Recreating Torment, An Immersive Dungeon Experience

by Kinkykusco

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Storycodes: MF/f+; bond; dungeon; roleplay; cell; cuffs; collar; chain; chastity; strappado; punish; clamps; rope; torment; chair; analpear; cons; reluct; XX

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Chapter 2 – A game most serious

The dungeon is dimly lit, and the walls are damp and cold, giving the girls a chill as they walk. Laura is acutely aware of the chains connecting their collars, which force them to move in unison. Jessica is tense and nervous, knowing that her friends' fates are tied to her own. Sarah on the other hand is excited by the prospect of what is to come. As they walk, Alice instructs them to mind their footing and to remain silent, warning them not to disobey the rules of the dungeon.

The girls enter the small circular room, the stone walls and floor feeling damp and musty. The only light comes from torches set in brackets on the wall, casting flickering shadows. Five doors line the walls facing inward, and the only way in or out is the single hallway that leads back to the stairs. Four of the doors are composed of iron bars, the last made of solid wood, with no bars to see through. As the girls approach, they notice there is a woman locked inside a metal cell, secured in similar restraints to Jessica's. The woman's neck is chained to the wall and there are no visible locks on her shackles. The cell is barren except for a pile of straw on the floor. The girls exchange worried looks at the sight of the mysterious woman in the cell.

Alice tells them that the woman in the cell was guilty of the same crime Jessica was charged with. Instead of execution, she was sentenced to a lifetime of being locked in that cell with her shackles and chain riveted in place. The woman was tortured in the square before being locked away, and she has been there for over a year with no hope of release. As she speaks, the woman in the cell looks at the girls, her eyes full of desperation and longing.

Jessica's face turns pale when she hears that the woman in the cell was accused of the same crime as her. She realizes the severity of the situation and the potential consequences of her alleged plot. She takes in the metal bars and straw floor, shuddering at the thought of spending the rest of her life locked up like the woman in the cell. But then she looks at Laura and Sarah, both still locked in their shackles and collars, and reminds herself that this is a game. She takes a deep breath and tries to calm her racing heart.

Mistress Alice unlocked the coffle chain from Laura's collar, then led her to the closest cell, one with metal bars. She pushed the door open, and Laura stepped inside. The cell was small, with only enough room for a straw mattress in one corner, and a small bucket in the other. Alice locked the door behind Laura, using a large key to turn the bolt. Laura's hands were still cuffed in front of her, but at least she was free to move around within the cell. Alice looked at her with a satisfied smirk, then moved on to the next cell.

Next came Sarah, unchained from the coffle and led to another barred cell. Once inside, Alice explained that due to her crime, it was important that Sarah cannot reach down with her wrists to her chastity belt. Alice then unlocked Sarah's hands from behind her back and re-chained them in front of her. Next, Alice attached Sarah's chained hands to a hook on the back wall, forcing her to keep her hands up and held above her head while she sat on the stone floor. Finally, Alice added a shackle to Sarah's ankle, preventing her from standing up.

Sarah feels a mix of frustration and excitement about not being able to reach her chastity belt. On one hand, she feels an intense need for release and the inability to touch herself only increases that feeling. On the other hand, the added helplessness and loss of control excites her and intensifies her desire. She can't help but wonder what it would be like to be so completely at the mercy of someone else, and the thought sends a thrill through her body.

Mistress Alice led Jessica to a cell and explained to her about the restraints, emphasizing the danger of her being a prisoner accused of the most serious crime. Jessica tried to stay calm, though she was feeling nervous and vulnerable. Alice then proceeded to lock Jessica's collar to a chain hanging from the wall so she couldn't escape, making her feel even more trapped.

Alice began removing the restraints on Jessica's wrists and ankles. It appeared as though she was going to secure her to the wall like Sarah until Sir Robert entered the cell and demanded otherwise. Jessica wasn't sure what to expect, but when she saw the additional chains Alice held, she felt a pit form in her stomach.

Alice retrieved a strappado rig, which consisted of a rope to hang from the ceiling with a pulley attached to the end. She re-chained Jessica's wrists behind her back and attached the rope to Jessica's restraints. Working the pulley, Alice lifted Jessica's arms upward behind her back. The tension on her shoulders and arms increased, causing her to gasp in discomfort.

As Alice tightens the pull of the strappado, Jessica's body is pulled forward and her arms are stretched above her head. The position is incredibly uncomfortable, and Jessica tries to shift her weight and ease the strain on her shoulders. As she does, she feels the fabric of her tattered skirt ride up her thighs, leaving her bare bottom exposed to the cool air. Additionally leaning so far forward has left the rag wrapped around her breasts to loosen.

Though it doesn't slide off, it's no longer sitting tight and she feels like it may slide down her torso at any moment, leaving her exposed. The fabric now accentuates her curves, leaving her feeling both vulnerable and exposed. Jessica is humiliated knowing that the small shred of fabric is the only thing keeping her from exposure in front of her captors. She tries to stand as still as possible, her body tense, as she struggles to keep the rag in place.

As Jessica hangs in the strappado, Sir Robert circles around her, commenting on her precarious situation. He reaches out with his hand and traces the outline of the tattered cloth covering her chest. Jessica can feel the heat rising to her cheeks as she is aware of her exposed state. He revels in her vulnerability and tells her that he can't wait to see the fear in her eyes when the real torture begins.

As he starts to leave the cell, he turns back to her and tells her that he'll be back soon to begin her torture. Jessica shudders at his words, knowing it will be even more painful and degrading than what she's endured.

Left alone in her cell, Jessica's mind races with fear and anxiety. She can't believe that she's actually living out her darkest fantasies. She wonders how much more she can take before breaking down completely. The rag wrapped around her chest hangs down, and she can feel it shifting with each breath she takes. She tries to remain still, not wanting to risk exposing herself any further, but the fear and discomfort is overwhelming.

Sir Robert and Mistress Alice exit the dungeon, leaving the three women alone in their individual cells. The sound of the door shutting echoes throughout the room, signaling the end of their conversation. Laura and Sarah are both lost in their thoughts, while Jessica tries to cope with her discomfort and fear of the impending torture.

As time passes, Laura becomes restless and her thoughts turn to her friend Jessica. With a deep breath, she summons the courage to speak up, hoping to raise her friend's spirits. "Jessica?" she calls out. "Are you okay?"

Jessica looks up at the sound of Laura's voice and gives her a small nod. She is relieved to hear a friendly voice in the darkness of the cell block. "I'm alright, Laura," she says. "Trying to stay focused."

Laura can see the pain in Jessica's eyes, and she wants to do something to help her friend. "Do you want to talk about it?" she asks gently.

Jessica hesitates for a moment, then nods her head. "I can't believe this is happening," she admits. "I'm so vulnerable and exposed. And the thought of what's to come..." Her voice trails off, and she takes a deep breath to steady herself.

Laura leans forward, asking in a whisper, "Jessica, do you know why you're getting a much harsher experience than Sarah or me?"

Jessica shakes her head, "Perhaps it's just how things are. And besides, I'm the one who chose to sign up for this experience, so I suppose I should have expected some extra attention."

Laura nods in understanding, but still seems uneasy. "I don't like the idea of you being treated so much worse than us. It doesn't seem fair."

Jessica gives her a small smile. Before she can respond the door to the dungeon slams open and Mistress Alice strides in, her face contorted with anger. "I can't believe you've broken my one rule!" she snaps, glaring at the three women. "Quiet means quiet, and if you can't keep your mouths shut..."

Mistress Alice says as she walks towards Laura's cell, "then I will have to make you. I warned you what would happen if you misbehaved, and now you'll have to be punished."

Laura watches as Mistress Alice unlocks her cell and enters. She has no idea what punishment Alice has in mind, but she's soon finding out. Alice grabs the chain of Laura's manacles and pulls her standing.

"Now, you will be quiet," Alice hisses, "or the punishment will only get worse."

With that, Alice drags Laura out of her cell and down the hallway to the punishment chamber. The punishment chamber is a massive room located deep within the castle's dungeon. The ceiling is vaulted and made of rough-hewn stone, with large, heavy wooden beams spanning the distance from one side to the other. The walls are also made of rough stone, and the floor is covered in rough, cold flagstones. Thick chains and manacles are attached to various points on the walls and ceiling. The room is filled with the sound of creaking metal and the clanging of chains. In the center of the room stands a wooden post, with a set of chains hanging down from the ceiling.

Against one wall, there is a large iron maiden with spikes sticking out from the inside. Nearby, there is a brazier filled with hot coals and iron rods. In the center of the room stands a wooden post, with a set of chains hanging down from the ceiling. There are also several metal cages, one of which has a human skull sitting in the corner. The walls are lined with shelves holding various devices of torture, such as iron pincers, thumb screws, branding irons, and whips. The chamber is dimly lit, with only a few torches casting flickering shadows on the walls. The air is thick with the smell of mold and dampness, and the only sound is the occasional drip of water from the ceiling. It's a place that instills fear and dread in anyone who enters it.

Without a word, Alice shoves Laura towards the post in the center of the room and begins chaining her in place. First, she secures Laura's wrists high above her head, then she wraps a length of chain around Laura's waist, cinching it tight so she can't move. Next, she locks a pair of heavy ankle cuffs around Laura's feet with the chain behind the post, making sure she can't run or kick.

Alice then wraps two more lengths of chain around Laura's torso, above and below her breasts. The cold metal bites into the thin fabric of Laura's shift; the pressure of the chains squeezes her breasts out lewdly. The chains pull her shift against her nipples, causing them to harden and become more sensitive. Laura squirms and gasps at the sensation, feeling exposed and vulnerable. Laura can feel the metal pressing against her skin, digging into her flesh and making it hard to breathe. She tries to shift her weight, but the chains around her waist and legs keep her in place. She is completely helpless and vulnerable, her body exposed and open to whatever punishment Alice and Sir Robert have in mind.

Laura gasps and strains against her bonds, but it's no use. She's completely immobilized, unable to move anything except her head. As she hangs there, helpless and vulnerable, she can't help but wonder what kind of punishment Mistress Alice has in store for her.

Laura feels vulnerable and exposed, like her small breasts and nipples are displayed for all to see. The thin fabric of her shift provides no cover or modesty, and the pressure of the chains above and below her chest only adds to her discomfort. She feels as though she has been stripped bare, and the thought of being exposed and vulnerable in such a way is almost unbearable.

Alice retrieves a small knife from a nearby table. With a practiced motion, she saws a rough cut in the fabric covering Laura's breasts. The material pulls away, revealing Laura's bare chest and her taut, erect nipples. Alice runs her fingers over Laura's exposed flesh, savoring the way her skin prickles at her touch.

Alice turns to a nearby shelf and retrieves a pair of modified thumbscrews, each one with small, sharp metal teeth at the end of its screws. "These are special thumbscrews," she says, holding them up for Laura to see. "They were designed to be used on the nipples of particularly troublesome prisoners."

Laura's eyes widen as she sees the sinister-looking tools, and she begins to struggle against her restraints. Alice chuckles, enjoying Laura's discomfort, then approaches her and takes hold of one of her exposed nipples. "Now, now, don't be afraid," she coos, tightening the first thumbscrew around Laura's left nipple, causing her to gasp in pain. "It won't puncture your flesh, but it will still be very, very uncomfortable."

Laura cries out as Alice tightens the other thumbscrew around her second nipple, causing her to squirm and writhe against the post. The sharp metal teeth dig into her sensitive skin, sending waves of pain coursing through her body. Alice circles around her captive, taking in the sight of Laura's bound form. She can see the fear and humiliation etched on the woman's face, and it sends a shiver of pleasure down her spine. Alice relishes the power she has over Laura, the power to inflict pain and humiliation at will. She knows that Laura is completely at her mercy, and the thought excites her beyond measure.

Sir Robert strides into the punishment chamber and approaches Laura. He smirks as he surveys her helpless form, then reaches out and cups one of her breasts in his hand, giving it a rough squeeze. "So, have you learned your lesson, my dear?" he taunts, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Laura nods her head frantically, desperate to appease him. "Yes, yes, I'll follow the rules from now on," she stammers, her voice barely audible.

Sir Robert chuckles at her response. "Good. You'll be here for a while as we retrieve the other two women and begin their interrogations." With that, he turns on his heel and strides out of the chamber. As he walks away, he tells Alice to leave Laura tied to the post for a while, so she can think about what she's done. He informs her that they will retrieve and begin interrogating the other two women, and if Laura behaves herself, she might be let off easy. With a cruel chuckle, he and Alice go, leaving Laura alone with her thoughts and the ominous devices of torture surrounding her. Laura hangs her head, feeling defeated and hopeless. She knows that the easiest path forward is to submit to their demands and try to endure the pain and humiliation as best she can. She takes a deep breath, trying to steel herself for what's to come, and vows to survive the ordeal no matter what.

Sir Robert and Mistress Alice enter Jessica's cell and release the rope that is holding her shackles in the strappado position. Jessica feels relief as the pressure on her arms and shoulders subsides. The relief is only momentary before Alice pulls the chain of the wrist shackles behind her back up, and padlocks it to her collar. Her wrists are now pulled up, equally pulling the collar back, forcing her to hold her arms up or choke herself. Jessica notices that the rag covering her breasts is barely clinging on. She tries to adjust it to cover herself, but with her hands bound, the best she can do is pinch it with her arm to prevent it from slipping any further. Sir Robert takes the chain still linked to the front of her collar and leads her out of the cell and down the hallway towards the punishment chamber.

As they walk, Jessica's heart races, and her mind races with fear and uncertainty. She tries to stay calm and composed, but the pain and pressure from her wrenched arms is overwhelming. Her hands are shaking as she takes in the surroundings, and she can't help but wonder what horrors await her in the punishment chamber.

As Sir Robert and Mistress Alice lead Jessica into the punishment chamber, she catches a glimpse of Laura's horrid condition. Jessica's stomach churns with revulsion and fear at the sight, and she can feel her knees starting to buckle. Her mind races with the realization that the torture she is about to endure could be far worse than what Laura is experiencing.

She can't help but wonder what they have in store for her, and her heart races with fear as she imagines the worst. She tries to stay strong and composed, but the sight of Laura's helpless body chained to the post is a stark reminder of what awaits her. Despite her fear, she tries to remain calm and composed, knowing that any show of weakness or resistance will only make things worse.

Sir Robert and Mistress Alice drag Jessica over to a low, rough bench and force her to kneel on it. The wood is uncomfortable, but not painful at first. There are leather straps used to secure her legs to the bench so she can't stand or move her shins. Jessica feels exposed and vulnerable as she kneels, knowing that all eyes are on her.

She looks up and sees Laura chained to the post, her chest exposed and her face contorted in pain. Jessica can't help but feel a twinge of guilt, knowing that she's responsible for Laura's punishment. She tries to push the thought out of her mind and focus on her own situation, but the fear and uncertainty are overwhelming.

Sir Robert strides over to the confessor's bench where Jessica is secured, a look of disgust on his face. "You were seen plotting to overthrow the King," he begins, his voice dripping with derision. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

Jessica swallows hard, trying to stay calm. "I'm innocent," she replies, her voice a whisper.

Sir Robert raises an eyebrow. "Then why was this note found in your handwriting?" He waves the piece of paper in front of her face, his eyes narrowing.

Jessica's heart sinks. She had forgotten about the note. "I didn't write that," she stammers, trying to keep her voice steady.

Sir Robert smirks. "Oh? So how did it end up in your handwriting?" He leans in closer, his voice dropping to a menacing whisper. "What if I told you that we have witnesses who saw you plotting with the rebels?"

Jessica's mind races. She knows she never met with any rebels, but the way Sir Robert speaks makes her doubt her own memories. "I don't know what you're talking about," she manages to choke out.

Sir Robert straightens up and crosses his arms over his chest. "You expect us to believe that? We have proof that you were involved in the plot to kill the King. The only way you're getting out of here is if you tell us everything you know."

Robert looks at her skeptically. "Where were you on the day the letter was mailed?"

Jessica thinks up a story to create an alibi. "I was at the market, gathering supplies for my family. It was a busy day and I spent most of the afternoon there."

"And who can corroborate your story?" Robert asks, leaning in closer to her.

Jessica hesitates for a moment and looks up. The answer is before her. "Laura. She was with me at the market that day. We went together."

Robert raises an eyebrow. "Is that so? I'll have to ask her about that, won't I?"

Laura's mind races as she listens to Sir Robert's questioning of Jessica. She can't believe that Jessica is putting her in the middle of Jessica's interrogation - it's bad enough she's suffering her own punishment. She feels a mixture of fear and anger as she listens to the exchange between Jessica and Sir Robert. The sound of Jessica's voice becomes more and more strained with each passing moment. Laura can only imagine the pain and discomfort she must be feeling on the confessors' bench.

Both of them continue to play their parts, even as the intensity of the situation and their roles begin to weigh on Jessica's mind. The fear and uncertainty she feels are palpable, and she struggles to maintain her composure in the face of Robert's relentless questioning.

Sir Robert stands up and walks over to Alice, who has been standing nearby, waiting for his orders. "Very good, Alice. It seems we've gotten all we can from our dear Jessica for now. It's time to soften her up a bit."

Alice nods and moves to release Jessica from the bench, taking her by the arm and leading her toward the rack. Once there, she removes the chains from Jessica except for the chain from her collar. Jessica stretches her arms before she is set upon the wood surface. Alice begins to secure Jessica to the rack, stretching her arms and legs out wide but not so much that it is immediately painful. Jessica's heart races as she realizes what is about to happen to her.

Sir Robert watches as Alice works, his expression dark and menacing. "The water torture," he says finally. "That should do the trick."

Alice retrieves and secures the metal strap over Jessica's face, completely covering her eyes and holding her head tight to the rack. Jessica is left blinded and completely immobilized, only able to feel the rough wooden surface of the rack beneath her. A bowl is then suspended over her head, and a single drop of water falls from it every few seconds, hitting her forehead with a small splash. As a final touch, Alice places a pair of cotton earplugs into Jessica's ears. Her hearing and sight removed, she is alone with the monotonous dripping.

At first, the sensation is hardly noticeable, but as time passes, the monotony of the dripping water becomes maddening. Jessica's mind begins to race as she tries to ignore the sound and the sensation of the water drops. She tries to count them but loses track after a few minutes. The water torture is designed to drive a person insane, and Jessica begins to feel her mind slipping. The pain of the metal strap pressing against her face and the water torture becomes almost unbearable.

Meanwhile, Alice steps up to Laura and begins to remove the thumbscrews from her nipples, causing Laura to wince and gasp in pain. As the screws are finally removed, a wave of relief washes over Laura's body, and she slumps against the post. Robert looks down at her with a cold, hard expression and asks, "Do you remember your promise, Laura? We'll be back soon for you." Without waiting for an answer, he turns and heads towards the dungeon door, with Alice close behind.

As they walk down the dark hallway, Sir Robert turns to Mistress Alice and says in a low voice, "I think that girl Laura is already broken. She'll say anything to avoid more torture. She's going to throw Jessica under the bus to save herself."

"Of course," Alice says with a smirk. "Laura's already broken. She'll say anything to avoid more torment, even if it means ratting out her friends."

As they approach Sarah's cell, Robert continues, "Now Sarah on the other hand, seems to be enjoying her treatment a bit too much. But that's all the more reason to push her harder. We'll see how long her resolve lasts."

Alice grins, "Yes, I must say, she's been a lot of fun to torment. And I'm sure there's more we can do to break her."

"Right, so what kind of methods are we going to use for this adultery accusation?" Alice asks as they head down the dark hallway toward Sarah's cell.

"I'm thinking of using the pear," Robert replies, stroking his chin.

Alice nods in agreement. "Yes, that's always a good one. And the whip. We could also apply some pressure to her chastity belt."

Robert nods. "All excellent choices.”

As they reach the cell, they see Sarah still chained with her hands above her and the chastity belt locked on. It looks like she's trying to rub the belt on the floor.

"Looks like she's enjoying herself," Alice remarks, smirking.

Robert chuckles. "Yes, she's getting far too much pleasure out of that belt. Let's see if we can change that."

Alice unlocks the cell and they enter, with Sarah looking up at them with a mix of fear and arousal.

Alice releases Sarah's wrist shackles from the ceiling and unlocks the ankle cuff from the floor, allowing her to stand. Sarah is led to the punishment chamber, her chastity belt and bridle clinking as she moves. Sir Robert taunts her as they walk, making lewd comments about her situation and her body. Alice follows behind, silent due to the scold's bridle.

"You are quite the dirty little slut, aren't you Sarah?" Robert taunts her as he leads her down the dark hallway toward the punishment chamber. "Caught trying to pleasure yourself with that filthy chastity belt on. What kind of woman can't even control her own urges?"

Sarah tries to protest, but her scold's bridle muffles her words, making her sound like a horse. Alice walks behind them, keeping a firm grip on the chain that connects Sarah's collar to her wrist cuffs.

"As much as I enjoy watching you squirm, we have a business to attend to," Robert continues, a cruel smile spreading across his face. "We need to get to the bottom of this adultery business.

Alice removes the chastity belt from Sarah's waist and locks it away before guiding her over to a strange-looking chair in the corner of the room. The chair has no bottom, only a hole in the middle, and is covered with leather straps. Alice instructs Sarah to sit down, and once she does, Alice begins fastening the straps around her waist, legs, and ankles. The chair is designed to hold the victim in place, immobile and exposed, while leaving her genital area completely vulnerable.

Once Sarah is in the chair, Alice takes a step back to admire her work. Sarah squirms in her bonds, trying to shift her weight and find a more comfortable position, but it's impossible. She's completely immobilized, with no hope of escape. Alice then reaches into her bag and pulls out a small object that makes Sarah’s hair stand on end - the pear. The pear is a small metal instrument with a bulbous end that can be expanded by turning a screw. It's notorious for being used on women accused of adultery, and Sarah has heard horror stories about its use.

Sarah can't help but notice Laura chained to the post on the other side of the dungeon. She smirks and feels a sense of satisfaction that she's not the only one in pain. She relishes in the feeling of power and control, savoring every moment of her torment. Meanwhile, Laura looks terrified and confused, her eyes scanning the room for any possible escape. She has no idea what the pear is, but the sight of Sarah chained up and ready to receive some sort of punishment fills her with a sense of dread.

Sir Robert walks over to Laura, carrying the infamous pear in his hand. "Do you know what this is, my dear?" he asks, holding it up for her to see. "It's an exquisite little device. It can be used to punish a woman in ways you can't even imagine." He grins at her, the pear glistening in the dim light of the chamber, before continuing. "There are three ways we can use this little device," he says, walking around Laura. "First, we can insert it into the mouth and expand it, causing incredible pain and even breaking the jaw. Second, we can use it on the anus, causing the same kind of agony. And third," he pauses for effect, "we can use it on a woman's most sensitive area. Can you imagine the pain of having this thing forced inside of you, and then slowly opened up until it's tearing you apart from the inside?"

Laura's heart sinks as she listens to Robert's speech, fear and panic rising within her. She had never heard of the pear before, and the thought of such a vile and cruel device used on her is terrifying. Despite this, Laura knows she cannot give in to Robert's demands. She has done nothing wrong, and she cannot betray her friend Jessica or implicate Sarah in something she may not have done. Laura grits her teeth and braces herself for whatever horrors may come, determined to remain strong and resolute in the face of this torture.

Laura swallows, her eyes fixed on the pear. "I don't know what you're talking about," she says, trying to keep her voice steady.

"Oh, I think you do," Robert replies, his grin widening. "And you know a lot more than you're letting on. You see, we're going to use the pear on one of you. And if you don't want it to be you, you'd better start talking."

Laura grits her teeth and tries to stay strong. She glances over at Sarah, who is still writhing in pleasure on the special chair. She knows they're trying to turn her against her friend, but she won't give in so easily. "I don't know anything," she says defiantly. "And even if I did, I wouldn't tell you."

Robert shrugs, turning away from her. "Suit yourself. But you'll change your mind soon enough. And when you do, just let me know." With that, he walks back towards Sarah, the pear still gleaming in his hand.

Sarah gasps as the pear is inserted, but her gasp quickly turns into a moan. Despite the pain, she can't help but feel aroused by the sensation. As the pear expands, she feels a sense of fullness and pressure building inside of her, and she can't help but squirm against the restraints. Despite her best efforts, she finds herself becoming wet, and she can't help but moan louder as the pear stretches her further. Despite the intense pain, Sarah cannot help but feel a wave of pleasure wash over her body, and a moan escapes her lips. She is ashamed of the pleasure she derives from the torture, but cannot deny the thrill of it.

"Unless you confess, it's time for your interrogation, Laura," Robert said with a menacing tone as he approached her. "We have ways to make you talk that we haven't even begun to use. You will tell us what we want to know, one way or another."

Laura looked up at him with fear in her eyes. "I-I don't know anything," she stammered. "I swear, I'm a simple woman. I have no idea what you're talking about."

"You expect us to believe that?" Robert said, raising an eyebrow. "After all the evidence we have against you? You might as well save us both the trouble and confess now. It will go easier for you if you do."

"I can't confess to something I didn't do," Laura replied, her voice shaking. "Please, I beg you, let me go. I'll do anything you ask, just please don't hurt me anymore."

Robert laughed at her plea. "You're in no position to make deals, my dear. You'll do as we say, or suffer the consequences. Now, let's get started with your real interrogation."


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