The Natural Slave

by MasterKGray

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Storycodes: M+/f; bond; fantasy; kidnap; rope; cuffs; gag; straps; chain; collar; blindfold; toys; force; anal; nc; XX

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Chapter 2 – The Abduction

Tawny’s life had changed forever. She was afraid of self-bondage but had since locked the cuffs and ball gag with her wrists locked behind her. The dildo did its work but she didn’t lock herself to the bed or put the key in an ice cube, just left it lying on the nightstand. This was okay, but not nearly as exciting because she could free herself at any time. She tried to imagine being completely restrained but it wasn’t the same and the orgasms were good but not like the intense mind blowing ones she had when she was completely helpless with no chance of escape for a while.

Tawny decided to call Jenny and ask her to come over and help her. Jenny agreed and arrived the next night with some toys of her own. Tawny asked Jenny to tie her up and leave her tied for 2 hours no matter how much she begged and pleaded to be set free. Jenny agreed and when she had finished added a final touch of her own, playing with Tawny’s nipples until they were hard and then attaching nipple clamps. Tawny thought she wouldn’t be able to handle the pain, and began begging her to release them, but Jenny ignored her cries as promised. Soon the pain became pleasure and Tawny had multiple orgasms. By the time Jenny released her, Tawny had passed out and was sleeping soundly. Tawny said that the nipple clamps scared her and hurt, but they helped. What she really wanted was a man to do these things to her, but she didn’t say anything to Jenny about that. Thanking Jenny for her help, Tawny let her out and Jenny said they could do it anytime.

Tawny tried to pour herself into her work and other activities to take her mind off of bondage/slavery. She couldn’t understand why it had such a hold on her. The more she tried to ignore it, the more it reared its ugly head and if she didn’t satisfy her craving for it through stories and other things online, she found herself daydreaming about it. One day at work she was furiously trying to complete a project and suddenly realized she had been daydreaming about her boss forcing her into slavery. In her daydream she was naked on her knees in her boss’ office sucking his cock. Yes the vulgar language of the bondage world had crept into her mind and she no longer referred to her breasts or vagina, but rather thought of them as tits and pussy or even cunt. She didn’t know why, but referring to her body in vulgar terms made it more exciting. Just then her boss walked up and asked her how she was doing and without thinking she said, “Fine Master.”

Her boss spun around and inquired, “What did you just call me?”

Tawny blushed and then stammered, “N…Nothing Sir, I just said ‘Fine Sir’.”

Then her boss admonished her and said, “I don’t know what’s gotten into you the past couple of months but if you don’t get your act together you will be taken off of this team and possibly terminated! Do you understand?”

“Y…Yes Sir!” Tawny blurted looking ashamed and hurt.

“I’m sorry if that seems harsh, but you are a valued member of this team and you need to straighten out whatever it is that’s holding you back.” Her boss said with a sympathetic tone.

“Yes Sir!” responded Tawny enthusiastically.

As her boss walked away he wondered what had happened to Tawny. When she came to the group she was outspoken and confident with great input and an excellent attitude. Lately she was very reserved, never spoke up in meetings and seemed extremely distracted almost all the time. And he was almost positive she had called him ‘Master’ just a couple minutes ago, and even seemed to be saying it without saying it when she called him ‘Sir’. She rarely called him ‘Sir’ unless it was in jest.

Tawny couldn’t believe she had called her boss ‘Master’. She rushed off to the restroom and sat in the stall and cried. After a while she composed herself and came back to her desk. She tried to concentrate on her work but this most recent incident with her boss coupled with her ever-increasing need for bondage had rattled her deeply. She stayed at her desk until after her boss left, even saying good night to him as he left to make sure he knew she was still there. The problem was, she just couldn’t get anything done and left soon after her boss was gone.

When she got home Tawny called Jenny and asked her if she could come over to talk. She felt like Jenny was her only friend who understood her anymore. Jenny had a date that night and would not be able to make it. Tawny hung up the phone and cried. Why did she need this bondage/slavery thing so much? Having fun and playing around with it was one thing, but it seemed to consume her every waking moment. She went online to look at some bondage and stumbled upon a website for bondage people to meet. She was almost signed up when she thought better of it and changed her mind. Who knows what kind of people you might meet on the internet? She might get a nice guy and have a great time with him, or it could be some pervert who just wanted to enslave some poor unsuspecting girl. Strangely, this brought a little thrill to her pussy and she started fingering herself a bit, until she realized what she was doing. Did she actually like the idea of being a non-consensual slave to some unknown man? What was wrong with her? She shook her head and sat down to watch some TV just to stop thinking about it. Instead of watching TV she started daydreaming about some man capturing her and forcing her into sexual slavery. The imagery in her mind was so intense and realistic that when she jerked herself back to reality, she had been daydreaming about it for over an hour.

Tawny was upset and disgusted with herself and turned off the TV to get ready for bed. Just then there was a knock at the door and she went to ask who it was. It was Jenny, back from her bad date and she had come because of how upset Tawny had sounded on the phone. Tawny and Jenny talked for a couple of hours until around 1am. Tawny told her about what happened with her boss and about how her fantasies had taken a frightening turn. Tawny told Jenny about almost signing up on a website for bondage people but had thought better of it, only to catch herself fantasizing about being kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery. She told her about daydreaming about it for over an hour instead of watching TV.

At first Jenny just listened until Tawny finally finished and just sat there with this exasperated look on her face. Then Jenny suggested that she go ahead and sign up on the website and then they could double date so that Tawny could have someone there she trusted. Tawny was shocked because she didn’t know that Jenny sometimes participated in bondage sex. Jenny said that it could be enjoyable from time to time, but it wasn’t something she liked to do all the time like Tawny. Since the next day was Saturday and neither of them had to work, they sat together and signed up Tawny for an online bondage dating service. It was very late and they were both tired so they decided to go to bed. Since Jenny lived several miles away, Tawny said it would be okay if she didn’t mind sharing her queen sized bed. Jenny accepted and they both fell asleep quickly and slept well.

The next morning Tawny checked her inbox and found she had several responses to her online bondage dating account. She couldn’t believe how many there were in such a short time. Jenny told her that it was because there were only a few women who were into bondage/slavery and even fewer who were hot. Tawny was surprised again by Jenny saying that she was hot. She asked Jenny about it and Jenny said that she went both ways, but knew that Tawny didn’t, so she hadn’t pushed the issue with her. Tawny thanked her for respecting her preferences, her compliments, for helping her set up her account and for having her back in this situation. Tawny answered one of the online messages and asked if they could get together on a double date since this was her first time and she wanted someone there she could trust. He seemed to understand completely and asked her if next Friday would be okay. Jenny checked with her bondage partner and Tawny was excited to reply that it was a go!

The following week seemed to drag on forever for Tawny. Work seemed to be duller than ever. Spreadsheets and number crunching just didn’t hold her attention anymore. She continually daydreamed about her coming ‘date’ on Friday. And still that frightening gnawing at the back of her mind, actually wishing she was a forced slave. She brought herself out of a particularly vivid daydream about the new accountant enslaving her just as the boss walked by. She smiled and greeted him politely; suddenly realizing she had called him ‘Master’ again! She blushed hotly and bowed her head almost as in submission to him. He just shook his head and walked away.

Friday finally came and Tawny couldn’t wait to get out of the office to her date. She worked furiously trying to finish up her project and walked into her boss’ office just shortly after 5pm. She handed him the spreadsheet data and turned to walk out the door. He asked her to stop and wait for him to check it. He agreed that the work was satisfactory and then asked her to close the door. He said that the completed project was good work but that her performance over the past few months had suffered greatly. Then there was this calling him ‘Master’. He said that in light of these recent developments, he was letting her go. He told her to pick up her last paycheck, clean out her desk and go. Tawny was in tears and begged for another chance. He said he had given her all the chances in the world but her work performance had suffered so greatly that he had no other choice. His boss had made the decision, even though he had asked for another chance for her. Tawny walked dejectedly to pick up her last paycheck and then grabbed an empty copy paper box to put the things from her desk in. She cleaned out her things and walked to her car, dropped the box onto the back seat and drove home.

Once she got home, Tawny called Jenny and told her she wanted to cancel their double date for tonight because of getting fired from work. Jenny said no, that Tawny had been looking forward to this all week and if necessary, they could always share Jenny’s apartment until she found a new job. Tawny grudgingly agreed and said she was going to get a shower and take a nap, since the guys didn’t want to start until 11pm. Starting a date that late seemed kind of odd to Tawny, but she had never dated someone who was into bondage either. She shrugged her shoulders and headed for the shower. After her shower she sat and ate dinner alone while her hair dried. Then before her nap she decided to put on her makeup. She put it on heavier than usual because of the late hour and most bondage sites showed women with a lot of makeup. Instead of lying down on the bed she sat in the overstuffed chair next to her bed and put her feet up on the bed. She spread her hair out over the back of the chair so she wouldn’t mess it up and surprisingly fell asleep very quickly.

Two men in ski masks who had grabbed her by each arm and threw her face down on her bed awakened Tawny. They had already removed her robe while she slept so she was now completely naked. One quickly began shoving a very large ball gag into her mouth while the other began securing her wrists behind her. Once the ball gag was strapped in the other man quickly began helping with her ankles. Her ankles and wrists were now securely locked with her wrists behind her. So far this was nothing new for Tawny, except that she had always done this to herself. Now the two men were pushing her elbows together and securing them with a leather strap. A leather collar, which was taller and tighter than her own, was strapped and then locked around her neck. Next came the blindfold and then her legs were pulled back and secured to her wrists. Tawny was completely helpless, scared, and extremely excited! What is wrong with me she wondered as they lifted her into some sort of cart with wheels and began rolling her out of her apartment and down the hall. Tawny tried to squirm and make noise but she was buried under some towels or linens of some sort and the cart wheels made a lot of noise. This noise was drowning out her muffled screams.

Once outside, the men quickly pulled her out of the cart into the back of a van. After closing the sliding door the men went to work again, lying her flat on her naked stomach on the rear van floor. They released Tawny’s ankles from her wrists and each other, only to secure them widely apart to the sides of the van. Then they added more straps above her knees and spread her knees out securing them to the sides of the van also. Tawny was afraid they were going to rape her asshole, but instead they lifted her up off the floor of the van into a kneeling position with her ankles and knees spread very widely apart. They removed the blindfold and then began licking and sucking her nipples so they could apply the nipple clamps. Once they were in place, one of the men put his finger in her pussy and pulled it out to show the other man that she was dripping with pleasure. Tawny couldn’t believe her own body, why was she so excited that she was dripping? Then the men placed a large dildo on the floor underneath her and began to push her hips down so that the dildo entered her pussy. They continued to press down on her until her ass cheeks almost touched the floor, then they secured her wrists to the floor behind her and added a leather strap across her waist/hips secured to the floor as well. Tawny was going nowhere and completely locked onto the large dildo deep in her pussy. She heard a ragged moan and realized that it came from her. When they started the van to go, the vibrations of the engine emanated through the floor into the dildo causing her to orgasm. Things only got worse when they started moving because the bouncing van forced the dildo in and out causing her to have even more intense orgasms. It seemed like they drove for several hours and Tawny couldn’t remember how many orgasms she had.

When the van finally bounced to a halt, Tawny had another unbelievably intense orgasm. The men opened the side door and crawled in the back with her. They quickly released her ankles and knees, but a short chain was locked between her ankles to keep her from running away. Next they sat her on the side of the van and forced her feet into 7 inch high heeled short boots, which they laced up very tightly and then a leather cover was locked over the laces. Now they stood her up on the ridiculous heels and strapped a 4-inch leather belt around her waist pulling it very tight. Then another leather strap with two large dildos was pulled up between her legs. 

Tawny had never experimented with anal sex, so this was a new experience for her. Fortunately they had lubed the one for her ass and the dildos slid in quite easily. They pulled the front and back of the strap through her legs up over the strap at her waist and then pulled down, forcing the dildos deep inside of her. The strap was secured and locked at both the front and the back. Tawny thought it would split her in two. Next a chain leash was attached to her collar and she was led down a flight of concrete stairs into a basement. The steps were difficult to navigate with her feet chained that closely together, but the steps were not the most difficult part of this leashed walk. Not only were the dildos rubbing her pussy and ass, but also there was something in the leather rubbing against her clit and she had an orgasm walking down the stairs and almost fell.

The men caught her and held her up until she could walk again and then brought her into the basement. There were all sorts of bondage equipment and devices scattered around the basement. They led her inside a small cell near the back wall and ordered her to lie down on the cot there. Her leash was then locked to a ring in the wall next to the cot. Next one of the men produced a remote control and pressed a couple of buttons. The dildos sprang to life inside of her. Tawny was having another intense orgasm in less than 30 seconds. As she lay there she couldn’t help but get more excited and the orgasms continued to wrack her body. This is what she had been daydreaming about and the actuality of being chained up completely helpless, only added to her excitement. Her orgasms built like a crescendo until she eventually passed out!

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