam, then she took off her jacket and hung it on the back of the chair.

"Oh don’t put your jacket on there girl, you’ll ruin it, here hang it on a wooden coat hanger that’ll be much better for it!"

"Oh You know about leather then?"

"Well, a great deal of my wardrobe is leather, and I like to keep it in pristine condition." Sam realised she was talking to Sharon’s breasts.

"So what type of things do you have… in leather?"

"Well I have a lot of suits, skirts er, trousers. Boots, shoes and er, stuff!"


"Yes, er, Hats and things"

"Oh ... I see"

"Only I saw you admiring … My tie."

"Er yes it goes well with your suit."

"Do you like my boots."

"Yes they’re very unusual."

"They lace up at the back."

Sharon stood up and showed her rear view, Sam shuddered and flashing through her mind was a picture of Sharon chained to a wall with Sam whipping her.

"Nice skirt." Said Sam almost under her breath.

"You like it."

"Very much."

"It’s very soft Leather, it’s goatskin."

"Yes, I guessed."

Sharon moved next to Sam’s chair. "Feel It. It’s soooo soft."

Sam’s hand started to shake as she felt the leather over Sharon’s bottom. "Yes, it’s beautiful ."

"Yes that feeling’s worth giving up everything for."


Sharon slowly moved away from Sam and back to her chair, No more was said. They worked through and finished the job mid afternoon. Sharon removed her jacket from the wooden coat hanger and put it on. Before she got to the office door she paused and said, "Do you have clothes made of anything else unusual?"

"Like what?"

"Oh, rubber."

Sam turned red, she didn’t mind talking about her leather clothes, that could be an everyday wear, but rubber!

"Oh, I think I have a few bits." Trying to sound confident.

"I would love to see you in them." Said Sharon smiling, as she disappeared out the door.

Sam suddenly realised that her knickers were drenched and she had to walk unnoticed to the toilets to clean up. She decided to shut her office door and groped inside her bag for a packet of tissues, she pulled her skirt and knickers down and dropped the kickers in her bag. Sam waited for a second to hear if someone was coming, no one! Using the tissues wiped her shaven mound and dried herself off. Quickly checking her skirt before putting it back on before someone walked in. After composing herself Sam sat down and got on with some work.

After a while Sam looked at the clock which said five twenty five, She gathered her bits and put on her jacket. As she walked out from her office she saw Sharon trying to put on her jacket, "Here, let me help!" As she dropped her bag and directed Sharon’s hand through the sleeve.

"Why thank you!" Said Sharon, sweetly, Sam suddenly got a second wind.

"Would you like to have dinner with me tonight, my treat!"

"Oh I’m sorry I’m going to a club with a friend."

"Oh, no problem, some other time then?"

"I would like that."

Sam hadn’t expected to be turned down so there was no plan B. She had to get Sharon on her knees sucking her pussy, she wanted her more than ever now, just thinking about it was making her wet!

As she got to her car she saw Sharon meeting another woman, Sam stopped to watch, the other woman had a full length leather coat and leather trousers on but she could see no more than that, they were walking away from her so Sam stared at Sharon and her bottom, she remembered the afternoon and started getting wet again.

For a couple of days Sharon wore ordinary clothes, smiled at Sam and Sam smiled back. it was almost like that day didn’t happen. Sam was desperately trying to play it cool, Sam felt that Sharon was different from the other girls, she couldn’t put her finger on it but she knew that Sharon would one day get to her dungeon and suffer for it. "Some girls just don’t know their place, Their place is between my legs." she thought.

The following day Sam was reviewing monthly figures when Sharon knocked at the open door. Sam’s eyes nearly popped out because Sharon was wearing the tightest leather trousers Sam had ever seen and a double breasted crop jacket which was done up, revealing her well shaped breasts. Sam realised that she was staring again.

"Morning Ms Shelldon." Said Sharon

"Morning Sharon, Come in and close the door!"

"Anything wrong Ms Shelldon?"

"No, No, nothings wrong, I would like you to work with me on a few things." Said Sam, lying.

Sharon put down her bag. "Where do we start?"

"Right bring a chair round and sit next to me."

Sharon looking at Sam intently started taking off her jacket, she was wearing a red satin blouse which was filled out nicely by her breasts. Sam resisted the urge to watch Sharon’s every move, but she spied Sharon picking up a chair and stared at her bottom.

Sharon turned around and caught Sam again staring at her. "You like?"

"I Like."

"Well It’s got to be tight! I love leather when it’s tight!"

"Oh I do agree!"

"No I love it when it’s tight and... restraining."

"Yes there’s nothing like it... for a young girl like you."

As Sam got up from her chair she had a tight, black leather pencil skirt with boots to match! A tight cashmere top in champagne gold with pearls round her neck.

It was Sharon’s turn to look and stare.

"Very nice."

"Thank you."

"Now lets get some work done and we’ll talk later."

As they checked and rechecked the accounts for the section, every so often Sam would sneak a look at Sharon’s breasts, and was getting wetter.

"Shall we work through lunch, if we can finish this by three or four we can go early and get a drink if you like!" Sam said hopefully.

"Sounds good to me. And then?"

"We could go to this place I know."

"And then?"

"We could move on to this club I know."

"Which club’s that?"

"It’s a female only club called Vesta’s!"

"Oh, I know it, I’ve never been, What goes on there?"

"Well, it’s mainly about power exchange and the interaction between people."

"You mean Dominants and submissives."


"And what are you?"

"Oh, I’m a Dominant."

"And what would I be?"

"A submissive."

"So would I be able to wear my tight leather?"

"Oh, yes! And more!"

"What like?"

"Leather cuffs. Leather helmets, Posture collars."

"Posture collars, What are they?"

"They are thick leather collars which are strapped round the neck of a submissive which doesn’t allow movement of the neck. So acting to remind the submissive of their position."

"Do you have one?"

"I have lots of them!"

"I Would like to try one, what about helmets, what do they do?"

"Well, a helmet can be designed to keep you quiet and can blind fold you at the same time and it hides who and what the person is behind the helmet. I like to have my slaves wear a gag and a helmet. That keeps them quiet."

"Sounds like fun, does it make you feel restrained?"

"OH yes, very restrained."

"So what else happens between Dominants and submissives.?"

"Well, lets wrap this up and we’ll go for that drink."


As they drove out of the town, to the bar, the questions started again.

"So what would you do to me if I was your submissive?"

"I would strap you down and stick a dildo in your pussy and make you come." Sam lied.

"Would you smack my bum."

"OH yes, I would have to do that."

"Oh good! I love that.’

Sam was so wet with anticipation, she just wanted to get Sharon home so she could get her into bondage. Sam and Sharon went on to a restaurant to have their meal, Sam was getting sore from the constant wetness.

"So, if I please you do I get a reward?"

"Well, it depends on how much you please me."

"How much pleasing do you want?"

"You’ll find out soon enough!"

As they finished their meal, Sam paid by card. "OK to my house!"

As they drove through the lanes Sharon snuggled up to Sam, as they finally made it to Sam’s house, Sam was chomping at the bit to get started, she just needed to clean up down there. They walked in and Sam dropped her keys on the table.

"I’ll be five minutes, then I’ll show you my collection!"

Sam shot into the utility to wash herself she discarded her knickers in the bin, she wouldn’t be needing them again tonight! She put her skirt on again and walked out to where her new fuck toy was waiting.

"Come on Sharon, I’ll show you my clothes rooms!"

They walked upstairs past Sam’s bedroom. it was a three bedroom house so she had plenty of space to use. "Here we are..." Opening a door, inside were racks and racks of leather and latex clothes, as Sharon looked through the clothes she found a latex catsuit that looked like it would fit.

"Wow I’ve been looking for a catsuit like this for ages."

"Well try it on!"

"Can I?"

"Can I Mistress!" Said Sam in a authoritarian voice

"Can I mistress." Said Sharon in her best submissive voice.

"Yes go on my slave."

Sharon unzipped her boots then her trousers and pulled them and the trousers off, the catsuit was a bit difficult to get in, Sam gave her a bit of talcum power which helped Sharon pull the suit up her legs. Sam licking her lips watching as her rear entry catsuit slid around the bottom of her new fuck toy, what an arse! Sam zipped up the catsuit and slapped Sharon on the bum.

"Ow! Mercy Mistress!"

Sam grinned at Sharon. She could see this was going to be easier than she thought. Sharon put her boots back on and looked through the collection, she found some white latex blouses, she looked at Sam.

"May I Mistress."

"Of course my slave."

"Thank you Mistress."

Sharon stood and undid the buttons of her satin blouse. And draped it over a chair as Sam got her first eye full of Sharon’s breasts as they fell out. As she put the latex blouse on her breasts seemed magnified, Sam just wanted to bite them!

"A black leather tie, Mistress."

"Yes, you need a tie slave."

Sam realised the process needed speeding up so she left Sharon and picked out a few clothes that Sam wanted Sharon to wear. Sam picked her favourite slave suit, a catsuit with holes for breasts and crutch, a corset that would push Sharon’s breasts out of shape, a pair of ballet boots, that would make her crawl, a pair of mittens, a mono glove, a posture collar, a helmet and a gag. As she returned she could hear Sharon on her cell phone.

"Yes, Ms Dunbar, no Ms Dunbar, no she’s not feeling very well. Meet you where Ms Dunbar? Oh, outside Vestas. I’m not sure where it is but I’ll find it! Goodbye!"

"Not director Dunbar again!" said Sam.

She had a habit of wrecking plans and she had just thrown a big one in the works!

Sam thought for a moment. "She wanted to meet you outside Vestas."

"Yes she suggested it!"

"Oh Great well that fucks up our plans, doesn’t it!" Said Sam exploding with frustration!

"No, you said one mistress to one slave didn’t you?"

"Yes that’s the rules."

"Not two Mistresses or two slaves,’


"Well what if you went as my slave."

"NO! I don’t do submissive!"

"But I thought you wanted to take me to the club."

"Oh well I did."

"Well the thing is that I’m nearly dressed the same as I was a couple of days ago and Ms Dunbar saw me wearing it so I could give her the report we were working on. It’s too far to come back and change again so the only way is if you go as the slave and I go as the mistress "

Sam tried to think of a way out of the situation but couldn’t think of one.

"You did want to take me didn’t you?"

"Yes I did, I do."

"Well! What do you say?"

Sam was beaten, but it was only until they got home again, then she was for it, The whipping post was going to get used later tonight!

"The clocks ticking, and anyway If you do then when we get back we’ll swap clothes and you have your wicked way with me you will be able to do anything to want to me… Anything!"

Sharon held Sam’s hands and put them onto Sharon’s breasts squeezing both hands and breasts.

"OK I’ll get ready but I’ll need your help."


As Sam go into the catsuit that she had got for Sharon, she started to regret her choice of clothes, the catsuit was fine but with the corset crushed her breasts and pushed her nipples skywards.

"I won’t wear the gag, no one will notice."

"Well do slaves wear gags."

"Well yes they do !"

"Well so should you."

"But I’m wearing a helmet.’

"And slaves wear Helmets AND Gags don’t they?" Sam was silent

"The Gag please."

Again beaten, Sharon popped the blow up gag through the mouth of the helmet and snapped the poppers either side. She offered the helmet up to Sam who opened her mouth to accept the gag and slipped it over Sam’s head. Sharon zipped it up and pulled the laces. The whole helmet tightened round Sam’s head. Sharon picked the bulb and gave it a few pumps Sam looked at Sharon pleadingly but Sharon ignored it and checked the helmet was on tight. As Sharon dressed the rest of Sam. The things she had picked out for Sharon were very stiff and had that smell of new as no one had ever worn the gear, the posture collar had never been out of it’s packaging. Sharon had put "normal" boots on Sam as she couldn’t walk in the ballet boots, lastly Sharon held up the mittens and Sam slimed her hand to take them. Sharon pulled each one over Sam’s hand, This, for Sam, this was the point of no return. Sharon gave her a look but smiled, she put the Ballet boots in her bag as well as the mono glove for later.

Sharon found a waist clincher corset and a leather skirt. To mimic what she had on when she saw Ms Dunbar last.

As Sam was meant to be not feeling well, Sharon put Sam on the back seat. The mittens meant she could not do very much but had to lie there in hiding. Sharon drove off to the club, when she got there Ms Dunbar was already there. Sharon gave the report to her and they said there goodbyes. The coast was clear for Sam to get out of the car. Her naked breasts and pussy really felt cold in the night air.

As they walked into the club, Sam felt a foreboding and even more so when Sharon clipped her mittens together behind her and slid the mono glove over her arms, Sharon pulled the straps very tight as they ran over the top of Sam’s breasts. She wanted to say she didn’t want to go in but for the gag and anyway Sharon was now ahead of her with HER membership card. As Sharon showed the card she was asked where is the owner of the card, she pointed at Sam who nearly died when everyone stopped and looked at her. Sharon clipped something to Sam’s collar, it was a leash, Sam was wondering where Sharon got the leash from, Sharon tugged Sam and Sam had to follow begrudgingly.

Sharon picked out a spot for them and sat down close to the stage, even though the place was fairly packed which made Sam even more uncomfortable. Sam was sure everyone in the place knew who she was, everyone seemed to be looking at her. Sharon pulled her leg over so that she could change her boots, as Sharon laced the ballet boots Sam was aware that her pussy was really wet, there was no way of hiding it as her pussy was on display for the whole club to see. Sharon noticed the tell tall signs of wetness on the leatherette seat they were sat on. She put her hand over Sam’s stomach and rested where the catsuit finished and Sam started as she worked her way down over Sam’s mound Sam shuddered and tried to work her pussy in a position where she could hump Sharon’s hand.

"Does my Slut want to cum?" Whispered Sharon now playing with Sam. Sam nodded and Sharon laughed, Sharon went for her bag and pulled out a pair of clover clamps. Sam stared at them, knowing only too well the purpose of the clamps, as Sharon pulled at Sam’s nipples to harden them then placed one on each nipple. Sam had to wince as the clamps cut in, as she opened her eyes Sharon was pulling another pair out of clamps out of her bag.

"Can you guess where these are going SLUT?"

Sam was dumbfounded, a couple of hours ago, Sharon was this kid was just out of kindergarten …

Sam opened her legs to except the clamps. Sharon clamped her outer lips.

"Now I KNOW that’s got to feel better!" Sam just looked as Sharon finished Sam’s ballet boots.

Just then someone walked up to Sam looked up at someone standing close to her. "Your Slave Mistress."

"Yes, my slut, for the moment, I think I might sell her though!"

Sharon looked up and to her horror recognised the face, It was Terri a girl Sam had taken about a year ago, dressed as a Mistress which surprised Sam. Terri held her riding crop under Sam’s chin, Terri got down to Sam’s face and said, "I really want to meet you later, to catch up on old times!"

Sam, for the first time in her life, realised that she could do nothing about the situation. Sam decided to just ride out the night come what may!

Tonight was a devotion night and mistresses heard the devotions from their slaves and pledged to live by their words. Sam felt an unease she had never had a slave read a devotion to her, The words said were not taken lightly and because these were held in such esteem there were only two a year, Sam cursed her luck. She would end up trying to take advantage of Sharon on the one night the slaves pledge their devotion to their Dominants.

Sharon got up and after several minutes came back smiling. "I’ve put your name down for this one, It should be fun!"

Sam looked at her daggers the last place on earth she wanted to be was on that stage.

"Here, they gave me a page of notes for you to read all standard stuff, so they say."

Sharon placed the paper that Sam was meant to read in front of her, as she bent to read the words before her she swallowed uncomfortably. As the last slave finished a large woman walked over and took the leash out of Sharon’s hand. It was Ms Dunbar! Sam’s employer .

"Good evening Ms Shelldon, I hope that this evening’s as good for you as it is for the women you have dominated!"

"Good evening Ms Dunbar! please borrow her crop!" Said Sharon. Sharon pulled the crop out of her bag and passed it to Ms Dunbar. Sam could only look at Ms Dunbar dumbly.

She jerked Sam up out of the seat and as Sam crawled to the stage. Ms Dunbar was behind her using the crop on her. The crowd cheered as Sam crawled across the floor. Sam was told to kneel down on Stage, a microphone was put in front of her the page of notes was put on a lowered lectern also in front of her. Her Gag and collar was removed and the place was hushed silence. There was nothing she could do. There was nothing she could say she knew she had to read off the page and what ever she said would change her life forever more.

"I Samantha Shelldon do solemnly swear in front of all here that from this day on I am the slave, the whore, and the slut of my Mistress, Mistress Revenge. I was a predator. From this day onward all I own, all I am, and all that you see is the express property of Mistress Revenge. I will bend for you to fist my worthless arse, with one hand and fist my worthless pussy with the other. May you gain enjoyment from watching my worthless arse gape and bleed for you. My breasts here are clamped for you. Please put needles through my nipples to hear my screams. Please show me no mercy, as I have showed none to the many I have taken over the years."

Ms Dunbar took the page and replaced it with another.

"I solemnly swear in a few hours when it pleases you I shall be pierced for you in my nipples, my septum, my clit hood and cunt lips. I will be branded and tattooed with your mark, I solemnly swear that in a moment I shall be taken and shaven like the slut I am. The hair I give shall be used for my butt plug, which will be fitted after I am fucked anally by yourself. I am your slave. Please use me as you see fit."

The crowded Club erupted, everyone started applauding, but they weren’t applauding Sam, they were applauding Mistress Revenge.

Ms Dunbar pulled Sam up and dragged her to a horizontal bar, as she sat on her knees Ms Dunbar pulled two long needles out of a cork. Ms Dunbar kneeled down next to her and pushed each needle through her still clamped nipples. She pushed a piece of cork onto the ends and dropped the loop of a fishing lead weight onto the needle, pulling horribly on her nipples. Sam was pulled by her hair onto the horizontal bar and was strapped to it. The hood was removed, Sam look up to see Janice her PA. Janice gripped her dark hair and gave it a yank with one hand. In the other hand Janice had electric hair clippers Her hair was shaven off by Janice and taken away.

Sharon was Mistress Revenge! Far from being the girl just out of collage she had tricked her. If only she hadn’t been such a stupid foolish bitch! Directed on stage she had removed the skirt. Her long blond hair followed her. Mistress Revenge was handed a monster strap on. Sharon waved the monster at the audience, the audience were baying for blood. The monster had to be fourteen inches long and five or six inches in girth. Sharon strapped the monster around her crutch and again waved it at the crowd, pointing it like a weapon. She walked around to put the strap on in Sam’s mouth. As she pushed the dildo into Sam’s mouth she gagged and spluttered.

"Get it nice and wet slut. It’s all the lubrication it’s going to get!"

Mistress Revenge walked round behind Sam. Sam’s anus hadn’t ever been violated. Now Mistress revenge was going to change that! She was making up for all those who had been destroyed. With a constant pressure Mistress Revenge forced her way into Sam’s anal passage, Sam’s scream was all that could be heard but everyone was watching Mistress Revenge destroying the predator. After a couple of minutes pumping the dildo was pulled out.
The crowd clapped and applauded as Sam’s arse did indeed gape and bleed as mistress walked back to the sluts mouth.

"Thank you Mistress." Sam Bellowed!

Accepting that what she read out minutes earlier was actually happening to her! Mistress pushed her forehead back and as the mouth opened she shoved the dildo in and said, "Suck it bitch! I want it cleaned of your shit because it’s pussy time next!"

Without warning the dildo was pulled out of Sam’s mouth and with a swagger Mistress Revenge walked round to destroy. Again the dildo was covered in shit, blood and spit. Mistress lined up and forcefully pushed it in to the hilt!
Sam screamed again, the on lookers cheered as Mistress started pumping ! They cheered as Mistress pulled out at last.

"Thank you Mistress!" Sam screamed as the tears poured down her face.

The hair that was shaven from Sam’s head was now glued into a sizable butt plug, which was on a par with the monster Mistress forced the plug into Sam’s mouth for a touch of lubrication and walked round only to force the butt plug into Sam’s anal passage. As they paraded past Sam recognised many faces of the young women that she had taken and violated. Sam knew why, she had known that sometime, someone would come and her world would come to an end as she knew it. It was the fact that she had never thought the feeling would turn into reality.

Mistress refitted the gag, the helmet, and the collar. She clipped the leash and pulled Sam to her knees, Mistress gathered the leash in her hand and pulled getting Sam’s absolute attention, Sam saw in her other hand was a chastity belt!

"That is the last time you will have any stimulation for the foreseeable future!"

Yes, That feeling had been worth giving up everything for!



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