A Unique Gigolo

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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© Copyright 2020 - Walt A.K.A. Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; rom; crotchrope; whip; clothespins; cons; X

All characters are fictitious and any similarities to any persons, living or dead are purely coincidental.

Continues from

Part Three

When I quit kissing her, I released the ropes that had been holding her arms behind her back for quite a while. Savannah smiled and began stretching her shoulders. Using my phone, she called down and told Claire to fetch her several things and bring them up to this gazebo-like room which she called ‘The Perch’. By the time Claire showed up, the two of us were standing out on the deck overlooking the field of flowers in full bloom. I was massaging Savannah’s shoulders, and Savannah was hanging onto the railing because she was nearly a puddle from how good it felt to relieve the accumulated tightness that had developed. Savannah was almost giddy from being so happy.

“Oh, hi honey. Get Siobhan on my phone, then hook up that MacBook Air up on the desk and set up the security settings when you get us online. Make the password something simple for now. My new lord and master can change it later. We have some shopping to do today. Then get on the phone and notify our contractor that we’ll need him and his crew out here for some remodels as soon as possible.”

Claire punched in a long series of numbers, handed her mother’s phone to her and started setting up the laptop. I wondered if she ever changed out of her pantsuit.

“Hi sweetheart. Can you talk?” - - - “Oh, honey, he’s a keeper. I am so happy.” - - - “Yes,” - - - “yes, he does,” - - - “yes, many times, and it’s just been one day so far.” - - - “yes, but we can do mother/daughter girl talk later. I have two names for you to run for me.” - - - “A Daniel Angus Netherford, and a Jonathan Quentin Augustus Smith. Both should be in their late thirties, and both were U.S. Rangers in the same outfit. Apparently, they’re working for one of those security services attached to our forces in Afghanistan.” - - - “yes, I want deep checks,” - - - “no, this is not an emergency. I have ulterior motives for possibly hiring them,” - - - “yes, he did. He said he trained them,” - - - “Honey, have you developed a mind reader app?” - - - “No, of course I know how protective you are. That’s why I asked for a deep check on these two,” - - - “Oh, (laughing) I’ll figure something out if that happens,” - - - “call me when you’ve sent them and we’ll do girl talk,” - - - “love you. Later.”

I was taking pictures of Claire with the camera on my phone when she wasn’t looking when Savannah came back and snuggled up next to me.

“Well, that’s done. I’ll know how long their toenails are by tonight. Number two daughter says ‘Hi’ and that if you hurt me there’s not a corner of this Earth that you could hide in that she couldn’t find you,” and she laughed.

“Well, I guess that means no more spankings for you,” and I cocked an eyebrow and smirked.

“Let’s not go that far,” and Savannah spun around, put her ankles together, locked her knees, bent over and stuck her butt up at me.

When I swatted her, Claire got surprisingly indignant and said in a petulant tone, “Now, mother. Can’t you wait?”

“Claire, you know I love you, but, no. I want what I want, when I want it and you’ve delivered a man to me that gives me exactly what I want, and I want his hand spanking my ass right now, so deal with it.”

“Yes, mother,” and Claire busied herself with what Savannah had instructed her to do.

“Savannah, I think the countdown’s started. I think I’ll call the boys. It should be close to midnight, their time, so I might catch them.”

“You might want to wait for approval from Siobhan before you get them in the mix. I’ll give you my answer tonight.”

“Yea, there is that. Okay, I’ll text them and leave them a message to call me tomorrow.”

Shortly after finishing the text, my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and the expression on my face must have intrigued Savannah because she peeked around my arm at my phone and saw that it was from a blocked number. She tilted her head.”

“Hello? - - - Oh Hi, Dan. Is Jonny Quest there with you?” - - - “Are you guys alright?” - - - “Sure. Go to my house. You know how to get in.” - - - “No, I’m not there. I’m visiting a new friend.” - - - “Of course, you’d like her, but this one’s all mine.” - - - “Yes, I am getting stingy in my ‘old age’ smartass (and I laughed).” - - - “Okay, give me the highlights”, - - - uh, huh,” - - - “uh, huh,” - - - “if you need ammo you already have the combination to the safe,” - - - “no, take anything you need.” - - - “Yea, I got a new Tavor 7 just waiting to be field tested, and I have that H&K MP7 that Jonny might be interested in.” - - - “There’s at least a thousand rounds for each one in the safe,” - - - “Stay frosty. Use the drop phones you’ll find in the safe and call me when you’re safe.” - - - “Mongoose out.”

Shaking my head, I turned to Savannah and said, “They’re in trouble. I sent them to my house to raid my gun safe. That should give you a clue as to how bad it could get for them. Apparently, they took it on themselves to interfere with a tribal leader in the country. Their unit got shot up pretty bad and they separated from the outfit they were working for, under less than favorable conditions. Dan said they hitched a ride back to the States with some old buddies and now the outfit they worked for is hunting them. They’re going to ground after they clean me out. Our plan might be just a pipedream for now, after all this. Sorry, the world doesn’t always work the way we want it to.”

“Is it really that bad? Is there anything we can do to help? Do you have to go back to help them? What …?”

I kissed Savannah to keep the questions from pouring out of her mouth.

“No, darling, I’m staying right here with you. Both of them are very familiar with tight spots. Remember, they were both Rangers. If they can make it to my house, they’ll have the tools necessary to keep their fight a bit more survivable. I like guns and my gun safe is full of tools for survival. Yea, I worry about them. They’re both good friends and they used code phrases that told me that they were in a world of shit. That’s why I told them to go and empty my gun safe. There’s not much I can do for them beyond that.”


“Yea, another code phrase that told them that I was safe.”

“They’re really in bad trouble, aren’t they?”

“I’d say so. The company they were working for is staffed with ex-special forces people that are, for all intents, just well-trained mercenaries. With the contents of my safe the odds will be better, but there’s just the two of them against a trained cadre of people trying to kill them. All we can do now is pray.”

“Maybe not all. No one knows you’re out here with me, right?”

“Well, I did make a safe-call to a friend, but he would have no idea of knowing exactly where I am, so, no, no one knows where I am at the moment.”

“Siobhan told me that she had to work overtime to crack the security on your phone, so I don’t believe anyone could track you here by tracing your phone. What would you say if we just brought them here for a visit? Coming here would confuse the hounds on their trail, you would know they were safe, or at least safer than they’d be wandering around on their own, and that way, we could give Claire something to think about other than us. It’s the very definition of win/win.”

“And what if they’re followed here? I couldn’t ask you to put your whole household in danger for a couple of strangers.”

“I have a good security team protecting this place. We’ll be okay if they come here. So, what are you going to do to me now?”

“We’re going dancing. Pushing you around a dance floor will give me time to think, and besides, dancing with you in my arms sounds like fun.” 

“Claire mentioned something about you spinning her around the classroom, but she didn’t go into details.”

“This is a little something I worked up for fun. C’mere. I’ve got to tie you up for this.”

“You’d better,” and she laughed.

I tied a four-strand wrap loosely around her left arm just above her elbow, brought the long ends around below her bustline and then behind her, and then I looped it through the wraps on her arm. After folding her left arm so that it was parallel to the floor, I tied the ends off to her wrist, looping it through the rope around her, making sure that her hand was facing palm out. With another rope I made double loops around her chest and above her tits, to hold that one arm against her body. This gave me a good excuse to adjust the bands going over her cleavage. After folding her right arm so that she was touching her shoulder, I made wide wraps to hold her arm in that position. Naturally, she began to flap it like it was a wing. I set up my phone to play some songs I had recorded and set it on the table.

“My lady,” and I bowed.

She came closer, very curious about my intentions and as I grabbed the tip of her right elbow, I put my other arm around her waist, pulled her close and grabbed her left hand in my right. With our fingers intertwined, I then proceeded to dance with her around the open floor of that large room. I was delighted by the laughter and sounds she made once she got with the program. 

“You are so inventive, my love, my lord and master. I could stay in your arms like this all night long,” and she laid her head against my chest.

We danced through several songs and for a while, I saw Claire leaning against the door frame just watching us. I began to wonder which one of the boys would make her his own. She was undoubtedly hungry, and I was most definitely not going to give her any of my attentions. My young friends would probably like it here. I knew I did. But at this moment, I had a partially bound woman in my arms that needed, wanted and deserved my full attentions.

Feeling romantic and being practical can be two different things. We danced for about an hour, but all good things must come to an end. I could tell Savannah was getting a bit fatigued from wearing those heels, so I eventually untied her, and we continued our inspection of her house. We walked down that circular staircase and then down some steps to the first floor. We ended up just outside of the kitchen by the door to the outside.

“This place is huge. How many rooms are under this one roof?”

“This is just my personal wing. Right now, we’re on the main floor. At the other end is something one doesn’t always find in a private mansion. In case of emergencies, I have a full medical facility, with a complete operating theatre, testing laboratory, recovery rooms and a pharmacy.”

“Wow, is anyone around here sick? You usually don’t see that type of precaution unless you’re keeping an eye on someone for some specific reason.”

“Actually, it’s basically for the staff. I maintain a surprisingly large staff of employees on site, and as you know, accidents happen at the damnedest times. To avoid the long response times for ambulances and transportation, I just keep a full-time, highly trained and respected doctor, a few good nurses, a P.A. for clinical work, you know colds, band-aids and sprains, and a few support people on staff. They all live here. Saves time and trouble. I treat my people very well, which in turn gives me a strong loyalty base with them.”

“Okay, what else is in this personal wing?”

“Well, besides the kitchen, dining room and pantry, there’s a social lounge and a home theater. Want to see the latest Hollywood releases? I get them as soon as or sometimes a few days before the regular movie theaters. On the second floor are mostly bedrooms. Ours is at one end, and each of my daughters has a comfortable and spacious bedroom, sitting room and bath. There’s one extra bedroom for very special family, like my mother, if she ever gets back from abroad, or any of her sisters. You’d like aunt Nessie. She’s a hoot. Up here on the third floor are a couple of spare rooms I’m using for storage, the hard-copy library, which is a collection of books I just can’t bear to part with, and the Perch. That’s the room we’re going to turn into our bondage room. In the basement are the bowling lanes, security rooms, and stuff like the laundry. Now, up on the roof is one of those tiny little pools that lets you swim for hours and get absolutely nowhere. There’s also a sauna and Jacuzzi up there along with some more security stuff and a helipad.”

“Then I could have landed on that and not out beyond the gardens?”

“Yea, but I wanted to watch you strut up to meet me. Call me overly sentimental, but watching a man approach a situation that’s uncertain to him tells me a lot about their confidence. Just watching you walk up to me told me a lot about you. Now, I know more, and I’m happy you accepted the chance I offered you. So, what do you want to see now?

“Show me the main house. Ah, I take that back. Considering this is where ‘you’ live, this is the main house, but show me where you entertain the guests that don’t tie you up, gag you and beat you.”

“Considering there’s absolutely no one there, at the moment, let me make a phone call and then we’ll go over. While I’m doing that, would you collect a few ropes and things for us? I would be ever so grateful, my lord and master.”

“Didn’t you have a tote bag full of stuff?”

“Blushing a little, she dipped her head and said, “I left it in the Perch. Do you want me to run up and get it?”

“Run? In those heels? No, you make your phone call and then wait here. I’ll go up and get it, and then stop over in your…”

“Our bedroom. It’s the one at the end of the hall on the second floor.”

“Yes, of course, our bedroom and I’ll add a couple of things you might have overlooked when you were packing. I have something I want to do to you. Meet you right back here.”

Feeling energetic, I ran up the three flights to the Perch, found the tote bag and then made my way back to ‘our’ bedroom. I added the three-foot Wheeler, the 50-count bag of clothespins, a pair of white five-inch pumps, and filled the tote up with more rope.

Back on the main floor I met up with Savannah and a man in crisply pressed gray coveralls, boots and a utility belt that had a sidearm in a holster.

“Nick, my new lord and master, this is Bartholomew Brandenburg. He’s the on-call security supervisor. Bat’s filling in for my head of security. You’ll meet him later. Bat, I want Nick’s palm print to open some doors around here. He’ll need access to all the front, side and back doors to the various buildings, including the garage. My room of course, the hard copy library and the Perch. We can add more later. And make time to go over some plans with him. If we can get back in touch with them, we’ll want to extract a couple of his friends from the LA area and bring them here. Go ahead and talk it over with Nick.”

I shook hands with Bat. He had a good firm handshake and looked me in the eye when we shook. I got a good feeling about him.

“Mr. Brandenburg, what would you prefer that I called you? In my mind, I like to address people by what they prefer to be called.”

“Okay then, well Bat’s good with me. Anything but Bart or Barty. Some of the guys even call me B.B., but I’d like you to call me Bat. A guy in a bar one time lost some teeth when he called me Brandy-boy, but my inhibitions had been lowered by some good Kentucky bourbon.”

We both laughed and I decided I liked him. He had me lay my right palm on the touchpad by the door, made some entries onto the tablet he carried and then we repeated it again with my left palm. Then he made some different entries onto the tablet and we started to talk.

“Nick, I’m recording this so my staff can get a better idea of what’s going on. We’re also conferencing with some of the others on my staff. Please tell us about the situation, as you know it, and about your two friends. Please be specific, so we can fine tune what we’ll need to do to help you with this situation. Go on.”

“Hi to whoever else is in on this channel and thanks for your help. I have two friends in trouble with the Kan-Du-It Security Services contractors. My friends were working for them until very recently in Afghanistan. They told me that they interfered with a tribal leader over the ritual circumcision of some young girls in his tribe. I’m not exactly sure what they did, but this tribal leader took exception and they shot him. To avoid being turned over to the tribe for execution, they severed their ties with Kan-Du-It and managed to escape. Apparently, their escape was bloody, for both sides. They made it back to the nearest airbase, and hitched a ride on a military cargo plane back to LA. I apparently contacted them just as they’d landed. They told me that Kan-Du-It was trying to find them, and they figured it wasn’t to give them their last checks. Severance pay in this case meant something a little more dramatic. They suspect they have a price on their heads from that Afghani tribe. I sent them to my house to empty my gun safe to give them a better edge if they had to fight it out with any of those guys from Kan-Du-It. I like guns and keep a few lying around, just in case. At any rate, they’re gonna call me back when they can, and I’d like help to get them safely out of there. Savannah offered to just bring them here. Siobhan is doing background checks on them as we speak. So, what else do you need from me?”

“First thing we’ll do is put your number in our scrambler system and make it very difficult for anyone to trace your phone to this location. Then, I want you to give me a general description of both of these guys, height, weight, and any pictures you have of them would help. Also, if they emptied your gun safe, how much extra weight would you imagine they’ll be carrying with them?”

“Dan is 6’5” and he’s about 245 or 250 pounds. Jonny’s 6’ even and about 190 pounds. From my safe, I’m sure they’ll take my M24E1/XM2010. Jonny’s sniper trained. I have about 300 rounds of match grade ammo for it but no idea how much he’ll take. I told them to take anything they might need. I imagine he’ll also take my H&K MP7. I have about 500 rounds clipped up and another case of a thousand loose. Again, I have no idea how much he’ll take. I imagine Dan will latch onto my Tavor 7. I have the same amount of ammo already clipped up and another thousand or so loose. They’ll take my Glocks. Jonny will probably take my G19 and my two G26’s. Dan’s always liked my matching G21’s in .45 caliber and their little brothers the matching G30s. I know I have at least 300 rounds clipped up for both in the safe and God knows how much loose just laying around. I’ve got 9mm and .45 ammo all over the house. If they decide to pack it, there are a couple suppressors for the bigger Glocks in the safe, some night vision goggles, some gas masks, some flash-bangs, and some of the new pepper canisters. They both know where I’ve buried the good stuff, but I don’t really think they’ll go after any of that stuff. They’re on the run, not going to war. If they were, we’d have to add in the extra weight of the assault shotguns, the full autos and the explosives I have buried.”

A voice from his tablet said, “You’ll get along fine with our guys. While you were running that down for us, we think we have something workable to get them out of there and here. Do you think they can make it to some GPS coordinates out in the desert surrounding LA?”

“Yea, they were both Rangers and this is just another exercise in escape and evasion for them.”

“Good. We’ll give them a couple of exfil locations and then just pick them up in our evac helicopter. Our AW109 is a little faster than the S-76 that picked you up and the paint job is less conspicuous. We’ll try to pack out what they bring with them but if they have to, we can just have them drop what they’re not carrying on their persons. With them onboard, we can fly NOE, or Nap of the Earth from there to here with no problem. Our pilots are all ex-military and practice NOE for fun, even in the dark. Siobhan can obfuscate any military tracking they may pick up and we’ll extricate them from that toxic LA environment with little to no problems. That sound good to you, Nick?”

“I just want them out of there. You guys sound squared away. Thanks for this and all your help.” 

“When you get settled in around here, we’ll go do some target practice with some of our toys. We like guns too,” and the disembodied voice laughed. Bat was just smiling.

“I’ll let you know when they contact me, and…”

“Nick, now that we know what’s going on, we’ll monitor all incoming calls and be ready when they call.”

Savannah butted in and said, “Just go ahead and send our helicopter to someplace close to those coordinates you mentioned and wait for their call. That’ll be quicker than waiting and then sending it from here when they call.”

“Thanks for the approval Savvy. We were thinking about doing it that way but wanted your approval first. We’ll send a nurse with the chopper, just in case. It’ll be spun up and on its way in the next few minutes. Don’t worry. Now that we have your approval, we’ll bring these two back here. We’ll be refueled and ready for their call.”

“Thanks everyone. You know I love all of you,” said Savannah.

“And we love you Savvy. We’re all glad that Nick is making you smile.”

“Well, until they call, it’s time to put a different sort of smile on Savannah’s face,” I said.

“Leading her over to the mansion house where she told me she held all of her formal parties, I used my new access to key open the front door. Making sure it was closed behind me, I noticed that as soon as we came in, the lights came on.”

“Smart house technology my new lord and master. Sensors recognize that human bodies are now in this house, so the electricity is now on and everything is at our disposal. Most of the commands are keyed to my voice so I’ll call in and have you added to that list. Just a moment please.”

While she made that call, I was slowly stripping that LBD off of her, and helped her pull off those boots. 

“I love the way you look up on your toes wearing six-inch heels for me, but it’s also my choice when I want you completely naked for my enjoyment. Well, you may not be completely naked. You will be wearing a piece of rope, or two. Strictly for my pleasure of course.”

“And I love reminding you that it’s for ‘our’ pleasure Master Nick.”

I shoved her against one of the tables in the foyer of this mansion and took my time pulling off her first layer of pantyhose. I teased her with the texture of those hose as I pulled them across the bare skin of her torso, first fast and abrasive and then slower for a more sensual touch. I attacked all of her bared skin like this, making sure to follow it with my lips, tongue and even my teeth with a quick nip or two in some delicate places. Savannah seemed quite enchanted by this play and the crinkle of her nipples and the flush of her skin told me what words could never express. My hands greedily mauled her legs that still had one layer of hose covering them. In places, I squeezed too hard, calculatingly giving her some sensations that would reawaken her new drug of choice.

Roughly manhandling her, I shoved her around, using my strength in such a way as to disavow the gentle touch I was using earlier. With a shove to her shoulder and a yank on her other arm, I began to twirl her around and around, and then using similar tactics forced her roughly in the opposite direction. Shaking her from side to side and shoving her back and then pulling her forcibly forward was my next tactic. Savannah’s eyes grew big at the rougher treatment, but even though I was shoving and pushing her, using my open hands to strike her with calculated pushes and soft blows, I was hitting nothing vital. I was sticking to heavily muscled areas and staying away from weaker areas where the muscular/skeletal structure couldn’t absorb this type of play. I made it a point to hold eye contact with her this whole time, keeping a slight smirk on my face. It took Savannah a few moments of this to realize that I was playing with her, but just doing it in a much more forceful way.

“So, you think you can manhandle me into submission, you mean, nasty brutish thug. Well, your right,” and she finally threw her head back and laughed. When she got it, I laughed too.

Tackling her by sweeping her legs out from under her, I took Savannah to the ground, wrestled her onto her belly and yanked her hands behind her back. Taking out a piece of rope, I crossed her wrists and tied them, making the knot high up between her forearms so she would have no way of picking the knot and releasing my bondage on her. Panting as I flipped her onto her bound wrists, but without any words, she made it plain that she wanted me to kiss her, and I did. We made out right there in the foyer for a long time. Sometime during that make-out session I managed to peel the second pair of pantyhose off of her. Striking her with my open palm a couple of more times to keep her where I wanted her, I grabbed a handful of snatch and with my fingers buried into her sopping pussy I stroked her into an orgasm. I had my other hand around her throat, lightly choking her with the semblance of controlling her and even with that, Savannah managed to laugh with me.

While she tried to catch her breath, I pulled my pants down and took her, missionary style, right there in the foyer, in between the parenthetical staircases leading up to the second floor. Savannah’s screams for more echoed off the walls, begging me to pound her harder with the dick she exclaimed for the walls to hear that she loved so much.

Laying there on the marble floor we talked.

“Play rape can be fun when you’re not really expecting it. I thought taking you by force, in the foyer where you have probably greeted all sorts of famous guests would give you something to think about the next time you were all gowned and glamorous. When you greet them at future parties, you’ll remember this specific spot on the floor and remember your pleas for more as I ravaged you on this spot on the floor. Naked, with your hands tied behind your back and the screams for more as the only sounds echoing off these walls.”

“Along with those memories lover, I am going to blush as I stand on this piece of the floor and try to keep a straight face as I greet my guests. This place, like the Perch, needed a good christening. Memories of what you just did to me, right here, will have their own echoes in my mind, every time I’m in this foyer. I love you, Master Nick. You make me happy.”

“Now get up wench. After I tie a crotch-rope on you, I want to see the rest of this mansion.”

“Oh, Master Nick, my pussy is so sensitive right now. May we…”

“No topping from the bottom. I know full well what I do to you, and I know how much my little endorphin junkie can handle. Think of it this way. I’m not making you walk all over the place in six-inch heels and a crotchrope.”

“Well, there is that,” and she giggled.

I tied it on so that it would stimulate and not be so tight that it would dig in and abrade her sensitive skin as she walked around with me. Barefoot, she took me into the large, lavishly appointed greeting room. Several paintings graced the walls and Savannah told me that even though it would take an expert to tell the difference, that these were well done copies of the originals. She then told me that the original masterworks were safely stored in her vaults. The furnishings were luxurious, and I could tell that this room was designed to set a tone for anyone having to wait here for any length of time.

Telling me where to touch, I hit a hidden switch and a built-in bookcase that had taken up a large part of the wall swung away on silent hinges and opened into a large executive meeting room. This room varied in stark contrast to the softly upholstered waiting room in the fact that although well appointed, this room was all business. Around the large oval table were high-backed office chairs that looked very comfortable. At each station at the table was a touch-screen console that could either act as a personal computer or easily tie into any lap-top brought into the room. Savannah showed me how to lower the huge screens so that everyone in the room could see what was put up to view. Seating around the walls was obviously for assistants, aides and secretaries in attendance. Every convenience was available for business meetings.

“I bet there’s been some important decisions made in this room.”

“When I put my CEO’s hat on, I don’t fool around. Right now, I’m on sabbatical until my head gets ‘screwed’ on right again, but sometime or another, I’ll have to take the reins of power back and lead my companies and their employees further into the 21st century and beyond. Claire’s handling the mundane stuff for now, but she isn’t really ready for the big chair quite yet. Right now, I need what you’re giving me, so I can make positive choices for my influence on the world. Things were looking pretty dark for a while, but I can feel the old me coming back. Claire was right. I needed to recharge my energies, and you are the wall-plug I needed.”

“Glad to help. Let’s get a drink. I want some scotch. Got any just lying around a place like this?”

“I think I can find some. We’ll have to go over on the other side of this house. We’re bound to have some over in the…”

“No. ‘We’ are not bound to do anything. You will be bound, but this is definitely a one-way ride.”

“Absolutely my lord and master, and I’ll stay happily bound for the both of us. Just follow me out of here. Lightly push on the wall about right there. It’ll close and lock behind us.”

Savannah led me across the foyer to the other side of the mansion, into a long dining room to the right of the stairs. The table in there must have been able to seat two dozen people, comfortably, and probably thirty in a pinch. We ducked into a room that must have been for the wait staff to bring out the meals for the guests, and then into a kitchen that would dwarf some of the kitchens I’d seen in major hotels. Behind that was a large storage pantry, with several large walk-in refrigerators and freezers. In a locked area that opened to my palm, we found the liquor. Sure, there was a lot of cheap stuff in there, but on some shelves were cases of liquor that was made in the middle of the 20th century. All kinds of it too. When I spotted the cases of Macallan’s 25-year-old scotch I got all excited and started to carefully take one down off the shelf, when Savannah stopped me.

“Master Nick, look right next to those cases of Macallan 25 at the two wooden boxes to their right. Take one of those boxes down and pull out a bottle of my favorite scotch. This one is from the Macallan distillery too but it’s the finest scotch that is commercially available in my opinion. I had to hunt for these two cases of Gordon & MacPhail Macallan Speymalt 1973, and when I found them, I scooped up every one they’d let me buy. You obviously know how good the Macallan 25 is, so bring a bottle of each with us and I’ll offer you a treat you may never have been offered before.”

“I’ve only had the Macallan 25 a few times and I loved it. I’ve never even heard of this other stuff. A big night for me is usually a 12-year-old bottle of Glenlivet or some Glenfiddich. I guess I don’t get out much, or maybe I’m just a cheap date because I’m usually happy with any old single malt.”

“I think it’s about time someone spoiled you my new lord and master. Shall we go drink some of this at the bar by the pool so you can get a soda-water back? That is the way you like to drink your scotch isn’t it?”

“I guess that was in the file too, huh?”

“Yes, of course it was. Siobhan is very thorough. May I have some with you, please?”

“Yea, of course. If we’re going to be drinking at the official bar-by-the-pool, then I’d better change your bondage for a while. Turn around.”

She led me through the kitchen to the side service door that led out to the patio around the pool. As soon as we got out there I looked to my left and there was a fairly long bar. It looked funny because there weren’t any bottles on the back shelves, but we had two bottles of very good scotch with us and quality does make up nicely for quantity. The lights above the bar came on as we walked out there, and I could hear the automatic ice-maker dump a load.

Before I walked behind the bar and cracked one of the bottles that Savannah was carrying, I walked straight back under the stairs and into the foyer. I retrieved the tote bag that seemed determined to get lost and went back out to the bar. 

I handed Savannah the pair of white pumps I’d thrown in the bag and said, “I want to drink with a well-dressed woman when we enjoy this scotch, and in my opinion, any woman wearing high heeled pumps, ropes and a smile is a classily dressed dame I want to bend an elbow with.”

Savannah giggled as I spun her barstool around, moved her leg until one was crossed over the other one at the knee and then I started to tie her. I made wraps around the ankle of the crossed leg, knotted them off and then taking the rest of the rope back and around her other leg, I tied her legs in that position with several wraps around her calf. I used another rope to make wide wraps around her thighs just above her knees and pulled them tight before I knotted them off. With another rope I tied her wrists in front of her, palm to palm, giving her an inch or so between them with the way I cinched this tie.

“Just like you’ve never had this Macallan Speymalt, I don’t think I’ve ever been tied at a bar quite like this before, so this is a first for both of us.”

“I wonder what all your guests over the years that have sat at this bar would say if they saw you like this? I’m thinking that this would quickly become the most popular bar in the area.”

“Would you really share me like this?”

“Savannah, that’s a real double-edged sword. I love looking at you like this. It really keeps my fires stoked, and like anything of incalculable beauty, I would want to share that beauty with the world to bring a smile to their faces, but I sadly realize that there are some things that I have to be stingy with.”

“Good answer. I love looking at the expression in your eyes when you look at me all tied for your, no, our pleasure, but even though I don’t really mind if members of my staff see us play like this, letting others see me this vulnerable would be so overwhelming that I think it would bother me to a large extent. Their judgements would color how we interacted, and I can’t allow that. I’m sure you can understand.”

“Just looking at those long beautiful legs crossed and tied like that, and your delicious tits pushed together and sticking out from having your arms tied like that, well, it’s almost too much not to share. And that’s before the scotch-goggles make you even more desirable.”

“Then my lord and master, I think we’d better find those scotch-goggles. Don’t you?”

“How do you take yours?”

“With this stuff, I’ll have mine like yours, straight up with a soda back.”

The gun for the soda water sputtered and then allowed me to fill a couple of tall glasses I found behind the bar. I put some ice in each one with the scoop in the ice machine and then cracked the Speymalt open. I poured two fingers for Savannah and then got down two rock-glasses for myself. I poured myself a finger of the Macallan 25 first and took a sip of it, letting the joy of it light up my taste buds while I rolled it around on my tongue. I wasn’t a connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, but I knew I liked it. A lot. I smiled and savored what to me was a treat in and of itself. Taking a big mouthful of soda water and swishing it around seemed like a waste until I poured myself a finger of the Speymalt and took a sip. Dayum, I thought to myself, this stuff is amazing. This could be a highly addictive drug all by itself. 

“I’m gonna have to do something particularly mean to you for ruining regular ol’ 12-year-old single malt for me. This stuff makes the stuff I had thought was good taste like battery acid. Wow! Thank you. I like this stuff.”

“So, pour us another round and then be mean to me.”

“Okay, but remember you asked for it,” and I rooted around in the tote bag until I found the three-foot Wheeler and laid it out on the bar.”

“Oh my, I was wondering when you were going to get to that. I’d better get good and drunk just so I don’t run away from that thing.”

“Gonna be a little hard to run away with your legs tied like that.”

Savannah laid her glass down so she could run her hands over her legs and the ropes holding them crossed.

“I like the way you tied them this time.”

“And I really like looking at them like this.”

“Why like this. My legs haven’t changed any since the last time you tied them. What makes this tie any more appealing?”

“Only thin men can cross their legs like that and then it’s difficult to get their balls in a comfortable position like that. Women cross their legs like this all the time and make it look so easy. Also, in my mind, it’s a very feminine pose. This position makes you look even more feminine than you are with your legs side by side. I like them this way. You are an amazingly feminine looking woman to begin with, and although some people denigrate ‘gilding the lily’, or taking certain things to extremes, I like doing that. Bondage is taking things to extremes. I like bondage just for that reason. With just the amount of rope I used to tie your hands together, I could make you completely helpless and save myself a lot of time, but I like the bondage I use on you. I like wrapping and cinching rope around you. I like touching you while I do it. Those are a few of my favorite things, as the song goes. Women and rope were just made to go together in my mind. I can’t see one without thinking of the other.”

“You’ve thought this through. You always have sound, well thought out reasons for applying this avocation of yours. That is one of my favorite things, as the song goes. Pour us another round and I’ll try to charm you into not using that scary whip on me.”

“You know I’d never hurt you. I’m not a brutal sadist. Pain is a tool, just like bondage is. It’s a means to an end.”

“Then what is your end-game by cutting me up with a single-tail like that? How could you possibly make something as malicious as that whip into something that I’ll like?”

“Somebody really scared you with a single-tail at some point in your life. For that, I’m sorry, but I’m not him, whoever he was.”

“Actually, it was the woman of a man and a woman team I interviewed before Claire started screening my choices. They had a slave-girl with them, and they used her to show me what they wanted to do to me. My money and power intimidated them, and they were trying to show me how dominant and in control they could be. They strung this young girl up and the woman brutalized her with a whip like this one, but theirs was longer. They cut her up something fierce and whips like that have scared me ever since.”

“Sorry to hear that. Let me come around there, I’ll untie you and then I’ll get to work.”

“Untie me? Why? I thought we were going to get a little drunk and have some fun?”

“You’re going to school.”

While I was untying her, she exclaimed, “I’m what? What kind of school am I going to and who’s going to teach me to do what?”

“You’re going to learn to throw a whip, that scares you.”

“I don’t want to do that?”

“This is part of that whole disciplinarian thing you asked for out of me. Now the only reason someone is afraid of something that isn’t in the genetic fear category like stinging insects, snakes and heights is because they don’t know much or anything about them. So, I’m going to teach you how to throw a single-tail, so you’ll realize that it’s the skill of the person throwing the whip, and not the whip itself which can or cannot be the scary part.”

For the next hour or so I taught her the basics of what a whip like the single-tail actually was. I taught her how and why it could crack, all about my theory of perceived impact using the formula of weight vs speed vs impacting surface area and how even the meanest of impact tools could feel relatively mild by reducing the speed and increasing the impact surface area. We went over the insane amount of practice necessary with instruments like a single-tail before a truly rational sadist could justifiably use a potentially dangerous instrument on human flesh and expect a positive result. I told Savannah that this pedantic babbling of mine was similar to what I gave Claire when she came by to test me on my abilities with rope, and that the main reason why I was chosen was because of my knowledge base. Using things like stir-sticks from the bar, I made her practice with the single-tail until she could snap them out of whatever I stuck them in to hold them without hitting the object holding them. I knew I’d gotten through to her when she stopped her exercises and stared at the single-tail in her hand with wide eyes.

“And what were you going to do to me with this whip?”

“I was going to pinch your flesh up with this pack of clothespins, and then use this whip to snap them off of you, without ever touching the flesh they were attached to. I would never purposefully hurt you. I will regularly suspend disbelief to make your mind go in directions you’re not suspecting, but all of that is in fun, and none of it is ever designed to hurt you. Were you hurt when I roughed you up and ‘play-raped’ you out there in the foyer? Were you hurt when the first day I met you I whipped your back with a flogger for over an hour? Hell, I did more actual damage to you with that riding crop when I used it to cane you, but just about an hour later you told me that the next time you could probably take a couple more. Trust me. I am not going to hurt you, or try to beat you into submission, or try to prove how manly I am at the expense of that lovely skin you wear so beautifully. I’m trying to have fun with you, that’s all, in the most productive way I know how.”

“I’m sorry I doubted you Nick. It just scared me.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. I can understand and deal with fear. That’s the job of the dominant. To take you forward, in a positive direction, and to have fun with this. In Risk Aware Consensual Kink, or R.A.C.K., we know and accept the dangers inherent in our play, and rationally work to have fun with them as we push the edges of vanilla play. I want to whip you, not scar up your body and your psyche just for grins and giggles.”

“Then stick clothes pins all over me and whip them off me. I want to know what that feels like now.”

As I started to clip on clothes pins, from the fifty-count bag, I gave Savannah her instructions.

“I’m going to stand you over there in the foyer, where I have plenty of room to swing. I want you to stand there with both of your arms up in the air. I will move around you with this whip. Sometimes I will snap it close to you, breaking the sound barrier and it will crack. Sometimes I will snap a clothes pin off of you. You will never know what I am going to do. Sometimes I will move quickly, with rapid movements of my whip. Sometimes I will move dreadfully slowly. Again, this is all up to me. I am the one in control of this game, just as I am the one in control of this whip. If this bothers you, lower your arms. It’s that simple. I will stop. Fear is understandable, but fear is also something that can be mastered. I want you to trust me that I am not going to hurt you with this whip, or with any ‘game’ I play with you. Like you’ve told me, women need to be wanted and desired. I want and desire you. But on the reverse side of that same coin, men need to be appreciated. I want you to appreciate the fact that I have practiced for hundreds, if not thousands of hours with a single-tail to master the art, so I can have fun with it, and not waste my time fixing up ‘boo-boos’ with antiseptics and band aids. Are you ready for this game?”

“I trust you Master Nick.”

Once Savannah was ‘clipped up’, I positioned her right where I wanted her. To add to the suspense, I walked around her like an artist appraising a statue, uh-humming and mumbling inconsequentialities to myself. For fun, I repositioned a few of the clothes pins just for dramatic effect, using exaggerated gestures like measuring some fictitious distance with the length of the whip. Feeling ornery, when I was behind her, I’d tickle her ribs or sneak a hand around to pinch a nipple, just to get her to jump and let off a little tension. My final gesture was to reach through her parted legs, from behind, to caress her pussy, which was surprisingly damp.

I stepped back in front of her and at least six inches from even being able to touch her with the whip I let loose with a rapid flurry of cracks all around her, each one breaking the sound barrier, designed to impress the preconceived notions of the uninitiated. Savannah just sucked on her lower lip and stared at me with eyes opened about as wide as she could open them. Then the first clip was popped off. Being a smart-ass, I chose one that I had placed at just the right angle so I could pop it off straight up in the air and then move in and catch it. I popped it off, caught it with my left hand and then immediately held it up in front of her to show her that the first one had come off and that she barely felt it when it did. Savannah’s eyes did manage to get wider. From then on, I had fun taking the other 49 of them off of her. 

Sometimes, I would take careful aim, holding the tip of the whip in the fingers of my left hand, extending the whip to its full length and then snap one off, and then I’d rapid fire three or four of the clothes pins off, one after another, before she had a chance to move. Little did she know that doing this with a three-footer was like an extension of my arm, taking the least amount of skill, as compared to any of my longer whips. Nevertheless, it had the desired effect. Savannah had fun with a single-tail.

When I had snapped the last one off of her, I moved in to hold her.

“Pull those arms down and wrap them around me woman. Then you might consider breathing. I don’t think you took a breath the whole time I was whipping you.”

She inhaled deeply and crushed me with her hug, trembling a little and then she got very amorous with her body. This time, Savannah pulled me down to the marble floor and we made love again, pretty much on the same spot we had before.

Lying there she said, “You could have just tied me up and whipped me like you just did, but it wouldn’t have meant as much to me as the way you did just now. I love the way you dominate me. You know you’re in control, and even when I fight the reins you have a way of gentling me into doing exactly what you want me to do anyway. I know you are capable of brute force, but you use your will to get me to want to do these things you do to me, whether I want to do them or not. Claire and Siobhan were right. You are the man I’ve needed to tie me up and beat me back into shape.”

“Don’t get me wrong, we’ve warmed this part of the marble floor up nicely, but I think that the scotch that we are both neglecting would warm us up in a slightly better way. We were going to get a little drunk and have some new fun in this big ol’ mansion of yours. So, whadda’ ya’ say?”

“Lead on Master Nick. You do, do that so well. Will you please tie my legs up like that again, like they were before? I liked that.”

“I can do that for a woman like you”

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