A Unique Gigolo

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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© Copyright 2020 - Walt A.K.A. Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; rom; bond; rope; crotchrope; cane; gag; slave; oral; cons; XX

All characters are fictitious and any similarities to any persons, living or dead are purely coincidental.

Continues from

Part Two

Claire looked at me and asked, “May I examine my mother’s bonds, please, Sir?”

“Sure, but don’t disturb her. She’s in the zone and that’s a happy place for her.”

“She just looks drunk to me Sir.”

“Well, yes, she’s a little intoxicated, but for the most part, she’s happy being restrained like that and is in what we call a meditative state commonly called sub-space. She’s bound and gagged, can’t go anywhere, do anything, and she doesn’t even have to say anything. That’s a freedom she doesn’t usually have. She knows I’m watching out for her, so she’s just floating in a happy place of no worries and no responsibilities. Savannah really likes being out of control. She’s comfortable in this bondage and could stay like this for a very long time with no ill effects. When I carry her back up to her bedroom, I will massage the areas that I know will stiffen up, further relaxing her until she passes out and sleeps for a while. We talked about it earlier, and Savannah misses being able to sleep while totally restrained. She told me she used to have beautiful dreams sleeping while tied up and when she wakes up snuggling with someone she trusts, it makes her happy. How long has it been since she’s been happy, Claire? How long has it been since she could let go of her frustration, her anger, her responsibilities and just feel like a woman?”

“Probably too long, Sir.”

“Right now, her brain chemistry is swamped with neurotransmitters like endorphin-Bs, oxytocin, and others like dopamine and norepinephrine, just to name a few. She feels like a loved and appreciated woman, very feminine and desired. Who goes through this much trouble to give her that gift anymore? Your father introduced her to this before you were born, and then abandoned her for younger models when she had you and your sisters. I’m quite infatuated with her and want to do these things to her because it excites me that she wants what I have to offer. This is not work for me. This is a labor of love. I am very stimulated doing this to her. I like it, for my own reasons.”

“You mean that if I wrote you a check, right now, for a million dollars, no five million dollars and asked you to leave you wouldn’t take it and go?”

“No, I wouldn’t. I’d tell you to turn that money over to our homeless veterans or give it to organizations that gave service dogs to our veterans.”

“Why would you give up that kind of money?”

“Because I don’t need it. I have enough of my own money to put a roof over my head, food on my table and pay the other bills I have. I teach bondage on the side, and I have a healthy sex life with women that like the bondage I tie on them. I don’t need that kind of money. I don’t get off on the bigger, newer, fancier man-toys that others measure their dicks by. I don’t need to have the biggest dick in the crowd. I just need a dick that works, and your mother makes my dick work, with little to no effort. I’m just not an avaricious kind of guy. I can afford the toys I want, and I’m happy and satisfied with my life. I have good friends and worthwhile enemies. A man is measured by both. Right now, here, with Savannah, I can enjoy myself fulfilling a need for a good woman, making her smile and enjoy life again, by showing her that not all men are evil and self-serving. I like doing this to her. This is fun for me. She likes me doing this to her. Why would I want more than I have?”

Claire got up, left the room and came back with one of those large company checkbooks. She sat down at the table and wrote out a check for ten-million dollars, US, detached it and handed it to me. I took the pen away from her, rather forcefully, growled under my breath and wrote across the check, in bold letters; GIVE THIS TO OUR VETERANS. 

I untied Savannah from the chair. Scooping her up in my arms, I carried her up to her room. Still out of it, she snuggled up as much as she could while I had her in my arms and made happy little sounds through her gag. Laying her on her bed, I did exactly what I told Claire I would do. As I massaged her, she came back to the world and moaned through her gag. I removed it and we made out for a long time. She tried touching me with her bound hands and whimpered when all she could do was rub them against me. My hands were all over her body. My infantile fascination with her tits was like a young man feeling up his prom date. This retrospect thrilled me, and Savannah was getting very excited being mauled and petted like this. Her encouragements were slurred, but totally unmistakable. She ground her pelvis against her crotch-rope and wriggled every part of her body as much as the ropes allowed, straining against the ropes just to feel their embrace along with mine. After a while, her efforts lessened and eventually she just went limp. I continued to stroke and pet her with no intent other than to soothe her as she drifted into a deep sleep. Taking my clothes off, I locked the door, threw the safety bar and crawled into bed with her. I smiled as I held her under the covers. I was happy.

Waking up as Savannah squirmed around trying to kiss me all over started my day off in the most delightful way. I pulled her up and we continued to make out like we had last night. She giggled a lot and tried to squirm down towards my hard-on. When I pulled her up again, she looked at me with bright eyes, misty with happy tears.

“Master, I am so sore, but I feel so wonderful that all I can think of is you. May I enjoy that magnificent hard-on with my mouth? I so want to return the favor of your gift this morning?”

“Not that I don’t enjoy morning blow-jobs, but I should untie you.”

“May I make a suggestion?”

“Of course. I’m still going to untie you, and after a shower, I’ll have you change into another stimulating outfit for me, that will inspire me to tie you up again. Sound good?”

“Few things would please me more, but behind that door over there is a very luxurious hot tub. May we soak for a while before we take that shower together. I am very sore.”

“I’ll go turn it on. Will you do me a favor?”

“Anything my lord and master.”

“Wait right here and talk to no one but me.”

It was another cheap joke, but Savannah giggled again.

While I waited for the water to heat up, I untied Savannah’s legs, took her heels off and peeled the hose off her legs. Before I untied her crotchrope, I picked up a leg and began to massage her foot. 

Savannah threw her head back and said, “Who needs a Jacuzzi when you do that to me. I’m going back to sleep now Master,” and she giggled some more. I applied my acupressure skills to the soles of her feet and with her still bound arms thrown over her head she laughed and whimpered and used her language skills to tell me she loved me in several different languages. I smiled.

After removing the rest of her bondage, she shrugged off the sweater dress and staggered into the hot tub. I got us each a couple of cans of pineapple juice, that were still cold and followed her in.

“As your doctor,” I said, “I recommend two of these and 30 minutes in this therapeutic pool, followed by a shower. You stink like a rangy old call-girl.”

“You should talk,” and she laughed. “Oh, master, I am so sore. You really put me through the ringer yesterday.”

“And after a shower, breakfast and a costume change, I’m going to do it to you again. Maybe a little differently this time, but ropes will be involved.”

“What do you want to see me wear for you my lord and master?”

“I like seeing your legs. Don’t get me wrong, your breasts are magnificent and as you can tell, I enjoy playing with them, but I am fascinated by your legs, especially in high heels.”

“You are? I think they’re fat, and my butt …”

“No self-disparaging comments woman. I like seeing them, feeling them, tying them and then I want more of the same. I’ll get to those tits later, but hose and heels are a necessity for my happiness.”

“Then hose and heels it will be. I intend to keep you happy my lord and master, so you’ll stick around and keep me tied and ravaged for your wicked, wicked ways. You will stick around and keep me bound, gagged, beat and ravaged, won’t you? I’d really like it if you would.”

“Yea, I ain’t going nowhere, even if your daughter is trying to get rid of me. I like you, and I can see that growing into a deeper affection quickly. I like tying you and being with you. You make me happy.”

“How much did she offer you to go home?”

“Ten-million, US. I told her to give it to our vets. They need it. I don’t.”

“Master, I have to confess, that that was my idea. Yesterday, I told her to make you an offer. I’m sorry. Forgive me please?”

Pulling her into my arms, I kissed her and said, “There’s nothing to forgive. You have the power to order me back to my place, but I’m having fun while I’m here. Do you realize what a blessing this is for me? If you were just some old harridan hiring a gigolo to tie you up, then my Spidey-senses would have picked up on that, and by now I’d have thanked you for the ride and been on my way. I get the feeling that you need someone like me as much as I want someone like you. You’re beautiful, intelligent and you sate my desires for a woman that appreciates what I have to offer. I offer you educated and experienced BDSM. I offer you my loyalty and my heart. I’m not an avaricious man. You can’t put a price on what we could have together. Well, you could if you lined up ‘every’ kinky call-girl ‘in the world’, but that’s quantity, not quality. You’re quality. I need you to believe that I like ‘you’.

“I thought this through while petting your helpless body yesterday, and from what you’ve told me, you could pull the plug on this to teach another ‘man’ the error of his ways. You have valid reasons for punishing my gender. More often than you could imagine I’m ashamed of the specimens of ‘manhood’ out there. Women have always been right, telling men that we think with our dicks. Most do. But I’m hoping you aren’t that cruel and malicious. I’m hoping you’ll take a chance on me. You don’t strike me as a dyed-in-the-wool man-hater. I know many that are, and the ranks of the feminist left, and the lesbian clone-club swell with their hatred and rhetoric about my gender. From what you’ve said, you were just wronged by the man that turned you on to all of this. But know this for a fact. I’m not him. Savannah, we could have happy times together. What do you say? Give ‘us’ a chance.”

“I have some very short and very tight disco shorts that Claire thought you would like to see me in. With the right heels, and some pantyhose of course, they show a lot of leg for your appreciation. Do you think something like that would inspire you to tie me up again?”

“Glad that that’s settled.”

She’d put on some seamed, light brown hose and a pair of red pumps with five-inch heels. These shoes had crossing straps over her insteps, showed a lot of toe-cleavage and had three straps around her ankles. After stringing her up to the bed posts again, I fitted a black corset with red brocade on her over her red disco shorts and showed her what torso extension did when I tightened up her corset the correct way. Obviously, Savannah was not used to this method of putting on a corset.

“Oh My God Nick, I can barely breathe. I’ll bet you took an extra inch off of what I normally tighten this down to. This is really restrictive. I like it.”

I handed her a sheer, black, demi-cup bra and then chose a red pullover tank-top with a low, square-cut neckline for her to wear over it.

Find a white kerchief to wear around your neck. That’ll make a nice pin-up look.”

“Master, after breakfast, what are we going to do today?”

“We can’t do all of our playing in this bedroom, so I want to explore your humble abode and find new places to tie you up.”

“That sounds like fun. I won’t give it away, but I know the perfect place.”

“You know I have ways of making you talk,” I said in that cheesy Hollywood accent of the villains we all laugh at.

“And I’m looking forward to all of them, Sir Nick, my lord and master.”

Her chef made me a plateful of food that was aromatic, delicious and bad for my cholesterol. Savannah drank one of those green smoothies that was healthy for her. Realizing that I had some rope in my pockets, but nothing to gag her with, I sent Savannah back up to the bedroom to fetch both gagging material and more rope. Deciding I wanted a costume change, I followed her up a few minutes later and was surprised with what I found.

On the bed were my riding crop, the pussy whip, all five sets of nipple clamps and all the rest of the rope. Savannah was standing next to this array trying to figure out the way the straps of the harness penis-gag would entrap her head. She actually jumped when she turned and saw me staring at her.

“Master, I’ve wanted something like this in my mouth since I kept dreaming about it last night, and since you are being so mean to me and depriving me of your beautiful manhood to suck on, I was wondering what this would feel like in my mouth. May I? Also, I found some things that you didn’t use on me yesterday, and well, I was wondering if we could play with them today. They do look very interesting.”

Smiling, I said, “Bring it over here my dear.”

After kissing her, I fitted it into her mouth and began buckling the straps around her head, adjusting them for a firm, snug fit. Savannah played with it for a few and then her wide and twinkling eyes said what she couldn’t.

“Originally, I came up to get you to change into something else. Show me what you have in a very lacy, black, see-thru dress.” 

Going to her closet I picked up the crop and swatted her butt to give her a little encouragement. Savannah squeaked, wriggled and giggled as she came up with a long-sleeved, mid-thigh lace dress with a deep V-neckline and held it against herself for my approval.

“Now, do you have any opera-length black leather gloves and some boots with a six-inch stiletto heel?”

Laying the dress on the bed, she retrieved the gloves from a drawer, showing me that she also had long leather gloves in deep red and crème colors. From her shoe closet she produced three different pairs of boots that fit my general description. I chose the ones that pulled on and had a flap at the top that she could pull down over her knee to make them look like pirate’s boots. Knowing I would have her on her knees today, I figured a padded flap would be a nice treat for her knees.

As I began stripping her, I told her that she would also need a tote bag to carry her ropes and toys around for us. She smiled with her eyes and nodded, humming assent passed the phallus in her mouth. I decided to leave her corset on, but even though I liked the demi-cup bra, it went on the discard pile. After laying out the nipple clamps it wasn’t hard to figure out what she wanted, and that bra, no matter how skimpy would just be in the way.

“I want you in a double layer of crotchless pantyhose again. The inner pair can be any color, but I want the outer pair to have a fishnet pattern. No panties today my dear. You will become intimate with your crotch-rope. I also want you to put your gloves on before you put this little black dress on.”

She nodded and did as she was told. I whistled and smiled at the way she looked in this new outfit. She turned, put both of her hands on the bed, locked her knees and stuck her butt up in the air. When I tapped her with the flat of the crop, she looked over her shoulder and nodded vigorously. I lifted the hem of her LBD up and touched her ass, giving it playful squeezes. 

“Each one is going to burn like the fires of hell, white hot and incendiary. Your safe word for this is standing up straight. If you assume this butt-up pose, I will know that you want another one. I know you said no safety net, but I imagine it’s been a while since you’ve felt a hard caning from a man that knows how to deliver one, so I am giving you an out, at least until you get used to them again. Understood?”

Savannah just stuck her butt a little further in the air and wagged it back and forth for my attentions by flexing first one knee and then the other. I took careful aim and delivered her first cane impact in a quarter of a century.

Savannah jumped straight up, started prancing around and her immediate reaction was to crawl forward on the bed. Ten seconds or so after the impact, she howled into her gag and held her hands over her butt, kneeling straight up and arching her back. It took her a few moments to accept the pain, crawl back off the bed, lift her hem and resume her butt up position. She looked over her shoulder and nodded.

I had targeted the first strike just below the safe line. If you draw an imaginary line from hip bone to hip bone, caring sadists strike below this line so as not to push the radiated pain into her sacrum. The glutarals can take a fair amount of pain, but the spine can’t. You never want to injure a willing bottom, and I was deliberate with the impact I’d laid on her ass.

The second strike was placed less than an inch below the first one, and I used just as much force. Savannah stood straight up, threw her head back, howled, arched her back and did a little running in place. After some minor arm flailing and self-restraint to keep from rubbing her ass, she assumed the position. Looking over her shoulder again, she lifted her hem and nodded.

The third, fourth and fifth impacts were targeted across the crown of her ass, which is the meatiest part of her butt. Her reactions were dramatic, but the endorphins were beginning to flood through her system and the shock of that type of pain was somewhat easier to accept. However, the sixth impact went across her ‘sweet-spot’, which was actually below her ass cheeks at the very top of her thighs. Her reactions told me that she’d had enough. 

Actually, Savannah jumped when I hit her sweet-spot, turned and plopped her butt down on the bed to hide it from any more impacts, but as soon as she did, she jumped straight up into the air and turned to look at the bed like it had bit her. I’d seen that play out before, and I found it amusing because it was always like one of those Acme springboards that shot Wile E Coyote up and away from the roadrunner. This time she rubbed her butt and then fell to her knees to hug me.

I stroked her hair; told her she was a brave girl and that I wouldn’t hit her anymore. It seemed to me that women always liked to hear that audible confirmation. I’ve known women that could take many more strikes with a cane like this, but they were real masochists. This was a first for Savannah in a very long time, and I had been hitting her with a thin steel rod. I pulled her up into my arms, pulled out and used my handkerchief to dab at her tears and hugged her. Naturally, it quickly dawned on her that she needed to look at the angry marks I’d placed on her butt, so she went to her dressing mirror, pulled her short dress up and gingerly ran her fingers over the welts, looking over both shoulders to make sure that they looked the same from both sides.

Not being my first caning, or even my hundredth, I knew approximately how hard I could hit her without splitting her skin. Each welt was a thin ugly double-furrow of purple, but there was no blood. She would bruise up nicely, in a variety of colors and sit down with a little extra care for the day, but Savannah was fine. She had a healthy endorphin buzz going for her and I could tell she was trying to smile, even though most of it was hidden by the straps of her gag. Many women had always told me that after a good caning, they’d felt a level of pride that they could take the pain and go on with their day. Savannah was no exception.

Using several pieces of rope, I tied her arms behind her in a box tie, making sure I paid extra attention to her tits as I wound the rope around her. For good measure, I tied a non-slip noose around her neck as a collar, leaving several feet of rope for a lead. Savannah stood up tall as I did this for her.

Dangling from my hand, the lead seemed forgotten as she led the way towards the back of her mansion, through several heavy wooden doors and finally up a flight of circular stairs to a round, gazebo-like room at one end of her house. It was large, maybe thirty feet or more in diameter, with a high open beamed, domed ceiling and floor to ceiling windows going about half of the way around the room. With push bar latches at the top, middle and bottom, every other window opened up onto a wide, polished wood deck. Huge retractable awnings shielded this sundeck and the view was magnificent, looking across a sloping valley of wildflowers into the lush green foothills well over a mile away. It was magical.

I stripped the gag off of Savannah, threw it on the floor and with a hand on both sides of her face I kissed her. Kissing me back, the little noises she made told me she was happy and proud to have shown me something I liked.

“You were right, this is the perfect place. This, is our new playroom.”

There were some built-in shelves around the walls, two antique armoires, an antique roll-top desk by the door, and the only other piece of furniture in the room was a rocking chair, positioned in the center of the room.

“This is my inner sanctum, my lord and master. I come up here to be alone and think. I think this would be a marvelous room to share our mutual love of BDSM. It’s a little sparse, for now, but you can decorate it any way you’d like. It would make me happy to give all of me, to you, in this room.”

“Well, in that case, I need to sit on your throne, and you need to suck on my dick until I scald the back of your throat.”

“That would make me a very happy woman, Master Nick. I can’t think of a better way to christen our new playroom. May I ask a favor first though?”

“Sure. What’s on your mind?”

“Would you untie my arms and then retie them so that my elbows are tightly tied together. I imprinted on this way to properly service a man and it would excite me much more than this box tie ever could. Please? It would mean a lot to me for this ceremonial first blowjob.”

A woman, any woman asking me to tie her elbows together behind her back makes me smile. I untied Savannah’s box tie, using this opportunity to thoroughly maul her tits. When her arms were free, I let her take all of my clothes off of me. Considering I was already hard, the cargo pants took some wrangling, but they were folded and laid to the side. Naked, I sat in the rocker.

Kneeling with her back to me, I tied her wrists together behind her and then I tied her elbows together. For this tie, I made wide wraps above her elbows and brought them together as I held her forearms tightly against one another. Her arms were welded together behind her. I tied a shoulder harness on her, but only made a single cinch through the ropes on her upper arms, which was just enough to keep them from slipping down. With another rope, I started just above the rope holding her wrists tied, and wound rope all the way up her forearms, tying it off just under her elbow bonds, but I did not cinch this wrap. Savannah moaned at how tight this was, but the other sounds and mumbled words she uttered were very encouraging, telling me how much she wanted this type of severe restriction. To add my own personal touch to this, I made wraps around her hands and tied these off to the cinch on her wrist ropes. I started to add more ropes but decided that this was enough.

Savannah crawled around until she was facing me, looked up, smiled and then went to work on my dick. Kissing it up and down it’s length, she licked it like a popsicle and then after kissing the tip, enveloped it completely, deep throating my entire hard-on and just holding it in her mouth as her lips touched the base. 

Throwing my head back I said, “Oh, yea,” and smiled.

Using her tongue, she explored my nerve endings as she slowly pulled her head back. Her technique was slow and sensual as she enjoyed my hard dick. Neither sloppy nor careless, she was in no hurry to make me come, although I could tell she could easily bring me to orgasm with her skills. Savannah was happy, and it showed. I told her a couple of times to increase her suction but for the most part I let her natural hunger for this form of communion run its course. 

My fingertips played with her hair, combing through its length. I was never one to slam a woman’s mouth down on my hard-on since I had been introduced to a blowjob by a very learned cocksucker in my twenties. Now I just appreciated the efforts and encouraged the woman with verbal commands that made me just a little happier.

When Savannah was starting to get tired, she worked her tongue around in ways that got me to white-knuckle the arms of the rocker, arch my back and splash my seed against the back of her throat. Savannah never lost a drop. I went off into my own little world of deep satisfaction as she used her lips and tongue to clean off my crotch.

“Thank you, Master Nick. You are just the right size for my mouth. This brought back the happy memories of a young girl just learning how to satisfy a man she wanted to please.”

“And you did indeed please me, Savannah. My mind just ranked you in that glorious category of ‘world-class cocksucker’. You know I choose my words carefully, and I’m only a vulgarian when the time is right, and in my mind, that is a high compliment. Thank you,” and I smiled.

“Like I said Nick, my lord and master that’s delightfully and deliciously vulgar, I am very oral. I will gladly accept the compliment and continue to serve you in that way any time you’ll let me. You taste good, and like I said, you’re the perfect size for my mouth. The man who taught me how to suck cock was bigger than you and that always caused me problems. Although I tried to accommodate him, it didn’t thrill me like sucking on your beautiful member did. I wanna’ keep you. You tie me up just right, you are surprisingly skilled at giving me the type of pain I want, and you taste good. That’s what I call a well-balanced diet,” and Savannah laughed, smiling with her eyes.

Pulling her into my arms I kissed her, pushing her up against the wall and pinning her with my body. As our tongues danced together, she shivered and broke away long enough to say, “And you kiss me afterwards, even with the taste of your cum still in my mouth.”

“Yea, I like kissing you. Listen, I’ve heard of such nonsense before, and if I didn’t love myself enough to taste me, on your breath, then how could I ever love anyone else. It’s so far from being homophobic that it’s not even sane. Your lips make mine feel good, and I want more, so shush woman, pucker up and kiss me, or I won’t beat you anymore.”

Savannah and I made-out for a long time. With a hand in her hair and my other hand’s fingers buried in her pussy, she came under my probing touch and then shuddered hard when I grabbed the fresh bruises on her ass. Her mouth got hungry when I juiced up her endorphins again and her nipples were so flinty hard, I had to pay them some attention. I went over, pulled my pants on and then dug deep for some nipple-clamps. 

Savannah held her breath and got up on her tiptoes, even in those high heeled boots as I placed each one on her and tightened the adjustment screw down so they had a good bite to them.

I tilted my head and she saw the concern in my eyes as I looked at the expression on her face.

“Master Nick, I’m a little lost in memories and sentimentalities at the moment. My old master used to use nipple-clamps as punishments. Now, my mind knows that you don’t mean them like that, but with all of the memories flooding through me after that blow job, feeling them dangling from me is just difficult to compare with your style versus his. I’m sorry, I should just accept you as you are because he no longer matters, but it’s just, well, - - - I just wanted you to know what I was experiencing, that’s all.”

“Nonsense, you’re doing exactly what I want you to do. I want, no need you to tell me what’s in your heart, right when it affects you. I won’t take these nipple-clamps off of you, because from me, they are not punishments. From me, they’re measured pain to help pump up those endorphins you seem so fond of. We, together, need to work past your memories and work toward enjoying each other in the here and now. If I ever need to, there will be no doubt in your mind that I am punishing you. Understood?”

“I love that you talk to me like that, and not at me. I love being able to be so open with you. You don’t judge, you accept and work with me to make things better. Claire says you’re pedantic and blather a lot when you teach, but here with me you say just the right things at just the right time. You make me happy Nick, my lord and master, and I hope you’ll stay with me for a while.”

“Just for a while?” 

“For a long while actually. Everything they dug up and reported about you is turning out to be accurate and I am convinced I’ve found the rigger and disciplinarian that I wanted and asked for. Do you think you could put your other life on hold for a while to make a lonely woman happy again? I’ll try to make you happy too. Please?”

“Hmmm, let’s see. The squirrels in my yard will like the tomatoes I’ll be leaving them, and I can always just hire someone to do lawn maintenance. I never did sing all that well, so I guess the church I go to can survive without another tone-deaf sinner. I’ll send them my tithing in the mail, so they’ll be happy. I guess if I tie you up and throw you in the corner then I can get my writing done. I might have to gag you though.”

Savannah giggled.

“Maybe hogtied and gagged, lying at your feet my lord and master,” she asked coyly?

“Yea, I like the sound of that,” and we both laughed.

“Maybe, if I got you an iMac and put it on that desk over there for you, you could do your writing there. If you’ll allow it, I could put a soft throw rug close by for you to hogtie me on.”

“You’ll have to make it a dark fur, to offset that beautiful white skin of yours, and I’m thinking a nice steamer trunk close by to keep a good supply of ropes and gagging materials in to use on you. What do you think about that?”

“I’ll buy us a big one, with those metal bands going all the way around it. Like a pirate’s treasure chest for all my cherished and treasured ropes. Then you can fill it with everything you want to use on this body of mine to make it helpless for your pleasure. I …”

“For ‘our’ pleasure. If you’re not enjoying being tied up, then it’s not worth my time to tie you.”

“Definitely for ‘our’ pleasure Master Nick. I don’t think I can tell you how much I get out of feeling you lay your ropes on my skin and tighten them up to make me helpless to your merciless torments of my body. I love that so much. Laying hogtied at your feet while you create those stories of yours sounds very delicious to me. Squirming around to feel your ropes. Rolling onto my side so I can look up at you being all creative. The thought of that makes me smile like a kid on Christmas morning. Would you also tie me in a chair right next to you sometimes? Please?”

“I think I’d enjoy having you give me a female’s perspective for the BDSM stories I write for fun. What a marvelous inspiration that would be. Tell me, would you prefer to be a ghost writer or would you want a by-line in my stories?”

“Well, you know Master Nick, the few extra pennies a by-line would get me might keep the wolves away from the door,” and she laughed.

“Then a by-line it shall be. We will need to keep you well supplied with high heels and pantyhose. Let’s just hope we have enough rope.”

“Oh, Master Nick, we will most definitely have enough rope around here. They will wonder why I am ordering it by the mile, in every style, thickness, type and color. I want to feel it all. I want to be dressed in rope; in all the pretty colors they will dye it for me. I want my face next to the definition of ‘rope-slut’ when they look it up in the dictionary.”

“Okay, let’s put our heads together and outfit this room. We have your dark rug, and you have your hope-chest slash pirate’s chest in your mind. I’ll let you find that piece. We’ll have to find you just the right chair to tie you to. One that is sized just right so your arms will be comfortable when I pull them over the back or around the sides and tie them. It will need to be solid and heavy so you can squirm and wriggle around in. It’ll need rungs underneath it to tie your ankles to, and it’ll need a pad, so you don’t get a flat butt by sitting in it for so long. Do you think you can find something like that?”

“I’ll give Claire the parameters and measurements and have her hire someone to find this stuff for us. I want to stay here and be tied up by you.”

“I can get behind that. So, what else does your mind’s-eye see for our playroom?”

“We’ll need a bed and a refrigerator.”

“What size?”

“I just had an idea, Master Nick. I kind of want to keep this playroom a bit on the rustic side, so, I was just thinking, what if I had a contractor install a dumb waiter for us? That way we could just call down to the kitchen if we wanted something, and no one would have to come up here to stock the place for us. Once we get this place set up, it could just be for the two of us.”

“I like that idea. I could set up motion detectors up on the stairs and in the room below us so we would know if anyone was snooping on us. Once the door downstairs was locked behind us and the door alarmed, we would know that we were all alone. I like the idea of your staff knowing about and accepting what we do to amuse ourselves, but I also like to be alone with you.”

“Yes, I have a bit, albeit a small bit of exhibitionism in me, but even with the best of staff, it’s fun to just be alone together. Claire’s going to be a problem eventually. She’s already wanting to watch. She says it’s so she can learn, but I suspect it’s a bit more than idle curiosity.”

“I may have a stop-gap solution for her. I do have a couple of protégés.”

“You do?”

“Right now, they’re doing private security work alongside our military. Both are working in Afghanistan, but they aren’t glued there. I’d bet they’d be open to a relatively comparable job, especially if it means getting shot at less than they’re getting shot at right now. I’ll give your investigators all of their particulars and you can see if you trust them enough to bring them back to become a part of your household staff. I think either or both of them would be a good addition to your security force. Both have more than paid their dues. I trust them and they both have a deeply kinky side that I mentored for years. I know what they can do to a willing woman. I trained both of them. One or both of them might be good for Claire. Both are good men, dominant without being thoughtless or malicious, but we’d have to see if there’s any chemistry. I’m sure you’d like to find a good match for your curious little girl.”

“She’s so submissive that I’m almost afraid of what will become of my little girl when a strong dominant get’s his hands on her, much less two. I do want her taught the right way, so she can explore the joys of this lifestyle.”

“I really don’t want to teach Claire, for a myriad of reasons. One, I want to spend all of my time and energy with you. Not you ‘and’ your daughter. Two, she’s nice and all, but she doesn’t excite me to just look at the way you do.”

“I do?”

“Yea. Statuesque women in ropes and heels excites the hell out of me. Meek little mousy types can have a healthy, deep-seated libido that can be decorated in kink all day and all night, but they don’t even come close in a side by side comparison. I knew I was going to have fun with you the moment I looked up those steps by the pond out there and saw you posing on the top stair. My mind was already wrapping ropes around your body before we ever greeted one another. I like most women, but in the back of my mind, I do have a type, and you’re it lady.”

“I am? Oh, Master Nick that makes me all warm and gooey hearing you say that. I really like hearing you say that about me. Strong, intelligent, and capable dominants that know what they want and take it without being a bully about it turns me on. I guess we make a good pair, huh?”

“Yep, and that’s why I don’t want Claire diluting the chemistry we have now and are developing. However, the more I think about it, the more I hope my friends pass muster with your second daughter and her merry band of investigators. Neither one of them are saints, but I can vouch for the fact that they are not evil men with ulterior motives. Sure, they’re both more than a little rough around the edges, but Claire’s a bright girl and being from your loins, I’m sure she can hold her own. They might be just what she needs.”

“And you trained them,” Savannah asked incredulously?

Snickering, I grinned and said, “Yep. They both got the full tour of the World-According-to-Nick rock-‘n’-roll revival show. We spent a week in Vegas one time, hunting and, well, we added another chapter to the annals of debauchery that will be remembered for years. Like I said, I know what they can do to a willing woman, and Claire could do a lot worse. When I get back to my computer, I’ll send you their digits, so #2 daughter can do her thing.”

“You mean there’s more out there like you,” she asked all wide-eyed?

“It is the duty of the old to pass their experience and wisdom on to the next generation. I passed my torch on to these two, so I’m recommending them for your consideration.”

“You could just give me their full names and the company they work for. Second daughter, as you call her, has real smart computers at her disposal. For the record, her name is Siobhan, and my youngest is Rebecca.”

“Always liked the name Siobhan. Tell her their names are Daniel Angus Netherford and Jonathan Quinton Augustus Smith. Both served in the same Ranger outfit and both are in their late 30s. That should give those smart computers enough to chew on so Siobhan can give mom two new dossiers.”

“I’ll tell her. Yea, we named Claire after the ex’s mother, and I named our second after my mom, and Rebecca got her name pulled out of the hat. Literally. I printed out a long list of names, cut them up and then just pulled one out of a container. I picked Rebecca.”

“You’ll have to show me the family album sometime, but in the meantime, what size bed do you think would fit in this room?”

“You choose my lord and master. I want to hear how you would fill our bondage and discipline room.”

“I’m thinking a Queen size will do. You have that California King in your bedroom, but in here we need room for other things. When those contractors put in the dumb waiter, I want a bondage pole right about here. I want it to be very sturdy, made from thin but sturdy polished hardwood. It should be thin enough so that I can tie your arms together behind it, but stout enough for you to strain against during a good whipping. You’ll be responsible for finding an appropriate pillow for your knees. As I’m sure you read in your report, I have a bit of a fetish for getting head after I whip a woman.”

“I saw that and that’s one of the things that excited me too. I got quite a thrill seeing how many fetishes we have in common, and that one gave me a full body shiver when I read it. You now know how oral I can be, and I do love a beating from a man when he’s doing it out of love and not for a punishment. I think you could reawaken the masochist in me. I like the aftereffects and how they let my whole body know I’m truly alive and loved. The next time you cane me, I think I could take a couple of more.”

“You know the formula. Sticking your beautiful butt up in the air and wagging it back and forth for my attention will get you another slice. Kneeling down and burying your face in my groin and I’ll know you’ve had enough.”

“Thank you, Master Nick. I can do that,” and Savannah giggled.

“We’ll have to fill these armoires up with just the right outfits, and you’ll need something for your foldables.”

“That’s a no-brainer my lord and master. What else should we have brought up here?”

“Considering I like watching a woman getting all pretty for me, I want a lady’s dressing table up here, along with a full three-sided dressing mirror, properly lit of course. In fact, what do you think of this idea? I like looking at you so much, I want mirrors on the walls, all the way around the room. I want them covered with fold out panels, and the panels should have erotic artwork on them, all of a BDSM nature, but I want to be able to uncover them and look at your bound and gagged image anywhere I look and from every different angle. I try to make my bondage artful and erotic, and your body excites me, so I want to look at how one offsets the other.”

“Oh, Master Nick, I love that idea. Being able to watch you tie me up is very exciting. That sounds wonderful. What else would excite you?”

“I guess with this addition, we won’t need the standup dressing mirrors. We’ll need a special bondage chair. In the dungeon I taught at, there’s this metal chair, with a very high narrow back. Now the surprising thing about this chair is that right under the seat of the chair is a small platform at just the right height for a candle. Putting a lit candle on that little platform will eventually heat up the seat of that metal chair and give the butt of the woman I tie to that chair some interesting sensations.”

“Oh, Master Nick, that gives me shivers just thinking about that. Is this a good chair for bondage, if the back is so high that a woman can’t put her arms over the back?”

“Savannah, this chair was made for bondage. The frame is made out of square stock to be solid and sturdy. The seat is diamond plate. The back has rungs for different attachments, and behind them is some extruded metal grating giving this chair hundreds of places to anchor rope to, for the very intricate webbing ties. Everything is sanded smooth so that stockings don’t snag and run. The one I’m telling you about even has plates on each leg so you can bolt it to the floor.”

“I’m going to send someone out to this dungeon just to get a picture of this chair so I can have it duplicated for us, here.”

“Considering the brain is the biggest sex organ in our body, I was looking at the chair and thinking one night and got this very devious idea.”

“Tell me Master Nick, please?”

“You said the thought of a candle heating your butt up gave you the shivers, so I want you to think of the opposite side of that coin for a moment.”

“Okay, - - - oh, if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, …”

“That’s right my lovely, the opposite of heat is cold. If I were to put a block of dry ice on that little platform, considering that metal conducts cold just like it conducts heat, then the seat of that metal chair would cool down, giving your butt just the opposite sensations. That should really give you a shiver thinking about it.”

“My oh my, how your mind works. I love it. I’m thinking of a hot summer’s day, sweating from a good workout with you and then being tied to a cold steel chair, that’s getting colder all the time and squirming for the warmth of your hands on this body of mine. Well, that kind of sounds delightful.”

Pulling more rope from my pocket, I tied a snug crotch-rope on Savannah. She made happy little sounds as I did, and then loudly announced the pain she felt as I took off the nipple-clamps that she’d almost forgotten about. While she squirmed and shook those magnificent tits back and forth, I unbuckled my pants and took them off again.

“All this talk has gotten me all excited again.”

“I can see that my lord and master. What shall we do about that?”

“Well, I want to see if you can duplicate that mind-blowing blow job again, or if that was just a one off. Having come just a while ago, I know I’ll be a little more long-winded this time, so are you up to the task at hand?”

“Nothing would please me more my lord and master.”

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