A Unique Gigolo

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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© Copyright 2020 - Walt A.K.A. Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; straps; gag; harness; cuffs; susp; strip; corset; whip; roleplay; sex; rope; collar; cons; X

All characters are fictitious and any similarities to any persons, living or dead are purely coincidental.

Continues from

Part Six

Knowing that we’d be getting dirty, I’d sent Savannah down to change into something more practical. I smiled when she came back wearing a denim bib-jumper, with the shorts cut just as short, or maybe even a little shorter than the ones she’d had on earlier, a tank top showing a lot of cleavage, nude pantyhose, and white deck shoes. I mussed her up as soon as I saw her to tell how much I truly appreciated how she looked. In and of itself it wasn’t very sexy, but Savannah made it so. She giggled and purred a little for me. She was industriously handing the rolls of rope and boxes I was discarding out to the staff she’d brought back up with her, so they could take this excess out for disposal. Jonny and Claire were in the second room, sorting through the boxes.

Earlier, both Claire and Savannah had started trying on ball-gags to size a proper fit for each of them, and to get ball colors and strap colors that they wanted. Jonny had found a whole box of ball-gags with happy faces printed on the balls. He told Claire that these were meant to put a smile on her face even if she didn’t want to be ball-gagged. She giggled. The capacity to giggle at their man’s cheap jokes did not miss a generation here. She started piles for her mother and for herself when ‘Sir Jon’ told her what he wanted to see her wear for him. As they sorted through the boxes, and Savannah ducked in to try something on or just to give her approval, those piles got bigger until some boxes were repurposed for their collections. Soon, large plastic bins appeared, and labeled for each couple.

Both Jonny and I were amused as the women commented to each other about the various head-harness designs for all the different types of gags going into their boxes.

“Oh Mom, I wanted the two-inch white ball on the face-frame head harness.”

“Honey, you have plenty to start with and you can just order yourself another one and it’ll be here the next day. How much can your Sir Jon use on you in one day?”

“Oh mother,” and she pouted but threw the ball-gag harness that framed the woman’s face in her mother’s bin.

This claiming and sharing went on all the while they went through the boxes of various leather binders that Claire had ordered. Savannah claimed all of the bondage belts in the three primary colors, and in the four primary widths, which were half-inch, one-inch, inch and a half, and two inches. Claire told Jonny that she’d order more for them. Savannah did let her daughter have all of the pink belts, after I gave them the stink-eye. Claire told her mother that she could order these belts dyed in some pastel colors, and my mind’s eye saw them building on another wing or a large storehouse for all the things these women could and would buy. I butted in and told Claire that ordering colored belts in patent leather would probably be a waste but saw a sneaky high-sign go between mother and daughter, and knew we’d have access to even more belts in the rainbow of colors and styles eventually. I just shook my head.

The leather arm-binders were a given, however both Savannah and I agreed on the straight arm style of single-sleeves, while Jonny and Claire seemed to also appreciate the folded-arm sacks, holding the arms in a box-tie position. Savannah held out single-sleeves that would weld her arms behind her back and ones that would allow her to have her arms at different angles for long wear comfort. The ones that would hold her arms tightly together behind her back came in styles that would lace up and some came with zippers for convenience. All of these styles came in leather, rubber and vinyl, and if it came in vinyl, it came in a wide variety of colors. The rubber ones just came in the three primary colors.

We kept the hard leather sleeves for each arm. They buckled on in several locations, with multiple rings for attachments or for suspension, but we put them off to the side until the Perch was finished.

Wrist and ankle cuffs also came in a variety of styles, widths, weights and colors. Both Jonny and I immediately discarded anything with Velcro, especially if they were made of garment-weight leather or Pleather. Not being a big fan of cuffs, I made sure that Savannah had a few pairs, but delegated most of the rest of them to the kids for their collection. All of the cuffs I chose for Savannah would lock, not just buckle on like most of the popular styles.

Then again, I was very selective when it came to choosing the body-suspension straps, harnesses and cuffs for Savannah. I selected matching sets of cuffs for her upper thighs, mid-to-lower thighs, upper arms, wrists and ankles in wide widths made with padded leather and only in the primary colors. I also chose the wrist suspension cuffs that fully supported the whole hand and did not depend on her ever hanging primarily from just her wrists. This style had supporting straps to tighten across the back of the hand so she could hang from solid braces along the inside of her palm. Claire told me she could order them in red and white, but I told her black ones would be just fine. I also was very particular about the body-harnesses I chose to aid in my submissive’s suspension ordeals. Most leather body harnesses were fashioned for adornment, meant to emphasize her womanly charms, but I chose the heavier weight and wider width padded ones that would truly support her body as the straps or ropes suspended her.

Eventually, Claire picked up on my ideas as I commented on them to Savannah and made notes to order duplicates for her and Jonny to play with.

Both Claire and Savannah held up the various lighter weight harnesses, bill and cooing just like they were dresses they were admiring for the effect that wearing them would have on those they wanted to impress. Again, I just shook my head and went back to rooting through other boxes. Jonny just nodded.

My stomach growled and I got Claire to take everyone’s order and then message Polly and her sous chef Maggie to start preparing our dinner. Her fingers were a blur as she typed on her tablet.

Savannah had her helpers transfer our stuff, along with a mile or two of rope, mostly the colored ropes, to the hall outside of our bedroom. She was definitely trying to tell me that she didn’t mind this type of work, but she was hinting that she wanted to feel my ropes tightly wrapped and knotted around her body. I got the idea that until there was some reason to prepare it for a party, Claire and Jonny would be playing in the guest mansion, considering that’s where she told the guys helping them to put their boxes of ropes and leather. For grins and giggles I popped a smiley-face ball-gag in Savannah’s mouth and buckled it tightly around her head. She mumbled an, “Ank-ooo,” and walked down the hall with her hands behind her back and her elbows pulled close together, for my amusement.

“Savannah, I’m going to check on Dan. I’ll meet you in the dining room.”

“O-ay,” (slurp). She was already trying not to drool.

Considering she was wearing a tank top; I figured a little drool would just remind her why I wasn’t fond of ball-gags. They had their place, but in my opinion, they worked better for the limited durations a model was kept gagged in bondage videos. I preferred packing and tape. It kept the woman quieter, and I liked the look better. Many call me a purist. I just shrug, smile and gag the woman the way I want to gag her. Savannah would learn.

When I got to the infirmary, Siobhan was sitting on a tall barstool reading to Dan. She was wearing a short flirty-skirt and with her legs crossed she was showing a lot of leg. Both of them looked up and Siobhan smiled and asked in a sultry voice, “Are you going to tie me up tonight, bondage master?”

Deciding that I could be just as big of a smartass as she could, I replied, “Have you asked your mother for permission yet, little girl?”

I thought Dan was going to bust a stitch trying not to laugh as he watched her turn apoplectic colors.

“Dan, that’s the second time today she’s asked me to tie her up in a flirty way. I think this time though, she was trying to make you a little jealous.”

“Well, we’ll see how much she really wants to learn about submission and the BDSM lifestyle when I get out of this bed. There is no doubt in my mind that I want to tie her up, gag her and make her mine, but I do remember all your lectures and anecdotes about only playing with a woman that is willing to learn and appreciate what a dominant man has to offer her. We’ll see how she responds when I ask her. It’s gonna be a while. So, how did your day go?”

“We sorted through the buying power of a newbies’ idea of what every couple ought to have to play BDSM games. I was reminded of just how rich Savannah was. The buying power of a billionaire is impressive.”

“She’s a billionaire, huh? You never told me that Nick. I knew she was rich. All of this is a bit extraordinary, even for most millionaires but a billionaire, with a ‘B’? Well who’d a guessed? Is Jonny-boy having fun with Siobhan’s sister? What’s her name again?”

“It’s Claire,” snapped Siobhan, petulant because she wasn’t the center of attention and because we were talking around her.

Deciding to dig the knife in a little deeper, I said, “You’re still here? I thought you were going to go ask mommy for permission to get tied up?”

She jumped off the stool so fast that it went backwards and landed on the floor. Her eyes burned into me and when she turned to him, Dan just looked at her and shrugged. She stomped out of the infirmary, clacking her high heels all the way down the hall. Both of us covered our mouths so we wouldn’t laugh out loud.

“I have little doubt that she is submissive buddy, but she’s just trying to manipulate me, thinking she can save her mother by turning the older man on with a chance to get his hands on a younger model. She’s too used to wrapping men around her little finger. Especially men my age.”

“Yea, I get that vibe too. She has no idea of the real power of a dominant man. I’m sure some of her acquaintances are domineering, but I’ll bet none of them are dominants. She’ll learn. It’s just a matter of whether I’ll be the one to teach her, or whether someone else will. God bless my soul though, she sure is pretty. I can see how others fall for her schtick.”

“Don’t fall into that trap. It’s bottomless, futile and rarely turns out well.”

“Oh, don’t worry. I can pick them up that pretty, or prettier, anytime I want. Sexual prowess is a two-way street. It’s not the looks I want. You taught me that the whole package is way more fulfilling, and it looks like you have that with Savannah. Congrats my friend. It’s about time some woman took you off the market. However, hearts will break when they realize you’re gone.”

“Ya’know, being with Savannah, I don’t really care. She scratches an itch in me that hasn’t been satisfied in a very long time. The money be damned, I want the woman.”

“Good for you. Those are words I didn’t think I’d ever hear.”

“Now, back to…” and I tilted my head.

“Yea, I hear it too.”

Even though both of us tried, we really couldn’t make out the words, but we could make out that Siobhan and Savannah were fighting.

“Can you make out what...”

“No, not really, they’re trying not to be loud, but neither one of them is really succeeding, but they’re both pissed. No doubt of that.”

“Is it too late to duck and cover Boss?” he snickered under his breath.

Just then Suzanne came in, held her hand out, palm up and when Dan and I looked she was holding two pairs of ear plugs. She pulled her hair back and showed me that she already had hers in.

“Full service, eh Doc?”

She nodded. “I wonder what set this one off,” she asked?

“Nick here wouldn’t do what she wanted him to do until she got her mother’s permission, and it’s my guess that she’s just not used to dealing with men that won’t bend to her will,” said Dan.

“You got that right,” laughed Suzanne. “Of all three of her girls, Siobhan is the one that most closely resembles a crowned princess of the realm. She can usually get anything she wants, one way or another, from anybody she focuses her will on. Savvy is really the only one that won’t bend to her will. At least one or more of these little spats happens every time she visits, so I stay prepared for the inevitable.”

“Well, thanks for the assist, but the little princess may have just met her match with Nick. He’s a little hard to chew up and swallow.”

“From what I heard on my way in here, that may be right. Siobhan wants Savvy to send you packing, and Savvy is having no part of that. I didn’t stick around to eavesdrop on the rest, but it will be interesting to see who comes through that door, Savvy, to apologize for her, or Bat, to throw you out.”

“She’s trying a power play because I won’t give her what she thinks she wants and doesn’t have the patience to wait until Dan can give it to her the right way.”

Dan started laughing. Both Suzanne and I turned to him, and with a devilish smirk on his face he said, “Power play huh? Well, we all know Savannah’s not going to let her win this one, so if she’s like any of the other vindictive females I know, she’ll try something mean, sneaky, underhanded and mischievous. Is she petty Doc?”

“She can be. What do you have in mind?”

“Do you want to see a real power play?”

Laughing, I said, “Uh oh.”

“Doc, may I borrow that laptop over there on the counter?”

Tilting an eyebrow up, she picked it up and handed it to him.

Dan opened it, turned it off and then rebooted it. When it came back on, he began typing. Dan’s fingers buzzed across the keys. They moved over the keyboard so fast Suzanne’s eyes got big and she just stared.

“The first thing I have to do is negate any spyware, or finger-stroke programs on this baby, and then hook up with my personal satellite uplink...”

His fingers just played that keyboard and I had all I could do not to giggle. This was Dan’s stock and trade, and none, so far, were better.

“Then I have to get past the firewalls and traps on this network...”

They didn’t bang on the keys like mine did, but every stroke of his fingers was definitive and the smile on his face just got bigger and bigger.

“This network has back-ups on its back-ups, and safe-guards on everything, three times over, but this ain’t nothing compared to the set up this little Chinese national I know in Hong Kong has. He’s good. Thinks he’s the best. I’m better, and … Yea, buddy... this network is now ‘mine’. Nick, call Bat, tell him to come over here right away with his best IT guy and I’ll show him the flaws in his system. Tell him what’s going on. I don’t want him to shoot me for this. This looks bad, but I promise I’ll give it all back to him better than he had it before. I just want to... wait for it… wait for it... and there she is, boys and girls, Princess Siobhan is trying to get online. Now let’s see what mischief she’s up to.”

Bat must have already been on his way over here because when we connected, I barely got Dan’s message out of my mouth when he came rushing through the door with three guys with him. Two were in uniform carrying suppressed MP5s. One was pointed at Dan and one at me. One guy had a laptop in his arm and was banging on the keys with his other hand.

“Bat, I’ll give it all back, better than it was when I crashed through it. Don’t shoot. Please don’t shoot. I mean Savannah or any you, no ill will. I just wanted to teach Siobhan a lesson in power. You, with the laptop, c’mere. I’ll show you what she’s trying to do. Look. You see that, now type in…” - Dan gave him a set of commands to type in - “Now it’s on your screen too, but you can still watch mine if it’ll make you feel better. Look at what she ‘thinks’ she’s doing to Nick’s personal credit score. Yea, sneaky ain’t she? She’s not really doing anything but pounding on her keys. I have control of her entire system. Yea, I know I just busted through PEPDIN too. Siobhan piggy-backed onto them to get into the right cloud of ether to do this. PEPDIN won’t be the first government cherry I’ve popped. They always get over it when I give it back to them better than when I went through it in the first place. And I always CC the NSA and a couple of others with my hack. Now watch. Everyone smile when I turn the camera on and move this baby around to show her.”

Suddenly Siobhan’s screen went black and she saw this instead:


He turned the laptop around, slowly in a 360° circle so she could see everyone in the infirmary with him, through the camera on the laptop.


Dan hit enter and her system went black, with no hope whatsoever of getting it back on or even powering back up.

Dan laughed sardonically, and then got with the estate’s IT guy, who was named George, and Dan started showing him everything that he had done to bust into their system, how to repair it, and how to fortify it so that no one could ever do that to them again. Bat just looked on over their shoulders, flabbergasted. He sent his two guards out into the hall, holstered his pistol, and looked at me first and then at Dan, with wide eyes.

“Bat, I know you read his file,” I said, “but few believe what Dan can do until he actually does something like this. Trust me, he is thankful for the assist you gave him, and Jonny, and he will put your system back in order, only this time it will be better than it was before. He is not your enemy. Neither am I, or Jonny for that matter. You can ask ‘your’ IT guy what Siobhan was trying to do to me, and that was all over not getting her way with me. Yea, Dan’s version of a bitch-slap might have been a bit heavy handed, but I bet it got her attention, and she’ll think twice before trying anything like that again.”

“But we paid the very best we could find to keep us bulletproof,” said Bat in an astounded voice.

“Uh Bat, he really is putting it back better than we had it,” said George. “I’ll be up for days trying to figure out his hack and how he did it, but this guy is showing me exactly how he did it. I ain’t shitting you. This is real. He’s teaching me how he hacked our entire system. You wouldn’t believe...”

Bat looked at him and repeated, “But we paid the best to make sure...”

“Yea, I’ve heard that before, my friend,” I said. “What did it take him, Suzanne, about five minutes? It wasn’t much longer, if any at all. Well, here they are. Hi Savannah. Hiya princess,” and I smiled at Savannah and shrugged. “Did ya get your mommy’s permission yet,” I asked as sarcastically as I could, and then in my normal voice I said, “or do you still think you can get things done your way and twist me around your little finger?”

“What did she do, Nick?” asked Savannah flatly.

“Miss Webster, Savannah, she piggy-backed on the PEPDIN network and used their computers to try to wreck Nick’s credit score. I have proof, and your IT guy can show it to you, after I teach him how he can make sure that no one ever does this to you again. Right George?”

“That’s right Savvy,” said George in an excited voice. “He’s teaching me ‘how’ he hacked us, and he’s teaching me not only how to repair it, but how to make our network stronger and prevent it from ever happening again. He’s good, Savvy. The best I’ve ever seen.”

“You two just keep doing what you’re doing. Bat, do your duty. Daniel, we’ll talk later. Siobhan, come with us. Nick, please, come with me and explain this all to me. I want to know where the blame lies in all of this.”

In the lounge, the three of us stood there and Savannah and I looked at each other. Savannah went over to the bar, held up a bottle of Macallan 25 and looked at me. I nodded and moved over by her. She poured, and I took a drink before I said, “Maybe Dan was a bit heavy handed, but the situation is resolved, and things are actually better than they were.”

“I already got my daughter’s side of your little spat. The way she put it; you were nasty when you made fun of her.”

“In my lifestyle, I know when a hot-bodied little girl is trying to use her sexuality to control the situation. I perceived her requests and flirtatious actions as an effort to both manipulate me and make Dan jealous in hopes of diminishing our bond, by driving a female’s wedge between us. I knew what she was doing. Dan knew what she was doing and when she stomped off, we laughed at her. We talked, and shortly we heard you two fighting. We couldn’t hear exactly what the two of you were saying, but even down the hall the tension was thick. Suzanne came in and told us that fights with Siobhan were common and happened at least once a visit. She actually offered Dan and I some earplugs. Dan suspected that Siobhan was going to do something petty and mean, so he borrowed Suzanne’s laptop and you can ask Bat what happened after that. In a nutshell, Dan chewed through your ‘bulletproof’ system in about five minutes and showed everyone that Siobhan was trying to alter my credit score, for meanness sake. That’s the truth,” and I finished the scotch in my glass and reached for the soda water.

Siobhan was beet red and couldn’t look either of us in the face. Savannah moved over to her, pulled Siobhan’s face up with her left hand, looked at her and then slapped her. Hard. It rocked Siobhan, almost taking her off her feet. Siobhan immediately hit her knees, crying, with real tears, her hands palms up on her lap.

“I’m sorry this happened Nick. Please believe that. My daughter gets a little out of hand occasionally. Privilege is still her personal god. I know now that she was trying to manipulate you into a tryst. Thank you for your strength in denying her. Every mother’s nightmare is to have the man she loves taken away by her daughter. She and I will sort through her actions later on. Right now, she needs to apologize to you, and then go and apologize to Daniel. Siobhan?”

Siobhan actually crawled over to me on her knees, knelt back on her heels and in a very meek and barely audible voice said, “I’m sorry Nick”.

“Say it like you mean it, girl,” said Savannah in a low and firm but stone-cold voice.

Looking up at me, she said in a voice I believed was sincere, “I really am sorry, Nick.”

“Okay Nick,” asked Savannah?

“Yea, I’m good with that.”

“Now go in and make peace with Daniel. He is our guest. Be nice. I’m sure Bat’s still in there, with George and Suzanne, and I will get a report. Now, shoo, girl,” said Savannah in a firm, but calmer tone.

“Sorry Savannah. I didn’t tell him to do that. In his own way he was protecting me,” I said staring at her. “He really is a good man.”

“Nick! Master Nick, I’m glad he did it. She needs a strong man to put her in her place, and the way I understand it, Daniel’s putting my system back, better than it was before. I’m more convinced than ever that he’s the man to dominate my second child. I was tickled earlier, watching the interplay between Jonathan and Claire, or Were-Claire as he calls her. That still makes me smile on the inside when I think about it. And now I know that there is someone out there that has the strength of will and the wherewithal to rein in my second daughter, without breaking her body and her soul doing it. You’ll notice I’m so mad at her that I can’t even say her name. She had no damned right to try and manipulate you that way. I am so thankful that you are who you are, and that you are surprisingly immune to manipulation like that. Just hold me please,” and Savannah broke down in tears, sobbing, shaking and trembling like a child.

I did hold her for quite a while. At least until she quit shaking. We had another drink. I poured her a double. Afterwards I wiped her tears and patted my pockets for some rope. For the first time since I’d been there, I didn’t find any. Unsnapping the clasps on her bib, I pulled her tank top off of her. Popping my pocket-knife open, I cut two strips off the bottom of the tank top, and then a rectangle of material from what was left. Spinning her around, I tied her wrists behind her back, stuffed the rectangle of material in her mouth, kissed her on her lips that were puckered up over the wadding and then tied on a cleave gag, pushing the wadding in deeper using the other strip of cloth. Smiling at her I picked Savannah up in my arms and took her upstairs to our bedroom. She was crying as she snuggled up against me, but it wasn’t the sobbing she had done earlier. These were just tears leaking down and sniffles to clear her nose.

Untying her wrists so that the two of us could drag some of the tonnage into our bedroom I tried to think about something interesting to do to her, but to be truthful, my mind was still buzzing, thinking about the day’s activities. Reaching up to idly rub my face I felt my stubble of beard and decided on a variation on a theme. I’d started her day off with abrasion play and saw no reason not to finish her day with a little playful abrasion abuse.

I found a large box full of rolls of Kerlix and carried it over to the bed. When she saw me grinning, I knew she wanted to ask what was going through my mind, but she didn’t. Maybe that had something to do with the fact that she was still gagged, but we may never know.

Using rope and the suspension bars I’d brought with me, instead of her new shiny leather suspension cuffs, I stretched her arms up until she was up on her toes and tied her off to the posts at the foot of her bed. I pulled her deck shoes off of her feet and tickled them a little. Pulling one leg up and behind her on a whim, I gnawed on the center of the side of her foot, right there in the arch. Her giggles were mixed with moans. I purposefully didn’t do it to the other foot.

Retrieving my Fairbairn-Sykes dagger, I pulled my pocket-knife back out and snapped it open right next to her ear. I wanted her to eventually recognize its distinctive sound. More times than not, I tried to plan ahead. Considering I kept it razor sharp, I held the double-edged dagger up in front of her face in my left hand and used my pocket-knife to begin to cut her remaining clothes off of her. Even though I could’ve sliced through the denim easily and quickly, I cut it with little slices of just a couple of inches at a time. I cut a little here and then moving the knife’s location, I made another little slice of a couple of more inches in another place. In this slow and teasing way, I eventually shredded the bib-shorts that she’d put on to pique my interest. All throughout this process, Savannah made muted and garbled sounds of encouragement. With a change in pace, I put the flat of the blade of my dagger in the middle of and under the bra covering her tits and pulled it forward, slicing through the front of her bra to release both globes of her breasts. Then both blades sliced through the straps of her bra and it fell to lie with the denim pieces at her feet.

There were runs in her pantyhose, so I pulled them off. Rolling the panty section, I placed this roll over her cleave gag and wound the legs around and around her head to reinforce the gag already in her mouth. Naked now, I pulled her legs apart as I tied them off, which really stretched her body.

Putting my earbuds in so I could talk to her like the last time, I did another sound check and then began to seal her head from sight and other extraneous sound using the Kerlix. With a Breathe-Right strip in place I placed the appropriate pads over her eyes and ears and used an extra roll of the Kerlix to really isolate her head from as much as I could. I left her hanging there to wonder if I was going to beat her, or what. This gave me time to select the corset I wanted.

Choosing one from her closet that was made of thick leather and was heavily boned I fitted it around her waist and took my time to smoothly snug it closed. I pulled it tight but didn’t pull it as tightly as I could have.

To tease her, considering I was sure she was thinking she was going to get beat, I did, mercilessly, with the little rubber pussy flogger. I mock flogged her shoulders, her butt, even her legs. Everywhere but her tits and her pussy. Then my fingertips and fingernails went to work. I wanted her sensitive.

Releasing her arms and untying them I got more of the Kerlix and used about a half of a roll on each to turn each of her hands into pillowed mittens, with her fingers extended. Then I folded each arm up so that her mitten was on her deltoid cap and used more of the Kerlix to give her wings. While she was standing there flapping her wings, I fitted the posture collar around her neck and buckled it on.

Untying her ankles, I moved her over to the bed and with her laying on her back I moved each ankle up so that her heel was up next to her butt. With more Kerlix, I made wrap after wrap around each leg, frog tying her. Then, using long ropes, I reinforced this tie. To hold the uncinched rope from slipping off, I wrapped even more Kerlix over the rope. Then, with duct tape, I made the final wraps to hold everything in place. By the vibrations, I could tell Savannah was giggling, but not much, if any sound came from beneath her sens-dep hood. Knowing this was a bit different for her, I let her be. When she began to fidget, I turned my communications on and began to whip her pussy and tits with the little rubber whip.

In a mock angry tone, and using a satirical voice, I said, “You will lie there and await your Pasha lord. Harem slaves must obey the great Pasha when he gifts them with his attentions. Feel honored that among his thousands of wives he has chosen you for his nightly meal.”

I quit whipping her and ground my face into her pussy, making sure that my beard was thoroughly scratching her delicate flesh.

“Squirm and pay homage to your lord Pasha, worthless camel dung and make his meal juicy for his pleasure, you lowest of the low of all his harem slaves. Grind your flesh into his teeth and beard for his pleasure. Never forget that you are here solely for the great Pasha’s entertainment.”

Trying not to laugh as I continued to scrape my bristly beard against her, I felt that Savannah was twisting and grinding her hips around, bucking and at the same time smearing her pelvis into my mouth. I think she was trying to shut me up.

“Even with dunes of desert sand in every crevice of your worthless flesh you are almost pleasing his lord Pasha. Keep moving for your lord Pasha’s pleasure as he gifts you with his touch.”

This was even getting a bit thick for me, but I tried to go on.

“Grind those hips into his glorious beard or he will throw you to the desert jackals and let your bones bleach in the heat of the sun.”

As I shifted from abrading her with my stubble to abrading her with my tongue, her hips ground even more purposefully into my mouth. When she was getting close to popping off an orgasm I went back to the ’Your lord Pasha needs you to,’ … or ‘move slave under the ministrations of your lord Pasha,’ … spiels to keep her on the denial roller coaster. After a while of driving her up the wall, and tiring of the trite repetition of my patter I pulled her vulva apart with two fingers of my left hand, attacked her engorged clitoris with my tongue and used the pocket rocket positioned by my right hand and held in place under my left hand on her Vagus nerve to jack her up and held it there while she floated up into the air with her orgasm. Using the fingers of my right hand to find and stimulate her G-spot, while holding the vibrator down with my left I racked a couple of more orgasms out of my lovely submissive.

Getting up just long enough to take my clothes off, I jumped up on the bed and used it like a trampoline while straddling my frog-tied lovely. I bounced up and down, laughing into the microphone. After a few minutes I got down and buried my hard-on into Savannah and rode her until I was spent and satisfied. Considering it had been a long day, I did nothing to stay awake as the sandman beat me into slumber.

Waking up, I checked on Savannah and she was snoring softly. I wondered what her dreams were like restrained like this. I often wished for a tap into a woman’s mind, or some kind of Vulcan mind meld so I could become even more acquainted with the gender I was so fascinated with.

Making a quick bathroom run I came back and held Savannah until fantasies of what I wanted to do to her got me hard again. Getting a squirt of lube from the nightstand, I entered her again, waking a woman up in one of the nicest ways. I was in no hurry and slowly slid into and out of her, grinding my hips for the hell of it. Savannah participated as much as her bondage allowed her, which consisted of squeezing me with her vaginal muscles, milking me and giving me the pleasure of her talented company.

Over my communications system I said, “Good morning beauty. Did you have some lovely dreams?”

She nodded as much as the collar allowed and wagged her arms like she was flying. This always amused me. I heard a barely audible moan when I pulled out of her and started to unwind the Kerlix on her head. I had to release her from the collar to get it all off.

“Master, please, do your slave a favor and rub the cramps out of my feet, please, pretty please, with sugar, oh, hurry please...”

Her begging continued as I got on the floor, pulled her bare feet over the edge of the bed and started kneading her feet. Obviously, scrunching up her toes had had a negative effect.

“Oh, thank you lord Pasha. This worthless camel dung is ever so grateful,” and she laughed gaily.

Smiling I jumped back up on the bed, straddled her, and with my hands on my hips announced, “Now we must visit the oasis of the hot springs.”

I jumped down, went in and turned the hot tub on so the water would be hot, and then went back to the bed and released Savannah. She stretched and availed herself of the facilities while I called down to the kitchen for some pineapple juice for us. To our surprise as we were soaking in the tub, Claire brought up an ice chest filled with little cans of pineapple juice.

“What’s up honey,” asked her mother?

“Siobhan’s gone. She was called back by PEPDIN very early this morning after the incident with Dan. Called on the carpet is probably more apt than just called back. Bat sent in a report to them explaining exactly what happened, and they were in communications with Dan for several hours. It got so bad that Suzanne had to step in and tell all the people wanting to debrief him that he was still under her care and that she was ordering an extended period of rest for him, telling them that he would contact them when she allowed him to, stating it as a medical emergency. Bat is now entertaining representatives of several government agencies in the perimeter offices, and guards have been posted to protect Dan from the outside world. I’m going to go out and handle the legal end of all of this and I would appreciate you out there with me. I’ve been up for hours and I’ve been just biding time until you woke up. For the record, according to all sources, our network is back up and running, even better and stronger than it ever was before. Dan is a man of his word. He’s under sedation now, and Suzanne is hovering over him like a mother hen.”

“Tell them I’ll be out to the perimeter offices as soon as possible. I’m going to get a good breakfast with Nick, collect my thoughts and let any skin blemishes fade before I go nose to nose with sniveling little bureaucrats. Sign nothing and let them beat on their chests until I get out there. Thank you honey. How’s Jonathan doing?”

“Sir Jon wanted a gun to stand guard over his friend, but Bat wouldn’t issue him one, so he’s holed up with his friend and even I can’t budge him.”

“That’s the ‘never leave a man down’ code they live by in the Rangers,” I told Claire. “Doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to be with you. It just means he won’t let anything happen to the man who he’s been through hell with.”

“That’s what he told me. So, what do both of you want for breakfast?”

After our shower, as Savanna was putting on her professional business look, I told her, “I understand we can’t play all the time, so I’ll be here thinking up ways I want to play with you when you get back. I’ve got to go back up and talk with Clayton anyway. Both of us forgot to include your dressing table in the floor plans yesterday.”

In a voice that was colder than I was used to, she asked, “Would you also continue sorting through those boxes of leather goods. That would be a big help. Thank you,” and without even a kiss she started to leave?

I jumped up, chased after her, pulled her back and kissed her. “I’m here for a reason, so as your disciplinarian, never leave me without a goodbye kiss.”

“I’m sorry. It’ll take me a little bit to separate the cold efficient CEO from the submissive woman I want to be with you. Please give me another kiss for luck and then I really should be off.”

We kissed, and I called after her, “Drink one of those green things. You’ll need your energy. Love you.”

“Love you my lord and master,” came back through the door but she was gone. I got dressed and went down for breakfast.

I checked on Dan and Jonny first. Dan was asleep and I slipped Jonny my dagger. He smiled as he hid it under his good leg. A martial artist like him might not need it but appreciated any edge he could use in a pinch. I had my pocket-knife, and between us, even with him still on the walking wounded list, it would be more than enough to take those guns away from the guards on the doors if we had to. I excused myself and said I’d be back.

I went up and talked to Clayton again, and we adjusted the floorplan to accommodate a dressing table for Savanna. He said he would build it himself and give her plenty of drawer space for all of her ‘girly things’ and add in all the lighting around the mirror that she would need. The dumbwaiter was almost finished, and he told me that he had some of his other family members working on our projects, like the chests of drawers, to get this finished for his Savvy as soon as possible. I smiled, thanked him and then went down the hall to sort through the leather goods.

I started not to go down, but I wanted to check in with Dan and Jonny when my stomach reminded me that I was hungry again. Polly made sure that all three of us had the hot meal we wanted. Actually, I was kind of surprised by how late it was, so after the three of us compared notes on the womenfolk, I went up to the bedroom. One of the house gremlins had not only cleaned the room but had ferried the boxes I had sorted out to the hall outside our room. I brought them in, turned on a playlist of my favorite tunes and did rope maintenance on the endless lengths of colored rope in the bedroom.

Getting a little concerned, I called down to security and asked to speak to Bat. I was transferred to his on-site assistant, the next in command at the estates. He asked if I needed assistance, and when I said I was fine he asked if I needed to speak directly to Colonel Brandenburg directly. I told him I just wanted an update on Savannah and the situation. He gave me the official party line story, but I read into it that Savannah, her two daughters, and Bat had been summoned back to DC, for meetings with higher authorities than the ones that had visited the estates. I thanked him and went back to sizing, cutting and fixing the ends of the growing piles of colored rope. Eventually, I called down to the kitchen and Maggie brought me up a thermos full of the frozen drink I had introduced Savannah to the first night we were together, and she told me that there was another thermos just like this one down in the refrigerator for me, in case this one wasn’t enough. They were efficient around here. The bed felt lonely when I finally crawled into it, slightly drunk and wondering about Savannah.

The next day was more of the same. Dan and Jonny were fine, and the three of us shared a breakfast in the infirmary. Considering the guards were still posted for Dan’s protection, and that one of Dan’s upgrades would give him plenty of warning if the shit was coming anywhere near the fan, I wheeled Jonny up with me to the third floor. We made short work of the remaining leather gear. I had two more plastic bins to go down to Savannah’s bedroom and Jonny had nine to go out to the guest mansion. House gremlins did the moving for us, so while we were up there on the third floor, we investigated the hard copy library while the gremlins cleaned out the rest of the worthless gear for disposal and returns.

I was actually shocked by the collection of books and magazines Savannah had in there. Sure, one wall along the outside was dedicated to the classics, first editions, family albums and personal favorites that meant something sentimental to the lady of the house, but on the inside wall, and along the back wall, Savannah had a collection of erotica that would have impressed the head librarian on the fourth floor of the Kinsey Institute of Human Sexuality library, in Bloomington Indiana at IU. Now, I have to say, considering I’ve been to the Kinsey, who collects and supports all aspects of recorded human sexuality, Savannah’s collection was a bit pointed. She had been collecting BDSM erotica, specifically anything that featured bondage and discipline. I was impressed and knew I would spend hours and days in here, with Savannah tied up and gagged close by, enjoying the published efforts of others to highlight the genre of erotica that I not only practiced, but tried to enhance and add to with my writing efforts. She had bondage magazines from the Golden Era, in near mint condition, portfolios of prints and photographs, and a few books even I hadn’t heard about. There were some foreign authors represented, and Jonny knew he’d be employed to translate some of these. We spent a long time leafing through this collection, commenting on what we found and getting ideas for our continued endeavors with our submissives.

Dan called up to Jonny and wondered if we were eating with him. On our way out, I stuck my nose in the Perch and Clayton and his boys were just finishing up for the day. I invited him down to grab a meal with us, and he declined, saying that they all had families to get home to eat with. I nodded, thanked him again for the effort he was putting into this and headed down.

All of us were served and ate in the infirmary again, smiling at the sumptuous fare and grateful that Polly and Maggie were such good cooks. Dan got the first alert on his iPhone, which also chirped as a text to the phones Jonny and I had. Apparently, they were headed home. Jonny and I smiled, and Dan cocked an eyebrow, lowered his head and his expression could have been a pose for the latest Hollywood representation of the devil. He told us that we had time to get cleaned up, so I wheeled Jonny up to Claire’s room and I took a shower in Savannah’s room.

Sometime yesterday, the house gremlins had assigned a portion of Savannah’s closet to clean clothes for me, all obviously in my size and assorted for several occasions. I chose a black pair of jeans, a crisply ironed black cotton shirt with black snaps instead of buttons and a black leather vest. This, along with a black bondage belt going through the loops and a pair of polished biker boots, in my size, fit the mood I was in. I put my pocketknife and my EMT shears in and then filled my pockets up with medium gray nylon rope. A man must be prepared. Then I went to get Jonny.

Suzanne had given Dan enough of a reprieve so that he could join us in the lounge, although both he and Jonny were in wheelchairs. Bat’s armed guards had moved with us to take up a position just outside of the lounge in the hall. Sam had come along to make sure Dan was okay, and although Dan couldn’t have any, I started making a blender of my green happy juice, that consisted of pineapple sherbet, Midori, Captain Morgan’s rum, and triple sec. I hit ‘blend’ as soon as we heard that everyone had landed and was on their way in. Maggie, who brought in the tub of pineapple sherbet for me asked Dan what he wanted, and he just asked for a bowl of the sherbet and some pineapple juice to drink.

Savannah looked exhausted, exhilarated but exhausted. I kissed her and handed her a glass of my frozen green happy juice. She kicked off her heels and just dropped into a chair. Claire came in looking just as ragged, kissed Jonny and then pulled a chair up so she could sit close to him. I handed her a glass too. Jonny already had one. They held hands and smiled at each other while she drank hers. Siobhan was there too, and although she still looked like a whipped dog, she was all wide-eyed when she looked at Dan. She didn’t kiss him, but she sat close to him on the side of the sofa. I poured myself the remainder of what was left in the blender and started to make another round.

“That looks good. May I have some from the next batch,” asked Siobhan?

“Did you ask your mother,” I said as sarcastically as I could manage and not laugh?

“Please, don’t be mean Master Nick. All three of us have had a rough couple of days. Well, I guess we’d better get to it. Daniel?”

“Yes Ma’am?”

“Please, not you too.”

“Okay Savannah, I’m sorry. What did you want to tell us?”

“Do you have any idea what you did when you did that hack job on us?”

“I have a pretty good idea of what you’re about to tell us. But be advised, Nick, Jonny and I already know all about it.”

“You couldn’t possibly know,” exclaimed Siobhan. “We just found out, from the highest levels of our government, and you’re just, you’re just, - - - !”

“What? The man that called down the aliens? Who do you think gave me my very own satellite to do things like that? I really don’t care if you never believed before, but I did. I’ve known about them since they abducted me from my bed when I was just a kid. We, the three of us, have all been up in one of their ships, off the surface of this planet, and now we just accept them as part of nature. Nature, that is not confined to the surface of this planet. Nature is what ‘naturally’ occurs in this vast and wonderful universe of ours. They are a part of nature too. They’re not going to hurt us, or you, or anybody that doesn’t do something phenomenally stupid. So, open up your minds and accept the fact that we are not alone.”

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