Personalized Training 2

by JohnH

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© Copyright 2010 - JohnH - Used by permission

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continued from part 1

Preface: This is a true story about my search for an extended play session with a serious dominatrix and how I got more than I expected and learned to love it! Some minor liberties are taken with events once or twice to make for a more entertaining read but this is pretty much exactly how it went down!

Chapter 4: "Poor slave doesn't know what hit him."

Standing out front of Mistress estate. Two minutes to go. Sweating in my chastity cage and enjoying the wonderful feelings of anticipation, fear, arousal, relief, stress and release. I'm tempted to call early but I don't want to make any mistakes. I wait patiently till my cell phone says it's 1 o'clock exactly then walk over and quickly ring the doorbell. This time I hear nothing, no dogs or scrambling sounds, just the ever present San Francisco wind and sounds of the city. Then she is there.

"Hello John, you made it, are you ready?" she asks in a unreadable tone of voice. It's a question, a demand and yet not unkind. She is standing in the area between her outer and inner gates.

"Yes Ma'am"

"Okay then, you will now relinquish your wallet, watch, cell phone, keys and any jewelry. Place them on the ground under the gate."

I comply without thinking. Again it's that strange tone of voice, a demand, a command, but with understanding and something secret, powerful, and I haven't the willpower to disobey. She scoops up my life, turns off the phone with a practiced ease and places it all in a black purse then leaves back into the house and closes the gates. The mind fuck of it all! I'm standing in front of this place with no identity, no sexuality, no willpower and no choice. Folks are walking by now and I can see they don't have any idea what is going on. It's like I don't exist. Some young kid, maybe in his 20's, is sitting on the stone steps next door looking at me with bored indifference. The neighbor on the other side is happily working away with a lathe on some random wood structure or carving, fully engrossed in his wood working hobby and probably doesn't have any idea I'm standing over here at all. I've no concept of time even. It is probably only a minute at best but it could be days like a bad time lapse student film but she comes back.

"Welcome, you may come in, lock the gates behind you just like last time." she commands and I obey. "Give me the CB-6000 case."

"Yes Ma'am." I hand it over and she places it back where it was Friday when I first came here in a different life. A life where I had a functioning cock and a ball sack that hadn't been stretched and tormented. A life where I could pop in a Jim Weathers video and jerk off at will. Where I had an identity and a cell phone and those trappings of life that we use to prove we exist and matter. Mistress is busying herself about the play space and that wonderful music playing again. She turns to me and gives me that same stare that immediately cows me and forces me to drop my gaze to the floor.

"Okay John, time to strip down. Take all your clothes, fold them and put them in this suitcase along with your boots."

"Yes Ma'am." I have to work at it a bit but I fit my size 14 boots in the suitcase along with the rest of my clothes. She adds the black bag with my personal affects in it then zips and locks the bag shut.

"You are still in chastity, good." she approves and I get a small swell of submissive pride. She places a towel on the chair I sat in the day before. "Sit."

I obey and she takes her same place from before and simply observes me for a while. I know better than to speak or question and only dare to give her a small sneak peek and a fleeting smile as I wait patiently and breathe deep to help maintain some semblance of calm. She opens the CB-6000 case and sees that I haven't touched the envelope like a good boy. She approves, obviously. She also pulls out a folded piece of paper that is taped shut. I don't remember that being in there, odd. She doesn't hesitate to tear open the tape and unfold it. It has writing and I'm sure it's from my wife. Hoo boy they are in cahoots on something and I'm the one that's going to pay.

"Ma'am may I speak?" I ask.

"No, I don't think so, not right now." she responds and continues reading. She picks up her clipboard from the previous visit and makes some notes. Then begins my interrogation, of sorts.

"I'm going to ask you some questions and you are going to answer them truthfully. They may seem like odd questions but they are in the interest of science and I want you to answer them without fear of judgment or reprisal. First, do are you clastrophobic?"

"No ma'am, the only phobia I believe I have is mild fear of heights or vertigo."

"Excellent." She then gets to her feet and produces a leather hood. "This is a leather hood. Place your chin in it first then hold it on as if it were a hat for your face."

I obey and hold it in place. She straps it in place around my neck and laces the back down then finishes off the rest of the straps in the back. I note it has built in blindfolds but she leaves them open. She then produces a pair of bondage mitts.

"In our first interview you mentioned your first ever mistress used mittens on you and you feel that this may have began your love for serious and inescapable bondage. I believe you will appreciate these. Now present your right hand wrist down, slip your hand in and make a fist." She commands, opening the mitts.

I obey and we repeat with the left hand. She straps them expertly in place, securing any slack and then locking them in place with small locks. I'm no novice to mitts, she is right, and these things aren't going to slip or come off. If it wasn't fucked before I am now. She puts my hands back on the arms of the leather chair and pulls up some simple leather straps from the recesses of the furniture. She tightly straps my wrists to each arm then does the same with my ankles. I start becoming very aroused for the first time in the session and am quickly reminded of the chastity device on my cock. Breathe deep John, breathe! Mistress sits back down to resume the interrogation.

"Now, do you have any Lesbian fetish?"

"Yes ma'am"

"You watch Lesbian acts and enjoy it? Why, explain?"

"I watch movies, for example, the Gwen Media films are Sapphic by a vast majority. I wonder what it would be like to enjoy sex as a woman and I try to emulate them when pleasuring women."

"Interesting. Do you have any deviant or overpowering sexual urges?"

"Yes ma'am, I have been in a state of sexual arousal since Friday and you know well that my sexual preferences would be considered deviant by society if not by you yourself or our peers."

"Hmm, good thing you are restrained then or there could have been trouble. Do you have any gay thoughts or fantasies, if so, explain."

"Yes ma'am, I am openly Bisexual and have been comfortable with that for a long time. I often fantasize that I would be sexually abused and trained by a kinky older brother I don't actually have."

"Okay, good, good. Any sexual taboos or fantasies?"

"No ma'am, not unless you count what I've already revealed to you. I'm not attracted to my family members or anything like that."

"But you just admitted you fantasize about being sexually abused by an imaginary older brother, did you not?"

Damn, she had me there, wow! "Yes ma'am, I did."

"Very well let's move on. How did you feel when I took your possessions and clothes from you earlier."

"Ma'am it was an unexpected mind fuck and a fantasy of mine. One of my favorite adult stories is "The Invitation" part 1 and 2 I found on Gromet's Plaza long ago. The parallels to what happens to the unsuspecting young man in those stories are very strong. It is wonderful and terrible all at once and very exciting."

"Peeing? Being peed on?"

"Ma'am, I don't have any particular desires to be peed on."

"What about scat or feces, diapers, etc?"

"No ma'am, again it's not a thing that I'm interested in but then again, at this moment, I've very little choice in the matter if it were to happen, no?"


"No ma'am"

The list continued like this for a while. Somewhere very far away a teeny tiny spark in me saw this for the a gussied up way of performing a standard SSC, BDSM, negotiation but I was definitely impressed and into the whole "for the good of society" and "professional pseudo-medical" role play aspect of it. I enjoyed feeding into it as a deranged member of society needing treatment as well. I'm not normally one for role-play but I think I'd just had my attitude changed a bit.

"I believe it's time to flush you out with an enema so we may continue treatment thereafter uninterrupted. For my own safety I believe I'm going to blind you now."

She stands and snaps down the build in blindfolds on the hood. Mistress releases my legs and hands and leads me by the sound of her voice to her bed and gets me situated with a rubber sheet under me and some pillows propping up my hips. She then attaches my mitts to a pulley system in the ceiling that I hadn't noticed the last time I was here. She places my knees into medical stirrups and ties down my feet with rope. The bondage is so well done and comfortable I'm truly straining at the CB-6000 device, flexing my kegels against it's weight and squirming in my bonds. A lubed finger invades my ass and is then followed by a very long nozzle of some sort that I find impossible to expel from my ass, though I try. Mistress repositions some of my restraints to be less symmetrical, always an interesting sensation and good mind fuck. I don't know why unless she is just messing with me.

Suddenly I hear what I think is a vibrator. As it is moved across my chest I realize it is actually an electric shaver! Mistress has chosen to shave my chest and abdomen. I'm a normally hairy guy but with very black pubic hair so I can only imagine how different I'm going to look. As the shaving continues I start worrying about some cramps I'm having. I've never had an enema but I've heard that they produce some cramping unless and until they are released. I don't feel any inward flow of water though so I'm worried that this is something wrong with me unrelated to the session. The shaving goes on and the cramp(s) come and go. I begin to worry I'm going to have to try and yellow or red safe word as it is becoming more apparent there is seriously something medically wrong with me and it's not passing. Reluctantly I beg permission to speak and it is granted.

"Mistress, I'm having some painful cramps..."

"That's from the enema sweety, just breathe. Oh my you took all 4 quarts already, goodness time flies. Are you ready to poop?"

Really?? Thank god, that makes more sense then. I still don't feel any influx of water or fluid or anything. Mistress undoes my restraints and carefully removes the nozzle from my ass, warning me not to spray her. Just breathe, breathe, breathe. OH deep breaths are bad though but BREATHE! My god the cramps cascade down my gut and groin. They are punishing when hit but they come and go and the relief when they go is powerful. She sits me up then stands me up.

Now, my mother is a 40 year GI nurse so I happen to know that a 4 quart enema is no laughing matter especially for a first timer but I don't really seem to have any problem holding it in as I breathe, breathe, breathe, make my way to the toilet via Mistress' voice. I note that somewhere along the way I've also picked up a pair of ankle restraints, padded leather it feels like. Mistress sits me down on the toilet and I uncontrollably begin to evacuate my bowels immediately. With the mitts and hood still on I can't really do much but bear down and continue to poop and poop. Mistress occasionally flushes the toilet for me and I'm grateful because the hood wants to trap the smell. I can't believe how much I have to push out of my bowels but I keep it up. It's exhausting! A fascinating experience to be sure. One is rarely more vulnerable than when locked in mitts and hood evacuating their bowels unable to even take care on the toilet! Still I'm happy to file this away in my little "experiences" vault in my mind.

"Are we all done pet?"

"Yes ma'am." I manage to whisper.

"We'll see about that." She says as she raises me up off the throne and bends me over. She gently cleans me with a large, warm, wet towel and it's honestly very nice. She then starts applying something to my asshole and eventually sticks in what feels like a lollipop and swishes it around. I feel some muscles contract and such and a vague feeling of needing to poop again but it passes quickly and doesn't return. I figure this must have been what we were going to "see about" and it seems I've passed the test.

"You're doing well, now stand up so I can finish shaving you. You wanted to see what it was like to be a woman and have lesbian fantasies? Well I'm going to enhance these man boobs of yours into beautiful breasts and christen you with a new pussy and clit."

I stand up and I immediately realize something is "wrong" so to speak. The enema has just wiped me out physically and my legs are rubber. They are shaking violently and it doesn't help that Mistress keeps pulling me down and spreading my legs making me have to work harder rather than just lock my knees in place. She finishes with the electric razor then does some depilation cream treatment and gloves for denuding hair. She takes me back over to the bed and works with creams, paint and makeup on my nipples, enhancing and beautifying them she claims. Then she has me clumsily hold some pumps in place with my mitts and works the vacuum until I have some pretty little A cups.

*CLICK* I hear a camera picture taken!

"I've just taken your photo you pretty little thing." she teases with joy in her voice.

Bending me over the bed, careful of the pumps, she asks me to put my hips on the pillows from earlier during the enema treatment. Then she squeezes a lubed anal plug into my asshole. The pressure is fairly rough on my enema-abused ass and I have a hard time holding the plug in place with all the lube. Then I hear a gasp of disbelief and disappointment.

"You've BROKEN my chastity cage!" she says with fire in her voice.

I have? I can't really feel a difference but with all the sensory overload going on it's hard to focus. Yes, apparently there are plastic pieces all over the bed where I came down on the CB-6000 during my plugging. The U-ring snapped at the point where the posts attach. Mistress sits me on my plugged ass and goes to work tying and torturing my cock and balls, pushing my penis practically into my body and binding it in place, dubbing the remaining mass of balls and inverted penis skin my new "clit." She then pulls me up by my clit and I lose the plug in my ass. It falls to the floor and so does my heart. Boy us Irish like to screw up in threes eh? Mistress doesn't really react much.

"Oh you can't keep that in eh?" she seems disappointed and I'm personally really not feeling this whole scene. The breaking of her property just seems inexcusable, even if it wasn't intentional.

"Mistress, I'll pay for a new one, I'm sorry, I'm..."

"That's NOT the discussion we are having now, its it?"

Oh god I'm just making things worse...

"Flip over, same position as before, clit on the pillows and ass in the air. We'll just have to give you a plug you won't drop."

God damn I'm in for it. Sure enough a plug twice as big as the previous one is rammed home unceremoniously. I'm pretty sure it was a bit of punishment for the whole CB-6000 breaking etc. that it was done so rough. If the enema and plugging were rough before, this is fucking intense. Too intense to be honest, I've got nothing to work with here, this is just torture and I'm almost certain, despite it's size, I can feel the new plug imperceptibly begin to slide out too. Noooo, clench clench clench you worthless piece of shit!

"Ahh, now your ass is a beautiful pussy now, your new vagina, feel at it with your mitts slave."

I do as instructed and it's just brutal. She flips me over again and sits me once more on my plugged asshole. Augh! She takes the breast pumps off and puts some tight nipple clamps on. My nipples are pretty sensitive from all the attention earlier and being in the vacuum but I'm trying my best to bear this all for Mistress to attempt to appease her. I'm uncontrollably groaning due to the plug in my ass and getting cold sweats as I try to tough it out. I feel something being slipped over my head.

"Now, now my pet, I said I'm going to make a woman of you and I'm not giving up. Try this frilly lingerie on and we'll see how pretty it makes you look." she speaks more gently "It's a pink frilly thing for my new little girl and her virgin pussy. Feel it, stroke it, do you want to see? Put on these little pink matching panties and I'll let you see."

I step blindly into the proffered panties and they are pulled up. Again I feel the huge plug move and it's like some inevitable ice age glacier. I clench with my pussy but it doesn't feel like it's making much difference. Mistress grabs my nipple clamps and pulls me over to a mirror, opening the blinders in my hood so I can see the little sissy woman she has created. I stare into the mirror and feel as the lingerie I'm wearing with my mitted hands. Sigh. I actually do feel pretty, honest to god pretty, for a moment there. Is that how women feel all the time?

"Enough!" Mistress declares and pulls the blinders back into place. She brings me back to the bed again. I feel the plug moving again and I'm sure it's going to slip out now. Mistress leaves for a bit and I fight the good fight with the plug but it's a losing battle and eventually my efforts just accelerate it's passage. Luckily(?) my cute little panties manage to catch and hold the tip right in my anus so it's not completely gone and fallen to the floor. I hear Mistress returning.

"Ma'am, the plug in my pussy has escaped again." I manage to say.

"Goodness, maybe someone isn't such a virgin after all, eh?" she teases me.

"Sorry ma'am, it's just very intense and my efforts to hold it in just seemed to push it out. I'm really sorry." I'm feeling better with that invader out of my ass though, I'm hoping I sound pathetic enough to avoid it's replacement.

"Do you want your old identity back?" Mistress asks.

I think for a moment and I have to admit that the pain of the plug pushes me to say, "Yes."

"Really? Well lets see if you can earn it. Follow my voice." She wanders off beckoning me and I try my best. I'm pretty disoriented though and actually manage to walk in the opposite direction, bumping into walls and door jambs and in general I'm worried I'm going to destroy more of Mistress' possessions. She picks up on this and starts playing with the clamps on my nipples which promptly slip off inside my lingerie. With a grunt mistress replaces them with some even more severe clamps and attaches a leash to same. She begins tugging on the lead and eventually pulls the clamp right off my left nipple.

"I said come!" Mistress laughs and I realize she had indeed been speaking to me the whole time and I didn't even notice. "What's going on?"

"Sorry Mistress, I was floating a bit, subspace." I answer.

"I often try to figure out why people forget their manners mid-scene sometimes, why do you think that is?"

"Possibly they are brought to a point so primal, so deep, that they shed societies niceties and traditions?"

"Well now you're speaking my language, come on then!" she tugs away at the remaining clamp and I follow. I'm completely screwed and have no idea where I am. I realize that I'm actually outside! I hear cars and birds and wind and the noises of the city. Again reminding me of the Second Invitation story we move through a backyard.

"Shh now, be silent." Mistress warns and continues to lead me by my right nipple. It's slightly difficult since it's not a centered lead and I can swear I hear people out here with me. I'm not easily embarrassed by such things, though it is a bit shocking, but I'm wondering if it's true. Eventually I feel a nice padded, indoor/outdoor carpet under my feet and can sense that we are indoors again.

"I was going to spend some time outdoors with you but there were people and children present so I thought it best to leave and move in to my dungeonette." she purrs.

So it was true! God I hope I didn't scare the children I chuckle to myself. Mistress has me go on all fours and crawl into a cage with a padded leather bottom. Once more, I say, "oh boy... uh oh" in my head. She admires that the small cage is such a tight fit for a person my size. She asks me to turn around and I can not. This amuses her and she laughs. I'm happy she is in a better mood even if it's at my expense! She closes and locks the cage then has me put my feet through the bars of the door and chains them in place. With my legs secure she suddenly places the large plug from before back in my "pussy." At least this position makes it easier to tolerate. She then chains my arms to the bars of the cage and throws me a token pillow.

"If you can get out of that cage then you can come reclaim your identity, otherwise, I guess I'll see you later. I think it only fair to warn you as well that your loving wife included a note in the CB-6000 case that gave me permission to keep you overnight or as long as I want." With that, she quickly reaches in the cage and tighten the hood down fully, blindfolds and gag flaps then locks this all in place with another lock. She turns and leaves the dungeonette abruptly.

Now I know my wife loves me but she would totally do something silly like that and she doesn't realize what she has done to me! The hood is practically suffocating me now and I know without even trying that I'll end up hurting myself long before I ever get out of this cage. I remember to breathe and begin to feel around the cage. This whole scenario is reminding me of the last scene from the movie, Ivy Manor - The Beginning and it's a powerful turn on for me. I have enough slack in my chains to reach my hood but it's useless. The mitts are so slick and severe and the lock so simple I can't even begin to work them off. I figure Mistress is not going to leave me in any unsafe or unsupervised manner and hence I'd better start struggling to escape lest she think I'm defying her. I carefully test my legs but they are restrained with heavy chains attached to the leather cuffs from earlier on the outside of the thick metal bars of the cage, no dice there. I feel around as best I can with my forearms and deduce that the restraints on my hands are likely the same leather buckling straps from earlier so maybe I can at least bust out of those if I can get some good leverage. I curl my arms up and tuck in my elbows and heave on the straps. I do a good approximation of a sideways pull up for a minute or so but the leather is solid and I am pretty much forced to try and break both straps simultaneously and that's really hampering my chances.

I'm also getting pretty turned on and distracted by the whole dilemma which isn't helping. I start playing with my nipple through the sheer fabric of the nightie. I'm struck, suddenly, by the fact that I haven't had any good sexual release in 4 solid days and I've been hyper stimulated the whole time. I keep stroking my tender nipples and try to get some pleasure out of my "clit." Even the plug in my pussy is forgotten as I try to stimulate myself as best I can in the confines of the (relatively tiny) cage. I try to keep up the efforts to escape but they become more and more token as I enjoy my helplessness.

"Well you didn't bother to escape, guess you didn't really want your identity back." says Mistress triumphantly. "I saw you playing with yourself instead of trying to escape, you're just a little slutty bitch. I better train you as one then. Time to learn to suck my cock slave."

I try to talk through the locked hood but it's not much use. Mistress unlocks and opens the bottom of the hood. A large and realistic cock is shoved into my mouth. Well it's larger than my own cock at least!

"Start sucking, watch those teeth now and don't stop." she orders.

I get to work sucking this thing as sluttily as I can, hoping to impress. I do a little deep throat action and gag a bit. I service it with my tongue while catching my breath and I bob up and down on it like the apocryphal quadriplegic in a lake. Mistress seems satisfied, somewhat. Unfortunately the mask doesn't really seem to fit right on me for cock sucking. The upper half and blindfolds seem to end at the same point my upper teeth do but they move up when I open my mouth and the hood does not. The net effect is that I have to stretch my mouth like crazy just to get this cock in my mouth. The muscles in my jaw wear against the hood and I'm feeling the effects of all this intense play. My elbows are begging me to get off them and suddenly my left calf cramps up. Luckily I catch it early and manage to straighten my leg and point my toes up to stop the worst of it. Mistress simply seems to be checking in periodically to see if I'm still sucking and is otherwise engaged. I can't really tell with the blindfolds still down on the hood.

The reservoir tip of the condom on the latex cock is really starting to bug me. Also I'm wishing there was a real cock inside it so I could get some feed back on my technique! She's really getting me trained isn't she? I'm tired but I don't want to fail again so I keep sucking. Feels like an hour but it's probably only 20 or 30 minutes.

"Would you like to hear more from your wife's letter?" After a moment Mistress continues, "She asks that you are suitably punished for your orgasm torture on the couch Saturday night. She would prefer it if you could be forced to orgasm repeatedly but I know that's just not possible for men. Instead I think I will use advanced electrical tort... I mean... treatment on your clit. She did say the punishment would be up to me. So let's get you ready but don't you dare stop sucking my cock till I say so! But first lets try some wand torture just to be sure."

Mistress brings over a vibrating massage wand. It sounds the same as the one I used on Nisha and that's not good news for me. She rams it straight into my "pussy" and it's brutal but I keep sucking cock hoping to earn reprieve, or at least not make things worse. She vibrates and tortures the huge plug in my ass for a good while then moves it over to my "clit." She makes me hump and thrust myself on the torture implement, always teasing and moving it out of reach on her whims. She seems impressed with my dedication and ability to follow orders and eventually clicks off the massager. I didn't really get much pleasure out of it though, not with my cock and balls still bound into a little, "clit."

"Do you want pleasure slave?" taunts Mistress. "Release maybe for your clit?"

"Yes Ma'am, please."

"Then beg for it slave." demands my mistress.

"Please give me some pleasure and release mistress, it's been so long." I beg straight from the heart.

"That didn't sound sincere at all, pathetic." Mistress complains.

Damn, I'm no good at begging I guess, even though I was sincere!

Mistress then begins to undo my legs and hands and I keep trying to hold the cock with my worthless little bulb hands, a slippery proposition. She has me back out of the cage the same way I came in and then reaches down and yanks the plug out of my "pussy" unexpectedly. Oh sweet relief and agony all in one, I drop the cock and forget all about it. She has me stand up and allows me a peak at the dungeonette, opening the blindfolds.

"You want to see the dungeonette slave? Look around."

"It's great mistress, it's so pretty and well stocked..." I make sure to really lay it on thick after my earlier failure at sincerity.

"Very well, now climb up over here on the cage and we'll get this reward started." personalizedtraining.jpg I lay down on the roof of the cage. As I guessed it's extremely solid, there was no way I was going to break out of it, let alone the rest of my restraints. I'm truly appreciating having my sight back as everything has been so intense and fun and I was really missing out on seeing some cool stuff. Mistress begins to strap me down on the roof of the cage and this is no nonsense bondage time. I get a think leather strap at each ankle, knee and thigh. My mittens are attached to the cage with heavy D ring buckles. Thick straps are then wrapped around my chest and stomach then supplemented with complicated rope web bondage cinched tight on my upper arms. The bondage is so good I'm really getting off on it but my "clit" doesn't really get to respond properly.

"Time to plug you again for the E-Stim, slave." announces Mistress. "Would you like that?"

"Mistress, whatever you require..." I begin but I break down in a rare moment of weakness, "In all honesty ma'am I would not."

"Oh it's too late for that." She replies matter-of-factly.

God damn it not only did I break down but I didn't get any traction either! Luckily it turns out she is using a longer and thinner plug for my "pussy" this time. It slips right in with minimal lube and stress and feels good. She then undoes the Christmas bow that makes up my clit. Oh sweet release that feels so good! Nothing but the smooth plastic of my cock cage has touched my penis in 4 days and her slightest touch is electric, or so I think. She lubes up my balls and cock a bit and then applies some of the E-stim attachments and ratchets them down nice and tight.

"How does that feel, slave?" Mistress inquires

"It's feel wonderful, at least for now" I hedge.

She chuckles perfectly in response. It means, yes I'm right to say, "for now." She finishes wiring me up and announces we will be starting at "thirty" and "three modules." Whatever that means! She then activates the machine, battens down my blindfolds once more and announces she will be back in a while once more. Now I've never done any electrical play before. My parents had a 1970's tens unit when we were kids but this thing is so much more advanced as to be unrecognizable. The modules she is using feel great. The tingle from the anal probe isn't very severe and the waves that come and go on my balls and cock feel pleasant.

A long while later I'm not quite worked up but I'm not really bored either. I sort of wish the unit was set a little higher or stronger but I'm immobilized way too good and things are way to enjoyable for me to want to jeopardize it by opening my big dumb mouth. I don't hear or sense Mistress return but suddenly the machine changes things up quite a bit. A good deal more intensity and the waves have become some kind of electric blowjob simulation. Now this is the shit. Each electric stroke gets me harder and harder and the level varies up and down a bit but is generally good and strong. I'm getting really worked up and start worrying this thing might get me to blow my load without being able to ask permission since I still don't know where Mistress is.

I'm squirming away and enjoying myself when Mistress returns.

"Oh slave, I was watching you on camera, like I have been this whole time and saw you were reacting favorably to the treatment." she explains. "It seems that the "electric stroke" setting has you really enjoying yourself too much too soon so I'm going to change it up a bit."

She works around on my attachments and dumps a huge amount of lubricant on my junk. I mean, it feels like she emptied a water bottle on me. I don't dare ask what is up. When the electricity kicks in again I'm glad I didn't tempt hubris by asking for more power earlier. This thing is no-nonsense now and I have to assume the lube is some kind of conducting jelly because I'm getting my shit kicked in electrically all over. It starts almost like the original waves but ends with strong stroke and then a huge "kick" to the whole area. The kick literally feels like a kick in the bean bag but without the actual damage of a real kick. Like the whole area tightens and contracts involuntarily with electricity. This is amazing and like nothing I've experienced in my life.

Mistress slowly ramps up the power over the course of another good 20 minutes. Eventually my grunting is loud enough that she gags me with her cock. A little while longer and I'm too loud for such an impromptu gag. She replaces it with an inflatable penis gag and pumps it up. The ramp up continues and I'm really getting into the masochistic challenge of it all. The inflatable gag lets me really bite down and grunt good and hard and loud. Suddenly she switches the whole kit over to some kind of random setting!

This is way worse. Even though the intensity moves up and down at random the fact that you don't know what module is coming makes it way worse and much more difficult to mentally prepare for. Mistress then adds her vibrating wand to the mix! The wand plus high intensity random modules is really rough. She isn't being gentle with the wand either, crushing my shit with it at her mercy or just teasing. Then comes the big dogs.

Putting down her wand mistress resumes manual control of the device and cranks it up (I thought) to 8 or 9 out of 10. The kick to the crotch module she starts at 1 and loops it up to the max over and over, the higher settings have me actually kicking and lifting the whole cage off the ground in my efforts to endure. High intensity "stroke" is still pleasurable although powerful. The real kicker is when she just turns on and electrifies my entire groin and maxes it all out. I pretty much lose it for real and scream an honest to god girlie girl scream so intense I manage to even dislodge the inflatable gag!

"Sorry! Mistress! Scream! Loud!" I incoherently babble out as an apology.

Mistress just laughs and says, "Oh my god no you didn't just spit out that gag!"

She returns the machine to machine back to a more low level and pleasurable combination. Picking up the wand once more I start to cringe. This time though she uses her fingers, the wand and the e-stim to really give me some erotic massage and make me feel good. I'm trying my best but the whole package of the day and the gentility of it all is soooo good and I know I can't resist this in my weakened state. I've never been good at holding out anyway. As I feel the orgasm coming I remember to ask permission.

Mistress laughs again, saying, "I can't believe that you haven't come already, go on, you may come! I mean, look at all this precum and lube, sheesh."

She barely finishes the words "you may come" though and I'm firing off. Now this is an orgasm like I've never experienced. I've done denial and had intense orgasms and I've edged and shot huge loads. I know that abstinence makes the heart grow fonder and all that good stuff. This orgasm though was different. Primarily the load itself. It felt like my jizz was made of liquid fire and heat. I felt it start deep in my balls and flow, slowly mind you, up and out. Millimeter by millimeter it burned along and when it finally erupted forth and I started pumping and orgasming hard it was fiery and hard and intense. Mistress didn't cruelly ruin it either, she kept up the massage and sensations while I pumped and pumped away. I'm a long pumper, I'll keep twitching for a good minute straight if you keep up the work and she did, right up to the point where it would have become torture actually, then stopped.

She let me relax in the afterglow, secure and safe in her bondage. She cleaned up my mess with a steamy hot towel, wrapping my manhood in it to relax and recover. Then, carefully, she released me a piece at a time leaving the beautiful rope work for last. While still in the ropes she stopped and asked, gently,

"Now, what are you thinking about."

"My wife, the love of my life." She allowed all this to happen for her "wub-a-roosky" even with all my torment and craziness.

"Good." Mistress replied. I think I might have truly impressed her for once.

Epilogue: Alls well that never ends. Well!

Mistress had excellent follow-up care which I feel the the hallmark of an excellent top and dominant. I got to see my frilly lingerie in the mirror finally. As it turns out this was an old teddy of Mistress' and she gave it to me as a parting gift to remember the occasion by. Apparently I somehow broke the toilet seat earlier but I'm a handy guy and I fixed it right up no problem. Just another casualty of the giant clumsy sub! Boy did I have some awesome tracks on my head from the Hood, those took a good day to fade. The mitts were on so tight we almost couldn't get them off at all, we had to wedge my hand in a door and have Mistress hold on from the other side to get the first one off. The CB-6000... it turns out we didn't have on properly anyway, missing one of the ring spacers so no wonder it broke. I blame myself but was able to find official replacement parts online for cheap.

Mistress said she was famished afterwards but I was, surprisingly, not hungry at all. I think somehow the session fed my appetite for kink, sex and food. Heh. She also wrote back to my wife, another secret missive and one that I was too scaredy cat to open. I did turn it over to my wife though along with a deep passionate kiss. Although mentally I wanted to fuck the shit out of her right then and there, physically I was too wasted to do so. The next day though? Let's just say she didn't make it to work. The whole thing has now started up our orgasm, tie and tease, denial and forced, competition. Like the Epilogue title says, that's a competition that is all well it never ends and a story for another day.


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