The Natural Slave

by MasterKGray

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; slave; training; clamps; sex; toys; x-frame; gag; straps; table; climax; cons; X

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Chapter 5 – Slave Training: Day 3

Morning found Tawny unbound again after three nights of passing out completely bound; she could not remember someone unchaining her. She stretched out and tried to work out the kinks in her muscles and joints. The last two days of intense bondage had a stiffening effect on her body. Not that she was complaining, just observing the facts. Tawny thought that she could get used to this, the stiffness would work itself out but the orgasms had been fantastic! I wonder if they will keep me for themselves or sell me. She was already very fond of black pants/khakis. His tall muscular physique and strong yet understanding training made her wet with desire for his cock. Just then his voice came over the speaker instructing her to get up and get ready for the day’s slave training. Tawny quickly went about her business, hair removal, showering, drying, brushing her hair and ‘makeup’. When she was finished she knelt on the rubber mat in the ‘kneel up’ position and awaited her master’s arrival.

Today, only khakis came into the cell and he was wearing khaki shorts again and a leather mask, which covered his upper face, but his jaw and mouth were exposed. Tawny wanted to ask what happened to blue jeans, but thought better of it and khakis ordered her to crawl to the slave mat in the center of the basement. As she slithered and sashayed her way to the mat, her motions had the desired effect. Not only was Tawny wet and excited by her ‘crawl’, but so was khakis! His erection was visible even with the baggy cargo shorts on.

He began to bind Tawny very quickly. The high leather collar came first, then the larger ball gag. Then he cuffed her wrists and locked them together behind her. Next came the strap around her elbows, pulling them together until they touched. Finally her ankles were cuffed and her feet laced into the short leather high-heeled boots. He hastily attached the leash to her collar and led her to the contraption from the first day. Her ankles were spread wide and locked to the side poles. The padded cross bar was still at the perfect height from its adjustment just two days earlier. After strapping her thighs to the bar, he bent her over and inserted the bar behind her back. Next, just like before he pulled her wrists back until she was as tight as a bowstring. He braided the rope into her hair and pulled her head up and tied it to her elbow strap.

Tawny was already so excited by this restraint, remembering it from a few days earlier, that she was dripping down her inner thighs and onto the floor. Attaching the nipple clamps to her rock hard nipples was a simple matter. Tawny was expecting the dildo machine next, but she received a surprise when khakis dropped his shorts and plunged his raging cock into her wide-open and sopping pussy. Tawny moaned with both excitement and surprise! This was what she wanted last night, but since she was gagged, she could not tell him! Khakis was not kind or gentle as he plunged in and out of her like a wild animal in heat. He was also more harsh with her tits, grabbing them and pulling on the nipple clamps with reckless abandon. This was exactly what Tawny wanted and she built to her orgasm very quickly. As she exploded in ecstasy, so did khakis, shooting his load deep into her pussy. It felt like fire in her belly and only fanned the flames of her raging orgasm to new heights.

As Tawny hung there in the afterglow of her first orgasm with a man, it was mind blowing! Am I in love, is he the one? Could it have been the same if it were blue jeans? She didn’t think so. Would she enjoy it so much if he sold her as a slave to someone else? I am a slave, but would I be happy with someone else as my master? These and other questions were circulating in her mind. Three things she knew for sure, she was a slave, she was a slut, and she certainly liked khakis very much. Did she love him? It was possible, maybe even probable. As khaki’s cum mixed with Tawny’s juices it dripped and oozed out of her pussy. Suddenly she thought about the fact that he had not used a condom and she might get pregnant! Oh well, if that is what master wants. She then thought about how she would raise her baby if she were a slave. Would it be taken from her and raised by someone else? If he keeps me, I know he will let me keep my baby! But what if it’s a girl; will I have to train her to be a slave just like me? Well, it might be in her genes as it is in mine.

Just then khakis walked up in front of her and asked, “Did you enjoy that?” Tawny blinked once emphatically for yes! Khakis asked her, “Was it better than with the dildo machine?” Again Tawny blinked once emphatically! “Was it the best orgasm you ever had in your life? Do you love being a slave? And do you love me?” All of these questions Tawny blinked once for yes! She loved this man and wanted him to be her master. Wait a minute she thought, why would he ask if I loved him? Does he love me? Will he sell me even though I told him I love him? She sure hoped not. Khakis smiled at her yes answers and kissed her gently on the forehead.

Next, khakis knelt between her legs and began licking, sucking and biting her clit. Tawny had never had anyone do that before and her excitement was on the rise again. As he continued his assault on her clit, she didn’t think that she would be able to have an orgasm without a cock in her. It didn’t take long before she realized that her first thoughts were wrong. He was wringing out her passion and she was just a slave, along for the ride. As he lavished attention on her clit she realized he was an expert at this and brought her to another mind-blowing orgasm.

After she cooled down a bit, khakis released Tawny from the contraption and then led her over to the X shaped piece in the corner. He released her wrists and elbows from behind her back, but quickly attached her wrists to the top corners of the X. Then he attached her ankles to the bottom corners and pulled the strap around her waist pulling it tightly. The realization that he had pushed some sort of button which was pulling her wrists and ankles further apart from the center only served to excite her. The tension increased until she was completely suspended on the X, her feet unable to touch the floor.

Next a dildo on a stand was placed under her pussy and forced up into her. Khakis replaced the large ball gag with another large ball gag, but this one had a small metal piece protruding out of the front. He instructed her to lean her head down and he attached the middle of the chain connecting her nipple clamps to the metal piece on the new ball gag. Then he ordered her to lift her head to look straight ahead. When she did this, it pulled up on her nipples, but it also activated the dildo in her pussy. If she dropped her head down the dildo stopped, if she pulled up higher and harder on her nipples, the dildo went faster.

Tawny knew where this was headed and lifted her head up to start the dildo again, of course that added consequence of the pull on her nipples only added to her excitement. Tawny pulled her head up and back as far as she could and the pain in her nipples was almost too much, but the dildo in her pussy was buzzing away. If she released the tension a little bit, the dildo slowed too much, but when her head was all the way back, the pain in her nipples seemed to be more than she could bear. Eventually the pain was ignored in favor of the pleasure until they seemed to meld as one and Tawny’s orgasm would not be denied. She screamed into her gag, not only from the pain, but also from the pleasure.

After a few minutes, khakis came over and released her from the X, first releasing the tension and then releasing her cuffs from the corners. He reattached her wrists behind her back and pulled the elbow strap tight forcing them together. He released the chain on her nipple clamps from the ball gag and then attached the leash to her collar. She was led to the slave mat in the center of the basement and her leash was wrapped around the pole and locked.

Tawny knelt with her knees spread wide as was expected. Khakis then removed the ball gag and told her to eat the food in her bowl and drink from the water in her other bowl. She bent over and began to eat the bland almost tasteless gruel in the bowl. Even though there wasn’t much taste, her hunger forced her to eat it all. She drank greedily from the water bowl because it didn’t taste like water; it tasted like sweet peach tea. After she finished she asked if she could have some more ‘water’ and was rewarded with more of the sweet liquid. After she finished drinking, khakis pushed a small pan under her and ordered her to relieve herself. By now Tawny had grown accustomed to someone always watching her every move and released her pee into the pan. Khakis wiped her up when she was done and complimented her on being such a hot slave.

Khakis released her leash from the pole and led her to another device. He laid her down on the flat surface on her back and began spreading her legs and securing her ankles to the legs of this strange looking table. She noticed that her pussy and asshole hung just off the side. He released her wrists and elbows from each other, only to attach them to the other two table legs, her head hanging off the other side. A large leather strap was wrapped around her waist and locked tight. She wondered why he had not gagged her but soon got her answer. In walked blue jeans wearing blue jeans shorts again and he walked right up to her face. Now she noticed that the table height was being adjusted until her mouth was directly in line with his cock. Khakis was on the other side and he tilted the table to get a better angle for himself. Now her mouth was in line with blue jeans’ cock and her pussy was in line with khakis’ cock.

Khakis instructed her to suck blue jeans cock and he was going to enter her pussy. She was to concentrate on making sure that blue jeans had an orgasm even though she might orgasm as well. Then khakis inserted a large dildo in her ass and the two men began pumping into her from either end. Tawny couldn’t believe how excited she was getting but she tried hard to focus on bringing blue jeans to orgasm so that she would be able to enjoy her own when it came. She soon swallowed him deeply and continued to swallow massaging his cock with her throat. What happened next surprised all three of them. As blue jeans began to shoot his load so did khakis, and Tawny orgasmed as well. Her orgasm only aided the men as she bucked and thrust as much as she could moaning and screaming around blue jeans cock. Because of the lack of oxygen, she passed out, but not before each of them had climaxed!

When Tawny awakened she was back on the slave mat with her collar locked to the pole, but no other bonds. There was water in her bowl and she drank her fill. As her strength returned she knelt on the mat in the ‘kneel’ position because the men were not around, and she was not sure she could hold either kneeling position long enough for their return. At first she concentrated on holding position, but then her mind began to wander. She wondered if khakis loved her like she loved him. Would he keep her as his slave? Was he really going to train her and then sell her? She hoped he would want to keep her and imagined what it would be like to see his face and be his slave. When the men finally returned she thought she had been kneeling for over an hour.

Khakis walked up in front of her and asked, “So, have you enjoyed your training thus far, slave?”

Tawny quickly replied, “Yes Master, this slave has enjoyed her training very much, especially today!”

“Please explain,” said khakis.

“I…sorry, this slave loved when you put your cock in her Master! This slave thinks that she loves you and wants to be your slave! Tawny’s excitement was obvious.

“Hmmm, I guess we will have to see about that,” replied khakis.

His reply gave Tawny hope; maybe he was considering keeping her as an option. At this point, khakis reached down and unlocked her collar and removed it from her neck. He handed her a small paper bag and told her to return to her cell and put on the clothing that was inside and wait for further instructions. Tawny began to crawl toward the cell and khakis stopped and told her to get up and walk. She complied but tried to walk as sexy as she could.

When she got to her cell she opened the bag to find her own clothing in it. Her very revealing halter-top and her shortest shorts were in the bag, along with her highest pair of high heels. She searched the bag but found no underwear. She picked up the white halter top and put it on, pulling it a little tighter than usual to help lift her tits, since she didn’t have a bra to help with that. Then she put on the tight white shorts, finally pulling on the white high heels, which seemed low to her after wearing some of the heels she had worn the last few days. She remembered how difficult they were to walk in, but now as she walked around they didn’t seem all that bad. She stepped in front of the mirror to see if her hair needed brushing, she noticed her nipples showing right through the white material. Oh well, she thought, if this is what master wants, and she began brushing her hair. She wasn’t sure if she was supposed to touch up the ‘makeup’ and decided it still looked perfect. Khakis came in and told her to follow him upstairs. She followed a couple of steps behind, not wanting to crowd him or make him think she had forgotten her place as his slave by trying to walk beside him.

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