The Natural Slave

by MasterKGray

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Chapter 1 – Introduction to Bondage

Tawny was a young woman of 28 years of age. It seemed like all of her friends had gotten married or found the right guy but she was still searching. It wasn’t that she hadn’t found some nice men or that she wasn’t attracted to them, she just hadn’t found the right one. She figured that when she found the right man the sex would be awesome, but she couldn’t even remember having an orgasm with a man. Tawny began to wonder what was wrong with her. She was an attractive woman at 5’ 5” and about 120 pounds with 36D breasts, a slim waist of 24 inches and 36 inch hips. Her auburn hair hung on her shoulders and her beautiful blue eyes and lovely lips got her plenty of attention from men. Lately she had been brushing them off and turning them down, even the really handsome or nice ones, because she wasn’t sure what was wrong with her. She had fallen into a bit of a depression over this and didn’t know where to turn.

Recently Tawny had been talking with a friend about this and Shari and her husband had offered to double date with her and help her find a good man. Tawny said that seemed to be the problem, good men seemed to bore her and she wasn’t interested. Another friend suggested she try looking at some porn to get an idea of what she liked, maybe she just hadn’t found the right kink yet. She dismissed this because it just seemed too vulgar and disgusting.

Tawny decided to accept Shari and her husband's offer and went out on a double date with them. Shari’s husband Dan brought a friend named Jim and they went bowling. Jim was a nice guy and they had a nice time bowling and dinner was nice too. They talked and laughed and shared some common interests, but there just didn’t seem to be any spark for Tawny. Jim on the other hand wanted to exchange numbers, but she turned him down. Jim drove Dan crazy trying to get Tawny’s number or a way to get in touch with her, but Dan respected her wishes and told him no.

The next week Shari and Dan had Tawny over for dinner and they sat and talked. They asked Tawny what was wrong with Jim and she just couldn’t put her finger on it. Sure Jim was attractive but there just wasn’t any spark. Tawny apologized and said she had to get going even though she really had nothing to do. She just wanted to avoid any more questions about her love life.

That night she went home, and in a desperate attempt to find some comfort called her wild friend who had mentioned looking at porn. As Tawny talked with Jenny she kind of spilled her guts about what was bothering her and Jenny asked if she could come over. Tawny said no, that she’d rather be alone but had needed someone to talk with that wasn’t going to be judgmental and continue to try to analyze and fix her life. Jenny just listened and didn’t try to tell her what to do. Jenny eventually told her she would figure it out someday and just to hang in there.

After getting off the phone with Jenny, Tawny felt a little better and even though Jenny hadn’t tried to prod her into it again, Tawny decided to try and look at some porn online. Tawny decided she didn’t want to jump right into hardcore so she searched for porn stories thinking they might be more fun and she might find something that clicked for her. She accidentally went to a bondage site and started reading a story there. What happened next both frightened and excited her. As she was reading the story the beginning part seemed innocuous enough but then things started to heat up and the woman in the story who had been initially disgusted by bondage found that she really enjoyed it.

As Tawny continued to read she found herself getting excited and wet. Suddenly she stopped and chastised herself for being so excited. What is wrong with me, she pondered, but she couldn’t stop reading for long and had to find out what happened. By the time she got to the end she was imagining herself in bondage just like the woman in the story. Tawny had never purchased any sex toys so she just fingered herself and had an intense orgasm. As she lay there in the afterglow of her first serious orgasm, she thought to herself, have I found the right thing in bondage? No, I am a strong independent woman, how can I be this excited over bondage? She quickly shut down her computer and went to bed.

That night did not pass easily for Tawny, she tossed and turned and questioned every fiber of her being. What was it about this bondage that made her excited? Why did she like it so much that she had such an incredible orgasm? How could she like it? So many questions went through her mind. When she slept she dreamt she was slave to a blacksmith back in the 17 or 1800’s. He had welded a steel collar around her neck and chained her up, then used her for his pleasure. She awakened from that dream all wet and excited and found her fingers in her crotch. She lay there sweating and chastising herself again and eventually fell back to sleep only to dream about being captured by an alien ship and being made into their slave. In this dream her wrists and elbows were confined behind her by some sort of morphing metal. Her mouth was gagged with a penis shaped item and the alien was shoving his large penis into her vagina and forcing her to orgasm over and over again. She awakened this time to find her arms behind her and her face in the pillow with a wad of it in her mouth. She was again excited and wet and couldn’t believe what was happening to her.

Tawny tried to dismiss it from her mind and got up and showered to go to work. All the time she was in the shower, her mind kept wandering back to the story she read online and the dreams she had during the night. At work that day she kept to herself and tried to tell herself it was only a story and a couple of dreams, she would get over it. A couple of her co-workers asked her if anything was wrong and she told them no, just a lot of work and not a good day. She knew it was a lie but she kept telling herself it was the truth. She couldn’t wait to get out of there and back home. She was afraid someone might read her mind, and maybe that handsome new accountant might come over and tie her up and force her to orgasm! Wait, she didn’t really think that did she?

After work she hurried home and called her friend Jenny on the phone. She asked if Jenny could come over for a little while, they could order in a pizza and talk. Jenny was surprised because Tawny didn’t talk to her that much and they had hung out a few times and went on one double date, but that had been it. Tawny had never asked Jenny to come over to her apartment. Jenny got there before the pizza and Tawny let her in and said the pizza would be here any minute. Jenny quickly asked Tawny what was wrong and Tawny said that it could wait until after the pizza. The pizza came and they ate in silence and Jenny knew this was not like Tawny at all. She was an outgoing person who liked to talk and chat and never ate in silence, so when they finished eating and the table was cleared, Jenny said, “Alright, out with it!”

Tawny stammered and stuttered and finally said, “I went online and checked out some porn like you suggested, but it’s scaring me half to death!”

“What in the world is so scary about porn?”

“I don’t know, the story I read was pretty scary!”

“So you read a story and you’re scared, what kind of story?”

“It was a bondage story.”

“And what’s so scary about that?”

“It got me really excited and I had an orgasm!” whispered Tawny as if someone might overhear them.

“Wow, that’s great, you’ve found your kink then!” said Jenny excitedly.

“No, it’s not great, I’m scared to death!” Tawny shrieked.

“And just why are you scared?”

“Because it isn’t right! It’s not right for a modern woman to want to be tied up and be excited by it!”

“And just what is so wrong with it?" Jenny asked quietly.

“Well, because… I mean… well, you know.”

“No, I don’t know,” Jenny said emphatically.

“Well, we’re modern women and we have the freedom to go out and work and get a career and…” Tawny’s voice trailed off.

“But we don’t have the freedom to be sexually active, and do what makes us happy?”

“Well, we do, but… I mean, I guess you being a pervert and all, you just don’t understand”, sighed Tawny.

“So, now I’m a pervert?” said Jenny looking directly at Tawny.

“Well, you know, more experienced in this sort of thing, that’s why I called you.”

“So how can I help you? Do you want me to bring my toys over and tie you up?” Jenny asked, expecting a negative response.

“Of course not, I mean I just wanted to talk to you about it, I’m not going to do it!”

“Oh, I see, so have you imagined someone tying you up yet?”

“Well, yeah, there’s this new accountant… hey wait a minute, you tricked me!” cried Tawny. “I don’t want to talk about this anymore”, she sniffled.

“OK, fine, you’re the one who was scared and wanted to talk, but if you change your mind, you have my number”, Jenny smiled.

“Oh, I’m sorry Jenny, I’m so mixed up right now! Thanks for coming, good night.” Tawny walked her to the door and locked it behind her as she left.

Tawny really didn’t feel any better after Jenny left. She thought that talking about it with her might help, but Jenny didn’t seem to understand her problem. Tawny was an independent woman and she liked her life. She didn’t want to give up her freedom to enjoy sex, but it was already gnawing at the back of her mind and she looked at her computer. She said no, I’ll just go on Facebook and check out what all my friends are doing and then I’ll go to bed. She was tired from not getting a lot of sleep the night before and wanted to turn in early.

Unfortunately for Tawny, that is not what happened. She checked her email and Facebook and then got curious about what site it was where she found the story and looked at her history to find it. The next thing she knew it was after midnight and she had read 2 stories and started on a 3rd one. The third story was especially interesting to her and she finished reading it after 1am. She was so excited by the story of a woman who was forcibly taken into slavery and thoroughly enjoyed it, that she fingered herself to orgasm again. She had such an intense orgasm that she screamed out loud enough to wake the neighbor, who came to her door to ask if everything was all right. She assured him it was, saying she had seen a large ugly bug but was able to kill it.

Tawny slept fitfully again waking and dreaming about being a slave in bondage. The most elaborate dream of the night was just before her alarm went off. She dreamed she had been captured and then sold as a slave to a prince in a palace. She was taken to the dungeon where she was trained as a slave in all sorts of pleasure for the prince. She learned to suck his penis, take his penis in her butt and pleasure him with her vagina. He would be cruel to her at times but he always came to her for pleasure because his wife was frigid and didn’t want to soil herself. Tawny dreamed she was in the middle of sucking his penis when her alarm went off and awoke with her thumb in her mouth. She quickly pulled it out and wiped it off and chastised herself for doing this in her sleep.

The days began to fly by for Tawny; she would go to work and find herself fantasizing about some handsome man at work capturing her as a slave. She would come home at night and rush to her computer to read more stories and learn more about bondage. She soon found more sites with more stories and then gradually began to look at some videos because she was curious. She found that the women in the pictures and videos looked so hot and seemed so excited.

She felt so excited at seeing these pictures and videos that she even thought about experimenting with self-bondage. She had recently read a story about a woman who would put herself in bondage and then orgasm until the key to release her fell out of a melting ice cube. She thought that might be a good way to try it, unaware of the dangers it posed. She found an online website that would let her order bondage equipment with her credit card and send it discreetly to her door. She made a checklist of what she thought she needed and then made sure to order everything. It took a while because she never realized how specific they would need to be. How big around were her wrists, ankles, and neck? What size dildo and ball gag? How long did the chains need to be? How many padlocks did she need? Many of these things caught her by surprise but she managed to get her order placed in one night and ordered rush delivery so she could get started right away.

Two days later the building superintendent told Tawny she had a package and handed it to her, he immediately noticed the excitement in her eyes. She thanked him and quickly rushed to her apartment. She could hardly get the door open, she was so excited. She rushed into her apartment and tore open the box. There was everything she had ordered. She stripped herself naked, and began trying on the items. The wrist and ankle cuffs fit perfectly and she pulled out the little padlocks and locked them in place. The collar seemed a little tight, but she soon had that in place and locked. She suddenly realized she needed to freeze the key in an ice cube so she took one of the keys and - making sure it opened the locks - dropped it in a fresh ice cube tray and stuck it in the freezer.

Tawny decided it would take a little time for the ice to form so she decided to make herself some dinner. She was halfway through when she realized she was naked and wearing the leather cuffs and collar. It gave her a little thrill thinking she was preparing a meal for her master like a slave. She continued and when she had finished she didn’t sit at the table and eat. She knelt on the floor and ate out of the bowl, but she did use a fork. Afterward she thought that maybe a slave wouldn’t be given a fork and she should have eaten it without, but it was too late now.

Tawny checked the ice cube tray and saw that it wasn’t frozen yet so she decided to check out the other items in the box. She pulled out the dildo and looked at it. Was it too big? Only one way to find out, she put the head at the entrance to her vagina and pushed. It went in so easily and she heaved a ragged moan at the excitement in her vagina. She turned the knob to check the vibration settings and realized she hadn’t put any batteries in it. She pulled it back out and sighed in disappointment. She checked the box and found what size batteries it took, then checked the closet to find out she didn’t have any that size. She frantically searched the box to see if there was more than one key for all of those locks. Fortunately there were 2 sets so she quickly unlocked the padlocks and removed all of the cuffs and collar. She got dressed and went down to the corner store to get the right size batteries. As she was standing in line she wondered what the handsome young clerk would think if he knew what the batteries were for.

Tawny rushed back to her apartment and on her way in the super asked her what was in the box that made her so excited. She told him it was something her mother had sent her and rushed on into her apartment. Once inside she stripped off her clothing and rushed to the cuffs and collar lying on the table. Soon she had them all in place and locked. She had trouble fumbling with the dildo trying to get it open and then get the batteries inside, but soon it was done and she turned the knob. The dildo sprang to life and she turned it off and inserted it into her vagina. She tried the lower settings but she seemed to need it on high to be able to bring her to orgasm.

Next came the ball gag, it was surely too big! She walked into the bathroom to see if she could figure out a way to get it in. The walk caused the dildo to rub the inside of her vagina and she began to get more excited. As she tried to work the ball gag into place she stopped and looked at the slave girl in the mirror with the collar and cuffs and the ball gag half way into her mouth. She squirmed with excitement and continued to push on the ball gag until it popped in behind her teeth. She pulled the strap tightly behind her head and walked back out to the kitchen to see if the ice cube was frozen yet. It was, but she still needed to chain herself up. She pulled out the chains and began to sort them. Soon she had them arranged on her bed in the right positions. She pulled the ice cube out of the freezer and realized she hadn’t frozen a string into it. No matter, she would just set it in a cup beside the bed and then get it when it melted.

Tawny arranged herself on the bed. She chained her ankles to each corner post so that her legs would be spread. She then chained her collar to the center post on the headboard and she was almost ready. She would be unable to reach the dildo to turn it on once her wrists were locked together behind her, so she cranked the knob to high and then padlocked her wrists behind her. She was so excited she came almost immediately. The buzzing dildo did its work and soon she was having multiple orgasms. She soon realized that even with the ball gag in she was screaming and the sounds might be enough to bother the neighbors. Turning the dildo to the highest setting was great at first but it soon became apparent that it was too much. Tawny could not stop her orgasms and they became increasingly intense. She eventually passed out after several intense orgasms had wracked her body.

When Tawny came to she was dimly aware that the dildo was still buzzing but it was much less intense because the batteries were wearing down. She looked over at the clear plastic cup that held the key to her freedom. The ice cube had melted and the key lay in the bottom of the cup. She began to turn her body so she could reach it with her bound wrists. What happened next was her worst nightmare. As she picked up the cup it slipped out of her hands and fell to the floor. Now she was bound with no help or hope of escape. No one knew she had done this, so no one would think to check on her.

Then she saw her cell phone lying on the nightstand next to where the cup had been. Maybe she could call someone, but whom? She supposed she would call Jenny, if she could reach the phone. She carefully turned her body again and was able to pick up her cell phone, which was not slippery like the plastic glass had been. But now what? She had the phone in her hand, but she couldn’t see to dial anyone. She decided to try and lay the phone down on the bed and then turn her body around and dial with her nose. Slowly she was able to accomplish this, but what would she do once she dialed the number? Her mouth was filled with a large ball gag! She would just do the best she could. It took several tries but she managed to dial Jenny’s number and she heard it ringing. She glanced at the clock and realized it was after midnight. What if Jenny was sleeping or had turned her phone off? Just then Jenny’s groggy voice came on the line, “Hello, … HELLO… is this some kind of prank call?”

“AAA, en, el, eee! EL EEE!” screamed Tawny as she tried to convey the trouble she was in.

Jenny then looked at who was calling and asked, “Tawny, is that you?”

“Uh Huh”, was all Tawny could muster.

“What’s wrong?” Jenny asked.

“EL EEE, Aaa pie maaf up!” Tawny cried.

“What? Speak more clearly, you what?” Jenny asked again.

“AA Pie MAAF UP!” Tawny yelled as best she could.

Suddenly it dawned on Jenny what must have happened. “You tied yourself up, didn’t you?”

“Uh Huh”, was Tawny’s only response.

“You can’t get yourself loose, can you? Jenny inquired.

“Un uuh” was all Tawny could reply.

“OK, OK, I’m coming baby, I knew you were going to do this, I just thought it would take you longer than this and that you might consult me first” Jenny retorted.

Tawny just moaned and fell back on the bed. She realized it had been stupid and that she had no back up in case something like this happened. Then she noticed that even though the batteries were fading if she sat up more and pressed the dildo into the bed it pushed harder into her vagina and was getting her excited again. She sat up as much as the chain on her neck would allow and started bouncing up and down on the bed. The dildo pressed deeper into her vagina and soon she had reached another orgasm. Suddenly the dildo just stopped and she lay back on her bound hands and rested. Soon she began to wonder what was taking Jenny so long and then to worry about how she would get in. Also, she would have to wake the super to unlock the door and then he would get more curious about what she was doing. Way to go, she thought to herself, you didn’t think this through.

Nearly one hour later Jenny and the super came in her front door. Jenny asked the super to wait in the hall and she would let him know if Tawny was all right. Jenny came into her bedroom and said, “My, my, aren’t you in a fine mess!” Tawny suddenly shrieked because the super had come into her apartment and had seen her lying there naked and bound, so Jenny quickly shut the bedroom door. Jenny told the super that Tawny was fine and to please leave. Jenny saw the key on the floor because it had spilled out when Tawny dropped the cup. Jenny quickly scooped it up and began unlocking Tawny’s chains, first the legs, then the neck and finally the wrists. Tawny’s arms didn’t seem to work quite right so Jenny unlocked the ball gag and began to pull on it. At first it seemed like it was stuck but eventually it popped out. Tawny worked her jaws until she could finally speak and said, “Thanks Jenny, I thought for a minute I might die all tied up like that!”

“Well, you very well could have, you were very lucky!” Jenny exclaimed with a wry look on her face.

“I’m…I’m sorry” and then Tawny burst into tears.

“There, there, it’s OK honey, you’re all right” Jenny said soothingly.

Tawny just buried her face in her pillow and cried. Jenny unlocked and removed all of the cuffs and the collar and left them on the dining room table. She then helped Tawny into the bathroom and then into bed. Jenny asked if Tawny wanted a nightgown or something to sleep in but Tawny just shook her head no and crawled into bed. She was sound asleep before Jenny left the apartment. Jenny asked the super to lock the door and to check in on her tomorrow afternoon to see if she was all right.

Tawny slept so soundly that she didn’t even dream. She awoke with a start around 11:30am and couldn’t believe she had slept so long. She remembered the night before and after using the bathroom called Jenny to say thanks and that she might take her up on that offer about tying her up some night. She told her how much fun it was and that it would be nice to have a friend there she could trust. Jenny agreed saying she was glad she was all right and said they could talk about that later. Shortly after hanging up with Jenny the super knocked on her door and Tawny quickly put on her bathrobe and then answered the door. He was very curious and started asking questions but Tawny cut him off and told him she was fine and to please just go and let her rest.

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