The Natural Slave

by MasterKGray

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Chapter 3 – Slave Training

Tawny awakened to find herself completely unfettered. This surprised her, but she was still locked in the small cell. It had three concrete walls with bars across the front. It had just enough room for the cot she had slept on, the toilet, a sink and a shower with a clear glass door. She supposed the glass door was functional to keep the water in, but still be able to keep an eye on her. There was no one around so she used the toilet and as she finished washing her hands she heard a voice through a speaker say, “Good morning, slave.”

To which Tawny replied without even thinking, “Good morning, Master.”

“Very good, slave” said the voice, “that is the correct response.”

“Thank you, Master.” said Tawny.

The voice continued, “Inside the cabinet behind the mirror you will find some things that I will instruct you to use, do you understand?”

“Yes Master,” was all Tawny said.

She opened the cabinet behind the mirror and the voice spoke again, “Take out the black trimmer and the small pink hair remover.”

“OK, slave, use the black trimmer to clean away the long hairs from your pussy, then take the pink hair remover and not only remove the hairs from your pussy, but all over your entire body. Take it slow, it won’t hurt, but it will remove it more cleanly than shaving, and it’s easier too. Remove all the hair from your legs, arms, ass, back and even your face, except for your eyebrows.” The voice spoke confidently and clearly.

“I have to shave my p…pussy?” asked Tawny.

The voice came back quickly and sternly, “YES, and you forgot something didn’t you SLAVE? You are a slave, you will address any man as ‘Master’, is this understood?”

“Y…yes Master,” Tawny stammered. “I…I’m sorry Master.”

“Much better slave, now get busy,” the voice replied.

Tawny busied herself doing what she had been told. She clipped the hairs from her pussy and then began using the hair removal tool to ‘shave’ it clean. The tool worked amazingly well and she soon had cleaned her pussy completely bald. She felt even more naked than she had been before because her pussy was completely exposed. She rubbed the area and felt how smooth it was, this only added to her excitement that had begun growing when the voice began to command her. She stopped to wonder why this kind of thing turned her on so much and what they were going to do with her. The voice jerked her back to reality to find her fingers in her pussy, working toward an orgasm. “What are you doing? Slaves do not pleasure themselves, get back to work or you will be punished!”

“Yes Master, sorry Master,” Tawny replied and began to work on removing the hair from her legs. Soon she was working on her arms and armpits, but was unsure how she was going to reach her back and ass. She did the best she could, even though she couldn’t see, she could feel the tip and moved it across her buttocks and lower back with the same motion she had used on her legs and arms. She hoped it would be acceptable. As she worked on her face looking into the mirror, the voice came back, instructing her on what would be expected of her in the shower. The voice told her about the dildo shaped brush which she should use to clean her pussy and then her asshole, and about the other dildo shaped item that she could turn on to rinse inside those areas. They wanted her completely clean for today’s training.

As she stepped into the shower and started the water she used the items there as directed. Her mind wandered to the kind of training that would be expected of her and her excitement level was back on the rise again. She was pushed back to reality by the voice telling her to hurry up and finish so that they could get started. She finished rinsing off and then cleaned her pussy and asshole as instructed. She thought to herself that it was a pretty efficient way to cleanse those areas. She turned off the water and then wondered how she was going to dry off, because she hadn’t seen any towels. As she stepped out of the door, she got her answer, the floor outside the door of the shower was a large blow dryer and it began to blow when she stepped onto the foot pads. She hadn’t noticed this when she got in. She rubbed her body dry, just like those hand dryers in the public restrooms and started drying her hair. She had noticed a brush in the cabinet and reached to get it, brushing her hair as the air rushed over her body and hair drying it quickly. Soon she was finished and went to place the brush back in the cabinet.

The voice then instructed her to put on the makeup in the cabinet. His voice directed her to put on the dark lipstick heavily and to make her eyes dark and smoky. The mascara and eyeliner were applied heavily too. Even the rouge was heavy and when she was finished, even though the voice approved, Tawny thought she looked like a whore, turning tricks on the street.

The voice then instructed her to fold up the cot. She had not realized that it folded up, but when she lifted it from the side opposite the wall, it folded up by itself and there was a latch to hold it in place against the wall. Under the bed was a rubber mat, which she was ordered to kneel on and Tawny complied. As she knelt there the voice did not give her further instruction and she wondered what was in store for her today and for the rest of her life. Was she going to be trained as a slave and then sold to some rich man to use for his pleasure? Why did this get her excited? She was in real trouble here, how could she be excited?

Just then the door to her cell opened and in walked two men, presumably the same men from last night, only they were wearing rubber masks instead of the ski masks from last night. Both wore T-shirts, but one was wearing blue jeans and the other man had on black pants. Tawny looked up at them and smiled and black pants admonished her, “Is this how a slave greets her master?”

Tawny had knelt with her knees together and her hands in front of her pussy. She quickly moved her hands onto her thighs and looked up at him and said, “Sorry Master, I am a new slave, I do not know what you want.”

“First of all, slaves do not look at their masters or look them in the eyes. Second, they do not cover their bodies unless specifically instructed to do so. Thirdly, a slave should always look straight ahead or look down, depending on the situation. Fourthly, when instructed to kneel a slave should present herself to her master as a slave, not as some tight-laced little prissy pants. Spread your knees and show him your pussy. Arch your back and present your tits to him. Place your hands on your thighs or behind your back or head depending on the instruction.” said black pants.

“I’m sorry Master, I didn’t know,” squeaked a frightened Tawny. She then attempted to adjust her kneeling posture to match what he had said. She spread her knees and placed her hands on her thighs, then thought better of that and placed them behind her back.

“Better slave,” said black pants, “but your knees are still too close together, wider!” as he pulled a small leather whip from his back pocket.

Tawny spread her knees as wide as she could. She couldn’t believe what was happening. As he was instructing her, the juices were already starting to form in her pussy.

“Better slave,” said blue jeans, “but your back is slumped, arch your back, present those tits for your master!” producing a crop from his back pocket and smacking her lower back with it.

Tawny yelped and did as she was instructed arching her back, raising the level of her breasts. She kept her head level and looked straight ahead as she remembered from black pants earlier instructions.

“Very nice, slave. You are a hot one aren’t you?” said black pants and Tawny blushed hotly at the remark. “Now, if the master says ‘kneel back’, that would be perfect. ‘Kneel back’ means just like you are, with your knees wide, your tits out and your hands clasped behind your back. Just ‘kneel’ would mean just as you are with your hands on your thighs. ‘Kneel up’ would mean the same except you would clasp your hands behind your neck. Do you understand?”

“Yes thank you Master,” Tawny replied.

“What are you thanking him for?” asked blue jeans.

“For saying I’m hot, Master,” smiled Tawny. “Would Master like me to demonstrate?”

 “Excellent suggestion slave, please demonstrate” said blue jeans.

“Thank you Master,” said Tawny. Then she moved her hands to her thighs holding them there lightly and said, “This is ‘kneel’,” moving her arms back behind her back, “this is ‘kneel back’” and then lifting her arms and clasping her hands behind her neck said, “this is ‘kneel up’ correct?” Then realizing she hadn’t addressed them as master during the demonstration said, “Do I please you Masters?”

“It is an acceptable start,” replied black pants, “However, one more thing for you to learn, slaves are not persons, they are slaves. You will not refer to yourself as ‘I’ or ‘me’; you will refer to yourself as ‘this slave’, ‘this girl’, ‘this slut’ or ‘your slave’, ‘your slut’ etc. if a master purchases you. Do you understand slave?”

Tawny cringed a bit at the slut reference but got a little thrill at the thought of being sold and simply replied, “Yes Master, this slave understands.”

“Very good slave, let’s move on,” said black pants.

Now they began to restrain Tawny, first the high leather collar was tightened and locked. Then the wrist cuffs were added and her wrists were locked behind her. A leather strap pulled her elbows toward each other until they touched. Tawny thought to herself, I can’t help but present my tits when they tie my elbows together. Next came the gag, not a ball gag, but a ring gag, they ordered her to open her mouth as wide as she could and still they couldn’t get it in, finally forcing her jaws open a bit wider and placing it behind her teeth. The strap locked behind her neck and there was no way she could have gotten it out. Tawny thought that was all for the gag until a large dildo was before her face and stuffed into her mouth and part way into her throat, gagging her as the tip entered her throat. They told her to get used to it because all slaves sucked cock and told her to try swallowing. The swallowing helped but Tawny was uncomfortable with this new development and for the second time since this whole ordeal began, she was scared. What if she couldn’t handle this? Would they care if she couldn’t or would she just be forced to do it and whatever happened was OK, even if she couldn’t breathe and died? She started to panic a little but then calmed herself down and blue jeans pushed the dildo in a little further and locked it into place. As scared as she was, Tawny was even more excited and felt a trickle of her pussy juices run down the inside of her thigh.

Next they ordered her to sit on the rubber mat while they attached her ankle cuffs. They placed high-heeled leather sandal type shoes on her feet that looked taller than the boots she had worn last night. Maybe it was all in her mind, but then they pulled the straps over the tops of her feet and she heard them click, locking them closed around her foot, then the upper strap went around her ankle and she heard that lock into place as well. A chain was added between her ankles and she was pulled to her feet. She now stood almost eye to eye with blue jeans, although black pants was still a little taller. She avoided looking at their masks or eyes and just looked straight ahead. She didn’t want to be whipped; she was sure that little smack was nothing compared to what happened when she really did something wrong. No belt around her waist or dildos inserted today, but the chain leash was attached to her collar and she was led out into the rest of the basement. She was led to another rubber mat and ordered to kneel on it. With her ankles chained she had a hard time getting down, but eventually managed and spread her knees as wide as she could.

The dildo was removed from her mouth and she coughed and gagged a bit as it came out, but her throat actually felt a little empty when it came out. Black pants’ cock quickly replaced the dildo and he began to force it into her throat, instructing her to lick with her tongue and swallow like she had with the dildo. Tawny did her best but had difficulty swallowing his dick. She didn’t like ‘giving head’ as one of her boyfriends had put it, but she had done her best while she dated him. Black pants backed off a little and massaged her throat a bit telling her to continue swallowing when he pushed against the back of her throat. Tawny calmed down some and tried harder to swallow his cock down her throat like he wanted. 

Surprisingly, her pussy’s excitement level continued to escalate while she did this. Why did she enjoy being degraded so much? She couldn’t explain it; she just went with it and began to bob up and down on his cock as best she could. Eventually she swallowed him all the way and his pubic hairs tickled her nose. It was then that Tawny realized she couldn’t breathe and started to panic. Black pants ordered her to keep swallowing because it felt so good and soon he ejaculated down her throat, directly into her stomach. When he pulled out Tawny gasped in air as quickly as she could. She had been unable to breathe all the time he was in her throat and her body was starved for oxygen. Tawny felt very proud of herself when black pants complimented her and told her she had done well for her first time. She had never swallowed her old boyfriend like that. She wondered how much he would have liked it if she had swallowed him all the way like she had just done with black pants.

Next blue jeans walked up and wanted his turn. Black pants gave her a little drink of water and then blue jeans plunged his cock into her held open mouth. Blue jeans was already excited from watching her swallow black pants and he forced his cock down her throat more quickly and was soon all the way in. He came more quickly than black pants as she swallowed like black pants had instructed and blue jeans shot his load down into her stomach. Blue jeans pulled out before he was completely done and let the rest of his hot salty cum shoot onto her tongue. 

Tawny started to voice her displeasure but blue jeans pulled out the small crop and rubbed it between her tits. She rolled the cum around on her tongue and then finally swallowed it, coughing a bit because it was sticky and some caught in her throat. Black pants gave her another drink of water and then placed the dildo back into her throat and began plunging it back and forth and finally pushing it in deeper than either man had been. Tawny thought she was going to pass out from lack of oxygen when he finally pulled it out of her throat. By this point Tawny was so excited that she had actually dripped onto the rubber mat she was kneeling on. She didn’t understand what was going on with her body, but she knew that she felt like a bitch in heat.

Black pants then noticed the small puddle of her juices on the rubber mat and complimented her on being such a hot slave. He said that not only did she look hot, but her body’s response to slavery was also hot. This did nothing to cool Tawny’s lust. In fact, when he called her a hot slut it was like pouring gasoline on a fire! Black pants removed the ring gag and replaced it with a large ball gag, saying it was time to see just how hot that fire was. He pondered out loud for Tawny’s benefit that he wasn’t sure if a fire that hot could ever be quenched.

Tawny was ordered to her feet and then led over to some contraption she had never seen anything like before. First her ankles were released from each other, only to be pulled widely apart and locked to the two side poles of the contraption. Next the bar in front of her was adjusted from the height of her knees to her upper thighs, just below her pussy and her thighs were strapped to the padded bar. Then they bent her over at the waist until her body was parallel to the floor and another padded bar was slid under her upper arms to keep her from falling to the floor. She heard them working behind her and then a chain was attached to her wrists and they began pulling until the padded bar under her upper arms was now in the middle of her back. This stretched her body like a bow pulling her tits up.

Next black pants grabbed her hair and began to braid it. Tawny couldn’t see what he was doing, but she wasn’t sure she liked where this was going. What she didn’t know was that he was braiding a rope into her hair and soon he pulled her head up and back and tied it off to her elbows. Now her head was straight up and pulled back by her own hair. Next came the nipple clamps, easily attached to her hard, erect nipples. A chain was connected to the center of the chain connecting the nipple clamps and adjusted. Then came the final piece of the pie, though she couldn’t see it, a double dildo pumping machine was placed behind her and adjusted. Tawny felt the first dildo enter her sopping pussy and moaned in pleasure. When the other dildo was pushed into her asshole she heaved a ragged sigh of both excitement and concern. 

She wasn’t sure what was going on, but it didn’t take long before the machine was turned on and the dildos began to pump in and out of her. Adding to her pleasure, the nipple clamps had been attached to the machine via pulleys, and every time one of the dildos plunged into her, there was a tug on the nipple clamps. Tawny felt like she was in some sort of perverted heaven. As the machine pumped she orgasmed over and over! Tawny had never felt anything like this before and passed out from the intensity of the orgasms. She awakened to find she was still on the machine and building toward another ridiculously intense orgasm. She somehow managed to stay awake through that one but passed out again during the next one. When she awoke the second time she was still strapped with both dildos deep inside her but they were not pumping in and out anymore.

Black pants walked up in front of Tawny and asked if she had enjoyed it, but she couldn’t answer because of the ball gag and her hair was holding her head still. He told her to blink once for yes and twice for no. She blinked once and tried to smile. He asked her if she wanted to go again and she blinked once again. He told her how proud of her he was and that he thought that she was a natural slave. Tawny was blushing hotly and getting excited again, especially at the part about her being a natural slave. She had already thought about that before, but him saying that had confirmed it in her mind. She was a natural slave! This was the kind of life she wanted, not to decide for herself, but a strong master to decide for her and force her to orgasm like this all of the time! She didn’t care that she hadn’t been able to make that decision for herself, these men had already made it for her, but she knew she was – just then the machine roared to life again pumping the dildos in and out and pushing her to orgasm after orgasm. She was able to stay awake for more orgasms this time but still passed out again after several stunningly intense orgasms.

When Tawny awoke she was lying on the rubber mat in the middle of the basement with her collar chained to the post. Her wrists and elbows were still locked behind her and her ankles were sporting that short chain between them again, but she wasn’t wearing a gag. She raised her head off the mat and black pants walked over and told her that the two bowls sitting there near her were food and water and instructed her to eat. She pulled herself to a kneeling position and leaned over and drank from the water bowl until it was almost empty. Blue jeans came over and refilled it. Then she began to eat the mush that was in the other bowl. It tasted like oatmeal and yogurt and she hadn’t realized how hungry she was. She ate so quickly that black pants came over and told her to slow down a little. She cleaned the bowl completely, licking up every little bit until the bowl was clean. Then she drank again from the water bowl. She was about to kneel up when she decided to get another drink and almost emptied the bowl again. Tawny knelt back up and remembered to spread her knees widely and arch her back. Black pants smiled from across the basement and blue jeans said he thought she was a natural slave too. This gave her an additional thrill and her pussy juices were already flowing again. Black pants walked up and used a paper towel to wipe her face off where some of the food had gotten stuck.

“M…Master, this slave needs… to pee, may she use the toilet?” Tawny asked timidly.

“Yes you certainly may,” replied black pants and he unlocked her leash from the post and ordered her to get up. He led her back to the cell and had her sit on the toilet there. When she sat he ordered her to open her legs wide while she peed and she did.

“I…This slave is sorry Master,” said Tawny quietly because she had not only peed but had also lost control of her bowels and the diarrhea was rushing out of her.

“It’s alright slave,” said black pants, “just let it all out.” When Tawny was finished black pants dutifully wiped her clean with a warm wet cloth and then led her back to the post. He locked the leash to the post and ordered her to kneel as before. She complied quickly and bowed her head in submission and thanks.

Next the men moved a large sturdily constructed chair out away from the wall toward the center of the basement. Tawny thought it looked like a chair from the middle ages that was used for torture, or maybe a chair where someone might be strapped down to be electrocuted. Soon the men sat her in the chair and strapped her into it tightly. Her arms were strapped down to each arm, her collar was locked to the high back of the chair, her knees and ankles fastened widely to the legs and a strap across her waist held her tight to the back of the chair.

Tawny began to get nervous and scared about what they were going to do to her. Just then a dildo was forced into her pussy and she let out a sensual moan. A lubricated dildo in her asshole which made her groan a bit followed this. The large ball gag was next and she was completely helpless again. Black pants told her that she could relax, this was a step down from what had happened thus far today. She was left alone in the basement and just sat there, looking at herself in the mirror in front of her. She noticed how hot she looked and how her eyes had such a lustful look. She wondered what was going to happen to her, now that she was in captivity and she was such a ‘natural slave’ as black pants put it and blue jeans agreed. She found herself trying to work her body up and down on the dildos, but she couldn’t seem to manage it. She was strapped down too tightly. Tawny did not realize how tired she was and fell asleep strapped in the chair. The vibrating dildos awakened her from her nap. As she watched herself orgasm in the mirror Tawny didn’t even recognize the woman in the mirror, she saw only a slave like the ones on some of the videos she had watched on the internet.

The men returned to the basement to release Tawny from the chair. They reattached her wrists and elbows together behind her. The chain was attached between her ankles and then the leash chain was attached to her collar. She was led up the basement stairs and into the house. She was led into the dining room and ordered to kneel on a throw rug placed near the table. Her leash was attached to a leg of the table and the men sat down at the chairs to the right and left of Tawny. Her ball gag was removed and the men began eating. Suddenly, Tawny felt something hit her left tit and then fall to the floor not noticing that blue jeans had tossed a piece of steak her way. Black pants told her to eat it, that whenever she was fed, she should not pass it up and waste the opportunity. Tawny bent over and picked up the piece of steak with her teeth and chewed it thinking, am I a dog? Or some pet? Well, she thought, maybe a pet, remembering her lessons from earlier, that a slave is an ‘it’ or ‘slave’ or ‘slut’, but not an ‘I’ or ‘me’. Black pants warned her and she caught the piece of carrot he tossed in her mouth and ate it quickly. Blue jeans didn’t seem to want to warn her and made sure the pieces of steak or potato or carrot, etc were thrown too low and hit the floor so that she would have to eat them off the floor. If it left a mark or juice there, she was ordered to lick it up so that it didn’t leave a mark on the floor. Tawny balked at this until black pants whacked her on the ass with a small little whip that looked like a crop that jockeys used.

After the men had finished eating, they cleared the table and returned to their chairs. Black pants unzipped his pants first and Tawny was sure she knew what was next. Then he instructed her to suck his cock and that she had better not bite him or scrape him with her teeth or he would cut off her tits! This frightened Tawny but she did as she was instructed and took his semi rigid cock into her mouth. She gently kissed the head first and then began to lick and suck on it as his erection grew. Soon she could tell that he was getting close and began swallowing his hard dick down her throat. He came just as she had swallowed him all the way, her lips at the base and her nose in his pubic hair. He held the back of her head as he came and she continued to swallow, massaging his cock with her throat.

When he withdrew, Tawny gasped in the precious oxygen her lungs had been denied and blushed with excitement as black pants told her that it was much better than this morning. Allowing her to drink from a bottle of water, black pants gave her a few moments to calm down. He noticed that just like this morning, she was starting to drip with excitement! Next it was blue jeans who was already excited and hard and she sensed this and swallowed him more quickly. He came more quickly and pulled out to let some of his cum into her mouth. She didn’t balk at it this time and even licked some of it off her lips and swallowed it down, pretending to love the taste of it, even though she didn’t. Blue jeans agreed that she had greatly improved over this morning. This made Tawny even hotter than before and her juices flowed down onto the floor.

They replaced her ball gag and unchained her leash from the table leg to lead her back to the basement. Feeding time was over and they had more slave training to accomplish before bedtime. Tawny couldn’t help but wonder what was happening to her. The more they degraded her and treated her like a slave, the hotter she got. Now they led her over to the large central post in the basement and began releasing her wrists and elbows. Her wrists were chained to the top of the pole and her ankle chain was removed. Then they removed her ball gag. As she stood there against the post it pressed between her breasts pushing them to either side of the post.

Suddenly she heard a loud crack and then felt the pain where the whip had landed across her lower back. Again the whip fell striking her across the ass. She writhed in pain and as the third stroke fell she began to plead, “Please Masters, why are you punishing this slave?” As a fourth and fifth stroke fell she moaned, “Please Masters, what has this slave done wrong?” Still no answer except for the continued blows to her body. “Why are you punishing this slut, Masters? Is it because this slut dripped her juices on your floor? Please Masters, please stop!” Tawny cried out in a desperate attempt to stop the beating.

The whipping finally stopped after only ten strokes, but it seemed like twenty or more to the beaten Tawny. She hung limply against the post, her tits pushed even further apart and around the post. She suddenly noticed a small bump in the post at just the right height to her clit. As the pain and humiliation turned to pleasure she spread her legs around the post and rubbed her clit against the bump in an attempt to bring herself to orgasm. As her excitement began to build the whipping began again. Instead of distracting her, the whipping actually added to the excitement and soon Tawny was crying out in her orgasm, “Oh god! Yes! Yes! Oh god, YES! Please don’t stop! Please whip me harder Master! Aieeee! Yesssss! Oooooh! Oh yes, god yes! Oh Master! This slut loves you Master! Thank you for whipping this slave Master!” Tawny hung limply against the post, her legs still wrapped around the post and her tits on either side. The men released her wrists from the post and she would have fallen to the floor if they hadn’t caught her.

Tawny was laid down on the mat and her collar was chained to the post. The men left her wrists locked together in front of her and let her rest. One of them, she couldn’t remember which one, poured some water in her bowl next to the mat. Eventually she regained enough strength to lift herself up and drink from the bowl. She drank some and then rested, returning to empty the bowl. When she felt the strength returning to her body she knelt on the mat with her knees spread wide and placed her bound hands behind her neck in the ‘kneel up’ position. She didn’t see either one of the men and stayed in that position in case they returned. Tawny had been kneeling for over an hour before the men returned and complimented her on her orgasm and her proper slave position. She didn’t understand it, but this made Tawny’s pussy excited again. They told her it was time to get to bed and after securing her wrists and elbows behind her back led her into her cell and onto the toilet so she could relieve herself.

After using the toilet the men wrapped a rope around her waist and tied it tightly, just like they had done with the leather strap the night before. Next another piece of rope was tied to the front of the rope around her waist and one of the men began pulling down on the front rope. Then he stopped and tied a knot in the middle of the rope and pulled the knot tight. Tawny wondered what the knot was for. It didn’t take long for her to find out. Black pants began pulling the rope down and pulled it between her legs. Then he pulled it over top of the rope around her waist in back and began pulling down, forcing the rope tightly into her crotch and splitting her ass cheeks before tying it off. Tawny soon learned what the knot was for as it pressed tightly against her clit. Even though it was painful, Tawny was already getting excited by the rubbing on her clit. Blue jeans asked her if she liked her ‘crotch rope’ and all Tawny could do was give him a lustful look and nod yes. They laid her on the cot, chained her neck to the ring in the wall, turned off the light and left her for the night. Tawny soon began to work her haunches and brought herself to orgasm. If she could have seen herself she might have thought it looked like she was humping the air. Because it was such strenuous work to bring herself to orgasm in this way, Tawny passed out after her second orgasm.

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