Payback 5: Justice for Jessica

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; captive; bond; gag; leather; latex; catsuit; encase; transported; electro; toys; nc; XX

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Chapter 5: Justice for Jessica

Even through my kid gloves I reveled in the sensuous feel of the fine leather as I lifted the hooded cloak out of my closet and draped it across my arm.  It was the final touch to my outfit of glistening dark cherry coloured leather and a fitting sight for Jessica to remember on her last day with me.

I posed for the camera in my full Leather Domme glory as I checked the monitor.  The camera had allowed Jessica to watch me as I dressed while the other was focused on her in my ‘work room’.  It, along with the microphone close to her head and the speaker up here in my bedroom, let me keep a check on the highly uncomfortable young lady while I bathed and dressed.

The cloak would cover the tightly fitted long sleeved jacket that looked almost black until the light would catch it revealing the deep burgundy of it and the calf length skirt.  The stiletto heeled knee boots were black as were the kid leather gloves tucked up inside the sleeves of the top.

I gave my makeup and hair a final check in the mirror and then made my way down to Jessica.  Only her eyes could move and they watched fearfully through the tiny lenses as I entered the room.

I reflected on how the day had started for her several hours ago with me releasing the ropes that had held her overnight in a wicked hogtie and, as she groaned through the ball gag when her legs straightened, I had hauled her up to sit beside me on the couch.

With her arms locked behind in the single arm glove and booted ankles strapped together she had no say in the matter as I toyed with one of the rings piercing her nipples.

“I have some good news and bad news for you Jessica, would you like the good news first?”

“I’ll assume that little whimper was a yes.  Well today is the last day you will have to put up with my gentle ministrations because, in a little while, you are going to your new home.  I mentioned that I had a buyer for you but those plans have changed and you’re not going to Thailand.  That’s the good news.”

“Now the bad news.  You remember when you, shall we say, came to stay with me a few months ago what I told you about your husbands? I told you that husband number two, Harry, had won the lottery but what I didn’t tell you was how much he won.”

I gripped her chin and turned her head to face me, dabbing with a tissue at the dribble escaping around the gag, and then whispered to her.

“You really should have been nicer to him Jessica because I think even you would have had trouble spending the several million dollars he got.”

Her eyes, if possible, got even wider as I smiled at her and nodded.

“After they met and handed you over to me things got quite interesting.  Harry took a liking to your first husband, Paul, and helped him clear up the debts you had saddled him with.  He even set him up in business and Paul is a very contented young man with a future to look forward to other than paying through the nose because he made the mistake of falling in love with you.”

Much to my delight a tear trickled down Jessica’s cheek and I knew she was starting to regret what she had done.   Too late, I thought!

“Oh, and by the way, husband number three, John, has found that his real estate business has taken off with the current housing boom.  Of course it makes a big difference not to have you screwing things up by embezzling everything you could get your hands on.”

Now the tears were really flowing but I had no sympathy for her.  She had thought about no one except herself and her own creature comforts for years and hadn’t given a second thought to who got hurt along the way.  Until now - when it was her on the receiving end.

“Now Harry has been building a lovely house down on the coast and, in return for a very large fee, has been here several times when you could not see or hear to watch me work on you.  It seems he is quite fascinated with my profession and that new house has a very nice little dungeon I designed for him.  Guess who its first occupant is going to be?”

“Yes indeed, ‘Master’ Harry has bought you back from me and I have thought up a nice uncomfortable way to deliver you to him.  Won’t that be fun? And, if you remember, Paul made his living doing auto body repairs.  Well in his new business he was happy to modify my Escalade for me and you are about to find out just how talented he is!”  I pointed across the room at a tubular metal frame that looked vaguely like a chair.

I must admit that Jessica didn’t seem too pleased but then, with that nice big ball gag stretching those crimson lips, she wasn’t in a position to put up an argument.

I let her watch as I spread the rubber cat suit out on the floor and, opening the strategically placed zips with their Velcro cover flaps, turned it inside out.  Opening an unlabeled can I used a paint brush to coat the rubber.

“This suit is going to be just a little bit small for you Jessica, but the rubber will stretch and this lubricant will help us get it on you.”

I didn’t mention the other ingredient in the can, she would find out about that later.

Moving back to Jessica I added a blindfold to help me control her as I forced her to the floor, buckled a stiff collar around her neck, snapped a 12” piece of chain to a floor ring and started to get her completely naked except for the arm sheath.

It took some doing, and a couple of swats across her breasts with the crop to get her to co-operate, but I worked her feet and legs into the skintight rubber.  When the suit was up to her thighs I forced each rubber covered foot in a leather, heel-less, knee boot and spent several minutes lacing them as tightly as possible.

Once they were on her feet were arched until they were almost in line with her shins.  They forced her toes to a point that ended with a tiny sole no bigger than a silver dollar.

After flipping Jessica over on her stomach I buckled a strap around each ankle and connected their D rings to floor hooks about 18” apart.  Taking off the arm binder I tied each wrist to floor rings on either side of her body then released them one at a time while I worked each arm in the sleeves and her hands into the gloves of the suit.

With the form fitting rubber in place over her shoulders I left all the zips open and the tight hood hanging down her back for the time being.  With very little trouble I then strapped each wrist, hooked them to a ceiling pulley and hauled her upright.

Now my unwilling playmate was stretched in a very mild spread eagle with everything completely available for me to continue my work.  Removing the blindfold and ball gag I pushed a rubber plug in her left ear and the tiny speaker in her right.  I wanted to be able to chat with her, read gloat, as things developed.  That done I worked the open face rubber hood up over her bald head then tightened a thin roller buckled strap around the base of each breast.

Snapping thin gold chains to her nipple rings I fed them through small holes in the suit then closed the zip from between her bulging breasts to underneath her chin.  That pulled the rubber skin even tighter and I spent a few minutes smoothing out any air bubbles making sure the suit was tight against every inch of skin.  A couple of tugs on the ends of the chains and her nipples popped through the holes.

The almost rigid body corset fitted around her from the hard throat protector to just above her hips.  The nipple chains fed through small openings. From down the sides to the back it was double layered but it was the first layer I started lacing with the aid of a long handled pair of locking pliers.  I settled the two teeth in opposite grommets and levered on the handles until the tool locked holding the edges of the corset together.  It was then easy to lace that part of the closing before moving the pliers up another few inches and repeating the process.

After a few minutes I shoved a gag back in Jessica’s mouth to muffle the groans.  By the time I got up past her shoulder blades the tool was not longer necessary and I finished the lacing without its help.

Lowering her face down on the floor again I’m sure she knew what was coming.  Over her time with me I had trained her arms and shoulder muscles to accept the reverse prayer position until her forearms touched along their full length.

Once her arms were laced in position with a couple of additional straps reinforcing their melded position I pulled the second layer of the corset over them and laced it closed from the back of her neck to the point of her elbows.  When I rolled her over it was hard to tell she even had arms.

The dildo was, shall we say, multi talented and I worked it up inside Jessica until I could tuck the base under her outer lips.  Making sure the tiny clamp was holding firmly to the ring in her clit I laced together the rings down each side of her vagina.  They came together easily with a few tugs on a fine stainless steel chain threaded through them locking in the dildo.

Feeding a small wire from the dildo through to the outside I did up the crotch zip thumbing the cover closed over it; her rosebud was still available.

Leaving Jessica for a while I made my way over to the frame that was sitting on four small wheels and pushed it over beside the helpless girl.

Prominently sticking up from what resembled the seat of the frame was a large hard black rubber butt plug that I coated with lubricant from the same tin used on the inside of the suit.  Then a heavy smearing of rubber cement went on the curved base of the plug.

Fitting a wide belt around the middle of the girl’s torso I hooked it to the ceiling pulley then fitted a spreader bar between her ankles and lifted her off the floor.  Controlling the pulley with one hand I used my other to guide her over the frame and its waiting intruder.  Once she was in position I stood between her legs and very slowly lowered the leather and rubber encased form.

Reaching around I spread her cheeks and continued to lower the pulley until the plug was buried and her buttocks settled into openings formed by two circles of the metal tubing.  The base of the plug covered the opening in the suit and the rubber cement would seal it.  A couple of straps held the top of her thighs firmly against the frame.

Removing the spreader bar I settled each leg into one of the curved channels made from shallow ‘U’ shaped tubing and bent them at the knee to follow the channel.  I forced each booted toe in a round metal clamp and tightened the screws to hold them in place.

Jessica was now in a seated position and I laced leather sleeves around each leg and its channel from ankle to thigh.  I had what I wanted, she was completely unable to move her lower body but there was nothing in the binding to interfere with her circulation.  Now to do the same to the top half.

The back of the frame was made of more metal tubing that formed a basic triangle with the point just behind the butt plug and the sides, when I pushed her torso back, ran up the outside of her locked arms and then across the shoulders.  Simple shoulder and chest straps held her against the frame and the heavily boned corset removed any possibility of movement except for the rise and fall of her leather covered chest.

Taking a break to allow Jessica’s body to settle, and for me to enjoy a cup of tea, I watched as her breathing became more regular and then quickly moved to take the last ounce of slack from the bindings holding her to the frame.  Tears started flowing down her cheeks, around the gag strapped in her mouth, and over the tight rubber.

“Tears again Jessica?  Surely you know by now that they don’t work on me so I would save them if I were you.  You might be glad of the moisture over the next few hours.”  Using a few tissues I dried her face and then studied the rubber covered head, held rigid by the throat protector, trying to decided which of the two or three ideas I had would be best.

Mind made up I retrieved what was needed from one of the drawers and set them on a table where Jessica could see what I had selected.  If she could have shaken her head she would have, but she couldn’t so reverted to some gag muffled screams.

Settling myself straddling her lap I pulled the table a bit closer and then removed the gag.  Whoa, where she got enough air to make those screams was beyond me but it made it simple to slide the dental brace in place.  Twisting the screws to spread her jaws even wider ended the vulgar names she was calling me and I just smiled at her – evilly!

The hard rubber clamshell gag slid in,  and with help from my two thumbs, behind her teeth and using a pair of tweezers I attached the two halves to her tongue studs. Taking off the brace I put pressure under the chin to close her mouth and worked a strip of rubber across her teeth and into her cheeks.  There would be no drooling around that.  A 4” piece of tape closed her lips and then I reached for the roll of electrician’s black rubber tape.

“Ever since I saw a classic bondage cartoon I’ve loved wrapping tape around a helpless girl’s head Jessica.”  After five or six turns across her mouth I smoothed out the tape and she had ‘that gagged look’; I grinned at her.  “You’re lucky I didn’t do what they did in the story and tape your whole damn head.  But we do need to add a few more things.”

I coated the twin nostril tubes with some more rubber cement and worked them up in position.  The cement would peel out when the tubes were removed but, in the meantime, made a firm seal.  The rubber goggles were the type worn by racing swimmers with lenses not more than 1” across.  And then, with a flourish, I held up the leather discipline helmet that was one of my favorites.

Jessica didn’t seem to agree!

Climbing off her lap to stand on my own 5” heels I moved behind the frame to start fitting the helmet.

After making sure the extensions on the nostril tubes were through the two holes under Jessica’s nose and the openings at her eyes fitted snugly around the lenses of the goggles, I enjoyed myself by slowly lacing the helmet closed.

Tugging the edges together was made easier because the throat protector that doubled as a posture collar held her head so stiffly in position.  Once I was down to her neck, and the laces neatly tied off, a strap fed through several loops and buckled closed at the back.

The gag strap was actually two straps joined with roller buckles under each ear and I again stood in front of Jessica as I looked in her eyes through the goggle lenses and pulled the strap ends through the rollers.

“Is that snug enough for you?   Hummm, I think it will go a little but more let’s see.  Yes now that is really tight isn’t it?”

As I gloated at the helpless girl my thumbs pushed the locks closed on the gag buckles and I tucked the strap ends neatly in the loops designed for them.

“There now I’ll just wheel you over in front of this monitor and you can watch while I get ready to take you home.  I want to look my best because by this evening Harry will have made me a much richer woman.  I might even convince him to let me continue his lessons using you as the reluctant model.  That would be fun for of us although maybe not for you.  But then you don’t really have any say in the matter do you?”  As I spoke I stroked her leather covered cheek and bent down so she could see me grinning at her.

After taking a leisurely bath and dressing I had returned to finish getting Jessica ready to travel.  I was quite proud of the idea I had come up with and intended to use it frequently in my business.  Now was the time to try it for the first time and I relied on Paul’s skills when explaining it to him.  The talented young man had not let me down.

Turning off the monitor and other equipment I pushed the frame containing Jessica into the elevator that serviced my dungeon and we rose up to the garage level.  When I had the frame next to the side of my Escalade I dropped the cloak on the driver’s seat and then opened the front passenger door.  Paul had modified it so that, while it still looked like the door on a production model, in fact it slid back along the side and completely out of the way.

There was no passenger seat.  The horizontal arm of the hydraulic lift John had loaned me just cleared the top of Jessica’s immobile head and I hooked the three cables from it to ring bolts on the frame.

Thumbing the controls as I had been shown Jessica’s body rose out of the wheeled base and I kicked it aside so I could guide the lift arm with its helpless cargo inside the Caddie and over the four short posts that were welded to the floor.  I lowered the frame until it settled in place and spring loaded pins locked it in position.

Unhooking the cables I maneuvered the lift until I could attached them again to the shell of the front seat.  Before moving that in place I leaned in the doorway so Jessica could see me and explained to her what was about to happen.

“Aren’t you lucky you get to ride up front with me?  When I get the leather upholstered seat shell in it will look perfectly normal except you will be inside it.  There is a back panel that snaps in place.  Oh and the headrest has what look just like speakers on either side but when I hook up your nose tubes to the back of them that is where you will get your air.  I suggest you start breathing very slowly and evenly.”

 I moved the seat into position close to her and then fiddled inside before settling it in place and closing the locks.

“There will be lots of, shall we say, distractions for you on the trip because several of the upholstery buttons have little secrets.  The ones at the middle of the headrest are really dark glass that matches the leather so you will be able to see through them.  I’ve just hooked your nipples to these two and the wire from your dildo to this one and we are almost ready to go.”

I closed the front door and climbed in behind her to snap the back of the seat in place.  Paul had done an amazing job camouflaging his work.  It would take someone really studying the set up to see anything out of place.

Moving my folded cloak to the supposedly empty passenger seat just added to the normality of the picture as I settled in the driver’s seat and plugged the wire from the upholstery buttons in an outlet for the audio system.

Once we were on the highway heading for the coast I spoke to Jessica again.

“Those little shots you are feeling in your nipples and the dildo are completely random but tied in to the car’s audio system.  It’s a little program I designed that will increase or decrease in intensity depending on the music I select.  Now for the masterpiece of my justice for you bitch.  You remember the lubricant I painted inside that rubber suit?  Well it also contained some very special flakes of material.  They are small but of slightly different thickness and there are dozens of them all over you.”

“So Jessica when you start to sweat the moisture will activate a few of the thinner ones and they will start to itch like crazy.  When those are dissolved the itch will stop but by then the thicker ones will start and I estimate you are going to be very uncomfortable through the whole tip.  The fact that I have you absolutely unable to move a muscle means that you can do nothing to alleviate my little torture toys.”

“I feel like listening the1812 overture to start with and shall I turn up the heat?”

I could have sworn I heard a muffled scream coming from the empty seat beside me!