A Unique Gigolo

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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© Copyright 2020 - Walt A.K.A. Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M+/f+; bond; rope; sendep; tape; roleplay; whip; gag; cons; X

All characters are fictitious and any similarities to any persons, living or dead are purely coincidental.

Continues from

Part Eight

Jonny, as I had taught him to do with beginner submissives, had used bow knots when there was no chance of questing fingers reaching any of them in an attempt to escape. He’d done this with Claire, only tying her wrists off with square knots, so he got her out of her bondage very quickly. Like I always preach, it’s not the knots that impress submissives, it’s the attention you pay them once they are tied helplessly and at your mercy. Claire was right behind me as we headed into the other mansion on our individual missions.

Jonny would watch Savannah and work on the phones while we were gone. Although I had spotted his wheelchair in the lounge, he was actually up and walking with a cane. Sure, he had to rest often and regularly, but getting up on both feet was therapeutic for him, and he knew it. I was sure that Suzanne wanted him up on crutches, but like most active men, Jonny was bullheaded and pushed his healing as fast and as hard as he could.

On my way down, as serendipity would have it, I met Siobhan wheeling Dan towards the infirmary. They saw that I was by myself, had an armload of tape, gagging materials, ropes and other toys, and that I was in a hurry. Naturally, curiosity prevailed.

“What’s the hurry Nick,” asked Dan, figuring something was up?

“Well, to make a long story short, Savannah is already mummified to a pole out by the pool in the other mansion, and Claire wants Jonny to do the same thing to her. We didn’t have enough supplies with us, so I’m on a restocking mission. Want to come by and watch?”

“I’d love to, but Suzanne wants to check on me after this morning’s excursion. How long are you guys going to be out there playing?”

“Unless she confines you to bed after your check-up, you should get over there about the time it takes Hop-Along Cassidy to finish off taping his Were-Claire to the pole. That is if you can convince your taxi driver to give you a ride. Even if she prudes out, call me. Jonny can watch the women-folk and I’ll come over and get you. Two tape-gray squirming caryatids are something you should add to your, ‘Now I’ve seen it all’ list.”

“Gotcha’ Nick. One way or the other, unless Suzanne confines me to my bed, I’ll either show up with the princess here, or give you a call for a ride. Hell, Sam would wheel me over to see this.”

“See ya’ soon buddy.”

Again, I could see the boiling anger and frustration in Siobhan because we were talking around her again, and not paying due respect to her, but in all reality, neither one of us cared. I raced back to the other building. Claire was already there wearing a pair of support pantyhose and a bodysuit top similar to the one her mother had put on. Jonny was talking to her about the bondage he was going to put her in.

“Were-Claire, look at how your mother is taped up and think about how long it took Nick to tape her up like that. Now, realize that all one of us would have to do is to stick our EMT shears about right here,” and he pointed to a spot by her shoulder, “And cut right down the side, right through all the tape and plastic wrap. If something goes wrong, or you panic, or for that matter when we want to release you two, all we have to do is cut down this line and you’ll be free in well under a minute.”

Her eyes were big and excited. She hadn’t realized how easy it would be to get free.

“Like I do with your bondage, I can always get you out in a hurry if I have to, understand?”

“Yes, Sir Jon, and thank you for taking such good care of me,” and she smiled and kissed him, very passionately. I smiled.

“Okay, like your mother, I’m going to put you in this version of sens-dep first, and then make sure that it’s something that you can take without freaking out. It is a different sensation, so don’t worry about it if it’s something that you can’t take. I can always tape you to the pole without having your head all covered up too. Remember your gagged safe word.”

“Yes, Sir Jon. With you and Nick here, I’m a little scared because it’s something new, but not really worried. I trust both of you. Nick sir, did you bring down another one of those alarms for me to have. I ordered and we got a whole box of those things.”

“Yes, I did. Now pay attention to your dominant. He’s the one you need to focus on.”

She nodded and looked lovingly into Jonny’s eyes, waiting for either instructions or his touch, or both.

Because I figured that Savannah might need a comforting touch, I hugged her again like I’d done before, going forehead to forehead with her and mauling her taped-up body in a familiar way that she could recognize.

Over the phone app, I said, “Number one daughter got so excited seeing you like this, she wanted Jonny to do it to her. We were a little short, so I went up and got the supplies we’d need and he’s going over safety procedures with her right now. However, when I was in the other building, I met up with number two daughter pushing Dan into the infirmary so Suzanne could give him a check-up. Dan wants to come over and see the squirming gray-taped caryatids if Suzanne doesn’t confine him to his bed. At this stage of the game I don’t know if Siobhan will wheel him over, or whether Sam will. Hell, I’ll go over and get him if he calls. I got no problem leaving you in the hands of Jonny. He’s responsible, and technically, I already did that when I went back for more supplies. You were plenty safe with him watching out for you. I worry about you, but not with him on duty. Anyway, if Dan calls because Siobhan won’t bring him, I’ll go over and get him. I will keep you in the loop though. Were-Claire is all excited to get fixed up like mom, by her Sir Jon. We’re about ready to get started, so unless I hear that alarm go off, I’ll talk to you later.”

Claire surprised me by putting on a pair of five-inch heels like her mother was wearing. She actually had a smaller foot, so the arch would be a bit more pitched for her, but then again, in my experience, a woman wanting to impress a man she was falling for would suffer the torments of the damned for a smile from him telling her he was pleased with her.

She stood very still as he wrapped the plastic around her and the pole. Jonny had tied her wrists off to the top of her legs just like I’d done with her mother. She had her alarm in her hand and with her head sealed off from everyone in the world but her dominant, and she was ready to experience what she saw her mother doing for her man.

Seeing he was not as steady as I had hoped he would be, I stayed unobtrusively close, like I was watching the job he was doing on Claire, in case Jonny lost his balance and fell. He did a very admirable job of wrapping and taping his new submissive. I was smiling, proud of my student.

“You did good grasshopper,” I said. He nodded.

Making sure that the phones weren’t transmitting, he told me, “She’s a real attention-slut Nick. It’s a good thing I like her, or she’d wear me out quick. There is something about her that I think is deserving of the time and effort though. I like her. More than anyone in a while.”

“These two seem to exude a dangerous pheromone. Savannah has a real lock on me. I’m happy, for once in my jaded life. She sates my darker side and then she wants more. She’s a bondage-slut, to the extremes, ‘and’ she’s a masochist.”

“That’s the way this one is. Her dark side is why I nick-named her Were-Claire. She seems all quiet, sweet and innocent, but there’s a slathering, fanged monster under the skin of this one. I like it.”

“Well, go make sure that she knows you’re out here watching out for her, and then we’ll wait for Dan to get over here.”

He hugged her and mauled her to the extent that the tape barrier would let him and then sealed her head off to the post like I had for her mother.

It wasn’t long until Dan came in, being pushed by Siobhan.

“Marco,” Dan yelled?

“Polo,” I responded, which was one of our codes to see if the coast was really clear for spectators.

As they got out on the patio by the pool, I held my hands out to the sides and said, “May I present the gray-taped caryatids.”

Dan took a look at both of them and then held his left hand up and clapped, by gently tapping his right fingers against the heel of his left hand, which told Jonny and me that Siobhan was probably not going to be nice about this, but we would have to wait and see. It was a warning, but not of immediate danger. We both got his message and feigned disinterest, even though we were both on guard.

Siobhan examined her mother first, sticking her nose just inches away from her and moving her head from her mother’s feet up to her head bondage. Then she went over to her sister and did the same thing. We watched, wondering.

Coming back to her mother, she got close to the side of her head and yelled, “Can you hear me Mom?”

“Siobhan, stop yelling. We have them rigged up with earbuds so if we want to communicate with them, they can hear us just like you can hear us now. Would you like to ask your mother a question,” I asked her?

“Yes, I would. I’d like to check and see if she’s alright.”

I removed the pieces of tape holding Savannah against the post, turned on the app so I could communicate with her, and handed my phone to her daughter.

“Mom? Can you hear me?”

Savannah nodded.

“Are you okay all done up like that?”

Savannah nodded again, more enthusiastically this time.

“Are you having fun?”

Again, Savannah nodded enthusiastically.

“Is he forcing you to answer like that?”

Savannah vehemently shook her head.

“Then you really are okay with this?”

Again, she nodded several times. I took the phone away from Siobhan, grabbed the tape and fixed her head back to the post like it had been before.

“Satisfied? We can always take her out of her happy space so you can question her again, but I can guarantee you that she won’t be happy about it.”

“The same goes for your sister,” said Jonny.

“How can they possibly be comfortable, or happy like that?”

“You really don’t know a thing about bondage or submission, do you,” I asked Siobhan?

“No. Dan and I were talking about it this morning up in the hard-copy library, and I really don’t get it at all.”

“Haven’t you ever squirmed around in the arms of a man, knowing that he wasn’t going to let you go,” I asked?

“Daddy always hugged me like that, and thinking about it, Uncle Clayton hugs me like that.”

“Were you happy in their arms,” asked Dan?

“Well, with daddy, sure, and come to think about it, considering who he is, with Uncle Clayton too.”

“Well, that’s the same type of feelings your mother and your sister are having. They are being hugged by the bondage and held by the bondage we put them in, and they’re happy.”

“Tie me up,” she demanded. “Do that to me.”

“No,” I said.

“No,” repeated Jonny.

“That goes for me too. No,” said Dan.

“Why,” and with tears in her eyes her query was almost a screech.

Dan looked at her and said, “Well for one thing, you demanded it. You didn’t ask to be tied up. You demanded it. ‘Tie me up’” - he mocked and imitated her voice - “was what you said, in a fairly nasty and demanding tone, which assumes that we are your servants, to command. We aren’t. Any of us. We are not in the employ of your mother, which would only give you limited say over what we did, and we are most definitely not in your employ. We owe you no allegiance. We, not one of the three of us are at your disposal to command, in any way, shape or form. So, ‘no’, we will not tie you up.”

Unknown to Siobhan, Jonny had turned on our communications when she made her demand, so both of the caryatids heard what was transpiring.

Jonny asked, “Wasn’t that the core of all your troubles with Dandan and your employers at PEPDIN to begin with?”

“Well yes, when you put it that way. You see, Mom has done a full one-eighty, and my big sis is wearing dresses, heels and perfume. She never does that. And Mom, well, - - - well, she’s just so, - - -“

“What,” I said, “Happy?”

“Why yes, she is.”

“And no one’s doing that for you,” I said. “No one is making you happy.”

She was quiet.

“And you can’t figure out how the common denominator, bondage, is doing this for them, right,” I stated?

Siobhan nodded.

“And you want someone to tie you up and show you what this is all about, right,” I asked?

Again, she nodded.

“And no one will because you keep demanding it. You are all alone like the last princess left in the tower of the kingdom’s castle.”

With wide eyes she looked at each of us and she nodded again.

“Are you putting two and two together yet,” I asked? “Are you getting the clue that the ‘only’ way you’ll get what you want, and what they have, is through being nice and submissively asking for what you want?

Just then Savannah’s alarm went off. I jumped up and started to undo her head bondage. Jonny jumped up and cut her away from the pole. If anybody would have timed it, I think they would’ve been impressed. Jonny got to the alarm first and silenced it. About then I got Savannah’s head completely unwrapped. Because I had taught him better, Jonny did not pull the wrappings away from Savannah’s body. I’d taught him that it was better to let the body adjust to the difference in temperatures than to pull the covers off immediately.

“I’m sorry gentlemen,” said Savannah, “this isn’t a personal crisis, but I had to talk to my daughter while all this was going on.”

I was holding her, and slowly pulling the plastic away from her body. She was letting me, but she was also stepping out of it and moving away from the pole.

“Master Nick, I’m fine. Would you, or Jonathan remove Claire’s head wrappings so she can be a part of this?”

Jonny went over and slowly began to do as she asked. Knowing that she wanted me to, on one hand, but enjoyed it too much to fight it, I released her hands from her legs. When Claire was free of the Kerlix keeping her a deaf-mute, Savannah got up and sat next to Siobhan.

‘Siobhan my dear, these are men. Real men. You have the right to ask them to do something for you, but you have no right to order them around and expect them to do what you want them to do. I don’t do that with Nick. I know that if I start ordering him around that he’ll probably ask for a ride out of here, and if I don’t offer him a ride back in my helicopter, then he’ll just hike out of here and find his own way back to his house. I have no illusions as to who is in control of whom. He ‘gifts’ me with his dominance, his skills and his love. I cannot, nor will I ever try to command any of those things from him. They are his to give, not mine to take. Is any of this getting through to you?”

Siobhan nodded.

“Now, here’s the kicker. True dominants, like these men, don’t try to take our power away from us. They don’t want mewling submissives that crawl to them for permission to wipe their own noses. They can no doubt find those types anywhere. They appreciate the power each of us has, because when and if we offer them our submission, it is so much sweeter and more delicious to them. Our submission is not something they take from us. It is offered to them, just like their dominance is offered to us. Right baby?”

Claire, still attached to the pole, looked at her little sister and said, “She’s absolutely correct, Shiva. Sir Jon revels in the power that I can wield, and at the same time allows me to serve his every need, want and desire. Submitting to him is very satisfying to me, and he doesn’t even ask for more than I will just give him.”

I found it very interesting that her pet name for her little sister was Shiva, who is also known in the Hindu religion as Shiva the Destroyer. Now, I know that Shiva ‘destroys the bad in us so that he can make us into better people by absorbing us into himself’, but I still found the nickname very interesting. Trying not to read too much into it, I just continued to listen.

“We take their dominance and use it for the needs we have inside of us, just like they take our submission and relish it for their needs. This is very much a Yin/Yang situation between us. There has to be balance. Just like in a motor, if it isn’t balanced and working smoothly, it starts to vibrate out of control and if pushed it eventually shakes itself to pieces, no longer functional or useful to anyone. There are other analogies, but you’re smart enough to understand that one. We need them and they need us. Men like Nick play with us, like we were all kids again. None of this is mechanical. It comes from their hearts, just like the parts of our hearts that we share with them. I giggle at some of the silliest jokes coming out of Nick, not because they are funny, but because he is trying to keep the play light and fun. He’s goofy, and I mean he’s a real goof, but I love him because of that quirky oddball sense of humor he brings to our play, and I mean ‘play’. He and I ‘play’. He assumes different and goofy characters in his dominance, and I am always the damsel in distress for his amusement. What we have works, and I want him in my life until I die. He makes me happy. Yea, it’s only been a few days, but you can’t fake this stuff. It’s either from the heart, or you know it’s a sham. Within the first 24 hours he told me that if I was just some old harridan hiring a gigolo to tie her up, then he would have left that same day. He is fully aware of the situation, his feelings and has a damned good handle on my feelings. These are not fools. They are experienced men; in situations they choose to participate in and both Claire and I are lucky enough to share this with them. You could too. I’ve seen the way Daniel looks at you. He likes what he sees, but your attitude is probably more than he wants to put up with. Look at that man. Can you imagine he is ever lonely, when women are available to him? I would bet that they’re three deep to be with him. Right Daniel?”

“I can usually take home anyone I want, and most are grateful to share my bed. Like I told Nick, sexual prowess is a two-way street. I know full well that Siobhan can wag her finger and most men would be falling at her feet, especially if they knew who she was. Notice I said most men. Now, I’m not trying to play hard to get, but you’re right Savannah. Her attitude is a real turn-off.”

I spoke up and drove the stake through her heart.

“It’s my bet that Siobhan has met her match and is afraid to give up the upper hand. She’s seen the power in his frame, and recognizes the power in his mind, especially after recent events. This takes away her upper hand. She cannot lure him with her beauty. She cannot outshine him with her smarts. Like Jonny and me he does not need her affluence, nor does he want any of her money. She cannot even compete with him with her position in the overall scheme of things. Her crown has not only slipped off her head, it crashed to the floor. Now, she has no idea if he’ll pick that crown up and hand it to her, or walk away and leave her high and dry, which is definitely something that she is not used to happening. And, in her inexperience, she cannot fathom the chance of them walking off together, hand in hand, without all the trappings she thinks are so important in life.”

You could have heard a pin drop, and Dan just grinned. So did I. My smile was a little crooked, and I tilted my head toward Siobhan, but I smiled.

Dan picked up the ball and said, “Siobhan, bondage, dominance and submission, or any of the many aspects of BDSM are not necessary in a relationship, especially with me. They are tools. I need specific tools to repair the weapons that the US Army taught me to work on. I need tools to fix the engines of cars if I want them to run smoothly so they can take me from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. I need other specific tools to talk to my friends above the surface of this planet. Love, compassion, mutual respect and some sense of balance are the tools necessary for a relationship to run smoothly. I am beyond delighted to see this in my good friend’s Nick’s world with your mother. I see it growing in my other friend, in his world with your sister, and I am equally delighted to see him happy, which in my opinion, he is. It looks like your sister is happy too. This is a good thing. Don’t you think it’s about time that you quit trying to force the world, and everyone in it to fit into your preconceived idea of what works for you and what doesn’t? If Nick is happy tying up and beating your mother, and if she is happy with her end of that equation, then can’t you just let them be happy? And be happy for them? The same thing goes for Jon Smith and your sister. They seem happy. Shouldn’t you not only let them be happy, but support them in any way you can? Must you always be the center of attention? The queen bee that all the little workers bring honey to? I know I could make you happy, but to be truthful, you princess, are making it more trouble than it’s worth. I am not about to throw good gold down a bottomless well hoping for a miracle I know has no chance of coming true. Fuck it. I don’t do princesses and you’re not even worth trying to convince. I want a drink. Maybe some tequila. Jon Smith, Nick, you with me?”

Dan turned his wheelchair and started to wheel himself over to the bar. I got up and finished pushing him, while Jonny grabbed his cane and hobbled along behind us. Savannah went over and, using the EMT shears I had left on the table, carefully cut Claire away from the pole, letting her skin adjust to the difference in temperature like Jonny and I had done for her. Then, without even looking at Siobhan, they came over to the bar with us.

Shots of Patron Silver were served by me to the five of us. Claire wanted training wheels, so I passed her the salt and started cutting up some limes I found conveniently under the bar. Since Jonny and Claire had been playing out here, some of the house gremlins had restocked the back of the bar and all the trappings were available now.

Jonny grabbed some olives and a maraschino cherry and started juggling them. Claire giggled, watching him with the fascination of a child. He threw them down to Dan, who kept them in the air while Jonny grabbed more, and then the two of them did a professional juggling act by keeping several of these fruits in the air and passing them back and forth like real circus clowns. Claire clapped, while Savannah leaned over to me and said, “This schtick has got to get them all sorts of attention at the bars they go to,” and she laughed.

“Yea, this is their own version of a panty-dropper,” I said and smiled.

“No doubt. Tequila, and good-looking jugglers would tempt the most righteous of Claire's generation of liberated women.”

“He really does like her you know,” I whispered to Savannah.

“Who Daniel?”

“Well, maybe, but I was talking about Jonny,” I said.

“I just wish I could synthesize and patent chemistry like they have. I’d make a lot of people happy. Just looking at her tells me his Were-Claire is thoroughly smitten, and you just confirmed that the Yang is too. Unfortunately, I think the other two are a lost cause. I feel sorry for my daughter. She could certainly do a lot worse for herself, but at the same time I admire Daniel for not letting her walk all over him. Oh well, what are you going to do to me after you get me all drunk and pliable to your evil will oh great Pasha of the desert?”

“I’m thinking of a thorough thrashing with my pussy whip and making another mummy up in our room, only this time with the Kerlix, from toe to crown, after I get you all embalmed with this nectar of the gods.”

As she poured each of us another shot, I looked over at Siobhan, who seemed to be sobbing quietly into her hands that were covering her face. I wondered if she was suicidal, and re-examined everything I knew about her, just in case. Coming to the conclusion that it would take a few more traumas in her world to drive her that far, I put my hand over Dan’s shot glass as my lovely submissive went to pour all of us another round.

“You sure you’re up to this?”

“What’s the worst that can happen? I go back to the onsite ICU for another couple of days? I think my insurance is paid up, and if this is something Suzanne can’t or won’t patch up, I can always call our friends down. They have those mad Martian methods of fixing the unfixable. I’ll be okay.”

“Give that man more mezcal,” I said. “Who am I to preach caution to a war vet and a man who missed his chance at love with a pretty little heiress?”

“Here, here,” spoke his friend and partner in crime. “Let us all raise a glass to everyone else’s health. Sláinte!”

As mine went down my throat, I looked over and noticed that Siobhan was gone. Wondering, I made sure that Savannah noticed her daughter’s absence and then pulled out the blender and more of the Midori. Shot glasses went up at arm’s length and then were thrown in the nearby fire-pit. Even though it was warm, Savannah got up and suddenly the firepit roared to life as she touched a button behind the bar. Bar lights went on and we spent an enjoyable evening at the pool bar. Eventually, Polly and Maggie were called, and gourmet sandwiches, chips and dips were served as Claire found the program on her tablet for the music that came across hidden speakers. We all took turns trying to stump the DJ, but Claire seemed to have a vast library of our favorite songs at her fingertips, including covers by different bands.

Suzanne eventually came out to check on her patients and against her better judgement signed off on the frivolity. Sam was assigned as hall monitor-slash-chaperone and that lasted for about an hour before we got him to join in. When his girlfriend, Cammy called Sam, Savannah decided that it should be an office party and over the next hour, a lot of the off-duty employees showed up for one of their boss’s impromptu parties. Claire went up and got one of Jonny’s worn shirts which, as always, made a good mini skirt. The liquor flowed, bar-long sub-sandwiches were prepared and served, and everyone had a good time. Except Siobhan, who was nowhere to be found.

Dan was not lacking in attention from the bevy of unattached females that seemed to come out of the woodwork. They fed him hors d'oeuvres, got him drinks, flirted outrageously and laughed at all of his war stories and anecdotes, no matter how off-color. Finally, Suzanne put a halt to it when he started yawning and she wheeled him back to the infirmary. Savannah made it a point to tell everyone to continue the party and to have fun when she pulled me by the hand up to one of the two suites set up for her important guests. Jonny and Claire had the other one and had disappeared some time ago.

Snuggling up to a very naked and helplessly bound and gagged woman, as the sun peeked through the partially drawn curtains reminded me that we’d had a lot of fun the night before, although I didn’t remember much of it.

“Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey. I’m starving,” I said as I took her gag off.

“Good morning my lord and master. You were magnificent last night, but my dreams had only one major theme to them, so may I have some of my favorite protein before we have breakfast,” and she slipped off the bed and onto her knees right beside the bed?

There aren’t words. At least I don’t have adequate ones and I’ve always fancied myself to be a wordsmith. Magnificent seems like a cliché. Body draining comes closer but how does a man describe whatever energy he woke up possessing being sucked out of his urethra along with every last swimmer he’d made since the last time he came. Savannah had pulled out all the stops and gifted me with a truly mind-numbing blow job. I could barely remember my name while we made-out after I pulled her back up on the bed.

Content, I held her still bound body while we snuggled, until the roar from my midsection got her laughing.

“We’d better feed that beast before it complains any louder. Call down for room service please. I am not ready to share you with the world yet.”

It wasn’t long before we got our breakfast. In case we needed them they also handed in clean clothes and, only here at Casa Savannah, they included a pile of ropes and gagging materials on the shelf under the cart.

“You know that if you want anything specific it’s just a phone call away.”

“Hand me the phone. What’s your favorite color?”

“Green, why?”

“Light, dark, …”

“Grass green.”

I ordered the box of four-inch grass green Vet-Wrap. Kerlix came in flesh tone, but the Vet-Wrap was colored, and it was basically the same stuff. I also ordered a pair of green pumps with a six-inch heel, and an assortment of the green, quarter-inch nylon rope. Before I hung up, Savannah held her hand out for the phone and ordered up green panties, several pairs, a green leotard, a green bikini, a box of assorted hosiery and pantyhose, another assortment of skirts and tops, some green lingerie, and several other pairs of green shoes, in heel heights of both five and six-inches. She then asked to be transferred to security, where she ordered a camera that could not connect with the Internet, with extra memory cards and batteries.

When I cocked an eyebrow at her Savannah said “I wanted a green day. You’ll have to let your green mummy loose sooner or later and I wanted to continue the theme by dressing up in green for you, to see if it inspired any other ventures into ‘bondage in the color of nature’ theme. I also want to see what I look like through your eyes.”

“I like how you think woman. Call ‘em back and have them bring both darker and lighter ropes, if we’re going to take pictures, you’re going to want the bindings to stand out. Green ropes will get lost and just blend in with your outfits.”

She did and I was thankful she had an efficient staff. Within the half hour, packages, boxes and bins began to arrive, along with wardrobe bags, and long hanging pouches full of green high heels. Claire stuck her head in and sent some of the gremlins back for more specific clothes after she talked it over with her mother. Jonny told me that they were planning to go watch some movies today and that we’d have this mansion to ourselves. I smiled at his effort to give us some privacy from the worries of number one daughter, but I knew the two of us could always escape if we needed to be alone. Savannah actually had to shoo Claire out so we could start to play.

We were in one of the two suites. This set of rooms had a waiting room that doubled as an office and a bedroom on both sides, one being smaller than the other. It also had a rather lavish bath with a small sauna and a small hot tub in each one. For our play, I kept the earbuds close and had Savannah dress up like she was a secretary, in a tight pencil skirt, high-necked blouse with ruffles, pumps, nude pantyhose, and an appropriately sized two-inch bondage belt around her waist to accentuate her delicious shape.

I had her sit in the swivel desk chair, cross her legs and I tied her legs like that. Then with the laptop we had, I had her get online. I was playing the part of her very handsy boss, making my secretary search for something I wanted. To be sure, I called Bat and checked with him that the IP address we were using couldn’t be traced back to us. He said we were safe, and actually safer in fact because of the upgrades that Dan had made. I smiled.

The first thing we did was a search for floggers. This got Savannah enthused. Admittedly, Claire in her exuberance had ordered floggers, but considering her naivety, she’d basically bought a box of commercial floggers that with the exception of their handle colors, were all similar enough to be the same. We’d send those back. I wanted more specific tools to beat my woman.

I began by leaning over my secretary, rubbing and touching her shoulders in a suggestive way. Playing her part, she shied away from the touch, talking about ‘just getting busy with our work’. I laughed.

We went immediately to the companies that custom made their floggers. Knowing several of the crafters either by reputation or personally from dealing with them from other occasions, I had Savannah include personal notes with each order. I told them all that I had found a woman that satisfied my unusual proclivities, that their efforts were for her personally and that I was officially off the market. I told none of them who this mystery woman was, and I was sure that it would bug several of them. I also knew they’d all do a good job for me, whether they knew who I was beating or not. I had all the floggers sent to the approved P.O. Box.

Although it wasn’t full blown role play, I did pretend to brush against her tits a lot, to distract her and run my fingers suggestively over her legs, lifting her skirt playfully. Savannah would always tug it back down acting all prudish and offended. She did stop typing when I began to flog her back with her own long auburn hair. In our play I got the occasional ‘Humph’ from my secretary. That made me laugh.

I ordered the tails in the lengths I preferred and the widths I liked. The hides these tails would be cut from decided the number of tails I wanted for each flogger. Some of these floggers would be thuddy in nature, and others would be built to deliver a bit more pain if I chose to wield them with that intent. All the horsehair floggers were skinners, designed to be used for abrasion play and warmups. Most were rather heavy, and only the rubber ones were lighter. Savannah had questions about the different hides I asked them to use for me, and all I could really do was give her a general description of how they felt or would feel against her skin.

Savannah worried a bit when I ordered dragon-tail whips from a couple of these vendors. I tried to explain them to her, but her natural aversion to single-tails still gave her pause. She did place the orders for me, trusting that I wasn’t buying something to scar up her hide, as I put it. We still played at going into and out of our role play.

I wondered if Bat had told her that I had asked him to send some of his guys to my old house to collect my Wheelers. I had four-foot and six-foot stock whips made by Joe Wheeler that I loved to play with. His whips were always so alive when you threw them. I also had an eight-foot Wheeler snake whip. It was like the big brother to the three-footer I had here. All were in black and tan. Considering he had retired, I felt lucky to have those. I had paid a premium for them. I had other single-tails, but the only ones I wanted were my Wheelers.

When Savannah playfully slapped my hand away from her tit, I grabbed some rope and tied her hands behind her back. She loudly protested that Human Resources would hear about the working conditions I forced upon her, so I stuffed her mouth with some panties and wrapped the lower half of her head with micro-foam tape. After some judicious applications of rope around her torso I picked her up and deposited her on a hard chair from the small bedroom. I webbed her lower body to the chair with even more rope, and then got out the camera. I had been using black rope and it showed up nicely as it offset my Savannah’s curves.

Opening up her blouse and seeing that enticing low-cut green push-up bra just begging me to touch the emphasized tit-meat of her enhanced cleavage encouraged me to maul her tits. This gave her an interesting disheveled look for the next few photographs. Naturally her skirt was pulled up a little and with her legs crossed and tied, a fair amount of her thigh was showing. Bat had given us one of the mid-range older cameras, with a few more options than a regular old point and shoot. I got some fairly artistic shots from odd angles. It really wasn’t the first time that I’d photographed a woman tied to a chair. And, I had all those images from other photographers and their efforts, for angles in a similar vein.

Removing all the blouses buttons from their corresponding holes left her bra covered chest bare for the camera’s eye. I always thought this was sexy, and with Savannah I felt it was even sexier, and I told her so.

“You know that it will directly affect your quarterly bonus if you try to hide those beauties from me when my fingers need to play with them.”

Savannah just wagged her tits back and forth and laughed through her gag just to see how muted it actually was. I leaned over and kissed my helpless secretary. We played at this for a while until I got a little bored and then I released her.

“What’s next lover,” she asked as I peeled the tape away from her hair.

“I want some pictures of you on your spot. I saw that the house gremlins brought you a green gown to wear, and I’m going to string you up between those parenthetical staircases. Put the gown on and then I’m going to get you gagged. You’re going to help me this time because with pictures, you’re going to want the best for your close-ups.”

I had her brush out her hair, and then put on evening eye make-up. I stuffed her mouth again, after sufficient kissing of course, and then using a roll of the three-inch micro-foam tape I wound it through her lips so that it widened out across her cheeks, giving it the classic cleave-gag look. Then I had her apply lipstick to the pouty portions of her lips that weren’t covered by the tape. She took her time getting her make-up just right for this.

While she was doing this, I’d gone down and tied off two pieces of rope to the balustrade, one on each side of the staircases. I tied a circle in the ends of these ropes and had two other pieces of the black rope with me to tie off her wrists. I also had ropes for her ankles.

Savannah had put on her green gown. Naturally, the décolletage of the gown had a deep ‘V’ to show off the magnificent tits she sported. It also had slits on each side to show off her legs. Savannah chose a pair of six-inch sling backs with a diagonal strap across her instep and rhinestones to make them sparkle a little. With sheer-to-waist tan pantyhose she looked fabulous. Long green satin gloves covered her arms and as she walked slowly down the stairs, I hooted, whistled and applauded to show my approval of her entrance. She almost looked embarrassed because she knew that alone like this was the only time she would get such boisterous and raucous applause.

I used my extra ropes to tie rope-cuffs on each wrist and then after positioning her where I wanted her, I tied these ropes off to the depending ropes from the balustrade. Picking up the camera I took a series of pictures of her holding onto these ropes and posing, tied to the staircases. I then tied one ankle off to the foot of the stair, so that her dress gave up it’s hold on her leg to show me, through the slit, the femininity I wanted. To be sure, I eventually tied off the other leg so that she was fully spread-eagled, bound and gagged on the spot that would embarrass her from the memories only we would have of this spot. Naturally, under my direction Savannah struggled and strained against her imprisonment, and I got some delightful pictures of her expressions. Her helplessness and the thoughts of what had transpired in this vestibule, and what would happen in the future drove her expressions, giving us some great pictures. Again, kissing Savannah over her gag proved arousing for both of us.

Laying the camera down to untie her wrists just long enough so that I could re-tie them behind her back gave me more positions for our bondage photos. I used more ropes to emphasize her magnificent chest and with her legs tied off like before, she twisted and turned as I played her kinky fashion photographer. Looking around, I saw a low Grecian-style stool off to the side of the hall, so I got it and untied her ankles. Having her sit diagonally, I tied her legs side by side at her ankles and above her knees. I draped the gown so it showed a lot of leg and then went back to pressing the shutter button, moving all around her to get the angles I wanted.

Eventually I untied her and let her peel off the tape gagging her. We went back up to the suite and as I served us both glasses of juice, she plugged the memory card into the side of the computer. Before she did, I made sure it was air-gapped, and Savannah got her first glimpse of what I saw when I looked at her. I wanted no chance of these pictures getting out on the web.

“Oh, I love these my lord and master. You have quite the eye with a camera. Is this what you focus on when you look at me? You seem fascinated with my curves. I can see the love you have from just looking at these photos. I am so happy with you. How may I reward you?”

“Donate money to our veterans. I have everything I want and need, but until you see a man that has fought for this country sleeping on the cold concrete sidewalk, huddled under a thin blanket, well that’s heartbreaking to me. Some may choose to live like that but not all.”

“My beloved lord and master, since you fussed at Claire the first night, I made sure that significant money is being regularly funneled to our vets. We can talk about the particulars later, but I want to give you something special.”

“Show me your tits. I like that and it’s instant gratification for me.”

Savannah laughed as she stepped out of her gown and wagged her tits back and forth for my amusement.

“You are so primally male. I love it.”

“You see, that’s really all the reward I want. Instant submission. I don’t want or need jewelry, cars, yachts or anything like that. I want a woman that knows that instant submission will please both of us and will do what I tell her to do without, the ‘whys’ and bargaining that others endure. You know that I would never push those buttons in compromising situations, so when I say something like, ‘show me your tits’, you don’t fuss about it, you just do it.”

“Gladly my lord and master. I like that you appreciate this old body of mine, and I’ll show you all of it you want me to.”

“It ain’t old, and I love looking at you. Now, onto a costume change. I feel like a dip, so I saw a bikini in the clothes they brought up. A bikini on you, especially a string bikini like that one, is more lewd and suggestive than your skin is, so tie it on and I’ll meet you down by the pool.”

We actually swam for a while, but when the splashing started, I knew she wanted more rope play. That was when I started trust drills with her. The SEALs have a drill where their hands are tied behind them and they have to jump into the deep end of a pool. A friend told me the secret is to empty your lungs, sink all the way to the bottom and then spring off back to the surface. I ran these drills with Savannah. I had reasons for training like this and Savannah didn’t seem to mind, because I kept it playful, diving down and tickling her as she sprang for the surface. I also had fun leaving her bound hand and foot by the side of the pool and then pushing her in. She laughed and found the play of this game.

While Savannah and I played, Dan was in the other mansion getting bored. He got into his wheelchair and wheeled himself up to the hard copy library. He’d already programmed his handprint into the system and actually had more access to this estate than I did. He let himself in to find something to read and found Siobhan. What he saw made him laugh.

There was the princess of the realm all cozied up on the loveseat sofa in the room, reading one of the books. She was barefoot, wearing a pair of jeans, an oversized T-shirt that would have fit Dan and a tiara. His laughter startled her and when she looked at him, she blushed, closed the book she was reading and started to get up.

“No, no, stay. What were you reading?”

“50 Shades of, …”

“Pure trash, written by someone that has absolutely no idea of the scene and real BDSM.”

“But, …”

“Yea, it was on the best-seller list but it’s trash. Here, let me make a few suggestions,” and Dan got up out of his wheelchair and started pulling books he recognized out of the stacks and throwing them over on the sofa.

Siobhan started to get up and help him but saw that he seemed to be doing fine on his own and she just settled back on the couch and watched him.

“I’m going to turn some of these books down so that you’d have to lift them up to see the title and author. These are books that I do not like and cannot recommend. You can read them if you want, but if you’re looking for a realistic view of the type of BDSM I practice, then just leave them be.

“It looks like whoever collected these was looking for the male dom/sub fem aspects of BDSM play. This is a good thing. Saves me a lot of time in doing this for you. I tolerate dominant women, basically because that’s how they choose to play, and that’s alright I guess, but I have no use for them, or the submissive males that lap at their heels. Again, I can support anyone that makes a choice in this lifestyle, choosing what makes them happy, but I don’t have to like it and I don’t have to be anything more than socially cordial to them in public. That’s just my opinion.

“I’m a dominant heterosexual man, and vanilla sex is alright, some of the time, but it does get old quickly, with the same woman. I like BDSM to spice it up. Truthfully, the males that want to show their submission to their mistress and their latent homosexual tendencies by sucking on a plastic dildo attached to a waist strap worn by a woman claiming to be dominant makes me sick to watch. I watched a lot of that at a play party Nick got me to attend, and I had to leave after a while. In BDSM, I’m not nearly as tolerant as Nick is. You can condemn my narrow point of view all you want, but in BDSM, I know what makes me happy and what makes me sick to look at. I own my sexuality. It has been defined and honed to exactly what makes me happy and satisfied, and perdition to anyone that damns those choices. They do not walk in my shoes.”

“Then what does make you happy, and what satisfies you?”

“I like what Nick has with your mother, and what Jon Smith is getting from your big sister. Both are getting their submission, and using bondage to strengthen the bond, no pun intended, strengthen the bond they are building between them. Bondage is powerful when it’s done correctly, and that’s why Nick used that as the core of our lessons in dominance and submission when he taught Jon Smith and me. The sight of a bound woman, writhing for my attentions, makes me rock hard and sates something deep inside of me. Call it primal, call it anything you want, but I go under the basic premise, if it makes my dick hard, I like it. If I look at something and I’m flaccid, then it’s not for me. I don’t always condemn it. It’s just not for me. It is that simple, and a bound woman makes me hard and ready.”

“But you can’t tie up every woman you meet.”

“No, but let’s use you as an example. You, Siobhan, are an attractive woman. Just the way you are excites me enough to have sex with you. It would be fun, once or maybe twice, but after that it would get old and my interests would turn to other women. I have no problem at all attracting women, and at my age, the variety is the driving force in my sexual exploits. Many of the women that work here have already thrown their hat into the ring and made very lewd offers to me. Several were even wise enough to throw in the fact that they really enjoy being tied up, when they made their offers to me. If you would have stuck around for the party we had by the pool last night, you’d know which ones I’m referring to. If I was a little healthier, I would have my pick of women, which as I said, is the driving force of my sexuality. When my gut is healed, I will be getting familiar with several of these ladies,” and he smiled.

Siobhan started to say something but wisely kept her mouth shut.

“I know full well the power I have over women. For some I make a suggestion to get kinky with me, and if they say ‘no’, well, there are many more that won’t, and I’ll take them to my bed. Most will play rope games with me. They are the ones that sometimes get asked to share my bed more than once. Some don’t. You were right, I can’t tie all of them up, but I do get more than my fair share of submissive women in my bed and in my ropes. Listen, this is not bragging, this is the truth and if you don’t believe it, I don’t care. There’s no one here to hear any of this, and I’m really not trying to impress you. I don’t like the princess aspect of your persona that much to try and impress you.”

Siobhan started to get all offended, but again, thought better of it and just held her temper. His voice was flat, and he didn’t sound like he was trying to impress her with his patter.

“No one doubts that you have the same effect on men. I bet they fall at your feet, buying you drinks, taking you or trying to take you to expensive restaurants, driving you around in their fancy and expensive cars, to this social event or that notable affair, flattering you with well-rehearsed lines and a practiced twinkle in their eye, and like I said, I doubt that you are ever alone if you don’t want to be, - - - except here, with us.”

“You’re right. I have many men, real men that will gladly take me anywhere I want to go and do anything I tell them to do.”

“Yea, but do they make your heart race just hearing their names, and do you get wet just thinking about them and what they can do to you?”

Her look was smoldering as she stared at him, and her lips were white as she pressed them together.

“Can’t think of even one can you?”

“Of course, I can.”

“You’re lying through your teeth.”

“How dare you?”

“Easily. Body language, including facial expressions. You displayed none of the indicators.”

“Well, I just hid them from you.”

“You’re not that good.”

Exasperated, she screeched out, “Alright then. No. I can’t think of one man that makes me wet, as you say, just thinking about him. Is that such a bad thing?”

“No, not bad. Sad, most definitely, but not bad.”

“Anything but sad. You can’t stay in lust all the time. There are times when you have to concentrate on life.”

“Agreed, but when your time is your own, and your thoughts do not have to have that edge, just to help you stay alive, is there no one that you can think of that makes you smile, - - - like a woman?”

“I am a woman, and that means that anytime I smile, I smile like a woman.”

“Don’t play semantic games with me. You know what I meant. Is there no one that puts a sly smile on your face when you think of being in his arms and being overwhelmed by his manliness? - - - No one? - - - No one at all?”

Dan watched her. Her head was down, and he could almost see her doing inventory of every man she’d ever been with, and every man she’d ever known of and/or fantasized about. He saw no smile on her face. Finally, she looked up and said, “I bet you can’t do it? Can you remember a woman that put a smile on your face?”

Dan looked at a spot on the wall and thought for a moment. He smiled remembering one of the women that he’d been with and how she had begged for his favors as she squirmed in the ropes. He heard Siobhan gasp, and he shook off his memories. Looking at her, she was staring at his crotch, and the hard-on that was tenting the front of the scrubs he was wearing. He smiled as it slowly went down.

“You see, with men, there’s no hiding the fact when we are excited. I was thinking about this little blonde woman I’d been with. A real blonde too. She had such a delightful way of begging for more from me, telling me it was the way I moved my hips, well, if she hadn’t been hogtied, I’m sure she would have gotten what she was begging for one way or another. She was a little thing, barely five-one, but she had a, … oh, you don’t need to know anymore. My memories of her are mine, and as you could see, they still excite me. Actually, there are others now that I’m thinking along those lines, but I proved my point. Can you?”

Dan strained to hear her. In a meek and tiny voice, she whispered, “No.”

“Normally, I’d bet you a full month of absolute servitude, waiting on your every whim and desire that both your mother and sister could convince you that what they were getting from my friends got them wet and excited, just thinking about it.”

“You’re on. I’ll take that bet,” and Siobhan jumped up, her fists doubled up and she glared at him.

“Bad part about it is, I can’t make that bet with you.”

“Why not? It was your idea in the first place. All we have to do is go ask them. Why can’t you make that bet?”

Dan smiled and pointed.

“Because you’re still wearing your ‘princess hat’ and I’ve already told you, I don’t do princesses,” and he laughed.

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