A Unique Gigolo

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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© Copyright 2020 - Walt A.K.A. Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; bond; spank; rope; mum; oral; gag; sendep; cons; X

All characters are fictitious and any similarities to any persons, living or dead are purely coincidental.

Continues from

Part Nine

Siobhan reached up and felt the tiara that was still on her head. After doubling up her fists and straight arming her posture so her arms were locked at her sides, a lot like a pouting kid, she said, “I was just wearing this to remind myself that it’s just a piece of jewelry, and that it didn’t make me feel any different about myself.”

“Yea, that was the first thing I thought when I noticed you wearing your jeans and a T-shirt with your princess hat on your head. This is normal attire and doesn’t mean a thing,” and he lowered his head and leveled a stare at her that froze her to the bone.

She stomped off, even though it’s hard to stomp on carpeting in bare feet. Before the door closed, she heard Dan laughing at her. She went down to her suite of rooms, opened the large safe in her closet and returned her favorite tiara to its place beside her other ones. She’d only put it on to remind herself that princess was just a name, and that she could be a princess if she wanted to be one. A hundred reasons ran through her mind telling her that she really was a princess, and that someone would love her for that, in and of itself. 

She was Siobhan Amethyst Parker-Webster, heiress to the Webster fortune, and that made her a princess, and there wasn’t really anything wrong with being a princess. She knew actual royal princesses and she was just as good as they were. Her daddy used to call her his little princess. She’d known many men that referred to her as ‘princess’, yet it was so very different hearing the snide tone of disdain that came out of the mouths of Nick, and his two friends. The way Dan said it made her cringe.

A ‘princess hat’! That reference infuriated her. Anyone and everyone knew that it was called a tiara. That tiara alone probably cost more than he made last year. In the last two years. Damn that man. A princess hat indeed. 

She had a master’s degree in computer sciences and was working on her doctorate, and all he could do was repair guns and, - - - and, - - - and, break passed the most heavily encrypted firewalls and do whatever he wanted with the family’s computer system and even the best government computers. Who was she kidding? This man had power. Real power, that she could not deny, or ignore, because he had used it on her. He had slapped her down so hard that her job with PEPDIN was on the line if he didn’t fix what he’d broken.

That was actually a misnomer, because he hadn’t really broken anything. He just wouldn’t let their agency track anything in orbit until he released their computer’s abilities to track objects in orbit back to them. When they’d questioned him, he’d simply said that he wanted to teach their chief analyst a lesson about actually analyzing the things she took for granted. All of their computer techs would undoubtedly try everything they could to get around his blocks, but she had no way of knowing if they even could. He’d laughed at her boss and said he could fix it with five lines of code, but what code? He could put everything back to the way it had been before with only five lines of code! She just shook her head. Why? Why her? She was just the department head of many analysts, analyzing mostly orbital patterns of satellites and the effects of space debris on those orbits. What could a lesson from him teach her about analyzing anything? After all, she analyzed things that happened in space, way above our atmosphere. She threw herself on her bed and just cried.

Sometime later there was a knock on her door. When she got up to answer it, there was no one there. However, there was a stack of books right in front of her door. She didn’t really need to reach down to look at them to know what they were or who had put them there. She looked out in the hall but there was no sign of him. There was no sign of anyone. Kicking the stack over she hurt her toes. She slammed her door, threw herself back on her bed and pouted, rubbing her toes. Who in the hell did he think he was, telling her to read those books? She would read what she wanted to. Those were his ideas of what he wanted her to be and do. She was reading for enjoyment. Not to learn what he wanted her to do.

Sneaking back down the hall, Dan picked up the books and stacked them up just like he had before. He was a lot better than Suzanne or any of them thought. He was still a little sore but knew that his accelerated healing was due to a boost his friends had given him a while ago. It was the same with Jon Smith. Both had missions, and sickness and healing would just get in the way of their missions, so their friends had given them boosts. Dan didn’t understand how they did it. He didn’t need to know how they did it, he just knew they did and that he was healing much faster than anyone else would or could. So was his friend from his wound. Dan snuck back down the hall and waited.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before Siobhan opened her door and found the books neatly stacked up again. This time she picked them up and carried them back to the library, putting them back on the shelves. As soon as she was in her room again, Dan collected the same books, took them back to her room and stacked them neatly in front of her door, just like he had before. When Siobhan left her rooms to go down for the evening meal, she actually tripped over the books. Going back to her rooms, she slammed the door. Moments later, she came back out wearing her tiara, and went down to eat. She kicked a couple of the books down the hall.

To her surprise, her mother, Nick, Claire-bear, Jonathan and Dan were all at the table waiting for her. Both her mother and Claire were tied to their chairs, with their arms free so they could eat. When she moved towards her chair, Dan stood up and got to her chair before she did. He removed a large stack of bundled ropes that had been piled on her chair.

“Well, considering she’s still wearing her princess hat, I guess she doesn’t want her first lessons in what it feels like to be tied up. We won’t be needing these,” and he handed them off to a surprisingly attractive house gremlin, who smiled at him warmly, kissed his cheek, and left with the rope. Siobhan tried to think of her name but couldn’t.

“Thank you, Cindy. Don’t lose those. We may need them later,” he said, and Cindy giggled as she left, walking out of the room in a very suggestive way.

“It is a tiara. It’s my tiara, and I’m allowed to wear it in my house anytime I want to, and I choose to wear it to dinner.”

“Honey, first off, it’s my house. Not yours, and your sister and I just lost a bet because you are wearing that tiara. Daniel bet us that you would wear your, what did you call it Daniel, her ‘princess hat’, yes that was it, your princess hat when you came down for dinner. He won that bet, and we lost. Two, it’s not really your tiara. It’s a piece of the family jewels. I let you keep it and the other tiaras you’ve latched onto in your safe because that’s as good of a place to keep them as in the family vault, but in all reality, they belong to me. Up until now, I just let you wear them because they made you happy and I wanted a happy daughter. You were easier to deal with that way. But until you inherit them, which assumes that I am dead, then they do not belong to you, they belong to me. Three, I think it’s in bad taste to wear that ‘princess hat’ to the dinner table for no good reason, especially if you are not even in formal attire, so please take it off.”

Daniel moved in closer towards the head of the table. Siobhan turned beet red and her eyes seemed to bug out of her skull as she took the tiara off her head and threw it at her mother. Daniel stepped in and caught the tiara, and lightly placed it in front of Savannah. She nodded her thanks. He smiled.

“You may collect on our wager Daniel,” said Savannah. 

She watched as Dan moved over to a still irate Siobhan, picked her up bodily under one arm, pulled her chair out, sat in it and pulled Siobhan over his lap. He wrestled her as he undid her jeans and pulled them down. Her panties came down too. Siobhan fought him with everything she had, but it made absolutely no difference. He handled her like the errant child she was acting like, and when he got her jeans and panties down around her knees, he threw her over his lap and began to paddle her. Holding her in place with one hand, his other large hand beat her ass like he owned it, which in this instance, he did. He spanked her for a very long time, nicely bruising up her butt. She screamed the whole time, calling him everything she could think to call him. She beseeched her mother, her sister, and she even tried to ask the staff to call B.B. so he could do something to stop this animal as she called him. Nothing kept Dan from pounding her ass. Noticeable bruises were beginning to appear before Dan stopped. Without warning, he dumped Siobhan onto the floor, got up and went into the bathroom. Leaving the door open, everyone could tell that he was washing his hands. He came out wiping them with a hand towel and sat in his chair at the table. His expression had not changed the entire time.

Claire turned to her sister and said, “And now for my part of the wager. I will defend Daniel in any court, if you should even try to bring assault and battery charges against him, and I will have my full legal team behind me for his defense. You will have access to none of them if you choose to try and prosecute him. We will all sign legal affidavits and testify that you didn’t just ask him to spank you, but you begged him to beat your butt until it was the color of eggplant, which we all know you love. He will have the best lawyers in this judicial system defending him, and you will have literally no case against him. He won my services fair and square, and I will not shirk from honoring my end of our wager, just as mom honored her end by giving him permission to spank you in front of all of us. Now, sit down, if you can. Our dinner will be getting cold.”

“How could you? How could either of you go against family for, for, him?”

Again, with her lawyer hat on, Claire said, “I just told you. While we were getting prepared for our dinner, by Sir Jon and Nick, Daniel bet us that you would wear your tiara down to the dinner table. He said that he would fix the PEPDIN computers tonight if you didn’t, but that if you did, he wanted to spank you right here, in front of everyone, and that if he did spank you, he wanted the best lawyers in the land to defend him against any charges you would bring against him for doing it. Both mom and I were betting on you. We were on your side, but a bet is a bet, and mom already honored her end of the wager, and I will honor mine. I control my legal staff. They work for me and I work for the family, so they will defend anyone I tell them to, against any charges brought against anyone, for any reason. They like their jobs. They like me. They will defend Daniel and you will lose, if you try to bring charges against him. Fair’s fair Shiva. I know a spanking never hurt anyone. You chose to wear that ridiculous thing down here, and we lost this bet with him. Deal with it. Now pull your jeans up and sit down. Dinner is ready.”

Siobhan winced as she pulled her jeans up but sat down at the table with everyone else. She sat down gingerly, but she sat down. She was very quiet during dinner and even though her head was lowered while she ate, no one missed the fact that she kept repeatedly peeking up to look at Dan. He paid her absolutely no attention, even though she asked him to pass this or pass that to her. He did, but it was purely mechanical. He ignored her and it drove her crazy that he wasn’t the least bit worried about her. 

During dinner, everyone else talked about the latest Hollywood blockbuster that had arrived earlier, and it was decided that everyone would adjourn to watch it after dinner. Everyone but Siobhan sounded excited. She pulled her mother aside, after she was untied and asked, “May I come too?”

“Of course, you can. You are still a member of this household, and you are still my daughter. Your manners have been atrocious lately, but you are my daughter, and the blame lies on my shoulders for being so lax with you. I will pay for my sins, but you are most welcome to watch a movie with us. The company may upset you, but you really have only yourself to blame for that. The movie will start in about a half hour. I’ll see you there.”

Siobhan raced back up to her room and took a quick shower, did her face and hair in record time, and put on a delightful little dress matched with some cage sandals that she had brought to arouse a certain man. She only slowed down when she rounded the corner from the staircase and headed for their theater. When she walked in her head almost exploded.

Down in the front row, on one of the loveseat sized seats in their theater, Dan was tying up Cindy, the server from earlier. Her arms were behind her back, with her forearms parallel to the floor. Ropes went around and around her chest, and she was smiling brightly and giggling as he tied her. He almost disappeared from view as he went down to tie her legs. She hadn’t even changed out of her uniform dress.

Looking around, she saw that her mother was already arm-bound, with her arms behind her back and crossed high up between her shoulder blades. She was talking to Maggie, probably giving her everyone’s order for their snacks and treats. Dressed in a short, very tight, stretch, green mini skirt and a black long-sleeved midriff blouse, her mother looked animated and excited. Claire-bear was off to the side already snuggling with Jonathan. She looked to be thoroughly wrapped in rope and they looked happily lost in each other. Nick sat directly in the center of the theater seating in another one of the wider seats. He saw Siobhan come in, gave her the once over, and smiled. He even went so far as to motion to one of the single seats close to where he was waiting for her mother. She immediately noticed that the seat he offered her was directly behind his friend Dan, and Dan’s date for this event, Cindy. Siobhan chose a seat in the rear of the theater, as far away from Dan and Cindy as she could get. When Maggie came by and asked, she placed no order for anything to snack on or drink. Thinking about it, she got up and ran after Maggie and ordered a pitcher of martinis. 

Jacked up after the viewing, everyone seemed to be talking about it at once, gathered together, laughing and wildly animated, except Siobhan. She slumped in her seat, with the empty pitcher dangling from her fingertips. Boring holes through Dan and Cindy, she was about to make a scene when Sam and Bat came up and escorted her quietly from the theater. Slurring her words badly, she tried to tell them that she had something important to say to Dan and that sniveling little nobody he was with, but Bat helped her onto a bed in the ICU and Suzanne shoved a syringe into her arm while Sam held it out for her.

Several minutes later, Savannah, still arm bound, and Nick came in and discussed her condition with Suzanne.

“She’ll be out until tomorrow, and by then most of the alcohol will have dissipated from her system. She’ll be alright. She’s just roller-coastering on emotions. Do you have any idea why she just won’t give in to Daniel and let him open up her heart,” asked Suzanne?

“Pride, I suspect. Pure, willful pride. She’s just been the queen bee for too long, and can’t accept any other way but hers,” said Savannah.

I added in, “All we can really do is let it run its course. Dan’s an immovable object and she’ll run out of steam eventually. Well, my dear, I have an idea of how to put a smile on your face.”

“I already have a smile on my face, but everything you’ve done to me so far has been more than interesting, so lead on my lord and master. I am very anxious to see what you will do to me next. I am yours to command.”

I took Savannah up to our room and finally gave her that mummification I had been promising her all day. I knew it was the bondage I wanted her to sleep in but had been teasing her with while I tied her in different ways since this morning. Unfortunately, she would labor in her helplessness as a white mummy, just like in the movies, because we had left the green Vet-Wrap over in the other building. I did have white Vet-Wrap here though and for the sake of our pictures, she would be a traditional mummy. 

Never in a rush with my bondage, I would wrap a little, stop, pick up the camera and take some pictures of my lovely mummy in the process of being prepared for her eternal rest. Now that we were playing with the camera, Savannah became quite the ham. The way she was enjoying this, I figured that videos were not out of the question and would probably be in play in a short order of time. There was a progression for this sort of thing though, and for the moment, Savannah was happy and satisfied with the stills. Like I had told her, I could and would reproduce any of these sessions for her, anytime she asked me to do that. 

With each hand mummified into a mitten, I crossed her arms, mummy style in between her bare breasts and began wrapping her up. I got her torso wrapped up tightly and then took some rope and tied on a knotted crotch-rope. This led naturally to some tongue action to lubricate and dampen these knots digging deeply into her woman flesh. Even without my little friend, Savannah came a couple of times, and continually ground that crotch-rope as I picked up more Vet-Wrap. 

With Savannah mummified down to the tops of her knees, I put her in a kneeling position at the side of our bed and she gladly returned the oral favor. From her efforts, I was much more vocal than I normally am while she sucked on my dick, and this just spurred her on to use her skills to bring me to a body-wracking climax. I took a minute, or twenty before I continued wrapping her up. While I did, I played with her hair. She seemed very happy. 

With her lower legs wrapped, I went into that jungle of shoes and found a pair of very strappy cage sandals with a six-inch heel. I strapped them on her feet and then used a full roll of the Vet-Wrap to fully wrap her feet, so nothing showed but the Vet-Wrap. Naturally, Savannah was on the bed now, and using even more of the white Vet-Wrap, I reinforced certain areas that I thought might slip as she squirmed around. 

All throughout this process I would stop at certain points and take pictures of her. These were for Savannah’s enjoyment, so she could see what all I was doing to her. She would know what it was like to feel these bondages I put on her, and now she could easily remember them by looking at the pictures of them as I tied, or in this case wrapped her into helplessness.

We made out for a long time before I put in her earbuds and placed the Breathe-Right strip on her nose. I gagged her with a white silk scarf I found and taped that wadding in her mouth with several wraps of the micro-foam tape around her head. I took my time, documenting the entire process, and then wrapped her head until only the nose holes showed. Then I took my iPhone and started to talk to her.

“Savannah, I’ve told you time and time again how much I love looking at you, and how you are my type, as they say. The type of woman that excites me with just a glance at you. Before I ever laid my first rope on you, I knew I wanted you and that I’d be blessed to make you mine. You are a magnificent woman. I get that same rush each and every time I look at you, especially when I’m about to make you helpless for my enjoyment. Yes, I know it’s for ‘our’ enjoyment, but sometimes I have to be selfish and tell you how much it means to me that I can enjoy your helplessness like this. I do so enjoy making and keeping you helpless. I love how your skin responds to the feel of ropes. I love your eagerness when I come up with a different way to tie and tease you. Your oral is second to none, and my dick loves it when you wrap your lips around it and pull it deeply into your mouth. Especially when you suck on my dick when you’re bound. I love that. Don’t get me wrong or misunderstand me. When we make love, which is how I look at it, it’s not just screwing or more formally coitus. You and I are melding into one another and that union is very special to me. I love you, and I don’t want you to ever forget that. Your body rocks my world. Your submission makes me feel like the luckiest man in the world, and if I don’t tell you often enough, it’s not because I don’t care. I do. All the time and any time I’m with you.

“Now, onto your assignment. Sometimes I feel like I have to get a little mushy with you or my heart is just going to burst out of my chest. However, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have you show your submission to me with a task or two. Admittedly, there’s not much you can do all mummified like that, but you can listen to me as I tell you I want you to cum. I want you to use those abdominals to grind on that crotchrope, using it to help you get excited, and then I want you to cum. I want you to cum over and over again until you are totally exhausted, and just can’t cum anymore. I want you to cum just from what I’ve done to you. I will not touch you. Not because I don’t want to. You know I love touching you. No, I want you to cum just from how I’ve made you helpless. I’ve made you very helpless with this, but I have not taken away your ability to cum for me. You are not that helpless. 

“Feel the wraps holding your fingers together so they cannot even move more than just the barest of wriggles. - - - Feel your arms locked in place. - - - Feel the constrictions on your torso. - - - Feel the wraps as they trap your pelvis from moving as much as it could. - - - Feel the way they trap that crotch-rope in you. - - - Feel the way your legs are held tightly together. - - - Feel the way even the shoes that capture your feet in their embrace are wrapped so tightly that you are the helpless prisoner of their fit to your feet. - - - Feel the wrapping around your head, helping to hold that big soft wadding that’s keeping you gagged. - - - Feel how these wraps keep you from seeing me and how appreciative I am of this form of helplessness. - - - Feel the totality of this bondage, and then know that this is the way I express my love for you. - - - Feel the bondage and feel the love I have for you. - - - Feel the care and precision of my experience as I do this to you. - - - Feel the emotions we share as I do this to you. - - - Feel, my love, feel."

This last part was part of the meditative process to get her to focus her mind. I had her focus on two things that she loved, bondage and orgasming from her bondage. Just tying someone up was alright for a little bit of kinky fun on a Saturday night, but between a dominant and his submissive, there was more to bondage than many even knew. I wanted Savannah to experience the depth of bondage and discipline. I wanted her to feel the bonds on her skin making her helpless, and I wanted her to start associating the bondage I offered her mind with the sexuality of her own being. If she didn’t love her role in this dominant/submissive relationship as much as I did, then she could never go this deeply into her subjugation. Thinking about it is one thing but feeling her submission as deeply as she was from this session was what we wanted out of our relationship. Savannah and I had talked about it, and she wanted me to push her mind like this. She wanted to feel totally subjugated and helpless to my will. This was a deeper and more meaningful D/s. 

Savannah was cumming as I took her deeply into her bondage. Just looking at her anyone could tell that the body, under all of those wrappings was writhing, having orgasm after orgasm. She could barely move, but she could cum, and cum she did. I took pictures of her as she did this, trying to capture the peaks of her contortions, but again, this was something for the videos. I knew we would get to that, but it had to be Savannah’s idea. 

Finally, Savannah lay still, panting deeply but she lay very still. This was the time to reinforce her sensations, so I laid the camera down, got on the bed and just held her as she passed out. Already naked, I covered us both up and thought about how happy I was.

The next morning, the first thing I did was unwrap her head. She was still a little out of it but came back to this world quickly enough. While she told me about the one dream that she’d had, over and over again, in so many different permutations I started unwrapping the Vet-Wrap from around her knees. I’d made this part of her bondage its own separate wrapping so I could keep her mummified, but allow her to get on her knees, which I did. Savannah’s blow job was raw again, very animalistic. It was talented, but raw. A blow job during her bondage, her full mummification, her exhausted sleep, and then another blow job the next morning, still mostly bound by her wrappings was epic.

Savannah was sore from the strains of this epic bondage session, but she told me over and over again how much fun she’d had feeling totally owned and feeling as submissive as she could be from this. 

“This is what no man but you has ever offered me. This is exactly what I need, to balance out my role in the overall scheme of things and what I need to feel for my own personal satisfaction. I need this. I need someone like you, that isn’t afraid to push me out of myself and into the role of the submissive woman, that is so satisfactory to me. I want to be someone’s submissive, but I have duties and obligations to the world at large. I am a billionaire and the CEO of conglomerates that affect a vast number of people in this world. You are just the right kind of rigger and disciplinarian to balance me out and allow me to feel like the woman I dream of being. I love you and what you do to me. You know I’ll have to go back to it some time soon.”

“I’ll be here when you need a break. I understand the pressures you will face. That’s one of the reasons I want to train your mind to focus on the task at hand. Sessions like last night will do that for you.”

“How can you be so selfless to say that you’ll be here when I need a break? Most men would find something else to do with this kind of talent.”

“When I told you that I love you, and that encompasses all aspects of who Savannah Webster is, the dominant business tycoon and the submissive woman in her secret heart of hearts, I meant that I, - - - love, - - - you. I don’t know a damned thing about what you do for the rest of the world in your business persona, but I do know how to bring out and satisfy the submissive woman in your heart, so I’ll be here when that woman needs me. Again, I am not an avaricious man. I just don’t care about business, high finance and the trappings of money. Maybe I was born without that gene, I don’t know, but all I care about is the woman in you. The woman that sucks the very last swimmer I made the night before right out of my urethra, making me feel oh so wonderful, happy and loved.

“I care about the woman that smiles as she waits for the ropes I’ll place around her for ‘our’ enjoyment. I care about the woman that laughs at my cheap jokes, giggling her appreciation that I am trying to keep our play light and fun. I care about the juvenile delights I get from playing with your tits while we make out like kids. I care about dressing my lady, my woman up in clothes that are at best sleazy, cheap and pointedly sexist, and I fully appreciate her efforts to satisfy me with these requests. I care about you, Savannah, and I care about your full and total healthy mindset. If that is being selfless, then that’s a definition for a man in love. I’ll be here, writing stories that the masses of BDSM practitioners can find amusing. I’ll be here shooting guns with Bat and the members of his crew that I haven’t even met yet. I’ll be here to help Jonny and Dan grow into the dominants that are needed in this world, for the submissives that need them. I’m really a simple man, easily amused with the things I like. Writing, shooting, BDSM, you know the simple but necessary things in life. And then, when the world begins to overwhelm you when you’re wearing your CEO hat, I’ll be here to tie you up, beat you, and remind you of the beautiful and vivacious woman that you are. I’ll take all the bullshit that the world of sycophants pile on the shoulders of their boss and remind her that she is a woman, a lovely and loving woman, that deserves what makes her happy and keeps her fulfilled. I might even start a small patch of tomatoes to feed the squirrels on this side of the state.”

“I love you. It’s time to feed you, I bet.”

“I thought you’d never ask. I need bacon, and hash browns covered in cheddar. I need the gooey yolks of eggs mixing in with these other necessities of life and I need ice cold pineapple juice. And then with a few hundred feet of rope in your tote bag, we need, yes I said ‘we’ need to go out to the garage, sit in the back seat of one of your cars and make out like teenagers, hiding their love of bondage from the world that doesn’t understand them. Are you with me my dear?”

“And what would my kinky boyfriend have me wear for this fictitious outing?”

“I’m thinking a short jean skirt and a midriff that I can easily untie and get to those magnificent tits that I am so fascinated with, and high heels of course. We gotta have the come-fuck-me-pumps.” 

“Your wish, my lord and master, is my command. I do so love you Nick. Laissez les bon temps rouler.”

“Oui Cher. Now feed me woman. I’m famished.”


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