The Reinvention of the Masked Man

by Lady Tressa

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© Copyright 2016 - Lady Tressa - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f+; kidnap; captives; slaves; sold; MF; sex; caught; dismissal; MF/f; taser; shock; bond; gag; boxed; transport; torment; shave; cell; cons/nc; XX

Chapter 1

Life was not going well for Bud, a single fifty year old male, and owner of an expensive home in the Los Angeles metro area.

Up until one month ago he had been a contract employee of a super secret organization, which engaged in the most nefarious of enterprises, that being human trafficking.

This did not involve the procurement of foreign females for sexual services in the United States. To the contrary attractive American females were abducted from their homes and elsewhere, then sold to buyers in Central America and Mexico.

The organization, which had no formal name, carried out no more than twelve abductions a year. As much as it tried to avoid abducting women whose disappearance would not likely be noticed by anyone, it usually was necessary to abduct someone who would be.

Bud had participated in seven such abductions, each of which required breaking into a residence before the victim would arrive home, subduing and restraining them, immediately after which they would be turned over to two female slavers in a van, for transport to a secret holding compound, so secret that Bud did not know its whereabouts.
The slaves would then be held in captivity there for a short period of time, usually no more than five days. During that period they would be subjected to harsh treatment, designed to prepare them for their new lives as slaves. They would then be driven to a nearby clandestine landing strip, secured aboard an airplane, and flown to a foreign location, where their new owner would take custody of them.

No more than fifteen slavers, most of them lesbians, were employed. Slavers knew each other only by first name, and were prohibited from divulging their true identity, or details of their personal lives, with one another. The identity of the top hierarchy of the organization, believed to consist of no more than three persons, was top secret, they were never seen or their real voice, ever heard by the slavers.

Each slaver was provided what looked like an ordinary cell phone, but in reality was an encrypted close circuit voice/text system. The phones each had a different four digit number, with 1123 being the number of the organization hierarchy. Slavers were prohibited from using this number except in an extreme emergency.

The slavers were aware of the numbers for the other slavers, but calls were strictly limited. If the organization wished to contact a slaver, the system was designed so that the voice of the organization caller was altered, preventing the slaver from ever hearing the real voice.

It was the last abduction that led to the demise of Bud, AKA: The Masked Man, since he was always masked when performing the most dangerous aspect of the operation, that being the breaking and entering of, along with the actual abduction of the victim from their home. During transport he ordinarily was not masked, but the victim was made to wear a hood.

The last abduction was different in that Bob was allowed to accompany the victim, aboard a yacht to Mexico, where the two slaves were turned over to Mexican operatives. Unknown to Bud prior to sailing, was that a disloyal organization female slaver, was also being sold to a foreign buyer, and she was the second slave aboard.

Bud’s capture was the CEO of a Southern California aerospace company. The slaver designated to transport the other slave was a woman named Donna, each was immediately attracted to the other.

On the return trip from Mexico, Bud and Donna had engaged in some highly passionate non bondage sex. Bud had been told earlier by an intermediary that such contact was permitted in this case

The organization ordinarily prohibited such contact, and unknown to either of them, the Mexican boat pilot had reported it. Three days later, Bud received a text message from the organization stating that his services were no longer necessary. He was told when and where to meet an operative to turn in his phone, as well as to receive severance pay.

When Bud inquired as to the reason for his termination, he was told it was for having an inappropriate relationship with another employee. He immediately protested, arguing that he had received permission, but was told that an exception had not been made, and the matter would not further be discussed.

The operative who Bud met to turn in his phone, was not the same person whom earlier had given him permission to have sex with Donna. Bud once again protested his termination, but was told tersely he would have to take it up with the hierarchy, which he had no way of contacting without the phone

Bud assumed that Donna had likewise been terminated. He wasn’t aware of her full identity, but during their on board tryst had mentioned the name of a certain bar in Los Angeles, that she frequented.

Donna was an attractive 5’10”, medium build blonde, about thirty years old. She was a native of Australia, having served in the military there, before emigrating to the United States. Donna had a charming British like accent, and habitually addressed Bud as “Sir”. This was a product of her military service, where she learned that by being deferential to officers, as well as occasionally serving them sexually, she received more favorable treatment than might otherwise be the case.

Unfortunately Donna was an enlisted NCO, having an affair with a major. Her company commander, a lesbian captain whose sexual advances Donna had spurned, was very spiteful towards her. One day, knowing that Donna was planning to meet the major that evening, intentionally placed her on barracks restriction.

The two females got into an argument over the non fraternization rules, which led to fisticuffs. Donna was getting the better of the fight until subdued by office staff, the MPs were called and she was taken to the brig in handcuffs.

The company commander had Donna court martialed the next day, allowing her fifteen minutes to consult with her military attorney. He suggested pleading guilty as the sentence would be thirty days in the brig, as well as demotion to the lowest enlisted grade.  If not she would be convicted and sentenced to one year in a military prison.

Donna begrudgingly took the plea offer, but her troubles didn’t end there. She fought with the MPs who tried to remove her, and upon arrival at the brig, refused to be strip searched. It was decided to send her to the base psychiatric hospital. Two attendants promptly and easily put her in a strait jacket.

At the hospital she was heavily sedated and stripped nude. One of the male attendants eagerly performed the search, after which she was left nude in an isolation cell, until an examination concluded she was mentally fit. After being dressed in an orange jump suit she was transported by MPs back to the brig and placed in solitary for ten days.

Ordinarily prisoners receive l/3 time off for good behavior, but in Donna’s case served the full thirty days. She was not permitted to reenlist, ending her dream of being the personal assistant to the Army Chief of Staff.

About two months after her discharge, she left for the US, settling in the Los Angeles area. Her inheritance was dwindling and she seriously considered marriage to some wealthy guy. Before she could do so, a recruiter for the organization contacted her and had little difficulty persuading her to do contract work.

Most of Donna’s work for the organization was done at the holding compound. She was never allowed to participate on the transport team, serving more in a custodial capacity. None the less she obtained valuable experience, as she was allowed to serve on the prep team, whose function was to prepare the female for her life as a permanent slave.

Donna’s work at the holding compound was done under the most unusual of circumstances. Since only a handful of slavers were aware of the compound’s exact location, with Donna not being one of them, she would be picked up at home by a slaver, blindfolded, and then driven to the compound. Sometimes she stayed overnight, but she would be blindfolded for the return trip regardless.

Among other restrictions Donna was not permitted to bring her cellphone, as the compound location could be ascertained from the GPS. All of the other female slavers were lesbians, who were required to sleep in double beds.

Twice Donna was forced to share a bed with a lesbian, who would then come on to her. Donna spurned these advances and soon found that most of her assignments were at a safe house in the city, whose location was not top secret.

Slaves in transport were sometimes confined there for brief periods, usually not more than one day, where Donna would restrain and guard the slave. It was working there that she became acquainted with the alcoholic elderly female slaver.

Ultimately she was sold to someone in South America, after threatening to reveal organizational secrets. Donna was assigned to guard her during transport, aboard the same yacht on which Bud was transporting the abducted female CEO. Donna strongly suspected that her reluctance to accept lesbian sex led to her dismissal.

Bud wasted no time in visiting the bar Donna had mentioned. She wasn’t there but a fifty dollar tip to a waitress, yielded. positive results. After describing Donna, the waitress recognized her, who could forget an attractive blonde with a British accent.

The waitress stated Donna visited the lounge about three times per week, but it was unpredictable when she might visit again. Bud then paid her a fifty dollar tip, with a request she deliver a message.

Bud wrote his phone number on a piece of paper. Since Donna knew him only as “the Masked Man”, he told the waitress to describe him as the man she met the week before on a yacht. The waitress assured Bud the message would be delivered.

Twenty three hours later Bud’s cell rang. As he did not recognize the incoming number, it had to be Donna, and it was. “Sir how soon can we meet?” were the first words out of her mouth. Keeping the conversation short, Bob provided her with his address. “I’ll be there in twenty five minutes” she replied excitedly.

Her Altima pulled into his driveway twenty minutes later. Attired in a short black skirt, white ribbed turtle neck sweater and mild calf length boots, she rang the door bell twice. To keep her in suspense Bud waited almost a whole minute before answering.

The two embraced each other passionately, with Donna’s inebriation being readily apparent. Bud mentioned this facetiously, adding she would have to stay for the night.

“Sir it is very unfortunate but I am having my period but will gladly spend the night, I can still give good head”.

“No problem if you become obnoxious you’ll spend the night hogtied”, he replied.

Donna then became very emotional, blaming herself for both of them being terminated. She hadn’t been specifically authorized to have sex on the boat, only that she was told to obey Bud’s commands.

Bud assured her she was not to blame. It was apparent that someone in the organization wanted both of them to be terminated. He had a suspicion as to whom, but had no recourse.

Donna did spend the night and provide excellent oral sex, not the best Bud had ever received, but close. The next day, with Donna sober, Bud offered her an agreement she could not refuse. Donna could live with him under two conditions. The first was she perform all the house work.

The second was she not have sex with any other male. Bud stated he could detect if any woman had been cheating, something that happened to him more than once in the past. One of his techniques was to use a semen detection kit to test a woman’s panties.

“Sir that is terrible, if I have sex I’ll have to take a clean pair of panties with me and shower before I come home, just in case you use the kit to check my clothing”, she sternly replied with feigned indignation. Both broke out in laughter.

Chapter 2

Bud yearned to be back in the slave exporting business.  The organization concentrated on South America, but there was a lucrative market for slaves in Africa, Kuwait and a few other Asian countries. Fortunately Bob was acquainted, with an Asian known only as Charlie Chan, who was knowledgeable in this area.

Chan tentatively agreed to do business with Bud. The method was to sedate and conceal the slave in a metal shipping container, which was then placed on board an ocean going freighter. Chan stated it was much easier to find a slave buyer in Africa, preferably one with red hair.

Soon after the preliminary agreement with Chan, Bob was contacted by Steve, a wealthy business executive. He had learned that Bob had contacts in the human trafficking business, and had a proposition to offer. Bob agreed to listen, without confirming or denying that he was a trafficker.

Steve’s seventy two year old widowed father, had an estate worth at least a million dollars, with Steve and his sister as the beneficiaries. He stated the father was being exploited by a gold digger, who might be able to manipulate him to change his will, so she would be able to obtain a large portion of the estate.

Bud agreed to consider the matter, with any future conversations done in person. Steve did provide the gold digger’s name, address and phone number. Her name was Marla, a forty year old brunette, 5’9, and medium build. She had recently retired from the US Marine Corps, with the rank of Captain.
One interesting bit of information provided by Steve, was that Marla was strongly biased against blacks, as well as gays and lesbians, having been denied promotion for that reason. Bud could not help but think she would be well suited as the Mistress to some African warlord.

Chan agreed with this assessment, offering to pay Bud $10,000.00, in addition to $15,000.00 by Steve. Bud then set out to acquire as much information as he could about Marla, with the enthusiastic cooperation of Donna.

It was determined that on Wednesday evening at 8:00, Marla would be returning to her apartment after a workout at the fitness center. Fortunately her apartment was on the first floor of a two story building and the upper unit was vacant. The m. o. for her abduction would be similar to that used on the CEO.

Bud, a master of covert entry, would be waiting in the living room. Immediately after Marla entered she would be tasered and restrained. A low powered radio voice signal would be sent to Donna, who would be parked about two blocks away, she would immediately pull into the apartment driveway and assist in loading Marla into the van.

Marla pulled into her driveway at 7:58, unlocked the side door and walked towards her bedroom. She was attired in spandex tights, a sweat shirt, athletic shoes, and a green vinyl coat. The masked intruder stepped out of the bedroom, and before Marla could say a word, she was hit by the taser projectile, and slumped to the floor in obvious agony.

Bud moved quickly, handcuffing her wrists behind her with steel handcuffs, and using a zip tie on her crossed ankles. “Get the fuck off of me”, she cried.  Bud’s response was to zap her leg with the stun gun of the taser, with a warning that if she spoke again, she would receive another zap.

Marla never had the chance to say anything further. Bud had brought along a pair of panties which were wedged into her mouth, then sealed with black duct tape, wrapped four times around her head.

Bud used the low powered pocket radio to signal Donna to pull into the driveway. Two minutes later the burgundy colored cargo van pulled into the driveway, parallel to and on the far side of Marla’s parked vehicle, limiting the view of anyone who might be passing by on the street.

“You are being kidnapped, cooperate with us and you won’t be killed”, with Bud neglecting to add that she would be tortured, regardless of whether or not she cooperated.

Donna climbed out of the drivers seat and opened the door to the cargo compartment on the opposite side. Bud had no difficulty carrying the captive, using both hands and setting her on the floor.

Bud had recently installed a steel tool box, directly behind the drivers seat, but it was not used for tools. It was a human transport container, with just enough space for one person to sit but not stand.

Special soundproofing material was built into the container, with foam rubber material covering all four sides. It had been tested, even without a gag it was next too impossible to hear anyone yelling inside, and of course Marla would be gagged.

The foam material also provided effective insulation for anyone kicking, which in this case would be impossible, as Marla’s ankles were cross tied. A special compressor unit was installed to prevent suffocation, with the container door on the top side.

“Don’t panic bitch you’ll only be in the box for twenty minutes”, Bud explained to the thoroughly terrified captive, as he fitted her inside, before closing the lid and locking the container. He then removed his mask as he got in behind the wheel. Donna, who had been masked only briefly, got in beside him on the passenger seat.

It had been agreed both of the captors would remain masked, whenever the captive was in their view. No mention was to be made of the “gold digger” aspect. Bud always used a worst case scenario, that however unlikely, she could escape and the police would somehow identify the abductors.

Upon arriving at the mansion, the van was pulled up to the attached garage. Bud opened the top of the transport container and placed a spandex mask over Marla’s head. Although her exposure time would be brief, it would deny her a view of the exterior where she would be held captive.

After cutting the ankle binding, Bud and Donna led her about  fifty feet, through the garage, and into the utility room. Her blindfold was removed and she was walked carefully down the steps into the basement.

A twelve inch metal spreader bar, with leather cuffs, was attached to the ankles. Bud knew from experience that a despite bitch could easily land a well placed kick to a vital spot. It would also reduce her ability to struggle while the handcuffs were being changed.

Her steel handcuffs were removed, with precision and rapidity, her wrists were securely fastened into leather cuffs, attached to a metal bar embedded in the ceiling. The wrists would remain about five feet apart, assuring an uncomfortable and unmovable spread eagle.

The next step was clothing removal. It was unlikely Marla would strip voluntarily, so Donna was delegated the task of cutting off every single item of her attire, using a pair of heavy duty shredders. The coat was the hardest item to cut. Her bra and lingerie could have been removed by hand, but was shredded instead with her running shoes simply pulled off.

After being warned not to speak a word without permission, Bud removed her tape gag and the panties he had wedged into her mouth. “Please let me go”, begged Marla. Bud’s response was to backhand her across the face before attaching a ball gag, with a warning “One more word and the panties go back in, only this time they will be most soiled”.

The changing of the gag was hardly an act of kindness. Bud had plenty of torture in store for Marla, for which screaming was unavoidable, these sounds were immensely more enjoyable without the mouth being stuffed.

Bud was eager to perform the dildo insertions. Marla grimaced as an eight inch monster dildo was inserted into her cunt, without any lubrication. “You’ll like what I have next for you bitch”, quipped Bud as he showed her the seven inch black spider butt plug he was about to insert.

A captive slave can only stand so much torture in a short period, and much more was planned within the hour, so Bud applied a generous quantity of KY before beginning the insertion.

Marla’s anal track was only modestly tight and the plug was inserted without great difficulty. Bud wasn’t satisfied with the level of her cries of anguish, perhaps she had superior pain tolerance.

He enjoyed using crotch chains on his slaves but insisted they have bald pussies. Donna, sitting on a stool, did the necessary shaving, using warm lather and a straight razor. Five minutes later her full mound of public hair had disappeared.

With the shaving complete, Bud fastened a leather belt around her waist which was used to anchor a thin piece of chain, for use as a crotch tie. He fastened it as tightly as possible, making certain she winced in pain. “You need the crotch chain to keep your dildos from falling out”, he chuckled.

At any rate he decided to leave her unattended, in the forced standing position for an hour or so. ”Be back in a while bitch, enjoy  yourself”, he added.

While no measurements were taken, Bud was satisfied with her figure. Perky tits and a flat stomach, hips proportionate.  It was evident she worked out regularly, there would be no need for forced weight loss.

Bud and Donna went upstairs, enjoying themselves in the living room, viewing Marla on the CCTV monitor. She quickly realized the futility of escaping her restraints, but it was obvious the crotch chain was causing a desirable level of pain.

An hour later the slaver couple returned to the basement. Marla got her first look at the tiny windowless cell, where she would be spending several days. It had been concealed from her view by a curtain, which Bud opened. With authentic steel jail bars, it was large enough to house two slaves. A steel bed was anchored to the floor, supporting a decrepit mattress.

The cell was intentionally not provided with any toilet facilities. If Marla needed to defecate or urinate she would be forced to use a toilet on the far side of the basement. Bud enjoyed humiliating slaves by handcuffing them, and standing next to them as they excreted.

Marla declined an opportunity to use the toilet, so her leather wrist cuffs were replaced with steel ones, cuffed behind her back, and attached to the leather waist belt which was locked in place. She was then forced to hop, wearing the thirteen inch spreader bar, about fifteen feet to the cell and to lie on her stomach on the mattress.

“There is a demand for red headed slaves in Africa”, Bud offered. Since Marla had short brown hair, she did not immediately realize the significance of the comment. She did when Bud displayed a medium length red wig, that had been purchased just for her.

By the time Marla made the connection, Donna was on top of her, using electric barber shears to remove any trace of her hair. In less than five minutes her head was shaven bald. Bud used a mirror to display Donna’s haircutting work.

The replacement wig, while classified as medium, was considerably longer than her original haircut. It was glued in place, with Donna applying pressure for nearly five minutes.

Next came the procedure that would be the most painful. Bud stepped outside the cell and returned with his fully heated six inch branding iron. He showed it to Marla before applying it to a point between her breasts, which necessitated flipping her onto her back.

Marla fought with every ounce she could muster. With Donna sitting on her legs, Bud astride her waist, and her wrists cuffed to the belt, she had no chance. It took less than ninety seconds to inscribe four letters, “slut”. Marla somehow forced the ball gag off and her screams were of primal intensity.

“Get me a muzzle gag”, snapped Bud. Donna brought one into the cell and it was fitted into place. Bud was a good judge of ball size, but the addition of the wig loosened the strap. The muzzle, with its multiple straps was secured using a different ball. It would serve a dual purpose by helping to compress the newly fitted wig.

Marla’s intense pain reduced her to tears. Bud just laughed, opining that the pain would be significantly alleviated within three days. Donna nodded her head in approval.

“That’s all for tonight bitch, get a good nights sleep”, were the last words she would hear for the night. The cell door was locked with the curtain left open. Bud and Donna high fived each other and went upstairs to watch a bondage video, while simultaneously observing Marla on the CCTV monitor.

Donna was once again having her period and acting peevishly, insisting upon liquor, and undressing in the living room. Bud would not permit it, as he needed her well rested for the next day. ”I’m having a drink and you’re not stopping me”, she testily remarked.

Bud was tired of her hormonal induced bitchiness. His response was to drag her to the upstairs bedroom, clad only in bra and panties, and hogtie her to the bed.

“You bastard untie me”, she demanded. Bud would never hurt Donna but occasional punishment was necessary. A panel gag was put on to silence her. Bud, who was dead tired, promptly fell asleep, only to be awakened a few minutes later by the feeling of something touching his cock.

It was Donna attempting to induce Bud to release her, by indicating her willingness to perform oral sex. The only way to silence Donna for the night would be to lock her in the closet of an adjoining room.

Bud just didn’t have it in him to punish her during her period, so he relented and untied her and removed the gag, conditioned upon good behavior. “Thank you Sir for untying me and I apologize for calling you a bastard”. Bud accepted her apology and once again fell asleep. Donna kept her promise of good behavior, and since Bud allowed her to take an Ambien tablet, she quickly fell asleep herself.



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