The Reinvention of the Masked Man 3

by Lady Tressa

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© Copyright 2017 - Lady Tressa - Used by permission

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Chapter 3

It had been two weeks since the capture and sale of the retired USMC Captain, suspected of being a gold digger. Bud had vowed it would be their last abduction, largely because of the urging of Donna.

Bud had announced earlier that Donna would be punished for her self-confessed infidelity, that being she had sex with another male. The punishment was to be a visit to a dominatrix, and a requirement that Donna would wear a GPS monitor at all times, permitting Bud to keep track of her movements.

Once again Bud had a change of heart and decided against the dominatrix visit. The GPS monitoring would continue indefinitely. Donna was prohibited from consuming alcohol, except at the house.

Bud was aware that Donna was somewhat of a masochist, who desired to be punished occasionally, and would commit some transgression. The punishment was usually a hog tie for two or three hours. Donna would have accepted a flogging, but Bud for all his nefarious past sadism, could not bring himself to inflict pain, upon the woman he loved.

Donna was determined to become pregnant, another reason Bud was reluctant to subject her to bondage. If and when she became pregnant, he would prohibit her from any drinking what so ever.

Things were going smoothly in the household until Monday morning. A car, with only the driver visible, pulled into the driveway. The drive, a male about fifty, walked to the side door of the house and rang the bell. Bud immediately recognized him as the intermediary of the organization, the one he had met when required to turn in his phone, upon being fired.

Bud permitted him to enter, at which time Donna also recognized him as an operative.

“We have a serious problem”, began the operative “A female newspaper reporter has been asking questions at the Del Rio Bar, which we know Donna frequents. She is particularly interested in both of your last names, but is aware Donna is in the US on a visa from Australia. I would expect the reporter would be able, or already has, ascertained your current address from the Immigration Office”.

“There has been an incredible breach of security at some point. I believe the reporter has been working on the abduction case in order to get an exclusive story, and that she may have friends in law enforcement who are giving her tidbits of information. It is imperative we learn how much this reporter knows and how she learned it. The only two operatives, besides you two, that should have been aware of the abduction, would be the boat pilot and Elana, the female van driver”.

“I fully expect this reporter will be coming here to visit you soon. She must be abducted, transported to a safe house and tortured until she reveals what she knows, after which she will be confined somewhere in South America, as you know the organization does not sanction murder, nor will it cooperate with any group that does. This will be an incredibly dangerous operation and the organization is prepared to allocate whatever resources may be necessary”.

Bud and Donna sat dumbfounded. “What is your guess as to the source of the leak?”, he asked.

“Only two operatives, other than Elana, were housed at the holding compound at the time of the abduction, but one of those operatives has since departed. She was never made aware of the exact location of the holding compound. Her name is Jackie. My hunch is that she was responsible and if we examine her cell records we may found she made a call to the newspaper, despite the fact that she had an axe to ground with the organization she was given a generous severance allowance”.

As far as Bud knew, the organization was not aware of the recent abduction of the retired marine gold digger, and her sale to Charlie Chan. Bud saw no need to do so.

“On the other hand we may be able to obtain valuable information from the reporter’s cell and laptop. Our computer expert is working on ascertaining the cell records of both the reporter and Jackie. Obviously, it is much easier to abduct the reporter than it is Jackie however if she is the source both will have to be abducted and enslaved”, the operative stated. From this point on none of the slavers were to be addressed by name, only by number, in the presence of other captives. The organizational operative would be referred to as “Operative 88”, at all times.

Operative 88 had meticulously arranged the details to be used when the reporter, Jeanine, was abducted. Bud had shown the human transport container in his van to 88, who was satisfied it was suitable for Jeanine.

Bud was to drive the van, while Donna would drive Jeanine’s personal car to the front of a street address, approximately five miles away. Using the captive’s cell, a call would be made to a number, used as a call center by a Mexican drug group. The caller would not speak to a human, but would be prompted to leave a return number. The GPS on Jeanine’s cell phone would be disengaged, after which Donna would immediately get into the van driven by Bud, and drive to the safe house.

88 then provided a chilling description of what would happen at the safe house. A special operative would be present, one with experience in “black missions”, with an unspecified organization. He was reputed to be an expert in the use of an unknown drug, which was basically a truth serum. This expert had told 88 there was a ninety per cent chance the drug would be effective.

First off Jeanine would be taken to the basement of the safe house, stripped of her clothing, tightly restrained and offered a chance to reveal her source. Assuming that she refused, severe torture would be inflicted upon her, by the insertion of an inflated cunt dildo, as well as other techniques. For the serum to be effective, the captive would have to be tortured until she was on the verge of unconsciousness.

Both Bud and Donna would be provided with encrypted phone/texting devices, on which only messages to other operatives could be sent. After reviewing the plan once again 88 departed, leaving Bud and Donna to anticipate the arrival of the doomed news reporter.

Donna was fearful that she would somehow be punished by the organization, as it appeared that it was her mention of the specific bar, during her stay at the holding compound, that resulted in the current predicament.

Bud assured her that she was not to blame. It was nearly impossible to expect several female operatives, to live together for several weeks, without divulging some details about their lives, he said, adding “You will only be punished over my dead body”. “Thank you sir”, replied Donna tightly embracing Bud, as she fought to avoid crying.

It took double Ambiens for both Bud and Donna to obtain two hours sleep, before arising at 8:00AM. At 9:30 a small SUV pulled into the compound. To their relief, the reporter was by herself, and within a minute buzzed the outside intercom, identifying herself as Jeanine Cox, a reporter for the California Globe, a major daily newspaper.

Upon being admitted Bud and Donna got their first close up look, of the soon to be Slave#114. Her life as Jeanine Cox, as she knew it, would be over. Jeanine was a good looking, 5’8”, petite brunette. She was attired in a dark blue business pant suit, white blouse and black low heels.

“What can I do for you?”, asked Bud.

“I’m investigating the mysterious disappearance of Laura Jones, the CEO of Airlife, and was told you might have some information on the case”, she replied.

Feigning surprise and indignation, Bud demanded to know her source, predictably her response that “it was an anonymous caller”.

“What does your source believe that my partner Donna and I know about the case?”, he replied.

“My source stated that a white slavery operation exists in Los Angeles and that several women have been abducted and sold to buyers in Central and South America. The source didn’t allege you are members of the group but feel you have a good idea as to the identity of some of the members. I would like any help you can provide that will end this operation, anything you tell me will be held in strict confidence”, said Jeanine.

Bud had heard enough. How could this reporter bitch be so stupid? She had to know that Bud and Donna were involved in the white slave trade. Without saying a word, Bud removed the taser gun concealed in a waist holster and fired one round, causing Jeanine to promptly slump to the ground.

Steel handcuffs were used to cuff her wrists to the rear. Her gag consisted of a pair of Donna’s panties wedged into her mouth, and held in place by several turns of transparent tape around her neck. “You will soon learn about the White Slavery market and yourself become one”, announced Bud.

Without saying another word Jeanine was walked outside and into the cargo hold of the van. Bud knew that women were paranoid about being stuffed into a locked steel container, so he assured her that she would not be confined for more than one hour, and that the container had a special compressor for air supply.

Bud decided to use a new abduction technique, which consisted of placing a set of headphones on Jeanine’s head. It would play contemporary rock music from one of the local FM stations, and further disorient her.

To round out her transport bondage, Bud used a single zip tie to keep her ankles restrained in a crossed legged position. Another zip tie was connected from her wrist cuff to the zip tie binding her ankles. It resulted in a reverse hog tie, clearly not necessary for adequate restraint, but to cause her maximal discomfort.

After notifying 88 by the encrypted phone, Bud pulled out of the driveway, followed by Donna driving Jeanine’s car. The drop point for that car was about fifteen minutes. Donna wore gloves, both to avoid leaving fingerprints and hopefully any DNA evidence.

Jeanine’s vehicle was parked at the designated side street location. Before departing Donna made a call to the number of the drug cartel call center, leaving an auto message to return the call. The GPS was disabled but the cell was retained for data analysis, as was the laptop. Donna calmly climbed into the front seat of Bud’s van, and it drove off.

The van arrived at the house as scheduled. Jeanine was removed from the tool box, along with her hogtie and radio head set. She was blindfolded with a thick black cloth and promptly led to the basement.

The steel cuffs on Jeanine’s wrists were removed and each wrist was attached to an overhead leather cuff. A thirty six inch metal spreader bar was attached by leather cuff to each ankle, assuring maximum discomfort.

Donna was delegated the task of cutting away every shred of clothing that the new slave was wearing. This was accomplished without difficulty. So far the slave had been remarkably cooperative, possibly thinking she would be spared from sale.

That hope was quickly dashed by 88, who informed her a suitable buyer would be found for her. From this point on she would be referred to as 114. No longer was she Jeanine Cox, that person no longer existed, and her new life had begun.

It was made clear to her by 88 that she would either reveal all the information or face excruciating torture. “You will probably lapse into unconsciousness and when you wake up, we will start over again, so I’ll give you one more chance before we begin the torture.”

Jeanine, still gagged with panties and tape, failed to move her head or give any indication she would cooperate. 88, knowing his captive would soon be unconscious, roughly removed both the tape and the panties, replacing it with a ball gag. The ball of the gag could easily be removed and replaced, so as not to impede breathing.

Donna empathized with the captive reporter. She was just doing her job as a news reporter, and did not come across as being an arrogant and overly aggressive, stuck up bitch like the CEO whose abduction she was investigating. Still some things had to be, and realistically the reporter had to be tortured, until she identified the source. The source would then have to be abducted and enslaved as well.

The first technique used by 88 was to insert a monster size dildo into Jeanine’s vagina. This was done in a non-gentle fashion, with no lubricant, causing her to involuntarily scream through her gag. It was an inflatable dildo, with the hose, vibrator control and bulb, dangling from her vagina.

88 began squeezing the bulb, enjoying Jeanine’s agony, as the already oversized dildo was inflated even more. When he felt, she could tolerate no further expansion, he locked it in place, then turned on the vibrator.

The four operatives then stepped back to enjoy the effect of the vaginal contraption on Jeanine. It was a mix of pain and pleasure, the stretched vaginal muscles assured it would be pain, while the multiple orgasms would be pleasurable. For fifteen minutes they enjoyed the erotic sounds, with the volume somewhat diminished by the gag.

By this time 88 was growing inpatient. It could take an hour or more for Jeanine to pass out, which according to the special medical operative, would be the optimal time to begin the drug injections. 88 was not willing to wait that long.

The branding iron had been heating since Jeanine’s arrival, and had reached the maximum temperature. 88 offered her one more chance to name the operative, but she continued to insist it was anonymous.

At this point 88 showed Jeanine the red hot iron and explained the purpose of it. All slaves were considered property and had to be marked for identification. The number “114” would be inscribed on Jeanine’s upper back, with 88 assuring her it would cause intense pain and it was likely she would pass out. He offered her one more chance to name her source, but Jeanine remained unresponsive.

88 began the branding process which took less than two minutes to complete. Jeanine’s gag had been removed so as to permit her slavers the joy of hearing the unmuted screams of agony.

With the branding complete, 88 put the cloth blindfold back on. It was just a personal quirk, serving no purpose other to increase anxiety, coupled with excruciating pain from the brand. With the dildo still vibrating, 88 expected Jeanine would soon be unconscious as a result of the torture.

At this point a light came on, indicating someone had an important message. 88 exited the basement, where the computer analyst was waiting with some good news. It had been learned that Brandi, Jeanine’s nineteen year old sister, worked at a local Hooters and would be leaving for work around 3:30 in the afternoon, finishing shortly after midnight.

The analyst, using a lap top equipped with a state-of-the-art live view system, zeroed in on the house where Brandi lived with her mother. Brandi’s Toyota Prius was parked in the driveway. 88 was elated. The threat of abducting the sister might just induce Jeanine to provide the desired information, thus avoiding the risks involved with drug injection.

88 took the laptop to the basement and ordered Jeanine to look at it. “We are prepared to abduct your sister Brandi and sell her into slavery. You would fly together but sold to separate buyers and never seen again. We are aware of Brandi’s work schedule at Hooters and are prepared to snatch her today”.

“Imagine the terror Brandi would experience being bound and gagged, and stuffed into a tool box just like you. She would be brought here, branded and kept in another cage, and not allowed to talk to you. Or for our amusement we might decide to force the two of you to engage in oral sex. Do you want to responsible for that? All you have to do is to provide us with the information on your source and we will spare your sister.

“If we can’t snatch Brandi we will snatch your mother, Colleen. For being forty two years old she has a great body, we know she once worked as a stripper and in the adult film industry. We could probably make as much money on your mother as your sister”. 88 paused for a moment before adding “The choice is yours Jeanine you must decide now.

Jeanine broke into tears, pleading “I’ll tell you what you want to know please don’t hurt my mother or sister”.  She stated her source was Jackie Mann, who currently resided with her mother at a single family home in Santa Monica, but was unaware of the location of the compound. At the time Laura Jones was abducted Jackie had been living at the compound with Elana and Cecilia, another operative.

Neither Jackie or Cecilia had participated in the abduction but Elana had told her she was taking her van on a job, and was also overheard talking on the phone about picking up another slaver, Bud. At some point Donna was mentioned, but nothing specific was said.

Jackie claimed she was later told by Cecilia that the abduction involved a prominent CEO who was to be taken by boat to Mexico, along with another “old lady” capture, which would have been the disloyal worker. Elana had not told this directly to Jackie.

Jackie had made several other phone calls to Jeanine since their first contact. Most were attempts by Jackie to ascertain if any progress was being made on the case, but at least two were to enlist the aid of Jeanine in procuring some meth, to support her habit.

Jeanine insisted no one at the newspaper, or the police were aware of her investigative work. She admitted going to the Del Rio Bar and inquiring as to the whereabouts of Bud and Donna, or that anyone was aware of her planned ill fated visit to Bud’s home.

Fortunately for Jeanine, her laptop computer revealed what work she had done so far on the case. It was consistent with her story, in that it contained a reference to the inquiry at the Club Rio, as to the identity of Bud and Donna. The waitress to whom Bud had confided his phone number was also referenced, so it was likely a reverse lock up that revealed his address.

Cecilia, the other operative allegedly mentioned by Jackie, had been staying at the safe house, and would likely be assigned to guard the captives at some point. Elana was confident of Cecilia’s loyalty, as she had been an active participant in more than one abduction, and no more wanted a police investigation, than anyone else in the organization.

Finally an agreement was made. Jeanine would call and arrange for Bud to meet Jackie at 11:00PM, on a residential street within walking distance of Jackie’s home. Jeanine was warned if the deal fell through, that the promise not to enslave her sister would not be honored.

The arrangement was for Jeanine to use a non-traceable, non-GPS cellphone, in order to thwart any possible police eavesdropping. Jeanine’s composure after her torture ordeal was less than ideal, but it would have to do.

The call was placed and Jackie fell for the ruse, hook, line and sinker. Bud would use a simple code word “Jeanine sent me”. Waiting nearby in a van would be Donna and Elana, 88 arranged for a special van to be used, one with license plates that retracted up and down. This would guard against the possibility of some video camera recording the vehicle used in the transaction.

Jeanine was placed in a holding cage, a metallic rectangular container on wheels, with insufficient room to stand. A leather collar was put on her neck, with a seven foot steel chain connected from the loop on the front of the collar to the rear of the cage.

An injection of morphine was administered to alleviate the pain from the branding, while also causing Jeanine to become drowsy.

Elana insisted that the captive reporter be hogtied, a skill at which she was very proficient at. In less than five minutes the reporter was bound in a manner one would expect to see in a bondage magazine.

Leaving the seven-foot chain in place, Jeanine’s wrists and elbows were tied in a harness arrangement, which permitted binding of her breasts. The spreader bar remained in place and was connected to the elbow bindings, resulting in a very restrictive hogtie. If it were necessary to move her, only the connecting rope had to be removed. A muzzle ball gag completed her bondage, Jeanine was forced to lie on the floor of the cage, which was then locked.

Elana also enjoyed taunting her captives. “You look very comfy, perhaps we should bring your Hooters sister here and tie you together, or maybe mommy”. Jeanine verbally protested the best she could, but the ball gag made her cries unintelligible.

“I think hood would be good for you”, Elana then reopened the cage to place a spandex hood upon her. The hood had special padding over the eyes. A blindfold alone would have sufficed but the hood would heighten her sensory deprivation. Elana had a full face leather hood, but that was reserved for the next captive.

This arrangement reflected 88’s tastes in slave restraint. While it was impossible to escape from the cage, even with no restraints, the uncomfortable arrangement was intended to ease her transition into slavery.

A purchaser does not want a slave who continually struggles, or who will attempt to escape at the first opportunity. Most purchasers addict their slaves to drugs and keep them in a locked room, a process that may take weeks. The purchaser may have another slave, who assists with hygiene and food service for the new slave, but generally are not expected to have to be concerned with physical restraint.

Sexual denial is another part of the organizations training process. Slaves learn that orgasm is a privilege that must be earned, as part of the training. Sometimes a slave will be brought to the verge of orgasm, then abruptly stopped. Under these conditions the slave may be unable to control the orgasm, and is immediately whipped. Since it is not practical to observe the slave continuously, chastity belts   are often used. In cases in which a slave was only held for a short period, less emphasis is placed on orgasm training.

With the captive reporter secured, Bud, Donna, Elana and 88, retreated to the upstairs living room for a brief break. An ugly incident then transpired. 88, seated on the couch, ordered Donna to drop to her knees, then perform oral sex upon him.

Donna’s response was swift and indignant. “I’m in a relationship with Bud and he is the only person I have sex with. Try to force sex on me and you’ll see just how violent an Aussie bitch can be, even a taser won’t stop me”. 88 was visibly enraged, reminding Donna of his position within the organization. “Fuck you” replied Donna, who then attempted to punch 88 as he sat on the couch. Elana was able to prevent her from doing so.

Before Bud could say a word, Elana intervened. “Don’t force her, just last month you fired her now you expect her to give you sex, get your sex from the bitch in the basement”.

Bud got the next word in warning 88 not to lay a hand on Donna. 88 backed down, as Elana tried to defuse the situation by bringing out some reefers.

Elana was arguably the most talented slave trainer present, as well as the most sadistic. 88 was in charge overall, but generally deferred to her on matters of training.

The thought of abducting Jeanine’s sister, mother, or both immensely appealed to Elana. She was particularly interested in the mother, knowing that an attractive and well trained MILF, was quite marketable. 88 was concerned that the disappearance of two females from the same family, coupled with the disappearance of Jackie, might generate an intense police investigation.

Logistically it would be difficult as well. Elana, Bud and Donna, were already scheduled to participate in Jackie’s abduction around 11:00. Jeanine’s mother played darts that night of the week and returned home around 10:00.

After mulling the idea, 88 decided it had merit and claimed to have obtained pre-authorization from the organization. Bud and Donna were not enthusiastic as to the idea, except for the fact that they would be paid for three abductions, instead of two.

The abduction of Colleen, Jeanine’s mother, was of greater risk than with Jackie. Colleen lived in a ranch story home with an attached carport but no garage. Upon scoping out the house Bud found a shed about thirty feet from the side door, where he could hide until Karen pulled into the carport. It would be necessary for Bud to move quickly to incapacitate her with the taser.

Donna and Elana were parked where they had a view of Colleen’s SUV, parked in the lot of the bar. At 9:45PM she exited the bar lot, proceeding in the direction of her home, about ten miles away. Donna, breathing a sigh of relief that she was alone, used her radio to alert Bud, who once again became the masked man.

Bud left the shed, taking up a position at the side of the house, where Colleen would not see him until it was too late. Her SUV pulled into the driveway, stopping at the  expected point. Before Colleen could reach the side door of the house, Bud fired a taser projectile, hitting her in the midriff underneath the tee shirt she was wearing.

After radioing for the van to pull into the driveway, Bud quickly used steel cuffs to secure her wrists to the rear. He placed his hand over her mouth, where she landed after the taser hit. ”You’re being kidnapped, cooperate with us and you won’t be hurt”, he commanded.

Donna backed the van into the driveway, which made it easier to load the captive into the cargo hold. Elana immediately pounced out of the side door, picked up the still disoriented captive, and roughly tossed her into the hold, where she landed on the floor with a thud.

Elana, with practiced precision, quickly had Colleen ready to be placed in the human transport container of the van. A plastic bit gag was put on her, consisting of a four-inch-long circular plastic mouth piece, with a hole at each end, inserted into the mouth and held in place with straps around the neck. It assured an open airway, while effectively suppressing intelligible speech.

A leather belt was encircled around her waist, with the handcuffs attached to that. Her ankles were cross bound with a zip tie and a tight leather collar fastened around her neck.

She was then placed in the wooden container, which opened from the side, and was sitting room only. A padlock was attached from a loop on her collar, to a ring on the box. The same was done with her ankles, effectively immobilizing her.

“Don’t worry bitch you only be in box for a half hour”, remarked Elana before closing and locking the box door. Bud was not confident of the sound proofing and ventilation of the wooden container, as opposed to the metallic container in his van, but it would have to do.

“We got mommy, now we pick up the snitch bitch”, Elana gleefully ordered, as Donna pulled the van out of the driveway and headed to where Bud would meet Jackie for the ruse drug sale.

The meeting place was on a residential street, about eight hundred feet from Jackie’s house, and the same distance from the main street. Bud was dropped off near the intersection. Donna then proceeded to a point, where she and Elana could reach Bud within sixty seconds of receiving his radio signal.

As Bud walked on the sidewalk, he could see Jackie approaching from the opposite direction. Attired in jeans and a pink hooded sweat shirt, she was a full framed brunette slut, whom Bud quickly realized wasn’t about to be taken easily.

Rather than taser her immediately, Bud tried a new approach as they stood face to face. He gave the code word “Jeanine sent me”, a baggy of simulated meth in his hand. Without saying a word Jackie took the baggie, and without taking the time to examine it, stuffed it in a pocket of her jeans.

Before she could walk away, apparently not intending to say a word, Bud announced “I’m a police officer and you’re under arrest”, using the radio to transmit a signal to the van. “You fucking asshole”, were the first words out of Jackie’s mouth, but surprisingly she did not resist as Bud handcuffed her.

At this point the van pulled up and Elana exited the cargo door. Jackie realized she was about to be abducted by the organization. Fearing she might scream, Elana placed one hand over her mouth, and with help from Bud, she was forced into the van with the door immediately slammed shut.

Elana, not wishing to hear anything Jackie might say, strapped a ball gag into place, while Bud used a set of leg irons to “hog cuff” the latest abductee. Donna immediately drove off, to deliver Colleen and Jackie to the safe house.

Upon arrival at the safe house, the hog chain connector was removed from Jackie, she was blindfolded before entering and led to the basement by Bud and Elana, after which here her steel wrist cuffs were removed, and she was attached to the ceiling with leather cuffs from a point where 114, formerly Jeanine, could observe her. She would remain gagged and blindfolded.

Leaving Elana and 88 to attend to the two basement captives, Bud returned outside to where Donna was standing guard by the van. Colleen was removed from the transport box, the only restraints used were the wrist cuffs, collar, gag and blindfold. A locking muzzle gag was used to replace the single strap gag. Once inside the blindfold was removed and a leash was used to guide her to the basement.

The cage in which Jeanine was confined was temporarily covered with a sheet, in order to prevent the mother and daughter from seeing each other, even briefly. Colleen was confined to an identical cage, positioned on the opposite side of the basement, out of the view of both Jeanine and Jackie. The seven foot steel chain, attached to the cage was attached to a ring on Colleen’s collar.

With the three slaves secure in the basement, the four slavers went upstairs for a break. Donna was still infuriated by 88’s earlier rude advance, and resented the presence of the shadowy operative.

As Elana attempted some banter, the headlights of a vehicle pulled into the driveway, followed by the sound of a car door being closed. “Don’t worry I’m expecting a new dominatrix and she will be in charge”, said 88.

Moments later a full figured blonde, about fifty years old, entered through the side. In an arrogant and condescending tone, the first words out of her mouth were “I’m Mistress Sylvia and I expect my orders to be followed without question, is that understood?”

“Yes Maam”, replied 88 in a most deferential tone followed by the same response. Bud and Donna, who were bewildered, said nothing.

It was clear to Bud that this woman was no rag tag operative. She was dressed in an expensive full length black leather coat, along with black leather pants and bustier. In reality her name was Michelle, she was a prominent investment banker, and a member of the triumvirate which ruled the white slavery operation.

“Show me the stock in the basement”, she ordered. ” Yes maam” replied 88 and the five slavers proceeded to the basement.

“This is Jackie she is the one who betrayed the organization, we abducted her with a phony drug sting”, 88 explained.

“Why hasn’t she been branded and tortured, she looks quite comfortable to me, go ahead and show me the other two and then proceed with the branding”, replied Sylvia angrily.

“Also for 115 put a tight leather collar on her, a metal anal hook, and use a short piece of chain to keep it in place. I want it tight enough to really hurt”.

“Yes maam” replied Elana who moved quickly to comply with the order.

“Maam, this is the reporter,114, who apparently thought she would win a Pulitzer Prize for exposing our operation. She was abducted by the two reactivated operatives, she has been branded and admitted under interrogation that Jackie, rather 115, was her source”, continued 88.

“Why is a pump bulb dangling outside her cunt?”, snapped Sylvia.

“An inflatable dildo, with a vibrator was inserted earlier”, replied 88.

“Reinflate it until she can no longer tolerate it. It will stay in overnight with the vibrator remaining off”.

“She is still far too comfortable, cuff her wrists behind her, then attach them to the back of her collar”, added Sylvia, whose order was carried out promptly by Elana.

The last slave to be displayed was Colleen. “She is the reporter’s mother and has not been, nor will she be allowed to communicate with her daughter, before she and Jackie are transported. Your presence here is most welcome in training the mother”, offered 88.

“It appears you are in no hurry to inflict any real torture upon the mother, so I will have to do it myself, after that I want the mother hogtied, gagged and hooded in the cage until further notice”, replied Sylvia.

Once Elana had finished with the hogtie, Sylvia ordered the mother arranged so that her ass was about two feet outside the cage. She then took a riding crop and administered twenty five strokes to her exposed cunt, before she broke down and began crying hysterically, after which she was locked back in the cage, but not before a steel chastity belt was applied.

A few minutes later, as Colleen was removed from the cage for branding, she made brief eye contact with her daughter, confined in the cage across the room. The hogtie prevented her from struggling, as Elana gleefully applied the branding iron. Unlike her daughter, Colleen did not scream.

She was made to wear a full faced leather hood, with openings for the eyes, nose and mouth. Blinder pads were snapped over the eye openings, and a leather cock gag was inserted and snapped over the mouth opening. Elana then locked her back into the cage, where she would spend the night in stringent bondage.

88 took over at this point, repeating the narration to Sylvia, as to what was to be expected of Colleen in the future. “The woman in the cage was once her daughter Jeanine, but no longer. She is an object, not a person and is referred to as number 114”.

“114 was trying to get an exclusive story on a white slavery ring but she got too close. I ordered her kidnapped and she has been sold to a wealthy ranch owner in Colombia. She and the slut, number 115 will be flown out tomorrow, and have been sold to different owners. They will never see each other again, or even be allowed to speak with each before and after their departure”.

“We abducted her, the mother, to be trained as a sex slave. She will be kept here for about three weeks before being sold and transported to a South American owner. She was chosen because of her age, good looks and prior experience in the adult film industry. She will be referred to as 116, her daughter was never Jeanine. We had considered abducting her other daughter Brandi at Hooters but decided against it”.

Having finished his presentation, Elana went to work with her scissors, shredding every object of clothing worn by Jackie and Colleen. Jackie would be forced to stand, hands tied to the overhead for hours, while Colleen would remain in the cage. Music was played over the house radio system, intended to prevent any communication between mother and daughter

To Jeanine this was the apogee of cruelty. The abductors had promised not to abduct mother or daughter, now her mother was locked in a cage on the far side of the room. In the morning, Jeanine and Jackie would be flown to South America, without even being allowed to speak with her mother.

Jeanine wondered how people could be so evil. At least it appeared the organization did not intend to kill her and had spared her sister. All she could hope for was a benevolent Colombian master. She could not bear the thought of her mother being branded and tortured, before being sold to some South American brothel.

Attention next turned to 115, who was still wearing leather wrist cuffs attached to the ceiling, blindfolded and ball gagged, collared and anal hooked. “88 put the spreader bar on her ankles now”, Sylvia commanded in a tone that suggested it was unbecoming of her dignity to bend down. 88 quickly attached a thirty six inch metal bar between her ankles, with a leather cuff on each end.

Sylvia then removed ll5's gag and hood.  “Do you know who I am bitch?” “No” replied Jackie.

“I am your owner. You will receive painful punishment before being shipped by air to Mexico, then by ship to Bolivia”. She then turned to 114 in the cage, “You will be staying here with your mother for slave training and sold together”.

Each of the four slavers in the room was stunned, 114 elatedly so. Sylvia turned her attention back to #115, ordering Elana to brand her, and reapply the blindfold and gag. She writhed in obvious pain, but did not scream, as the iron was applied.

“Now hold the iron on her pussy for ten seconds”, ordered Sylvia. Elana eagerly complied, eliciting a scream that could be heard through the gag.

“You are the cause of this leak and for the abduction of two women. I have arranged for your sale to an estate in Bolivia, where you will most likely put to work as a stoop laborer. Your journey will be aboard a cargo ship and I’m aware that the particular ship captain enjoys personally torturing females, but first I will inflict some pain upon you myself. I’ll let you recover from the branding iron pain before I start upon you with my whip”.

Upstairs and out of range of the basement captives, Sylvia made a stunning announcement, “88 your services are no longer desired by the organization. You carried out an unauthorized abduction, and this will generate an intensive police investigation. I will not permit the mother and daughter to be sold separately and the buyer I had arranged for the daughter, cannot afford both of them, therefore they will be personally trained by me as sex slaves while I try to find a buyer”.

Without warning Sylvia took a taser from a kitchen compartment and without saying one word, hit 88 in the abdomen, sending him slumping to the ground. She then moved quickly to cuff his wrists behind his. “Elana heavily sedate this slave immediately”, she commanded.

The operative with the truth serum had left earlier, however Elana was skilled in the IV administration of various drugs. She quickly injected 88 as ordered.

“88 there is a demand for male sex slaves in Paraguay, a small land locked country in South America. Foreign males are more than willing to pay for gay sex, especially involving brutal bondage and that is where you will be going”.

 Within five minutes of a radio transmission by Sylvia, a van pulled into the driveway, and two hooded male slavers entered the home. 88, unable to offer any resistance, was taken to the van, which promptly drove off.

“Elana I wish to commend you for your outstanding work carrying out abductions and restraining the slaves, for which you will receive a generous merit bonus. You must do something about your weight, I am on good terms with a bariatric surgeon should it be necessary”.

Referring to Bud and Donna, Sylvia continued,” You will both receive generous compensation for your recent services. Donna, the wild blonde from down under, you had a promising future with the organization, however you were unable to resist the lure of alcohol and night life. We cannot have operatives who are lushes. None the less I have no ill will towards you”.

Sylvia went on to extol her prowess as a slave trainer. “Sexual denial is a powerful tool, as you can see 116 is wearing a chastity belt and the other two will be shortly. They will confess to every sexual encounter they ever had, and anything else I wish to know about them”, she boasted.

”In the past we have refrained from the branding iron upon our slaves. That is no longer the case and in the future slaves may be branded upon their breasts or stomachs, instead of the shoulder. The pain of the iron helps prepare the slave for their new life and reinforces that they are merely property, not individual humans. I am also considering using the iron as a method of torture, as opposed to merely branding, it is an excellent punishment for a defiant slave, as we saw a few minutes ago when Elena used the iron on 115, merely holding it to her vaginal exterior for ten seconds”.

“Unfortunately in the past we have not always been able to provide adequate training to the slave prior to being delivered to their owner”.

“In addition the two male operatives who just abducted 88 will be used in the training of the mother and daughter. They will both be forced to perform sexual acts with them. They can be expected to be whipped frequently, during the first few days until they learn to perform as expected, of course this will be after their initial period of sexual deprivation”.

“Drugs will be administered to the mother and daughter as part of their training. One drug is hormonal, designed to increase their sexual appetites. The other is designed to cause memory loss. Ideally they will ultimately not realize they are mother and daughter”.

Bud was immediately skeptical about the efficacy of memory drugs, but wisely refrained from expressing his opinion. He had no such doubt concerning hormonal drugs.

At this point Sylvia requested they leave the safe house, after turning in their encryption devices. Both Bud and Donna were relieved at no longer having to listen to Sylvia’s pompous ravings. They were warned against revealing the location of the safe house, or carrying out any abductions on their own.

“Maam can I speak”, asked Donna”. “Permission granted”, she replied in a most condescending done.

Donna continued, “Yes at one time I had a drinking problem, but Master Bud caused me to see the error of my ways. His skills were most beneficial to your organization and I take the blame for seducing him on the yacht. None the less our careers as slavers are over, we are concentrating on having a child”.

“Fine I hope you succeed”, Sylvia dismissively replied.

Bud and Donna got into their van, highly perturbed, and headed for home. Their role in slave trafficking was far from over.

As they drove home, Donna could not refrain from continuing to express contempt for 88, for attempting to force oral sex upon her. It was somewhat more bearable knowing that he would soon be forced to suck male cocks, in addition to taking them anally, during his permanent enslavement in Paraguay.

“I’m one tough bitch and if Elana hadn’t blocked me I would have floored the bastard, but at least I got to see him tied up and carried off by the goons”.

Donna then reminisced back to her growing up in Australia. “I was the only girl, with three brothers, and we were always fighting over something. My father was a strict disciplinarian and his favorite punishment was to cane our bare buttocks”.

“He never sexually abused me but when it came time for a caning I would be taken into a bedroom and made to drop my pants, panties, everything but my bra, then he would tie my hands and legs to a table. He insisted my mother be present at all times and never allowed my brothers to see me nude”.

“When my father caught one of my brothers and myself fighting, he would cane each of us. Since I often started the fight I would beg that my brother be spared, and that I would take his strokes, but my father always caned us both”.

“None of my brothers ever tried to use me sexually. I remember when I was about 13 years old, one night my parents were out of town and there was a fierce thunderstorm. I had a terrible nightmare and woke up screaming. My three brothers shared the same bedroom, so my oldest brother slept on a couch, next to my bed, so I wouldn’t have to be alone. If my father had found out all four of us would have been caned”,

“The worse caning I ever received was when I was 16. Me and two girlfriends got caught with alcohol by the constabulary in town. I wasn’t even drunk, me and another girl were carrying a third girl who was wasted. My father had to come to the station and picked me up”.

“As soon as we got home he announced I would receive 50 strokes. My mother yelled at him and my brothers begged for fewer, knowing how painful it would be. He settled on 30 strokes, never had any of us received more than 25”.

“After I graduated I was an amateur female wrestler for a while, they had a special room with a ring at a local pub. The winner got to tie up the loser and parade her around, but no nudity was allowed. I never lost a match, but after about two months the constabulary shut down the operation”.

“So as you can see I am one tough bitch, but need to be tied down and punished from time to time by a man I respect, and as you know I sometimes intentionally provoke it,” she said with what was her first smile of the night, as she tried to masturbate Bud as he drove.

“I suspect that I am the right man for it”, chuckled Bud, hoping that Donna would not lapse back into a miserable mood.

 He also opined that the reason 88 was abducted was for a combination of two reasons. One was the unauthorized abduction of Colleen, and second that he was engaged in an unauthorized coke shipping business, both of which the organization frowned upon.

Bud also related that “Mistress Sylvia” was a pseudonym, in reality she was a member of the organizational triumvirate, and otherwise a prominent investment banker.

For the next week, Donna’s temperament and behavior took a turn for the worse. She began drinking heavily, continuously exhibiting confrontational and defiant behavior. Bud inflicted some mild punishments upon her, suspecting that the stress of a planned pregnancy was responsible.

Finally Bud could take no more and made good on one of his earlier threats, that Donna would be sent to a professional dominatrix. Arrangements were made with Mistress Charlene, a 40 something Amazon type, and reputed to be extremely sadistic.

Bud sprung the surprise on Donna on a Wednesday morning at 9:00, before she had time to become inebriated. “No fucking way will I submit to a dominatrix”, was her prompt and vehement response.

“You have no choice in the matter and I’ll transport you there chained in the toolbox if you won’t go willingly”, he countered.

“You bas- how can you do this to someone who has been so loyal to you?”, she loudly exclaimed, cutting short the pronunciation of the expletive.

“Donna you are in need of punitive discipline, I have no qualms about abducting and torturing the most beautiful  women, but I simply don’t have it in me to torture you. I expect a full apology for what you just said”

That comment seemed to have a calming remark upon her. Moments ago it appeared she might actually strike Bud with her fists. Donna paused for a few moments before replying.

“I apologize Sir, I should have never called you a bastard, how long must I spend with this dominatrix?”

“A minimum of twenty four hours, at which time I will call your dominatrix for an attitude assessment. If it is positive you will be home by noon, otherwise you will spend another twenty four hours there. While the madam has a male security person I have been assured there will be no contact between you and any male, the madam is not aware of our slave trade involvement, and in no way will it be mentioned”, Bud explained.

“If the madam were to know we would have to abduct her and put her on the market”, quipped Donna.

“If your behavior doesn’t improve you’ll be on the African market”, Bud countered.  

“It is apparent you don’t have any sense of humor today, you won’t put me in the toolbox will you Sir?”

“No but you will be taken there in handcuffs”, he replied.

Donna began to cry, with Bud sensing she was sincere in seeking contrition. Her restraints were mild, with the wrists cuffed in the front. A set of leg irons was applied with the left ankle cuffed, and the chain extended over her wrist cuffs, with the second ankle cuff attached to the right ankle.

“Sir this is very embarrassing but thank you for not hog tying me, I promise not to resist”, she stated fighting to hold off the tears. I have great respect for the gratification you obtain from abducting and torturing women.  You could easily have tortured and even sold me”.

After allowing Donna to hold her purse, Bud walked her out to the van and placed her in the front seat. His prisoner was attired in athletic shoes, blue sweat pants, and a matching zippered jacket. She wore no bra or underwear.

It was about a twenty minute drive to the luxurious mansion of Mistress Charlene. After parking the van, Donna was forced to walk in a hobbled manner to the front door, where she was promptly greeted by the dominatrix.

“Did she try to run away”, the mistress chortled.

“No but I felt she should be brought here in restraints, I don’t take any chances”, replied Bud.

“All right her ass now belongs to me for at least twenty four hours and I assure you she will not escape”, at which point Mistress pulled Donna inside. “You may leave now”, Mistress tersely stated before closing the door in Bud’s face. Satisfied that Donna was in good hands, Bud departed and headed for one of his favorite watering holes.

About one hour later, as Bud sipped a martini, his cell rang showing the call to be from Mistress Charlene.

“This is Mistress Charlene, Donna is having some type of medical problem and I am reluctant to continue her training. She has experienced intermittent chest pains, and although she insists on continuing, it would be perhaps best that you seek medical attention for her. I’ve been in this business for a long time and I don’t believe Donna is feigning”.

Bud arrived with fifteen minutes. Donna, fully clothed, was sitting at the kitchen table and crying. Mistress Charlene was holding her hand trying to comfort her. “She was not whipped but was tied to the St. Andrews when I noticed she just didn’t look right, finally she admitted having chest pains, so I gave her some nitro and she hasn’t complained of any more such pain, I would take her to the ER, and I will refund your session fee”.

“I’ll be all right, I don’t want to go the ER”, sobbed Donna.

“You have no choice Donna you’re going to the ER, thank you mistress for being so conscientious”.

Bud drove quickly to the nearest hospital, about two miles away. Donna refused to be assisted walking, but upon reaching the reception desk, she was unable to stand and forced to sit down in the lobby, holding her chest.

Within ninety seconds a nurse’s aid placed Donna in a wheel chair and took her into the ER. Bud explained the circumstances to the receptionist, leaving out the dominatrix part of course, and stating the symptoms began at home.

The receptionist explained that Donna would be triaged and would be notified when he could join her in the ER. Bud paced the floor nervously, fearing the worse, but optimistic that Donna would not be admitted.

About forty five minutes later a nurses aid led Bud into the ER. “The doctor is with her now and will let you know her condition”, she said.

Donna was lying on a gurney, wearing a hospital gown, and with an IV line attached. The only other person in the room was the ER physician, a petite brunette, whose name tag identified her as Heather Smith, MD. Donna managed a smile quipping “How do like my new outfit sir”.

At this point, Dr. Smith identified herself and asked Donna if she had permission to discuss the case in Bud’s presence, to which she consented.

“Donna’s EKG was clearly abnormal but not conclusive as to a specific disorder. My initial suspicion was some type of heart rhythm disorder. I sent a copy to the cardiologist at our main hospital and he agreed. There is no need for an angiogram at this time, but her heart rate and BP are elevated, also the blood test shows some elevation in certain enzymes associated with heart rhythm disorders”, the doctor explained.

“Do I have to stay here”, asked Donna.

“We can’t force you to stay but I strongly suggest you stay another four hours at which time we will repeat the EKG, blood and urine tests to see if anything has changed.  A decision on admission can be made at that time, your partner can stay with you here in the ER the entire time if he wishes”, the doctor replied.

“She is staying”, replied Bud.

“I guess I have no choice, Bud will probably handcuff me to the gurney if I try to leave”.

Bud was annoyed by the comment but tried to pretend it didn’t bother him.

“All right I’ll leave you two alone but if you need assistance just press the button. If you don’t mind me saying I love your Australian accent”, said Dr. Smith.

“Thank you maam, that’s what attracted Bud to me”, replied Donna.

Bud stayed in the ER for nearly two hours to comfort Donna, but as it appeared her condition had not deteriorated, decided to take a stroll outside but not without first hitting upon Dr. Smith.

When Bud and Heather first laid eyes on each other, Bud sensed sexual chemistry between them, and she appeared to reciprocate. Bud was able to speak with her, in an empty room, before leaving the ER.

“Doctor I wish to thank you for being so helpful in explaining Donna’s condition. I know you probably think I’m hitting on you, but we live alone and on Saturday evenings we invite a handful of friends, both male and female, for a little socializing. If you could possibly make it we have supper at 6:00. I’ll leave you this card with my address and cell, please call me sometime Saturday if you plan on being there, if not I understand, please don’t tell this to Donna, I’ll do that after she is discharged”.

Heather replied “well I do have Saturday off, I won’t say yes or no right now, but promise to call you Saturday at 4:00, one way or another”. Bud knew immediately she would be attending.

After leaving the hospital, Bud mentioned the proposition to Donna he had made to Heather. Predictably she reacted with anger, accusing Bud of having the hots for her, and wanting to put her in bondage

Bud tried to allay her concern, but had little success. He would just have to wait until Saturday. Donna threatened “If Heather comes Saturday I’m leaving for the evening”.

“I’ll tie you up for the whole day replied Bud”. There was no further conversation for the remainder of the drive home.


It was 9:00PM when Bud pulled into the drive of the safe house, parking on the far side of the other van. He was quickly escorted to the kitchen, where Sylvia sat drinking a cup of coffee. “Sit down enjoy yourself, we leave tomorrow night at 10:00, Elana will have the slaves ready for transport by then, unfortunately only myself and Elana have been available to guard the slaves, and we have been doing more guarding than training”.

“Mistress Sylvia, I wonder if I may be allowed to fuck #116, the mother, tonight, and play with the other two”, asked Bud.

“Permission granted, Elana blindfold the other two slaves while Bud does the mother, and remove their chastity belts. Bud you only have thirty minutes for play”, she replied.

“Slaves have been standing for three hours with wrists over their heads, after you finish doing them they go back in cages, then tomorrow at noon they made to stand like this again until transport, we want them as worn down as possible. Do you want to do mother standing or Elana fix her some other way?”

“I’ll decide in a minute”, replied Bud, who followed Elana to the basement. Each slave was naked, wearing a red ball gag and a six inch long white leather posture collar, in addition to their arms above them, their wrists in leather cuffs, legs spread thirty six inches with a metal bar. Elana promptly removed the chastity belts of 115 and 116, but not 114.

“They don’t like the chastity belts or posture collars I would assume”, asked Bud.

“Absolutely not”, replied Sylvia. “Elana did a great job of selecting and fitting each belt. She took measurements and then selected the best fit from the half dozen we have in stock. The slave was required to inhale while the belt was being placed around their waist, so they are extra tight. Elana also shaved each one before the belt was fitted and applied a type of cream that is supposed to slow regrowth of the hair.”

Sylvia continued, ”Initially they were made to wear locking leather collars. However after a few days I decided that they were too comfortable, so they have been wearing the wide posture collars since then. Once a day they are allowed a liquid protein drink and to use the toilet. They are always handcuffed behind their backs during this period. For hygiene I have a special aerosol spray that Elana applies through the anal hole in the belt”.

“How is their drug therapy progressing?”, asked Bud.

“The memory drugs never arrived but each has been injected twice with a special hormonal compound that is designed to increase their arousal. Since the two male trainers were unable to engage them in coital sex , I am certain they are quite aroused right now, since this is the first time they will be pleasured since their arrival. 114 is not being allowed any sexual contact today because of her escape attempt. She did have her belt removed long enough so that her vagina and clit could be whipped”, replied Sylvia.

“They wear steel spreader bar at all times. Mistress tried to make it a little less uncomfortable by permitting them to wear chain link leg cuffs for a few days but 114 tried to escape, she not get far, but they put back on the spreader bar and also the wide leather collars. Mistress feel they make for better posture as well as discomfort”, explained Elana.

“How else was 114 punished?”, asked Bud.

“First we hung her upside down from ceiling, I wanted to do her full body job with bull whip but mistress said no, so I use special short handle one strand whip, with two fang on end to do her cunt with, I whip her so many times she almost pass out, but at least marks not visible. It much easier bringing whip down on her than other way, sooo much fun”,  Elana explained.

“116 I’m going to fuck you before you leave. Don’t try to deny me. keep your upper legs spread wide unless you would like some more pussy whipping and even worse torture for 114”.  Colleen still attempted to plead with Bud through her gag for her daughter to be freed. Bud just laughed, calling her a stupid cunt.

“I can take spreader bar off, put her in thigh cuffs use chains and raise them up high, better access for you”, offered Elana.”Good idea please do so”, Bud replied.

Bud inserted two fingers into her cunt which indicated she was dry. “Elana get her wet enough for me to penetrate, I want her last American fuck to be painful, while I play with 115”. After finishing with the leg elevation, Elana put some lubricant on a dildo, inserted it and gently moved it back and forth.

As Elana prepped Colleen to be fucked, Bud turned to his next target of wrath, Jackie, who was standing between Colleen and Jennifer. “You ever been fisted cunt?”, he asked. Jackie shook her head back and forth, knowing it would happen regardless.

Bud inserted the fist of his right hand in to her vagina, and as Jackie screamed through her gag, he forced it back as far as possible. His fist was only half inserted and as Jackie continued to scream, Bud, attempted deeper pentration. until he was satisfied he had achieved maximum results.

“Elana put a set of nipple clamps and chain on 115”, Bud ordered. “116 good and wet, Elana will put clamps on 115”, she repied. As Bud continued his penetration, Elana attached the nipple clamps.

Finally Buds fist penetrated to the maximum point, causing 115 to scream so loudly that she slipped her ballgag. To round out her torture he yanked several times on the nipple clamp chain, causing her additional pain.

“Shut the bitch up”, ordered Bud. Elana immediately responded by stuffing a set of soiled panties into her mouth, then using a smaller red ball gag, with short metal spikes to keep it from being expelled. “We hear no more from you otherwise you get something hot in your cunt that cause real pain”. Elana was referring to the branding iron that had been briefly applied to the exterior of her cunt previously.

The threat proved effective, although 115 was obviously in agony, she was unable to scream loudly enough, that she could not have attracted any attention, even upstairs. Elana left her blindfolded, adding “I don’t like looking at your ugly face”. Bud was gratified that he was able to inflict so much pain.

It was now time for 116s final fucking. Bud knew that women her age frequently suffered from tight vaginal musculature, which made intercourse quite painful. Ideally a male could do certain things to make it less painful for such a female, Bud had no desire to do so.

The lubricant permitted Bud’s cock to penetrate, but every thrust caused excruciating pain to 116. Bud smiled at the look of agony on her face as he continued. His super size cock, combined with her tight vagina, assured that orgasms would be unavoidable, in addition to painful.

Bud knew that most women her age experienced the same tightness. If both the cock and vagina were well lubricated, and the cock inserted gently, it would be a pleasurable experience for the female.

For the next ten minutes Bud used his cock to penetrate her in the most painful manner possible. Most women experience unenjoyable orgasms when restrained and being vaginally fucked. The tendency is to deny the rapist the pleasure of watching her orgasm, but they invariably succumb.

Bud decided to torture her one final time, ordering Elana to heat the branding iron and stand next to her. The method was orgasm deniable, in which the slave is threatened with torture if she comes. 116 was told if she climaxed without permission the branding iron would be applied to the vaginal exterior. However after fingering her cunt for nearly five minutes, Bud had to admire her ability to avoid orgasm and ceased his tortures.

“After you finish doing them I put their chastity belts back on they stay on until they are turned over to a transporter. We planned on having the two male goons fuck them, but they're unable to make it. The chastity belts have been on since Mistress Sylvia arrived, except when 114 was hung upside down, so they have had no chance to pleasure themselves”, explained Elana.

The next day Bud arrived well before the designated time to observe the transport of the three slaves. The slaves would be transported by van to a small boat dock and loaded onto a cabin cruiser, which would transfer them to an ocean size freighter. The freighter would deliver them to their destinations in South America.

Sylvia would drive the van, with Elana guarding the slaves in the cargo hold. This reflected the shortage of organization operatives, as never in the past had one of the hierarchy directly participated in such an operation.

As Sylvia, Elana and Bud descended the basement stairs, the three slaves knew their transport was imminent. They were secured the same as the previous day, forced to stand with their arms tied above their heads, ball gagged, wearing the uncomfortable posture collar, the metal leg spreader bar and chastity belts.

One by one, starting with Jennifer, they were detached from the overhead bar and made to kneel on the floor. Their leather wrists cuffs were readjusted so that they were drawn up to the small of the back, then attached to the rear of their collar. The tightness and size of their posture collars assured maximal discomfort during transport.

The next step was to attach a twelve foot chain to the rings on the front of their collars. They would be forced to walk in a coffle like arrangement, and would remain chained to each other for the duration of transport. Their ankle spreader bars were removed, with their ball gags staying in place.

Sylvia just could not resist the temptation to force a bit more humiliation on the three slaves before they were loaded into the van. Each was ordered to use the basement toilet prior to departure.

Bud stood next to the toilet, as each slave was positioned so as to be able to expel their wastes. 116, the first appeared unable to do so, and was threatened by Sylvia with a severe flogging if she soiled the van. 116 pleaded through her gag for more time, and two minutes later was able to void. The other two slaves voided quickly and without difficulty.

At this point Elana took hold of the leash and the command, “Walk carefully, if one of you fall, you all will fall. When you put into the van lie face down next to each other on the mattress. With a tug of the leash, their coffle march to the van began. The slaves were still nude except for their chastity belts.

Bud’s last words to the slaves as they entered the van was “bye bye bitches”. Even though gagged, 115 was able to utter “fuck you bastard”. Elana,who would guard them in the back  of the van, slammed the door shot, while Sylvia got behind the wheel and drove off.


Saturday afternoon at 4:10 Bud’s cell rang, and predictably the call was from Heather. “Am I still welcome?”, she asked. After Bud assured her that she was, Heather promised to arrive at 6:00.

An air of tension had existed all day between Bud and Donna, and it had not diminished when Heather arrivved at 6:00, casually attired in jeans and a tan pullover sweater.

After all three had a seat at the kitchen table, no conversation between Donna and Heather had taken place, and it was obvious Donna was in a hostile mood.

Finally Bud had enough. “Talk to Dr. Smith, she is our guest”, he demanded. Donna reacted angrily, “Doctor he just invited you here because he has the hots for you and wants to tie you up”.

At this point Bud got up from his chair and got up, intending to physically punish Donna.

Heather reacted quickly by standing up and blocking Bud’s path physically, “I want no violence, Donna come with me into the living room, we need to have a woman to woman talk, Bud please respect our privacy”, she said sternly.

Donna agreed, with Bud backing off for the moment. The two ladies walked into the living room and were there at least twenty five minutes. Bud heard no yelling, so he assumed it was peaceful. He agreed it was a deft move by Heather, and had prevented an assault upon Donna.

Heather motioned for Bud to come into the living room, where she sat down in a chair, leaving Bud and Donna to sit on the couch.

After nearly forty five seconds of silence Heather addressed Donna sternly, “What do you have to say to Bud?”

“Sir I’m sorry for acting like an asshole and assuming Heather was trying to hit on you. I’d like to have her as both a friend and doctor. I deserve any punishment you see fit to impose but please don’t send me back to the dominatrix”.

Bud responded by commenting “why did you have to bring up the dominatrix?”.

Heather took over at this point, “I don’t look down at that part, fortunately the dominatrix was prudent enough to summon assistance. By the way I noticed the handcuff marks on Donna’s wrists at the ER, but it wasn’t my business to ask questions, Donna didn’t tell me about the dominatrix until today”.

“Let me tell you a bit about myself. First any guy who tries to carry on an affair with an ER doctor is begging for heartbreak. We work 24 hour shifts, at different hospitals, and sometimes only 24 hours off. I’ve had plenty of problems in my life: divorce, bankruptcy and being on probation for DUI to name three. If you are going to hit on a female hit on the surgical nurses who work days, you’d be surprised how many male MDs do. At any rate I would like to be a friend to both of you especially Donna because of the medical issues. On Monday morning I will call an excellent cardiologist I know and request an expedited appointment for Donna. Until then try to relax, don’t punish her Bud, she loves you and before long you will have a little Bud or Donna. If you don’t mind I’d like to listen to your sounds with a stethoscope, my bag is out in the car”.

“Do I have to strip naked”, quipped Donna, the first humurous comment she had made all day.

“It would help if you take your top off”, replied Heather.

When Heather returned from the car with her black bag, Donna was wearing only a bra above her waist. Heather first took her blood pressure using a portable unit before beginning the stethoscope exam, which lasted about ten minutes. Bud was impressed with the thoroughness of the exam.

“Your BP is 140/85, not really abnormal under the circumstances. I didn’t hear any abnormal sounds, however a cardilogist might pick up something I didn’t. He will probably order an echo cardiogram in addition to the regular EKG”, Heather reported.

“I’m curious about probation for DUI and how it works”, asked Bud.

“It isn’t court probation, but one year unsupervised probation by the State Medical Board. However if I get another DUI I could loose my medical license, or at the least be required to undergo counseling. The hospital can legally require any employee on supervised probation to take an unannounced breath or urine test at any time”, she explained.

Heather ended up staying for another two hours. The air of tension and hostility had cleared, and Donna monopolized much of the discussion by telling about her experiences in Australia. Bud didn’t have much to say, he just prayed Donna didn’t make some remark about abductions.

Heather left without having consumed any alcohol, with both Bud and Donna expressing their gratitude for her concern.

“Well at least you didn’t tie her up”, chuckled Donna.

The thought of Heather, shackled and gagged in the basement cell was most appealing.

Bud and Donna both had a major secret to keep, that of their participation in the abduction and enslavement of numerous women. Bud felt no twinge of remorse although he wasn’t certain about Donna.

He enjoyed the pleas of the women as they begged, usually with their eyes, as they realized it was their final day in the United States, and were turned over to a transporter to be shipped to South America, to become the property of a new owner.

Particularly enjoyable were the last three women abducted, who were kept caged in the basement of a safe house. On their departure date, they were handcuffed and their collars connected by a chain, led on a leash by a female slaver, forcing them to walk coffle style. As they were not hooded, he was able to savor the look of contempt in their eyes.

Usually they realized the futility of struggling. One exception was Marla, the gold digger, who did not go peacefully when informed that she had been sold to an African warlord. Shackled, hooded and gagged, she had to be dragged on a leash to a refrigerated truck, for transport to an ocean going freighter.

Bud just smiled. He knew he would be seeing more of Heather in the near future, hopefully without Donna being present.



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