Recreating Torment, An Immersive Dungeon Experience

by Kinkykusco

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© Copyright 2023 - Kinkykusco - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; bond; dungeon; costume; roleplay; cuffs; collar; chain; susp; flogger; analpear; torment; punish; rack; ironmaiden; toys; brand; chastity; yoke; scolds-bridle; gag; cons; reluct; XXX

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Chapter 3 – Turning it up a notch

Alice unlocks the chains wrapped around Laura's waist and removes the cuffs from Laura's ankles, allowing her to stand for the first time in what feels like hours. She then leads Laura to an empty area of the dungeon and secures her wrists in front of her with a short length of chain that is attached to the ceiling. As Alice tightens the chain, Laura feels the tension increase in her arms, until her feet are almost lifted off the ground. Laura feels a stretching sensation in her shoulders and arms as she is almost suspended from her wrists, making her feel vulnerable and exposed.

Meanwhile, Sir Robert walks over to a corner of the room where a selection of floggers are hung on the wall. He selects a short, leather flogger and walks back over to Laura. He begins by gently flicking the flogger against her back, making sure not to hit her too hard at first. Laura had braced herself for the worst, but the light touch of the flogger on her back catches her off guard. For a moment she wonders if this is all there is to the torture.

Robert continues the light flogging for several minutes, warming up Laura's back through her shift. Laura gets used to the rhythm of the strikes and her mind begins to drift. Just as she starts to feel comfortable, Robert delivers a much harder blow with the flogger, causing her to gasp and arch her back in pain. The sudden shift in intensity catches her off guard and she feels a jolt of fear run through her body.

"Are you ready to confess, Laura?" Robert stops the flogging and questions Laura. "We can go on with this all day if we have to. Don't forget, Sarah is in agony as we speak."

Laura grits her teeth, determined not to give in. "I already told you, I don't know anything about Sarah's supposed crime. And I’ve never seen those coins."

Robert shakes his head. "I don't believe you. You're not being very cooperative, Laura. It would be much easier for you if you told us what we want to know. I can't promise you that the next round of punishment will be as gentle as this one."

Laura takes a deep breath, steeling herself against the pain. "I have nothing more to tell you. Do what you must."

Robert raises the flogger, pausing before he strikes Laura again. "You should know that the shift you're wearing is protecting you from the full force of the whip. If you continue to refuse to confess, we'll have to remove it." The implication is clear, and Laura feels a wave of fear wash over her. She has a moment of introspection, weighing her options. Should she confess and face the consequences of her theft, or should she try to save herself by implicating her friends?

Before she can make a decision, Robert speaks again. "But if you confess to your crime, I'll stop whipping your back, and you'll keep your shift". Laura breathes a sigh of relief, knowing that the flogging will stop if she confesses. "I confess," she says, her voice shaking. "I took the coins."

Robert nods then presses on. "And what about Sarah? Did you know about her adultery?"

Robert turned to Laura and asked, "Do you know anything about Sarah's adultery?"

Laura hesitated, not wanting to be responsible for her friend's fate. "No, I don't know anything about that," she finally replied.

Robert accepted her answer but then shifted his focus to the more dire criminal in the dungeon, Jessica. "What about Jessica's plot to kill the king?" he asked.

Laura was caught off guard by the sudden shift in questioning. "I don't know anything about that," she replied.

Robert was not satisfied with her answer and began to lash the front of her body with the whip. The blows landed hard on Laura's chest, sending waves of pain through her body. As the whipping continued, Laura pleaded with Robert, reminding him that he promised to stop if she confessed. But Robert sneered at her and pointed out that he had only promised not to whip her back. Taking advantage of the previous torment that Laura had suffered, he focused on her breasts, causing her to scream in agony. Despite the pain, Laura continued to insist that she knew nothing about Jessica's plot.

As the whipping continued, Laura began to doubt herself. Maybe she did know something about Jessica's plan. Maybe she had seen something or overheard a conversation that could be useful. Robert could see the conflict on her face and continued to push her, asking more questions and increasing the intensity of the whipping.

Finally, Laura couldn't take it anymore. "Okay, okay, I heard Jessica talking to someone about a plan to kill the king," she blurted out.

Robert stopped the whipping and looked at her expectantly. "Go on," he said.

Laura took a deep breath and continued. "I don't know who she was talking to or the details of the plan, but I know that she's involved somehow."

Robert nodded, satisfied. "Good, that's a start. We'll have to dig deeper to find out the truth. But for now, you've earned a break from the whip."

Relief flooded through Laura as Robert unchained her from the ceiling. She was grateful for the respite from the whipping, but she couldn't shake the feeling of guilt for betraying her friend.

Alice led Laura to a nearby wall, where a short chain hung from a ring set in the rock. She clipped the end of the chain to the collar, forcing Laura to stand close to the wall, too short to sit or lie down.

Robert approaches Sarah, unlocks the pear, and begins turning the crank to shrink it back down for removal. Sarah feels a wave of relief wash over her, as the intense pressure on her sensitive parts eases. Her body aches from being restrained for so long, and she is grateful to have the pear finally removed. As Robert removes the pear, Sarah smirks at him and says, "Is that all you've got, Robert? I was starting to enjoy myself." Her tone is playful, but there is a hint of challenge in her eyes. Robert can't help but feel a little frustrated by her lack of fear, but he knows there are plenty of other ways to make her suffer.

Robert returns the pear to Laura, looking at her with a cruel grin. "It's time to question Jessica, but I need you to stay quiet," he said, relishing the power he had over her. “This pear has already been used, so it's only fitting that it be put to use once more.”

Laura recoiled in disgust as he inserted the pear into her mouth, opening it just enough so that she could breathe but not speak. As Robert inserted the pear into Laura's mouth, she gagged and coughed, feeling the warm metal spreading her jaws. Her tongue felt dry, and she had the overwhelming taste of copper, iron, and Sarah’s juices in her mouth. The idea of having something that had been inside of her friend forced into her own mouth repulsed her. She shuddered as she felt the metal expand and force her mouth open wider. She could no longer speak or scream, only whimper and struggle against her restraints.

Robert and Alice approached Jessica, who had been enduring the water torture for almost an hour. They removed the cotton from her ears, allowing her to hear again. Jessica's body was tense from the experience, but she remained conscious and aware of her surroundings. However, the metal strap holding her head down and covering her eyes prevented her from seeing Robert and Alice, even as they stood in front of her.

Robert removed the metal strap from Jessica's head and said, "Jessica, my dear, we have some news for you. One of your friends has already confessed and given us information about your plot against the king. You must realize that your guilt is assured and there is no hope for you."

Jessica looked up at him, her face contorted in confusion and disbelief. "What are you talking about? I have done nothing wrong!"

Robert sneered at her. "Oh, but you have. And now, you face a choice. Will you cooperate with us and avoid the most severe punishment? Otherwise you face crucifixion or banishment to the oubliette?"

Jessica's eyes widened in horror at the mention of such tortures. "I don't know anything! Please, believe me!" she pleaded.

Jessica's mind was racing as she tried to figure out which of her friends would have betrayed her. She couldn't imagine Sarah or Laura doing it, but then again, she never thought they would have ended up in this torture chamber together. Maybe it was all a ploy by Robert to get her to confess, to make her believe that her friends had turned on her. She felt confused and disoriented from the water torture, and it was hard to think straight. She wished she could see Robert's face, to know if he was telling the truth or trying to manipulate her. But the metal strap held her head in place, and she was left with nothing but her thoughts and fears.

Robert leaned in closer to Jessica, his face only inches from hers. "You see, dear Jessica, crucifixion and the oubliette are punishments reserved for only the worst of criminals. And they happen out in the public square, where everyone will see you suffer," he explained, relishing in the fear in Jessica's eyes.

He continued, his voice now low and menacing. "Crucifixion… We will nail you to a cross, where you will hang for days, even a week, until you die of thirst, hunger, and exhaustion. The crows will come to peck at your eyes, your flesh, and your organs until you're nothing but a bloody carcass hanging there.". And the oubliette, well, that's even worse. We will shove you into a tiny underground cell, where you will be trapped in complete darkness for months, perhaps even years. Your only companions will be the rats and the insects that will crawl all over your body, feeding on your flesh." Jessica's eyes widened as Robert described the punishments to her. She couldn't bear the thought of such a gruesome fate.

Robert continued in a low, ominous voice. "But if you cooperate, Jessica, you'll likely get off with the lesser punishment. We'll have you tortured in the public square, for all to see. We'll stretch you on the rack, scourge you with the cat o' nine tails, and apply the pear to every orifice of your body. And when you can take no more, we'll chain you up for life in the dungeon, to rot away in your own filth." He leaned back, a sly grin spreading across his face. "So, what'll it be, Jessica? Do you want to suffer the worst or the unbearable?"

Jessica's heart sank at the thought of such torture, but the image of crucifixion in the public square was even worse. She knew that she needed to decide soon. The water torture was unbearable, and the thought of more torture was enough to make her break. But could she bring herself to betray her friends? She had to weigh the consequences of her silence against the risk of sharing information. She hung her head and wondered what to do next.

Robert drew nearer to Jessica again, his eyes locked onto hers. "But there is a way out for you," he said. "If you're willing to talk about your friends' crimes and cooperate, you might be able to avoid crucifixion. Instead, you'll be subjected to the lesser punishment of torture in the public square. Your back will be scourged while you're secured to a whipping post. After that, you'll face the pear, to ruin your orifices. Next, you will be displayed naked for 3 days in the gibbet cage hanging above the square. Finally, you’ll be taken down and riveted into chains and left in the dungeon for the rest of your life."

Jessica's eyes widened as she heard the grisly details of the punishment she could face. She shuddered at the thought of being branded, scourged, and violated with the pear. But she also knew that the crucifixion was a fate worse than death.

She knew that she needed to decide soon. The water torture was unbearable, and the thought of more torture was enough to make her break. But could she bring herself to betray her friends? She had to weigh the consequences of her silence against the risk of sharing information. She closed her eyes and wondered what to do next.

Before she can decide, Robert takes a step back and signals to Alice to remove the water torture bowl and head strap from Jessica. Alice unstraps the head restraint and removes the bowl from above Jessica's head. Jessica takes a deep breath and winces, as her neck is sore from being restrained for so long.

Before she can relax, Robert barks out orders to Alice. "Enough of this. Alice, begin stretching her. Let's see how much pressure we need to apply to get her to confess."

Alice steps forward and begins operating the rack. Jessica's body is stretched, her arms and legs being pulled in opposite directions. She cries out in pain, her joints popping and her muscles.

"Talk to us, Jessica. Confess and make it easier on yourself," Robert says, looming over her.

Jessica grits her teeth and shakes her head, "I have nothing to confess. I am innocent!"

Robert just chuckles at this, and then turns to Alice. "Let's take it up a notch. Keep stretching her, and increase the tension until she breaks."

Alice nods in agreement and cranks the rack, causing Jessica to scream out in pain. She is stretched to her limit, feeling like she is being torn apart at the seams. The pain is excruciating.

Jessica's body is stretched taut on the rack, the damp rags clinging to her curves, leaving little to the imagination. Her chest rises and falls, her breathing ragged and labored. The sweat that has accumulated on her body glistens in the dim torchlight of the dungeon, making her skin look almost iridescent. Her limbs are stretched to their limit, and her fingers are splayed and straining against the restraints.

Jessica's mind raced as the stretching began, and she couldn't help but feel like she had stumbled into a real-life horror film. She had come to this dungeon experience looking for a good scare, not to be subjected to real torture. The fear and pain were all too real, and Jessica began to wonder if this was a terrible mistake. She had heard rumors that this place was extreme, but she had no idea how far they would take it. Jessica felt a pang of regret for bringing her friends into this twisted game. As the rack tightened and her body was stretched to its limits, Jessica felt like she was in a waking nightmare.

Robert circled around Jessica, examining her body with a sense of morbid fascination. He ran his fingers over the metal cuffs, marveling at how taut and stretched her body was from the torture. "You're quite the resilient one, aren't you?" he commented, his voice tinged with admiration.

Jessica glared at him with a mixture of defiance and fear. "What do you want from me?" she spat, her voice strained from the pain.

Robert moved on, stopping next to Jessica’s torso. He ran his hand along her hips up her waist, feeling the strain in every muscle. His fingers then moved up to her breasts. He leaned in, squeezing each nipple between his thumb and forefinger, watching Jessica's face contort in pain.

"You're quite the specimen, Jessica," he said, with a hint of admiration in his voice. "Well fed, but we will thin you out in the dungeon." Jessica tried to pull away, but the restraints held her firm. She felt violated and helpless, completely at Robert's mercy.

Robert moved closer to Jessica’s face and asked her to confess one more time, his voice dripping with malice. But Jessica remained resolute, her face twisted in defiance as she refused to break. Robert smirked, impressed with her fortitude.

"Well, well," he said, running his hand over Jessica's taut skin. "It seems the rack hasn't broken you yet." He stepped back, nodding to Alice. "Very well, release her."

As Alice unbound Jessica, Robert gestured toward another piece of equipment in the chamber - the scavenger's daughter. "If stretching won't make you confess, we'll try the opposite. Let's see how well you can handle compression."

Jessica's eyes widened as she was led over to the A-frame. The device looked like something out of a nightmare - a metal rack designed to crush the body. She trembled as they strapped her in, her head at the top of the A, her hands at the midpoint, and her legs at the lower ends.

Jessica felt her body being compressed, the pain mounting with each passing second. She gasped for breath, unable to fill her lungs, but still she held out, refusing to break.

"I'm going to leave you here for a while to experience true suffering," Robert said with a grin to Jessica. "It will help you see reason." With that, he turned and walked away, Alice following close behind.

As they approached Sarah, who was still bound to the chair, Robert gave her a cruel smile. "You're next, my dear," he said, undoing the shackles that held her in place. "We're going to have some fun with you now."

Sarah groaned as she was dragged to her feet, her muscles stiff from being bound in one position for so long. She stumbled a few times, but Robert and Alice were quick to catch her before she fell.

"Where are you taking me?" Sarah asked, her voice tinged with fear.

"To the iron maiden," Robert replied. "It's a beautiful piece of work, You'll see."

As they approached the iron maiden, Sarah's eyes widened in terror. She had heard of the device before but had never seen one in person. Robert opened the door and gestured for Sarah to step inside.

"Go on, my dear," he said, his voice dripping with sadistic pleasure. "It's time for you to experience the full extent of our hospitality."

“That will kill me – actually kill me” Sarah objected, looking with real terror at the spiked front of the maiden in front of her.

Robert chuckled at Sarah's objection, "Oh, Sarah, you underestimate our methods here in the dungeon. Our iron maiden is not like the ones of old. The spikes are spring-loaded, so they do not actually pierce your flesh. But that doesn't mean you won't suffer. You'll feel the pressure of the spikes all around you, but they won't actually penetrate your skin. It's quite a unique experience, I assure you."

Sarah sighed in relief, but her expression turned to one of dread as Alice and Robert began to prepare her for the iron maiden.

Sarah steps inside the iron maiden, her heart racing with fear and excitement. She takes a deep breath and glances at the spikes in front of her, noticing that some are positioned to press against and into certain parts of her body.

Despite Robert’s earlier assurance, the spikes still look sharp and menacing to Sarah. She watches as Robert and Alice close the door and secure the locking mechanism, trapping her inside. As they do, she opens her mouth as instructed, and a spike inside the door slides into her mouth, filling it completely.

Sarah's eyes widen in terror as she feels the sharp spikes press against her arms, belly, breasts, and legs. The pressure is intense, but not enough to puncture her skin. The sensation is both agonizing and exhilarating, and Sarah can feel herself growing aroused despite her fear.

The metal spikes are cold and unyielding, pressing against her body from all angles. Sarah can barely move a muscle, trapped as she is within the iron maiden. She tries to scream, but the gag spike in her mouth prevents any sound from escaping. She can only thrash and writhe, feeling the spikes press against her skin.

Robert and Alice listen with sadistic glee as Sarah writhes and moans in the iron maiden. They take pleasure in the way she accepts the torture, and they are eager to see how far they can push her. After a few minutes of this torment, Alice approaches the iron maiden and opens a small trap-door built into the crotch portion of the device. Sarah is surprised to feel a sudden chill as Alice inserted two small spike-shaped objects, one for each of her remaining holes. pressing enough to cause a sharp discomfort. Sarah felt a strange mix of pain and pleasure as the spikes filled her sensitive areas.

Robert watched with interest as Alice continued to play with the small spikes. He grinned as he watched Sarah squirm and moan, enjoying the sensations.

Alice finally turned on small vibrating motors in the spikes and shut the trapdoor. The trapdoor pushed the spikes further up into Sarah, sending waves of pleasure and pain through her. Sarah moaned, unable to control her reactions to the sensations coursing through her body. She arched her back, pushing herself against the spikes and wanting more. Robert and Alice stood outside the iron maiden, listening to Sarah's moans and groans. They exchanged a knowing glance, both pleased with the effectiveness of their torture. After a few minutes, they decided it was time to move on to their next victim.

Robert and Alice walked over to Laura's cell. Robert looked at Laura and said, "Laura, you have admitted to the theft. The king has decreed that thieves must receive the thief's mark so that all will know of their criminal past."

Laura's eyes widened with fear as she looked at Robert, but she couldn't say anything with the pear gag still in her mouth.

Alice then proceeded to attach chains to Laura's wrists and pulled them taut against the wall. Laura struggled against the restraints, but it was no use. She was trapped and vulnerable.

Laura's eyes filled with tears as she looked at Robert and pleaded as best she could with her eyes and grunts. Robert looked at Laura and replied, "It's too late for that now. You should have thought about the consequences before you stole. Now you must face the consequences for your actions." Alice heated the branding iron until it glowed red hot. The smell of burning flesh filled the air as she brought it closer to Laura's flesh. Robert looked at Laura and said, "This may hurt a bit, but it will be over soon. Try not to move."

Robert takes the glowing hot brand and presses it into the upper left section of Laura's right breast. The pain is excruciating, and Laura screams and thrashes as much as the chains will allow her. The smell of burning flesh fills the air, and Laura can feel the heat radiating from the mark on her skin. After a second, Robert removes the brand, leaving a mark in the shape of a "T" on Laura's breast.

Laura is gasping for air, tears streaming down her face as she looks down at the mark on her breast. She tries to speak, but the pear is still lodged in her mouth, preventing her from doing so. The pain is intense, and she can feel the burn spreading out across her chest. She wants to curl up and escape the pain, but the chains prevent her from doing so.

Jessica can make out the screams of her friend as the hot iron burns into her flesh. She can only imagine the agony that Laura is enduring, and it makes her shudder with horror. The thought of the metal searing into her own flesh sends shivers down her spine, and she realizes that she is truly afraid of what might happen to her. Jessica is feeling isolated and helpless, and the realization that she may never leave this dungeon alive weighs on her.

The pain overwhelms her, and Laura's body goes limp, slumping in her restraints. Robert and Alice unchain her from the wall, dragging her lifeless body back to the dungeon cells. They place her back into her cell on the straw-covered floor. Laura's body lies still, her head lolling to one side. Robert chains her collar to the wall, ensuring that she won't be able to move too much when she regains consciousness. Alice steps out of the cell and locks the door behind her, leaving Laura alone in the darkness to recover from her ordeal.

Robert and Alice approach Jessica, still locked in the scavenger's daughter. "Well, well, well," Robert says with a sly grin. "Looks like our little bird is finally singing. Ready to tell us everything, Jessica?"

Jessica nods her head, unable to speak with the strain on her body. Alice releases some of the pressure of the device, allowing Jessica to finally draw a deep breath. "I-I'll confess," she says, her voice barely above a whisper. "I did it. I plotted to kill the king."

"Good girl," Alice coos, moving to release Jessica from the device. "And what about your friends?"

Jessica takes a few deep breaths before responding. "Sarah and Laura didn't know anything about it," she says. "I kept them in the dark. They're innocent."

Robert nods, looking pleased. "Excellent. And you'll testify to this in front of the court?"

"Yes, I will," Jessica replies, her voice stronger now. "I'll tell them everything."

Robert grinned in triumph. "Excellent," he said. "Now, start at the beginning. Tell us everything you know about Sarah's adultery. Leave nothing out."

Jessica took a deep breath, wincing in pain as her chest expanded against the constraints of the scavenger's daughter. "Sarah... she's been seeing a man," she gasped. "I don't know who he is, but I saw them together... at the tavern, a few nights ago."

Alice leaned in closer, her eyes gleaming with sadistic delight. "And what did they do, Jessica?" she asked. "Tell us everything."

Jessica closed her eyes and shuddered, the memories of what she had seen flooding back. "They were... kissing. And... he had his hand under her skirt," she whispered. "I swear, that's all I saw. Please... let me go now."

Robert continued the questioning "Now, Jessica, tell me, are there any other times that you know of when Sarah was unfaithful to her husband?"

Jessica's breathing was still ragged, but she managed to nod her head. "Yes," she gasped out. "There were a few other times. Once, she slept with a man in the back of a bar. Another time, she went home with a stranger she met at a concert. And there was another man, a friend of a friend, that she hooked up with at a party."

Robert's eyes widened in surprise, looking over at the iron maiden. "All of that?" he exclaimed. "My, my, Sarah has been quite the naughty girl. It's safe to say that her husband will not be pleased when he hears about this."

Robert turns his gaze toward Jessica and asks, "Do you know of any other crimes that your friend Laura has committed?"

Jessica hesitates for a moment, still feeling guilty about Laura's branding. She takes a deep breath before answering, "No, Laura has never stolen anything before. She's not like us. She didn't want to come here in the first place."

Robert arches an eyebrow and leans in closer to Jessica, "Are you sure about that? Think, Jessica. You don't want to lie to me."

Jessica shakes her head, "I'm positive. Laura's not a thief. She's a good person, she got caught up in this with us."

Robert studies Jessica for a moment longer before nodding and turning to Alice. "Take her from the scavenger's daughter. We're done with her for now."

As Alice releases the restraints, Jessica slumps forward, exhausted and overwhelmed by the events of the day. She vows to herself that she'll make it up to Laura somehow.

Robert stood up and patted her on the head. "You've done well, Jessica," he said. "We'll take care of the rest. Alice, get her out of there and take her to the cell. We'll deal with her friends next."

Alice retrieves the collar, wrist cuffs, and ankle shackles from a nearby table, and begins to reapply them to Jessica's tortured body. As Alice locks each device in place, she taunts Jessica about being a traitor, and how no one likes a snitch. Jessica winces as the cold metal touches her skin but doesn't protest.

Once the restraints are locked in place, Alice reaches over and rips the ragged prison garb from Jessica's body, leaving her completely naked and exposed. Jessica tries to cover herself with her hands, but the chains prevent her from doing so. Alice chuckles at her discomfort and leads her back to the cell.

As they walk, Alice continues to taunt Jessica, asking her how it feels to betray her friends and sell them out. Jessica hangs her head in shame and remains silent, knowing that what she's done is wrong but feeling that it was her only option.

When they reach the cell, Alice unlocks the door and shoves Jessica inside, causing her to stumble and fall onto the straw-covered floor. Alice shortens the chain that connects Jessica's collar to her ankle shackles, preventing her from standing upright in her cell. Alice finally chains Jessica's collar to the wall, leaving her alone with her thoughts and the weight of her guilt at ratting out Sarah.

The next hour felt like an eternity to Jessica. She was alone in the cell, with only the straw on the floor to comfort her. Her body was still throbbing from the torture, and the shackles chafed against her wrists and ankles, making any movement painful. She couldn't even find a comfortable position to rest in. The cell was damp and cold, and the lingering pain from the torture only made it worse. She tried to focus on her breathing to ease the pain, but it was difficult to even draw in a full breath. She wished she could close her eyes and drift off to sleep, but the fear and discomfort kept her awake.

Jessica heard a faint groan from the other side of the cell. She knew it was Laura waking up. "Laura? Laura, is that you?" she called out, her voice raspy.

There was a moment of silence, then Laura's voice came back weakly, "Yes, it's me. I feel terrible. How are you holding up?"

"I'm alright, I suppose. Just a bit sore from being stretched and compressed," Jessica replied jokingly, trying to sound reassuring. "How about you? I heard what they did to you. I'm so sorry."

"It's alright," Laura said, but Jessica could hear the pain in her voice. Laura lifted herself onto her elbows and looked over at Jessica. "Do you really think they'll punish us tomorrow in the town square?" she asked, her voice quivering with anxiety.

Jessica winced as she shifted her weight on the hard straw floor. "I don't know," she replied. "But we have to prepare for the worst."

Laura let out a shaky breath. "I can't believe this is happening," she said, her voice only a whisper. "I never should have agreed to come here. I should have known it was a bad idea."

"I know," Jessica said sympathetically. "But it's too late to change anything now. We have to stay strong and get through this."

Laura nodded, but tears were already welling up in her eyes. "How can we possibly get through this?" she asked, her voice breaking. "I don't think I can take much more of this."

"We'll find a way," Jessica said. "We have to keep our wits about us and be strong. We're not going to let them break us."

Jessica shifted on the cold, hard floor and turned to look at Laura, who was lying on her side in the cell next to hers. "Do you think they're still torturing Sarah?" she asked.

Laura groaned in pain and shifted as well. "I don't know," she said, her voice strained. "But I hope she’s not in too much trouble.”

Jessica nodded in agreement, then added. "I think it was Sarah who ratted me out," she said, her voice bitter. "She's enjoying this, even though we're all supposed to be friends."

Laura winced as she shifted again, still in a lot of pain. "Actually, it was me who said you were guilty," she admitted. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to, but I couldn't handle the pain anymore."

Jessica's eyes widened in surprise, but then she smiled. "I understand," she said. "I did the same thing to Sarah. We're all in this together, and we'll get through it together."

Laura managed a weak smile in return, grateful for Jessica's forgiveness. They both knew that they were facing a terrifying ordeal, and they needed each other's support if they were going to make it through alive.

Jessica hears the rattling of chains again and realizes that it is coming from the cell next to hers. She remembers the other woman they saw when they arrived in the cell block, which Alice had explained was chained there for treason.

Jessica strains to talk to the woman in the neighboring cell, "Hey, can you hear me? It's me, Jessica. I'm in the cell next to you. Are you alright?" There is no answer, and Jessica wonders if the woman is even still alive. She tries again, a little louder this time, "What did they do to you? How long have you been here?" The only reply is the sound of the chains clanking as the woman moves slightly. Jessica starts to feel a pang of sympathy for the unknown woman and wonders if she will end up like her, trapped in this dungeon forever. The prison cells are again quiet.

After what has seemed like an eternity to Jessica and Laura, the door to the cell block opens, with Robert and Sarah entering. As Robert drags Sarah back into the dungeon, Jessica and Laura are both taken aback by her new outfit. Her dress and bodice have disappeared, replaced with new horrible restraints. The chastity belt, already an imposing piece of metalwork, has been reapplied and is now accompanied by a bra that appears to be made of iron. The bra's cups are molded to fit snugly over Sarah's breasts, and the metal encircles her chest, pressing in against her skin. Iron hinged straps run up over her shoulders and down to the band around her ribcage. As Jessica looks closer, she can see that there are small openings throughout the bra. Looking carefully, she shudders at the sight of the spikes that are visible on the inside, pressing against Sarah's flesh.

A new restraint holds Sarah prisoner. The iron yoke is a heavy, crude device that encircles Sarah's neck, with two curved bars extending out on either side to lock her wrists in place. The yoke is locked in place with a thick iron bolt, and a heavy chain runs from the center of the yoke, where it locks to the yoke's base, to Robert's hand. With the yoke on, Sarah's arms are forced up, and her wrists are locked in place, so she cannot lower them. Sarah also has new iron shackles locked around her ankles, and a short chain runs between them, forcing her to take small steps as she is led into the cell. As she enters, the sound of the chains rattling echoes through the room.

Furthermore, the scold's bridle that was now locked onto Sarah's head was much more severe than the one she wore earlier. It was a heavy, metal contraption that covered most of her head, with small holes for her nose to allow her to breathe. The spikes that decorated the earlier bridle had been replaced with a large screw rod. The rod controls a pear-shaped gag, pushing it into or out of Sarah's mouth and throat. The gag is iron as well, with a spiked texture that would scrape against her teeth and tongue. It is difficult for Sarah to breathe and the gag causes her to drool profusely.

Robert leads Sarah to the center of the cell block. As he reaches the middle of the room, he locks the top of the bridle to a chain from the ceiling, forcing Sarah to stand and unable to move. Jessica and Laura watch in silence, both shocked and intrigued by Sarah's new appearance.

As Sarah dances upon the spiked boards, the steel bra she is wearing pushes the sharp spikes into her flesh. The bra is designed to be uncomfortable at the best of times, but the motion makes it almost unbearable to wear. With each movement, the spikes dig deeper into Sarah's breasts, causing fresh marks to form. Despite the pain, Sarah is unable to stand still, as the spikes underneath her feet keep her shifting and struggling to find a spot where the pain is bearable.

Robert looked at the three women, a cruel smirk on his face. "You three are to be fed, and then we will take you to the judge," he said, his voice cold and harsh. "You'll be punished for your crimes, and we will make sure you understand the consequences of your actions." With that, he turned on his heel and departed the cell block with Alice.

Alice enters the cell block with a bucket and several bowls in her hands, which she sets down on the ground. She grabs one of the bowls and begins to scoop out some unappetizing gruel from the bucket, slopping it into the bowls with little care. "Enjoy your meal, ladies," she sneers, as she pushes the bowls through the bars towards the women.

Then, she turned to face Sarah and held up the empty bucket. "Sorry, Sarah," she said with a mocking grin. "You don't get any gruel today. Can't have you eating with that fancy new mask of yours, now can we?" Sarah's eyes blazed with anger behind the metal of the scold's bridle, but she remained silent, unable to respond.

Laura looks at the food with disgust, pushing the bowl away from her. "I can't eat this," she says. "It smells terrible."

Jessica takes a small spoonful of the gruel but loses her appetite. "I don't think I can eat this either," she says, setting the bowl aside.

Alice scowled at the two women, her eyes blazing with anger. "You two think you're too good for our food, do you?" she spat. "Well, fine. You can starve for all I care." With that, she dumped the gruel onto the floor of their cells and stormed off, muttering under her breath.

Jessica and Laura exchanged a worried glance. They knew they couldn't go without food for long, but the thought of eating off the dirty dungeon floor was repulsive. They looked at the gruel, now congealing on the cold stone, and felt their stomachs turn.

As Robert and Alice entered the cell block, the three women sat still in their chains, their faces expressionless from hunger and exhaustion. Without a word, Robert unlocked Jessica's cell and dragged her out by the collar. He brought her over to Sarah and locked her collar to Sarah's, forcing the two women to stand close together.

Alice followed with Laura, locking her collar to Jessica's, forming a chain of three women. The women were forced to stand huddled together, barely able to move. Their ankles were still shackled, and the short chains made it difficult to take any steps. The weight of the chains dragged on their necks and shoulders.

Robert sneered at them, "It's time for your sentencing. The judge will determine how you three are to be publicly punished tomorrow for your crimes."

Alice then unhooked Sarah’s bridle from the ceiling and led the three out of the cell block, back to the courtroom where their ordeal started hours ago.

In the courtroom, the women are surprised to see three judges seated behind a high dais. The room was silent, except for the sounds of their chains rattling as they were led to the center of the room. There were three posts in the center of the room, and each woman was unhooked from the coffle and brought to a post.

Laura was the first to be restrained. Alice led her to the post and shackled her wrists to a metal hoop hanging from the top of the post, pulling her arms up and stretching them tight above her head. Jessica was next. First, the chain connecting her wrists to her ankles was removed, and then her wrists were shackled high to another metal hoop, held tight by Robert. Sarah, still wearing the yoke, was not shackled to the post by her wrists, but instead attached to the post by her collar. The chain is too short, forcing her to stand on the tips of her toes to avoid choking.

The judges looked down at them, their expressions were cold and dispassionate. The women could feel the weight of their stares, and the gravity of the situation hit them hard. They knew that this was it - the moment they had been dreading.

Robert cleared his throat and began to read the charge against Laura. "Laura, you stand accused of thievery, a crime which carries a penalty of public shaming and branding. The evidence against you is clear - the stolen goods were found in your purse, and you confessed to the crime when put to the question."

Laura's face blanched as Robert spoke, her arms trembling in their shackles above her head. The plain linen shift still clung to her, but her modesty was long gone with her breasts bare, showing the thief's brand. Her hair was unkempt, and her eyes were wide with fear and disbelief as she realized the gravity of the situation.

The judges looked down at Laura and asked her if she had anything to say in her defense. Laura looked up at them with tears in her eyes, "I apologize for my crime and will do whatever it takes to make amends." The judges nodded, considering her words. They then rendered the verdict, finding her guilty of thievery. "You are hereby sentenced to four hours of public humiliation," one of the judges declared. "You shall wear a sign declaring your crime and be chained in the town square for all to see. May this be a lesson to others who may be tempted to steal." Laura hung her head in shame, knowing that this would be a humiliating experience for her.

Robert stepped forward, clearing his throat to address the judges. "Sarah has been charged with the crime of adultery, based on the testimony of Jessica and the discovery of her with a man other than her husband." He paused for a moment to instruct Alice to remove Sarah’s gag, then continued. "Furthermore, Jessica has provided us with multiple other occasions on which Sarah committed this same sin, proving her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt", proceeding to list the instances.

Robert turns to the judges and says, "Your Honors, I must bring to your attention that during Sarah's interrogation, she reacted positively to the torture, even moaning with pleasure. I am sure I do not need to explain how such a reaction reflects upon her character and further attests to her guilt."

The judges murmured among themselves, appearing taken aback by the number of incidents of adultery and her wanton lust. Robert turned to Sarah, who was now freed from the scold's bridle and waited for her response.

As Sarah stands bound to the post, one of the judges clears his throat and addresses her. "Sarah, do you have anything to say in your defense?"

Sarah snarls and glares at the judges. "I have nothing to say to you! You're all corrupt and evil! You'll pay for this!"

Robert steps forward, a strip of linen in his hand. "I think it's best if we end this, your honor." Before Sarah can react, he forces the gag into her mouth, silencing her.

As the judges come to their verdict, the room falls silent. They declare Sarah guilty, and that her punishment will be severe. "In light of your recalcitrant behavior and wanton displays of lust so unwomanlike," the lead judge says, "you shall be sentenced to multiple punishments."

"First," the judge continues, "you shall be locked in a gibbet cage hanging from the building for four hours. Then, you shall be stripped and put into the pillory for the remainder of the day and night. The townspeople will be allowed to punish you as they see fit."

Sarah's eyes widen as the judges' words sink in. "Finally," the lead judge concludes, "you will be locked back in the chastity belt, which shall be sealed shut, so you may never stray again." The other judges nod in agreement, and Alice steps forward to re-apply the bridle to Sarah, cutting off any further protest.

Robert addresses the judges again and reads the charges against Jessica: treason and attempted regicide. He presents the evidence of the letter written in Jessica's handwriting as well as Laura's testimony corroborating the charges. The judges look sternly down at Jessica, the lead judge speaks, "Jessica, you have been found guilty of high treason, and attempted regicide. The recommended sentence is execution. The evidence against you is compelling, with the letter in your own hand, and Laura's cooperation. Do you have anything to say for yourself before we pass sentence?"

Jessica drops her head, tears streaming down her face. "I am sorry, I did it. I confess, I beg for mercy."

Robert adds, "Your honor, Jessica did cooperate and provide testimony against Sarah. I ask that you show her leniency and impose a lesser punishment, such as torture and imprisonment."

A heated discussion occurs amongst the judges. Finally, the lead judge looks at Robert. "Robert, we have heard your recommendation, but we must make an example of Jessica to show that such treasonous acts will not be tolerated. Jessica, you shall receive 40 lashes in the town square at sunrise, and then be Crucified. To prolong your pain, you shall be tied to the cross, where you will suffer for several days before dying."

Jessica sobs uncontrollably, knowing there is no hope for her. "Please, have mercy, I will do anything."

The judge continues, "There will be no mercy for a traitor. Your suffering will serve as a warning to others who would dare to commit such heinous acts. Your punishment will be carried out as ordered. Return her to the cells”

Alice unchains Jessica from the post. Jessica is barely aware of what is happening, hysterical at her sentence. "Time to go back to your cell, traitor," Alice says, as she drags Jessica towards the cell. Once they arrive, She unlocks Jessica's cell and roughly drags her in. She sneers at Jessica's ragged skirt, and rips it off, leaving her completely naked. Alice shackles Jessica's wrists to the wall, pulling her arms out away from each other and taut. The position leaves her at a height where she can neither stand nor sit. Jessica winces in pain as the shackles chafe against her raw skin. Alice explains the position coldly, "You've been sentenced to death, traitor. No rest for you now, not until your time on this earth is up.".

Alice surveys her handiwork before leaving the cell and slamming the door shut behind her.

As Alice re-enters the courtroom, she sees the judges finishing up their work and requests to be allowed to bring Sarah and Laura down to the cell block. The judges nod and Alice unlocks the girls from the posts and, with Robert's help, chains them together again.

The duo is brought back down to the dungeon, with Sarah and Laura locked in their respective cells. Sarah's yoke and bridle are removed and replaced with a simple collar chained to the wall. Her hands are cuffed behind her, allowing her to sit or lie down.

Laura’s wrists are restrained in the same manner as Sarah's. However, Alice attaches a chain to Laura's ankle shackles and loops it through a ring in the wall, so Laura's movements are restricted to a small area.

As Alice finishes chaining Laura's ankle shackles to the wall, Laura looks up at her and complains, "Please, can't I have them off? They're too tight, and it's hurting me."

Alice looks at Laura with a cruel expression and responds, "No, you cannot have them off. You must wear them until your public humiliation tomorrow. And if you complain again, I will make sure you receive more punishment between now and then."

Laura looks down, defeated, as Alice leaves the cell and locks it. She realizes that there's no way to escape her fate, and she's stuck in this dungeon until her sentence is carried out.

Alice adds to their cells a bucket in each for bodily functions, and a jug of water for drinking.

Alice nods to the prisoners, then turns and makes her way to the door. She closes it with a creak and the sound echoes throughout the cell block. Before she does, she extinguishes each torch, one by one, leaving the prisoners in total darkness.

The three women spoke in hushed tones, their chains clinking in the darkness. Laura whispered, "Do you really think this is some twisted game, or are we actually going to be punished?"

Jessica shook her head. "I don't know. I fear the worst, especially after what they've already done to us."

Sarah scoffed. "It's all a game. They're trying to scare us."

Laura shook her head. "Sarah, look at my body. This is not a game."

Sarah rolled her eyes. "Oh, come on. We're being punished for having a bit of fun."

Laura sighed. "I wish that were true. Only you are being punished for having fun."

Jessica looked around the darkness. "No matter what happens, we need to stick together. We're all we have now."

They all nodded in agreement as the darkness enveloped them once more.

The only sounds that can be heard are the faint rustling of chains as the women attempt to get comfortable in their cells. The cold and dampness of the dungeon envelop them, and they contemplate the impending punishments.

Laura and Sarah drift off to sleep, but for Jessica, the night is long and torturous. She finds no comfortable position in which to rest, and her arms ache from being taut against the wall. Every moment feels like an eternity, and she tosses and turns in her cell, unable to find relief. The sound of her chains clinking and rattling echoes through the dark dungeon, making her feel as if she's trapped in a never-ending nightmare. Time seems to stand still, and she wonders if the dawn will ever come. She tried to distract herself with memories of happier times, but the thought of the cross loomed over her, and she couldn't shake the feeling of dread. She envied Laura and Sarah, who seemed to be sleeping soundly, and she wished she could trade places with them. But she knew that was impossible, and she could only wait and hope that the dawn would bring some kind of mercy.

As the sun begins to rise, Robert stands in the town square overseeing the final touches on the whipping post and cross. The townspeople are gathering, chattering about the punishments that will be doled out. Robert checks his pocket watch and nods to the men working on the post and cross to hurry their efforts.

A post is firmly rooted into the ground, and a mess of chains is hanging from the top of the post, to hold Jessica’s wrists while she is whipped. The cross is tall and imposing, with a flat base, and a crossbar halfway up the post. The base has a hole drilled in it for the vertical post, which is slid in and locked into place with a wooden pin. The crossbar has two smaller holes drilled in it, where Jessica's wrists will be tied for the crucifixion.

Robert takes a deep breath, steeling himself for the upcoming events. As he looks out at the growing crowd, he spots a few familiar faces of those who have previously been punished. As the square lightens with the sun, Robert is satisfied that everything is ready, and heads back to the courtroom to await the prisoners.


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