Personalized Training

by JohnH

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© Copyright 2010 - JohnH - Used by permission

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Preface: This is a true story about my search for an extended play session with a serious dominatrix and how I got more than I expected and learned to love it! Some minor liberties are taken with events once or twice to make for a more entertaining read but this is pretty much exactly how it went down!

Chapter one. "Possible Personalized Training"

My wife and I have the most open and healthy relationship of anyone we know. We're a kinky couple that met online through, back before it was bought out by We really jumped into the alternative lifestyle as young dating adults, joining the local Society of Janus chapter, visiting public and private S&M clubs, going to kinky classes on bondage and all kinds of other play. I was (and still am) a Bisexual Switch and she was my, collared 24/7, sex slave under the name, "Nisha." Together we rocked it out for years all over the San Francisco Bay Area and even ended up corrupting some of our straight friends into the lifestyle. Life was good and we ended up cementing our relationship by getting married.

As I said, we were having fun and quite openly out with our lifestyle. About the only folks that didn't know were our parents. Oh there were clues for them that we can only figure their love kept them blind to, like when her Mom randomly found and fixed a pair of my leather pants or when my Dad found our huge back pack of pornography and kinky magazines and threw it all away in the recycling without asking us. We know they would love us no matter what but we figure our parents have had rough enough lives raising us hooligans without having to put any stress about whether they had "screwed us up" by also turning us kinky somehow, so we just never brought it up.

Eventually "real life" pushed it's nose in on our activities harder and harder. Now that we were married our respective families were hanging out and crossing over more and more. Our siblings were growing up and forming families of their own and everyone's lives were growing tighter knit and more loving. With that came a gradual reduction in our ability to be openly kinky around the house. Eventually Nisha's job at the airport demanded that she pass such stringent security checks with such frequency that we couldn't even keep her collared 24/7. The final hurdle was dealing with the sudden passing of my Father the biggest affect of which was the need for us to take care of my Mother around the house a great deal more. We settled for releasing our kink only when we had time to go out to the clubs or could schedule time with local kinky sex educators and couple therapists at their spaces and with their toys and training. The side effect of this was an ability to explore our respective sexualities more thanks to the relaxed structure in our day to day kink lives. Nisha discovered her dominant side and I got to enjoy the joys of submission a lot more often. Still, we were stymied by a family, which we loved, but could rarely execute requiring a decent time investment around the home so Nisha suggested we find a local professional Domme that specialized in longer scenes and could give me more training for when Nisha was topping.

Since we had made friends in the local community I started out browsing their websites and forums. Turned out one of our favorite playmates that, unfortunately, lives a bit far from us, had a more local friend who was specifically into, "Personalized Training designed to test your level of play in an intimate and demanding fashion. Extended and relentless torment starting at 6 hours and usually requiring 12 to 48 hours." It sounded perfect! We fired off an email, including our references, some previous experiences and what we were currently looking to explore. A little tip for those of you contacting serious, professional lifestyle dominants and potential play partners: These are busy folks who don't have time for bullshit and time wasting online games with douche bags. Try to be in depth and don't be too shy to really let them know your headspace and wants. Being too wordy is a lot better than writing too little. When you contact them you get your attitude in check, be respectful and above all don't flake out!

With that done we settled in to wait (im)patiently for a response. This was only the tip of the iceberg for anticipation, believe me!

Chapter 2: Email, Phone and Personal Interviews.

To our delight, Mistress was rapid in her reply! She was appreciative of our candor in the contact letter. She had even checked some of our references and apparently we came back as a pass with flying colors. We all agreed to meet in about a week, after the 4th of July weekend. A good idea since Nisha and I were going to have the usual family bombardment over the holidays. We decided to schedule a follow up phone call for the next day to further negotiate boundaries and fantasies.

The next day, when I called Mistress, Nisha and I split a pair of headphones so she could listen in. The reality of what we were planning was enough to rattle me a bit. Here was my wife and another woman planning out an extended session with all kinds of diversions and plans I hadn't even anticipated being thrown about and discussed. I did my best to keep it together. Mistress biggest surprise was that she had a CB-6000 chastity device that she wanted me to wear in the days prior to the actual session, the entire extended weekend prior! Now that may not sound like the longest period for some of you chastity aficionados but I'd never tried anything like it before. I wasn't a complete "newb" on the topic though and I was a bit worried that a big hefty guy like myself with an average endowment might not properly fit into a "one size fit all" device like the CB-6000. I think this might have come across as my trying to wiggle my way out of enforced chastity as Mistress and Nisha both started to insist I do this starting from the Friday we were going to meet up in person for the first time through to the Monday play date we were tentatively scheduling.

This was my first hint that Mistress and Nisha were really planning on uniting to double team me but I just thought it was them being devious!

We discussed common likes and dislikes, turn-on's and boundaries and all the fun topics kinky folks like us love to explore then called it an evening, agreeing to meet up in a few days in person. Unfortunately the timing was such that Nisha was not going to be able to get time off work to participate. Mistress offered that she could email or call during the session in order to contribute and that she could leave written instructions with her for anything she'd like done to me. Again, the seeds of my torment were being sewn in the common ground of two devilish trickster dominants each feeding off the others energy. I'm a traditional submissive that knows the annoyance of folks trying to "top from the bottom" so to speak and about the only thing I was hoping to get out of this was a bit of relief from having to plan out torments and implement bondage and designs for sessions so I just chalked it up to, "getting exactly what I asked for."

The days till our first in person meeting flew by thanks to the holidays, good food, friends and fun. Suddenly it was the night before and the anticipation was really getting me worked up. Mistress emailed me asking that I study up on the CB-6000 device and it's application. She had written an online review about a variety of chastity cages she had applied to her stable of submissive men and I was to study that as well. The whole thing was getting so real I had to jerk off just to get myself to go to sleep that night.

Indeed, as I mentioned earlier, Mistress has to deal with a lot of flakes and time wasters. Because of this she values her privacy. I was to come to specific intersection in the city, rather than a street address and await instructions. Once there I got an early phone call which turned out to just be a good friend of mine. We chatted and he asked where I was so I told him without putting much thought into exactly what I would tell him if he asked why I was waiting at some random intersection in SOMA, which he did. I told him the truth, that I was going to an, "interview." What else could I say? Thankfully he decided to let me go so I could be on time. I hung up then called Mistress and let her know where I was. Convinced of my sincerity she gave me walking instructions to her play space so we could begin. It was only a few blocks away and I walked quickly, opting not to go back and move my car so as not to keep her waiting any longer than necessary.

The locale was a beautiful ground level structure with a cleverly hidden double iron gateway allowing privacy and security. You wouldn't think anything of the place looking at it from the sidewalk or driving by on the street but it contained a whole other world, as I was about to learn.

I rang the doorbell to the usual tune of barking dogs and wild noises that accompany the average doorbell activation. And then Mistress was there. Attired in the expected fashion, head to toe leather, high heeled boots putting her at least at the six foot mark, the whole nine yards. She had fiery red hair and an intense pair of brown eyes that immediately had me dropping my head in submission. She unlocked the inner gate then the outer gate, welcoming me warmly, bidding me to then lock those same gates behind me. Oh the mind games were off and running!

My wandering eyes were greeted by beautiful hardwood floors, fetish gear, furniture and toys hanging, literally, from the ceiling to the floor, wall to wall. Erotic art adorned the free space in the walls and some soothing music was playing throughout the house. The combined affect said, "Here, we're serious about Bondage, Dominance and Sex... and we welcome you if you are too."

"I see you were honest about your size, you're definitely the largest guy I'll have worked with, I may have trouble accommodating you in some of my gear." she complimented me. I'm about two meters tall (just short of 6 and a half feet) and over 300 lbs. Maybe not in perfect shape but I do work out, lift weights, hike, etc. Folks may think it would be great to be a big dude but it's not all wine and roses, try finding a bondage sleep sack long enough or a straight jacket for a guy with a barrel chest and arms. I'm used to it but them is the facts! I suddenly became very aware that I was probably looming a bit and did my best to shrink away and do my invisible man impression.

Mistress then kindly offered me a drink. I'm water only kind of guy so I barely managed to squeak out a request for such. She left and returned with a full glass of water and bid me to sit in a large leather chair, placing the glass on a small end table next to me. As I reached over for it and saw a variety of metal clamps and toys arranged on a towel, perhaps drying after a thorough cleaning? I was struck by an intense jealousy of Mistress ability to have all this out on display without worry. I looked up and saw Mistress sitting cross-legged across from me, equipped with a clipboard and pen, putting on a pair of reading glasses. The affect was extremely hot.

She watched my gaze flit about the room, wide eyed and obviously jealous, for a bit then got my attention.

"I think it would be best if you were to place yourself in chastity immediately, then we can discuss what we'll be doing together." She said. "Get over here and drop trou, you know, pull your pants down, and let me see what you've got." further adding, "I like to say drop trou." she smiled and laughed evilly, watching me for my reaction the whole time.

Well I'm no dummy, when a Mistress tells you to, drop trou and show her your junk, you get to it without delay. I got to my feet, undid my slacks and presented myself. With a critical eye she inspected my manhood then selected a 2" U-ring and a base from the table next to her.

"I usually make a submissive place themselves in chastity." She said, placing the ring in my hand. "To be honest, I don't really even know the specifics of how the device is attached so I hope you did your homework."

I had and I set about fitting the U-ring about my testicles. Even though I had studied like a good boy and shaved my whole area, I was pretty nervous as I fiddled, stretched and pulled my genitals around struggling far more than I had anticipated from my research!

"You know, it's going to be a lot harder if you end up aroused from all your attention down there." She teased.

Oh I knew that and I redoubled my efforts but my balls were doing their damndest to avoid their fate and hide themselves almost entirely up inside me. Damn it! I refused to say anything stupid like, "This never happened to me before!" or anything and just wrestled and struggled with the CB-6000 parts and their intended victim. Sweating mightily, pants around my ankles, trying to restrain myself in a stranger's house I began to despair that I would pull this off. Maybe I'm a freak? Maybe I have the world's smallest dick? What the fuck.

"Okay, okay, enough, go lay on the bed and try maybe." Mistress gestures down the hall.

Doing the ankle-pants hobble of shame I make my way to the bed and start at my efforts again but still without luck. I thought maybe I had it a couple of times but I was getting demoralized and things kept slipping around and out of place.

"Do you want me to do it?"

"Yes please, if you don't mind, I'm truly sorry ma'am."

"Okay but I warned you, I normally make my subs put these on themselves so you're in for it."

I hear the snaps of latex gloves and suddenly Mistress is tugging and twisting with fervor.

"Where the hell is your ball?" she laughs, poking and slapping at my sack. "One.... two... okay there are two at least!"

Reaching over to the night stand she pumps out some lubricant.

"At least you’re patient." she says, admiring my flaccid cock.

"Yes ma'am."

She lubes things up a bit and I begin to relax a bit as I enjoy the sensations. Bam, she slips the spacer into place and gives a good tug on my cock.

"Up on your feet big man, get over here and don't let that thing slip or you are IN for it."

Again the shuffle of shame as we make our way back to the parlor. Next thing I know she's got the cage in hand and is cramming my now slippery member into it quickly in case it it decides to start flying at full mast. A bit of experimentation in spacers and locking pins and suddenly... *click* Oh shit.

"Okay, pull your pants up, hit the bathroom and take a shower, then get dressed and come back here so we can discuss things for Monday."

I repeat. Oh shit. As I showered I realized I was already underway. Locked in chastity for the rest of today, tomorrow, Sunday and however longer this woman decides to keep me locked up! Already it was producing the most wonderful sensations and feelings as my submissive mindset started to really kick in. I had read that some folks knew how to "pull out" on chastity devices but I couldn't seem to get anything free. Oh shit oh shit oh shit. Just calm down and towel off, don't keep her waiting or it'll just be worse for you.

I re-dressed and made my way back out to the parlor, fiddling and adjusting my junk, admiring the lack of sensation on my plastic incased shaft.

"Comfy?" Mistress asks.

"Yes ma'am." I say and start to sit down in my chair once more.

"Did I say you could sit?" she demands with a slight edge to her voice. "You will not do anything without instruction, understood?"

"Yes ma'am." I breathe, embarrassed to have already made so many mistakes in so short a time.

"Now sit and tell me about yourself." She said.

"Well I'm an IT Co...."

"No!" she cut me off quickly, "Tell me about your BDSM experiences and what you hope to get out of our time together."

"Well I've had an interest in bondage sense I was a child. Watching TV I'd see people getting tied up on shows and in cartoons and it would give me a hard on. My Father ignored my questions as to why my dick would get hard. Not out of lack of love or attention but just old fashioned embarrassment. This lead me to explore such topics on my own. Thank god for growing up in San Francisco as I was able to explore these feelings in a far more progressive atmosphere than many other places I assume! Eventually the advent of the internet allowed me access to volumes and volumes of education on the subject and I was right there with it every step of the way." I also told her about meeting my wife and our exploits around the kink community and with our friends.

Mistress took notes and asked questions to clarify things.

"Any limits here?" she questioned. "Anything you don't want me to do to you or would cause you to safe word?"

I considered the question for a bit carefully. I part of my coming here was to relinquish control and let a professional show my wife and I "how it's done" so I didn't wish really rule anything out.

"My only concern would be in the areas of safety. I don't wish to be permanently injured or altered in any detrimental way or to be cut or bled. I'd also prefer not to be peed on or experience any feces play if that is acceptable. Otherwise, I wish to submit and offer myself as a canvas for your artistic dominance. I am very empathic and if my Top is having fun then I will feed off that fun."

"Good, I do require the ability to integrate my own artistic integrity in scene." she said with a sly smile. We talked a bit more, discussing boundaries, likes and dislikes as conversation wound to a close.

"Okay, it's time for you to go home I think." She then produced a small white letter envelope and kissed it it carefully and sealed a small key into it with a lick of her lips. "I have placed the key to your freedom in this envelope, you are to give this to your wife and I don't mean to 'Nisha' I mean to your wife and not your submissive. If you have some sort of emergency, she can text me and ask to release you. If you try to do anything otherwise, I'll know... thanks to the personalized and irreproducible watermark of my beautiful lips upon the envelope."

She then put the envelope and remaining parts of the CB-6000 device into it's carrying case and handed it over. With a hug she bid me adieu and allowed me out of the double gate way. Suddenly I was standing in the middle of a busy San Francisco street with a chastity cage case in my hands and the device itself locked on and probably sticking out lewdly somewhere in my slacks. Regretting my earlier decision to not get my car and park closer I began my walk back. When locked in public bondage, even if it's discrete, one always starts to think everyone is somehow on to them and this was no exception. Was that cute gal checking my package out? Did that couple hear the clicking and clacking of the metal lock on the plastic housing as I walked by? Why won't this damn streetlight change so I can get to the relative safety of my car?!

Obviously I made it, eventually, and started the drive home for the long weekend.

Chapter 3: The long weekend of teasing and chastity.

Driving home my friend called me back wanting to know how my interview went! Ha! I told him I had to come back for a second interview and that I was a bit mentally worn out and needed to get off the phone so I could drive home. Oh he didn't take the hint and I spent quite a while driving in SF traffic on unfamiliar streets chatting away on the hands free trying to make my way home with what felt like 100 pounds of plastic crushing my general groin area and a generally sexually aroused and distracted state of mind. Eventually I started receiving another phone call and was able to ditch my friend. Unfortunately it was my Mother and she wasn't feeling well. She asked me to get her some take out burritos and salsa from a local Taqueria for dinner. I took down the specifics of the burrito and, once again, I was saved by another incoming call. This time it was my wife saying she was coming home early from work and to get her something to eat too! You gotta laugh sometimes at life.

I made it through the ordering process and opted to wait outside away from the other customers. I knew, logically, that they couldn't tell what was going on in my pants or, if they thought anything, they just thought I was some well endowed dude or popping a boner and trying to hide it. Not that I was, in actuality, some ridiculous pervert in a chastity cage who couldn't wait to get home and try to figure out some way to get a little sexual relief! Five minutes later I was home. Looks like my wife beat me here and is waiting upstairs to have dinner with me and my mother. Oh good.

My mother is pretty hard of hearing and needs glasses to read or see anything closer than 10 feet so I just made sure to sit cross-legged and wolf down my burrito. My wife was giving me quite the odd ball look. If I didn't know better I'd think she was pissed off at me but she insisted everything was all right. I bussed the dishes and got mom all squared a way with a nice highball then bolted for it! Nisha still had that strange look on her face when she joined me.

"You didn't go through with it, did you?" she asked.

"What? No I did!" I answered, not really understanding. I thought I had told her I had when we talked on the phone earlier? Didn't I?

"Well I can't see anything, get those pants off, mister, and let me check it out!"

Two different women demanding I take my pants off in one day? What a lucky guy. I complied and found myself pushed down on our favorite comfy futon couch. Her hands were all over the device and the difference now, in the warm safety of my own home and with my own wife, was amazing. She had me hard and panting in minutes and she was just plain fascinated with the CB-6000 in general.

"The plastic is so thick and serious!" she commented, tapping and slapping, poking and prodding my poor trapped meat. "Ha! Look how your cock head is stuck at the bend in the cage."

Ugh, no wonder it hurt so bad, not only was the device doing it's uncomfortable and intended job, but I was only getting about half the cage for room to grow that I should.

"I don't think you put it on right honey." she pointed out. "Look how I can do this..."

Nisha then squeezed the locking shaft and the cage together, crushing the trapped ball skin in the middle far more than it had been and further tormenting my misplaced erection. She let go and my eyes almost watered from the sudden pain. Somehow she had managed to create a tiny, hairline, opening in the spacer for the U-ring and then allowed it to release and pinch my penis skin at the base of the shaft. I fiddled and tugged but the pain was intense and I desperately pulled out the trapped flesh. It was so red I was sure it was bleeding but no blood was coming away on my fingers, thank god.

"Aww poor baby, let mama put some lotion on that." Nisha cooed and went off to the bathroom, returning with some hydrocortisone cream and cotton swab sticks. She went to work and almost immediately got a swab stuck in one of the cock cage vents.

"Just pull it out." I said then screamed in pain as she tried. I guess the excess flesh worked as a one-way trap for the swab as she tugged away. Luckily all the pain quickly calmed me down quite a bit and she could remove the swab easily once I was a little more relaxed. This time, though, there was a bit of blood. Christ! She resumed her ministrations with the cream and found yet another torture while playfully tugging at the locking pin. Again, without the proper spacers fit in place, she could wiggle it a bit and managed to pinch the skin of my groin area in the round, flat, back of the locking pin. Not quite on the level of the swab torture I managed to repeat what she had done and wiggle the spacer out a bit to release the trapped flesh.

"Let's try and get you all worked up and fill the whole tube this time" she suggested and went to work fondling and licking my balls with a relish. Shortly I was hard, again, and stuck, again, midway down the tube. Completely maliciously, in my opinion, she grabbed a swab and stuck it in the other side vent claiming she was just trying to get the full extension down the cage. Of course the swab got stuck just like the last one and she really hauled on it drawing more blood and driving me flaccid once more.

"Oops." she said, sarcastically, as she cleaned up my poor tortured member and put more cream on my wounds. She popped off and came back with some baby oil. Working it around on all the exposed skin and near all areas that the CB-6000 meets the body she had me going yet again in short order. Seeing me springing to attention she quickly grabbed the cock cage and rammed it down hard on my growing boner, this time causing it to pop all the way into the cage fully.

"Yes!" she cried with a small fist pump motion. She then proceeded to sit on me for the next hour and just torment and tease me relentlessly. Flashing her beautiful, sexy, boobs and pussy at me and pointing out how she was just going to have to masturbate on her own since I was obviously so useless. The heat of her sex as she rubbed herself on the device was intense. The feeling as my balls continued to be pulled by my own erection was getting unbearable. The crushing of my cock in the cage was actually kind of nice, making it all the more frustrating!

"Okay I think you've had enough, or none at all as it were." giggled Nisha. "Time for me to finish off and hit the sack, long day at work tomorrow." With that, she grabbed the Magic Wand vibrator from under the bed and brought herself to orgasm quickly, leaving me to "rot" as it were. I tried the wand on the cage myself but it was noisy and not very satisfying. Nisha was already snoozing contentedly on the folding couch.

"Damn her!" I thought. "I'm really going to have to get her back when I can."

I spent some time at the computer reading up more on chastity devices and not really finding any tricks for obtaining release. Obviously the "pull out" wasn't working and neither was a vibrator. Eventually I became exhausted and just went back to bed, day dreaming of what Mistress might do to me on Monday.

I awoke Saturday morning to the unexpected morning wood erection straining painfully against the device. Not unexpected in occurrence, but unexpected in the intensity, physically and mentally, it was having. I'd read this would happen but didn't really appreciate how strong it would feel and how powerfully it would affect me. I eventually calmed myself down, adjusted another pillow between my legs for comfort around the device and forced myself back to sleep. I started to realize, as I dozed off and on until late morning, that I was going to go crazy if I didn't find a way to pass the time unless I could get out of this thing.

I woke up for the day to the sounds of Nisha heading off to work and immediately threw on a porno bondage flick to see if I could get myself off. I had a few chastity themed movies I had grabbed online in anticipation of today so I watched one of those. Big mistake. Being able to relate to the goings-ons of the movie just made it all the more arousing and all the more frustrating. Then my inner masochist kicked in and I watched another chastity themed movie. Three plus hours later I was gasping and moaning, trying to rub, tug or do anything to this damn cage to produce some kind of orgasm at all. Suddenly my dick just completely went flaccid. I figured it had to be a combination of frustration and my body protecting itself from a damaging priapism effect. I kept thinking of those Viagra ads, "Call a doctor if you experience an erection lasting more than 4 hours..." I wonder what the doc would think of my self inflicted, four hour, chastity cage boner!?

I took advantage of my sudden pseudo-ED to get some work done around the house, eat, workout, all the things I used to do in the "normal" life I had the day before. My buddy from the day before called again and started back into his rambling discourse. I found myself day dreaming again while chatting and, without really thinking about it, disrobed and was absently toying with the device. Feeling my shaved balls and groin and the general slick feeling the creams and oils and precum from all the teasing had created in the area. If my friend noticed my lack of proper attention to the conversation he didn't say anything. I opened up my collection of bondage photos and art on the PC and set it to slideshow.

"What the fuck was I doing?" asked some small, more rational and wholly outweighed and outvoted part of my mind. The show scrolled picture after picture by and I marveled at the random pictures of chastity devices I hadn't really taken note of before in my collection. Another 45 minutes or so passed and I could tell my bud was wondering if I was okay but too manly to ask directly what was up until finally he said, "You okay dude? You sound out of breath."

"Yeah," I thought to myself, "I'm in real trouble here actually. I better get off the phone and try to do something constructive or, at the very least, time consuming."

"No man, I'm just finishing up my evening ride on the exercise bike, sorry dude. I should probably get going you know?" I lied. We wrapped up and I was alone again with my trapped dick dripping away again and the slideshow marching relentlessly on as I just stared at it. Then I heard my wife pull up in her car. Wasn't there something I was supposed to do with her? Oh yeah, revenge time!

When she came in she knew there was something up right away. Porn movie from Gwen Media playing on the big screen, slideshow looping on the PC, naked husband in chastity cage with crazy look in his eyes... yeah this ain't no good, or is the best thing ever! I immediately started giving her orders as Nisha and she knew that she had best obey.

Strip down! Off to the bathroom and shower! I didn't even allow her privacy as I came in and confiscated her clothing and left her a blindfold and 4 locking restraints for her wrists and ankles in exchange.

"I'm useless as a cock am I? Well then put the restraints on yourself bitch." I snarled then tossed her the heavy duty police leg manacles. "Put on the blindfold then lock those to your wrist restrains, behind your back." She complied and stood at proper attention presenting her big wet breasts in an attempt to mollify me.

"Jesus you're a ridiculous slut, locking yourself in bondage without a single protesting whisper!" I grabbed the pro-offered breasts and used them to guide her back out to the same couch as last night. Setting down a nice big thick blanket I had her lie down and then toweled her dry. Oh you know I paid extra attention to her ass and breasts and pussy and she squirmed nice for me. I took two lengths of rope and secured her ankle restraints to the opposite bed posts, nice and spread with the manacles trapping her wrists at her side but allowing her a bit of freedom in that regard but pretty god damn helpless. I rubbed and thrust my caged man hood against her body but it was useless, I was fucked and frustrated.

"Well if I can't get off, then you are going to get off for the both of us!" I threatened in a growl of lust. Grabbing the wand from where she had left it I clicked it on. She shuddered. She basically knew what was coming. I worked it around her body and tits till I was sure she was good and warmed up then started torturing her nipples a bit. After equal attention I noticed her right nipple was a lot harder than the left.

"Looks like this guy is volunteering to pay for your pinching me yesterday." I said and reached over and twisted the offending nub with all the merciless strength and frustrated anger I could muster. She did a miraculous job of keeping the noise down to a loud moan and quietly begging me to stop. Not that Mom's hearing is that good but it's best to be discrete when possible, eh? I relented when I was sure I'd left some minor bruising and she thanked me.

"Good girl, you remembered etiquette under duress, let's reward you." I said soothing tones. "Like I said, you're getting off for the both of us and I figure I'll give you till the end of the movie to come as much as you want." With that I grabbed the already quietly humming wand and proceeded to work over her cunt for the next hour. She begged and pleaded quite a bit, saying it was "too much master" over and over but I figured it had to be way more than just "too much" in order to balance this scale and earn reprieve. It would have to be too much times two! I worked and worked to the sounds of movie and my wife begging. I'd guess it was perhaps her fifth or so orgasm that I saw her toes curling, her legs straining the ropes, her wrists pulling and twisting as her fingers clawed desperately at her fleshy hips, trying to reach her twat in hopes of stopping my relentless assault that I noted the movie was over and the Gwen Media trailer was playing. A deals a deal so I finally clicked off the now quite warm vibrating wand and began to undo her bonds and make her more comfortable.

She was quite affectionate and attentive after that. Planting kisses all over me and generally purring and trying to please until she fell asleep in my arms. I couldn't really enjoy it much due to my enforced chastity but I appreciated it for what it was and I eventually drifted off to sleep.

Then it was Sunday morning. The morning wood of Saturday had nothing on Sunday morning's redwood forest of torment. Imagine a morning boner alarm clock that snoozes for maybe 40 minutes at a time with a chastity chaser. I probably spent 6 hours in and out of various states of sleep and arousal trying to get some rest from the previous day of frustration. Every time I got calmed down and started catching some Z's, bam, revenge of the hard on from hell part 6! I just kept thinking I needed to pass the day somehow and pray that Mistress would be merciful tomorrow. I got up a bit early in an attempt to escape my torment. I took a shower and tried prying my poor trapped member from it's prison but I couldn't even fit my pinky in the damn thing let alone get anything out of it. I sat on the floor of the bathroom with my laptop surfing and browsing and generally tormenting myself again. Pleasure torment, who would have thought it would be so fun? Is it even masochism if it's pleasure torture?

I eventually had to make room for Nisha so she could get ready for work. I got dressed and walked her to her car and saw her off. Uh oh, alone again.

Then my friend called AGAIN. Surprise! He was a few minutes away with the whole guy gang and they were coming to cheer me up. I guess he thought I was depressed from yesterday on the phone? Great a whole afternoon with the guys and stuck in this fuckin' cage. Boy do you have a whole new slew of random opinions on chairs, stools, car seats, couches and furniture in general when you are trying your best not to expose yourself to the general public as a pervert with a big freakin' chastity cage on your cock. Wooden chairs suck in general because they don't have any cushion for your trapped balls and U-ring. Stools would be great if you didn't have some giant package hanging between your legs being emphasized by your splay legged sitting position. Car seats tend to be more concerned with lumbar support and are angled to crush your now giant, inflexible, package into the steering wheel. Couches are about the only things that don't suck!

Eventually the guys night out drew to a slow close. At least they didn't want to hit up any strip clubs or anything. I'm almost certain they must have noticed my over-sexed attitude and propensity for scratching at my now freshly re-growing pubes. But all in all it was a good way to pass the day and calm down a bit from my previous days of frustrated torment.

When I rolled into the homestead, Mom was looking for some help. She just needed some general chores done around the house and help with some projects she'd been working on. I was impressed at how comfortable I was now in chastity when I wasn't having my balls ripped off by my own boner. We knocked a bunch of work out and had a quick dinner then I retired for the evening to wait for my wife to get off work.

I tried to play a video game on the computer but our cats suddenly attacked me and I was struck by a wave of extreme ennui. The cats were warm and friendly and I pretty much passed out on the couch only to awaken when Nisha came in about an hour later. She had had a rough day at work and just wanted to hit the sack and I was with her on that one. We crashed out early for the night.

Finally it was Monday, right? No it's only 4 in the morning, FUCK! Good old "boner alarm" clock is early thanks to our turning in early and the snooze button is in full effect again. I was surprised by a phone call from Mistress at 9 o'clock. We weren't scheduled to see each other till noon! Ooh boy hopefully she wants to move things up? Yeah right, she was calling to ask to move it back till the afternoon.

"Of course that would be fine, whatever you require Mistress" I said manically. No it wasn't really "fine" since I'd pretty much was just hanging on by a thread hoping she would be kind at Noon when I arrived but I wasn't about to knock out whatever shot I had at any release at all by complaining. Honestly I know it's my role to serve her needs in submission anyway so I comply. She sounded quite pleased at least as I hung up.

I toughed it out minute by minute till it was finally 1 o'clock and I was standing outside of Mistress house again.



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