The Natural Slave

by MasterKGray

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; slave; rope; tape; sex; cuffs; collar; rom; cons; X

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Chapter 6 – Slave Proposal

They soon arrived in his study where khakis sat behind the large maple desk and Tawny knelt down in front of it in the ‘kneel’ position. Khakis quickly ordered her to sit in the large overstuffed chair and told her to look at his face. He peeled off his leather mask, revealing himself. Tawny’s jaw dropped as she recognized him. It was Jim, the guy Dan and Shari had set her up with! And I thought he was boring and too nice, she thought to herself. Just then Dan and Shari walked in followed by Jenny. Tawny sat in awe and amazement as they explained how they had set this whole thing up. Jenny had told them about her fantasy of being a non-consensual slave and they had begun to formulate a plan. As soon as they found out Tawny was considering a bondage-dating site it all came together. Jenny let the men in with her key (Tawny had given her one after the self-bondage fiasco) and they had grabbed and abducted her. Dan and Shari had helped because they were also into bondage, but not as much as Tawny and Jim. Shari was the other slave in the orgasm contest and both Shari and Jenny were the two slaves serving drinks at the party last night. Jenny’s bondage friend had played the part of the man who wanted to buy her at the party. Jenny’s friend actually really liked Tawny and seriously offered to buy her but Jim had told him no, she was his. Tawny smiled and blushed at this because he was the one she wanted to be her master.

Tawny was about to ask whether Jim wanted to be her master full time when Jim turned to her and asked, “So Tawny, are you willing to be my full time slave?”

“Yes, of course Master!” Tawny replied excitedly.

“You do not need to address me as Master, right now we are just two adults discussing our future together.” Jim admonished her.

“This slave is sorry Master, she cannot help herself, she is as you said a natural slave! This slut would love to be your slave for the rest of her life if you wish!” replied Tawny.

Jim smiled and said, “Thank you Tawny, would you marry me?” Dan, Shari and Jenny were all smiling and nodding.

Tawny shocked everyone in the room with her reply, “No Master, this slut is a slave and does not wish to have the privileges a marriage affords. She wishes only to be your slave 24/7 and do your bidding without any consideration for her feelings or wishes.”

Jim was shocked but pleased with her response. He walked over to her chair and lifted her to a standing position and hugged her. He then kissed her deeply on the mouth sticking his tongue deep into her mouth as she parted her lips and let him have his way with her. Soon his hands had found their way under her halter-top and he removed it to play with her tits. As he pinched and pulled at her nipples Tawny moaned in her pleasure. She did not hug him back until he asked her to do so. Soon he had removed her white shorts and as they fell to the floor Tawny said, “Please command this poor slave Master, she lives only to please you!”

“Very well slave, kneel up!” Jim commanded her.

As Tawny knelt in the appropriate position Jim told her of his plans for her. He wanted her to be his slave full time but his construction business was in the process of taking over two other smaller companies and would need a great deal of his attention over the next two months. In the meantime she could make the appropriate preparations for her permanent slavery with him. Jim told her of his inability to produce sperm, so her getting pregnant would not be an option. However, if she were a full time slave and had to deal with her period every month it would take away from their time as master and slave. Jim suggested she have a hysterectomy to remove the problem completely, since he couldn’t have children and didn’t think that the master/slave relationship was the proper way to bring up a child.

Tawny nodded her agreement as Jim continued. In addition she was to make further preparations by selling all of her belongings, including her car, and depositing the money into an account that Jim had set up for her. Jim would allow her the use of his credit card and new Mercedes to get around and Jenny would help her get home from her surgery and help her shop for new clothes. Tawny’s eyes questioned and Jim explained that she was no longer allowed to cover her pussy, asshole or nipples in underwear. She would be allowed to cover them with clothing, but her nipples, pussy and asshole would be open and available as soon as the clothing was removed. He explained that he wanted to show her off to the world before she became his slave. While she was in her apartment, she was to be naked. Tawny blushed hotly at this and the juices in her pussy began to form.

Her body too was to be kept in shape and as near to her current weight as possible. He did not want her to lose weight either. He didn’t like women who were skin and bones; he liked her just as she was. Her body was to be ‘shaved’ with the hair removal tool twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays. In addition to the hysterectomy, while they were doing that, he wanted her tits augmented and lifted. He said he loved her tits, but likes them a little bigger and perkier. When she was fully enslaved he would pierce her nipples and her clit. All of these instructions/orders did nothing to cool the slave flame in Tawny, but rather fanned the flame and her pussy felt like it was on fire.

When he finished Jim asked if she had any objections and Tawny just shook her head no and smiled. Jim then ordered her to speak her mind and not hold back if she had any objections or questions. Tawny smiled and replied, “This slave has no objections to whatever her Master wishes.” Jim seemed annoyed at this answer because he felt she was only giving him the answer he wanted to hear. He ordered her to put on her halter top and shorts and sit in the chair again. Tawny quickly complied and sat in the chair looking straight ahead with her legs spread as wide as the arms on the chair would allow.

Jim then ordered her to close her legs and look him directly in the eyes and talk to him like Tawny, and not like a slave. “I…I’m sorry…I want to be your slave. I want you to do whatever you want with me. I want to make you happy, because it makes me happy! I, Tawny Smith, want to be your slave in every way! I want you to command me, bind me, push me, torture and even whip me! I don’t know why, but just talking about all of this makes me so hot! I love you and want to be your slave forever! I’m not just saying that to make you happy, I’m saying this because it makes me happy! Do you understand how hot I am for you right now? I love you! Please don’t turn me away or make me say something that is not true. I want this more than anything in the world!” When she finished there were tears of joy and relief running down her cheeks. Jim quickly took her in his arms and kissed her deeply again. Tawny responded as she thought he would want her to, hugging him tightly and kissing him back with reckless abandon.

Then Jim held her at arms length and looked her in the eyes and said, “I love you too, Tawny! I just wanted to make sure that this is what you wanted. I think I could have lived with the kind of life Dan and Shari have, where they play at it from time to time and sometimes all weekend, but I really wanted someone like you who wants to be my slave 24/7! I can’t believe I found you! I knew it the moment I met you, but you didn’t know it yet. I’m so glad you figured it out so soon!”

They fell together in a tight embrace and Jim was again stripping her skimpy clothes off of her. Tawny asked him if he could tie her up before they had sex and Jim’s erection grew at the thought. He quickly grabbed some duct tape and wrapped it around her wrists welding them tightly together. Tawny asked if he could do her elbows too and he quickly pushed them together and wrapped them as well. Tawny’s breath was already becoming deep and ragged from the bondage and the impending ‘rape’. They didn’t even notice that Dan, Shari and Jenny had decided to leave the room to give them some privacy. Jim picked her up and Tawny wrapped her legs around him as he entered her sopping pussy. They rutted like wild animals with complete abandon and Tawny was screaming out her passion as he pumped in and out of her. “Yes, OH YES! This slut loves you Master! Please make this girl your slave forever! OH GOD, YES! OH, OH, OH, AIEEEE! OH, YES! OH MASTER, YES! This slut is your slave forever Master! Oooooh! Mmmmm!”

When they finished Jim set her down on her feet and she begged him to command her like the slave she was. He ordered her to kneel and she knelt with her knees spread wide, his semen dripping out of her pussy mixing with her copious amount of juices as well. It dripped down onto the carpet and Tawny thought she had never been happier. She had just had sex/been raped by the man who would be her master. He had confessed his love for her, just as she had for him. Yet he was willing to keep her as a full time slave and treat her as she needed to be treated to bring her to these amazing orgasms. She thought she might be the luckiest slave in the world.

After Jim cleaned her up and cut the tape holding her wrists and elbows, he told Tawny to redress herself and wait for him there in the chair. He returned shortly with keys to the Mercedes and a credit card along with her purse. He told her to go home and get some rest. He reminded her that he had set up a doctor’s appointment with a gynecologist for the next day to prep her for her hysterectomy. He said he would text or call her about her other appointments throughout the coming weeks. Tawny kissed him deeply and then climbed into the luxury car and drove home. She went straight to her apartment, ignoring the superintendent when he started asking questions. As soon as she closed and locked the door behind her, she stripped naked, except for the heels, strutting around her apartment, proud of her body and her slave urges. She pulled out her phone and found Jim’s number programmed into it. She sent him a text, asking if wearing her own leather bondage gear was acceptable. He answered back that it would be fine and she quickly locked on all of the leather cuffs and the leather collar. She wished she had a leather strap to hold the dildo in and then remembered the credit card Jim had given her and went online to order one. Soon she had locked her wrists behind her with the dildo deep inside her pussy buzzing away. She pretended Jim had done this to her and she was soon having one intense orgasm after another until she passed out.


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