The Natural Slave

by MasterKGray

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Chapter 4 – Captivity and Slave Training: Day 2

Tawny slowly awakened the next morning feeling very tired and somewhat stiff and sore. Another feeling was one of contentment and satisfaction, like a job well done. She noticed that just like yesterday morning, she was not tied or chained in any way and was free to move about the cell. She quickly folded up the cot and began getting the slave ready for the daily training she was sure would follow shortly. She looked at herself in the mirror and noticed the heavy makeup. Stepping into the shower she grabbed the washcloth there and tried to wash off the makeup using water from the sink. The makeup did not seem to be coming off. She added some shower gel thinking the soap might cut through the grease of the makeup and help it come off, but this was to no avail as well. As the panic rose through her body and her eyes stared widely at the slave in the mirror, the voice came through the speaker: “Slave, the makeup you used contains a staining agent that causes the color to remain on your skin for several days, it will not wash off. Now, get in the shower and cleanse yourself for today’s slave training activities.” Tawny just stood there staring. “Get moving slave!” barked the voice through the speaker she recognized as black pants voice.

Tawny shook herself and then climbed into the shower and began washing her body. She didn’t realize it, but she washed her body differently than she had in the past. She washed as if presenting herself to her master, washing up her body from the stomach to her tits, pushing them up and out as she washed them, pulling the nipples out and making them harder. She spread her legs more and leaned back to enable a better view of her pussy. When she got to her ass she was bent over almost like in the contraption yesterday, legs spread wide scrubbing and rubbing her body sensually. This was because she was imagining what today’s training might bring and wondering if she might be wrapped in latex or strapped to another bondage contraption and forced to orgasm. She finally finished and stepped out of the shower onto the large blow dryer pad and began to dry off. She brushed out her hair and then went to the cabinet behind the mirror to find the makeup and reapply it, even though it did not appear to be needed. She wanted to be as perfect and fresh as she could be for the masters. Then she knelt on the rubber mat under where the cot had been. She spread her knees as widely apart as she could and then arched her back presenting her tits. She had trouble deciding where to place her hands and finally clasped them behind her back, as this seemed the most like bondage to her.

The men soon entered the room wearing different masks and both of them wearing shorts today. The one who wore black pants yesterday was wearing khaki shorts, and blue jeans was wearing blue jeans shorts. “Good morning slave! Excellent preparation and presentation this morning! We especially loved watching you shower, you little slut!”

Tawny blushed and replied, “Thank you Master, this slave is happy she pleases you!” bowing her head in submission and somewhat embarrassed, not realizing her performance in the shower.

“All right slave, are you ready for more slave training?” asked blue jeans.

“Yes Master! This slave slut is ready for her training!” Tawny replied excitedly, her head still bowed to hide her facial expressions of embarrassment from before and now her growing excitement.

“All right then slave, lift your head.” said khaki. Tawny did as she was ordered and looked straight ahead while they locked a steel collar around her neck. It was cool, almost cold when they locked it on, but it soon began to warm up to her body temperature, which was also on the rise due to her growing excitement. A chain was already attached and they ordered her to stand and led her out of the cell with the collar as her only bondage. They led her to the center post and a long chain that was already attached to the post was locked to her collar. She was ordered to ‘kneel up’ and she did as she was directed, the chain trailing off above her left tit and down her left side and hip. Khaki did not approve and ordered her to adjust the chain so that it fell between her breasts and legs and then ran back between her legs and feet to the post. He instructed her that whenever a chain long enough to do this was attached, this is how she should display herself. Then he instructed her to lie on her stomach with her head facing the left, her wrists crossed behind her back and her legs crossed at the ankles. He told her this was the ‘binding’ position and that when this word was ordered of her, she should lie like this and be ready to be punished. Tawny shuddered a bit at this, not from fear but from excitement. Here we go again, she thought, they degrade me and I love it!

The instruction continued with more positions; ‘stand’ meant, stand with her legs slightly more than shoulder width apart, her tits pushed up and out and her wrists crossed behind her back. ‘Submission’ meant, kneel with her knees wide, her face and tits touching the floor with her arms outstretched over her head, wrists crossed. ‘Heel’ meant, to kneel behind the master’s leg with her knees spread wide, her pussy touching the back of his heel, her tits pressed on either side of his thigh and her wrists crossed behind her back. She was instructed that she should crawl to her master unless ordered to stand, and how to crawl. Tawny though that was simple enough, but she spent almost an hour learning to crawl like a sensual slut, presenting her body to her master as she moved toward him. Presenting her breasts as she crawled, swaying her ass, turning in sensual and sexual ways, etc. By the time they finished with crawling, she felt like a bitch in heat again. Then they began to bark orders at her, ‘stand’, ‘submission’, ‘binding’, also instructing her to try to do it as sexily and sensually as possible. This continued until the command to ‘kneel up’ and then the men went upstairs. Tawny was tired, sweating and excited. As she knelt there that feeling of contentment returned and she dripped sweat and maybe even some of her juices onto the rubber mat.

The men returned with some milk and cereal, which they poured, into one of the bowls. The other bowl was filled with water and the slave was ordered to drink and eat. Tawny drank the bowl dry and then began trying to eat the cereal. It was almost impossible to get cereal without a spoon, so she just drank the milk down until she could get chunks of the cereal into her mouth. It was crunchy sweet and tasted so good because she was so hungry. She finished the cereal and milk and saw that the water bowl had been refilled. Tawny drank greedily, draining the bowl again. Khakis asked if she would like more cereal and she assented. She finished the second batch of cereal and drank more slowly from the refilled bowl of water. She didn’t finish the water, but drank more than half of its contents. Tawny wiped off her mouth with her arm and then returned to the ‘kneel up’ position she had been last commanded. Blue jeans slid a large bowl under her and ordered her to relieve herself. Tawny released her pee and felt that thrill in her pussy as the men watched her pee, degrading her more. Blue jeans cleaned her up and dumped the contents of the bowl down the toilet in the cell, flushing it and washing out the bowl.

The men then began the afternoon’s activities. First came the latex body suit. Tawny’s body was powdered and then came the long process of getting her into the suit. Slowly but surely the suit was pulled up over her legs, then her body and finally her arms. Tawny noticed that her entire body was not covered as there were holes in the suit for her ass and pussy and her tits fit through the holes in the bodice. Next came the latex headgear. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and fed through the hole in the back of the latex ‘mask’. Once pulled down over her head there were holes for her eyes, small nose holes to breathe and a hole for her mouth. Next up the ridiculous high-heeled short leather boots, laced tight and locked onto her feet. Soon the steel collar was replaced with the leather collar. The leather wrist and ankle cuffs were locked on but not locked together and the large ball gag was forced into her mouth. A chain leash was attached to her collar and khakis held the leash. Blue jeans walked to a small door in the corner and opened it. Standing there in the closet was another slave dressed identical to Tawny. Blue jeans grabbed her leash and led her out into the room.

The men announced that this would be a slave competition and ordered both slaves to their knees with their backs against each other. They were then ordered to go down onto their hands and knees with their asses touching. Tawny had caught a glimpse of the other slave’s eyes and thought they looked familiar, but couldn’t place them. A large double-ended dildo was produced and the men said that the slave who orgasmed first would win and the loser would be punished. Tawny didn’t want to be punished but she certainly didn’t want the other slave to be hurt because of her, so she determined she would lose on purpose to take the punishment for the other girl. The large dildo was forced into the other slave’s pussy first and Tawny heard her moan with pleasure. Then Tawny was ordered to back herself onto the dildo and she tried to work it into her asshole, but the men wouldn’t let her, forcing it into her pussy and Tawny moaned with pleasure and excitement too. The competition was to work the dildo in and out of each other, coordinating their efforts to get the maximum results. The slave who orgasmed first would be rewarded, the loser punished. They were told to begin and Tawny began working with the other girl to plunge the dildo in and out as ordered. The other girl seemed to be determined to win, thrusting with reckless abandon to bring herself to orgasm. Tawny worked with her, but was not as enthusiastic. 

Suddenly khakis struck her across the back with a whip and told her to put more into it. Tawny sped up and felt her juices flowing as she tried to prevent her building excitement. Again the whip fell, this time across her naked upturned ass and Tawny was thrusting as hard as the other slave now. Then khakis and blue jeans began to strike each girl in rhythm pushing them to work the dildo even harder and faster and even though she tried, Tawny could not stop her orgasm from exploding. She closed her eyes, clamped down her pussy on the fake cock and had an incredible orgasm! She screamed around the ball gag and continued to undulate until she collapsed to the floor, her energy spent. “Looks like we have a winner!” said khakis.

Blue jeans pulled the other girl off the dildo, dragged her over to some apparatus and strapped her to it. Nipple clamps were attached to the other slave’s nipples and then a dildo that looked like it was metal was forced into her wide-open pussy. Another clip was attached to her clit and then wires from the nipple clamps, the clit clip and metal dildo were attached together to another wire and then a switch was turned on. The girl did not react at first and Tawny thought that maybe she had passed out, but then she heard the humming noise that sounded like electricity and the slave’s body arched and she screamed. The humming stopped and the other slave’s body hung limply in her restraints. Tawny watched in pain and horror as the humming returned and the slave arched her body again and screamed. This continued for a while and Tawny was crying because she had wanted it to be her. She had to turn away as the woman continued to scream every time the electricity ran through the most sensitive parts of her body. Tawny looked at khakis through her tears pleading with her eyes to stop torturing this poor slave. Khakis walked over and asked if Tawny would like to take the other slave’s punishment for her and she nodded her agreement.

Tawny couldn’t believe what she had just agreed to, but she walked over to the apparatus and waited while the men removed the tortured girl from her bonds. Tawny walked into where the other slave had been and allowed them to strap her in. She didn’t even flinch as the nipple clamps were attached but winced a little as the clit clip was clamped on. She was surprised to find that the dildo was wet from the other slave’s juices and that it was still warm, almost hot from being in her pussy. Now that she was completely strapped in and the switch was about to be flipped, Tawny began to be afraid. What had she done? Why had she agreed to take the other girl’s place? What if she couldn’t handle this? She wondered if she would be wet, just like the other slave? The switch was turned on and Tawny’s fear mounted, then she heard the electricity humming and felt the pain in her nipples, clit and pussy. Surprising even herself, she didn’t scream, only moaned. As the pain from the first wave of electricity began to fade the pleasure began to mount. What is wrong with me she thought? Why does pain eventually bring pleasure? The second wave of electricity was more intense than the first and Tawny’s moans were louder but still no screams. After several waves of electricity had wracked her body the excitement could no longer be denied. When the next wave of electricity hit her she squirmed and shrieked with pain and pleasure. The electricity pushed her over the edge and she orgasmed with such intensity that she passed out.

When Tawny awoke, she was no longer on the apparatus, she was lying on the rubber mat next to the central post. Her chain leash locked to the pole, her elbows and wrists locked behind her and the short chain attached her ankles. As she stirred and then struggled to get to her knees, khakis came over and told her to relax and rest. As she lay there on her side both khakis and blue jeans complimented her on her most recent orgasm. Tawny blushed and the compliments only served to fan the embers of orgasm still burning in her belly. What a slave she was! How could she be anything else? This most recent orgasm in spite of all the electrical pain, proved she was a slut who could be nothing more than a slave! These were her thoughts, as she lay there on the rubber slave mat, chained to a pole and bound like a slave.

As Tawny’s strength returned she knelt on the mat. The men returned to her at this time and began to remove her bonds, releasing her wrists and elbows so that she could move her arms freely. They soon began to remove all the leather cuffs except her collar, which remained chained to the post. Next came the arduous task of removing the latex suit she was wearing. It had been difficult to get on but now her sweaty body was making removal a slow process. Eventually they helped her remove it completely and then came the headpiece. After the ball gag was removed, Tawny felt as if her face was being peeled as the latex was removed. Her ponytail was released from the tie and khakis unlocked her collar and ordered her to return to her cell and take another shower. Tawny happily agreed, rushing off to the shower. The warm water washed away the sweat along with some of her aches and pains. When she finished drying off and brushing her hair she reapplied the ‘makeup’. The men returned to find her kneeling on the rubber slave mat in the cell, awaiting their arrival.

Khakis ordered her to crawl to the other mat in the middle of the basement so she did her best to be as sexy and sensual as she could. By the time she arrived at the other slave mat she was wet and excited. The bowls by her mat were filled with water and some sort of food. The food did not look appetizing, but she thought it was probably nutritious. She was ordered to eat and drink and then ‘kneel up’ when she was finished. Tawny ate ravenously. The food did not taste bad, it just didn’t taste good either, it was actually rather bland. But Tawny was hungry and cleaned the bowl completely. She then drank almost the entire bowl of water. She obediently assumed the ‘kneel up’ position. She only broke position to return to the bowl and finish the water.

When the men returned they were carrying some larger pieces of leather. Tawny could not make out what they were until the men laid them out on the floor next to her. One piece looked like a small bodice, possibly a leather camisole, but it looked too small for her. The other large pieces were actually thigh high leather boots, with those impossibly high heels again. The final leather piece had her stumped; it was long and narrow, almost two feet long, with two straps at one end, but only one at the other end. The men began restraining her again; the leather collar was even higher and tighter than the regular one. Then the ball gag seemed impossibly large, but after a matter of a minute or so, they had worked it into her mouth and locked the straps at the back of her neck. The leather wrist cuffs were applied, but not the leather ankle cuffs. Her wrists were locked together in front and then chained to the beam overhead, forcing her to stand up very straight. Next the bodice/camisole thing was wrapped around her waist and chest below her tits. As the men began to tighten the laces at the back, Tawny realized it was a leather corset. The top came just under her tits and had little ‘shelves’ to push them up and out and the bottom was just above her hips. The lacing did its job, squeezing her waist smaller and smaller until she couldn’t even breathe. Blue jeans noticed her inability to breathe and helped khakis loosen the laces a bit. 

Next came the thigh high leather boots, which were laced tightly up her calves and thighs with crushing restriction. The ankle chain was attached to the metal rings sewn into the boots. Her wrists were unchained and then the cuffs removed but the chain leash was locked to her collar and she was locked to the post. The men picked up the long leather piece and told her to put her hands together behind her back. The leather was slid over her hands until they reached the bottom of this leather ‘sack’, then more lacing until her arms seemed to be welded together from her palms all the way to her elbows. All of these new, more restrictive bonds only served to fan the flames of the slave fire in her loins. They produced a short leather strap with two large dildos on it and forced it into her. They attached the leather strap at the back and front of the corset, pulling it a notch tighter after Tawny thought they had finished. Then she felt them grab the strap on the end of her hands and pull it down and then up through her crotch, attaching it in front like the other strap. This caused her to have to arch her back and forced her tits higher. The final touch was attaching the nipple clamps to her already hard nipples and then they unlocked the leash chain from the pole to lead her up the stairs.

Tawny was so excited and wet that when the bump in the leather rubbed against her clit coupled with the large dildos she had an orgasm before they even reached the stairs. She had to stop again for another one at the top of the stairs. When they entered the dining room she came again. Tawny thought she was going to orgasm to death from having so many. After her orgasm, she noticed that there were several other people in the room. She noticed one slave on her knees in the corner with her wrists locked to a ring in the wall above and behind her head. The girl was in an attractive position and her large floppy tits stuck out proudly, but she was rather heavy and not very pretty. Two other slaves were dressed in leather; similar to the latex outfit she had worn earlier, and were serving drinks to the other people attending. Their arms were locked behind them, so they wore the trays locked around their waist with chains supporting them going up to their collars. 

All of the guests wore masks of some sort and crowded around her to see the new slave. There were several nice comments, ‘Oh, she is lovely!’ and ‘Wow, where did you find such a hot one?’ to ‘What a beautiful slave!’ and ‘What a gorgeous slut!’ Khakis boasted that she was also very hot in the crotch and pushed a button on a remote and the dildos inside Tawny sprang to life. She orgasmed in a matter of 30 seconds, her eyes rolling back in her head and leaning against the wall to keep from falling. The approval in the room was evident and the guests returned to their drinks and conversations among themselves. Tawny was led to a corner of the room and her leash was locked to a ring in the wall. Khakis stood near her and talked with some of the guests about her. Tawny was flush with excitement and embarrassment as he spoke of her ability to orgasm repeatedly and even while in pain. She wished that he wouldn’t tell everyone about it, but it made her more excited as she stood there listening to him praise her slave abilities.

While khakis talked with one man, another walked up to her and looked her over. Tawny was frightened but also excited at his appraisal and then he released one of the nipple clamps and began sucking her nipple. He released the other clamp and massaged and sucked that one as well. Tawny felt the heat rising in her pussy at this molestation and pressed her tits and nipples into his hands and mouth. Khakis suddenly noticed this and pressed the button on the remote bringing the dildos to life inside her. Tawny had an intense orgasm in less than a minute; her moans and gag muffled screams barely audible over the noise of the crowd. “Wow, not only beautiful and hot looking, but also a hot slave, very nice!” said the man as he replaced her nipple clamps. Khakis walked over and asked her if she was embarrassed by her orgasm in public and she nodded yes. He told her not to be that she should be proud of who she was and how hot she was. He affirmed that he certainly was. Tawny couldn’t help her body’s reaction to sexual slave stimulus and this only made her that much hotter.

Later in the evening she heard khakis talking with a woman who was inquiring about her. She actually heard them talking about her sale and she couldn’t believe how hot that made her. Why do such things excite me so? she pondered. Then the woman asked if Tawny had a name and if she was his to sell. He said that Tawny did not have a name yet as she was a new slave and he had been training her for only two days. The woman seemed very impressed and asked if Tawny was bi-sexual. Khakis said no, that she preferred men. The woman was undaunted by this and claimed she could turn any slave into at least a bi-sexual, if not a full-fledged lesbian. Tawny shuddered at this thought and hoped she would never have to find out. She liked men, not women, and wanted men’s cock in her, not a woman playing around at it. Khakis said that he would find out for her and let her know after Tawny’s training was complete and it was time for her sale. The mention of her being sold brought Tawny to the brink and khakis hit the button and allowed her to release her pent-up orgasm. Even though her mouth was filled with the large ball gag, Tawny thanked him with her eyes. Khakis smiled and walked away, leaving her alone in the corner.

As the party wound down the guests began to leave and she heard many of them compliment khakis on his lovely slave. The man who had massaged and sucked her breasts told him he wanted to buy her and offered him a large sum of money. Khakis said that she wasn’t for sale until her training was complete and he could revisit her sale at a later date. The man seemed satisfied by this and waved a courteous goodbye to her saying, “Until you are mine, slave.” Tawny couldn’t believe how much that excited her. Why did she want to be a non-consensual slave so much? Was it because it relieved her of all responsibility for what her body did? Was it because she would no longer be responsible for her own needs, but totally dependent upon her ‘master’? She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she knew it brought the ever-growing flame into a full blaze.

After the last guest left, khakis unchained Tawny from the ring in the wall and began to lead her back down to the basement. They had to stop 4 times for her to complete her orgasms. Khakis waited patiently and smiled to himself as he watched this gorgeous woman who was an obvious slave have orgasm after orgasm. He couldn’t believe he had successfully abducted such a slave slut. By the time they got to her cell, she tried pleading with her eyes for him to fuck her. She had orgasmed over and over, but she had not had a real cock in her. She really wanted him to unlock and remove the dildos and bend her over and replace the dildo in her pussy with his own large cock. Khakis translated this into her need for more orgasms, so he laid her on the cot, chained her leash to the ring in the wall, and turned on the dildos. Khakis marveled at the wondrous slave who orgasmed over and over again. Eventually she passed out from exhaustion.

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