Recreating Torment, An Immersive Dungeon Experience

by Kinkykusco

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Storycodes: MF/f+; bond; dungeon; costume; cuffs; collar; chain; roleplay; chastity; scolds-bridle; gag; strip; cons; XX

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Chapter 1: A Unique Experience

The three friends stepped out of the car, the excitement palpable in the air. They made their way across the large town square to the imposing stone building that was the Medieval Museum. Flanking the entrance was a set of stocks and a large cage hanging from the wall, adding to the ominous atmosphere.

Jessica, the bubbly blonde, bounced up and down with anticipation as she gazed at the entrance. "Wow, this is even cooler than I imagined!" Her enthusiasm for life was infectious and she was always on the lookout for new adventures. She had found this offer for a 24-hour medieval dungeon experience late one night. A huge fan of haunted houses, she signed them up immediately without asking, and convinced her friends to join her. Jessica was slender and had bright blue eyes that sparkled with mischief. Her wavy blonde hair fell in loose curls down her back, framing her heart-shaped face.

Laura, walking a few paces behind Jessica, twirled a strand of hair around her finger. "I don't know about this, guys. Are you sure it's safe?" Laura was a reserved and introspective girl, with a quiet demeanor that often made her seem shy. She was the smallest of the three, with hazel eyes that shimmered with curiosity. Her dark brown hair was cut into a bob that fell below her chin.

She was dressed in a pair of loose-fitting jeans and a simple white t-shirt, with a pair of sneakers on her feet. Her style was understated and comfortable, with a delicate silver necklace around her neck. Laura grew up in a small town and had always been a bit of a bookworm. She preferred the company of her favorite novels to large crowds or parties. To her friends, she was an intelligent and thoughtful person, with a deep sense of empathy for others. While she was always up for trying new things, she often found herself overthinking and worrying about the consequences. She feared this sometimes held her back from truly embracing new experiences.

Sarah, the confident redhead, put her arm around Laura's shoulder. "Don't worry, Em, it's totally safe. They wouldn't be allowed to do anything too crazy," she said, downplaying the intensity of the experience. Sarah was a bit of a rebel with an alternative style that set her apart from the mainstream. She had a curvy figure, with full hips and a generous bust that she flaunted. Her wild red hair hung around her like a mane, as untamable as she was.

She was dressed in a pair of ripped black jeans and a tight black t-shirt that showcased her ample cleavage. Her style was bold and daring. A collection of silver rings adorned her fingers and a spiked leather bracelet was on her wrist. Sarah had grown up on the fringes of society and had always been drawn to counter-culture, finding solace in the world of BDSM and kink. She was always looking for the next thrill, and the thought of being a medieval prisoner was something that excited her. While she had kept her proclivities a secret from her friends, she couldn't help but feel a rush of anticipation as she walked towards the dungeon, eager to see what was in store.

Jessica smiled at her friends. "Don't worry, Laura, it's going to be so much fun! Think of it like a really realistic escape room. Plus, we get to wear cool costumes!"

The three women approached the heavy wooden door of the dungeon, their excitement building. After a moment, the door creaked open, revealing a dimly lit lobby. The space was sparsely furnished, with a large wooden desk off to one side, behind which sat a young man dressed in a simple tunic and breeches. Laura's attention was drawn to tapestries hanging on the walls, which depicted scenes of gruesome torture. She felt a shiver run down her spine and couldn't help but feel a little uneasy. She looked around at her friends, trying to gauge their reactions, but they seemed unfazed by the macabre decorations. She took a deep breath and tried to calm her nerves, reminding herself that this was a game, a fun way to spend the day with her friends.

As the women approached, the man rose to his feet and greeted them with a polite nod.

"Welcome to the dungeon, ladies," he said, a faint smile on his lips. "My name is Jason. If you could just sign in here, we'll get you all set up and ready for your experience." He gestured towards a large ledger book that lay open on the desk, a quill and inkwell at the ready.

Jessica stepped forward and scrawled her name in the book, followed by Sarah. Laura hesitated for a moment, but after a gentle nudge from Sarah, she stepped up and signed her name as well, eliciting a smile from the young man.

Jason noticed Laura's unease and tried to put her at ease, sensing her nervousness. "Don't worry, miss. The dungeon has a rich history that we're very proud of," he said reassuringly. "This building has been standing for over 600 years and has seen its fair share of prisoners come and go over the centuries. Back in the Middle Ages, this was one of the most notorious prisons in the region, used to house the most dangerous and violent criminals."

He paused for a moment, looking thoughtful, before continuing. "Many of the methods of punishment and torture that were developed here were considered groundbreaking at the time. Many were later adopted in other countries throughout Europe. This is a rare opportunity to experience a small piece of that history for yourself. Our actors are some of the best in the business, and they take great care to ensure that your experience is as authentic and realistic as possible."

Laura listened intently, her curiosity piqued despite her unease. She found herself drawn to the history of the place, and couldn't help but wonder what it must have been like to be a prisoner here all those centuries ago. Her mind raced with images of dark, damp cells, heavy chains, and flickering torchlight.

Sarah, on the other hand, couldn't hide her excitement. "This is going to be so much fun," she said, a wicked grin spreading across her face. "I can't wait to see what kind of medieval torture they have in store for us."

Jessica laughed and punched her friend playfully on the arm. "Don't scare Laura, Sarah. She's already nervous enough as it is."

Jason glanced over the women, observing the mix of excitement and apprehension on their faces. He knew that many of their clients came with a sense of thrill-seeking, eager to experience something unique and different. But he had seen enough of them over the years to know that some didn't appreciate the intensity of the experience. He cleared his throat and addressed them again.

"Just a final word of warning before we get started, ladies. Once we've got you changed and the experience has begun, there's no turning back. You're fully immersed in the experience for the next 24 hours, and there's no getting out until your time is up. The costumes you'll be wearing are authentic and will be restrictive, so please keep that in mind."

With that, he led the women through a small door to a changing area. He pointed to three separate dressing rooms, labeled with their names.

"Please leave all of your personal effects in the box and change completely into your outfits," he said. "Once you're ready, come back out here and I'll be waiting for you to begin the experience."

As Jason turned to leave, Sarah spoke up. "Wait, Jason," she said, with a mischievous grin. "When you say 'change completely,' do you mean everything? Underwear and all?"

Jason's face turned red as he hesitated for a moment before responding. "Yes, that's correct," he said, avoiding their gaze. "Everything must be removed and left in the box provided. The costumes are authentic to the period and will provide enough coverage."

The three women exchanged a look, a mix of embarrassment and excitement spreading across their faces. Sarah winked at her friends and whispered, "Well, this just got a whole lot more interesting."

Jason cleared his throat, bringing their attention back to him. "Once you are changed, please leave all your belongings in the box and come back out to the lobby. I will be waiting for you to escort you to the start of your experience." With a nod, he turned and left the room, leaving the women to prepare for the adventure ahead.

Entering her changing room, Laura slipped out of her street clothes. She felt a sense of relief as she donned the plain linen shift that awaited her. The dress was simple and unadorned, without any embroidery or lace, and it fell in loose folds around her small frame. She appreciated the lack of corsets or tight-laced bodices; she didn't want to feel constricted and uncomfortable. The soft linen fabric felt cool and soothing against her skin, and she couldn't help but run her fingers over the delicate weave. Laura tied the simple belt around her waist, cinching the dress to her figure. Despite its simplicity, she felt a sense of ease and comfort in her new garb and felt ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead.

In the next room over, Jessica looked over at the dress on the hanger, admiring the texture and color of the fabric. The green hue was deep and rich, and the rough-spun linen had a texture that felt almost scratchy to the touch. She slid into the linen undergarment, which was snug and form-fitting, but also quite comfortable. She smiled as she saw how it hugged her curves, giving her a more shapely silhouette. Next, she pulled the green peasant dress over her head, adjusting the neckline and sleeves. The dress was simple, with long, flowing sleeves and a loose, billowy cut that was easy to move in. The skirt fell to her calves in soft, gentle folds, and swayed as she walked. Finally, she picked up the contrasting bodice. It was a deep shade of crimson with intricate, brightly-colored embroidery. She struggled a bit to fasten it in the back but managed to cinch it, emphasizing her waist and generous curves. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled, feeling like a medieval princess.

Meanwhile, Sarah eagerly slipped out of her clothes and pulled the black dress over her head. The dress came down to mid-thigh and was fitted snugly to her curves, with a plunging neckline showcased her ample cleavage.

Next, she put on the corset-like bodice that came with the outfit. She took a deep breath and pulled the laces tight, feeling the garment push her chest up and out, emphasizing her hourglass figure. The bodice was adorned with silver clasps and buckles, adding a touch of edginess to the overall look. Sarah couldn't resist striking a few poses in front of the mirror, relishing the attention that the outfit brought her way.

When Sarah emerged from her dressing room, Laura and Jessica were already engaged in excited chatter about their respective outfits. Jessica twirled in her green underdress, showing off the bright embroidery on the bodice and flowy skirt.

"Isn't this amazing? I feel like I'm in a Renaissance painting!" she said, grinning. "I can't believe how authentic this feels. And look at these sleeves!" she said, extending her arms to show off the billowy fabric.

"Wow, Jess, you look like you stepped right out of a fairytale," Sarah said, eyeing the bright embroidery with envy. Jessica beamed at the compliment and twirled again, the skirt of her dress flaring out around her legs.

Laura felt a flutter of nervousness as she looked at the plunging neckline of Sarah's dress, which barely came down to mid-thigh. She admired the billowing sleeves and the corset-like bodice, but couldn't help feeling a little exposed in her own simple shift. She self-consciously tugged at the hem of her dress, trying to cover her knees.

"Sarah, your dress It's definitely not something you see every day," she said, her voice a little tentative.

Sarah grinned at Laura's reaction, feeling a thrill of excitement at the attention. "Thanks, I love it. It's definitely not for the faint of heart, but that's kind of the point, isn't it?" she said with a wink.

Jessica and Sarah both turned to look at Laura, noticing her simple attire for the first time. Jessica raised an eyebrow in surprise, while Sarah let out a low whistle.

"Well, look at you, Laura. Going for the minimalist approach, I see," Sarah teased, her eyes roaming over her friend's unadorned outfit.

Jessica nudged her playfully. "Don't be mean, Sarah. Laura's outfit is perfect for her. It's practical and comfortable."

Laura smiled at Jessica, happy to have her support. "Yeah, I think so too. I just don't want to draw too much attention to myself."

After a pause, Jessica clapped her hands together, eager to get started with the experience. "Alright, ladies, are we ready to take on the dungeon?" she said, her eyes alight with excitement. The others nodded, and with that, they set off back to the lobby, eager to see what was in store for them.

Two severe-looking reenactors stood before them. The first was a tall and imposing older man clad in rough-spun breeches and a leather jerkin. A heavy woolen cloak was draped over his broad shoulders, and his boots looked sturdy and well-worn. A thick leather belt hung from his waist, which held a set of keys, a coil of rope, and several lengths of chain. His presence commanded attention, and his serious demeanor conveyed the gravity of the experience that lay ahead.

Beside him stood a younger woman, who was dressed in practical clothing designed for the rigors of her job. Her simple linen blouse and rough-spun skirt fell below her knees, and her thick-soled boots were scuffed from wear. A set of iron keys hung from her waist, along with a heavy leather belt that held a small leather pouch filled with the tools of her trade. Her long, dark hair was pulled back into a severe bun, and her eyes glittered with a hard, uncompromising gleam.

"Welcome, ladies," greeted the man. "I am Sir Robert, and this is Mistress Alice. You are about to embark on a journey through the darkest depths of history. Are you ready?"

Excitement was palpable in the air as Jessica and Sarah nodded, but Laura couldn't help but feel a sense of apprehension. Sir Robert continued, warning them that once they began, they were committed to a full day as a medieval dungeon guest. Their imprisonment would be immersive. He emphasized that they would be subjected to various forms of interrogation, but their safety was their top priority. His tone was serious and stern, conveying that this was not a lighthearted experience.

As Sir Robert finished, Laura felt a momentary urge to back out. But, seeing her friends excited and determined, she knew that she couldn't abandon them. With a deep breath, she tried to calm her nerves and ready herself for what lay ahead.

Mistress Alice and Sir Robert led the trio through the door marked "court". Next, a long hallway lined with exhibits showcased various instruments of torture and punishment from the Middle Ages. Laura tried not to look at the gruesome displays, instead focusing on the sound of their feet padding along the stone floor. As they neared the end of the hallway, they emerged into a large, dimly lit courtroom.

The room was expansive, with a raised platform at one end featuring a judge's bench, and several sturdy posts secured to the ground in front of it. Rows of seating lined both sides of the room, with wooden benches polished smooth from centuries of use. The air was musty, with a faint scent of old wood and leather that tickled the nostrils.

The women were led to an open space in the back of the courtroom, feeling small and insignificant in the vastness of the space. Sir Robert and Mistress Alice stood on either side of them, their faces stern and unyielding, as if daring them to step out of line. The tension was palpable.

As the girls looked around, they noticed shelves lining the walls, filled with all sorts of ominous-looking devices. Cuffs, shackles, chains, and other items they didn't recognize gleamed in the dim light.

Laura's eyes widened as she gazed around the room, taking in the various devices of restraint. She felt a twang of fear in her belly.

Sarah, meanwhile, looked delighted by the array of torture devices on display. She stepped forward to examine the chains hanging from the walls with great interest.

Jessica was more subdued, her excitement now tempered by a sense of apprehension. She couldn't help but feel a bit uneasy at the sight of the restraints but tried to remain calm for the sake of her friends. Sir Robert stood at the front of the room, waiting until they had taken in the room before beginning.

Robert beckoned toward Laura, before Alice brought out her purse from a wooden evidence box. "We have found stolen goods in your possession," Robert said, his voice grave. Alice removed a small leather sack from the purse, and dumped it out to reveal ancient gold coins. Laura's eyes widened in shock and disbelief. The coins were not hers, obviously this was a setup. "That's not mine!" she played along in protest, but was met with a stern warning from Robert. "Silence! Any further outbursts and you shall suffer the scold's bridle." Laura gulped, not sure what the scold's bridle entailed, but she had a feeling it wasn't pleasant. "Mistress Alice, please prepare this prisoner for the dungeon," Robert said, turning to Alice.

Mistress Alice stepped forward with a set of rusty wrist manacles, which made Laura shudder involuntarily. Alice gave her a small, reassuring smile and secured the wrist manacles around Laura's wrists. As the cuffs clicked and echoed off the stone walls, Laura felt the heavy shackles weighing down on her. She looked down and realized that a short chain linked the cuffs, and as she was distracted by this, she saw that Alice was holding something else. Alice raised an iron collar and moved to put it around Laura's neck. Laura's eyes widened in shock, and she took a step back, feeling her cheeks flush with embarrassment. Although hesitant for a moment, she realized that there was no escape. With a resigned sigh, she bowed her head and allowed Alice to lock the collar around her neck, feeling the weight of it settle heavily on her shoulders. It was a humiliating experience for Laura, and she tried to hide her discomfort and embarrassment. Her friends could see her unease as she looked around for support or sympathy. She saw that Sarah was eagerly watching, while Jessica wouldn't make eye contact with her. Laura felt a deep sense of embarrassment and confusion wash over her, and as she met Sarah's gaze, she couldn't help but feel betrayed. She had never been one to enjoy humiliation or degradation; she couldn't understand why her friend would take pleasure in watching her chained up like this. The feeling of helplessness and being trapped only grew stronger. Laura was filled with a growing sense of dread and apprehension for what was to come. She couldn't shake the thought of what else her friends and this dungeon had in store for her.

Sir Robert moved in close to Laura, his voice dropping to a low, ominous rumble. "Prisoner Laura, I must impress upon you that the court takes the crime of theft with utmost seriousness. Your fate now rests in the hands of the judges." He paused for a moment, allowing the weight of his words to sink in before continuing. "There are four possible outcomes to your trial, from the harshest to the most lenient. The first, execution by hanging in the public square, is reserved only for the most heinous of crimes. The second, public flogging, will leave your back raw and bleeding for all to see. The third, public humiliation, will see you wear a sign declaring your crime while chained in the public square. The last, and most lenient punishment, would be a fine." He leaned back, fixing her with a steely gaze.

He pauses for a moment, letting the weight of his words sink in. "Now, which of these punishments you will face will be determined by the outcome of your trial. The charges against you will be investigated during your time in the dungeon. Your behavior, conduct, and the information that you provide will all be taken into account during the trial. And at the end of it all, the court will decide your guilt and your punishment."

Laura's eyes widened at the thought of punishment in front of the museum, the full weight of the "experience" beginning to hit her. She had never thought that the consequences of their medieval dungeon experience could be so dire. As she listened to the list of possible punishments, she felt dread wash over her. She began to regret ever coming to the museum, but now it was too late to turn back. She could only hope that her interrogation would be merciful and that she would be able to prove her innocence.

With Laura in custody and scared speechless, it was now Sarah's turn to face Sir Robert's judgment. She stood before Sir Robert, her friends' eyes trained on her. "Sarah," Sir Robert began, "you stand accused of the crime of adultery with your ex-boyfriend, John. It has been said that you were seen in the act, in your own home no less." Sarah's mouth fell open in shock. How could they know about that? She had never thought they would go to such lengths to create an authentic experience. Jessica and Laura exchanged looks of surprise, as they both knew the story of the night Sarah had slept with John. Jessica had walked in on them and had sworn not to tell anyone, but it now seemed that Sir Robert had done his research.

Mistress Alice moved forward with a set of restraints - a pair of manacles and a collar. Sarah's heart raced with anticipation as Alice took her arms and guided them behind her. The cold metal of the manacles closed around her wrists, securing them behind her back. Unlike Laura's manacles, the chain between Sarah's was only three links, restraining her further. Sarah felt the weight of the heavy collar as Alice locked it in place, and a rush of excitement coursed through her.

As Alice stepped back, Sarah tried to hide her pleasure from her friends, feeling embarrassed by her own desires. She knew that not everyone would understand the thrill she felt when restrained like this. Despite her reservations, Sarah enjoyed the sensation of the metal restraints against her skin, reminding her of her vulnerability.

Sir Robert leaned in closer to Sarah, his gaze fixed on her with a stern expression. "Given the heinous nature of your crime, and to ensure that your deviant behavior is curtailed until your guilt or innocence is established, you will be required to wear a chastity belt."

Alice held up the chastity belt, studying it with an appraising eye. It was a formidable-looking piece of ironwork. A wide waistband and intricate metalwork were designed to keep its wearer's sex locked. Three padlocks secured the belt, each fitting through small retaining holes that made it impossible to tamper with. The section designed to deny access was especially intimidating, with a series of interlocking metal plates that overlapped each other. This was secured with their own miniature padlock. The belt had been designed with one purpose in mind: to keep the wearer chaste.

Mistress Alice worked with deft precision, her movements quick and practiced as she lifted Sarah's dress to expose her waist. Sarah stood there with her hands restrained, she felt a sense of vulnerability heightened by the intimate act of having the belt locked around her waist. The cold metal of the device pressed against her skin, causing her to shiver with both excitement and apprehension.

As Alice secured the final lock of the chastity belt, there was a distinct and satisfying click. Sarah could feel the weight of the metal pressing against her waist and hips. Instead of feeling trapped, she felt a rush of excitement at being so completely under Alice's control. The sound of each lock clicking into place echoed off the walls of the courtroom, sending a thrill through her body. Sarah was surprised at how much she enjoyed the feeling of the cold metal against her skin, the sensation making her feel more alive than she had in years.

Jessica and Laura watched in stunned silence; their eyes fixed on Sarah. Laura watched with a mixture of curiosity and discomfort. She was unsure what to make of her friend's apparent pleasure at being restrained and humiliated. On the other hand Jessica seemed to be getting into the spirit of things, a mischievous grin on her face as she watched Mistress Alice finish securing Sarah's chastity belt.

Sir Robert drew nearer to Sarah, his eyes locking onto hers with a cold intensity. "As a court of law, we have to consider all possible outcomes if the accused is guilty," he began, his voice grave. "For your crime of adultery, there are four possible punishments that may be carried out, ranging from the most severe to the most lenient."

He leaned back and cleared his throat, taking a breath before continuing. "First, there is execution by impalement," he said, watching as Sarah's eyes widened in shock and fear. "Second, there is the punishment of the pillory. You will be stripped naked for all to see, and subject to any punishment they see fit to inflict upon you."

"Third, there is the punishment of the gibbet cage, where you will hang from the side of the building, also bare, for all to see and be warned by." He paused again, watching as Sarah squirmed in discomfort at the thought of such a public display. "Finally, there is the punishment of being sentenced to wear the chastity belt for some time, as a constant reminder of your perversions."

Sarah's mind raced with the possible outcomes of her trial, and she found herself growing excited at the prospect of being punished. Sarah felt a thrill run down her spine at the thought of impalement, a terrifying yet arousing image. No way that was real though, they were trying to scare them. Naked and abused in the pillory sounded possible though, and extremely enticing. Sarah had always harbored secret fantasies of public humiliation. The thought of being locked in the gibbet cage, hanging naked for all to see, was also intriguing. In comparison, wearing the chastity belt for a time seemed like a mild punishment. Sarah thought she'd be disappointed at missing out on the more extreme possibilities, if sentenced to the belt.

As Sarah considered the possibilities of her punishment, she remembered the scold's bridle. Though the threat quieted Laura, Sarah found herself drawn to the idea of being silenced in such a humiliating manner. In fact, she taunted the court, hoping to provoke them into using the dreaded device on her. "Is that all you have, you impotent cowards?!" Sarah sneered at Sir Robert, feeling a rush of excitement. "I've had better punishment in the bedroom!" Despite seeing a flicker of anger in Sir Robert's eyes, she also sensed a hint of amusement, as if her outburst was what he had expected.

Sir Robert watched Sarah with a mixture of interest and satisfaction. She was what they had expected, embracing her role with an energy that promised to make her punishment all the more enjoyable. He couldn't help but appreciate her spirit. He knew that her rebelliousness would only make the public relish in her humiliation even more. With a small smile, he resolved to ensure that Sarah's punishment would be fitting and unforgettable. He would meet both the court's sense of justice and the public's appetite for spectacle.

With a nod, Sir Robert turned to Mistress Alice and commanded, "Lock on the scold's bridle. Let's see if this one can keep quiet." The scold's bridle, a spiked metal mask, was created as a penalty for women who spread rumors or spoke out of turn.

Mistress Alice approached Sarah with the bridle, an instrument of punishment as old as the law itself. The bridle was cold, hard iron, and the spikes that protruded from the bit shone in the flickering light of the torches. It was an instrument of terror, designed to silence women who dared to speak out of turn or to punish those who spread rumors or gossiped. As Alice lifted the bridle up to Sarah's face, the woman recoiled, her eyes widening in both fear and anticipation.

She slid the bridle fully over Sarah's head. The spiked bit slid into place, it forced Sarah's tongue down, rendering her completely unable to speak. Jessica couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to wear the torture device and if she would end up in it as well. She watched with a mix of fear and fascination as Alice pulled the straps tight. The bridle was secure around Sarah's head, spikes digging into her tongue. The sight of Sarah being forcibly silenced was both terrifying and alluring. Jessica wondered what her own experience might be like - would she prefer Sarah's, Laura's, or something completely different?

As Sarah was silenced by the scold's bridle, Sir Robert observed her behavior with interest. He noted how her actions were in line with their expectations, as they had researched and predicted her rebelliousness. Sir Robert perceived that Sarah was savoring the attention, humiliation, and bondage, and he wondered what other secret desires she harbored. He decided to test her limits even further, making a mental note to choose more extreme forms of punishment for her.

Sir Robert gestured for Jessica to sit in the chair in front of the table, and her heart raced with apprehension. As he began to speak, Mistress Alice walked to the nearest wall and began turning a windlass, lowering a set of manacles from the ceiling to head height. The clinking of metal filled the room as the chains descended. Jessica's eyes were drawn to the manacles, and a shiver ran down her spine as she realized they were meant for her. The anticipation made her stomach knot as she waited for what was to come. Looking at her friends, Jessica could see the worry etched on their faces, and she struggled to keep her composure in the face of fear and uncertainty.

Sir Robert took a seat across from Jessica, placing a document on the table between them. "This was discovered in your belongings," he stated, gesturing to the paper. Jessica's eyes widened in disbelief as she scanned the page, recognizing her own handwriting detailing a plot to poison the king. Though she couldn't remember writing it, the evidence was undeniable. "I would never do such a thing," Jessica protested, feigning innocence. Sir Robert remained unimpressed, staring at her coldly. "Your denials are futile. The evidence speaks for itself."

Sir Robert continued, "And that's not all. Your friends here," he gestured towards Laura and Sarah, "are both witnesses to your activities. They will be interrogated along with you and their statements will determine your fate." As Jessica looked at Laura and Sarah, she felt a pit form in her stomach. She couldn't believe they would believe that she could do such a thing. "I swear I didn't do this," she pleaded with her friends. "You have to believe me."

Mistress Alice led Jessica over to the shackles, her heart pounding in her chest. The cold metal cuffs were locked around her wrists and Alice began pulling on the ropes of the windlass. As Jessica was raised, she felt a sense of helplessness and vulnerability wash over her. Alice stopped pulling once Jessica's hands were pulled taut overhead. Jessica realized that Alice could suspend her in the air at any moment, which added to her sense of fear and helplessness. With her complete exposure and vulnerability, there was no way for her to defend herself or escape. The feeling of powerlessness was overwhelming. Jessica struggled to maintain her composure as she breathed in short gasps.

Sir Robert turned his attention back to Jessica and announced that as a potential traitor, she must be treated as a dangerous criminal. "To ensure there are no hidden weapons or lockpicks, we will need to change your clothing," he said, motioning for Mistress Alice to attend to it. Alice approached Jessica, and with efficient movements, undid her bodice, unlaced her dress, and ripped away her linen undergarment. Jessica tried to resist, struggling against her shackled wrists, but to no avail. Soon stripped of her clothes, she felt vulnerable and exposed, yet strangely aroused at having been disrobed in front of her friends. The cool air on her skin and the knowledge that she was being displayed sent goosebumps all over her body. She tried to hide her excitement, but couldn't help feeling a thrill of pleasure at the thought of what was to come.

As Alice ripped apart Jessica's beautiful dress, Laura and Sarah watched on with concern and surprise. They couldn't believe that their fashion-conscious friend was now stripped bare. The green peasant dress, fitted linen undergarment and the bodice had lasted only 15 minutes. But the real shock came when Alice produced and fitted the rags that were to be Jessica's new outfit. The threadbare strip tied around Jessica's chest was only enough to cover her breasts. The tattered, ripped, and bloody skirt only covered the essentials, leaving much of Jessica's long legs exposed to the cool dungeon air. With the skirt sitting on her hips, her midriff was bare, making her feel even more exposed and vulnerable. She couldn't help feeling a shiver run down her spine, wondering what other humiliations she would endure during her trial.

Jessica was no longer the proud, stylish woman her friends knew, but a prisoner, humbled and shamed. The overwhelming rush of emotions she felt brought tears to her eyes. She was both scared and intrigued by the strange sense of excitement and arousal she experienced. She tried to push the feeling aside and focus on what was happening around her, but her mind kept returning to the tantalizing sensations in the pit of her stomach.

Sir Robert demanded that the prisoner be restrained, and Alice retrieved the necessary equipment. She returned with shackles for Jessica's ankles, a collar thicker and heavier than Laura and Sarah's, and a long chain that would connect the collar to the ankles. Jessica was nervous as Alice locked the shackles onto her ankles, and then the collar around her neck. The cold, heavy metal pressed down on her neck, and she couldn't help wincing at the sensation.

Alice disconnected Jessica's shackles from the ceiling rope and locked them halfway down the chain that ran from her collar to her feet. The sharp metal of the cuffs dug into her flesh, and she could feel the weight of the metal dragging her down. Overwhelmed by the sensation, she felt exposed and vulnerable.

Sir Robert cleared his throat and spoke to Jessica in a stern tone. "If you are guilty of this heinous crime, the punishment will be severe. The most extreme penalty is crucifixion, intended to serve as an example to those who seek to harm the king. You may also face being cast into an oubliette in the center of the square. You will be left to depend on passersby for sustenance until you are no longer useful to them. The final possible sentence is torture in the square, before a life sentence in a dungeon cell. It is considered a “merciful” punishment as it gives you a chance to live the rest of your days."

Jessica appeared bewildered upon hearing about the oubliette, and Alice took pleasure in describing it in detail. "An oubliette is a small, dark, and cramped hole in the ground where prisoners are left to rot. There are no stairs to climb out, no food or water is given, and no light except for what little trickles in from the top. You'll be at the mercy of any passerby who decides to throw down scraps of food or water to keep you alive." The thought of being confined in such a dreadful place disturbed Jessica.

As Sir Robert listed the potential punishments for Jessica's crime, Laura's face went pale at the mention of crucifixion. She could not even fathom the horror of being nailed to a cross and left to die. For a moment, she forgot that it was a game and not real. Meanwhile, Sarah was taken aback by the severity of the punishment. The thought of the possibility of being thrown into an oubliette, left to starve and rely on strangers for survival was terrifying. It all felt too authentic and too frightening.

Alice secured the girls in a coffle, attaching their collars together. She took extra care with Jessica, ensuring that the heavy chains between her collar and ankles were secure. Sarah felt an exciting sense of submission as she was chained in the middle of the coffle, relishing the feeling of being tied to her friends. Sarah couldn't help but stare at Laura's chained wrists in front of her, feeling a sense of solidarity with her fellow captive. Once the women were secure, Alice led them out of the room and to the staircase leading to the dungeon.


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