A Unique Gigolo

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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© Copyright 2020 - Walt A.K.A. Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; gag; pump-gag; vampire-glove; tape; sendep; cons; X

All characters are fictitious and any similarities to any persons, living or dead are purely coincidental.

Continues from

Part Seven

Everyone in the room looked shocked. Even the two guards crowded into the door, leaning against the frame and looking all panicked. Sam came behind the bar, grabbed a bottle of vodka from underneath and took several swallows from the bottle before holding it up, offering some to the door guards, who came in and just stood there as he poured them each a half of a glass before drinking more himself. Maggie was shaky and poured herself some wine before sitting down on the couch next to Siobhan, who looked like someone had just hit her. Jonny took Claire’s glass and reached over to give her a hug. She allowed him to hold her, but she looked at him with wide eyes the whole time. 

Savannah came up to the bar as the blender was finishing up the next batch of green go-go juice, and asked, “You knew?”

“Yep. Dan, Jonny and I are all abductees. We have that in common, and that’s one of the things we bonded over when it came out one night when we were all very drunk. After talking about it, and after all three of us ended up being abducted again, at the same time, on another night that we were all passed out and drunk on my living room floor, we just accepted it as something we have no control over. Like Dan said, we consider it a part of nature. We’ve met them under sober conditions before, and they really don’t give off a spooky or scary vibe. They’re just different. What can I say? Dan has the best rapport with them. I think Jonny can actually understand them, sometimes. He does have a gift for languages. Me, I’m usually just along for the ride. Why? Does this give me the cooties or something?”

Just then Siobhan jumped up and stood over Dan, right in his face.

“You know who I work for. Why didn’t you tell me? You should have told me that, …”

“That what? That I talked to aliens and had been up in space? Yea, that’s always the line I use to impress women when I meet them. It’s the first thing out of my mouth. Not. Think about it, Siobhan. That is one of my most closely guarded secrets. If I told everybody I met, I’d get locked up for being crazy, or at least looked at funny. Yea, I knew who you worked for, but to be truthful, you didn’t have a need to know. What would you have done with that information anyway? C’mon now. You would have held it over everybody’s head, especially your bosses, and all of those you work with. Face it, we all know that you ‘are’ that type of opportunist. You did not ‘need’ that kind of information. It might have been useful, but you didn’t need to know it.”

“But I work for PEPDIN, the Planetary and EXTRA Planetary Defense Initiative Network. I did have a need to know,” she almost screamed at him.

“No, if you would’ve had a need to know, they would have already told you. Why is it that ‘you’ think that you are the top of the food chain? You’re not. Think about it. Why do you think that President Trump is pushing us into space by organizing and starting his Space Force? He is not crazy and he’s smarter than he looks. I don’t care if half the country doesn’t like him. I do, and he’s doing what he thinks is best for America. Deal with it. The ones that need to know, know. You really aren’t that high up in the ranks of those that need to know. I don’t care if it hurts your feelings to know that I knew, and you didn’t. I know how to repair small arms and light artillery, do you? Of course not. I know some things that you don’t. Get over it.”

Siobhan stormed out of the room. Dan looked over at Savannah and me and just shrugged. He then went back to eating his sherbet like nothing had happened. Savannah called Bat and within minutes he came over with some sober guards and stationed them at the outside entrances. Savannah told him why these two were drinking and he said he’d have a talk with them. He didn’t seem the least bit fazed by the news, and it was almost as if he’d known all along. He took them and left again. Maggie took her wine glass, and the bottle, and wandered down the hall in a bit of a daze. Savannah warned her not to say anything to anyone, even Polly. Maggie just acknowledged this by lifting her bottle up in the air and kept on walking. Sam stayed, but quit drinking. Even after downing a good portion of that bottle of vodka, he didn’t seem to be affected. He did check Dan’s blood pressure, stuck Dan’s finger in a pulse-ox monitor and took his temperature. All that must have been within tolerable ranges because he excused himself and went back down the hall towards the infirmary. That left just the five of us.

“So, does anyone have some cards? I’m feeling lucky and I have some rope burning a hole in my pocket.”

The guys chuckled but the women just looked at me.

“It’s colored rope for different denominations. The white rope could be ones, the red rope fives, and the, …”

Savannah just reached across the bar, pulled me close and kissed me.

“Okay, let’s go up and find a better use for that rope,” she said

She went to put her work heels back on and I said, “You’ve been in heels like that all day. For what I have in mind, let’s give your feet a bit of a rest for a while. All I need right now is you, a smile and lots of this rope.”

“But my lord and master, you always say a woman isn’t fully dressed unless she’s in rope ‘and’ high heels, with a smile on her face.”

“Then we’ll find a pair up in our bedroom that are sexier on your feet than those are.”

“I have many of those my lord and master.”

“I missed you Savannah.”

I grabbed the blender full of the green goodness and carried it, two glasses and some straws up with us. Both of the guys motioned for me to go and I knew they would be fine with Claire.

“You were constantly in my thoughts. I kept rubbing my wrists. I knew that there weren’t any rope marks left, but I could still feel them. I could still feel the ropes that had held me helplessly bound to your will. I know I’ve told you before, but I love the way you dominate me. To myself, I chuckled every time I thought about that schtick you pulled as the Pasha and my role as your very helpless harem slave. That was fun. I love you because you make this fun for me. I love the way you keep me helpless, but you are a goof, my lord and master. A real goof. And even if I have to shave you myself, you are never getting near me with your beard like that if I can help it. That was real torture. I itched all of the next day and couldn’t dig around down there to scratch it and relieve myself,” and Savannah laughed. “That drove me crazy, and this harem girl could barely think about anything but you, the great desert Pasha, and his scratchy beard.”

I just wagged my eyebrows like Groucho, rubbed my chin, and she continued laughing. Once in our bedroom Savannah saw the high piles of colored ropes, separated into colors, all cut and bundled up, laid out against the wall. She also saw the large, labeled plastic bins of leather goods and other boxes that were stacked up by the doors out to her balcony. This woke her up.

“Do we have anything that we really have to do tomorrow,” I asked?

“I’d kind of like to get tied up if it’s all the same to you.”

“Well then, I’m thinking it’s time for the 500-foot challenge.”

“With the colored rope?”

“Of course. You deserve to be the one that helps me make sure that there are no inherent faults in the quality of these ropes, so we will have to test all of these different colors to make sure they won’t untie themselves or fall apart as you strain against their grasp around you. However, there is always time for the oasis of the hot springs,” and I went out to turn the water on so that it would get hot. To my surprise it already was. I shrugged, put the blender down, poured two glasses and got undressed. Savannah wasn’t far behind me and we held each other while we soaked and drank, happy in the closeness.

Savannah had a pair of stiletto pumps that showed a lot of toe cleavage and had a five-inch heel. They were dyed, or painted, or whatever, but they had psychedelic swirls in about six different colors. She put those on and then shed her robe. 

Standing her with her back against one of the posts of her bed, I pulled her arms behind it and grabbed a piece of the rope from what I had piled on the bed. I tied a relatively short piece of black rope around her wrists, leaving them about an inch apart, but I didn’t cinch them. I did it again with the darkest shade of gray rope that we had access to. I noticed that she was having a hard time maintaining this spacing between her arms, so I used a short belt to hold her upper arms close together, but not touching. To continue the theme, the next rope that went on her forearms was the medium gray rope. 

Using the shortest pieces that I’d cut, I was making about four wraps around her arms with each piece but not cinching any of them as I knotted them off. Next on was the light gray rope, followed by the royal purple and then the burgundy. By this time, I was up to her elbows, so I picked up a longer piece of red rope. Starting back down at her wrists I fed the red rope through and tied off a cinch. With the long ends left over, I went up her arm décor and tied a two-wrap red cinch between each of the different colors holding her forearms together. Being careful of the crook of her elbows, I tied the magenta ropes and cinched them just tight enough with the red rope to continue the theme, but not enough to cut in. Next came the fuchsia, the lavender, the royal blue, the neon blue, and then the sky-blue wraps, all cinched by the red rope. By this time her arms were covered in colored ropes, and Savannah was trying to break her neck twisting around to see what I had done.

Taking out my iPhone for the camera, I made sure to turn her head and adjust her auburn hair so that her face didn’t show and took a picture. I showed her and she got a tear in her eye as I started to delete it.

“Nick, I know I made you sign a paper saying you wouldn’t take any pictures of me, but I really want to keep that one. Please?”

“No. I understand your sentiment, but even with my safeguards on this phone, it’s too easy to break into. I’m deleting this now,” and I did. “I tell you what. You and I will get a camera that has no way to connect to the Internet, and I’ll take all of the pictures you want of you. Right now though, I’m just trying to protect you Savannah. I can reproduce any of these ties I put on you anytime I want to. I can arrange these colors in any way we want and actually I have it in my skillset to do those damned macramé ties that look so damned fancy in those Shibari magazines. I hate them, but I can tie them on if I’m put to the test. Colored ropes make those ties look so avant-garde,” and I said that last sentence with a deep sarcasm. 

“Okay Master Nick and thank you for looking out for me. That just looks so pretty. Promise me you’ll do that for me again sometime soon.”

“Are you planning on kicking me to the curb?”

“No Master Nick! Of course not. But, I just, …”

“Then my love, all you have to do if you want me to tie you in a certain way, using certain ropes, or in a certain position is ask me. Pleasing you is a two-way street. If it’s something I really don’t want to do, or if I feel like you’re trying to ‘top-from-the-bottom’, which you know I hate, then I just won’t do it. If you pester me too much, I’ll just gag you. Asking for something you want though isn’t a crime. It’s just that I’ve taken the lead so far, which is the job of the dominant. However, scratching an itch you have is never out of the question. Okay?”

“Yes, my lord and master. Would you please continue decorating this body with all of that pretty rope? Please?”

“I can do that.”

Pulling her bound arms up into a 45° strappado by tying them off to the other post, I tied different colored ropes around her body without overlapping them with her arm ropes. I finished using the various greens, yellows and oranges of the nylon ropes to tie her torso to the post. I did take my time so I could play with her tits that were standing out prominently from the strappado. On her legs I used the colored cotton ropes, doing similar wraps as I did on her arms. This time I used the pink rope to cinch them, which in cotton was almost a fuchsia. For the most part I’m lacking in color recognition for the sake of defining any fashion sense. I realize they all look different. It’s the individual names that confound me. I blame women looking at the ass-end of lipstick containers for their ability to distinguish which color is which with the clarity they pride themselves in, and I told Savannah this while I was tying her. She giggled. I added another notch on the ‘why I loved her’ board. She giggles at my cheap jokes. Gotta love a woman that giggles at your jokes, even if they aren’t all that funny. It could be the delivery. I’ll have to check one day, but today, Savannah got her mouth stuffed by an inflatable penis-gag.

Now, some of the inflatables just inflate a bulb on the end of the phallus, but this one was more like a balloon that inflated the full width and length of the phallus. It didn’t increase the length more than a couple of millimeters, but the girth of the full phallus did get thick. This one wasn’t a full head harness, although I could tell by Savannah’s smiling eyes that we may have to order one like that or even make one. I did know my way around leather craft. Anyway, I played with this gag in her mouth, inflating it, releasing the air and then inflating it again. Of course, I had to over-inflate it a couple of times just to see the look in her eyes. I’d release the air, letting it deflate, and then screw my face up into some evil-looking mask of sadistic delight as I teased her with the bulb as I slowly squeezed, opened my hand and then squeezed again. This type of play was fun for both of us. We experimented until we found just the right size for Savannah to enjoy. Because it was one of the better made gags, it had a nice thick absorbent pad around the outside of her mouth, which would help reduce any sounds she would make and absorb most of the inevitable drool a gag like this would stimulate. Later on, we’d play with some of the other inflatable gags in the bin. From my experience, inflatables were an acquired taste and not recommended as a steady diet. However, they were a great change of pace. Savannah seemed to be enjoying this one which was a good thing at the moment. She needed the playtime and the strain of helpless bondage after her little excursion to the bureaucratic wastelands of DC.

I checked her to make sure all systems were within functional parameters and then started playing with her to take her further out of herself. My usual tools of torment came into play, but with the bins of new toys at my disposal, I got creative.

One of my favorite toys to work over the hyde of a woman was the nubby rubber curry mitt. This was just a rubber mitt, but it had small rubber protrusions all over it and when rubbed across the soft flesh of a woman the nubs would stick a little and pull on her skin leaving interesting feelings, especially when she couldn’t move. Savannah’s tits were mauled by this new toy and her frantic cries of joy and disbelief amused me. You really don’t need expensive toys to have fun with BDSM, but sometimes they have their place.

She watched me rummage around through the plastic bins hunting for something to torment her with and I knew she was having fun by the look in her eyes. Out of the corner of my eye I watched her jump, well as much as she could tied like that, but jump she did as I yelled out, “Ah ha,” and moved back to her putting on another pair of black gloves. I’d brought a pair, but this pair was better.

At first, they looked like plain old black leather gloves. Not too thick like winter gloves, more like racing gloves made out of thinner garment leather. It wasn’t until I turned them around and she saw that on the palm side of the gloves, all up and down the fingers were short, thin, shiny spikes. These were what they called Vampire Gloves and her eyes got very wide when she saw all those sharp little points. They got much bigger when I took my right hand and enclosed it around her throat.

Having played with these many times, I knew these were the embodiment of the term ‘suspension of disbelief’. The bloody rending of flesh immediately comes to mind if you let your imagination run away with you by looking at these for the first time, but eventually, you could learn to crave the exciting stimulation a talented Top, or dominant could deliver with these. If the knife in abrasion play excites the woman, dozens of needle-sharp points just intensifies the sensations in her skin ten-fold, feeding her mind to excess.

Wanting to hear her screams, I deflated the gag, unbuckled it from behind her head and pulled it off. As soon as I did, I grabbed a double fistful of tit-meat and reveled in her shriek.

“Oh God, Nick, don’t, - - - oh please no, - - - whoa ahh, - - - oh my God, Nick, - - - please, - - -“

Interspersed with giggles and shrieks of laughter from Savannah, this running denial of how good it was feeling kept me laughing with sadistic delight. I did truly love introducing new woman-flesh to the perceived dangers of the dreaded Vampire Gloves. No square inch of exposed skin was safe from the tantalizing touch of these little spikes of horror. When I cupped her pussy, Savannah shrieked and almost passed out. She shook and trembled all over and I thought she might just come. Throughout this entire ordeal, the most damage I did was score numerous white lines across her skin, but to hear her, I was flaying the hyde off of her while simultaneously administering laughing gas to keep her giggling. I was hoping there was some soundproofing to this part of the house, otherwise the militia would be called out for the racket she was making. She almost looked disappointed when I took them off.

“It’s a good thing that Claire is sleeping with Jonny in the guest mansion. She can get so indignant when you’re having more fun than she is.”

“Thinking about that, Siobhan should be just one door further down the hall, and she’s got no man to keep her company. Whoops,” and Savannah threw her head back, as much as she could with the post in the way and laughed and laughed.

With an air of sarcasm, I said, “Oh, you’re mean,” and assumed a coy look that was fashioned from Hollywood hams on stage.

Laughing even harder, she said, “No I’m a woman in love, getting ravaged by the man she loves in the most delightful of ways, and I’m loving it. Do more to me please.”

“Your wish is - - - my idea. I bet you thought I was going to say, ‘your command’, but my ideas of abusing this totally helpless, and beautiful woman in front of me are my idea of a good time, so, - - - it’s my idea.”

And I began sucking on her tits while squeezing and mauling them with my hands. Savannah moaned and giggled. Trying to squeeze a finger into her pussy, I said, “You sure are tight when you’re tied to a post like this. You will notice I didn’t tie your shoes on this time. Right?”

I popped my pocket-knife out right by her ear and going down on one knee, started drawing designs on the exposed arch of her foot with the back of the point, terrorizing the toe cleavage these shoes exposed. Again, her shrieks would have disturbed the dead. Savannah was having fun.

I checked her hands and decided that she had been tied a bit too long. Savannah pouted when I released her from the strappado, but as the pins and needles of returning circulation caught up with her, she realized that her man was watching out for her. I untied her arms and they hung limp as I untied her torso from the post.

“Guess I was having just a little bit too much fun, huh?”

“Well, nothing lasts forever. I’m ready for another soak and some more of the green madness, although it won’t be slushy anymore.”

“Why don’t we just go down and make more?”

“Gawd woman, I knew I hired you for some reason. Now, when I release your legs, find me a teddy, put it on and meet me down in the lounge.”

“Yes, your lord high Pasha, this worthless camel dung will meet you there. I will be giggling about that for a long time,” and she watched the colored ropes pile up on the floor.

When I got down to the lounge, after raiding the freezer in the larder for the tub of pineapple sherbet and a scoop, I found Siobhan restlessly trying to curl up under a thin blanket and get comfortable on the couch. Ignoring her, I went behind the little bar there and started to scoop sherbet into the blender.

“Well, did you kill her yet? It sure sounded like that even all the way down the hall.”

I continued to ignore her, but her mother didn’t.

“No, but thanks for wondering enough about me to check,” and Savannah came over and sat at the bar with me.

“Doesn’t he stuff a gag in your mouth, or something,” she asked petulantly. “You two are just insufferable.”

“Jealous much,” I said as I pushed the button so the blender would drown out her answer.

“Oh. May I have one of those. I didn’t get any the last time,” asked Siobhan. She got up off the couch. She was wearing silken sleepwear shorts, a short camisole top, both in pink, and slippers. “I could use a nightcap to help me get to sleep. You two make the devil’s own racket when you play.”

“When you have some dear, you’ll understand that children make a lot of noise when they play. You three, especially you, were hellions. Anyway, that’s exactly what Nick and I were doing. We were playing. I like playing and having fun with him. It’s my turn now.”

I poured two glasses and handed Savannah one.

“I thought you were going to share and pour me one,” snipped Siobhan.

“Your arm broken? I made them. If you want one, you can pour your own. I don’t wait on spoiled little princesses. You have quite a way to go, as far as I’m concerned, to dig yourself out of the mess you made by being a princess. Yea, I accepted your apology, but that does not mean I forgave you your sins.”

“Mom, are you going to let him talk to me like that?”

She looked at her daughter, and then at me and said, “Yes, I am. He’s right. You’ve always been the one to take the most advantage of your privilege and it has drastically affected your manners. Nick, Jonathan and Daniel are ‘my’ guests. This estate has always been mine. You may inherit a part of it, someday, but my money pays for all of this in the here and now. I earned it, all of it, without you. Now, I’m going to spend it in ways that make me happy. If I want my guests to feel warm and comfortable under my roof, then I think it displays a serious breach of manners for my daughter to try and wreck a man’s credit score, just because he didn’t bow and scrape to you, showing you deference that you really haven’t earned. So, I want you to be nicer to all three of them while you are under ‘my’ roof. I especially want you to be much nicer to the man that is making me happy and carefree again. Got it?”

“But mother. You know I’m paroled into your care and that I have to stay here until this situation with PEPDIN is back under control.”

“That’s right. When Daniel’s health is back to normal and he’s fully healed, he will go to PEPDIN, fix what his ‘friends’ have left barely functional, and then he will be the one that saves your job there, or maybe he won’t. That’s up to him. It has little to do with me, or Nick, or anyone else here. You attacked his friend and he defended his friend. The way he did it affected parts of our government so far above your head, well, we won’t even try to measure that gulf, but you definitely have to learn your place in the scheme of things. 

“Now, a fair amount of the blame lies on my shoulders. I should have been stricter with you and not indulged your ego. Call it a mother’s folly. I thought it was cute at the time. I was wrong. But now, you are a grown woman, and I will no longer feed the ego that got you into this mess. You got yourself into this and you will be the one to get yourself out. And remember their warning. I believe the director of PEPDIN said, and I quote, ‘If I have to fire you from here, I will personally make sure that the best job you can get is as a secretary for a used car salesman in Encino’, end quote. So, that should really give you something to think about during your forced vacation under my roof and living with my guests.”

“Used car secretary in Encino? That’s a good one. I’ve been to Encino, and you princess would not like it there. Your standard of living would be very hard to maintain in a place like Encino. Those are real people living in Encino. Good people that work hard for what they have. You would stick out like a sore thumb,” and I laughed.

“I could get along quite well, anywhere,” she pouted, tossing her head.

“You go ahead and keep telling yourself that, princess,” and I gave her a look that caused her to turn away.

“Nick, my lord and master, these are good. Remind me that we have to stock up on Midori. I just never gave it the credit that I now appreciate.”

“Yea, in my sordid past we used to try and concoct drinks that women would like, so we could get ‘em drunk and take advantage of them. When we found Midori, we came up with all sorts of what we used to call, ‘panty-droppers’. Want to try some more? Some different ones?”

“Sure, if rope is involved,” and she laughed. “Panties are always optional when rope is involved.”

“Should we go over to the liquor storage room in the guest mansion?”

“I was under the distinct impression that Sir Jon and Were-Claire were inhabiting that building. We should let them get acquainted with each other so that they can have some of the fun that we’re having. I bet we have everything we need right here in this building. C’mon lover, let’s go raid Polly’s stores. She can usually find anything I ask her for in her stores, without going to the other buildings. I don’t keep all the good things in that building.”

“Ab-so-fuckin’-lutely. You keep you here. You’re the best thing in this building. Now let’s go find some more booze. Do you like tequila?”

“Do I ever. Tell me you know a recipe with tequila and Midori.”

“Let’s go find some and I’ll show you.”

“Lead on Master Nick.”

“No, you lead the way. I don’t know where Polly’s stores are.”

“You can have the rest of this Siobhan,” and Savannah grabbed my hand and led me out of the lounge.

Siobhan was gone, along with the blender when we got back with armloads of booze and additives. Savanna disappeared and came back with a brand new one still in the box. Debauchery ensued and the household staff woke us up much later. They were trying to be quiet, but my naturally suspicious senses woke me up as they crept around us. I woke Savannah up. We went up to the roof, hit the sauna to sweat some of this out of us and as we were about to go into the hot tub up there, I saw Siobhan show up, strip out of her bikini and get in the endless pool for her morning swim. I’d figured correctly when I saw her the other day when her hair was wet, and her bikini was surprisingly dry. The water in the hot tub was nice and steaming for us in the cooler morning air, and it was a choice of either going back down to our hot tub or soaking up here. I got in the tub and pulled Savannah in with me.

We were still soaking and waiting for our blood chemistry to find some level of equilibrium when a naked Siobhan came over to stand by the tub.

“May I join you?”

I pulled Savannah over by me and a still naked Siobhan stepped in and sat facing us. Our eyes went back to their closed position, our heads lolled back, and we ignored her.

“Is it all that it appears to be Mom,” asked Siobhan?

“What dear,” she replied without moving?

“Submitting to a man?”

“With the right man, it’s more fulfilling than you can ever imagine,” Savannah said without opening her eyes. I was peeking to see.

“How do you know if it’s the right man?”

I couldn’t help myself. “It’s the secret handshake. Women, real women, can get online and with a properly registered nipple-print, they can watch a video of the secret handshake, and then they’ll know us when we sneak up behind them and put our hand over their mouth. If they’re worthy, they’ll hit their knees and sing the third refrain of ‘Oh, take me master’, in the key of G.”

Savannah giggled and playfully pinched my thigh under the water.

“Honey, ya gotta’ kiss a lot of frogs. That’s all I can say on that matter, but one day, a ‘man’ will come up to you, look you in the eye, say hello, and something in you will know. Your knees will feel weak when you tell them to work. Everything but his face will get a little fuzzy. His voice will be the most pleasing sound you’ve heard in a long time, and when he extends his hand to you and asks you to come with him, your hand will be in his before you even know it moved and you’ll smile as he leads you away.”

“Do you think Dan can ever forgive me?”

“He’s a good guy,” I said. “Why don’t you ask him?”

With that, she got out of the hot tub, dried off, tied her bikini on and headed for the stairs. I peeked again.

Calling after her, I said, “I taught him the secret handshake at his Bar Mitzvah. Remember, it’s the third refrain. In the key of G.”

“You are a bad man,” and Savannah laughed.

A short time later we got out, went down, had soapy fun in our shower and then went down for breakfast. At my suggestion, she wore a sheer black bodystocking. Because she was so top heavy, it barely covered her breasts, and the two thin little strings over her shoulders strained to keep from breaking. Over this I had her wear a thin cotton jacket, in a pale yellow, a yellow sarong-style wrap-around skirt with a flower pattern. It showed a lot of leg with the slit but came down a little past her knees. Patent yellow pumps with a wide yellow ankle strap held on by two thin black straps that buckled on the side graced her feet. I made sure that she had a long-sleeved leotard style body stocking, again black and sheer, in the pocket of her jacket, and another one in her tote bag. In it was the roller handle for the plastic wrap and all the rolls of duck-tape I was going to wrap around her later. A few pieces of rope were naturally in the bag, too. Also in the tote bag was the earbuds, Breathe-Right strip, eye pads, ear pads, a pair of granny-panties that would eventually fill her mouth, micro-foam tape and two rolls of Kerlix so I could mummify her head along with her body. I also threw in a small personal alarm on a key fob so she would be able to alert me if something went wrong. She wore more of that amazing perfume and of course make-up. Her hair was done, and she wore lightly tinted sunglasses. Savannah was going to be mummified today, and as far as she was concerned, it couldn’t happen soon enough.

We went up to check in with Clayton. The dumbwaiter was finished, the whipping post was up, and it was made of stained and polished black cherry. Savannah melted when she saw it and kissed Clayton in thanks. He told her that almost all of the wood furniture would be finished and up there within three days. Clayton told her that the actual pieces were already built, but that the staining and finishing was what would take the time, so it was dry. He said it would take another couple of days to finish the rail system for the pulleys, which were on order, finish welding and sanding her special metal chair and to complete the bed frame. He assured her that within a week she would have her playroom just the way we envisioned it. She kissed him and thanked him over and over again. Both seemed happy.

While we were up there, I opened the door to the hard-copy library, and to our surprise, Siobhan had wheeled Dan up here and was discussing the pro and cons of her mother’s erotic and kinky library. Like we had walked in on them in a compromising situation, we ducked out and giggled all the way to the elevator. I was sure we’d get a report later.

“How long have you been collecting BDSM erotica?”

“Oh, I started within the first month or so after I was tied up for the first time by my professor, who later fathered my three lovely girls. I knew how powerfully it affected me and I wanted to know more about it. I was already at a college, so doing and collecting research was the easy part. Finding a way to store it all was what got difficult in a short amount of time. I didn’t want my father to know how deeply I was affected by this, but I was addicted to the act itself and to the research about this wonderful lifestyle. Luckily, I’m a speed-reader, with an eidetic memory, so I could finish my studies, and then get lost for a while in the stories about women experiencing every aspect of BDSM. The sheer joy of having my legs tied and being able to read bondage stories is probably one of my favorite pastimes in the whole world.”

“We can make that happen. We’ll just have to rig up a reader into a pair of VR goggles, tie it into a computer, load up a bunch of stories, tie you in a chair, and let your mind warp into the world of BDSM erotica.”

“Tied by your hands, in our playroom, reading stories about other women bound and gagged, and then played with by you when you take a break from writing your stories, well, I’ll be a happy and sated woman, waiting for her lord and master to molest her.”

“I may have to share you with the Pasha on occasion. He tells me he isn’t satisfied with the taste of his harem slaves. He says he wants to taste you, after he tenderizes your woman flesh with his beard.”

“I guess I can be persuaded to feed the lusts of this desert Pasha, as long as I don’t have to be all prim and proper the next day,” and she laughed. “That really was hell, not being able to scratch what you did to my poor pussy.”

“Wait until I use itching powder on your pussy,” I said trying to hide the smirk on my face but failing miserably.

“You wouldn’t dare,” she said, but by the expression on her face she wasn’t really sure.

We went to find Jonny and Claire. They were lounging by the pool, and Jonny was sipping on a drink from a hurricane glass, complete with a long-stemmed umbrella and a very long curly straw. Claire really couldn’t enjoy one because she was webbed to one of the chaise loungers. We didn’t announce ourselves although Jonny knew we were there. He did not acknowledge us and from the looks of it I don’t think Claire heard us come in. We watched him share his drink with her via a long, looped plastic straw, and we heard a “Thank you, Sir Jon.”

I noticed it and I’m sure Jonny did too, but Savannah started clacking her heels a little louder as we walked through the vestibule, under the parenthetical staircases, across the lounge and straight out to the pool area.

Claire eventually heard our approach and began fighting her bondage, where just moments before she was lying there passively, for her dominant’s amusement. She was well and truly tied, but she did try to levitate out of the grasp of his ropes. Claire was wearing a string bikini and sunglasses, along with a couple of hundred feet of pink rope. Her mother came over, sat in the chaise lounge right next to her and smiled.

“Relax honey. It’s not like we don’t know what’s going on between you two. Please. You should have seen the rainbow of ropes that Nick tied all up and down my body last night. I wanted him to take pictures of it, but he wouldn’t, citing the agreement we made about no pictures. He really does want to protect me.”

“You do look lovely tied like that Claire. Jonny, you did a good job, buddy,” I said.

I finally got a good look at her legs. They were thick, but nicely shaped, and in the right pair of heels would be even nicer. I noticed that she had a pair of mules right beside her lounger. Jonny never had the aversion to mules that I had. It was personal with me because they always reminded me of a woman that had left a very nasty taste in my mouth, many years ago. I always made it a point to forbid any of the women that I was with for more than one night to ever wear mules around me. Most seemed comfortable with this obsession of mine, and if they weren’t, I just moved on down the highway. No woman was worth associating those bad memories with for the sake of a piece of tail.

“We’re looking for a convenient pole so I can mummify the lovely and vivacious Savannah. Would you two like to watch, help or find some other place to be?”

“You’re going to do what to my mother?”

“I have intentions of standing her against a pole and wrapping her with gray tape from her ankles up to her shoulders. Savannah told me that she wanted me to do that to her, and I didn’t want to do it to one of the posts of her bed. The whipping post in the Perch is up, but there are men working up there and until they get finished and the place gets cleaned up, it’s not the right place to do this. I didn’t want to do it in the basement of the other mansion for obvious reasons of propriety, so that leaves the poles out here. I like these to begin with, because some interior decorator had the good taste to wrap them with coils of rope up to about the five-foot mark. I always did like that, so I want to mummify my lady to one of these poles and have a little fun with her. Claire, are you up for another lesson? You won’t be the model this time, but you can still learn something. Or is watching your mother be human and enjoy what you set her up to do too much for you?”

“That’s easy enough to decide Nick. Unless she calls a red to this, I just won’t untie her. I’ll move her around so she can easily see, make us another drink, pull my lounger around and we’ll both watch.”

“You are the dominant. Besides, it’s not like I’m going to molest her or anything. How much can you do to a woman completely covered in gray tape?”

Claire seemed calmer, and her mother’s hand on her bound arm helped. I pulled up one of those little poolside tables and started laying out the things in her tote bag. Claire seemed fascinated. Savannah got up and took off her jacket and skirt. Jonny made appropriately encouraging catcalls as he admired her feminine form. Savannah curtsied and said, “All praise from virile young men is appreciated and encouraged. A woman my age never turns down a compliment. So, my lord and master, what do you want me to do?”

“As I’ve done to you a few times now, I’m going to throw you into our modified form of sens-dep. Claire, that’s sensory deprivation, but I’ve modified it a bit. I can talk to her through these earbuds and an app on my iPhone. From my library, I can also play sounds for her through this set up. Today it will be a rainstorm with thunder and hail pounding down on a tin roof. Maybe one day I’ll hook up IR goggles and give her the full experience, but for now, she knows in the back of her mind that she is not alone. Sens-dep can be hard to accept until you get used to it. I want Savannah to experience new sensations that take her deeper into this abstract world of BDSM, but I don’t want her scared or frightened by it, so I talk to her and let her hear things, while the rest of the sights and sounds of the world are cut away from her.”

“I can understand that Nick. It’s like a white noise generator for her while she’s all tied up, right?”

“Yep. Now watch. One of the first things I put on her is a Breathe-Right strip. This helps keep her nose from getting stuffy and helps her breathe more normally. Then I make damned sure I kiss her before I stuff a wad in her mouth to help silence her. Pucker up woman. I’m gonna lay one on ya’.”

Savannah and I made out for almost a full minute, and then I wadded up the granny panties and shoved them in her mouth. I took lengths of micro-foam tape and smoothed them tightly over her lips. Actually, I took three of these strips and made a slight star pattern, and then with a longer fourth one I pulled it under her chin and up her cheeks. Her earbuds went in next.

“This helps keep her mouth from opening.” Again, I kissed her over this gag, and Savannah grabbed my head to hold the kiss for a long time.

“Now comes the Kerlix. This stuff sticks to itself but does not stick the way an adhesive backed tape would. I’m sure you’ve seen it used when you give blood, and the phlebotomist covers your absorbent pad with this stuff. Same stuff I’m using, but I’m using a wider size.”

Claire nodded, and Jonny got up to make another drink.

“But before I start wrapping your head Savannah, put on one of those leotard style body stockings.”

As she did, I explained, “This will give her a little bit more protection. I do worry about that skin I’m so fascinated with.”

Just to be sure, Savannah availed herself of the bathroom and then came back smiling with her eyes and ready for her mummification.

Backing her against the pole we had decided on I picked up the plastic wrap. 

“This stuff is like the plastic wrap we use in the kitchen, but it’s just a bit more elastic and primarily used to wrap bundles of small packages on pallets for shipping. It also has a slight greenish tint. This is a thick eight-inch roll on a convenient handle.”

“Whoops, I almost forgot,” and I picked up two medium pieces of rope. With each one I tied a non-slip rope-cuff on each wrist, then with Savannah’s arms down at her sides, I tied each wrist off to the very top of her thigh, one wrist for each leg. I did take the time to avail myself of being that close to her crotch. I started to tie a crotch-rope on her, but decided not to, for Claire’s sake. I did tickle her though, which made Savannah giggle and Claire blush.

With Savannah sitting on one of the loungers, I swaddled her head completely with the Kerlix, placing the eye and ear pads appropriately and then did a sound check with her. She gave me the thumbs up and then I handed her the personal alarm.

“If this gets to be too much, just press this alarm. I can zip you out of this with my safety shears very quickly, so don’t hesitate to notify me if something goes wrong.” 

She nodded and played with her safe-call button, sticking her finger through the key ring so she wouldn’t accidently drop it.

Positioning her against the pole I got the wrapping started and made a beginning wrap around her ankles. It slipped, so I started again by wrapping two wraps around one ankle and then with that as an anchor I made the first wrap again around both legs.

“This stuff never cooperates on the first wrap, so you have to play with it to get it started right.”

Claire just stared but Jonny nodded that he’d registered the lesson.

“Now, you firmly wrap this up the ‘victim’,” and I chortled, “until you get to the top. You don’t wrap it as tightly as you could, just tightly enough to hold.”

I had wrapped both Savannah and the pole with the plastic.

“You will notice that Savannah’s safety signal will be covered by this mummification, but at 130dB, we should all plainly hear it if she wants out. Now, it’s your choice whether you start at the top or the bottom with the tape. I always decide by looking at the plastic wrap and see if her movements have loosened any of it, and I start there. Today I will be starting at Savannah’s hips, which delightfully to me, just cannot stay still without help.”

I made several wraps with the first roll of gray tape around her hips, going up and down her body about a foot or two in each direction. With that area more secure, I started up at her shoulders, and being careful to keep the tape fairly concentric, I started to completely seal her up. In the videos, most of the time they leave the tits out. Sells more videos when you see the tits, but I made sure that I taped those babies up. I knew what they looked like, and my memory wasn’t that bad, yet. I was careful, don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t the ‘rip and wrap’ of a normal taping process. I’d pull a long, arm’s length piece of the tape from the roll, lay it exactly where I wanted it, and then hold the roll while I pulled off another long piece, so the tape wouldn’t pull unnecessarily against her soft flesh. For this venture, I didn’t do as much playing with her as I usually did, but that does not mean I didn’t do any playing along the way. 

I had the storm going on in her earbuds, and I didn’t talk to her, yet, but I paid very close attention to her body language, even confined the way I was making it. All in all, it took me a good twenty or twenty-five minutes or so, and almost two rolls of tape to turn her into a gray mummy. She was wrapped in gray tape from just above her ankles to the caps of her deltoids. I pulled off pieces of the tape to repair the little gaps and holes in the overall effect, even taking the time to put pieces side by side on over her shoulders. Then, after a careful appraisal, I stood in front of her, wrapped my arms around her, hugged her tightly and put the center of my forehead against hers, third eye to third eye style.

Jonny clapped, and Claire said “Wow.”

I noticed that her head was lolling around, so I peeled off a long piece of tape and centering it over her lips, I taped her head back to the pole. I did another one over her eyes, being careful not to pull it any tighter than it needed to be to keep her head in place.

“Why didn’t you continue the theme and wrap her whole head in the gray tape,” asked Claire?

“I could have, but that presents two issues. If she has an emergency, freaking out or something, this is easier for me to release her. You can be fairly rough removing Kerlix in a hurry, but tape is harder to remove. And to tell you the truth, I think this is more attractive than a gray pate.”

Nodding, she said, “I can see that. Sir Jon, are you going to do that to me someday?”

“More than likely. Why, would you like to experience that,” he asked?

“Yes sir. Very much so. Right over there on that pole, while my mother is still helplessly mummified against this pole. Can we do it before Nick releases her? Please? That would be so hot.”

Jonny looked at me. I looked at him, and both of us smiled.

“I’ll get the supplies we need. You release Were-Claire there and have her get the body-stocking. While she’s doing that, you clone my app onto your phone. Claire, do you have some earbuds? Any of the wireless ones should work. If you do, get them when you get the body-stocking, panties for a full mouth wadding and a pair of heels. Your mother is wearing heels. It’s only fitting that you do too. I’ll get everything else.”

“I’ll be right back, sir.”

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