A Unique Gigolo

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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© Copyright 2020 - Walt A.K.A. Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; tease; rom; cons; X

All characters are fictitious and any similarities to any persons, living or dead are purely coincidental.

Continues from

Part Four

“You’re wearing me out woman,” I said hanging off the overstuffed sofa in the common area of the patio by the pool. I knew my speech was a bit slurred, but I could understand it. I even understood Savannah when she muttered her reply, although she was really drunk.

“Well then, my masher wif da’ beyooteeful penish, you’ll jush have to tie me up soooo tight tha’ I can’t jump your bones again, gag me sho I can’t suck tha’ cum outta’ your balls and spank my big ol’ round butt ‘til it’sh too sore to back inta’ ya’ wiff speshific intent, and then I’ll be workin’, I’ll beya workin’ them ropes to reach ‘round to gives youzha hand-job.”

“Well, if I shed no to an offer like that, then I musht’ve misunderstood the intent.”

The bad part of that was that both of us were too tired, and almost too drunk at the moment to do anything more than talk about it. Our latest love making session had been an acrobatic act on the back of the sofa, leaving Savannah draped over the back and doing an amazing job of balancing on the back of the sofa with one arm and one leg hanging on one side and the other arm and leg on the other. I’d fallen off the back and was sprawled half off the seat and halfway on the floor. My head spun and I wondered why everything was upside down. We’d drank a significant amount of the Macallan 25, swapping lies about the bondage adventures we’d each experienced.

The way she told the story about being so tightly tied to a tree that she couldn’t move, even when a rattlesnake curled up almost right at her feet, was hilarious, until she kept telling me ‘No, it was real, it did, it really did, it happened, and I was so scared, and Phil wouldn’t do anything about it for fear it would bite either him or me’. That just made me laugh all the harder. With those images spinning in my head I must have passed out.

Thousands of miles away in the Virginia countryside, Siobhan Amethyst Parker-Webster was reading about the two men her mother had wanted her to do a deep dive on. She had the hard copy ready for her mother and taking a break, she was studying her tablet while relaxing on her sofa. Her position with PEPDIN, or the Planetary and Extra-Planetary Defense Initiative Network didn’t seem to closely regulate the searches she did using their computer network. Siobhan held a top analyst position and was well liked by her superiors.

Jonathan Quentin Augustus Smith was interesting, and she was as sure as a sister can get that he would be the one Claire-bear would latch onto. That is unless he blew the introduction and there was absolutely no chemistry. His background was squeaky clean, so no red flags there. His photos showed him to be an attractive man, lean yet muscular, with short brown hair and clear blue eyes. Apparently, he stayed in shape through martial arts. He was a black belt in four different styles, all listed as being very dangerous. The really interesting thing about this man was his natural bent for languages. He was fluent and literate in English, Spanish, French, German and Russian. His file also said he spoke Arabic, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese fluently, but was still learning to write these languages. He was also reported to be able to understand and respond passably in Yue and Wu Chinese, Tagalog, Pashtu and several eastern Asian dialects. He was highly sought after for his linguistic abilities. As the saying goes, it was a gift. Siobhan was sure that with his other reported kinky talents, learned from his mentor Nick, that he would easily charm the pants off of her big sis. She knew that Claire-bear was ready for a man in her life and this one might just be the one that was able to scratch that itch that she knew her big sis had.

Now, his partner in crime, as they say, was the one that caught Siobhan’s interest. Daniel Angus Netherford had served with Jonathan in the Rangers and used the fact that he looked like an over-muscled goon to fool most of the ones that knew him. He was 6’5” tall and weighed in at 252 pounds at his last official weigh-in. From other photos she guessed that he only had about 4% body fat and the rest was muscle, all of it workable, considering he was a Ranger. He had red hair that he kept buzz-cut short and hazel eyes that were mostly green with tinges of golden brown. Siobhan kept staring at his eyes as she ran her fingers over the hi-rez 8 x 10 blow-up of his photo.

What had her fascinated about this man was his alter-ego. Known for being somewhat of a hacker herself, she was shocked when her deep search revealed this man to be Sai-Kick-Sjambok, the notorious white-hat ghost-hacker that took down enemies of the USA with a skill that defied the normal thoroughness and efficiency of many other white-hats hackers. Dan Netherford had no oversight, no direction or official standing. He searched for black-hat hackers on his own and when he found someone trying to do evil to America, he crushed them with a malicious and almost sadistic efficiency. In the Army Rangers, his secondary MOS was as a mechanic, actually a 91F, small arms/artillery repairer, but for his country he was one of the real, unsung good-guys and only a very few knew who he was. This charmed and fascinated Siobhan. She wanted to meet this man and see the look in his eyes when she popped his cover. Because of this she’d put in for some of her accumulated vacation time and decided to meet him when her mother’s security force extricated him and Jonathan from LA. Smiling, she continued to pack some outfits that she thought might pique the interest of a man like him.

Siobhan had called for her mother’s Citation X. It had just transported some of her mother’s executives to DC and was in the area. Flying back to California in one of Cessna’s fastest private jets, she could spend just four hours in the air, arriving at the estate soon after these men were set down by her mother’s security forces. Smiling, she finished packing specific clothes for their meet, her mind on possible carnal endeavors with this muscle-bound genius hacker.

Claire found her mother curled up on the sofa by the pool, and her very naked lover sprawled on the floor between the sofa and the coffee table right next to her. She threw a couch cover over Nick and carefully woke her mother up. There was no mistaking that both of them had been drinking.

“Mother. Mother, it’s time to wake up. Yes, you have to. Nick’s friends are on the phone and they need to talk to him. I think you should wake him up. He’s a bit too naked for me.”

“Oh honey, don’t be so prudish. He won’t bite you. Me, almost definitely, but you’re safe with him.”

“Well okay, but, - - - here’s the phone.”

“Hello. Well, Hi. My name is Savannah, and I’m trying to wake Nick up right now. We were enjoying some scotch and he’s a bit out of it. Hang on just a moment, here he is.”

I was a little blurry, but when Savannah handed me the phone, reality and a quick adrenaline surge snapped me into sobriety.

“Hey guys, - - - oh, hi Jonny, what’s going on? - - - No, I’ve got both of you a helo ride out of town, so listen carefully, Bat, are your guys listening in, - - - good, - - - Bat is the security chief for the guys protecting my new lady. He’s (and I gave them a code phrase that told them I trusted Bat and his people.) - - - Yea, I’m going to let Bat give you some exfil coordinates. Get there as quickly as you can, and they’ll get you out of the area in their helicopter. - - - (Bat talked to them for a while and then I finished up the call with another short confirmation code phrase so they would be sure it was alright.) - - - Okay, I’ll see you when you get here. Mongoose out.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, what was all that nonsense about circus animals and archeological sites,” ask Savannah?

“Part of my training was for them to be sure of a situation even when I wasn’t right there to confirm it. I had to tell them, in my own way, that they could trust getting on a helicopter with your guys, and that they weren’t just jumping into the frying pan, with Kan-Du-It guys in disguise.”

“Then your training went beyond teaching them about how to please women and how to tie knots, is that correct?”

“I was originally trained in certain martial disciplines, as you were told about when you looked into my past. Part of that training extends to staying as safe as possible when all about you is going to hell. As my protégés, we have to stay personally safe if we expect to transfer a level of safety to the ones we play with. My students are on the run from a group of mercenaries, so they needed assurances that the ones I sent to aid in their rescue were not dangerous to them. I gave them those assurances by using the code phrases you just heard me use. I’m going on a gut feeling from the impression I got from Bat that I can put the lives of two of my friends in the hands of your security force. I know I trust you, and I got a good feeling from talking to Bat and the voices of his people I talked to earlier.”

“That makes sense. There really is more to you than meets the eye, isn’t there, my lord and master?”

“Yea, my past is a bit deeper than a scan can tell you about what is recorded about me, no matter how deep than scan is. In the next few weeks I’ll give you more and more of the real me, and that way you can decide if you want me to hang around, or not.”

“Oh, Nick, my head is spinning from what you’ve shown me so far, and I’m not talking about the aftereffects from the scotch. I’m falling for you, hard and deeply, and I sense the feelings are mutual.”

“They are Savannah. You are everything I’ve been looking for in a woman, and I want a lot more of what you’ve shown me so far.”

“Then let’s go back and get cleaned up so we can meet your friends. A lot of soapy fun with you sounds like a good way to sober up and pass the time.”

She used the couch cover to wrap around her like a cape and we scurried into her personal wing and up to our bedroom. After a shower and with my approval Savannah put on a matching lacey garter and demi-cut shelf bra in burgundy, opera length dark brown hosiery, and a pullover cotton summer dress with thin straps that paid lip-service to holding her tits up. The dress was a red and black print of flowers and stripes. The neckline was square cut to show a lot of cleavage and the hem came to just above her knees. Burgundy cage sandals with a five-inch heel went on her feet and a wide elastic belt helped accentuate her figure. She switched totes to match this outfit and transferred all of the ropes and gagging materials into this one.

“Going commando?”

“Of course, my lord and master.”

Rooting through her drawer I threw her a pair of matching panties that I thought would fill her mouth nicely and she giggled as she stepped into them. When we got down to the infirmary, we got a surprise. It wasn’t the news I wanted to hear but it was more positive than it could have been.

“Your friends had some trouble in LA,” said Claire. “Bat stayed in touch with them and he told me that there was a fire fight as your friends tried to leave LA. Both were wounded but they made it out of LA ahead of the other guys and the sheriffs. Although they were followed by agents of the security company, they had a good enough head start to make it to our helicopter and get off the ground. According to the pilot, our helicopter has some new holes in it, but everyone is safely on board and travelling here.”

“Did you say they were wounded, Claire?”

“Sam, the nurse we sent with the helicopter reported that one had a leg wound which was dressed and under control, and the big one had some torso trauma from being shot. Sam said his vest took the worst of the damage but kept him alive. We have our doctor on stand-by to assess the situation when they land. He’ll get the care he needs. Both of them will.”

Savannah saw the look in my eyes and started to explain.

“Nick, did you ever see the TV show Royal Pains,” asked Savannah?

“Yea, I used to watch that when it was on, why?”

“In a nutshell, that’s Dr. Ramsey’s story. Suzanne was a highly renowned trauma surgeon in the DC area. One night in the ER she’d just scrubbed in on a gang member that had been shot, when they tried to pull her out of that surgery to work on a diplomat with a thrombosis in his leg from sitting on a plane for too long. She said the other surgical fellow at the hospital could do that surgery on the old guy and that she wanted to do the surgery on the kid, who in her opinion was in worse shape and needed her expertise. The kid survived, but even though the other surgeon was competent, the diplomat threw a blood clot in the ICU, had a stroke and died of complications. The hospital board, and the ambassador from his country said that he could have survived if she would have operated on him rather than the on-call surgeon. She was black balled under diplomatic pressure. Claire got me interested in the case, and I hired Dr. Ramsey. I think I got the better end of that deal.”

“Did you know the guy that died by any chance?”

“Yes, I’d had dealings with him and not to speak too ill of the dead, he was neither a good person nor a friend of the United States. I did not shed a tear when I heard he was gone.”

From then on it was a waiting game. I tried to calm myself down, but paced back and forth, even though Savannah, Clare and Bat told me everything was going to be alright. I still worried, wondering how bad the situation was. The word wounded didn’t tell me much.

Both Savannah and I met the helicopter when it landed as close to the clinic entrance as it could. The in-flight nurse was holding up a saline bag and talking to the doctor while Dan was put on a gurney immediately and wheeled into the surgical theatre by what appeared to be a competent staff of medical professionals. Two more in white coats did triage on Jonny, and then got him on a second gurney and wheeled him in. I was very worried, but Savannah assured me that there wasn’t a hospital in this part of the state that could do more for my friends than her staff medics could. She told me that she had poached the best of the best and paid them very well to live here on her estates and be prepared for emergencies just like this. I still worried. Dan was barely conscious and looked bad when they got him on the gurney. Jonny’s pants were covered in blood, and I could tell that his leg wound needed attention.

Several minutes later, Claire came out and in her own way tried to calm us down, saying, “The big one, Daniel is going into surgery. The portable scans Sam took on the flight in showed he had some internal bleeding. They’re taking fresh scans now. If mother didn’t tell you Nick, Suzanne, Dr. Ramsey is a renowned trauma surgeon, and will let us know after she’s had a chance to work on him. Nick, I would trust her to do the best job possible on your friend. Your other friend is being treated by our physician’s assistant, Lindsey Marcus. His thigh wound was apparently a through and through, as she called it and she’s sewing him up now. They’d put pressure bandages on it and now she’s fixing it up the way it needs to be. He won’t be walking for a few days, but he should be fine after some rest and recuperation. In the meantime, why don’t both of you just go in the lounge and wait.”

“Well then, that’s good advice so let’s go wait in the lounge while they work on your friends,” said Savannah.

Savannah and I walked down the hall into a comfortable looking room appointed with plush furniture and all the creature comforts of the lounge it was called. Savannah put on some soothing music and then got me situated on a couch and cuddled up next to me. She petted me in her own effort to calm me down. Walking in just a few moments later, a young woman in her twenties came in. She was looking very attractive in a flowing silken dress that was just low cut enough on top to show off an impressive set of tits and cut just high enough to show some well-toned legs.

This woman, like Claire, was an unmistakable relative. Where Claire was a bit pear-shaped, with barely noticeable tits, nicely hidden by her choice of clothing, this woman had the hourglass figure men drooled over. She was tall like Savannah and looked even taller wearing four-inch heels. Claire was pretty, in a regular sort of way, but this woman was naturally beautiful because of the symmetry of her facial features. Her hair was stylish and the way she carried herself spoke of confidence and breeding.

“Siobhan! Hi darling. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming out for a visit?”

Savannah jumped up to hug her daughter. I could tell there was true affection between them. They checked each other out as only women can do, and then this woman went over and hugged Claire with equal affection.

“Have you checked your messages Mom? Hi, you’re obviously Nick,” and she shook hands with me. “I’m Siobhan, as you just heard. I’m glad you accepted my mother’s invitation, and I’m even happier that you were able to truly put a smile back on her face. Well done sir. Okay, to fill you in, Dan is still in surgery. Suzanne told us over the intercom that she’s sure he’ll pull through with flying colors, but that he had sustained some internal damage to his liver and spleen from the force of the projectiles hitting him. Obviously, his vest saved his life. She said he’ll be out for a while after she gets done with him. Rest, in our ICU will be just what he’ll need to pull through. Your friend Jonathan is recovering nicely, and B.B. is finishing his debriefing. They were in the ICU swapping lies and telling tall stories when I checked on him. Claire-bear, you might want to go in and check on him. He was asking B.B. who the cute one in the pantsuit was. His leg wound will heal up with rest and some rehab. Now, to answer your questions Mom, for my own reasons, I wanted to come out and meet Dan. Do you know who you just brought into your home?”

After handing her the hard copy dossiers, Siobhan told her mother all about Dan’s extracurricular habits. Savannah was appropriately shocked. I just smiled.

“Then you knew about your friend’s habits,” she asked of me?

“A true mentor needs to know all of his mentee’s habits, be they good or bad. Dan’s a patriot, and although I don’t know that much about how he does it, I know he fights the good fight and that’s good enough for me.”

Siobhan laughed and said, “A true mentor needs to do more than just know what his students do. I now know that you helped him lay waste to some North Koreans that wanted to wreak havoc with one of our oil platforms. When I learned that, I had to do an even deeper inspection of all three of your histories, so you didn’t plant the information I dug up on you the first time. You are who you say you are, but you are not all that the world sees on the surface. Dan is amazing, but I see your fingerprints on his abilities.”

“The difference is that I have to think about the keystrokes as I work. Dan’s fingers fly over the keyboard, working so fast to stay so far ahead of their countermeasures that they doom themselves by trying to counteract what he does to them. It’s magic watching those fat fingers of his work.”

“And that’s why I flew out here from Virginia. I wanted to meet him and pop his cover in front of him, just to watch the expression on his face. Mom, his hacker handle is Sai-Kick-Sjambok,” and she spelled out the play on words for her mother.

“Mom, a Sai is an ancient martial arts weapon that looks like a three-pronged dagger,” and she drew it out in the air for clarity.

“The next part of his name is ‘kick’ but mixed with the first name turns it into ‘psychic’. The next part, ‘Sjambok’ is a particularly nasty whip-like cane from Afrika. It very flexible but just stiff enough to be truly dangerous in the hands of someone that knows how to use it. Together, it’s quite a name.”

“Yea,” I said, “when I taught him about Sjamboks he put his new name together and it is now feared in certain circles and respected in even more.”

“Mom, you picked, or should I say Claire picked a talented man for you.”

“Oh darling, this man is very talented, in many ways,” and she giggled.

“Nick, do you know how long it’s been since I’ve heard my mom giggle like a schoolgirl? Too long. Way too long. Not only does she look twenty years younger, she’s acting like it. You’ll have to give her a little time off while I’m here for us to cuddle up with some hot chocolate and do some real girl talk. I want to hear just how nasty and perverted you really are.”

“You can have as much time with your mother as you want. Savannah will come find me when she wants some of my attention. I want to check on my boys, and I actually would like some time with Bat and some of your security people. By the way, he said some of his guys call him B.B., but why do you?”

“Because the first weapon he taught me to shoot was a BB-gun and that was what Mom, when I was five or six?”

“Then Bat has been with you for quite a while, huh, Savannah?”

“He was one of the young men on my protective detail that my father set up for me. My family has money, and there was always the risk of kidnapping, or just regular old street violence, so I grew up with guards around me. When I went off on my own, Bat came with me and helped set up my own security service and hire the right people. He’s more than just a little bit family. I had him teach all of my girls how to handle guns from an early age. They also got their martial arts training from him. I know how you can move, and you might be his equal, but Bat is a highly trained man in his own right.”

“Yea, I picked up on that. Warriors have a certain feel to them, and others with any common sense can pick up on that.”

“Yea, Nick,” said Siobhan, in a surprised tone, “he said he liked you, and B.B. doesn’t like many men this close to mom. He’s very protective, yet he likes you! That, in addition to all that I’ve dug up about you, says a lot. He’ll be a good friend to have. You two will get along nicely.”

With a chuckle I said, “That makes me smile. I took my own measure of the man and I would not like him for an enemy. Anyone with any common sense knows that no couple can play with each other all the time, and I was looking forward to palling around with him when Savannah and I were taking a break from each other.”

“I’ve noticed that you call mom by her full name. What? No pet names or terms of endearment?”

“I like the name Savannah. The city of Savannah is beautiful, and if you’ve ever seen one in person, a savannah is breathtaking when you allow it to engulf your senses, and now this wonderful, sexy woman, who happens to be named Savannah has entered my life, so calling her by her name means so much more to me than any or all of the usual pet names that couples tend to call one another.”

Siobhan nodded, and Savannah pulled my face around and gave me a rape-worthy kiss. I tried to return it with the same fervor, and Siobhan began to laugh. When we broke it off Savannah looked at her.

“Well, I now see what Claire-bear meant when she said you two were like a couple of teenagers making out. I like that. It’s been too long for mom. Nick, you have my blessing to do that to my mother for the rest of your natural lives. I think this is going to be fun to watch.”

“Well, thank you. I was rather looking forward to our explorations into the depths of kink that lay before us. BDSM looks good on Savannah, and I enjoy tying her up and beating her.”

“Beating her,” exclaimed Siobhan?

“Oh, honey, here, let me show you,” and Savannah got up and dragged her daughter into the bathroom. This gave me a chance to wander into the kitchen to look for something to drink. I found a woman in the kitchen making herself busy by cleaning what to anyone would appear to be a spotless workplace.

“Hello sir. Is there something I can get you? Are you hungry? We have a wide variety of snacks or would you like to place an order for this evening’s meal? I can make you something now, or you could wait for Ma’am and Siobhan.”

“A tall glass of ice-cold pineapple juice sounds good. What’s on the menu for the meal?”

“Anything you want sir. We have many of your favorites ready to be prepared, and if you want to get adventurous, I’m sure we have almost anything you could ask for in our stores over in the main kitchen,” and she handed me a tall, chilled glass with my juice in it.

“So, if I wanted pulled venison BBQ sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls, you could find that in your stores and make it for me?”

“Sir, I don’t mean to brag, but that would be an easy one. We have a very wide variety of exotic meats in our freezers, and normal preparations are our specialty. Ma’am said to be ready to feed you anything you wanted, so it would be no trouble at all to fix you some pulled venison BBQ on Hawaiian rolls.”

“I’m impressed. How about a soft pretzel to go with this pineapple juice?”

She went over to the freezer, pulled one out, popped it into the microwave and handed it to me a minute later.

“Would you like mustard, or cheese with that?”

“A nice cheese dip would be nice. Cheddar, if you have it.”

She opened a jar, poured out a generous serving and handed it to me.

“Anything else, sir,” as she tidied up?

“Do you have a pastry chef here?”

“I’m able to bake a wide variety of pastries, sir. What did you have in mind?”

“My grandmother used to bake me apple strudel. Is that something I could get by breakfast tomorrow?”

“Yes, sir. It will be hot, fresh and waiting for you when you and Ma’am come down for breakfast.”

“That sounds wonderful. Thank you. And your name is?”

“Polly, sir. I hope you like my recipe. I learned it in Hamburg, Germany when I was there working on my culinary degree.”

“I’m sure I will. Thank you. Would you fill this up for me?”

Just then I felt a familiar pair of tits start to rub up against my back. I turned around and kissed Savannah.

“I see you’ve met Polly. Take good care of him dear. I’m going to keep him around for a long time. So, have you put in an order for dinner? It’s getting close to that time. The four of us will be eating in the dining room, unless Claire decides to eat with your friend in the ICU. She went in a while ago and just came back with his dinner order. Polly, he wants a thick New York cut, seared, but rare, with a baked potato, fully loaded, a salad with vinegar and oil and chocolate ice cream for dessert. And what do you want my beloved lord and master?”

“I want a large portion of pulled pork, drizzled with honey-BBQ sauce, one of those fully loaded baked potatoes, a fresh green salad with thousand island dressing and a thick chocolate malt, heavy on the malt.”

“And you Ma’am?”

“Siobhan, Claire and I decided we want grilled sea-bass, smothered in your fried onions, with grilled veggies and kale salads. I’ll have a Pinot Gris with mine and I imagine Siobhan will want her regular dirty martini. Claire wants a Manhattan tonight. Also, make sure we have a bottle or two of the Macallan 25 on hand. My lord and master likes a good scotch with a soda back. Nick, what would you like to drink with your pulled pork?”

“Just more pineapple juice will do fine.”

“Yes Ma’am. I’ll bring it out to you when everything is ready,” and another woman appeared from the back of the kitchen with some packages.

Savannah and I went into the dining room and I started to tie her to one of the chairs. Siobhan appeared and watched quietly while I tied her mother’s legs and torso to the chair.

“I was wondering if I’d get a chance to see your tradecraft Nick. Mom seems to be enjoying your touch. I notice that you never seem to be too busy tying to play with mom.”

“Honey, I love the way this man ties me, and he always plays with me when he ties me up. Claire talked about how fast he tied her up, ...”

“But that was a classroom demonstration. When I’m with a woman I care for, like Savannah, I take my time tying her up, continuously sensitizing the flesh that makes the woman feel loved and appreciative. Why rush a good thing? Teaching is a lot different than playing, and I like playing with your mother. Besides, Savannah is very appreciative of my efforts.”

Siobhan nodded, a bit wide-eyed, and a lot was communicated between mother and daughter as Siobhan looked over my shoulder. As I was doing this, Claire came into the room wheeling Jonny in, in a wheelchair.

“Hey Nick, thanks for the assist. I hear I have you to thank too, Miss Webster. Thank you. A rescue like that means a lot to a couple of grunt-dogs like Dandan and me. I hope you don’t mind, but I told Claire here that my leg could heal just as well at a dinner table as it could just lying in a bed. That is if you don’t mind. She’s such a sweetheart, blame me if I’m a bit pushy and overstepping some bounds. It wasn’t her fault. I kind of invited myself.”

“No, Jonathan, you are more than welcome at our table. You and Daniel are both my guests. Are you sure you’re alright? Is Lindsey giving you enough pain meds?”

“Oh, I don’t do a lot of pain meds if I don’t have to. I like a clear head. This was a through and through, and yea, it’s sore, but I’m doing okay. Claire has been keeping me company, and chatting with her, I barely think about my leg, unless I forget and go to get up or something. She’s good medicine, and smart! Wow. This woman is quick on her feet. And pretty too, but that’s just my opinion. Seeing her mother, I know now where she gets her good looks from. Nick, you old dog, I see now why you’re not sharing. Miss Webster, he told Dandan that he was keeping you all to himself, and I can see why. It’s a good thing Claire is keeping me company, or I’d show you how good one of his students got at wrapping ropes and tying knots,” and Jonathan came out with a very mischievous laugh.

Claire was blushing, Savannah was smiling and nodding, and Siobhan was watching everything and every one of us.

“And by the way Jonathan, it’s Savannah. This other woman is another one of my daughters, Siobhan. She’s here on a visit from her job in DC. Please feel welcome while you are here. This is a big place, and I’m sure Claire can show you all around. This is my private residence, and we’ll be taking most of our meals here. Maybe after dinner, you’d like to catch up on some of the latest films that have been released while you were overseas. We have a theater on this floor, and Claire can show you how to call up the latest movies.”

“That sounds great Miss Web, - - - uh, Savannah. Claire? Do you have the latest Avengers movie? We missed that one, and I’ve been dying to see it.”

Still blushing, Claire said, “Yes, it’s on the server. We get the actual films as soon as they’re released, and then we convert them here, to digital, so we can keep them on our server in pristine condition. I’ll show you how to call up the full range of movies in our library. We have a little over three-thousand in our collection, not to mention many of the popular TV shows.”

“Wow, you may just have to adopt me. I love movies and sharing a bucket of popcorn with this lovely lady sounds like the best medicine I could ever hope for. You game to watch some movies with me Claire?”

“Sure. That sounds like fun. After dinner, I’ll show you how to access our library, and then I’ll go change out of my work clothes while you scroll through what we’ve got. Then I’ll join you. Polly can bring us in some popcorn and drinks. There’s also plenty of other snacks, just like in a real theater. Do you have a sweet tooth Jonny?”

“Milk duds and red vines go with just about any movie. Sound good?”

“I think we can find those. I’ll go talk to Polly.”

“Don’t be gone long. I like having you around.”

Claire blushed again and actually giggled as she headed into the kitchen. Both Savannah and Siobhan tried not to look too surprised. Jonny just smiled like he had been handed the keys to the kingdom and I kept tying Savannah. Things were working out just fine.

Dinner was lavish, even though Savannah wouldn’t let one of the staff spread out a tablecloth. We all enjoyed what we’d ordered, and I found out how good of a chef Polly was. Jonny said his steak was just how he liked it, and my pulled pork really hit the spot. The ladies all kept Jonny entertained, telling him about everything available to him while he and Dan convalesced. It was made clear to him that he could stay here as long as he needed to heal correctly, and that Dan would stay too, until he was back up to 100%.

After dinner, Claire and Siobhan disappeared upstairs. Savannah whispered something to me, so I told Jonny all about the audition and how Claire responded to being tied. He perked up just like I knew he would. When Claire showed up wearing a cute little dress and heels, Siobhan winked at me. I emptied my pockets of the remaining rope I had with me and dumped the bundles in Jonny’s lap. Claire blushed, but just stared at the rope laying on Jonny’s lap. Jonny looked up at her and smiled.

“Are you game,” he asked? “I am just as good as my mentor, or better. He taught me well, and I wouldn’t hurt my Florence Nightingale for all the money in the world. You’re way too pretty to scare away. With some well-placed ropes on you we could cuddle up and watch a movie and just be close to one another. I promise not to take advantage of you. Not that I don’t want to, but there’s not much I could really do in this condition. This will just be my audition, to you, with the promise of more to come if you want it to. Gentlemen know how to tie a lady too. C’mon, it’ll be fun.”

Savannah said, “My Nick told me that he’s been mentoring both of them for years, and you already know how good he is at tying up a willing woman. Go on honey, have some fun. I’ll send Siobhan in with the popcorn, candy and drinks in a bit, instead of Polly.”

“Extra-large Cokes, a big tub of buttered popcorn, milk duds and red vines, right,” asked Siobhan with a real lilt in her voice? “Anything else?”

“Just some time to get to know this lovely lady,” said Jonny with a bright smile on his face. “That’s just the type of therapy that I’ll need for a full recovery. Ready my dear?”

Blushing so hard her face must have felt like it was on fire, Claire pulled his wheelchair away from the table and then pushed him down the hall. Grinning, Siobhan looked at her mom, made a fist and did one of those gestures, pulling her bent arm back to her waist that said, ‘Oh Yea’ without saying a word. Then she went in the kitchen to gather their goodies so she could deliver them and not interrupt their fun and get-acquainted games.

Savannah looked at me and whispered, “One down, and one to go. Nick, why don’t you go check in with Suzanne and Bat. Neither one of them will leave Daniel’s side until they know he’s out of danger and back on the mend. This will be a good chance for Siobhan and me to do that girl talk she’s dying for with her mother. You can get the professional low-down on your friend’s condition. I love you; you know.”

“Savannah my dear, you are a marvelous gift in my life. I’ll never be able to thank you enough, for all of this. I’ll go check in with the doc and then pal around with Bat for a while. I’ll meet you up in our room. Siobhan can untie you, and I’ll meet you up there. If I get too lonely, I know where to find you,” and I gave her a kiss that promised more, before I headed down the hall.

Suzanne was all business with her assessment of my friend’s condition. I met Sam, the nurse that had been with them on the flight. He had quite the report for me, too.

“We were establishing contact with your friends when a black Explorer came out of nowhere with its lights off and multiple shooters started spraying our position with fire. Jonny took one in the leg, spun and went down. Dan picked him up and threw him in the helo. Both Dan and I returned fire, until he took multiple hits from both of the shooters. Jonny hopped down and helped me get him on board and our pilot wasted no time in taking off. Dan helped me put a pressure bandage on Jonny, and then just collapsed. I got the scanner out and determined he was in bad shape, so I radioed ahead to Suzanne and did what I could for him. Our pilot, Janelle put the pedal to the metal, and she pushed that bird to get here. We saved Dan’s vest. It’s torn up, so there’s no telling just how many rounds he took covering us for take-off. The man’s tough Nick. Suzanne says he’ll pull through, but I won’t leave him until she gives me the all-clear. I wasn’t wearing a vest, and he took bullets that could’ve hit me. I feel like I owe him. Bat’s storing their weapons, but he’ll be back soon. He wants to make sure Dan is pulling through too. While we’re waiting, would you like to donate a pint of blood for the cause?”

“Anytime buddy, hook me up. And thanks for everything you did for my friend. I get the feeling that all of us are gonna become friends.”

Bat came back while I was hooked up to the vampire and told me that Kan-Du-It was madder than hell that they had escaped. He told me that his people had been monitoring a wide spectrum of communications directly concerning this situation. He told me that Dan and Jonny were on a hit list, with six figures on each of their heads from the Afghani tribal leaders. Grinning, Bat told me that Siobhan’s people put the kibosh on any tracking that Kan-Du-It thought they had access to. We both laughed. Apparently, my boys were being mentioned in diplomatic circles, with mixed emotions about their status from several fronts and on both sides.

Bat told me that Jonny had told him that the Avagana was showing off and performing the clitoral mutilations on these young girls with a common pocket knife, that was none too clean. Dan handed him his knife because it was at least cleaner and sharper, and the chieftain got insulted. He made some threatening gestures toward Dan and when two tribesmen grabbed Dan, Jonny shot them. When the chieftain lunged toward him, Jonny shot him too and then all hell broke loose. He told me that it got a little chaotic after that, with everyone shooting at everyone else, so he and Dan stole a car and got out of there. Both of them still have good friends at the Army base that was close by, and Ranger friends of theirs got them on a plane that was leaving within minutes. They ducked out when they landed, before the Kan-Du-It people could influence the situation. They made it to your house, raided your safe, stole a car a few streets over and then headed out into the desert to meet up with our rescue helicopter. I guess Sam told you about the shootout when we were picking them up. Apparently, Dan, standing his ground and returning fire allowed them all to get off the ground. Bat commended both of them for their actions. Both seem well acquainted with dancing with the devil.

“So, you got my guns in your safe now, huh?”

“Yea, my people will clean them, and they’ll be safe and returned to you if you decide to leave here. In the meantime, if you or either of your friends ever want to do a little target practice, call me. I’ll take you to one of our gun safes on the property and let you choose one, or more of our guns to play with. You obviously know how wealthy Savvy is, and our arsenals are second only to the FBI’s, and the ATF’s. You name it, modern or classic, and we’ve got it. Knowing Dan’s MOS now, we could use another good armorer like him.”

“He does like his toys. He’s constantly fussing at me because I don’t clean my guns to his standards. He comes over, opens the safe and starts tearing everything apart and cleaning them all over again, doing any maintenance as he goes. Jonny and I like to get them dirty for him. He’s a good man Bat. You might want to make him an offer to stay here. Unfortunately, the two of them are joined at the hip, so they’re pretty much a package deal.”

“You know I have to run everything by Savvy, or at least Claire, but I see no problems with that.”

“Ya know, if everything goes right, Claire won’t be that hard to convince. The two of them are getting acquainted as we speak, and both Savannah and Siobhan are smiling about that. Claire actually put on a dress and heels.”

“She did? Really? Well that’s good news. I don’t guess you’ve seen Siobhan’s dossiers on them, but both have all the boxes checked and Siobhan’s green light. I’m always looking for talent I can trust. We’ll revisit this after I talk to Savvy.”

Bat and I talked for the next couple of hours while Suzanne and/or Sam ran checks on Dan. He was still out cold, but Suzanne said that that was good for him. The longer he stayed out, the better his initial healing would be. This made sense, so I didn’t say or do anything to dissuade her.

I liked all of this bunch. All were top of the food chain professionals and I had no red flags pop up in my mind about any of them. With assurances that they would find me if anything unusual happened with Dan, I wandered up the side steps to our bedroom. Steadier now after some rest and OJ to help my fluid balance and electrolytes I felt good about leaving the infirmary.

Our bedroom was empty, so I assumed that Savannah was still visiting with number two daughter. I got cleaned up for bed, took my clothes off and crawled into bed. It had been a long day. Waking up when a body crawled under the covers with me, I woke up and kissed her.

“Go back to sleep my lord and master. We’ve both been on the go all day and you need your rest so that you can be mean and oh so loving to me in the morning. I love you; you know.”

“Whoa there you wonderful woman, I can always go back to sleep, but it’s my job to get you ready for bed.”

“Nick, don’t feel like you have to get up and play with me. We have all day tomorrow to have that kind of fun. Just please kiss me again and hold me in those arms.”

“I thought you liked good dreams?”

“I do, so ...”

“Yea, that’s right. It’s time to tie you up for sleep. You did say you liked that. I know I like waking up next to a bound woman and you did say that sleeping bound gave you pleasant dreams.”

I got up and found four bundles of rope. I also pulled out my fur mitten, opened one of the heat packs I’d brought with me letting air get to it so that the chemical reaction would start to produce heat, and then tucked it into the special pouch in the fur mitt. Turning her over on her belly when I came back to the bed, I pulled her arms behind her and tied her wrists palm to palm, cinching them snug enough to give her a nice restrained feeling, but not play tight. Next came her ankles. After tying them side by side, I sat her up and tied a longer rope around her upper arms, just above her tits. The last rope I tied on her was a harness to keep her torso ropes in place.

Naturally, I did not just mechanically tie these ropes on her. I touched and stroked her skin, smiling at the texture and suppleness of her flesh. My touch was enough to thrill me, but it was not the play touch I used at other times. I gave her light kisses while I did this, enjoying myself. When she was lightly tied, I pushed her gently onto her back, grabbed the mitten and started to use that to touch her. Savannah began to purr. I knew the effect of a warm fur mitt, and as I ran my fingers through her auburn hair, Savannah’s eyes closed, and she squirmed like a woman. This little bit of femininity sent my mind to a satisfied and happy place. She was no longer holding herself in a posture that society dictated was proper and reserve. She was moving and lightly writhing under the touch of someone that she appreciated. Playing with her naked body like this made me happy. In my mind there were layers of domination, and this was the low-calorie lite version. I rolled her placid body over and touched her back over the ropes holding her bound for our pleasure. I was in no hurry and I was getting as much out of this as she was. Juvenile fascination with just touching a woman was something that I felt should never be denied, no matter how old people got. Too many times there was an agenda, and petting, in my opinion, was a lost art. The unintentional sounds that Savannah made, made it all worthwhile. When I finally laid the mitt down, pulled her into my arms and pulled the sheet over our bodies, both of us were ready for sleep.

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