Payback 4: Bitch Tickling!

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; captive; bond; leather; latex; gag; susp; cath; toys; climax; nc; X

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Chapter 4: Bitch Tickling!

I was extremely comfortable lounging back on what I called my reclining pleasure board.  That’s really what it was; a board measuring three feet wide by six and a half feet high softly padded with a kid leather covering.  The bottom edge was anchored to the floor and the top reclined back about fifteen degrees off the vertical.

Halfway down two wide padded ‘arms’ jutted out at forty-five degree angles supporting my buttocks and thighs.  My legs bent comfortably at the knee over the ends of each arm allowing my stilettos to rest on the ends of two other supports near the floor.

The last two ‘arms’ at exactly the level of my elbows were, in fact, for my arms. I could rest on them while, just to each side in easy reach were small side tables for my wine on one side and needed supplies on the other.  A leather padded head and neck rest completed my pleasure board.

Jessica, on the other hand, was far from comfortable.  Maybe it was because she was hanging upside down in front of me.

Wide cuffs around each ankle, themselves trapped in the thigh high ballet boots, had heavy-duty D rings.  Snap hooks at the ends of cables from the electric ceiling pulleys clipped to the D rings and pulled her legs apart to a maximum spread eagle position.

Studying the helpless form, savoring how I had prepared her and, even more, what was going to happen for the next hour or two.

It was a couple of days after her ‘shrine’ had been adorned with the gifts from Maria.  I had recovered from my jet lag and was feeling in need of some sexual relief.  With Jessica available to play with the answer was a no brainer!

The thigh high ballet boots were part of her regular training so they were already tightly laced in place.  I had made her walk on those agonizing toes to the bathroom for a nice cleaning out then it was over to the set up before I tripped her to lie face down on the floor.  The heavy cuffs went around each ankle and I clipped them together temporarily.

Jessica’s arms were encased in shoulder length kid gloves with her hands folded in fists laced, in turn, inside heavy leather bondage mitts.  Those were just clipped together behind her back with a small padlock.

Sitting on her lower back I removed the padlock and forced her arms up across her back until the mitts settled in the crook of the opposite elbow.  Thin straps through the mitt rings and around her biceps held them in place.  A couple more straps around her forearms and one longer strap around both arms just above the elbow locked them immovably across her back.

The arm pouch was made of much heavier leather; it had wide straps across each shoulder and back under the armpits with another wide one anchored around her waist.   There was a large reinforced D ring at the point of each shoulder.

During all this there had been a lot of muffled grunts around the ball gag jammed behind her teeth.  When I flipped her over, sat on her stomach, then unbuckled the gag strap and popped the ball out it changed to tearful whining about how sorry she was.

“Too late Jessica.  If they hadn’t realized what was happening you would still be screwing everyone in sight out of their money.  Well, let’s make up a new word to describe you.  Ah yes; you are now the screwee!”

After toweling off Jessica’s bald head and wiping her face I fitted the rubber helmet to line up its openings at her eyes, nostrils and mouth then flipped her over again and started closing the laces down the back of her head.

When that was done I rolled her over and shoved in a large hard rubber penis gag, it had flanges to go under the lips and tuck inside her cheeks plus a threaded hole in the center about 1 ½” deep.  Straps from it went up each side of her nose to meet at the forehead and then over and down to get buckled to the wide gag strap.  Another thin strap went under her chin.  There was no way that gag was going to move.

Settling back on my haunches I took two curved pieces of plastic tube and held Jessica’s chin with my left hand as I fitted them in her nose.  Small studs through the holes pierced in the side of her nostrils kept them in place. I made sure she was breathing evenly through the tubes that now sat across each cheek before the flared ends rested just level with the bottom of her ears.

Little clips set in the rubber of the helmet snapped over the tubes to hold them in place.

Jessica’s eyes were full of tears again but this time I didn’t use a blindfold.  I wanted her to see everything that happened.

Adjusting the cables from the four ceiling pulleys I snapped one on each ankle D ring, unclipped her cuffs and activated the mechanism to lift the little bitch to the right height.  The other two cables now got attached to the D rings at her shoulders and up they went too.

Once she was suspended in front of me, at a height that allowed me to stand and face her, I smiled and, lifting her chin just a bit more, screwed a dildo into the socket of the gag.

A couple of short bungee straps with snap hooks on the ends attached to either side of the helmet.  I let them dangle until I was ready.

A visit to the bathroom for a few items, then the kitchen fridge for some more, and I returned to settle comfortably on my pleasure board.  I was wearing one of my crotchless kid leather cat suits that clung comfortably to every curve of my body.  I left the gloves off to retain complete tactile feeling in my fingers; this was going to be a trip to remember.

Settled on the recliner board I played with the pulley controls until Jessica’s crotch was readily available just in front of me.  Now I lowered the shoulder cables until she hung almost vertically and reached for the squeeze bottle of lubricant.

Pushing the nozzle inside her rosebud I gave it a good shot then used some more on the butt plug.  This allowed me to force the hard rubber toy deeply inside Jessica until the bulge near the end popped through and her ass muscles closed around the narrower shaft at the base.  There was no way that would be expelled without some help so a crotch strap was unnecessary.  It would just crowd my work area anyway.

I fitted a small plug in the opening of her urethra.  With what was about to happen I didn’t need any involuntary spurts getting out of her bladder.

Using the controls I lifted Jessica up a bit and then guided her head towards my own love tunnel.

Once the tip of the dildo was in position I clipped the two bungee straps to hooks in the board on each side of my waist.  That was the reason for the nose tubes.  I expected to be producing a fair amount of juice and, if I hadn’t installed them it would drip directly down into her nostrils and they were the only source of air she had.  Not a good idea.  This way she was getting air from either side of the dildo and staring directly up at my leather covered ass.

Snapping out of my reflections I reached for the tweezers.

I mean her head was shaved but not this area.  Maria had pierced Jessica for the rings without getting rid of all this nasty hair.

Oh well, let’s see if I grip this little blonde hair with the tweezers and then pull?

“Oh yesss!”

The reaction from Jessica was to move the only thing she could, her head.  The dildo had gone about halfway in.  I flipped her nipple ring with a finger while I settled the tweezers on another hair up near her clit.

“Oh my God!”

A dozen hairs later and I let the orgasm wash over me.

After a little while I unhooked the bungee cords and activated the controls for both sets of cables until Jessica hung almost horizontally.  That would let the blood drain from her head but it left me, still breathing hard, looking at her crotch.  I gave it a little shove and she swung away then back against my hand.

I pushed a little harder and this time stopped her partly with my hand and partly with the knob of a dildo that slipped a little way inside her glistening sex.  This was fun.  I left the dildo inside her and pushed her away again.  This time I stopped her swing with the palm of my hand against the base of the dildo.  With two more shoves it was buried and I was ready to do some more bitch tickling.

One part of my mind wondered how many hairs there were before her cunt would be clean.  The other sensible part wondered how many orgasms I could stand.

I decided that it would take at least another three sessions for her over the next few days.

For me five would be good - for tonight!



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