The Reinvention of the Masked Man 2

by Lady Tressa

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Storycodes: MF/f+; kidnap; captive; slave; torment; bond; gag; toys; insert; susp; sold; hood; transport; cons/nc; XX

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Chapter 2

Bud awakened about 6:30A, following a good nights sleep. Donna was still asleep, but cuddled closely to Bud, her left arm very close to his cock.

Donna awakened shortly thereafter, once again apologizing for her disrespectful conduct a few hours ago, and now tightly gripping Bud’s cock with her hand.

“Today should be the last day of my period, I feel like using my tampon to gag the bitch in the basement, she is going to be a hard one to break”, opined Donna. “One or two days and she’ll come around”, replied Bud.

For Marla it had been anything but a good night, locked in her tiny basement cell, with dildos chained tightly into both holes, wrists cuffed behind her, an ankle spreader and a harness muzzle gag, which she had been unable to remove.

The pain from the branding iron was excruciating, coupled with the fact she was now a red head, prevented her from getting any sleep. To further disrupt Marla’s equilibrium, the sound tracks from bondage movies were played continuously over the CCTV.

That was all by design. Today Donna was designated to play the role of interrogator with the captive, a skill she was quite adept at. During part of her Australian Army service, she had been assigned to a MI unit.

 Upon going to work for the slaver organization, she had been permitted to participate in the interrogation of several slaves at the holding compound, with a sleep deprived captive always much easier to extract information from.

One of the advantages of working for the organization, was their ability to obtain comprehensive information about a slave prior to their capture. Much of it consisted of dirt obtained from a previous employer, hacking into military personnel records, and learning the identities and whereabouts of close relatives.

By making the slave aware they possessed the information, the slave was likely to provide information they were not yet aware of. If a slave was caught lying about a fact, the organization knew was true, she would be immediately punished.

In Marla’s case, Bud and Donna did not have a great deal of information accumulated. From searching her purse they were able to establish her name, date of birth, address, social security number, name and address of her sister, along with the name of her daughter. Both had their posted photos on Facebook, as well as the mother’s place of employment, and the school attended by her daughter.

Donna would begin the session by trying to pray the “good cop” roll. ”You must be hungry, thirsty and need to use the head”, Donna asked gently. Marla nodded her head in agreement, and after being warned not to speak a single word without permission, the ball from the muzzle gag was removed, with the muzzle remaining in place.

Marla’s meal would consist of a bottle of liquid protein slop, along with a bottle of spring water. Marla’s hands remained cuffed, with Donna patiently holding the containers for her to drink from.

It was now time for Marla to use the head, located on the far side of the basement. Led with a leash, Marla was forced to hop the distance wearing leg hobbles with only a thirteen inch connecting bar. The handcuffs would remain in place during urination, with Donna using a latex glove to remove the vaginal dildo. It was important for the captive to realize that the slavers had total control of her.

As part of the humiliation process, Donna and Bud stood on opposite sides of the head as she urinated, and a significant quantity was excreted. Marla indicated no desire to defecate so the butt plug remained in place. Donna quickly cleaned the vaginal dildo by running tap water, reinserted it and fastened the chain again.

 “I think you should wear a respectable bra”, announced Donna as she produced several lengths of barb wire, ordering her to sit on a chair, facing a small couch on the far side of the room. ”Please no that will be very painful”, cried Marla.

“Do as you are told, they will only hurt if you move”, replied Donna. “Don’t fuck with us bitch”, warned Bud as he forcefully placed her on the chair.

 Donna immediately used the coil of barb wire to bind around her upper torso. It was looped around her breasts, back and stomach, such that any movement would be painful. Her wrists remained cuffed to her rear, attached to the waist belt, which along with her arms was spared the wire binding.

“You’re being sold into African slavery and there is not a thing you can do about it, except to possibly spare your sister and niece from the same fate. We know where your sister lives on Drake Road, and what time she leaves to arrive where she teaches. We also know that your niece attends community college and what time she leaves. They are both very attractive, as we’ve seen their Facebook pictures and that they could bring an awesome price if sold together as mother and daughter. We won’t abduct them immediately, but if and when we do they will both be trained just as brutally as you are, and shipped to Africa together aboard a cargo ship, which is the way you will be taken there”.

“Please don’t take them”, begged Marla, as Donna paused from her monolog.

Donna ignored the remark before continuing, “We have two competing buyers for you. One is a wealthy White lesbian in South Africa, the other is a Black warlord from Zimbabwe who wants a White bitch for his harem, therefore it will be necessary to prepare you for lesbian slavery, should we decide to go that route, and in which event we will likely spare your sister and cousin, of course neither will know what happened to you”.

Then abruptly Marla was moved to the forced standing position she had occupied earlier. Her steel handcuffs were removed and replaced with the leather cuffs attached to the overhead, and the ball was reinserted into the muzzle. “Maybe a few hours standing with your new bra will improve your attitude”, remarked Donna.

At this point it was decided to attempt the interrogation, with Donna suggesting that answering questions truthfully, might reduce the amount of time she would be required to stand and wear the barb wire bra.

Marla stated she had served twenty years in the USMC, retiring at that time because her prospects for promotion were slim. Some time ago she had received a reprimand for having sex with an enlisted man. She also had made known her disdain for gays and lesbians being allowed to serve in the Corps, as well as unqualified Blacks being promoted. This did not sit well with her politically correct superiors.

Marla stated she had sex with officers numerous times over the years, while on active duty, but for one reason or another a lasting relationship never materialized. She denied ever having sex with a female. Since being retired she only had sex two or three times, with a lonely elderly man.

It appeared that Marla had been truthful so far, so she was told that only another hour of standing bondage would be required, however the painful barb wire would not be removed. “Please let me go”, she begged. Her plea was ignored and a ball gag was once again put in place.


Bud had no intention of selling Marla to a dominatrix in South Africa, it was Nigeria bound for her, and most likely Islamic slavery. Nor did he have any intent of abducting any relatives. The objective was to force Marla to engage in lesbian sex, knowing she despised it, but would prefer lesbian slavery than African warlord slavery.

 Both Bud and Donna shared that perversion, and the next day with her period gone, Donna would willingly subject herself to playing the role of a dominatrix. Some time ago, Bud had remarked to Donna that they would somehow entice a lesbian to the house, then force her into heterosexual bondage.

The two sadistic slavers retreated to the upstairs living room, where they both enjoyed a porn video, along with the CCTV pictures of Marla, tightly restrained and gagged, suffering both physical and mental anguish. It was considerably less painful for Marla, as the barb wire was removed.

Sitting on the upstairs couch Bud silently reminisced about some of his past experiences, mostly freelance jobs while still employed by the organization, without their knowledge.

There was the fifty two year old wife who wanted a cuckold scenario with her husband, he would willingly be tied up and forced to watch as Bud had sex with his wife. The only problem was when Bud arrived to perform the job, he learned the fifty five year old husband was not aware of the plan, nor would he willingly participate in it.

The husband threatened to get a gun and use it on Bud. Fortunately Bud was carrying a police style black jack, and one blow to the side of the head sent him reeling onto the couch. The momentary disorientation enabled Bud to zip tie his hands and feet.

Bud then dragged him into the bedroom, where additional zipties were used to secure him to the chair, while a pair of panties with a nylon stocking cleave, gagged him. For added humiliation both his trousers and underwear were pulled down.

After cunt fucking the wife for nearly fifteen minutes, Bud masturbated the husband until he climaxed. He then left after leaving a pair of wire cutters, so the wife could cut him free at her pleasure. She paid Bud five thousand dollars for his services.

Another scene was from when Bud was still employed by the organization, he was sent to Honduras to scout out possible buyers for American slaves. The head of a slavers group invited him to watch an auction of four slaves, at a mansion on the outskirts of Belize.

Six prospective slave buyers, one a female, sat on chairs set up close to a stage. The four slaves were then marched from their cellblock to the stage. It was a sight to behold, the most attractive was a 5’11” blond of, the other three were brunettes of varying degrees of attractiveness, all four were of non-Hispanic descent.

Each of the slaves was naked, except for red heels, hands cuffed behind their back, and wearing steel collars. They were all attached by a thin twenty foot chain, forcing them to walk in a coffle like arrangement. The chain was padlocked to the front collar loop of the first slave, over her shoulder, repeated with each of the other three.

On stage they were forced to look straight ahead into bright klieg lights. Each of the four had a placard fastened around their necks, identifying them by numbers one through four.

The auctioneer appeared quite experienced as he displayed the slaves to the buyers, each was made to pose in two positions, displaying their asses while bent over, and spreading their legs wide apart facing the buyers. The buyers were permitted on stage to view, but not touch, the slaves.

The brunette with the smallest tits was sold first for five thousand dollars to the female buyer, assuring that she would be used for lesbian sex. When the buyer walked on stage to take delivery, the slave rebelled by screaming and trying to break away as her coffle chain was detached.

After a vicious lashing to her shaven pussy, two security guards promptly forced her, still screaming and handcuffed to one of the dressing rooms, where the buyer would place their own restraints upon the slave.

The other three slaves were sold quickly without incident, with the tall blond fetching the highest sale price of fifty thousand dollars.

In the past most of Bud’s experience consisted of abducting females for slavery, as opposed to training them. Donna had no experience with actual abductions, and limited experience with training.

While Donna was deferential to Bud in almost every respect, she felt more than qualified to dictate Marla’s slave training. Bud decided he would grant Donna this power, despite his chauvinistic tendencies. Donna was a prize, a dream come true for Bud.

Unfortunately Donna had a compulsion to be overly candid. That evening as they retired to the bedroom, she made a startling confession. About two weeks earlier, she had sex with another male. It was a quicky at a motel, with a stranger she had met at a bar. Bud recalled the evening in question, in that Donna had returned home rather late, and of course inebriated.

“I was drunk. I’m ashamed of what I did Sir, and I deserve any punishment you see fit to impose. If you wish to flog and chain me in a closet the entire day that would be too light a punishment, that is why I was so miserable during my last period, because of feeling guilty”, she tearfully implored.

Bud was stunned even more so as Donna continued, “I would like to have a baby and for you to be the father, but I would ask that you consider giving up the slaver business. Not because I feel sorry for all of the women like the gold digger we have locked up in the basement but because sooner or later one or both of us will get caught and we’ll end up doing life in prison”.

There was silence for a brief period but Donna continued, “The entire time I was in the Army I dreamed of finding the right man to father my child, but for one reason or another it never worked out. Then after nineteen years of service I lost my temper and assaulted my lesbian C.O.”.

“It was a foolish thing to do and somehow I thought I could serve another year and then retire. Instead I was hauled off to the brig and ended up in a psychiatric cell wearing a straitjacket. Then thirty days in the brig, ten in solitary, after that I was discharged. I deserved to be punished but not to that extreme. So I started drinking heavily and I know I let you down. I will accept whatever your decision but beg you to consider being the father of my child”.

Bud was deeply moved by her impassioned plea, and struggled to find the right words to respond. “I accept your apology and will consider being a father. Some punishment will be required, perhaps an overnight stay with the most sadistic dominatrix in LA. After that it will be some form of house arrest, probably with an ankle bracelet GPS so I can monitor your whereabouts”.

Now crying Donna promptly replied, “I will accept that punishment quite willingly Sir”.

Bud continued, “You may think many but not all of the women I enslaved were deserving of it. All of them were. No one younger than twenty five was ever taken. Without exception they all were disloyal to a spouse, employer or lover by stealing, extorting or blackmailing them, but I agree that sooner or later my luck will run out and I’ll end up in prison”.
The two then passionately embraced. “I think we each need to take an Ambien or we’ll never get up in the morning”, added Bud. This was done quickly.

In the morning Bud made a major decision. Marla’s transfer to the export slaver would be expedited, even at the expense of training her properly. Chan was contacted and stated he could take delivery of her at one oclock the next afternoon.

Marla must have wondered why she wasn’t subjected to further torture that day, and Bud felt no need to inform her. At twelve thirty the next day, Bud and Donna entered Marla’s cell, replacing her leather wrist cuffs with a full sleeve arm binder, which was laced tightly and attached to the rear of her waist belt. Both dildos remained inserted, held in place by the crotch chain.

The next step was to remove Marla’s ball gag, replacing it with a leather sensory deprivation hood, with holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. A leather penis gag, attached to a leather pad, was inserted into her mouth and snapped shut. Her ankle spreader was removed and replaced with hobble cuffs, connected with a twelve inch chain.

Marla was then led by leash to the upstairs utility room and ordered to sit on the couch. A leg iron was used to temporarily attach her right ankle to the couch frame. The eye pads were then snapped into place on her hood,

Even hooded Marla’s anguish was obvious. She desperately and unsuccessfully attempted to plead through her gag. “This is your last day here bitch, the transporters will be here within fifteen minutes, it will be up to them to provide you with any blankets”, announced Bud.

At the agreed upon time a refrigerated three quarter ton truck, bearing the markings of a fish company, pulled into the driveway. The two transporters entered the utility room, with one commanding Marla, still leashed to follow. Neither of her eye pads were removed.

Bud’s final words to her were “By by bitch, you’ll soon be aboard a cargo ship sailing to Nigeria, where you will become the property of a black warlord”. Marla did not go peacefully, refusing to be led on the leash.

One of the transporters simply slung her over his back and carried her to the truck, where she was placed in the cargo hold. The two transporters took about three minutes securing her inside, got back into the cab, and drove off.

Bud and Donna watched as the truck carrying Marla to her new life exited the gate, then once again embraced each other as a new chapter in their lives began.



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